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  1. That piece of hardware is awesome!
  2. Cosplay...
  3. Though question. I guess i go with Destiny if i have to make a choice. More epicness from which i saw in the vids.
  4. Good thing we have a sh*tload of Webstores here in the Netherlands. Games are usually around 45 / 50 Euros. But if i get excited and wanna pick it up in a store myself. 59,99 Euros is a lotta money... Especially for an multiplayer / online-only game.
  5. I can't wait for this game! I mean the Witcher is awesome and we saw what CD Projekt Red is capable off.
  6. Destiny is gonna be off the chain if u ask me. But maybe it's because i love the Halo universe kinda setting.
  7. Same " meh"-feeling here mate.
  8. Watching the Alpha footage... i wasn't really impressed. When it costs $60 am even more unimpressed... It needs Singleplayer mode for that kinda money.
  9. I voted $35... Multiplayer only... So "half" a game for half the price
  10. *Capslock on!* AWESOMENESS!
  11. Niceness~!