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  1. I really love this game, I've been playing the series since EU2 and then been on the closed beta for EU2 - For the Glory, was a really good stand alone for the series, added a lot and make the game even more enjoyable. Didn't quite like the EU3, they went for the 3D graphics and the lack of historical events compared to EU2 kinda took the fun for me. EU4 seems to be a mix of both which is entertaining but for me, For the Glory was the best so far. It's worth mentioning that the stand alone was made by the modding community with approval from paradox, by the fans and for the fans!
  2. I like watching Alex Ich, loved the play he make on the qualifiers (I think it was) on the enemy adc with his ultimate, timed it perfectly to avoid getting hit by the Karthus ulti, shame they lost that game.
  3. I'm also playing it since a month or so ago, really fun and addictive, especially the arena for me! I'm two stars master in arena but I've no idea how the ranking works and I don't really have a lot of good cards to keep up with the guys from that league anymore. I just used a hunter deck with just one rare to get there, lol.
  4. Hello everyone, I've been watching Joe for some time now, I don't really remember since when, and even though he doesn't play Hearthstone, a lot of the Polaris partners do and they got me to like the game. I got a beta key maybe one month ago and I love doing arenas, so much so that I started my own youtube channel dedicated to arena drafts and games using the experience I've gotten thus far with it. If you are, like many others, in line to get a beta key (it really sucks having to wait so long!) come by and watch the 3 videos I have at the moment and tell me what you think! I intend to keep making them and I've no illusions, I know they're bad, the quality was reeeally bad but I've no figured out how to compress the videos so at least next ones will have a much higher fidelity. I want to make them more entertaining and I'm trying to improve it. I'm a somewhat shy person so shouting and making a big fuzz like Joe doesn't feel natural to me, but hey, no one ever starts with perfection. So come by and tell me what you think, I'm always available for discussions and if I somehow get a beta key, I'll be more than glad to give it away! http://www.youtube.com/user/Hecatombish/videos