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Everything posted by Z0mbieZer0

  1. So, I've been playing Arkham Origins for a few weeks off and on now. It hasn't captured my full unbridled attention like Arkham city had previously. I also remember, way back in my head that Angry Joe did a video showing off a major glitch in the game, so I was slightly reluctant to purchase it. That and hearing that WB Montreal was focusing on DLC packs rather than fixing glitches that would stop story progression, basically put a moratorium on me picking this title up. Long story short, Christmas present, Thanks bro. So anyway I haven't experienced any of the major glitches so far, and hopefully I did wait long enough for this to have been patched. Oh on xbox 360 BTW, I don't mind a game inflating it's playtime by a dozen hours or so with collectables, but I'm very happy that they scaled the Enigma datapacks back by a hew hundred this time around. 440 riddler trophies in Arkham city was a bit too many. Anyway main point Angry Joe still hasn't released a video review of origins, I'm sure that the Youtube copyright BS that he's had to deal with have set him back with many of his planned video releases. So hopefully he will get around to it soon enough. If you're like me and were hesitant about Arkham Origins without an Angry review... Here's a Red Pill Review. The changes from studios between rocksteady and WB montreal are negligible, The combat system hasn't changed much, very imperceptible if you ask me. A few new gadgets to make use of, mostly doing the same things that other gadgets did in previous games. ie glue grenade = freeze grenade. Running with the unreal engine I don't lmow if they set this at christmas time to convince us that hoods were bundled up and that's why they look so thick, but damn. Enemies, even the low level enemies, kinda look like they've been spending way too much time at the gym, not quite to the level of Marcus Fenix, but not too far off either. The gliding and flight mechanics are still spot on, I've had no trouble picking up right where I left off. The fast travel, I mean slow travel, the time it takes to bring up the map, select where you want to be dropped off by the batwing. then cutscene/load screen of the batwing flying to the drop point, followed by you diving like a meteor, takes just about as much time as just gliding from roof tops. I guess since they wanted you to ba able to return to the batcave and back to the city it was a needed component, but rather superfluous if you ask me, So that brings us to the story, where the game marginally shines. Being an Origins story we do get to see several characters work their way up, Enigma before he adopts the moniker of The Riddler, It was great to see the Harley Quinn origin story play out, she's one of my favorite characters in all of batman. And lastly the boss battles... unfortunatly they did not shine like in Arkham city, there wasn't a fight that required a lot of thought like the Mr. Freeze fight. Not a lot of innovation in the boss battles, just very repetative. there is another Mad hatter moment in this one that really blended some of the Scarecrow elements of Arkham Asylum into the wonderland theme in the level which is always a nice addition to the game, and it was done near flawlesly here. And you do feel more like the world's greatest detective with piecing together crime scenes in this game. Overall I would give Batman Arkham Origins a final verdict of 6.5/10 it is above average, it has some hits & misses. Certainly not what I was hoping for as a continuation in a franchise, who's predicesors were both easily game of the year material. This is Z0mbieZer0 I'm out.
  2. post moved to http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/15110-is-an-angry-joe-review-of-batman-arkham-origins-ever-going-to-come-out-if-not-heres-my-review/
  3. I replay games all the time, but with a few caveats. With achievenments being a point to strive for, and many games requiring multiple play throughs to get 100% in those instances I'll replay a bunch of games a few times in a row, I'll get into a mindset where I focus on one game in particular, until I have it completed just for them sweet cheevo's. Mainly I'll limit replays to classic games like Super Metroid, Link to the Past, old Final Fantasy games. I'll play at least one of them once a year kind of thing. I'd much rather play new games that I don't know how the story will unfold. Even with games like the Mass Effect series where multiple play throughs are necessary to 100%, you can vary your story enough times with the choices you make to keep it fresh, but, knowing the ultimate outcome, it's tough to justify dedicating 20+ hours per game just to carry out a romance storyine with a different NPC than you had previously. Or to be a renegade with a heart of gold, rather than a ruthess, heartless jackass, but it can be absolutly validated. I know I have several dozen games sitting on my shelf that neither me, nor any of my buddies, nor anyone in my family has asked to borrow, or expressed intrest in playing in the near future. So, why should I hold onto them? Maybe it's as simple as "Just because I can" but maybe some day down the line, I'll remember how much fun I had playing them years back and I still would have access to them at any time I see fit. So in a long answer yes. I do think replayability is still a strong characteristic in evaluating a game, and it should be reviewed with such aspects in mind. Truely epic games though require being replayed simply because they are near perfection, and don't need justification to be played any time by anyone. But if you're looking for rationalization, or validation on if you should replay certain games... I think that if you have to question if a game is worthy of another go at it, it probably isn't.
  4. This is hard as hell to try to narrow down to just the top one of all time... I'll give a top 9 all time. 9. Diablo II 8. Final Fantasy VII 7. Dark Souls 6. Fallout 3 5. Final Fantasy IV 4. Mass Effect Trilogy 3. Skyrim 2. Final Fantasy VI 1. Chrono Trigger
  5. I think the gameplay of 2 is a vast improvement, the customization of Death was a nice addition, eventually his scythes could be absolutely overpowered, Also how smooth the game plays is a big factor, but it wasn't better in every aspect. I think the story of the first Darksiders was marginally stronger, and the boss battles (with the final boss as the only execption) were just a bit more fun to fight. So overall Id say 2 is better but just slightly, I've got 100% of achievemnets from both so I've played them both to their completion and the way I would rate 2 over 1 is so imperceptibly small, they're both just really fun games. I had a blast playing them.
  6. The more I played Dark Souls, the more I've been anticipating another release to expand that world. It has been one of the greatest gaming experiences I've had, so I'm really wanting to see if Dark Souls 2 will live up to everyone's expectations. However not knowing if it will measure up to what everyone wants from it should lead to a greater surprise regardless if it falls short, or blows you away. I'm just hoping to be blown away myself.
  7. More frustrating than anywhere for me was Blight Town, the few bridges that swayed when you were walking on them, too many thin walkways to fall to your death, too much toxic, and the framerate would drop too much. I really hated Blight Town moe than anything in the game, but I loved everything else about the game.
  8. What's up everyone! I've been a fan of the angry joe show for a few years now, and I've been inspired by Joe to bring about my opinion on gaming. So I recruited The Merovingian to be my co-host for a gaming podcast that pulls no punches as we discuss everything entertaining from gaming, movies, music, TV, and even a few things that are a bit taboo, or controversial. So we're always up for expanding our audiance, I hope at least a few members of the angry army hop over to our page and give our podcast a llisten and a critique on how to improve it. We're always up for topics to discuss so if you have any ideas for us to BS about let us know, and if you enjoy it keep on the lookout for when we get more episodes up. Take it easy, and when it comes to gaming, live for the next kill. At the time of this post we've got 4 full length episodes uploaded, and several additional short supplemental episodes. this is our newest and in my humble opinion our best episode to date. http://redpillpodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2014-01-22T20_27_56-08_00 and here are the links to the other episodes. http://redpillpodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2013-12-22T16_01_42-08_00 http://redpillpodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2013-11-24T02_57_12-08_00 http://redpillpodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2013-11-11T20_09_07-08_00 Thanks for listening, We'll keep entertaining. Z0mbieZer0