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  1. Z0mbieZer0 liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Dark Souls II   
    Oh it's definitely a sequel, the beta even confirmed it, spoilers so you know don't look below if you don't want to know some of the things in the game:
    -For starters the head game designer has stated it's a sequel that takes place so far into the future that the name Lordran has become a myth.
    -The Pharis Hat is in Dark Souls 2 but is called the Hunter's Hat and is described to belong to a once long forgotten famous archer.
    -The Lightining Spear miracle is in Dark Souls 2 and is described as perhaps belonging to a once forgotten warrior, referencing our favorite sunbro of course.
    -Then there is a covenant called the Heirs to the Sun that is described as a covenant that worship the sun, a lost belief that was once widespread great warriors. Meaning that the Warriors of Sunlight is no more but the ways still live on somewhat.
    -There are two war gods, Faraam and Narh Alma.
    -Also this game doesn't take place in Lordran but in a new land called Drangleic, which is never mentioned in Dark Souls so either there was war and places got renamed or it's across the ocean.
    So yeah it is a sequel.
  2. Z0mbieZer0 liked a post in a topic by EliodenWard in Dark Souls II   
    This thread is really for discussing everything relating to Dark Souls II. As all fans of the Souls games should know, Dark Souls II is obviously the sequel to our favorite game that occasionally makes you want to throw something. Although the console versions of the game have already come out, the PC edition of the game came out on April 25th 2014. Now we wait for the DLCs to the game, if you're not one of those that are hating on them of course! The firs DSII dlc is coming out on July 22nd.
    We have three trailers below, all are rather entertaining to watch, even if you've already started playing the game!
    If you've already got the game, and would like to discuss it, the post-release discussions start part-way down page eleven. Just remember, if you're going to say something that is a potential spoiler, remember to use the spoiler tags! If you don't know how to use spoiler tags, click the spoiler button below to learn.
    The console versions of Dark Souls 2 have been released! (Please do not spoil the game for others.)
    The PC Version of Dark Souls 2 has released!
    CGI Trailer --

    Aching Bones Trailer --

    Cursed Trailer -

    Fun fact #1: Did you know that Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls which is to King's Field? There's one sure-fire way to confirm this too! The Moonlight Greatsword is in every single one of those games. Really, it is!
    Fun fact #2: Did you know that Dark Souls II is NOT a prequel? I bet that half of you reading this think that it still is. Although it was originally speculated to be a prequel, the developers have since stated that the game's story happens after the events of Dark Souls. So it happens after. Its not a prequel.
    Fun fact #3: Did you know that beards are going to be in Dark Souls II? This may not be important to some of you, but as any true man knows, a beard is his best weapon, and most trusted companion.
    Also.... Anybody else hope that Patches is in Dark Souls II? I want to get kicked off of yet another cliff by him. Haha
    Here's a link to a cool and official Dark Souls II prequel comic on Facebook. They're releasing two pages every Wednesday. I suppose that they couldn't keep up with the original two pages everyday plan.
  3. EliodenWard liked a post in a topic by Z0mbieZer0 in Dark Souls II   
    The more I played Dark Souls, the more I've been anticipating another release to expand that world. It has been one of the greatest gaming experiences I've had, so I'm really wanting to see if Dark Souls 2 will live up to everyone's expectations. However not knowing if it will measure up to what everyone wants from it should lead to a greater surprise regardless if it falls short, or blows you away. I'm just hoping to be blown away myself.