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  1. de_cbble
  2. Just swap out the ship battles with dinosaur battles and let me upgrade my dinosaur with...I dunno...dino armor.
  3. It's not as obscure as a lot of arcade light gun games but I think the Super Scope deserves mention at least. I used to have one and I remember playing Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge on it.
  4. Earthbound, Breath of Fire III, Final Fantasy 6, 7, and 9, etc.
  5. Because I had a brain fart and thought Bioshock was published by EA for some reason. I think I somehow confused Irrational with BioWare.
  6. That about summarizes my opinion. I think it's entirely possible, though perhaps unlikely, that the technology will exist in my lifetime, but enough fools will exist to stand in the way of its commercial implementation that I will probably die before it is put to use; that is approximately how I feel about any invention that could possibly extend my lifespan. History has taught me that the fools will always stand in the way of progress at the expense of everyone else.
  7. Damnit Gomly, I was excited/interested until I saw your post.
  8. Just saying it's "shutting down" is kind of an unfortunate and incomplete headline. Really, I see it as Ken Levine and Co. are moving to create a smaller, more focused studio that is, thankfully, separate from the filth that is EA. Yeah, some people will be laid off, unfortunately, but hopefully having Irrational on their resume will benefit them.
  9. It got meta: Twitch Plays Pokemon Plays Tetris: http://www.twitch.tv/xkeeper_
  10. "..." - Silent Protagonist.
  11. Apparently I'm the odd one out. I almost always listen to podcasts or watch Youtube or Twitch streams while playing games. If it's a particularly good game or moment, I'll pause whatever I'm listening to but otherwise I need some level of background distraction. I keep the in-game sound loud enough to hear, unless it's something like Civ 5 which I don't need to hear a million billion times, then I turn it down a bit.
  12. It's a pretty clever script and use of Twitch; it also obliterates the Twitch chat for other channels, unfortunately. Like w/ LoL and DOTA2 streaming, the number of viewers still causes a lot of problems too. I was watching another channel for a while and I had to send the stream through VLC to make it watchable. That's all primarily Twitch problems though, and VLC is always to the rescue for me.
  13. I watched a considerably long Twitch stream to see the some of the gameplay on release day and I can't say I was impressed with 13-3 either. That said, I am hopeful about FF15. I already was, but 13-3 actually made me a little more interested in 15. From what I saw of 13-3: The story is convoluted and terribly written, the dialogue is flat and poorly delivered, the exposition is poured on like syrup, Hope is back, the "quests" are terrible throwaway fetch quests for incompetent NPCs, and the combat system is good. Part of the story's convolution and my disinterest in it may be because I haven't played or paid any attention to 13-2, but I think the actual story in 13-3 is still incredibly stupid and poorly delivered anyways. The combat system looked like it could be a lot of fun though. There's only one character, which is different but not necessarily bad. You don't have to worry about characters you can't control and the combat is really real time now, not pretend real time ("active" time?) like in the original FF13 and the "schema" actually give the combat a unique mechanic and flare that I never felt when I saw FF13-2 trailers/gameplay. Unfortunately, the combat system also seemed underused; that may have just been the stream and/or the part I watched though. However, the bigger problem relating to the combat system was that, from what I could tell, you don't get exp from combat. You only get exp from side quests. That swiftly killed any interest I could have had in even playing the game and skipping the story. The "replay" business in the time limit also just seems annoying and entirely too forced. What I've seen of FF15 is a lot of what Joe said in his most anticipated games video. The story is straightforward and interesting, the visuals look amazing (of course), the combat looks fun and new for Final Fantasy (and I even liked some of the English voices from the trailer).
  14. I would argue that subscription as well as F2P models need to evolve, not die. The ideal model, for me, would be to pay for the game and get the game, in it's entirety. A monthly subscription is then optional and provides benefits, rather than punishing the player for not subscribing (caveat: players cannot be benefited/rewarded in any way that non-subscribing players are unable to achieve through the game itself including, but not limited to, XP boosting bullshit). Until that or something better becomes reality though, I'll likely continue to prefer the subscription model over than the F2P model because: 1. Typically, subscriptions are the only way to get the entire game. 2. Cash shops are often pretty terrible, to the point of paywalling in some cases. 3. Subscriptions are often the best guarantee for regular content, which is pretty much necessary to ensure longevity and sustained interest for an MMORPG. I wrote considerably more than this little paragraph originally, I decided to narrow it down a bit, but I'll include the whole ordeal in the spoiler text below. On the subject of TESO though, I agree with a lot of others. What I've seen doesn't warrant a subscription, especially with a full price box. I'll try the open beta though and decide for myself anyways. Given that I'm not a big fan of The Elder Scrolls series though, there's a good chance I'll end up passing on it unless the combat system is absolutely magical (that's always been the weakest part of Elder Scrolls for me).
  15. In most games that I've played recently I've preferred sci-fi. Fantasy just feels really overdone to me since no one seems to be able to come up with new fantasy, it's all just same fantasy races in the same fantasy war with the same fantasy magic. I'd kill for a game that mixes fantasy and sci-fi/technology well though. I want to fight dragons with rocket launchers and tanks, or fight tanks with dragons because why not? With how many games are out there now it's possible that this game already exists, hopefully. Maybe I'll give Divinity: Dragon Commander a try though it's more strategy than RPG.