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  1. I just wanted to know what your favorite piece of music in a video game was *cough* just gonna leave this here
  2. If you could own any sci-fi spacecraft which one would you pick ?
  3. I think some games would be considered a form of art ...games like flower , unfinished swan , flow , journey those games are simply outstanding
  4. Ornstein and Smough ............*shudders*
  5. I would love to cosplay as a clone trooper that or Artorias the abyss walker or dragonslayer ornstein but alas .... i do not have the kind of money for that
  6. first games that come to mind are spyro and crash bandicoot
  7. Started watching scrubs and that 70's show i've also been thinking about watching cowboy bebop over again
  8. Honestly I liked that game more than I thought sure it took a little while to warm up to the new dante but he's pretty badass the soundtrack is still awesome the fighting for me personally was pretty fun i liked the whole switching between demon and angel weapons and how the angel weapons were more for combos and the demon weapons were more powerful so you could make some pretty interesting combos
  9. opossum drinking out of a cup .....you get 10/10