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  1. I think it will be interesting to see who they'll cast to be the next Peter Parker. For the life of me I can't think of any suggestions off the top of my head.
  2. The work has already done for you.
  3. Personally I very much doubt we'd ever see a Fallout game taking place outside of America since the mythology and the 1950s american style aesthetic of the Fallout universe revolves around America. For example there were no vaults built outside of the United States, which are arguably the most iconic piece of the franchise. Though there could be some in Canada since it was annexed in the Great War according to the Fallout timeline. Another country would be interesting to visit for an expansion but it would be too foriegn, so-to-speak to begin a Fallout game outside the United States.
  4. For one week straight I would wake up around maybe 5pm, get really drunk, play Dragon Age and binge watch Let's Plays on youtube, take a drunk shower then watch the sun come up all while living on a diet of coffee, baily's irish cream, and pita chips. Did that for a week or two straight before I slept for a whole day to turn my schedule around.
  5. Those would be the different episodes for the first season. And your choices carry over to the sequel when the company tanks and you have to reinvent yourself as and indie developer.
  6. If it takes place in Boston, as the rumors have hinted, I want Fenway Park as an area in the game that has a giant super-mutant running around named "The Green Monster". Said mutant drops a unique baseball bat melee weapon called the "Splendid Splinter" that deals bonus damage when targetting heads in VATS and gives the player the Bloody Mess perk when equipped.
  7. Ubisoft: The Game... an episodic story from TellTale Games, each episode is a different stage in development and chronicles the decent into madness of a developer working on an annual release for a big franchise.
  8. Now I'd like to see a game about being a game developer but not a smiluation where you manage the design and development of a video game but instead where you're the designer or manager for a big-budget, triple-A, and overhyped title and the stress is too much to bear that you, the player, lose your grip on reality and become trapped in some kind of dream of the (unfinished) game itself and you have to finish designing it to escape the dream.
  9. I personally feel one of the major factors holding Sonic back is his evolution. By that I mean the evolution of gameplay between titles. For example, on the topic of Mario versus Sonic, I always felt that with every new iteration of the Mario platforming games the gameplay is never changed drastically but instead the formula is refined, either condensed to be simpler or expanded to add new gameplay mechanics. I think another factor could be that to Nintendo's credit, they do hold their first-party games to high standard in most cases. On the other hand you have Sonic which I feel the developers, with every new Sonic game,try something new and to their credit as game designers makes sense to experiment with the gameplay. However I feel over the course of Sonic's lifetime as a platformer that either not much has been learned or improved upon. While Nintendo doesn't step too far out of their own metaphorical box, Sonic doesn't stick to one gameplay formula for very long before trying something new and simply hoping that it will be good. But can he make a comeback? I feel Sonic certainly has left his mark on gaming history but I think what Sonic needs a reboot, a return to form, a game that brings him back to his roots as a face-paced 2D platformer. Something Sega could explore now that they are reorganizing to be more focused on mobile and PC gaming.
  10. Been kinda quiet around here... but I am currently playing Alliance as a matter of fact, so if you need a tank I am looking for a group to help break me into Highmaul (normal). Send me a friend request: Fox#1277
  11. I've read this article before and I give it credit to helping me get back to the gym about a year ago.
  12. Destiny, to be honest I don't think it's a terrible game or even a slightly bad game. The gameplay is solid but beyond that the game feels so empty for having one of the largest development budgets. Why it is disappointing to me isn't because I was hyped for the game and was let down after playing it but rather becuase it had so much pontential to be so much more and failed to achieve just a fraction of that potential is heart-breaking to say the least.
  13. If you still need names you can use 'Silverfox' on my behalf if you wish. Best of luck!