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  1. Aye, I could of expanded a little more. I meant to mention about non-MMO multiplayer. Some drop-in multiplayer would be sweet, kinda like Borderlands where things get harder or easier depending on the numbers. Either way, there's no confirmation on it so just have to wait.
  2. I'm not too concerned at the moment. Really, this is the first "news" we've had in quite a while. If it is multiplayer, that could be either really awesome or will date the game quickly. MMOs are hard to get into in this day and age. The market already has several big ones that have been established for years at this point. That said, I do have faith in CD Projekt to make a game worth playing. Their track record has been outstanding so far and being able to have a group of players run through a mission would take the game far closer to its TRPG roots, which in turn would allow for a lot of creative design in the "classes" (Cyberpunk has a loose idea of classes) and party matchup. And hey, if they manage to fit even a fraction of the amount of items and equipment available in the tabletop, we're looking at a huge pile of gear to equip your character with. There's even books which are nothing but catalogues of gear. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Cyberpunk_2020_books#Sourcebooks) All in all, I'm not too worried right now.
  3. Well, I was just asking in case there was/is going to be an "official" one. I personally don't mind on faction so long as it's not Eldar. I don't like Eldar.
  4. This is probably the best trailer I've seen for the game. These kinda of graphical glitches just make the same a lot more fun than pretending it's all serious. As a British man, I can confirm that this is indeed how we deploy our Tanks.
  5. That would probably have more strength to it if they didn't have a record of this going back several years now. These guys are delusional.
  6. Alright, so the lineup of modes look pretty tidy. All the standard stuff is there, then we have War Pigeons and Operations. War Pigeons seems to be a variation on the CTF mode, where instead of capping the flag at your base you have to find a "safe location out in the open" (so you can't just hide, basically. You have to be outside somewhere to release it). This mode sounds pretty good for a change of pace, seeing as everyone will be beelining towards the pigeon or the person carrying it. Frantic and all that. Plus who doesn't want to chase after a Pigeon? From the description they've given, Operations reminds me a lot of the Attack/Defense mode from TF2 though obviously with some variation and differences. The Attacker's job is to rush forward and capture the strategic points of the map and work their way through until they reach the last point, at which time the map will go forward to a "stage 2" and so on, presumably until they reach the very last point or until the defenders win at which point the teams will swap. The Defender's job in this mode is pretty simple. Waste the Attacker's time and manpower until they run out of it using whatever defences they can muster (the site mentions "manning stationary Machine-guns and Cannons"). Another thing it says is that the Attackers must hold their captured points, which makes me wonder if the Defenders can take them back (which seems kind of unfair with the uphill struggle the attackers go through compared to the defender's home field advantage and unlimited respawns). Overall, I'm excited about this mode the most. It makes a bit of a change from the other modes like Rush or Conquest without messing around with them too much. I'm hoping that it does feel like a proper push for the attackers to work their way through the map and that they don't make it too hard to win (as they did with the Walker Assault in Battlefront). I spent far too long typing this out
  7. I dunno what faction Joe would want, either Chaos or Space Marine I'd assume. Though we all know the key is to MURDER EVERYTHING.
  8. He mentioned it. Though the episode is about Ark: Survival Evolved. EDIT: Turns out I was wrong. This episode is totally about DigiHom
  9. The good news is that it's Monday today so possibly Jim will cover it? I'm a little dubious about it at this point, though. It *could* be seen as gloating by some people DigiHom are just fucking idiots. That's all there is to it.
  10. What a lot of people don't realise is that Trench Warfare was not "exciting" or "fun". It mostly consisted of sitting in a muddy and damp hole full of diseases with your mates (typically from the same town or village for morale reasons), playing cards, writing letters and hoping not to die in an artillery strike or gas attack then if they survive all that being sent over the top to die in needless offensives in order to move Haig's drinks cabinet six inches closer to Berlin. Fun times. As for the video, it was pretty interesting to see about all the stuff I've been missing. I didn't get the first few games, myself. Started with Bad Company and Bad Company 2.
  11. Really excellent music right there. I'm glad that they've decided to go back to something that actually sounds like it fits. The only thing I'd change is making it a bit scratchier as if it's being played on a gramophone or old-time radio. Might make it a bit less pleasant to listen to but it'd sound thematic. My favourite parts is the climbing making the player more agile and the lil' armoured cars.
  12. It's not exactly news, really, but I suppose people are wanting to report on anything to do with the game at the moment. I'm excited, myself. I hope DocWagon turns up or even better is a mechanic when you get shot
  13. I'd like some sort of Brotherhood Base Building game or maybe a Vault Dweller game. Falout Shelter was kinda edging towards the kind of thing I'd like but it was far too "mobile-y" for my liking.
  14. "After an enormous mistake made by Scientists" I lost it immediately. And then I had just recovered when Oktoberfest popped up. My drink is everywhere now. And now we're in Russia drinking 50 grams of "Votka". And literally freezing in Norway... "What the bloody hell just happened?" - Sniper https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/c/c7/Sniper_mvm_resurrect01.wav?t=20131122055032
  15. Probably because the system sees them as just part of the map until someone is actually riding them. Or possibly so they don't get in trouble with PETA