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  1. Only one spot left in the tournament, seems to consist of teams from: - Spain - USA - Russia x2 - Canada - Europe mix - Sweden
  2. Can someone please explain or link me a description of what Captains mode means? Thanks guys. *FORGET it i found out myself =)
  3. Playing BF4 on PS4. PSN: CKuch Skills URL: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD3_HPfvYH_n8ivfFiFBiXw
  4. DARK SOULS 2, SHOULD I GET IT? Answer: YES Dark souls 1 was about the top three best games i have ever played. The developers made such an amazing game with the world that they created. Yes of course there was somethings that could use some polish, but omg what a game. Despair and love at the same time.
  5. If someone wants to team up i would really like to enter the tournament. I also have a friend who isnt on AJSA if we need a spare. // Christofer
  6. Its to late to register a team right? =( im not very good with the timezones, crap!