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    Miami Fl
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    I like Flying in the AJSA (Air Force) and don't mind being on the ground when it comes to fighting. My call sign is "ZigZag82" in il2, DCS, etc.. I also like strategy games and any other simulator/shooting game like the ArmA series, OFP series, Total War series, and everything else except the newer CoD's (any call of duty after CoD:waw).
  1. You might need an xbox emulator to play some games that dont support controllers. I recommend x360ce . If that one doesn't work, use Xpadder.
  2. It's not hard at all... Just read the manuel that comes with it. All you will be doing is putting the graphics card in PCIe slot on the motherboard, and plugging in a 6-pin PCIe cord from the power supply to the graphics card (this is one of the cords that comes with most power supply's. If not, you need a molex to 6 pin PCIe adapter). Easy as pie...
  3. When buying ram sticks, make sure you get unbuffered ECC RAM, unless you are building a server computer. Unbuffered ECC RAM (or non-ecc RAM) is for normal desktop motherboards. Highly recommended that you get a Power supply with both sata and molex cables and that is 600+ wats Get a big sized Full PC case. Newer graphic cards are really long and thick. Sometimes they wont fit in mid tower cases or smaller and the more room you have, the more air flow and less clutter you have to work around. Act like its open heart surgery, take your time and and do things carefully. Never touch the top face or the pins on the cpu when installing. look at some installation guides online with a lot of photos showing what to do. Make sure your motherboard will work with the cpu and ram sticks you are going to buy. Go on the motherboard company's website to see what they recommend for your exact motherboard. Apply some thermal compound on top of cpu face, then put the heat sink on top. In the end, check if your cables are all plugged in the right places and are out of the way of the fans. Make sure that your switch is set to on "I"(if it comes with one) and it is set for "115" red slider on the power supply, after you plug in power cable.
  4. chivalry: Medieval WarfareMount & blade seriesWar of the rosesare the only ones I can think of ATM.
  5. What were your Best Simulation games this year and last year? I Listed most of the common ones I see a lot on steam. Have one that isn't listed? No problem, just add a reply of the ones you think were the best. I am a heavy simulator fan. Why? Because you get to learn cool things which, to me at least, are fun. I feel Accomplished when ever I transport a bunch of soldiers from HQ to a LZ in a Huey (DCS: Huey) or send lander to planet Duna and make it back to Kerbin safely (KSP). Some people play it to just to show off or to troll around and I can tell you now, I am not one of them. Some people also say that it's "Boring", but so is COD after so many hours, Right? It doesn't hurt to try something new for a change. Who knows, you might even have to do these things in real life (in some simulators). That's why. Long live Simulators!
  6. I found out when steam put it up on the homepage like 2 weeks ago. When I saw that, I instantly added it to my wish list! I loved the first one so much and I can't wait to try this one out, but I'm going to wait till the price gets in the $10-30 range.
  7. I have the complete collection and I just love them all!!! I mostly play PW4 and PF4 mods for warband, because i love to RP and a lot of people play. Also the best mods for the original M&B is the Russian Civil war mod and 1866 mod. I highly recommend playing those! damn, I want Caribbean so bad!!!
  8. Anything from the 60's, 70's, and 80's.
  9. MoneymanCasy
  10. Being that I'm heavily into hard core fight sims (DCS, FSX, Il2, Rise of Flight, ect...), I don't pay attention to arcade style flying games. I'm thinking about playing both, Does any one here know if both games work well with Eyefinity, Trackir, and my joystick?
  11. Yea, i would like to get in also.
  12. I have 3 copies in my inv so I'm also giving them away. any one want?
  13. I would say that this is the BEST so far for under $1,500. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3CGpl
  14. He might have only one slot to put it in. That's why i wanted to know his specs.
  15. I would say its not your graphics card, since you said "swapping out graphics cards". I think its your Motherboard. I would suggest Updating your motherboard. Go to the manufacturers website to see how to update. Try that first and also if you don't mind, post your computer specs.