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  1. Very nice, keep it up
  2. Awesome
  3. Awesome, see you there.
  4. Thank you for the info! I'll be sure to find one and grats on your guardian she's beautiful
  5. I love this, what is the name of it if I may ask?
  6. Yeah and the little hearts pulse glow. imo the focus is the best one though and possibly the horn.
  7. It wasn't -too- terrible but pricey enough, around 65-70g a piece.
  8. Have you guys seen the new Valentines weapon skins? Dear god my friend forced me into this xD Enjoy
  9. Valentines Fun

    From the album GW2

  10. Valentines Fun

    From the album GW2

    I was forced to do it ;-;
  11. Hardcore/casual. Depends on the day and mood, plus I mostly prefer solo rpgs
  12. Hello I would love an invite, account name is xxNurkxx.2610
  13. My warrior enjoying a chilly afternoon in the foothills.