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    I like MLP:Fim,Doctor Who and Sherlock. On the comic side I am both a Marvel and DC support,but the DC I am only Pro-Batman and Teen Titans.
  1. I wont go that far. I just want gane devolpers to release their game for all platforms and down the number of exclusives they have by 25-40%.
  2. No becuase it limts availibity of play by that mean console exculsive are producing fanboyism.That fanboyism what produces thse console wars,which I nor Joe are fan of. Console exculisve puts more fuel in fire know as the console wars and I for believe in this belief as I call it, gaming equality, which is: Xbox=PS4=PC and that (for ex): Xbox>PS4>PC On top of that console exculsive are to us, PC players, a bad thing. I, for one, am retired Halo player who has switched to PC and I am sadden by the fact that Microsoft has such a tight grip on Halo that they wont allow 343 to publish it to Steam and Halo 3 would make Steam game . On top of that, I want to exprinence games like GTA V and Destiny,but I cant play them because they're console exclusive. It saddens me that some devolpers are being scumbags because they dont belive in gaming equality and wont relase for all gaming paltforms like Bungie, which I at one time trusted, but refuse to release it for PC. I know some devolpers believe in gaming equality like Rocksteady and Bethesad,but they like gems, a rarity.
  3. I say no becuase Portal 2 was a like a conculsion and 3 would be out of place.I mean in 2 all questions got answered and it was nice bow so to speak and again putting 3 in would out place in terms of story
  4. Welcome to the Angry Joe Army
  5. I yes,but only Civ 5 I have been playing and Joe was right it is fun as hell
  6. I have to say Halo becuase 1. I am vertan of Halo;I played 1-4 and they didn't disappont (expect 4) 2. I played CoD from 4-MW3 and I have to say it is the worst piece of trash game I have ever played.
  7. I'll let you guys that reedit is making its version of Youtube,but it isn't available right now
  8. I support this idea Battlefront is ver fun and has good multiplayer level design and gametypes
  9. I tell you why its so hated its because the develpoers don't put time into the game and don't put in any effort into the COD's multiplayer. I also have to say that weapons are all the same pretty much as well. Now ask yourself how many times have cursed or thrown your controller when playing COD's multiplayer? Trust me I played COD from 4 all the way to MW3. COD is teribble in terms of multiplayer it doesn't through a beta or anything. If you think COD so good game I would really love to hear your defention on a good game,please enlighten me. Here's proof of why COD lazy and my stance on Military FPS like COD:
  10. I play Audiosurf Great game in my opinion
  11. You can cout me in on the team
  12. Its tie for me: Duke Nuckem Forever and Sonic 06
  13. Yay I would recommanded to wait until next holiday when the good games are out(i.e Watch Dogs and Destinty)
  14. I have Bordetrlands 2 and I have a 51/52 Mechnomecher Add me first(MLPLoneWolf) and send me a IM when you want to play
  15. I have to see its a tie between the Harry Potter movie games and Sonic 06 game