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  1. mister R liked a post in a topic by tankian in Would You Truely Think I Am A Hacker?   
    i want you to be a hacker so bad.... but the only thing that you ever hacked was the "IDDQD"  DOOM.
  2. tankian liked a post in a topic by IcedAjack in Are Gamers Killing Video Games?   
    Without gamers, there would be no video game industry.
  3. tankian liked a post in a topic by Gone in REALTY VS VIDEO GAMES!   
    Games lie to me.
    No matter how neatly I fold my armour or place my giant swords ... they won't fit in my damn bag.
    Games lie.
  4. tankian liked a post in a topic by 2ofSpades in REALTY VS VIDEO GAMES!   
    The wording of this is a bit weird. Are you asking what real life experiences that we may of had have help us out in video games? I'm seeing a lot of replies of the opposite.
    Real word experiences helping me out in video games:
    Math makes every game easier.
    Video games helping me out in the real world:
    Practicing math in video games has helped me to advance the application part of math in my day-to-day activities with min/maxing.
  5. Frozen_arow liked a post in a topic by tankian in Dream team.   
    OFCOURSS i would join to the dark brotherhood from skyrim!!!!! theres nothing like to be invisible to the naked eye, look cool with dark robs and terrifying masks, agile , fast and a cold blood killer!!!!!!!
  6. Orpo liked a post in a topic by tankian in "How was I supposed to know?" moments in gaming.   
    i think i was ummm 8 years old when i discovered the SNES...so one of the games i was playing ff6....DO YOU HOW F**KING HARD IT IS TO PLAY A GAME WHEN YOU DONT UNDERSTANDS A SINGLE WORD IN ENGLISH?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  7. LoreMaster liked a post in a topic by tankian in So why is your country epic?   
    Israel is epic because...everyday is a VIDEO GAME!!!!