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About Jorganstan

  • Birthday 11/16/1994

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    Harrison, OH
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    Well there is gaming for one, kinda why I'm here. Then there is sociology, religion, and driving.
  1. I haven't played the Persona series yet but I bought a Playstation 2 to play Persona 4. And I'm going to get a Playstation 3 to play Persona 5 in 2015. Anyone else into the series or curious about it?
  2. NC peeps. Se ya on the battlefield
  3. that was for the release of Europe, and the title of the thread said "Pokemon Bank Now Live For Everyone Except..." following America.
  4. Graphics aren't always the best thing. Plus the original graphics might make up the nostalgia for players who love OoT
  5. need i say more? http://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml
  6. Breaking Bad is also good, so is Under The Dome. Both classic American originals. As for Doctor Who, you can start anywhere to be honest. Each episode is lts own arc. But I'd start with the 2005 episode pilot named "Rose". That's where you have the modern Doctors, and most fans enjoy them.
  7. I had heard they are remaking the game for either of the 2 consoles, just not sure which.
  8. My sister just took it and my Mario Kart Wii to her dorm for the semester, won't be seeing it anytime soon. But I need to play and finish Metroid Other M, Zelda skyward Swords, and Sin and Punishment Star Succesor. And I still Smash Brothers Brawl here and then.
  9. Im not sure it is possible to send Pokemon from the original Blue, Red, Yellow, and Silver and Gold over to later games. But I know you can send Pokemon from Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Leefgreen and Firered onto the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/SS/HG. And from those ds games onto Black and White 1 and 2, and from those onto Pokemon Bank to the 3DS. it's a long process. Especially if you have a lot of Pokemon from GBA games to send over because you can only send one party at a time every 24 hours. But it works. And you'll need a ds with a gameboy slot to transfer over Pokemon from GBA
  10. Hello, I'm Jorganstan, or Jorg for short. I enjoy the Angry Joe Show so I thought I might pop in and join the fun. I just got a new computer able to run games without crashing and I have TF2 and Planetside 2 as of right now. Other than pc I have an Xbox 360, a Wii, and a 3DS XL. Multiplayer games that I usually play on the 360 are Mass Effect 3, and not much else. I have the Orange Box with TF2, but pc is much better. I also have MW3, but I never liked COD multiplayer. For the 3DS I have Pokemon X, anyone else who is interested in battling me, trading, or just want my safari zone. Hit me up a message and I'll pop my fc. And pc, I hope to get more into it in the coming months, but for right now TF2 and Planetside 2 are all that I have. Beside games, I'm a brony, so don't feel left out if you are one too and haven't found someone in here yet who is. If you aren't one and/or doesn't what a brony is. Google it, you'll learn something new. And anti-bronies please don't insult what I enjoy; that's all I ask. I'm also a Whovian. I love Doctor Who, and despite new fans who don't watch the old series from the 1900's. I love watching those as well. They aren't whacky like the new Doctor Who eps, but they are what made the show back then. And while I use to consider myself a furry. I don't anymore. I honestly just like the concept and the artwork. Some artwork furries make is really well done. So that's me mostly, I also love the Lord, I have an interest in sociology, and I like history.