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  1. as a competitive player I would not mind a playlist like this:
  2. Last night was a pretty fun event,we talk bout lots of things like competitive overwatch,the new hero orisa and as always I brought my witty swedish humor haha.Still with the update issue like not being able to join wookie I streamed the event and made a highlight of one match where I played as Orissa ,we made a pretty decent team.
  3. Newest Overwatch Character Orisa(Basions sister?)
  4. Latest Halo Community update on Halo World Championship and more: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/march-madness
  5. Hey guys just thought I let you know there is a new update related to the club as well that is coming for the xbox one,take a look here: http://teambeyond.net/new-update-coming-xbox-one/
  6. New Update coming to Xbox One: http://teambeyond.net/new-update-coming-xbox-one/
  7. I may remove this topic later since I already posted some competitive halo news in the multiplayer news topic, but for now I will post all Competitive Halo news here, regardless of how much you play or know bout halo, especially competitive, its always good to watch it and also learn something to use in possible future halo events(I know i have)hit me up sometime if you have questions bout Halo. I'm happy to answer and maybe watch it with you since I follow competitive Halo.This is for the Halo World 2017 Finals link on what international and national teams will be attending, who's casting etc. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/halowc-2017-finals-preview https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/halowc2017-player-eligibility-ruling
  8. Well why should people not still not be salty given how bioware promised so much pre release me3(there is actually a list of qoutes n promises n half truths bioware made on a mass effect facebook page(last time i checked) and they failed to deliver on most of them?,beside catering the game like choices from previous games more to newer players,99%of your choices not impacting nor affecting the story/ending in a sizable way,not fixing the endings biggest issues(the extened cut fixed some while creating new ones,no final boss,lore breaking moments,unexplained weird situations etc in the game. It was such a letdown that it still remains fresh in my memory.I would have pre orderered/bought MEA if bioware ended me3 the way it Should have ended canocally with a story that made sense,had your choices impact/affect the ending and actually explaining how shepard got rescued(destroy ending). Also do you know why bioware choose this storyline not set (after) me3? its because me3 story was bad beginning,middle and end(they knew most peeps did not like it even though they did not admit it openly) and cause if they set it after me3 they would have to choose either synthesis ending,control ending, or destroy(which is the best/logical one) and we all know how that could have turned out.So they thought,whats the best way to avoid taking responsibility to our story and fans and ending,make MEA'S story take place BEFORE me3.That way they don have to choose.Other wise think like this,if me3 endings is ok why is not mea's story AFTER me3 instead of before.Im currently waiting for joes review hopefully
  9. Check the trailer above for the new leader with new/upgraded units,new leader powers and more: ^https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/welcome-kinsano
  10. Hey guys.After I made these two vids I was contacted my @RuneX who had watched these vids and encouraged me to share these two vids here in the community section.Basically I have recently started to make Halo related vids on issues like splitscreen,a possible halo 3 anniversary.Its two vids where i just talked( sorry i may mumble a bit and off topic(no gameplay footage in the background) but I got some responses in the comment in the vid n a like n dislike(why you dislike splitscreen ahaha). I also tweeted these vids to some peeps at 343. Feel free to watch the vid,comment on it,like it or if you want to support me you can sub to the channel.
  11. New Halo wars 2 leader Kinsano