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  1. Halo Community Update Haze of Glory https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/haze-of-glory
  2. After checking out the new AJSA community Members guide regarding video content and streams,I thought i put a little snipet of my stream schedule/games.For this week up until august 14th,I wont be streaming everyday since I mostly play Dragon Age inquisition as my main RPG game.But when I do stream other games and I stream irregurarly its more flexible and I dont have much recurring viewership to have full set schedule.I usually stream on Saturdays around 6.30 pm est or from 7PM est or any other day either during the week and/or weekend even if that day has an AJSA event and I have the game for that event or not. I usually stream AJSA Xbox One Events for games like Overwatch or any other FPS games or other games genres of games I have and can attend depending on the day/timezone I always recommend a follow cause I stream irreguarly.In any instance I stream over at http://mixer.com/samshepardgaming BTW this is my best play as Sombra so far during the AJSA Overwatch Event while playing Quickplay.
  3. Roadhog is getting a defensive buff:
  4. New Halo Wars 2 Leader "Serina(From Halo Wars 1) and Operation Spearbreaker featuring an ODST campaign mission has just dropped: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/serina-rises-spearbreaker-drops
  5. " BONUS HORDE SKILLS EVENT" https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/news/july-horde-event
  6. TSome of what is mentioned in this vid concerns clubs and mixer like how to costream on mixer https://news.xbox.com/2017/07/13/custom-gamerpics-console-co-streaming-arena-updates-roll-xbox-fans-today/
  7. Dreamhack Atlanta Update: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/dreamhack-atlanta-update This weeks Halo Community Update regarding Backwards Compatible Halo games announced,RTX 2017 videos etc and more: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/austin-tatious
  8. While playing gears 4 on the dev playlist on the map Reclaimed Windflare I got some nice kills while using the Embar which is like a charge to release energy weapon(kind of like a sniper)but you have to hold it to charge and release the trigger to fire.The following kills arent really over the top cool,its was just some nics shots(and some missed ones)dont know if this clip can be qualified as AJSA Gears 4 clip of the day:
  9. Hey Jason,any chance individual clips from Off AJSA events can be put on the channel if they are great or and if someone can edit videos from events make like a top 10 AJSA Overwatch kills of the week or something with a person doing a voice over of the kills?
  10. Gamertag: awakeningrager1(you can call me Rager or guy with creepy voice and creepy jokes hehe but Rager is fine) I am the Halo Game Officer.I play some RPGS like the Dragon Age Series but mostly FPS and third person shooters. Time Zone: CEST(+02.00 time difference in GMT.(I mostly use EST myself) Games I have and/mostly play are: Halo,Gears,Star Wars Battlefront,Halo Wars,Overwatch,Destiny on Xbox One.I play some games solo and with AJSA members for fun and some games competitively as well.
  11. Doomfist Origin Story(Not Terry Crews Sadly