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    Sanford, North Carolina
  1. Hey - sorry about being inactive I got caught up in college - Should be good to go now
  2. IronHawk10 checking in - sorry that I haven't been around for a little - I've been taking final exams for college so had to buckle down - but I'm back
  3. I agree with you man - I'm not one for remakes of remakes of remakes - but Medieval is one I would like to see redone with today's polygon counts - graphics - and utilize like the ability to create quality work like in shogun 2. My second choice would be empire 2 that way they could have a second shot at the ai and all those bugs they had. I absolutely loved the scale of empire though being the entire world and all vs Napoleon. If they remake Medieval though I'm playing either as England or France first.
  4. Hey guys, What Total War game would you guys like to see next? Vote and comment below if you like. Regards, IronHawk
  5. I war thunder a lot in historical and arcade - not too good at realism yet. I'm looking into get a joystick before I attempt that unless maybe the keyboard setup is manageable lol, but I definitely suck in realism right now. Would love to join the group though guys - anyway have a good one. steam id - gasirnohawk its gasirNohawk- I misspelled my gamer name when I made my steam account a ways back lol.\
  6. I'm down for sure
  7. I am so in for this - I'm switching to this server for sure.
  8. Hello Everyone, IronHawk here just dropping in. Would love to game every now and then with you guys for sure and participate in community events when I can - reality sucks me in when it has to though lol so weekends are probably the best time to hit me up for a game. I'm into a lot of games on different platforms- but I'm a huge PC gamer at heart. As far as style wise goes I'm big into good RTS's (Planetary Anihilation, Empire Earth series(not 3 that was garbage), the Total War series), good action/FPS's like Battlefield (been a fan since 1942), and just about anything else that I can take an interest in. If you have any recommendations for games let me know. Anyway look forward to seeing you guys out there - long live AJSA! Sincerely, Ironhawk
  9. Hey man what's up - it's cool that you created mods for source and stuff - never really touched that stuff myself, but plan on giving a try one day when I'm bored or something hahaha. I probably won't become the next Darthmod designer or anything - just would like to delve into some tools and have some fun one day. I completely agree with Joe's reviews blow for blow on all of them. I literally watch his reviews before I buy a game now lol. Anyway have a good one mate.