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  1. p1212 liked a post in a topic by IronHawk in Hey Everybody   
    Hello Everyone, 
    IronHawk here just dropping in. Would love to game every now and then with you guys for sure and participate in community events when I can - reality sucks me in when it has to though lol so weekends are probably the best time to hit me up for a game. I'm into a lot of games on different platforms- but I'm a huge PC gamer at heart. As far as style wise goes I'm big into good RTS's (Planetary Anihilation, Empire Earth series(not 3 that was garbage), the Total War series), good action/FPS's like Battlefield (been a fan since 1942), and just about anything else that I can take an interest in. If you have any recommendations for games let me know. Anyway look forward to seeing you guys out there - long live AJSA!
  2. IronHawk liked a post in a topic by Mortraven in Star Citizen and the AJSA.   
    Hey everyone, Wing Commander Mortraven here. Just putting up this short post to outline a few things about the AJSA Organization in Star Citizen. I will be the captain of the AJSA Flagship Military Corvette, until we capture something larger. As always, Joe is always able to step in and take command for the big OPs and events. (Which will happen frequently, I hope.)

    1) The Leader:
    I am lead for Star Citizen and my officer core will be picked closer to release when more mechanics are set in stone and or playable so I can make informed choices. I'll be taking applications for those positions when the time comes.
    As a side note, Joe will be around, he may even lead directly. But this is not guaranteed and it is entirely up to Joe at the time of events and operations.

    2) What we are:
    It's going to be an Organization, because that allows us to cover many roles. The ultimate goal being profit and fame. A rich AJSA is a strong and stable AJSA. That also means no one gets left out in their choice of role. (A PMC for example would make traders/miners/etc feel odd) That does not mean we won't have a "PMC" style branch, it just means it's not our focus.

    3) Our Stance on PvP:
    PVP is going to be something you can all freely partake in with no punishments or fear. As long as you respect two rules, DO not attack AJSA members or our allies. The same applies to those that want to do PvE only. Which means no "care bear" this no "care bear" that. We're all in this as a whole and respect of one anothers play styles is going to be mandatory. Also while PvP is encouraged, lets try not to get ourselves on the top wanted lists right off the bat please.

    4) About signups:
    As of right now, sign ups are on hold. We're going to be fine-tuning the ranks and roles and making sure everything it stable. So closer to release (of something we can actually play together) I will open it back up. You are not being ignored I promise.

    That's it for now, I'll add more as I think of it. If I see any good suggestions in following posts I may add them also.
  3. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by IronHawk in List your ships (Lets see how big our armada is)   
    Rocking out a 325a for now
  4. IronHawk liked a post in a topic by Bast50 in AJSA Offical RUST Server + Connecting Tutorial   
    Yea cuz we can control non-members. If we just kick ppl raiding, wth is the point of this game?
  5. IronHawk liked a post in a topic by Bast50 in Rust AJSA Server Rules of Conduct   
    - No Racial, Homophobic and/or Sexist slurs in the server at all.
    - No Griefing: This is a tricky one because we all have different opinions on what griefing is
    Is the act of using in game assets to cause annoyance to other players.  Example: Destroying someone's house in Minecraft, or blocking players in a corner or by throwing a flashbang in front of team mates. The expect result is to either disrupt the game for other players, or to gain an emotional response from other players*
    Now for Rust specific examples: - Destroying storage crates, furnaces, workbenches - Replacing destroyed doors with your own, putting pillars in the middle of foundations so people can't repair their house
    Now people are crafty and I'm sure some will think of other ways of griefing not stated above. Thats why I posted the definition, if you're unsure if what you're doing is griefing or not, read the definition and ask yourself why you're doing what you're doing. And if you feel griefed, please take it to a Rust Moderator, no reason to start accusing other players in chat.
    - Its a PVP game, raiding happens, unless griefed, A moderator will not replace your lost gear and or banned someone because they raided you. 
  6. IronHawk liked a post in a topic by Gunz:: in Hey guys   
    Glad to be apart of ajsa.
    Long time gamer and used to create mods for source and models in 3dsmax, but found myself playing less an less due to reality meh. I came across joe's reveiws afew months back and he's totally rekindled my love for games an whats been missing since i lost touch with the gaming community. I owe him a great debt which i will try to repay anyway i can. 
    Once I get to grips with how you guys work il jump ingame an have a laugh and support joe so he can continue to do solid genuine reviews.