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  1. So. Wrestlemania 33 has ended, and it ends with..... this. Tis a sad day. But on the bright side, Shane vs AJ was unexpectedly better than expected, HARDY BOYS RETURN!! Brock vs Goldberg isn't just a 1 minute squash match and Owens won. Wtf kind of retirement match for Undertaker is this?? His Wrestlemania 28 Hell in a Cell is a more fitting end to his career if WWE just stop it right there! But instead the streak has to get crushed at 30, that match in 32 that makes no sense happened, and he has to get demolished by spears from Roman while he's in pain most of the time. It's like watching an old bulldog trying to catch a bone, but then because the dog is old, you just see him gasping for air and walking to get the bone. But hey, at least Roman will turn heel in Raw right? RIGHT???
  2. It's a shame that Joe's costume didn't come twice in a row, first power rangers and then this. Otherwise it'll be even more hilarious. Well, at least the in game glitches makes me laugh hard.
  3. As long as it scares you, it's fine. I mean I was scared by Rainbow Six Vegas 2's Lone Wolf mode back when I played it because it's a "them against you" situation and enemies can come anywhere, which makes the situation terrifying to go through. I got over it though. Glitch face of doom isn't the only terrifying face in existence. There's ones that just, for some reason, looks so wrong that it will scare the crap out of you. Take Spyro Enter the Dragonfly's faces. They look even more terrifying in the game...... And everything from LSD Dream Emulator. ARRGHHHH!!! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTERS!!! YOU WON'T TAKE ME AWAY TO YOUR WORLD!!
  4. We all know that Persona 5 was originally released back in Japan September 15 2016 to enormously fucking good scores in Japan. And now, this game has been played by reviewers everywhere outside of japan, with these as their scores: IGN 9.7/10 GamesRadar GameSpot 9/10 OPM (UK) 10/10 Polygon 9/10 Damn those lucky reviewers and their early review copies. Also fun fact: this game is the highest rated PS4 2017 game on Metacritic right now with 94, beating Horizon Zero Dawn's 8.9 and Nier Automata/ Nioh's 8.8. Sure it's not as high as Zelda, but we all know that Zelda only got that high of a score because Nintendo paid those people $$$ to give the game 10s up the ass even though the game is more like a 9.5 or 9 if you see the weapons breaking easily, the alright plot that's basically the same as previous Zelda games and even the Master Sword needing to recharge after use as detriments to the game. Man, I can't wait to finally grab this game, upgrade my social links up the ass, do good in school exams, be the ultimate chick magnet and get every girl I can date to my side! And of course get every single summons in the game like Jack Frost because, well, you gotta have Atlus' mascot character with you in battle for good luck. Such a shame that Dante is still only in Nocturne and not available as a special summons in any of the Persona games.... Point is: I can't stand this waiting anymore!!!GIVE ME PERSONA 5 NOW!!!!
  5. That's also what I think. I think there has to be a future patch that will be added to have a cutscene of the completed painting. If not, then well, we can just imagine that after you pick one of the 3 endings, the painting gets completed, and a new world is born.
  6. So. Just finished the dlc, after fighting every single bosses all over again for the 9th time, including Soul of Cinder and all the bonus bosses like the Nameless King and Champion Gundyr to prepare myself for Ringed City, and also because I got Ashes of Ariandel as well, I fought the bosses in that one too. So interesting fact about Ariandel's final boss, that is one tough bitch. 3 Phases?? Not even the final boss of the Ringed City has that many! She is overall, the hardest boss fight in the entire series. Cool as hell, frustrating to fight at first, but once you know her pattern, it's all a climb to the top of "I'mma stab yo face beyatch" mountain. And it's wonderful. This boss fight makes lady No's boss from Nioh look like pussy shit in comparison. Ringed City's normal stages are...... full of bullshit. Like those angels that shoots you and those giant bastards that summons fuckton of archers. Geezus, they went all out on defenses don't they? As for the bosses, surprisingly in the entire dlc, the first boss is the toughest for me to fight. I died 7 times because I have to fight 2 giant ass demons at once, while they bitch slap me with their claws and spray fires and poisons at me, and then one of them becomes the Demon Prince and I was like "S@#t". The bonus boss, aka Midir is actually pretty easy to beat once you know what to do. He's like the Ancient Dragon from Dark Souls 2 in that all you have to do is avoid his firebreath as far as you can, and then just stab his leg, but MUCH easier here since he doesn't have like billions of health like the Ancient Dragon, he's not spewing his firebreath all that often and you can stab his head for more damage! And then we get to the final boss. AKA the best boss in the fucking series. Holy shit. I mean....... I thought Soul of Cinder and the Nameless King are the best fights in the series, but this guy just dethrones all of them. Soul of Cinder is like a rematch of the first Dark Souls' final boss only much better, Nameless King is a polite "master swordsman vs master swordsman" fight where the master reigns supreme, the final boss for Ringed City is what I can call an "I WILL KILL YOU!" match to the fucking death, disregarding formality and just go apeshit on each other. It's the closest this game will ever be to a fight with Guts from Berserk. And it's glorious. In fact it's so damn good, that I was actually happy that this boss killed me because I get to fight him all over again, and when I was close to killing him, I immediately use my coiled sword fragment just so I can fight him all over again, until eventually I beat him. This is the end of Dark Souls. A great end to a great series, and now I can't wait for Armored Core! Been a while since From Software made those games.
  7. HRRRMMMPPPHHH! Almost spoiled myself there. Phew! Just a question: Is the final boss the hardest mother fucker in the game? It's so bizarre playing this game after playing Bloodborne and Nioh. It's like riding a motorcycle, and then riding a plane, and now I'm riding a bicycle. All completely different experiences. Man, I'm right now on new game + and I haven't beaten Pontiff Starkiller yet. Getting back to the last boss to finally access the dlc will.... take a while.
  8. Question, is the spoiler stuff regarding the end of Dark Souls 3, or is it about the dlc?
  9. The next part in Disney's latest trend of remaking past animated films in live action. And this time it's Beauty and the Beast's turn. You know the story, guy is being a dick to an old woman, then the old woman cursed him and turns him into a beast. And then he has to find a girlfriend to break his curse. All the while his servants who are completely innocent in all this are also caught in the curse crossfire and got turned into appliances. Poor. Poor servants. So then a girl named Belle come to his life. And then songs after songs and reverse tsundere "it's not like I do this for you or anything." antics ensues! So the question that's obviously in everyone's mind about this film is simply: is it a good remake of the original? Because Cinderella was alright, Maleficent was.... pretty mixed even though I love Jolie's badass potrayal of the character, and Jungle Book is pretty good. But what about this film? Fear not people, IT FUCKING IS. Holy crap, nostalgia tingles into my veins when I watch this film. Everything is all as I remembered it. The songs, the characters, the good old Disney wonder and charm, it's all here, and might I say even better? In most areas at least. Not only is the original film's scenes faithfully recreated, but this film also adds a lot of new stuff that's an expansion on what is lacking in the original film. Like what actually happened to Belle's mother and Beast's parents? Why in the hell does Belle like the Beast since the start even though he treated her like a mean ass prick before he goes tsundere on her? Does the townspeople and the people that got turned into appliances actually knew each other before the curse happened? Why in the holy fuck is Gaston liked by the people even though he's just a piece of crap with a good face and muscles? All of those are answered and expanded upon here pretty damn well. Except 1 part which is such a missed opportunity for something awesome that's only used once in the entire film, but I can roll with it. One thing that is most surprising about the film is the new songs added in. Maybe it's because I heard the original songs before and am like "ok, the original songs are nice", but I freaking love the new songs that's added into the film even better than the original. Especially this Now I can't get this song out of my head. Goddamn it Disney! And the casts are.... quite unexpected actually. We all know Hermione, but I never expected that this film also has: the Guest from the Guest as the Beast Young Obi Wan as Lumiere the lamp, Magneto as Cogsworth the clock, Nanny McPhee as ms Potts?? That guy from Steve Martin's Pink Panther film as Belle's father?? And that announcer from Hunger Games a Piano?? I've seen way too many movies........ My issue with the film is pretty small. Like I said, there's 1 new plot element that's such a missed opportunity for something awesome in the plot if it's used more often, but it's just used once when Belle wants to find out about her mother. And that there's 1 part in the film where they added a new song, and when it happened I was like "ookkaayyy..... why does Beast have to sing at this part?" But other than that, I was really pleasantly surprised by how faithful and awesome this film is compared to the original film. I highly, highly recommend this film. I give this film the rating of "nostalgia will tingle your bones, and you will never forget the new songs after you leave the theater. HUAHAHAHAHA!" 9.5 out of 10. With a badass seal of approval.
  10. At last. It is time! For me to rise from my slumber after whooping every bosses ass in Dark Souls 3 8 times in a row in new game +++++++. Will this DLC provide a satisfying boss fight that equals, or surpasses the Nameless King and the fantastic final boss?? Well, we have to play the dlc game and find out shall we? Arm thyself fellow knights, the grand final battle has begun. After this, Dark Souls will be no more. Let us celebrate this great franchise's last hurrah with one last fight to the death. FOR THE GLORY OF THE SUN!! TO BATTLE!!! Wait..... there actually is 1 song that I heard recently that is also perfect for this final battle: Now I'm ready. Let the sun shine upon this lord of Cinder!
  11. Your attacks won't work on me Trevor. HAHAHAHA!!!
  12. Oh yeah. That fight scene was........... really bad. That's why Ryder was like "wow, can't believe I'm seeing this shit." Well at least even the game is aware at how bad it is! The ending is alright actually. It wraps things up in a nice little bow tie, not like ME3. Problem is after the final battle, which should have finished the game, you have to go through an "epilogue" thing where you just walk and talk to people for 20 minutes, basically just you and them chit chatting about "oh what's next for us?" And it'll feel like padding.
  13. So.......................... recent news has been announced regarding this censorship thing. http://au.ign.com/articles/2017/03/27/outlast-2-developer-clears-up-australian-ratings-confusion Turns out that the dev of Outlast 2 gave an "alpha footage" to the Australian ratings board, and that the full game actually doesn't have that controversial fucked up footage. At all. “The original submission of Outlast 2 sent to the Australian Classification Branch contained the final game code and a video file for reference taken from an Alpha version of the game,” the studio explained in a statement provided to IGN. “This video file should not have been sent along with the game code, as its content was not representative of the final game.” “In the second submission, the same game code was submitted with a video file reflecting the final game content. The game was then approved for release with an R18+ rating.” So in conclusion, this whole controversy is just misleading crap, and it is all a complete waste of time that shouldn't exist in the first place if people just pay close attention and submit the right thing. Wow, thanks game dev! Good thing it's all fixed in the end and everyone can finally enjoy this game with no fuss. Lesson here: mistakes happen.
  14. It's been a week since Mass Effect Andromeda was released, and controversies surrounding it has hopefully died down. That's enough time to invest in the game's story and characters. And like usual Bioware games, there will be A companion that you will like above all else and want to get down with, if you know what I mean. Like Dragon Age 1 with Leliana or Morrigan, Dragon Age 2 with Merrill, Dragon Age Inquisition with Cassandra and Mass Effect 1 - 3 with Tali. Well for me personally anyway. Who's your favorite companion for this game? I have to go with Vetra for this game, which is surprising because I thought I would like Peebee the most. Partly because she's the only one with a face that's normal and not screwed up compared to the others, but mostly because I like her character. Strong, smart, a good sister and a pretty cool girl who'll bend rules a bit if it means saving people. She's like this game's version of Cassandra, but less dorky. And I like her "surprise" at the end of her romance quest. When I saw it, I was like "aww, that's nice." I totally wanted her to geek out like Cassandra did with Varrick's book But I guess I'll have to wait for the sequel, or maybe dlc.
  15. I'll be optimistic and say that it will be a good film, as long as they nail each characters well, the action sequences are fun and the films' tone is lighthearted and not dark and depressing. But one thing is for sure, The Marvel crossover films are far better. YOU CAN'T CATCH ME!!