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  1. https://www.kotaku.com.au/2020/04/the-last-of-us-ii-delayed-indefinitely/ My fear has unfortunately come true. With this germ still around in the world, game delays for the months onward are inevitable. So I will not be surprised if Ghost of Tsushima, Gears Tactics, Sakura Wars or whichever games are coming in May - June/ whenever this whole thing gets under control are going to be delayed too. It fucking sucks, but with the world as it is at the moment, it's for the best to have the game dev keep their health up. Cherish that Final Fantasy 7 remake, RE 3 Remake & Disaster Report 4 this month, don't play the PS4 version if it's not a PS4 Pro because it performs like shit. Otherwise, time to play old games!
  2. Hunkering down in my apartment while the city I'm in is experiencing 70% lockdown, man this really feels like a movie in real life. And what perfect way to get through things than by playing these: 43) The Stanley Parable Platform: PC Epic Games Store free game does it again. This time it's this legend. I'm playing it to see how this classic holds up today, and well, it holds up pretty well! The jokes are still funny, the many endings you get are varied & absurd, and the narrator is still great as always. He's the one who started the whole snarky overseer in games that controls everything movement that many games after this follow. ICEY, Dr. Langeskov The Tiger whatever that game was with the long title, Superliminal, Beginner's Guide, that abomination that was Getting Over It with Bennet "I made this to torture you" Foddy, well to be fair 2 of them are made by the same people from Stanley Parable. We're going to get an Ultra Deluxe remake, so I am waiting for how crazy things will get this time! 44) Nioh 2 Platform: PS4 45) DOOM Eternal Platform: PC Reviews for these 2 Nioh 2's more like a giant expansion pack to Nioh 1 than an actual sequel because of how similar most of it is, but it's still very lengthy & with the same fun as the first. The enjoyment you get for the game is the same as whether or not you think the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors or Assassin's Creed sequels' samey gameplay gets you bored or not because they're the same thing as before. Doom Eternal's current GOTY. Nuff said. 46) Max Payne: with Kung Fu mod Platform: PC Ahhhhh how nostalgic this game brings me. I remember playing the original PC game with my cousin/ actually not really blood related but my mom and his mom are great friends & we know each other like family. Didn't understand english back then, but now I'm just laughing hard at the game's many constipated faces of Sam Lake in his various overacting stills. And the game's even better with the kung fu mod, though I think it's a fuckton harder because most enemies have Desert Eagle & shotguns that kills you in 1 hit. I don't understand why there's no sections where you fight unarmed enemies because isn't the point of this coolass mod so that you can do kung fu duels with them? Why is it only in the tutorial & the game just have enemies that guns you down which defeats the purpose of having cool kung fu moves? And the thing is you level up your kung fu with each moves you do, which you can easily level up by just infinitely beating the crap out of 1 enemy with alternating kung fu moves over and over again, but unfortunately it resets itself everytime you finish a part because of the dream sequence. Also for some odd reason, the game gets mega glitchier with the kung fu mod. There are a lot of times where characters who are supposed to walk normal in cutscenes just stand in place for 1 minute, so I was waiting for them to just hurry up and do their thing because you can't skip cutscenes in the game. Also enemy npcs can just stand in place, especially Vinnie Gognitti who I shot to pieces because he just stand on a stair when he's supposed to walk down. The biggest offender is the dream sequences. FUCK THESE SHITS. I get stuck in a corner constantly, I can't freaking jump during the blood trail segment, and I ended up just skipping the part 3 level entirely because it became completely unplayable. Good thing I finished the game so I don't have to go through all that again! Max Payne 2's Elements of Style mod is Kung Fu mod done to its absolute justice. I will so play that game again with that mod. 47) Resident Evil/ Biohazard Revelations Platform: PC Finally finished this game at last. I was halfway through this game on my 3DS, but I stopped playing because Virtue's Last Reward happened. And because of one character which I will mention down bellow, amongst other things. Recently Humble Bundle has a Capcom bundle which has Megaman 11, so many other games this one included, so it's the best time to actually finish this unfinished business. People who prefer this over 6 has got to be freaking joking. I mean yes, the gameplay is good & it has the usual backtracking & puzzles used in the old games with many keys to be found which appeals to them, but that's just unfair. 6 continues the style of 5 with many different levels that doesn't backtrack, so it makes sense that the game is more straightforward with different levels, and it's not like 6 ignores puzzles that's present in previous games. There's levels that make you do puzzles here & there without them being too pace breaking, making it an awesome pitstop before the action ramps up. Revelations, on the other hand, does have the classic puzzles & backtracking which are quite nice. The upgradeable weapons, scanning with your scan gun for items & herbs & the boss fights are fun to do. The final boss is pretty cool because it's more like something out of House of the Dead boss fight. But it doesn't excuse the many2 WTF is this shit moment that I can't believe is in this game. First off, what the fuck is up with the plot of this game? This is what I can describe as trying WAY too hard to be like a detective thriller tv show. The story is like a game that just takes itself way too seriously most of the time, even though everything is more akin to something out of Phoenix Wright. In the end the reason behind many of the twists are pointless anyway because the bad guy catches up to the whole plot & are 2 steps ahead. And the worst part is that it could all been avoided with WAY less complications. Even Chris, the person who is notoriously dim that can't even figure out obvious signs, said "wait, why not just let me & Jill in on the whole thing so we can avoid this shit?" To which the answer is "we don't want the bad guys to know." WHAT?? So you think that letting these 2 trustworthy people know = the bad guys knowing, even though you have 1 other person that does your plan for you already which is risky as hell because that person alone is sent to do the job??? THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS YOU FUCKING MORON!!! Second, the many2 RIDICULOUS new characters introduced in this game. For some reason, there are some questionable character designs in the game that makes me question what drugs were the designers on. You may have already seen Carrot Top Conan O Brien URGHHH. But you have not seen the worst yet. Here's Parker Luciani, or brown haired Bob who had a diet but not too much like in his ending in Tekken 6 Here's Jessica the nympho Wha..... WHAT??? WTF IS THIS CHARACTER DESIGN??? She's more like a character from Charlie's Angels! Here's who I can describe as lighter-skinned Kevin Hart This guy is one of the 2 comedic duos in this game. The other being this pretentious twat, aka the WORST character in the entire game His codename is Jackass............ he chose that codename for himself btw, and that's just the start. This guy is the reason why I stopped playing the game on my 3DS for many years. For whatever reason, the game gives him many movie quotes, while also having him act so damn smug to everyone else, especially his poor partner who just have to deal with his bullshit all the time. Everything this guy said is irritating & makes me want to grab a damn table and throw it at his fucking face, and I don't know why, but the voice actor picked for him has to sound so up his own ass that it makes the guy even more annoying. He is also responsible for the absolute worst part in the game where you have to defend yourself from zombie dogs + hunters onslaughts, while he just won't shut the fuck up & does anything to help because he has to hack into a computer till it reaches 100%. Sure I can handle the defense, but PLEASE STOP TALKING YOU PIECE OF SHIT! And the worst part? All 5 of these characters? They all have big importance to the plot, and the game gave all of them a lot of moments which makes them deeper than they should have. Yes, even the pretentious twat, who for some unexplained reason actually is responsible for solving the mystery of the game's first half, AND is the tech expert who rescues Jill from impending death. HIM. So let me get this straight. You killed off Luis Sera, a character that has 1000 times more charm and more likeable who could actually be a great future character that helps the heroes and you instead make an unfunny bald-headed pretentious techie who looks like he belongs in a Michael Bay Transformer movie be the SAVIOR OF ONE OF THE BEST CHICKS IN RESIDENT EVIL HISTORY?? I CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE IT EITHER! Lastly, and the worst of all, there's just a lot of dumb moments, especially from Parker aka not that fat Bob. I figured out how the plot is the instant I see Carrot Top Conan O Brien, and this Parker just doesn't question how fucking suspicious Carrot Top is, until the halfway point where it's too late. Then there's one part where he potentially could have stopped even further disaster from happening, but he did something stupid that risks the lives of everyone. THEN at the near end of the game, he does the "go on without me" moment where he's about to fall into flames, and then he falls anyway, BUT THEN HE'S STILL ALIVE IN THE NEXT SCENE?? WHA AZSDEAOASO WHY HOW???? WHY DO YOU PUT THAT MOMENT IN THE GAME IF HE'S GOING TO SURVIVE ANYWAY??? IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!! ARAWEASEOANFAISFBNASOUDAOSDASDOAA!!!!!! This game is the equivalent of a filler episode of a tv show, but with some of the characters potentially having a bigger part for the actual tv show episode down in the future. I don't know why that the game ends with a sequel bait with some of the characters which means yes, unfortunately we're going to see them in future games. Thank God Revelations 2 is WAYYY better & I actually am looking forward to seeing how that game's plot will continue in the future games, unlike this game which I just dread when the characters return.
  3. Hm, PS Vita's been restiing in its grave ever since........... well ever since we never hear anything new about that. Which is as shame because it's such an underrated handheld console that could do so much more. The remote play is actually really good except for the awkward button pressings, and you can even do the remote play outside of your house which is sweet, but of course it depends on if the internet used is good or not. I don't recommend it though because it's still quite expensive just for the remote play, unless you want to play PSVita exclusive games. Then again, most of the exclusives are already remastered on PS4 so I don't see a reason to play them on Vita. You can use remote play on mac already, so I don't think you need to buy a $300 - $200 I don't know how much it is now PSVita for it. Why not just bring your PS4 to your room & play using a PC monitor? My PC monitor has an HDMI port & I can play my PS3/PS4 games with it if I want to.
  4. Ok this...... this is something that I don't usually do, but I have to. Because Nioh 2 & Doom Eternal took 1 week of my life in the mids of this coronavirus lockdown, and I am happy for it. So what better way to thank them by reviewing them together? (Nioh 2's gonna be shorter though) First, Nioh 2 The first Nioh back in 2017 was like Ninja Gaiden if it uses Dark Souls' death mechanic, because the game gives you so many movesets on the go that's similar to a Ninja Gaiden game, and that you have 3 different stances for your various weapons. The story was about Irish Geralt I mean William Adams that came to Japan because his spirit guardian got kidnapped by this one evil sorcerer dude, while he is in the middle of a battle between Tokugawa Ieyasu & Mitsunari Ishida. If you have played Samurai Warriors or Sengoku Basara before, then this is pretty much the less developed & abridged version of the battle between these 2 men. The story was, meh, really flat because Team Ninja unfortunately have a track record of making nice playing games, but with story that doesn't even bother making the characters likeable or with emotional attachment beyond brief interactions. Nioh 2's plot is a prequel that lets you see the rise and fall of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Only not really because for some reason, the game decided to make it a little complicated. In this game, your main character, who is a half yokai half human just so happened to stumble upon him when he's still using his original name Tokichiro Kinoshita, and through being in service with Nobunaga, decided to share the name Hideyoshi with you because your main character has an heirloom dagger from his/her mom that's a yokai, and because that dagger has "Hide" written on it. And so Hideyoshi is actually the name for both you & him......... I don't know why they decided to make it like that but there you go. The overall story of the game is once again an abridged version of an existing game. But interestingly not Samurai Warriors/Basara because Nobunaga here is not an evil overlord, but Kessen 3, a game that Koei made about the more normalized version of Nobunaga Oda. At least in the first half of the story when Hideyoshi was serving Nobunaga. Then the second half all of a sudden just turns the game into Onimusha Dawn of Dreams! It's like Kingdom Hearts with how the worlds in that game are mostly stories that are straight from the Disney movies & Sora + Donald + Goofy just stands in the middle of it watching the events unfold, only in this game the story elements are based on historical events, so you pretty much know who's going to die & live. Which is annoying because there are a lot of times where the game could go for emotionally sad moments, but because nearly every character are so underdeveloped by how they just show up in 2 minutes cutscenes, and that your main character is a mute who doesn't even interact with them besides just standing there and nodding, you ended up not giving any crap about what happened to most of them. Which is a shame because there's a character here that's pretty much Japanese Aquaman but he just shows up for 3 times in the story and just 2 sidequests. Why?? He's one of the characters I want to see more of! Nioh 2 should definitely take notes from Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin that uses history & modify it so it becomes so much more fun to watch, while also having a lot of great character moments that makes you actually give a crap about them. But I have to say, right after around 3/4 of the story which is after 20+ hours, the plot actually gets good in the final portions of the game, because that's when the game doesn't follow history & just do its own thing with actual character developments that's been missing in 90% of the parts before. It's unfortunate that it takes so long to get to the good part, but when it hits, it's awesome. As for the gameplay, I have already talked about it in my review for the first game. Nioh 2 is 90% the same as the first game in terms of combat & exploration. The only new things they add are 4 new weapons, the fact that you can completely customize your character the way you want, new enemy types, the new yokai spirit forms where you can turn into 1 our of 3 demon forms and how you can now do counter attacks on those annoying red attacks enemies do, And also how you can earn souls of enemies & use their movesets against them, which definitely will help you a lot when you get deeper into the game. It's still the same fun combat as the first game overall, and you will still die SOOOO many times in this game. It can get repetitive though because this game is designed to make you grind a lot while having you do a lot of side missions so you can have the high level gear to progress to the next part of the story easier, so this game is best played in portions rather than all at once. So in short, Nioh 2 is 90% Nioh 1 and 10% new stuff, only with a different story + characters, and a hell of a lot longer. If you have played the first Nioh & like that game, you're gonna like this game. If you don't, well this game ain't for you. I give this game the rating of "good game, but play it in increments because you'll be easily bored otherwise". Now on to Doom Eternal. AKA, current GOTY. This a sequel to the 2016 DOOM. It's years after that game, and Doom Slayer is back to save humanity from demons by doing what he does best: killing demons with his guns & his bare hands in style. And this game...... IS FUCKING AWESOME OMG I'VEBEENPLAYINGTHISGAMESOMUCHIT'SSODAMNGOOD!!!!! The intro of this game is even better than the first one. If that's not a way to start a game with style, I don't know what is! What I didn't expect from this game is how good the story is. The previous Doom games were pretty straightforward, but this? This is like if Doom includes extensive Mortal Kombat lore that expands on the universe so much that I can't wait to see it explored even further. You'll learn more about the situation on earth, who the night sentinels are, the God of this universe, and of course about Doom Slayer himself before the 2016 game & what his adventures were when he's part of the night sentinel. Hell, I want to see what kind of battles he was in during that part of his story now that I've played the shit out of this game! Gameplay is where the game shines like a really bloody diamond with chainsaws for an edge. It's Doom 2016's combat, but with so many more new toys to play with. First off, you can do double jump & forward dash which makes Titanfall look lame in comparision, you have a Predator esque shoulder gun, but instead of shooting plasmas, it shoots normal & freeze grenades. It also acts as a flame thrower, and enemies on fire will drop armor pieces. The new wrist blade is also included to give new stylish gory kills. You have what this game calls a "blood punch" which charges up everytime you do a glory kill, and it's a super shockwave punch that damages surrounding enemies. Upgrade buffs has been significantly increased, so now besides the runes you equip, you also have suit upgrades that require tokens acquired by exploring the map & finding these things. You have more weapons to play with which includes the Ballista which is an energy blast weapon thing that deals massive damage, and your super shotgun has a hook that lets you do this What's more awesome about this hook is when you upgrade it in full + do the weapon challenge, the hook will set enemies on fire & grant you 30 armor pieces each shot. And you're gonna need those armor pieces. And of course, the big star of this game, the energy sword that kills most enemies in 1 hit. This thing KICKS. FUCKING. ASS!! Unfortunately it only has 3 limited uses & has to be charged through collecting very limited energies on the map, even more limited than the BFG ammo surprisingly, unless you use the unlimited ammo cheat that you get from collecting secrets! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! There's one weapon that also kicks ass, but you have to unlock it first through doing "slayer arenas". It's totally worth it though. Speaking of slayer arenas, that's another thing I want to touch on: the levels. They are so damn well designed, and a couple of them have you teleport to more than 1 location which is pretty sweet. And the best part is after you reach the end of the level, you can actually fast travel back to a previous point if you have missed any collectibles. This saves SO much time & a very welcome feature, though it's odd that you can't teleport when you're in your own hideout. Each levels of course has their own secrets that you have to find, and all of them are big, full of secrets & full of platforming challenges. Some of these platforming challenges are quite tricky, but if you look at the map & look around, you'll find place that you need to go easily. The collectibles you find this time around are even more action figures, though this time you collect action figures of enemies too instead of just Doom Slayer, which also have a funny animation that plays. Also various upgrades to your suits & weapons, lores that gives you detailed backstories of this game's universe, music records from various Id Software games like Quake & even Comander Keen, though no Rage for some reason; secret "slayer arenas" that contains tough as nails bonus arena fights, extra lives which you will definitely need, and various floppy disks which gives you various cheats you can turn on when you replay stages, which makes the game so much more fun. And if you collect them all, you can actually play the original Doom on your hideout's computer! You can unlock Doom 2 if you put on the password for it, but I won't tell you what the password is because it's more fun looking for it yourself. So overall, you have 3 games in 1. Now THAT's a deal! So I talked about the gameplay, but what about the enemies? Well, they also added a lot of them too, and let me tell ya, this game doesn't fuck around. When I played the first 3 levels, I had 8 extra lives stacked up. Once level 4 + the slayer arenas happen, that extra lives will drop like flies if you're not careful. This game also adds old enemies from old games like these annoying Arachnotrons The "I will walk on the air without legs" Pain Elementals The original classic Cyber Demon, but known as Tyrant in this game And these bastards These guys are so annoying to deal with. Every time they show up, they will buff every enemy near them, so you will want to kill them as fast as possible, but they have so much damn health. But once you did it though, you'll feel like a king. There are a couple of new enemies as well, one of them called Whiplash is particularly annoying since they show up so damn often & are really damaging BUT NOTHING. NOTHING ever comes close to the sheer annoyance I have to deal with fighting against former Night Sentinels, AKA the Marauders. FUCK. THESE. BASTARDS. If you're too close, he shotgun blast you. If you're too far, he'll throw laser axe at you. And you can't shoot him anytime because he will put up his shield! So the only way to deal with him is to get to the right range, wait for him to do one of his melee attack with a green glow & shoot him with the double shotgun + ballista. It seems easy like how this guy did it But not when you have to fight this guy while having to fight 10+ enemies at the same time. If you see this guy amongst the other hordes, clear out the other enemies asap with a BFG or something so you'll have a breather, then hope that he'll do his melee attacks instead of his other attacks. The bossfights are even better than 2016's, and beating them makes you feel SO DAMN GOOD! Except one of them called the Doom Hunter that becomes a regular enemy afterwards. These guys are quite annoying to deal with. Lastly, the music. Oh God the music! The first game for me doesn't have too much catchy songs because other than the kickass intro, most of them are just ok metal songs that I mute the music during some of them. This game on the other hand upped the damn scale & make even better songs across the damn board. Like these The multiplayer mode for this game is awesome too. It's a 1 vs 2 mode where 1 player plays Doom Slayer, while the other 2 plays as elite enemies that places enemies on a map. The goal is to kill the other first, and the chaos that ensues from this mode is beautiful. It's definitely easier to play in the monster's side though because you can place enemies & buffs for them while the Slayer have to play like the main game, while having to fight inconsistent internet drops here and there. There's only 1 thing that I want to see more: I want to see the Betrayer doing stuff. Because other than info from the 2016 game & a brief moment in this game, for a guy who's probably as big of a badass as Doom Slayer, he doesn't do anything other than sit & sulk. Where is he during the times the battles get intense? I want to see him help Doom Slayer out & kicks ass! Get this game. It's 10 times better than Doom 2016 & I am currently playing this game all over again. My rating is of course "so awesome that you will play this game over and over and over again. Rip and tear bitch!" With a badass seal of approval! And there ya go, 2 games to fill the time during this coronavirus. Definitely get Doom Eternal, and Nioh 2 if you're a fan of the first game. Stay safe everyone!
  5. The Simpsons after season 10.
  6. This is literally Sony buying prisoners from the clutches of an evil empire. While I think MGS is over & there's no need to do any more of it, Castlevania & Silent Hill deserves a new game by people who actually can make good games & not bastardize them like what they did with Contra. If this deal really is true, OH PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE, PS5 is gonna have big guns when the game's released. And best of all, they don't have to be caged to just pachinkos anymore! The only good thing now currently is Castlevania on Netflix, with this we can expect more to look forward to. Keep moving forward!
  7. Racing games tend do have little swearings, so doesn't surprise me that it's cencored. Still, why not just have songs without the explicit words to begin with, or just go M rated & bring the full song in? Pretty weird how things work back then. I won this game called Atelier Lydie & Suelle at a DMC 5 event last year because I broke the high score record for the first stage. Haven't played it until recently where this gaming drought before Ori Will of the Wisp & Nioh 2 came out makes me just play a lot of stuff. This is an obscure long running series about girls who wants to be the best alchemists in their town & they have to earn their way back up, and this is one of the more recent ones. The songs are.... really damn catchy & peaceful that I can't get them out of my head. And the game's pretty damn good too!
  8. Usually when I got stuck on a stage, I'll youtube someone's playthrough of it to see what they did different. Like this one And then look in envy because they managed to pass through a stage that took me 10+ tries to get past.
  9. Finally, Ori and the Will of the Wisp is out after SO LONG. And man, it is so damn good! If not for the audio glitches here and there. This game takes place right after the first game. Basically, Ori the white spirit cute thing has a family. In the first game it's only him and his mom And then afterwards, they both got 2 new family members. One's a spider looking thing named Gumo, and the other is a cute big kid owl girl named Ku that's next to Ori in that game art I showed. They live a happy life together, then one day Ku learned how to fly, so she and Ori flew together, but unfortunately, they went too far from their land, stumbled upon another land where things are very bleak & got separated from each other. And so begins another adventure for Ori and his owl friend. And boy what an adventure it is! Before I gush about this game, there's one obvious thing I want to make clear: this game currently has this annoying audio glitch where all of a sudden the sound will just go BZZZZT out of nowhere during cutscenes & during gameplay. Which will get really annoying when it happens so often. I really hope that a patch will fix this issue fast because otherwise, this game is FUCKING AWESOME! This game like the first is a metroidvania game that does metroidvania things. You know the deal: explore the world, whoops I can't go here yet, have to go somewhere else to get the ability for progression all the while fighting various enemies & collecting many collectibles. This time the game is much more traditional in that it has actual combat with weapons, and you don't just create savepoints anytime you want with an ability anymore, now the game saves automatically, and that's nice. Thankfully at the start, a couple of the abilities in the first game is usable, so you can swim & climb walls without needing to unlock them. You even get the double jump really early on in the game which is nice. The first game, all things considered, was actually pretty basic stuff with the gameplay, and the thing that really makes that game shine are the awesome soundtrack, and the beautiful art that makes you want to go to the place & have a sightseeing holiday picnic. The difference with this game though is that EVERYTHING IS BETTER. Now you actually have a nice combat mechanic, unlike the first game which is basically just you having a floating turret shooting enemies around. You can equip different weapons like a sword, a hammer, spirit bow + javelin to name a few & abilities on the go with 3 weapon slots, and your combat playstyle is entirely up to you. It's pretty cool that Ori has a sword that looks like Raziel's Wraith Blade as a starter weapon. (RIP Legacy of Kain I still wait for your next game....) This makes for a lot of cool combat opportunities where you fly all over the place like you're a DMC character, or Dust from Dust Elysian Tale. This is one of the combat shrine challenges in the game. Beating one of this shrines will give you an ability slot that gives you passive buffs that you can pick for yourself, so abilities like "enemies drop more health", "arrows will become a multi projectile", "stick to a wall" and "suck in orbs from far away" are equipped here. There's a lot of abilities to unlock, and it's up to you which ones you want to equip. There's a "race to the finish" challenges too which will test your skill with jumping all over the place, and if you beat the timer, you'll be on a leatherboard & you'll get 1000 orbs to use for buying weapons & abilities. Speaking of combat, there's finally bosses in this game. Surprising that the first game doesn't have any bosses unless you count the escape sequences bosses. All of them are awesome to fight, with epic as hell music accompanying them. Not only that, but the escape sequences are even more intense than the first game, which is both annoying because you'll die a lot, and epic because the songs during them pump you up to "GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE NOW!" As for music and artstyle, they are even more awesome than the first game. And THAT, THAT is awesome. Here's just a song from the beginning of the game And here's one of the many sceneries you will see. Man....... just LOOK AT THAT. That is a place perfect for a swim! How about the plot? Is it the same as before with only the intro, few times in the middle & the end that has actual story? Nope. They expand on the plot so damn much, that every time I went to a new area, there's always going to be character interactions between you and another colorful & likable casts of characters. Couple of times this game knows how to tug at your heartstring, and the end of the game man........ damn, that was a great way to end the game, and possibly this series. Which if it's really what they're aiming for, they succeeded in going out with a bang. And that's that. Another new game before I get to finally play DOOM ETERNAL, and a really damn good Metroidvania game at that. I give this game my rating of "so good you can't wait to see what's next from these devs. Please patch the audio glitch out". I would give this game a badass seal if it weren't for the audio glitches. Will Hollow Knight Silksong beat this game? Well, if that game doesn't have annoying audio glitches, definitely, but we shall see in the future when that game is out on June. This is a good year for Metroidvania games!
  10. I don't post stuff like this because these kinds of things usually are not that important, but this time of year in this situation? It is an entirely different story. Coronavirus has been a gigantic problem right now. Ever since this flu-like virus started in China, the rest of the world has been affected. This is seriously like that board game Pandemic where the world is facing a crisis because of a deadly disease that's slowly spreading to the world. Because of this disease, Italy is in full lockdown, Germany prepares for the worst case scenario, USA has gotten so bad that events like WWE, E3, and even the NBA are affected. I watched the last match of Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks, and that game went from fun to absolutely depressing as hell because out of nowhere the show was told to shut future matches down after that. I am scared for my family back in Indonesia because that place is a sickzone right now, and here in Australia people are already affected by the thing that my church choir had to be cancelled because the church is closing till 31 March, and even Tom Hanks got affected by it in Goldcoast. It's a complete mess. I am here to tell you guys to stay as healthy as possible. I don't want you people to get affected by this terrible disease, and in times like this, the last thing you want is to get hit by this thing & had to stay in the hospital for God knows how many days & unable to enjoy playing games or watch your favorite movies or whatever you guys do on your spare time. Here's a pointer about this disease & how to protect yourself. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/12/can-a-face-mask-stop-coronavirus-covid-19-facts-checked https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/02/how-to-protect-yourself-coronavirus Pre-emptive measure is very important. Stockpile your house with supplies, because it is highly likely that things will be so bad that you can't even go out of your house. Take care of yourself guys, and may we get through this tough time with good health until it's over.
  11. Like I have said in the other post about someone asking for the song: I can't find it anywhere. I tried using Shazam in the background after I personally edited the song's parts to get rid of background music with no result, use music recognition software on my Chrome on that song part, checked every youtube comment on that video and found that NOBODY knows what the song is, even went back and listen to lots of songs by Callenish Circle because Joe used one of the band's song for his outro, but nothing matches that song. Maybe it's a royalty-free song since it's played in the background & it's not copyright claimed? Only Joe & the mods knows what the song is, so you probably should go to the discord channel & ask people there because that's where most active members are these days.
  12. 41) Mýrdalssandur, Iceland Platform: PC Aahhhhhh, finally a game that looks like a relaxing time, and it's not another secretly depressing game. This is what I call a scenery porn game because you just explore this little beach area which is a recreation of a place in Iceland, photographing specific places that's requested by the game's photo hunt. I gotta say, this place looks pretty sweet, and very cold. After finishing the game, it turns out the dev plan to have New Zealand included too in the future. This is sweet because I've been there before, and that place is really damn beautiful. Can't wait to see how well it's recreated! 42) Kamen Rider Agito Platform: PS1 Played this game because I'm feeling nostalgic. Oh. OH. OOOOHHH. NOSTALGIA I played this game so much when it was out. Back then Kamen Rider shows & their PS1 games were popular at my school, and they're actually pretty damn good games. Shame that Kuuga & Agito doesn't have as much content as Kamen Rider & V3, but it's still good fun to play. What I like about these games besides the fun gameplay is the gallery mode. Basically in each of these games, after you play through the game's many modes from story to just a simple VS mode, you're given points that you can use to play a gacha card collecting minigame, and from that you can get various screenshots of the TV show, as well as unlocking new characters to play. This is the first game series that I remember that has these things. Best of all, it actually gives you unlockables that justify it, and it doesn't cost real money! Unlike nowadays.......... Agito's card collecting is different because here you partake in a shooting minigame instead by shooting flying card packs. Each time you finish a story mode for one of the 3 characters in the show, Agito, Gills & G3, you'll get around 10 points that you can collect & use to do these minigames or to upgrade G3's arsenal. Collecting the cards will let you unlock more characters in the game, and if you collect all of them, you'll unlock the best character in the game: G4 I remember when fighting games have more than 1 characters that you unlock, and there's no need for dlcs........... We need it back.
  13. 39) Dust Runner Platform: PS4 (Dreams made game (community-made)) This is another Dreams made game by a guy named Laurence Castillo. And boy howdy does this guy put his name everywhere in his games. This game's surprisingly longer than expected too, and it's a Mirror's Edge platformer parkour game where you jump on a lot of platforms while doing puzzles here and there. Thankfully there's no fall damage, which is good because you will probably fall a lot from how precise some of the platforming are. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic time where most of the world turns into a desert wasteland after a meteor fall on earth, and you're one of the last surviving humans trying to find his father that went from an expedition that he never returned to. And you'll pretty much be given many expositions through texts, and boy howdy are there a LOT of text to see through here, with a lot of spelling & grammar errors. I wish this game give you the option to just skip texts so you don't have to wait 3+ minutes for the texts to finish before continuing the game. Impressive work regardless though, even if the ending is quite anticlimactic. Here's someone playing the first few chapters of this game. There's a LOT more to play after this part. 40) Raging Loop Platform: PC Ever seen or play the mind party game Werewolf or Mafia where the person assigned the role of a werewolf/mafia must keep their identity hidden while the humans have to figure out who's the wolf/mafia & hunt them down? This visual novel is pretty much that, but mixed with Groundhog Day as well. You play as a university student that recently broke up with his girlfriend, and he unfortunately stumbled upon this village where he is forced to play this twisted Werewolf game with the other inhabitants, and have to do it over and over again because of a curse that prevents him from escaping. Many deaths & mindgames ensues, and it's AWESOME. This game is pretty similar to another VN Higurashi When They Cry. You know the one where you're a high schooler & have to repeat the same days over and over again while getting killed all the time by an unknown force. Except in this game, you have to play Werewolf. And you have to jump through different timelines after you went through a path which most likely leads to your death, like the Zero Escape games. I can't say anything more because spoilers obvs, but the best part about this game is when you think the game is completed, you're given "revelation mode", where it pretty much gives inner monologues to many characters during the game's many routes so you know what they're thinking, and also have extra scenes which show you the perspective of other characters besides your main character during certain events. This is a really good way to give replayability to a VN game that I am surprised that it's not used in other VNs I played. And the best part is it adds a lot of funny shit to serious scenes, so you don't feel depressed for going through sad moments all over again. But that's not all! There are also epilogue chapters that give many more extra scenes for a couple of the main characters during the main game. And after seeing them, I really want to see a sequel to this game to continue the story of this game's universe. Looking forward to seeing what's next if it comes to it!
  14. 34) Minit Platform: PC This is that black and white Zelda NES esque game with the gimmick of you having only 1 minute to do your adventure before you die over and over and over again. When I played this game I thought "ok so will this timer stop eventually?" and the answer is yes! At the end of the game. Turns out the reason why you're killed every 1 minute is because you picked up a cursed sword, and then afterwards you just have to deal with it. So the way to progress is pretty much you going to different npcs & listening to their demands. Each time you complete their demand, you'll gain a power up which will help you progress to the next part. You'll unlock safehouses which will respawn you to the last safehouse you just entered after you die, and later on you gain the ability to teleport to different safehouses. Trial and error, as well as dying over and over again is an occurrence in this game. It's quite fun for how minimalist everything is. And thankfully when you get to the final boss, you don't get sent back to your safehouse everytime you die. You just get respawned to the bossfight, and the boss' health doesn't reset, so it's a pretty easy bossfight. I can't imagine beating the boss if you had to start all the way at your safehouse again because that takes 40 seconds out of your precious 1 minute. 35) Moonlighter Platform: PC The game that I've waited for a while for the discount, only to get it for free in Epic Games Store. YAY! When I saw the description of this game in Steam, I thought this game will be like another Enter the Gungeon with roguelike "start from the beginning straight to the end" kind of game. But nope, it's not that unforgiving thankfully. In this game you are a shopkeeper + warrior, and the game has 4 dungeons for you to explore, each with 3 areas, 2 minibosses & 1 boss. Then after you beat those 4 dungeons, you'll have to beat the final boss, which is surprisingly easy when you fully upgrade yourself. The core game is you stocking up on supplies, killing enemies while exploring randomized dungeons, take materials with you, go back home to sell those items while keeping the ones necessary for new armor + new weapons, kill the bosses when you're strong enough, and then do it 3 more times in the next dungeons. Rinse and repeat. When you see the ridiculous price, you'll probably be overwhelmed. This is the second tier of weapon upgrades you can get, and 64 thousand gold may look like a lot considering the early parts of the game only give you around 3000 gold after you sell stuff. But oh don't you worry. When you progress through the game, you get materials that gives you a SHITton of money the harder the dungeon. And by the final dungeon, each time you go back home from exploring a dungeon alive, you will definitely earn 500,000 from a sale because you will get so many good high as hell price materials from your dungeon lootings. And by the end of the game, you'll be so rich that you fully upgrade your store & have a lot of leftover golds + items at your item box. 36) Pitstop Platform: PS4: Dreams made game (community-made, specifically by TheBlackHoodd) Man, Dreams never fail to surprise me. This is yet another complete game made by a creative as hell user. This time it's a psychological horror game that starts off with you on a pitstop somewhere. I found this game from this guy getting scared out of his mind when he played it. The part he played is only part 1. This game has even more stuff in it. WAY more stuff than I thought. You get chased by a chainsaw maniac, you fight these blob things that explode, then you have to deal with noises out of nowhere & get trapped in a school from hell itself. This game made me jumpy each time without fail, except one part involving stairs which requires precise jumping platforming, that I pretty much failed a lot before I finally get through it. Also the last part of the game which finally gives you a weapon to fight back which I was like "fuck yes, I'm comin for you bitch!". There's multiple endings to this game, and you get the best ending from collecting different white poltergeist collectibles scattered around the world, which is quite hard because these things are well hidden. And the best end is a sequel bait, which continues on the second game that's currently a WIP. This guy actually shows the making of process which you can see on his youtube channel. I can't wait to play the sequel, right after I calm myself down and play happier games to get rid of the shock of the scares. 37) Immortal Planet Platform: PC This was a game I saw a while ago where it plays like Bastion, only with Dark Souls mechanic. The story takes place in an ice planet where there's a lot of immortals stranded in it. And then they all went insane, as expected, and it's up to you to get the hell out of the planet as one of the last remaining sane immortals in that planet. I like the combat here. It's Souls esque with the stamina bar, but to optimally damage enemies here require you to deplete their stamina bar, and when it's low enough, you bumrush them to stun them so you can hack them up, but if you bum rush them when their stamina is high, you'll get stunned yourself. This makes fighting various enemies always challenging, especially the bosses which are pretty cool. There's a lot of invisible platforms & pitfalls if you're not careful, and you will die in this game. A lot. This game is surprisingly short though. I beat the entire game on the first run, collected every collectible + weapons & it only take 6 hours. There is a new game plus mode, or nightmare mode as they call it, and the cool thing about this is that you have a lot of stat buffs unlocked which in the normal mode only lets you select one. Of course it's a lot harder because you will have to fight a recurring enemy over and over again at certain point, he used to be an npc in the normal mode, and he will whoop your ass if you're not careful. But the good thing is that this mode is a lot easier than the normal mode because you get to level up WAY faster with how many XPs you will accumulate, and by fighting the recurring enemy over and over again, you will upgrade your estu ahem I mean your "blood injector" capacity way easily, so by the end your main character will be OP as hell that he will destroy the final boss in an instant with less difficulty than in normal mode. Overall, fun game. 38) The Stillness of the Wind Platform: PC Oh no...... yet another game that looks harmless, but ended up being depressing as hell. This game is about an old lady that lives in the middle of nowhere in a....... futuristic setting? Because something about space travel is mentioned here and there through letters but you don't actually see any future stuff. The game is like Harvest Moon where you just manage your farm, so you make cheese out of goat milk, get some eggs from the chickens to get yourself something to eat, water plants + crops you decided to plant, and occasionally a friendly messenger who you're friends with will come over to send you letters from your family & trade you stuff necessary for your farm to survive. It's definitely on the repetitive side, but it's strangely relaxing. You'll be a cheese maker in no time once you milk your goats. That is until the day where it starts to rain 2 times consecutively. Then everything turns to shit & there is nothing you can do about it. You just have to accept your fate, and that feels bad especially when you had done so much cheese making & finding out that all of them went bad because of the weather & you just have to accept it.......... DAMN IT, I want a happy game, not another depressing one! What is with these games I played these 2 months?? DX