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  1. I love Stranger Things's first season. It's more like an awesome 8 hour movie that brings back the old memories of ET, Alien and 80s stuff. Cause it takes place in the 80s. Go watch it if you have it on Netflix. It's an awesome show, or dare I say movie because it's more like a long film than a tv show. Anyway Comic Con just happened, and while there's a lot of the usual comic stuff from DC and Marvel showing up, Stranger Things season 2 is the one that I love the most. More 80s stuff like that frustrating game Dragon's Lair which is pure bullshit until the iPhone version fixes things, Ghostbusters, and of course, dat Thriller music man. MUAH! BYOUTIFUL. MJ and Vincent Price will be proud! Can't wait till 27 October for this show. I'm gonna binge watch this shit when it's released so so badly!
  2. You mean Actress Again from last year? Or you mean they're going to make a sequel to Melty Blood?? I think that's possible. After all the many updated versions of that, it's time for a real Melty Blood 2. The chance of that happening is higher than Tsukihime's remake actually releasing.
  3. The movie based on the true story written in a book about the making of one of the best worst film in recent memory, alongside Birdemic, Samurai Cop and Troll 2. I'm sure some of us have seen this film from Nostalgia Critic. BUT in case you haven't seen it, go watch it. It features such classic scenes like: A sex scene with the guy f ing the girl in her belly button A shopping scene that is so rushed that it looks like Wiseau only have 30 seconds to film because otherwise the store owner will kick his ass 4 people dressing for a wedding only to play football in the wedding dress And of course, this I've read the book, and.... wow. The trailer scene where he has to do that line 68 times? That's just 1 part out of 1,000 things wrong with the making of the film. He actually had a choice of filming the rooftop scene on an actual rooftop instead of a green screen, but he chose the green screen because "This no Mickey Mouse production. I want to be professional."............. wat? Then it turns out that Tommy Wiseau isn't purposefully doing the shitty acting he does in the film. That's him actually trying and failing that many times. And the many things that happens in the film that makes no sense actually was him trying to make a serious film......HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?? I bet that the making of the Disaster Artist film is much easier than the making of that film!
  4. Hm...... Not too excited. I'm more excited with Dragonball Fighter Z. And that JUBEI IS FINALLY A PLAYABLE CHARACTER IN BLAZBLUE! Besides, M.U.G.E.N did massive crossovers already years before. But I do wish that this game will have a story mode that connects these different universes together and it's not just a "crossover game" for the sake of making a crossover like SNK and Street Fighter did. Fingers crossed that the story mode will be like Blazblue, filled with many character depths and gag endings.
  5. FINALLY. I can counter those annoying attacks and rage art with Geese!! So wait...... now that King of Fighters, Tekken and Street Fighter are now in the same universe, I guess we can expect the next crossover game to be absolutely batshit insane eh? Oh yes, and also since all these games are officially in the same universe, it's pretty clear that demons rule the world. I mean you got Orochi and whatever various demons roam the King of Fighters land and Tekken has the Devil Gene and Ogre. Street Fighter looks much more peaceful in comparison since the only big threat is Gill who's actually a good guy compared to the other ones. Oh, and of course Bison who wants to take over the world. Asura needs to come back and show these demons pain! Alright, now all that's left is the second DLC character. All sign points to Kazuma Kiryu, but considering that Geese shows up, anything goes. Maybe it'll be one of the girls from DOA? Or Mortal Kombat characters? Bayonetta?? Or even Ned Flanders??? Because he did show up in Simpsons Wrestling, and he's the best character in the game. Whoever it will be, I hope it'll be awesome!
  6. So, Disney's version of E3 + Upcoming film conference happened, and it covers everything that's Marvel and Disney related. So there's movie announcements like Avengers Infinity War, Mary Poppins for some reason, Wreck it Ralph 2 and the rest. Cool stuff. Oh, but of course there's game announcements as well! Spiderman shows behind the scene stuff Battlefront 2 is also behind the scene stuff for the game's story I just hope that the campaign is not just a 4 hour long game that's even shorter than Battlefield 1's campaign. Fuck all that shit though. When we think of upcoming Disney game we want so badly, we only want 1 thing ................. Alright. I have 3 things to say about this trailer: 1) FUCK THAT TEXT CRAWL. I can't get distracted when seeing S D G fighting on mount Olypmus, Twilight Town's mansion entrance and the Big Olive damn it! 2) Aside from the fact that the Toy Story gang looks beautifully animated just like they were in Toy Story 3, it blew my mind that they just accept everything that happens with the heartless and all that. I mean when Buzz shows up in the first film and says he's a galactic space ranger, Woody is not only jealous of him but he instantly says "yo, earth to Mr space ranger, you're a toy, accept it!" But when S D G shows up they're like "oh so you guys hunt down heartless monsters that shows up all of a sudden? Let's be pals and find my friends!" Like....... isn't Woody supposed to say something like "You're all Andy's new toys?? NO! We're Andy's toys damn it and no, whatever action figures you are from will take Andy away from us!" and then you have a boss fight where you whoop his ass? Well, when Andy shows up things will get interesting. If he does show up that is. Will S D G actually talk to him and break the sacred rule of Toys don't talk to humans? Or will they just pretend to be a toy just like the film? But Sora is a human that's transformed into a toy in the Toy Story world so I guess it will be fine? If Toy Story will come, looks like we can expect other Pixar world to show up! And judging by the fact that Pixar tends to be more grounded to reality than the other Disney stuff, the logic of Kingdom Hearts 3 will get even more fucked up than the rest. But what the hey, I can forgive that because 3) OMG IT'S COMING NEXT YEAR??? THIS GAME LOOKS SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL GIVE ME THE GAME RIGHT NOW GODDAMN IT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just such a shame that this isn't on Sony's E3 press conference this year to close the show. That would make Sony win E3 for sure. Instead of those stupid FF XV fishing VR nonsense GRAHHH WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU SQUARE???
  7. 75) Sniper Elite 4: Italia Platform: PC I have Sniper Elite 1 - 4, and yet 4 is the first one that I actually completed. Even I don't understand why, this series is actually pretty damn cool! But anyway, this game is the 4th game in the Sniper Elite series which still stars Karl Fairburne. AKA this series' BJ Blazkowicz but instead of being an unstoppable juggernaut, you're more like Big Boss in MGS 3. But with more emphasis on sniping and shooting Hitler + Nazis in many different ways. Including their balls. Oh the pain Unlike previous games which are quite linear and small in its areas, Sniper Elite 4 has a MUCH larger area for each of its 8 missions, complete with sidequests and a bunch of collectibles to collect. And of course how you play the game is entirely up to you which encourages fucking around and killing nazis in many painful ways imaginable with either your sniper rifle or your sidearms. This is what you call a "play it once, and you'll probably not play the game anymore" since it's fun the first time you play it, but you have seen all the game has to offer by the end. The game still have a lot of collectibles, weapon specific goals and sidequests to complete though, so if you're a completionist, you'll spend a long time with this game. 76) Playerunknown's Battleground Platform: PC I usually don't put Multiplayer only games here, but I'll make an exception to this game. For those of you that don't know, Playerunknown's Battleground started as an ARMA 2 mod called DayZ: Battle Royale. Yes, a mod for the mod of ARMA 2. You can call this Modception. Day Z becomes its own early access game, which sadly is still in early access and it fucking sucks, while the Day Z Battle Royale becomes its own early access game as well with the help of Bluehole Studios, aka the people that made the MMORPG TERA. AKA that game with this white haired horned chick. So how is Playerunknown's Battlegrounds? Well simply put: It's fucking awesome. The basic premise is that you and 90+ other players, or groups if you're playing a team type match, start each game on a plane. You all will have to drop down via parachute into a gigantic island, scavenge for items & weapons, and you all must kill each other until there's only 1 person left standing. After certain time has passed, the map will become smaller and smaller via wall of death. If you're outside of that wall, your health will drop until you're dead, so you have to always be on the move to the next designated area on the map, meanwhile trying to become the last person standing. That's it. It's as simple as that. And yet it is one of the most tense, epic and nerve wrecking stealth survival game out right now. Think CS:GO mixed with Rainbow Six Siege, but open world and you only have 1 life, and you can die anytime without you even knowing where you get shot. It is so much more scarier and nervewrecking when you play the game yourself. I originally didn't want to play the game because the youtube videos look silly and uninteresting while I got other games to play, but I decided to buy it through my steam credits just to see how it is. 40 hours later, I'm still playing it. And it's always different each time. It's also, as expected, extremely difficult to become the last man standing in this game. I have a lot of times where I'm in the top 5, only to die instantly from an attacker that headshot me while he's perfectly camouflaged on the grass, or shot me while they're hiding on a roof of a building. Or ambushed me while I was walking up a stair and he's waiting above. Every single time I die, I learn more and more about how to survive in this game. Until I finally become the last man standing, which feels OOOHHH soooo GOOD! I sincerely hope this game doesn't become a short term fad and become a finished game soon with a lot of refinements to the gameplay, more than 1 map and different modes added. Who knows, maybe someone will make a mod out of this game too? And then the circle of mods will be complete. HAHAHAHA! PS. If you want to survive in this game, try to not run in the open field that has no grass because most likely other players will see you and snipe you. Run in places with a lot of trees and grasses so you can hide in the shadows and grasses. And oh, crawling in those grasses will save your life so many times. Aside from getting the gears like armor and weapons, always grab a frying pan as it will protect your back from being shot at. Also, when you enter a house, make sure to always close the door you opened. That way other players will not know you're in the house and you can be a troll and ambush them once they enter the house. 77) Nex Machina Platform: PC From the makers of Resogun on PS4, comes this 80s as fuck twin stick shooter. If you have ever played games like Geometry Wars and, well, Resogun, this game will be instantly familiar with you. The premise is the machine has taken over the world, and you have to stop them. Alright it's definitely very cliched, but who cares about plot when the game is about shooting everything in sight while dodging bullet hell barrages and saving humans? The gameplay is a mix of Resogun and Geometry Wars. It plays like Geometry Wars where you have to kill enemies coming from all directions, meanwhile having the ability to dodge bullets for a short time and have to rescue civilians scattered throughout each levels like Resogun. And it plays really2 well. Smooth as a butter and before you know it, you'll be dodging bullets and lasers left and right while listening to the very sweet soundtrack, like these. It's definitely a hard game, especially if you're not familiar with bullet hell shooters as it requires fast reflex to dodge enemies and kill them at the same time, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be having a lot of fun while you rack up those high score points. Very arcade and very nice to play.
  8. Oh. My. God. THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!! How is it possible that a game that's already amazing with its constant great updates keeps getting better??? I mean.... now you're able to create your own custom weapons?? And able to use the Archwing on the ground and not just in space or water?? And fish?? Holy shiet! Well, I guess it's a great thing that this game is still open beta then. We're gonna get new updates after updates until the final game becomes something inhumanly delicious unlike anything Warframe has ever been in its entire life. I think the next phase for Warframe to get awesome is to implement the No Man's Sky seamless world travelling system, so going to different missions no longer restricts you to choose it in the main mission hub in the ship, but you can travel directly straight at it in real time, and if it's infiltration or assassination missions in a giant ship, you're able to choose the entry point for it. AH I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT'S NEXT!! This is pretty much Warframe telling Anthem and Destiny 2 "You two think you're the only games that allows MMO like co-op gameplay with looting in an open world area? Guess what man, we're here before you two even existed. And we're gonna show you how it's done. Not through paying full $60, WE CAN DO IT FOR FREE MOTHA FUCKAS!" Been a while since I played Warframe after that amazing update Second Dream. Now that the War Within is available and this update is coming, time to whoop ass with my Ash armor once again! OH I'M SO HAPPY!!
  9. So a month ago, people had been data mining Tekken 7 to see what kind of DLCs or extra features are coming in the next few months. In the season pass section, it's said that the first DLC will be a new game mode. Based on the leaked info, http://www.gamepur.com/news/26821-tekken-7-dlc-info-leaked-new-tekken-bowl-mode-extra-costumes-guest.html Looks like the DLC is going to Tekken Bowl, which is fucking retarded horseshit since that mode SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE like Tekken Tag 1 before it because the singleplayer content of Tekken 7 is absolutely pathetic. So I was hoping that it would be an entirely different mode like the continuation of the Story mode that ends on a cliffhanger, or a beat em up mode similar to Tekken Force/Devil Within and Tekken Bowl will be a free DLC instead. Because I have hope that Bandai Namco is not that pathetic and desperate, I mean that's just EA level of sleazy and dickish. Then just yesterday it's finally revealed what the new mode is. Hihi. Hihehehehehe. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! RIP Tekken Force. RIP Devil Within.
  10. Same thing with me. Surprisingly. I was in the middle of beating the game, but since back then I had too many mods, the game decided to crap out. So I had to remove some mods in order for the game to continue, and then I forgot to continue onwards because back then Witcher 3 shows up and, well, can't stop playing that. Hahaha. May need to return to Skyrim one of these days.......
  11. After the big named game that is Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, the gaming drought has begun. Well unless you have a Switch since Splatoon 2 is coming. But for the rest of us that doesn't have a Switch, the game release lineup is currently very2 DRY. For July the only hotly anticipated game for me is Pyre, from the same guys as Bastion and Transistor. August will finally end the drought with Uncharted Lost Legacy, Life is Strange Before the Storm, and Yakuza Kiwami, and then September will open the floodgate to Destiny 2, MVC Infinite, Total War Warhammer 2, Danganronpa V3 until the end twist which is total horseshit and oh, Cuphead. You look tasty as hell...... So in the meantime, we'll all have to fill our cup of water during this drought with either old games, or small upcoming games that doesn't look big but potentially will be a surprisingly good sleeper hit. What will be the games you will play before August?? Here are the games that I will play for now: Tekken 7 Rainbow Six Siege after Apex recommended this game to me. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds which although looks lame, when you actually play it it's actually one of the most fun and intense survival game out right now. Every match feels different and it's always great to outwit enemies. Becoming the last man standing is really freaking hard since you have to fight off 90+ other survivors which are out for your head, but I will keep trying damn it! Sniper Elite 4 Resident Evil 6 & 7 Maybe Pyre Some old PS2 games that I haven't played in a while And there's this one upcoming VN game called the Letter which looks interesting If you guys know any small upcoming games before August that looks interesting, let me know. I want to try them out to quench my gaming drought thirst!
  12. Man it's been a while since I played a pure visual novel. Now it's time to return to basic! This game has 4 parts to play through. After, Before, Current and Double. After and Before are available at the start while Current and Double are unlocked when you finish route A and B. The story of this game is pretty cool. Basically it takes place in the year 2030 at Rokumei City, a city where a lot of the population are psychic mind readers, or as this game calls them "Communicators", and they're able to do what Professor Xavier do. You know, reading minds, telling people stuff with their mind, that sort of thing. A lot of the game takes place in a nuclear reactor facility called LABO, or the "6th Laboratory of Atomic and Biological Organization" facility in the city where an emergency happens and 9 people are trapped underground, in a facility that is currently experiencing a nuclear meltdown. Why are they trapped there? Can they make it out alive, or will they succumb to the nuclear radiation and become Ghouls from the Fallout series??? Well, it's up to you to determine their fate and find out the mystery! To make sense of the entire game's story, it's recommended to start from route Before as it is basically the beginning of the game before the LABO incident happen, and in it you play as Natsuhiko Tenkawa, a high schooler who is considered a very talented psychic, but is unable to use his talent yet. Here you will learn about the game's universe and rough overview of the characters that you will encounter in the other routes. Route After though takes place during the LABO incident where you play as Watase Kasasagi, once of the firemen assigned to rescue civilians underground. Unfortunately something happens to him and, well, he got amnesia. So you have to help him and the other survivors live through the day. Current and Double will be unlocked afterwards, and that's where everything concludes in grand fashion. Unlike other VNs, you don't progress through the game by making dialogue choices. Here you have to decide what you must do using Senses Sympathy System (SSS). Usually when a time for decision happens, a wheel will show up on the top right section of the screen. When you click on it, You're given the choice of affecting the sympathy wheel for the characters involved in the situation. So lets say you're trapped in a room full of fire with another person, and then you have to decide whether you or that person has to extinguish the flames surrounding you both. You can dial the Senses Sympathy meter to max out either yourself or the other person to pick which one should do it. You can choose to do it yourself, but the other person is more capable to handle the situation, so naturally picking the other person is the right choice. In a lot of cases, it is a matter of life and death, and one slip will cause one of MANY deaths for you, so be careful, and have fun experimenting with different choices. How is the game overall though? Does the story make sense in the grand scheme of things, is it just a dating sim game like most VNs and are the characters involved in it great or just your typical anime stereotypes? Well, not only is the story really deep and awesome with a lot of revelations and plot twists, this game is not a dating sim, but instead more like the 999 series and Ever 17 games where it's all about the suspense, plot twists and trying to figure out a way out of the situation the characters are all in. And when you realize that this game is made by the director of Ever 17, everything makes perfect sense. He loves his mind bending adventure! The characters involved in the game are also very good. They all have their varied backstories and realistic character traits that makes them all interesting and not just one dimensional stereotypes. And you will be invested in their stories by the end of the 30 - 50 hours you spent on this game. The only bad thing I can say about this game is that during the Before route, there's this sub story of 2 people doing telepathy to each other. One guy likes the other girl, and there's a part where basically the whole school can hear these 2 are going to confess on the rooftop of their school. In the end it is resolved, but you don't get to see the faces of these 2 people because the main characters don't come and see the outcome of it themselves. Instead they go home....... WHY??? I want to know who these lovebirds are damn it! ): Just joking there obviously but damn. Such a shame! Ah yes, and the fact that this game is pretty exposition heavy, which can get pretty overwhelming. I mean holy crap, there's 140+ terms and trivia that you can unlock in this game. Half of them are about characters introduced in the game, and most of them are about the game's universe and the various scientific terms used. Some of them are just complex explanations on how the mind reading is used, which involved particles and neurons all around the brain, which is then transferred to another person's mind using energy. Or you know, you can simply say "it's that thing that Professor X did to mind read". It's an interesting read if you have the time, but it can get really complex in some cases. In the end, this is a great VN and I'm really glad that these games are still going strong. I wish for the best for these traditional VN games and I hope to play more great ones coming later! 9.5 out of 10, with a badass seal of approval. VN lovers should play this game post haste! You will not be sorry.
  13. I can say this fact with 100 % certainty about 2017: It has the best game collections for January - March. EVER. Especially for PS4. We got Yakuza 0, Resident Evil 7, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, my God it's a fucking great time to have a PS4! That said, my GOTY so far is undeniably: Not Horizon Zero Dawn or Resident Evil 7 or Gravity Rush 2 or Nioh. Oh no. Those are GREAT games, but they missed my GOTY candidate list juuuust slightly. BEST GAME CANDIDATE: TIe between Persona 5 and Nier Automata. I spent 1 fucking month playing both Persona 5 from April to May, and that's me just completing the entire game, following it's well done story, socializing with every single social links, or in this game's case "confidants", and conquering all the ladies of course. Afterwards I immediately go back to play it again on new game + with all my social stats maxed out so I can max out my social links much easier and better than last time. Even now I'm still playing it, and it's still as good as before. Just wish that the music for the castle boss fights are more varied and not just this over and over. I like it more if it's this instead Or this Holy. Mother. Of robots. This game.... is magnificent. I almost never use that word to describe something, but this is the only word I can use to describe this game. Yoko Taro previously made the Drakengard games and the first Nier. While those games have horrendously repetitive gameplay that makes me ill playing them now, they have great stories and soundtracks that makes the games memorable. I mean come now, when will you ever see another game where all of a sudden these things fall from the sky? FYI these things are scary as fuck. Nier Automata on the other hand not only have a great story and the best game soundtrack of 2017, the gameplay is FINALLY excellent to play, making me actually want to fight enemies and experiment on different weapon combinations instead of just running away from them like when I played the first Nier. And it's just one of those games where it just gets better. And better. And better. And better. And better the deeper you go in and never stops to give you a rest. Recent games I remember that does this are DOOM, Titanfall 2 and Undertale, and they're all fucking awesome games. Even the end credits at the very end is excellent. THE END CREDITS! And just like the first Nier, the very end of this game has a choice that lets you delete your entire save file for story purpose. When that choice happens, I of course refuse the first time. Then I finally do it, and immediately play the game all over again. That is how much I freaking love this game. Maybe Zelda Breath of the Wild is actually GOTY, but 1) I don't have a Wii U or Switch to find it out myself 2) I heard about how easy equipment and weapons break in the game and you have to grab a lot of weapons stored with you instead of just having 1 weapon and have it repairable, so that'll probably get annoying when playing the game WORST GAME: Can't really say that there's a game this year I played that's so bad it makes me vomit, unlike No Man's Piece of Dogshit last year. Power Rangers is definitely up there on this list but I haven't played it, and I don't want to find out since Joe did it already. Oh wait. I know 1 other game that looks bad But I haven't played it myself. I don't want to find out how bad it is.
  14. 71) God of War 3 Remastered Platform: PS4 Interesting story with this series: I played 1 and 2 a long time ago, and I swore never to play God of War 3 because Kratos in the second game is such a fuckwad that deserves every bad thing coming to him. That is until I saw the God of War 4 E3 presentation which shows Kratos being MUCH nicer, in which case I think "ok, maybe God of War 3 will show Kratos' path to this much mellower and less of a prick version of himself." So I changed my mind and got the PS4 remastered version really cheap for $10. Man, Kratos in this game is the worst version of himself out of the previous games. Not just Kratos, but the game dev responsible for forcing you to just kill civilians and other people that doesn't even try to attack you. There's a lot of instances where you're forced to just kill someone instead of helping them because you're not allowed to do alternatives. Like in the beginning of the game where there's a guy who's trapped in this red vine thing and wants you to help him. Unfortunately he can't be helped at all since he's trapped in a vine that can only be destroyed if it's burned. So you have to solve a puzzle where you let a fire breathing Cerberus go, control him, and then burn the poor guy alive. I actually tried to find an alternative for 10 minutes before just doing what the game wants and burn the guy but you can't get through unless you do it....... WHAT?? Like I get it, Kratos is supposed to be a fucking prick, but man, this is just fucking cruel. And people say Spec Ops The Line was the game that makes people feel bad for murdering innocent people and having them realize they're playing as a murderer all along. Well, Nier and God of War did that years earlier. On the bright side, the game's overall gameplay and presentation are still superb. Boss fights are epic as hell, the puzzles are easy to understand and make you feel good for completing them, the set pieces are really2 cool especially when fighting Chronos, and fighting using your many weapons feels fluid and great. And while in this game Kratos is such a fucking unlikeable piece of shit, in the very end of the game he does realize that he fucked up and tries to atone, even though by that point it's already too fucking late. But oh well, at least God Of War 4 shows that the world is rebuilding itself and Kratos eventually mellows out considerably. I surely hope that there will be no more unnecessary civilian killing in God Of War 4. 72) Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code Platform: PC I love Fate/ Stay Night with its plethora of sequels, prequel, spinoffs, and recently the iPhone just released the long long LONG awaited english translated version of the great Fate Grand Order, with predictably some grammar and english typos and content that unfortunately doesn't keep up with the japanese version. Like, the Japanese version already finished it's story arcs and now it's in an extra "expansion pack" mode ala Witcher 3's Blood and Wine, while the english version is currently in chapter 2 out of 7. Boy this is gonna take a long time....... Anyway, Tsukihime is unfortunately completely sidelined while Fate is becoming popular, and since Steam is on sale, Melty Blood is cheap as hell so I of course bought it to remind myself that the Tsukihime remake is coming boyz! I was so depressed to find out that this version of Melty Blood is actually a port of the arcade game, and it doesn't have the extensive as hell Story mode that the previous version has. Which is such a shame because that story mode is awesome with 5 multiple endings. Instead this game has only the Arcade mode with specific character stories. But to be completely honest, the arcade stories here are FAR superior compared to that pathetic Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V so........ at least it blew those 2 out of the water. And good thing the fighting system in this game is slick and fun as hell, and it doesn't suffer from "omg this last boss is IMPOSSIBLE!" syndrome like many fighting games have. 73) Punch Out! Platform: Wii I just watched Creed for the 3rd time, and I feel like playing a boxing game. And what better boxing game to play than Punch Out! Freaking love this game. To be able to beat the shit out of Glass Joe, Piston Honda and the Sandman in glorious 3D is.... is...... just absolutely satisfying. And then Title Defense happens with Glass Joe whooping my ass.... and then I found a trick where I can just infinitely beat the living piss out of him over and over and over in 1 go. I feel bad... but hey, he got a win over me once so all is fair in boxing. And although Tyson is not in this game, Sandman takes his place instead complete with Tyson's haircut and wink uppercuts. Of course he's tough as nails, but like any other boxers in the game, there's a trick to beating him easy and it is so satisfying when he goes down with my fist on his face. Switch better have a sequel to this game, because it's PERFECTO for it. 74) Root Double -Before Crime * After Days. Platform: PC My return to simple VN games that's not a puzzle game like 999 and Dangan Ronpa, and it's a good thing I played this game. VNs may have evolved into a hybrid of other games, but classic VNs with plenty of texts and dialogue choice gameplay are also great. Looking forward to the next batch of classic VNs!
  15. This deal is just ridiculous..... Minecraft for Windows 10 for just $1 https://www.g2play.net/category/33207/minecraft-windows-10-edition-cd-key/ They sold this game on the Windows 10 store and the official Minecraft website for $27. FUCK, I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE GAME NOW! D: