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  1. Wow. FINALLY, things are changing for the better. EA removed the microtransaction! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Oh wait. They removed it, temporarily. And it still doesn't change the fact that the game is still using the random free to play lootbox bullshit. Still, it's a victory nonetheless. LET'S CHERISH THIS MOMENT!
  2. Remember this? Well, unfortunately Joe, you can't blame the man you interviewed for the bullshit you're going to see after you play the game. We can only blame EA for this shit, because FUCK ME, I can't even believe it's possible to fuck up things even further than before. The issue with this game just got worse. https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsBattlefront/comments/7cff0b/seriously_i_paid_80_to_have_vader_locked/dppum98/ Locking characters via in game currency is alright I guess, if it's done like Street Fighter V aka those characters are season pass dlc characters which you can play the game to get enough currency to unlock a character, but you also can buy a character season pass to get the character right away, preferably when the season pass is dirt cheap. But this???? "Gamers were threatening to boycott Star Wars Battlefront 2 because of EA’s decision to make major characters from the franchise unavailable to play from the start of the game. Over the weekend, fans learnt that “Hero” characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Princess Leia would require multiple days of play before they could be unlocked. “If you were to play Battlefront 2 and wanted to play/unlock Darth Vader or Luke, you’d need to spend about 40 hours in-game to get an in-game currency to buy access to him. During which time you couldn’t unlock anything else since you’re saving up that currency for a character,” a user explained on Reddit. Alternatively, players would have the option to spend actual money to purchase virtual “loot crates” which contain the currency needed to unlock these Hero characters earlier — an additional cost to the $A99.95 price of the game. Many gamers were angry and saw this as a way to encourage microtransaction purchases." So the guy bought a deluxe $80 edition to this game, and he doesn't have Luke and Darth Vader because you have to get them through getting in game currency. Poor bastard, but hey, that's what you get for not looking at what you get if you buy the edition first! Gamespot even tested this shit, and this is what happens. These guys paid $90 to buy the "Crystal" currency, which is just another word for "premium" currencies if you're using mobile game terms. You know, those ones that's sitting right next beside the currency that's easier to get? AKA THESE BULLSHITS?? And what do these crystals do? Oh, they let you buy loot crates. As we know already, you get crafting materials, character buffs, skins posses whatever, and currency if you're lucky or you get duplicate cards that's converted into currency. But the problem with the system is it's all fucking random. So after these people purchased the $90 crystals to buy a bunch of loot crates, they got a lot of bullshit character buff cards which advances their character levels up the ass, and got 29,430 credits. In order to unlock a character, you need credits. That you get from playing the game and if you're lucky to get them from the crates. Ok, sounds fair. But Iden Versio, the campaign's main character, has to be purchased for 5,000 credits, and to unlock Darth Vader and Luke, YOU NEED 60,000 CREDITS. ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?? These people payed $90 just to get a bunch of crates, AND THEY ONLY GET HALF THE REQUIRED CREDITS TO UNLOCK DARTH VADER??? Ohohohoho, but fortunately after that EA rep dumbass who posted on Reddit got massacred, they reduced the price for each characters. https://www.cnet.com/news/star-wars-battlefront-ii-reddit-micro-transactions/ "Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will now be available for 15,000 credits [down from 60,000 credits], Emperor Palpatine, Chewbacca and Leia Organa for 10,000 credits and Iden at 5,000 credits. Based on what we've seen in the Trial, this amount will make earning these heroes an achievement, but one that will be accessible for all players. The change will be live today, with an update that is getting loaded into the Play First Trial now and also the full game when it launches. We're not stopping there as we're going to keep making changes to make the experience better." Sounds good right? I mean of course for the Gamespot people since they already got 29,430 credits, but it's good for the rest right? Except that in doing so, THEY ALSO REDUCED THE REWARDS YOU GET FROM PLAYING THE GAME! So I heard that originally if you beat the campaign, you get 20,000 credits. After the update, you only get 5,000. And you'll probably get less credits after playing matches too. ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE EA??? That's it, I'm not buying this game. Remember what I said before? We can't do the first one, so we'll do the second one. And play something else to compensate. Like the original Battlefront 2! This game has to be as horribly received and be as poor in sales as Mass Effect Andromeda in order for EA to make a change to their broken system. Hard to do since people will still buy this game, BUT I BELIEVE DAMN IT! WE MUST TAKE ACTION, AND BELIEVE! And through a last minute change by EA, another change has been made. Which Joe addresses. HORRAY! But it's "temporary", and it doesn't change the fact that the game's mechanic is based around the stupid random lootbox nonsense. So it is a little victory. But still, a victory is worth celebrating!
  3. ......................... What? Are you.... a............ are........ URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! How can you fuck up a simple "buy parts from the store" like this? I...... I can't fucking believe it. Now every vehicle parts are obtained...... through loot boxes/cards........ARE YOU FUCKED EA? YOU STUPID FUCKS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THIS GAME???? ARRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what? This is good. Because with this, I am 100% not gonna buy this game at all and I will just play Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012), a game that knows what it's doing and still damn good to play today. And it CERTAINLY lets you buy car parts directly to improve their performance, not through getting fucking loot boxes!
  4. Let's say that no one see these 2 character announcements coming. At all. First: Tekken 7. I freaking want Kazuma Kiryu to be included so I can Heat Action every single poor sucker that stands in my way. Instead we got............. Noctis. Love his fighting style, even though it's pretty much the biggest cheating in Tekken ever. Sure Alisa has her chainsaws, Akuma has his hadokens, Yoshimitsu has his sword and Ravens their knifes/ Sword, but Noctis uses every single one of his weapons and even magic spells. Like, dayum. Does fairness even apply to Tekken anymore?? Dante can just come in the game and shoot everyone with his gun if that's the case! Wait.... WHY IS NOCTIS SPEAKING JAPANESE IN THIS GAME?? I know there's both Japanese and English dialogue in FFXV, but why is he and the entire gang speaking Japanese in Tekken 7?? Isn't Final Fantasy XV's universe the equivalent of Europe?? DOES NOT COMPUTE! Ahem. Right, let's move on to Injustice 2. Which shows both Enchantress, and the whole Ninja Turtles gang! Which is..... interesting. They're all one character, so how does it translate to the game? There's no variations like in Mortal Kombat X, so what, you press B Circle and you switch characters? Or maybe you press special commands to switch characters? We'll have to wait and see!
  5. There comes a time where we think to ourselves "wow, how did I not like this stuff before??" Like how I didn't like to play a Tomb Raider game or games with girls as the protagonists because I don't like playing as a girl, and then later on I decided "girl or not, who gives a crap if the games are awesome?" and played the Tomb Raider reboot, Bayonetta, Mirror's Edge, Metroid and Horizon Zero Dawn. It happens. Wow..... Eleven can rap that well?? Jeezus! Is there a thing that she can't do??
  6. Coincidentally this is yet another COD game that Joe reviewed which is also developed by Sledgehammer games. And as expected, still the same COD game like before. Titanfall is the true COD sequel that's actually a great step forward to the series. Titanfall 2 is an especially great time. It's unfortunate that the game isn't as well sold as COD and Battlefield.
  7. Did you guys know that the Mummy Tom Cruise film has a tie in game? And it's actually a pretty damn solid Metroidvania game with a fantastic soundtrack? Sad to say that this game is infinitely better than that car crash of a movie, although that's.... actually a good thing.
  8. I think 2017 has the obvious theme of "let's release the second game in a game's series, and make them better than ever before." Because wow. There's so many of them, and I am so happy to see it going strong. So the story of the game is that it takes place after the first game. The main character from the first game won against the Dealer, and he is now the ruler of an Empire that's not nice at all, but rather like the one from Star Wars. The Dealer is back out of hell, and he's pissed after being defeated. So he recruits a new hero, aka us, to prepare for the journey ahead and beat the first game's character so he can take back his position. I sense that he'll betray me in the end...... but we'll see. I actually got this game very early in PAX Australia back in October where I actually talk with the dev team of the game and got the game for only $20 AUD/ $15 USD, which comes packed with the first game. I didn't have a chance to play the game back then, BUT now I have played it. And it is beautiful. At its core it's just like the first game. You progress through different short stories which culminates in an end boss fight, but now it's a lot cooler. In the first game it's just a simple level progression where you have to beat each bosses at the end, but in this game it's shown in a world map which corresponds to different tarot cards. At first you have to complete the first challenge, but afterwards you'll unlock more challenges which you can do in any order that you like. And the best part about these challenges: they have different completion requirements. So it's not just a "beat the bosses at the end to progress" thing. Each ones are different, so in one challenge you have to "reach 20 fame before reaching the end to progress", or "get 6 blessings before reaching the end", or even a "get different clues and then identify an assassin before they kill someone", making each challenges unique. You CAN just ignore the completion requirements and beat the challenges straight away, but doing that will not grant you a gold token which has beneficial cards you can add to your starting deck. You still have to assign different cards before the start of a challenge like the first game But now you have companions to bring along with you! When they're in the battlefield, you can press a button to activate their abilities which will help you in combat. For example: The Magician gives a magic shield which guards you against enemy attacks once, while the Wanderer stuns enemies. Each of the companions have their own personal sidequests you can complete, just like Mass Effect 2. And once you completed them, the companions will receive a new buff in their stats. Like shown above with the Magician. I completed his personal questline, and his card becomes white ish to signify that his quest is complete and he's now stronger than before. Neat! While navigating through the different cards is mostly like the first game, the difference here is that unlike the first where you consume food every time you step into a card regardless if you have opened that card or not, here once you opened a card, you can step on it and you won't consume food. You only consume food if you step into a new card or if you decide to eat in a camp, which you can go to anytime. Combat is just like the first game, aka Arkham series ish, but now you don't have to do the "beat up enemies when they're lying down" attacks. Instead you have finishing moves that heavily damages enemies when they're in a dazed state. And you have new weapon types to use compared to the first which only have 1. Now you got 3: the one handed weapon and shield from the first game, a heavy two handed weapon which is slow but damaging, and the dual weapon which is fast and awesome. I personally like the dual weapon. The only downside to the combat is you can't run like in the first game. Annoying but I can deal with it. Oh yes, the "choose one out of 4 cards to determine failure or success" mechanic from the first game is back again. But now you have 4 variations! So it's not only picking cards, but also "roll a dice and get the required points", "stop a wheel at the card that you want", and "stop a pendulum needle at the right spot". I only just completed 6 challenges out of the 20+ that this game has, and I can't wait to find out what different challenges the dealer will throw at me this time! I highly recommend this game, especially if you're a fan of the first Hand of Fate.
  9. It's pretty nice that the producer agrees to talk about the things that Joe said in the angry rant. And it's pretty cool that he takes the glaring issues and answer the best that he can. Hopefully like he said, the game will get continuous new contents like new weapons and new stuff that adds to the game according to feedbacks like what Ubisoft did with Rainbow Six Siege, and that if there's a Battlefront 3, they will just get rid of the loot boxes altogether. (HAH, I don't think EA will let that happen. But I wish they will.)
  10. For those of you that doesn't have a PS4 and want to play this game, it is thy time to do so. And it's perfect since it also comes complete with the entire DLC story contents already included. So you can fight Masamune Date and Yukimura Sanada, and also fight Ryu Hayabusha's ancestor! But these guys are WAYYY deep into the game and you have to beat the main game first and level up to even have a fighting chance against them. So best of luck to thee all. Yes it is disappointing that these guys are not as awesome as their Sengoku Basara version BUT since this game is on PC now, I can bet that modders will get their hands on these guys and create the Sengoku Basara versions of them in game. I can't fucking wait to see that shit!
  11. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-07/disney-in-talks-to-buy-21st-century-fox/9124942 It is only a matter of the inevitable time before we finally get Xmen back into the hand of Marvel again. Hiheheheh. HEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
  12. Ahhhhhh. Now I see the problem. Wow..... that's just horrible. Why don't they just make the areas like the first game and move the camera back a lot? Why do they design it so you can't even control the camera? That's bullshit! Now I want to play the first game again. I was actually at the final boss the last time I played it, but for some reason I didn't even finish the final boss fight and left it. Guess I'll play the whole game all over again. lol Oh yeah Ghost of Tsushima. Fingers crossed that the game will have a cool combat alongside the stealth gameplay. I mean you are playing as a samurai that just so happen to learn ninja skills, so the best of both styles should be fun to play. So...... I guess this game will be the unofficial Japanese Assassin's Creed game not made by Ubisoft?
  13. Was it? Hm, from the looks of it, the game is like the first game. Looks alright, though maybe that's because the later parts of the game is the one that's bad?
  14. My first thought about the campaign: Well, the QTE from COD3 is back, with a "move the pointer to the spot to succeed in QTE" put in. Wait....... didn't Medal Of Honor Allied Assault do this already? And my other thought afterwards is "wait.... didn't Call of Duty 2 do this already too?" Yeah, you can't have a WW2 game without Normandy. That's a staple right there for the time. Other than that, it's nice that COD comes back to WW2 and it uses health pickups, plus squad assists to help you out. Though in the end it's still the same exact game as before, except you don't have the advantage of a special suit with you. As for the multiplayer and zombie mode, I like that the multiplayer added the Rush mode from Battlefield into it, aka War mode, though of course it's in a much smaller scale here. I played the game's beta and I like this mode. Zombie mode is the usual zombie mode, but with the 10th Doctor and Luther from Mission Impossible in it! Not gonna buy this game. I'm just gonna see the entire game on youtube since I won't miss anything.
  15. 113) Hidden Agenda Platform: PS4 Review here A pretty interesting party game that has a lot of possibilities in how you want to play the story. Every little thing affects what's going to happen later. And it's only $20 so it's a great buy. 114) Doki Doki Litterature Club Platform: PC Review here The scariest VN I have ever played. It's really funny seeing youtubers playing this game and get spooked the hell out by it. Makes me laugh a lot seeing their reactions. 115) Crawl Platform: PC A cool 4 player RPG game where 1 play as a warrior trying to level up to level 10 and beat the game's boss, while the other 3 player or CPUs are the enemies trying to take down the warrior to become a warrior themselves and level up. It's an awesome tug of war game that's intense as hell, especially if you play with friends. Be prepared to do every single underhanded tactic you can do when you are the enemy! 116) Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Platform: PC Review here An improved New Order, but with a lack in boss fights, and a Godawful end credits song. Still, can't wait for the sequel! 117) Enslaved Odyssey to the West Platform: PC Ninja Theory's take on the Journey To The West story. You know the one: a monk journeys to the west with Sun Wukong aka this guy that's a heavy influence on Goku from Dragon Ball a pig guy and another guy that has a beard. Only in this game Sun Wukong is a big biker guy that's nicknamed Monkey, the monk is a tech girl named Trip, and the pig guy is a fat guy named Pigsy that's armed with a sniper rifle and a grappling hook. The beard guy though is completely left out. Poor bastard. Instead of the usual tale of the monk journeying from China to India, this game decides to make the story about a post apocalyptic wasteland where Trip and Monkey journey together to go back to Trips home after they escape a giant robot ship full of robotic slavers. Then stuff happens and in the end they have to destroy the evil villain that created these robot slavers in the first place. This pretty much has nothing to do with the original story it's based on, but it's an alright tale all things considered. This game is pretty damn easy and simple for a Ninja Theory game. The combat is as simple as having only 2 buttons to press with you doing the exact same combo over and over again, with occasional stealth segment where you have to get Trip to distract enemies for you, and the platforming is pretty slick, but it's heavily simple in that you can't fall to your death at all, except if a giant cog is blocking your way when you jump to a different platform. Not like Uncharted where you can fall to your death from screwing up jumps. There is an extra content in the game where you play as Pigsy, and he plays completely different from Monkey in that he's not as agile, he can easily get himself killed fast and has to rely on his gadgets and sniper rifle to progress through the game. Still, he can run FAST for a guy his size. Not to the extent of Bob from Tekken but still pretty damn agile. It's a pretty buggy game too. It always freezes after 30 minutes for no reason at all even though my rig is WAAAAYYYYY above what this game's requirement was. I managed to finally stop it by downloading a Skyrim ENB mod and getting 2 files from there into this game's file. Odd I know but what can ya do. There's also several instances of me jumping into a platform and then getting stuck in midair which forces me to reload a checkpoint and repeat entire 10 minutes just to get to that point, and Trip just standing in still an unskippable cutscene even though she's supposed to climb a ladder, which happens 2 times and forces me to reload a checkpoint and repeat ANOTHER 10 minutes of gameplay. URGHH. Interestingly the game's cast is very minimalistic. There's only 6 characters that actually speak in the game. 2 of them are npcs which are voice only, 3 of them are the main cast, and the final one is the villain played by Andy Serkis in person. Which is odd seeing that he voiced Monkey in this game too, and considering that the man behind such CGI characters like Golum, King Kong, Caesar and Snoke be his real life self. And I thought Hellblade was Ninja Theory's first time in using real life person in game! I enjoyed the game for what it is though. It's decent and it's straightforward.