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  1. Some people just like to talk crap about a community because they're too much of a dick to accept that they just aren't what the game is for. Ignore those people, getting involved will just make a lot of headaches. I learned that when I was new to youtube & see the amount of stupid shit a comment section can get. Good thing I use a youtube comment blocker. My sanity has been in good health ever since.
  2. 72) Velocity®Ultra Platform: PC I played this game a long time ago, then I played other stuff. Now it's time I finish the fight. This is a shoot em up + puzzle game where there's 50 missions, and the mission objectives vary from race to the finish line quickly, go to the finish line while solving puzzles that require you to backtrack because you need to destroy colored panels in the right order. All of them require you to collect civilian pods that are scattered around because of a black hole incident, and you're a Lieutenant named Kai Tana sent to rescue them while destroying enemies along the way. The ability you have for your space ship is to speed up & teleport to different parts of the area, and many of the stages make you teleport pretty far really quickly that your fingers will become flexible like pretzels once you finish this game. Strangely there's no boss fights at all in this game, and it ends on a sequel bait which just ends the game abruptly. 73) Velocity 2X Platform: PC And this game continues where the previous game left off. Now the guns for the ship feels even more powerful while retaining the same abilities, and this time you have on foot sections that requires you to travel in corridors while dodging deathtraps. The stages are mostly the same as the first game, which means you still have to collect civilian pods..... you know I still don't get why we need to rescue civilians in this game since you're not a space cop anymore. Instead you're fighting an evil alien race with the help of another alien friend. Ah well, it's in the first game so why not I guess. This there's boss fights which is definitely a welcome addition, and each of the boss fight, even though you're fighting the same guy over and over, have different rules to them. So one boss fight is straightforward while in the others you have to destroy circuits in order to disable the boss' shield. And the game ends on ANOTHER SEQUEL BAIT, and this time it's even more annoying because it ends right before the good part starts ala Halo 2's ending. Poor Kai Tana had to endure 2 shitty ways to end the game after all she's been through! Hopefully the third game will have her finally finish the fight once and for all. 74) Helltaker Platform: PC This is a pretty cool free game on steam. The dev is the animator behind another game named Ronin Now he made a game where you play as a dude who wants to find sexy ladies, in a literal hell. I'll let the man describe the game So it's one of those "move in a specific way with the given turn available before it reaches 0" kind of game, but here there's a dating sim element where you have to pick the right dialogue option, or you're dead & have to repeat the stage all over again. Simple, but look at dem art style & sexy demon ladies! And if you want, you can buy the artbook for behind the scenes stuff + pancake recipe! Yumm. (actually you can get it for free if you beat the game & got the secret ending which gives you the password to get the artbook on a certain website, but I ain't telling what it is cause you gotta earn it on your own. ) 75) Zero/Sum Platform: iPhone Wow..... someone actually did a game like this. This is a puzzle game, a simple puzzle game where you have to make an equation for questions so that the answer is always 0. It gets trickier in later parts because of multiple equations, but overall it's quite simple. You don't have to deal with multiplications or divisions, you only need to put either a + or - to the equations and later on the right numbers to empty spaces. What's the reason for doing the puzzles? It's the cure to cancer, srsly. It's very sought after by a terrorist organization that killed your mentor, and your mentor told you to finish the equations & do it before the terrorists find out about it. Sounds dumb right? Oh but that's not why this game stands out. It stands out because of this Look at the actors trying to act & it all looks really silly. You will hear cringe-worthy dialogues non stop, see a scene where even though a blackboard is filled with bloodprints, nobody ever commented on it, and DEM ACTING. Best part of all? The game ends with the main character saying she will take the fight to the terrorists who killed her mentor WITH MATHS. ARGH, THE CRINGE IS TOO MUCH!! 76) Perfect Pizza Platform: iPhone A simple game where you play minigames to make pizzas. The more you get money, the more pizza toppings you can put to your dough, which for some reason includes gold coins. Too bad the game's not a restaurant simulator which will be an awesome gameplay mechanic if it's put here, but those games are already on Steam so eh. 77) Drift It! Platform: iPhone This is a pretty cool game. Essentially it's a "tap when you reach the yellow line" game, and you do them while not missing until you reach the finish line. The initial vehicle gives you a pretty easy ride, but then you unlock the much more powerful cars which extends the time limit, and by God it gets freaking intense. And feels really good once you finish the time with max combo, which will take you a lot of retries. Playing this game makes me want to play that Need for Speed Heat game that came out last year. Can't wait to play that game once I find a cheap copy of the game! 78) For Honor Platform: PC Been years since I played this game & deleted it because by that time I played online, the matchmaking was so bad that the game keeps kicking me out of the game after 1 minute passed for no reason. So now I returned to see if things has gotten better. Nope, now it's even worse because I got NOTHING. I waited for minutes & nil matches! RUASODHNAODOADA Ah well, at least I get to play the singleplayer mode again. You know, replaying it again, this game's singleplayer is actually freaking awesome. This game's combat intensity is the stuff that Sekiro & Jedi Fallen Order are all about, and this game came out 2 years before those 2. Like holy crap, why hasn't Ubisoft made a sequel to this game yet that expands on the awesome singleplayer even more?? There's so much more potential. It's pretty damn awesome that the singleplayer gives you a lot of cool battles & bosses to fight, especially considering that this game is more known for the multiplayer, and the memes Apollyon especially is a complete bitch, but also really badass with how she played every side to her own needs. And the final boss fight with her is STILL great to play. So much so that I actually replayed it 5 times in a row because it's so much fun, and I fight her using the Raid 2's final fight song, which FITS LIKE MAGIC. I even made a vid about it with this song so that everytime I think about the fight, I can watch it all over again without needing to install the game again & wait ages because it's 50GB. Maybe I'll put it on youtube these next few days! 79) Just Cause 4 Platform: PC You know, with Just Cause games, every new game is a new journey of crazyness in the life of Rico Rodriguez, and they're all gonna be fun so you'll know what to expect. 1 was really damn lacking which shows just how much better the sequels are. 2 is definitely the best game of them all in terms of how well the game mechanic & missions merge together to make something awesome that makes you want to complete every single missions on that giant ass map which will take forever to do. The characters are mostly forgettable except the one lady that has a Singaporean accent so obnoxious, that she is straight up a stereotypical Singaporean mom talking to you like you're her hairdresser or something, which funnily enough, is not far from the truth. Her voice actress is Singaporean, so she's just milking it up to be really memorable. Here's an article of her talking about it. XD Just Cause 3 is good, especially with the jetpack DLC that makes the game SO much better since you're Iron Man, but the mission variety is pretty forgettable & lacking that I can't remember a mission that stands out aside from the DLC missions with the giant sky & sea fortresses because most of the time I was just fucking around in the game world destroying shit. Just Cause 4 steps up the characters & the main game missions. The game now have actual awesome missions that I remember, like the one where you have to protect a tornado gun so you can jump inside the eye of a tornado & pick up a device in it, or the final missions involving the train cannon. Good to see that this game give Rico a much more personal reason to get involved in the plot which 3 kind of had but not really. And it's great to see Rico actually having companions like Mira & the funny lizard men conspirator Cesar that will definitely accompany him for future games this time besides Sheldon. Oh yeah, and it also has this. I actually forgot that this was a thing, so I beat the game & uninstalled it before I get to play this minigame. But I think that's a good thing because I NEVER want to be reminded of that torture game ever again! That being said, I still miss the dual wielding from 2, the much more fun vehicle highjacking minigame & the mission variety that game had. Hopefully Just Cause 5 will bring everything up to 11 and actually have destructible structures like in Red Faction Guerilla, because that shit is TIGHT. 80) Lucid Dream Platform: PC A free point and click horror game recently out about you as a girl trying to get the hell up of your nightmarish lucid dream you can't get out of. I don't know about you, but if in my dream I see a creepy as fuck Sadako looking girl running towards me, I would get the fuck out of bed immediately. Poor girl here instead had to deal with that, and do a lot of mind bending puzzles involving stabbing pictures & burning them, and then having to play hide & seek in a maze while the Sadako lookalike girl tries to hunt you down. It's a good thing the game ends on a happy tone. 81) Trine Platform: PC I finally beat this classic co-op game, after I saw my fgc buddies stream themselves playing this game on hardcore mode & dying over and over again. XD This is a great solid puzzle action game. No surprise that there's 3 sequels to this game, although 3 is the most divisive one cause it's 3D instead of 2D. This game is definitely meant to be played solo since you can switch characters & progress through platforming a lot easier. With multi co-op like the stream I saw, you're completely screwed if you're the knight Pontius since he can't use a rope and create new platforms. For some reason in this game, I managed to almost get all the collectibles in most level, and only miss 1 XP vial or 1 box even though I scoured every hidden things in the environment. Man these things are well hidden it seems! But I had a great time playing thruogh all the 16 stages so I'm good.
  3. When this game's gameplay was out on E3, it's exactly what I thought it's gonna be: Japanese Assassin's Creed, with more samurai, and a bit of Batman Arkham. Question is, will it be a game that follows that same old formula of Assasin's Creed with the exploring all over the place doing many stuff which can get repetitive in a few hours, or will it be freaking awesome? Well, from how the gameplay mechanic is, I can safely say that this game outclasses Assassin's Creed Origins already, based on how varied the combat is since you have multiple stances, how the game style you pick will affect how the world thinks about you + how it upgrades your character accordingly, that BYOUTIFUL graphics, and JAPANESE DUB. OH GOD, FINALLY it's official! But.... why is the lip-sync still in English? You can see it's in English when you look at this trailer from months ago I guess lip-synching is hard when the game's really big and all, but why not do what Square did with their games and have proper lip sync? It'll add so much more awesome to this game! Now, if the stars lined up & the game's gameplay sticks the landing which fills it with epic boss battles, especially the samurai duels or even potential badassery with the Mongolian leaders as the final boss fights, this will definitely be a GOTY contender, and it'll be tied with Doom Eternal & Cyberpunk 2077. Not sure Last of Us 2 will be there since it's still unclear at this point if the plot that's been leaked will ruin the entire game or make the game awesome, but we'll just have to wait till that game is out.
  4. That would be awesome. There was a game called the Secret World that has this concept. But that was an mmo. Would love to see an open world game similar to Witcher 3 that lets you explore both fantasy world & modern world. Actually, if Cyberpunk 2077 actually has a sidequest with Ciri that lets you travel to a part of Witcher 3's world, MAN. That would be the best thing I have ever seen. 4 more months till that game comes out OH I CAN'T WAIT!!
  5. Ever since the Raid 2 Berandal was released back in 2014, I had been waiting for SO LONG for the Raid 3. The Raid 1 & 2 are action film Gods that I had been watching over and over and over again whenever I can, and since then only Mad Max Fury Road & Avengers Endgame gave me the sense of "OHH YEAH THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME" feeling that I had with those 2. Then recently because of this flu spreading in the air, I decided to browse Netflix for films to watch, and to my surprise, Iko Uwais actually had 2 films available that are both directed by an Indonesian director named Timo Tjahjanto. This guy made a horror short film for VHS 2 with Gareth Evans, the director of the Raid films, and it's apparent from the 2 films made by this guy that yeah, the Raid influence is imbedded in them. The first film is Headshot, which is basically the Bourne Identity if it stars Iko Uwais in Indonesia & the villain's a badass martial artist sociopath. Love the action which is Raid esque. I also like how some of the cast from the Raid plays new characters in this film. The second one is the one I'm going to talk about today called the Night Comes for Us. And...... wow......... Jeeezus almighty, this is what happens when someone said "you know what the Raid needs? Even more fucked up kills & blood." And they deliver. OH BOY, DO THEY DELIVER IT \ Instead of Iko Uwais, this film stars Joe Taslim, aka the big sergeant guy in the first Raid that had to fight Mad Dog He's a Chinese Triad & a member of a group of bigshots called the Six Seas, responsible for doing nasty shit. One day he was ordered to massacre an entire village because they stole Triad supplies & sold them. So he came and killed most of the villagers, except for a poor little girl. This is the part where he decided to turn a new leaf, killed his underlings & go rogue for this little girl. Admirable, but really stupid. And sure enough, the little girl & him are marked for death. Iko Uwais is his friend inside the triad, and he's been given the order to kill his friend. You can see him as a reluctant bad guy fighting his friend. The film's about Joe Taslim, or in this film's case Ito, trying to get the little girl out of Indonesia, all the while taking part in one of the most fucked up brutal fight scenes I have ever seen in a film. As you can see, the story itself is a pretty basic "guy wants to get out of a criminal organization because of a little girl" story that's already been done by Hitman Absolution & Yakuza/ Ryu Ga Gotoku. It works for the film though, especially helped by how great the cast of characters are, ranging from likeable friends of the main character, to the colorful assassins that are sent to hunt him & the little girl down. There's a character called the Operator played by Hammer Girl from the Raid 2, and boy howdy, she is definitely the best character in the film. You don't know much about her except that she's employed by someone to eliminate the triads, and she kicks all kinds of asses, even the main character. There's even a deleted scene that paints her as a girl version of John Wick. Yep, that blind guy is that guy who owns a porn film ring in Raid 2 that Iko Uwais beat up. Before that he's a popular comedy actor in Indonesia. I can definitely see a sequel to this film starring her, and I'm all down for it because she's pretty much a main character too in this film. The biggest surprise for me is that one of the assassins sent to kill the main character is a woman named Alma whose main weapon is a garrote that cuts shit up fast, and the actress who played her is actually the main character for a teenage romance movie I saw when I was young roughly translated to "What's Up with Love" I couldn't tell that it was her until I saw wikipedia. Wow, so you go from a romance film to THIS? That's like if Kairi from Kingdom Hearts change to Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill. Some messed up shit had to happen to get you that fucked up! Speaking of fight scenes, that is definitely the absolute highlight of the film. This film makes John Wick 1 - 3 look like kindergarten fights, AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING. In one of the first fight scenes in the film that takes place in a butcher shop, a meathook is used to hang a poor bastard, a guy's mouth is cut open to resemble Joker's smile, a bone is used to stab 2 people to death, URGHH. WTF, I didn't expect a horror film gore out of this film before I watched it! I would show it here but it's too nightmarish so you curious people better see it on youtube yourself. And it just keeps getting more brutal with every new scene. Just when you think "glad that's over. There's NO WAY the film's gonna be even more messed up than that", another new scene will show up proving how wrong you are. And it all culminates in the final fights of the film which makes me do 2 distinct emotions. First half of the fight: ohohoho this is awesome. Second half of the fight: OH GOD NO PLEASE DON'T DO THAT OOH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO It's like I'm seeing the Raid for the first half, then the second half I'm seeing some uncomfortably fucked up shit that belongs in Saw, only instead of it being stupid gory nonsense, this actually feels so real that it actually is a lot scarier than Saw! It makes sense though because the director of this film did horror films before this, so well done man, you scared the SHIT out of me! If there's one thing I don't like besides how unnecessarily fucked up the fight scenes can get which scared the shit out of me & make me squeemish, is that the fight scene music for the final fight is very minimalist & doesn't get epic. All it is are a bunch of drums & horror movie noises. Why?? It could've been so much more! Hell, the Raid 1 & 2, and even Avengers Endgame's final fights are so damn good because the music that plays during them are so fitting & awesome that it lifts your mood & makes you go "OHOOHOHO YEAH THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME". Lacking that cool fitting music makes the fight go down a few points, but damn, it's still a great fucked up final fight. Despite that though, this film is fucking awesome, and a worthy spiritual successor the the Raid movies besides Headshot. I give the movie the rating of "mostly awesome, but damn the gore will scare the shit out of you". 8.75/10 with a badass seal of approval. Even though the film ends in a bittersweet note that made me tear up a bit, I definitely believe that there's going to be a sequel. This film sets up a much bigger villain controlling things behind the scenes & we only see parts of his squad with a bunch more coming. And I cannot wait to see what kinds of cool stuff the Operator or the main character will do in the next film & the villains they're going to face next. Will they be fighting Ronda Rousey? Lucy Liu? Zhang Ziyi? Or even Tony Jaa/ Jet Li/ Donnie Yen/ any cool current martial artist that's not too old like Jackie Chan? We shall wait and find out!
  6. 66) Halo Reach Platorm: PC Aww yeah, got the Master Chief collection when it's just $40. Now THAT's a steal! Never got to play Reach all these years, so now that I finally played it, eh, it's Halo. Lots of cool battles, and it's already been done in other Halo games before this. This game does have cool moments though which are awesome, like the one mission where it's basically Ace Combat in space. And in this game, you get to use your suit powers to sprint & do other stuff. Why does this series make sprinting a power up? Also it's pretty apparent that Star Wars Rogue One copied the plot of this game, because it's so very similar. The difference though is that Rogue One did it WAY better because I gave a shit about some of the characters there, while in this game it's just typical Spartan soldiers with big armor as their most dominant characterization, and all the squad members bit the dust one by one, sometimes just out of nowhere and you're expected to care. You know game, there's a thing called "character development & bonding" that you have to do to make it more effective. Still, I had a good time blowing shit up & stealing other enemy vehicles. And especially the space Ace Combat sequence which is awesome. Destiny though did the combat a lot better & the abilities you do in those games outclasses everything in Halo. Which is quite funny that people actually think Halo is better than Destiny even though Destiny with all its flaws is a much more fun time now that I replayed Halo. 67) PAC-MAN™ CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 Platform: PC Got this game for free on Steam. And it's Pacman, on steroids. Compared to the previous Championship Edition, this time you don't die if you touch a ghost. You just bounce off them, but if you do it too much, the ghost will become angry. THEN they'll kill you if you touch them. It's a cool mechanic that mix the game up, and it still feels really damn awesome when you eat a longass line of ghosts. The game also have bosses you gotta fight, but interestingly it's pretty much just a normal Pacman game with other ghosts like usual, only while eating pellets, you have to collect extra lives until it reach a certain amount. THEN you beat the boss' ass. Getting to the bosses though, that's a pain in the ass. They're fought in this "adventure mode" which you unlock when you cleared a particular mission in "score attack" mode. This adventure mode have you play missions which gives you stars which you collect, and when you reach a certain number, like 22 stars, you can fight a boss. The problem though is that some of these stages are downright based on freaking luck, and the game gives you inscentive to beat a stage at the highest difficulty to get the most stars in a stage. You can tell that stage to kiss your ass. All you get is a bunch of pain and misery for repeating a stage over and over again because the ghosts doesn't have a clear pattern & just go wherever the hell they want, or that when you finally kill a ghost, you can't beat the stage yet because you haven't eaten enough pellets so you're trying to reach the pellets but it's no use because you only have 1 second anaosndwaifhafadaioufdhnaonsoaf Just play the game for the score attack, and don't play adventure mode on pro to retain your sanity. The game's still free until 10 May, so get it while it's still there! 68) Black Book: Prologue Platform: PC Now this..... this is a pretty cool prologue to a promising game! Basically, you're a girl named Vasilisa in 19th century Russia village. She was recently married, but unfortunately her husband died, very possibly due to a curse. So she decided to become a witch and find the "Black Book", a book that can grant any wish to revive her husband, and to find the book, she has to find 7 seals............. this will only end in tragedy. But hey, at least while doing that, you can help others in need with your magic! If you so choose. MUAHAHAHA This game's like a mix of point and click adventure where you travel to various spots in a map & turn based card rpg. There's lots of people to help, and how you help them is up to you. Want to be a good witch that helps those in need with the right solution? Or would you be naughty and cause chaos by giving the wrong advice and doing lots of mischiefs? That's all up to you. Combat is turn based, and you're given 3 actions to do. The actions depend on what card you have, whether it's an attack, defense or buff card. Pretty straightforward, and you get more cards as you complete battles, level up & complete quests. I like how you get to learn about the myths & customs of 19th century Russia here, from giving worship to a guardian protecting a mill, or having to do the correct ways to ward off evil spirits. Now that I've finished this game, I can't wait to see what the complete game has, and what challenging bossfights I will have to fight next! 69) DIFFISSION Platform: iPhone Ahhh, a good relaxing brain teaser game. How i missed thee. This is a game where you have to make specific cuts of squares that the game wants you to. So the game will ask "in this 8 square formation, split them up evenly", and you have to do them the right way. It gets more complicated when the game adds squares that erases itself & swapping colored circles. It's a fun little brain teaser that thankfully doesn't go overboard with its difficulty, unlike some iPhone games. 70) Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2 Platform: PC I saw this game back when fighting game gatherings were still allowed before Corona, and I was like "wtf is this shit" It's..... it's a Street Fighter clone but with animal characters, and some humans. But the game is much simpler to play because your special moves are done by just pressing the square button + either no direction, or down. Supers are also done with 1 button press. And you can actually choose if you want to fight alone, or with teams of 2 or 3, so it's like the game mixes Street Fighter with King of Fighters. If you choose to play in teams, their health will be much less for balance purposes. It's..... surprisingly fun. That is until the final boss Akuma copycat that is so broken you will die at least 40 times before you beat him through exploiting his patterns, and most of the time he Daigo parries your attacks, so you can only damage him if you attack him during his shoryuken moves. Fuck that guy. 71) OPUS: The Day We Found Earth Platform: PC This is another relaxing game about you being a robot named Emeth in space trying to find earth inside this telescope ship thingy because his creator, a researcher named Lisa assigned him to. Some unknown time has passed & Lisa is nowhere to be seen, so it's the Emeth's job to find earth and hopefully find out what happened to Lisa. The whole game is about looking at a big galaxy map & locating various planets that is closely resembling earth until you finally find it. Apparently this game's plot takes place when people moved out of the earth for many years & they're trying to find it back, but a couple of people actually think it's a lost cause & there's no way to find it. Um...... how stupid can you be that that they don't know the earth coordinates? That's like moving away from your house to some other country, and then you forgot to tell your children the place of your childhood, and when your kids try to find it years later, they have no fucking clue about it. Moral of the story: tell people where you're originally from & give them complete coordinates so they can track the place down, especially when it concerns an entire human race. Anyway, while the gameplay is quite simple & it basically amounts to that Mass Effect 2 probe placing minigame on your galaxy map, and when you find a planet you can rename it however you want, the game is mostly about the story of you and your ai companion who resembles Lisa. They don't get along at first because Emeth's a shitty brat, but they eventually bond together & it's quite sweet. The end itself is nice too, and I hope they can find Lisa after the ending. And also have Lisa put more learning programs & manners to Emeth so he can stop being so mean. Oho, turns out there's dlc missions that takes place after the ending. Sweet!
  7. Jeezus, at first I was really damn happy that MK11 had its story dlc trailer, with the friendship return being the best thing I have ever seen in MK in a LONG time. Sub Zero's is especially the best. Just look at him laughing & running. XD Then Ultra Instinct Goku came out for FighterZ Then Ghostrunner that cyberpunk ninja parkour fps game, and extra plus because the game's demo is playable on Steam And then finally Last of Us 2 I know people are pissed about the leaks & how people don't want to buy the game after what they've seen. I've even seen what the leak is about from Joe's latest rant. But I'm not angry about the story leak. In fact I'm strangely even more excited for the game because now I want to see how the game handles the story in the proper game, and see if it's possible that we're going to get branching storylines. I'm getting the game because primarily I love the gameplay mechanic that's shown, so regardless of the story, I will have a good time with this game. There ya go, many game trailers out day it seems. My favorite is definitely MK11 because Friendship is back. And because with Robocop, now we can actually have a proper duel between him & Terminator after the sega game Robocop Vs Terminator a while back. Now then, Ghostrunner demo time! Oh yes, and as an extra, Cyberpunk 2077 news update lets you know that you can customize your, ahem, inkie winkie. Or sausage. Or ding dong you know what I'm talking about. https://www.pcgamer.com/au/cyberpunk-2077-features-customizable-genitals/ I actually joke about if it's actually an in game mechanic to have your dong be upgradeable with augmentations, maybe as part of an assassination mission where you have to do the, ahem, thing that young people do. I mean it's already R18 so why the fuck not. Not even 47 can think THAT far ahead considering he's a big old V.
  8. 61) Streets of Rage 4 Platform: PC Played the shit out of this game till I unlock all the characters. Now it's just a matter of time for the dlcs so I can play this game even more. I hope modders find a way to add previous SOR levels so it'll be like SOR Remake. Speaking of that game, 62) Streets of Rage Remake Platform: PC The best Streets of Rage game in terms of how many contents are in it, and it's still great to play. You got all of the characters from 1 till 3, Mr X & Shiva are playable, and you even get an original creation Rudra which I am sure inspired the star special attacks that's in SOR4. Well, her, Ash and Elle. Best part of all? Everyone can run, unlike SOR4. And the part 1 characters have dash attacks & their own special moves which SOR4 doesn't have. I prefer SOR4's combat compared to this because it's the best that it has ever been in the series by how satisfying it is to hit enemies, whereas in this game it emulates SOR3, and it can get really bullshitty in the harder difficulties where enemies just group on you making you unable to do anything. All someone need to do is just put the previous game's stages in SOR4, make everyone able to run & it'll be the best SOR game. I will be waiting patiently for that moment to come! 63) Bujingai Platform: PS2 Ahhhhhh, this brings me back. Back when this game was out, my house was in the middle of a really bad flood & I played the fucking shit out of this game. Oh man, and not to mention the way the game starts by making you play a short stage and then letting you see a replay of it with the kickass opening song: The combat is simple, but so damn cool. All you do is press square to start your sword combo, and then you can keep pressing it, or press triangle & different button combinations to unleash specific combos. This gets surprisingly intense when you fight an enemy that can block your attack & duel you, so that means you get to see a sword fight that's straight out of a Chinese wuxia film, but you actually play it. Doing this NEVER gets old, but only for one on one battles. If you're up against 3 or more enemies at once, better find a way to keep distances because they will mess you up. The best part is you can upgrade your stats to increase the combo duration, your health & block meter to make battles easier, and making you even close to becoming a swordmaster legend. What do gets old and annoying though is the platforming you had to do that starts ok, but then stage 6 & 7 ups the bullshittery by making you have to jump several platforms in a precise manner, with falling pits. Prepare to fall over and over and over again with these sections. The final boss, OHOHOHO the final boss, is one of my favorite final bosses in games, because it's a high stakes one on one duel with no bullshit that plays so damn well, and the MUSIC OH GOD IT'S SO GOOD! Shame that it ends with a possible sequel bait, or maybe a timeloop thing because the intro is the same as the ending I don't know, and I've been waiting many years for a continuation. Apparently in 2006 there was a plan to release an mmo based in this game's universe, but it never came to be. It'll be damn nice if there is indeed a sequel though! And hopefully it'll make people think of Gackt better than just Genesis in FF7....... Gackt will be in the next FF7 remake sequel. I'm calling it first now! 64) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remaster Platform: PS4 First game is done, now onto the next. And MAN, this game gets even better remastered, and unlike the first, I will believe it when people say that this game is an early PS4 game. The graphics still freaking holds up, the set piece moments are STILL amazing, and now even better with 60 fps. Lazarevic is the best villain in the Uncharted series no doubt, all because this guy has a menacing presence to him that makes him threatening as hell, and he also have the best moment out of all the villains. "Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, they were all GREAT men, but do you know why they prevailed? Because they had the will to do what other men would not." Shoot his own henchman. MAN. That line is fucking awesome. Also scary as hell. Then it gets funny when he shouts THIS IS NOT A NEGOTIATION like a respectable villain with a big presence would. And then he's just downright hilarious in Uncharted 4's multiplayer. Such a shame that Chloe's role in the series gets reduced, until her own game Lost Legacy that is. I want to see an elseworld story where Nathan stays with her rather than Helena. These 2 are a great couple. 65) Lost in Vivo Platform: PC Well, here's a game that was recommended to me out of nowhere by a friend. Since we're discussing horror games that spooked us, I mentioned Cry of Fear and Alien Isolation, he told me about this game. Made by the person who did Spooky's House of Jump Scares, but it's more focused on claustrophobia with Silent Hill grossness. So I played it hoping that it's not as bad as I expected. Turns out it's pretty good. Not scary for me since I have already seen the scares in this game from Cry of Fear & Spooky's Jump Scares. There's even a part in the game where an enemy acts like that SCP that moves if you don't stare at it which Spooky also has with that guy with the needles. Basically the setting is you're walking with your dog in your neighbourhood, and then a bad rain happen & the dog got carried into the sewers, so you have to rescue him. By going through Silent Hill mindfucks & fighting ghosts. It's too bad that the intro pretty much told you outright that what you're going to experience is just this therapy using a program named Vivo, hence the title name. That immediately took many of the scares out of the game for me. The game plays like Silent Hill, but first person. You have 4 weapons you collect through the game. One's a sledgehammer, then a pistol, a riot shotgun which surprisingly is weaker than the pistol, and a knife. You can block attacks with melee weapons, and the game can become easy if you know to block attacks constantly that you'll pretty much save a lot of ammo by the end of the game. Saving is through a save room, which is nice that they went with a classic saving instead of autosaving. I like the level designs. Each levels has a different rule, so in some levels you're tasked with going to 3 different places & flip a switch so you can flip the last switch. In another level, you're walking through a corridor that gives you a test on whether to pick a left or right path, and if you're wrong you'll have to fight enemies. Get so many wrong and an unbeatable enemy will put you out of your misery. You can collect 4 cassette tapes scattered around the world & these tapes contains mini levels with differing amont of creepyness. One tape has you in a dog pond, another have you in a hotel trying to sleep while shit gets more messed up. I got the best ending in the game thank God. The game has a couple of different endings, and the other ones are worse than the one I got. You can just walk back the way you came in the intro and you'll get another ending for example. Which makes me wonder, why on earth is this Vivo therapy thing giving you these messed up scenarios? How on earth does this help their patients with their existing conditions? Or was it supposed to be normal but somehow through a character in the game the program got corrupted & mess things up instead? Eh, the important thing is I got the best ending.
  9. Yeah, it's a shitshow that never in my life would I expect ever experiencing something like this. This thing varies upon people, but it's definitely not a common flu. People who had existing conditions or are old are going to get the worst effect, and the normal people will have to struggle with the disease, even confined in a hospital for a long time until they're fine again. I feel bad for you guys in USA because right now your country is the most affected. 1 million people, while second place goes to Spain with only around 217,000 people. Us in Australia had 6,800 people affected & the people here are thankfully very cooperative, except for some assholes. I'm worried for my family back in Indonesia though because it's very likely that there's even more people that got this thing than what's officially claimed right now, but they're thankfully keeping themselves safe & clean. The best countries can do now is just social distancing & keeping themselves healthy + clean, and that is for the best. Stay safe & healthy man.
  10. After years of lying dormant, after the really damn good Remake was sadly taken down (but thankfully still available to get online), and after many2 beat em up copycats later, Streets of Rage 4 is FINALLY HERE! The story of this game takes years after 3. Mr X died in 3 after you blew his base up while he's just a brain in a jar, and years later who best to take over his evil empire & wreak havoc than his children? Mr & Ms Y......... wow, how cruel to name your kids like that.... unless they have full name like Yonah or Yulia. So it's up to the old gang Axel, Blaze & Adam, alongside Adam's daughter Cherry & an apprentice of Dr Zan Floyd Iraia to beat the shit out of criminals & save the day once again. The plot is simple & silly, but that's to be expected. The gameplay though is where this game is at, and it's freaking great. With the artstyle made by the same people behind the Wonder Boy 3 remake And gameplay made by the same people who did that really silly beat em up Streets of Fury And music from a bunch of artists lending their skill to make a kickass soundtrack, you get yourself the sequel that satisfies fans of the previous game like myself. Beating up dudes just feels really nice with each hit having their OOMPH to them. Each character have their own playstyle like usual, and now special attacks drains your health, but temporarily and you can refill it by punching stuff until it's fully recovered, but if you get hit you lose all of that life. It's like one of those team based fighting games where if you hit someone, they can recover some life if their character rest in the background. Axel, Blaze & Adam plays like before, but with a couple of new tweaks to their movesets in that they have air specials, air extension combo & a super attack that you get by collecting gold stars scattered throughout the stages like these. There's 2 new characters in this game. Floyd plays like the usual powerhouse which replaces Max & Dr Zan. He's really damn slow, but he can do a move where he slams 2 people into each other when you grab them, and it deals MASSIVE damage. Cherry plays the best out of all the characters though because not only can she combo like crazy with her fast move & do really damaging grab by slamming her guitar, she's also one of the characters that can actually run. Yes that's right, that's because for some reason, the game uses the movement from Streets of Rage 2 instead of 3 which adds running & side rolling. Only a couple of characters can actually run. Cherry, the unlockable Streets of Rage 3 characters & Skate from both 2 & 3 can run, while SOR4 Adam can only dash forward. Actually SOR3 Shiva dashes forward too, but he's doing that dashing forward that looks like he's sliding the floor, and it's really freaking fast. It needs getting used to but you'll get used to it. You have 12 levels to play, and you can either play by yourself, or play with up to 4 people online or locally, just like the good old days with couch co-op, but with 4 people instead of 2! Though of course during this flu season, online is much preferred. The stages are all fun & get increasingly difficult, and some stages actually contain Streets of Rage 2 boss fights. You get them by destroying arcade machines, but not with your fist. You have to use tasers. Getting into these levels instantly fills your health, and if you die during it, you don't lose a life and still have full health back, so it's a win-win situation. I hope there will be dlcs that lets you replay the classic stages in their entirety like Streets of Rage Remake did, which will be freaking awesome. For some reason, the bosses don't get harder as the game progresses, but zig zags all over the place. The first - third boss are challenging, but then all of a sudden the fourth boss is surprisingly much easier, then the fifth boss gets really damn hard, and then the sixth boss is a lot easier again. It's quite bizarre, but they're fun to fight regardless. The game uses combos to grade your performance in the game. The more the combo, the much higher the score you get. You'll get an extra life each time your reach 8000 points. Sounds straightforward, but if you get hit during a combo, ALL of that combo is instantly gone as well as the points that you could've gotten. So let's say you did a 70 hit combo. If you let the timer for this combo meter run out, you'll get 2000 points. But you if you get hit, ALL of that combo points is gone. And if you're the type that wants to get an S rank on each levels, that will fucking suck. Using your special move at the right time to negate an enemy attack is the way to avoid getting hit, but you gotta be careful to see your surroundings, or else bye bye points! Once you beat the game once, you're given other modes to replay the game again. You can select stages, do boss rush, play the entire game on arcade mode that only lets you use the lives you have without continues, or play versus with each other. You know, the kind of modes you usually have in a beat em up. It serves its purpose & it does it well. The big incentive for replayability is the character unlocks. The more the total points, the more you unlock. It unlocks the Streets of Rage 1 characters first & all the way to Streets of Rage 3 characters, and all of them play like they did in their games. The best characters though are definitely the Streets of Rage 3 rosters because they all can side dodge & run, so you'll have a way easier time playing the game using them, especially Shiva. It's unfortunate that he doesn't play completely like in the Remake where he's pretty much an all rounder powerhouse that can use weapons like a boss, as well as a neat hadoken move. Instead he plays like he was in 3, but thankfully not as unfinished. For once, he actually have his 360 Rugal moonkick as a standing special & forward dash attack. His forward special is the Final Crash as expected, and his star move is a Final Crash flurry. He can't pickup weapons, but his forward dash move is so damaging that it will destroy most enemy healthbar in one strike, and it also tracks behind him. He's easily the best character in the game at the moment. And I'm saying at the moment because there is definitely going to be dlcs that adds more characters, especially the bosses. You have modern Shiva & Max as boss battles, but you can't unlock them? Why isn't Skate as an adult even mentioned or shown yet? And one of the bosses is a cool police lady that calls for the same backup as the first SOR game while also having a neat movesets of her own? Why isn't Roo or Ash unlockable characters even though they're playable in the third game? Hell, the Remake have them & they have their own movesets. There is NO WAY these characters are not going to be playable down the line! The music for the game is pretty damn good too. I call it a celebration of music over the years because it mixes a lot of styles together into one game, though it definitely have a Hotline Miami & dance club music feel for most of the songs. Here's my favorite songs for the stages. This one's made by the man who made the SOR 2 songs Yuzo Koshiro, so of course it's going to kickass. This one's for a pier stage. There actually is more to it in the game, not sure why only 2/3 of the song is included And this one's a stage in an art museum, and it's funkay Each bosses have their own themes, my favorite being the Mr Y & Ms Y theme because both are kickass remixes of Mr X's theme, also made by Yuzo Koshiro. It's unfortunate that for the very final battle, the Mr Y theme plays for the first half, but then it change into this It's good, but it's such a jarring wtf change. This song is something straight out of Nex Machina Have this song be in another stage for another boss. Don't have it when you're hearing the kickass remix of Mr X's theme! Even though I'm satisfied with the game, I definitely have complaints, and all of them are compared to Streets of Rage Remake. The first is like I mentioned before, how only a couple of people can do a run and dash forward. Now it may seem like not that big of a deal, but because the game grades you based on how much combos you have, and how it's so much better to have a character that can run because there's lots of times where an enemy is so far forward that the best way to get there is to run or do an air special, and how special attacks take a bit of your health when used, it can be annoying to deal with that loss of combo, if you're the kind of person that wants to get S rank on the stages. I played the Streets of Rage Remake game many times & in that game all of your characters, including the ones from SOR1 & 2 can run & dodge roll. It makes a lot of difference when you play as characters that can only walk in one stage & then another that can run the next, which makes me wonder why not just have everyone able to run? The Remake did it superbly, so why not this game? Second, how there are no branching parts for missions & it's all linear. Again, Remake did it so much better because that game actually has all the stages from all the SOR games, and you actually can replay the game all over again & pick different routes to get different endings & stages. For how Sega decided to stop the Remake for becoming popular by pulling it down so that you can only get the game from unofficial sources now, it's unfortunate that they decided to not learn from these guys, or hell, hire these guys to make SOR 4 an even more epic game. And finally, and this is a nitpicky thing here, even though the game allows you to change the soundtrack to classic SOR1 & 2 music, the placements are...... kind of odd. You'd think that the boss' theme would be the normal boss theme, you know, these But nope, you hear Never Return Alive for the second levels' theme, and the first boss' theme is Mr X's theme. And the boss' themes onwards are different music from different SOR stages......... why??? Oh yeah not to mention, WHERE IS THE SOR 3 SOUNDTRACK??? But I suspect they're going to add it in later as dlc. Now I know that SOR Remake is probably not going to be even acknowledged by Sega, but that game has AMAZING songs that are SUPERB remixes of SOR 1 - 3 songs. If Sega won't add these music to SOR 4, I want modders to add them to the stages. I myself made a video to see what happens when I add the Remake music to the first stage, and as expected, it is fucking beautiful. Overall, I mean what can I say? It's Streets of Rage 4 baby, and it's a fun ass time. My rating is "so awesome you will play this game again and again until you can't wait for future dlcs to add more stuff to the game", with a badass seal of approval, especially for you fans of the series! I await the mad bastards to mod the Remake songs to this game, and have dlcs to add more stuff so I can play this game many more times!
  11. At first when I saw the trailer I was like "wow, they're really moving further away from the "assassin" thing", then the hidden blade happened and I was like "there we go, back in business". Fun trivia: the guy who made the cover art for the game is actually one of the people in my FGC hangout in Melbourne. Boss Logic is his name. We here are happy that he did great art for the game. I'm gonna shake his hand in our locals when this whole Corona thing is over!
  12. This is the game of my dreams!!!! It's a roguelike which could be concerning with the late difficulty spikes, but I have faith that this game will be freaking awesome regardless. Oh how I love a game that mixes rhythm game with action, and in this case it's fps madness. I AM READY FOR RHYTHM BATTLE!!
  13. 59) The Last Guardian Platform: PS4. Although, this feels more like a PS3 game. It is that game that was legendarily delayed so much about a boy and his big...... um...... I still don't know what Trico is. Griffon? Bird dog cat thing? Funyarinpa? Actually...... yeah I'll just call him a funyarinpa. This is a story about a boy that ended up in a strange place accompanied by a very wounded funyarinpa that the boy helped named Trico. After a bit of healing by removing spears out of Trico, they both go on an adventure to get back to the boy's hometown. Adventure full of cute Trico doing cute dog stuff, as well as plenty of sad stuff ensues. Apparently this game takes place in the same world as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus which is awesome, even though it's not clear if this game is in the same timeline as Ico or if it's a sequel. Maybe the next game from the dev will make things clear, or not. The gameplay of this game is pretty unique in that it's a Trico bonding simulator game, and also with a lot of climbing a lot that Shadow of the Colossus is is known for, except you just climb on Trico & a bunch of platforms to solve puzzles. You explore different ruins, solve puzzles either by yourself or with Trico's help, and then have Trico battle hostile golems that will come and kidnap you once in a while. You have a weapon in the form of a shield, but the way you use this is to shine it on an enemy like you shine your sword in Shadow of the Colossus, and then Trico's tail will fire a lighting strike to destroy them. You'll lose this weapon early in the game unfortunately, but you'll gain it back much2 later. The most fun out of the game is escaping crumbling platforms Uncharted style & having Trico pick you up. Everytime it happens, it's always freaking awesome. I like how in the first few hours, Trico is like a distrustful animal that doesn't want to help you. Even when it's obvious you're supposed to climb on him to proceed to the next part of the game, Trico will not want to do what he's doing and just wander around somewhere unless you gently pat on him. Then after a while he will take a liking to you & eventually you can issue commands to him. It's not perfect though because he will still not do what you want a couple of times, but it's quite cute & definitely acts like a dog would. Makes me sad everytime he got wounded by enemy attacks & he starts crying....... poor thing........ Unfortunately though, despite how unique and fun this game is, I cannot forgive the jankyness of this game. MY GOD, on my regular PS4, this game runs like Shadow of Colossus would, on PS2. Yes, that means sometimes the framerate is 30fps, but 80% of the time the framerate will go bellow 15fps and you will have to deal with it, while fighting the camera that just go all over the damn place because it got stuck to a damn wall, which will happen so often because the areas in this game are so damn narrow that Trico barely fits in them. It makes the game painful to play in parts despite the epic stuff that happens. Now when it happens on Shadow of the Colossus, I actually think it fits the atmosphere of the game back on PS2. It's freaking amazing that the game even runs seeing how complex & epic the colossus are in that game. This game though? Where there's no such giant epic enemies on screen? UNFORGIVABLE. And aside from the furs on Trico, the graphics itself looks like it belongs on PS3 instead of PS4. Hell, even the Shadow of the Colossus remake on PS4 actually runs on smooth 30fps! How the fuck can a PS4 game runs this bad??? Yes I know the game runs on a stable 30fps on PS4 Pro, which just makes me sad. The ending of this game makes me sad..... and then happy again, so it's a good thing it doesn't make me mad despite the bad framerates. Also from the looks of things, this and by extension ICO & Shadow of the Colossus shows that this game universe has even more to offer in future games. I can't wait to see what's next in this universe, and I really damn hope that the next game by this dev, which will probably be on PS5, actually runs on a stable framerate this time. 60) 007 Racing Platform: PS1 I played this game when I was a lot younger & I had no idea what the game is about back then. I only played the game because I played new 007 games on PS1 when they're out, and in this game's case to see 007's various cars & race in them. To my surprise, this game is less to do with racing & more like a mission based Twisted Metal when I played it, with occasional racing of course. Actually you know what? This game is actually like Spy Hunter on PS2, only with less high speed racing & more indoor shootings. I surprisingly enjoyed this game for what it was back then, and revisiting it now, I somehow still enjoyed it, even though it has aged poorly because of the ugly graphics and the bad controls. I don't know why this game decided it'll be a good idea to stop background songs whenever someone is talking, so you'll left with these awkward moments of enjoying the kickass music, and then groaning because someone talked & paused the thing. The one thing I remember fondly about this game are the songs, especially the bond theme remix in the intro. Oh God look at how messy the editing is, they just slap on stunt scenes from various Bond films, even the ones with no Pierce Brosnan in it! I was also quite surprised to see that this game actually have a lot of cameos from past characters, but only in mission briefing texts & some voice clips here and there during missions. There's Jaws, Georgi Koskov from Living Daylights, Jack Wade who's the inspiration behind Tom Sheldon from Just Cause Fun fact: the guy played a villain in Living Daylights named Brad Whitaker. Both of them are funny. Whisper from Live and Let Die in mission 4 where he drives a truck and..... somehow not sounding like he did in the film, and even Sheriff Pepper from the same film in the later mission........ this is what 007 marathon on cable tv did to me.... I CAN SEE THE CODE MORPHEUS Ahem anyway, fun game with surprisingly a lot of varieties. There's even a mission in the game where you remote control your car like in Tomorrow Never Dies & the camera you use is this crappy green screen fixed camera instead of a first person front car view like in the movie. Sure some of the missions are pretty hard because I didn't know what the hell to do in them, but I figured them out eventually. After I finished the game, I was curious about the developer of the game because I remember another car game on PS1 that has a similar, but less janky feeling, and that's about various police chases. So I checked the dev behind this game. As it turns out, it's not the same. It is in fact the same developer as that abomination on PS2 that is Pimp My Ride, a couple of other ok racing games on PS2 like Street Racing Syndicate & some Ford racing games, and ohohohoh, most importantly, and most recognizably, this old friend Wow.......... how....... how the FUCK is it that they just got worse over the years?? Usually game devs improve on their games, not got so bad that they made the worst, but admittedly entertainingly bad, disaster of 2013!
  14. 55) 007 Nightfire Platform: PC Because the 007 film No Time to Die was cancelled, I decided to watch a lot of old 007 films on my cable tv service. And then I decided to replay Nightfire because I didn't beat this game a long time ago. It was a big mistake. This game..... is SO BAD. I can't believe that I actually played this game a long time ago & sort of had fun with it. Most of the shooting in this game is just fucking broken. That is not good, especially because this game has a bunch of enemies that swarm themselves towards you in an instant. Here's an example: the shotgun in this game is absolute dogshit. Most of the time I tried to shoot someone close range, this thing doesn't kill them in 1 hit. And the recovery time it took for this thing to fire the next round is ridiculous, that most of the time you'll lose 60% of your health because the enemies will fire you while you get this thing to fire the next round. This thing is most definitely the most useless weapon in the game. HOW DO YOU FUCK UP A DAMN SHOTGUN?? Most of the weapons are complete garbage too, either because for some reason the fire rate for them are so damn slow like the damn sniper rifle, or in case of themachine guns, they do little damage & their accuracy is atrocious. The SIG 551 is the most inaccurate weapon in the game because it spreads all over the damn place, even though it has a scope & a laser sight. The irony is baffling. The best weapon in the game is the P90 because even though it's inaccurate, it has the most clip capacity so you can just spray a lot & most of that bullet will probably hit your target. Unlike the other machine guns in this game. It's quite funny how the most accurate weapons in the game are the sniper rifles and the pistols. Hell, you can shoot an enemy for an absurdly long range in the head with a pistol & they will die from it, unlike the machine guns that are completely useless. Oh, and the most questionable thing of it all? How is it that Bond's character model in first person always have him wearing his tuxedo while most of the game have him wearing a sneaking suit gear? And how is it that the character model is only accurate while he's in third person view??.... I don't..... I can't....... me no understand game logic Fuck the mission designs here as well, and most especially the ones that takes place inside the high building in Japan where you have to do PAINFUL stealth missions. OH GOD THIS IS TORTURE. Expect to get detected a lot because the enemies are either so good with their eyesight at long range that they instantly call the alarm, you knock down an enemy but a camera detected their bodies, and you can't destroy the cameras because it'll be instant game over. You can't move the body anyway so you're screwed. Thank God for quicksave, but using them are a pain in the ass. Oh but the worst is yet to come, because in the middle of this mission, you have to climb the damn building with a bunch of suction cups. And this........ this is absolutely the worst mission in the entire 007 games history. Just...... just look at this horse shit. Oh.... Ohhh noooooo....... why? Why does the climbing section make you move so damn slow & have to wait for guards to move? Why can't you use quicksave so you don't have to start from the bottom again if you fail?? WHYYY??? WHATT???? HOWW????a???asDADADOASHDOAJUDHAOD After all that's done, you have to escape the building, but good luck trying to escape it when the enemies are all swarming you & you don't have much room to move because the damn level is so narrow, so you're gonna have to take the gunshots up the butt. Once you beat the game in the final section that takes place in SPACE that is so stupid it makes Moonraker look like freaking 2001 A Space Odyssey good, you will be deleting this game immediately from your PC, which is what I did. And the worst part of it all? The PC version is actually the worst version of this game. In the console versions, they actually have MORE missions which have more variety like the vehicle segments And the weapons actually work properly. The only downside is that the game has no checkpoints, but I bet it's 100 times better than the Godawful PC version I just played. Wow, one of the rare instance where the console version of a game is actually better and have more content than the PC version. That's one for the history books! 56) Receiver Platform: PC Oh man..... this fucking game...... Because Receiver 2 is out, I figured I might as well try and finish the first game. I gave up a long time ago because it was so damn annoying to play, and going back, it still is annoying as hell. I like the realistic weapon handling here because you have to do small things to arm yourself, like putting individual bullets to your revolver before loading it, or cocking your pistol properly before firing or else it won't work. The amount of random enemy placements & the one hit death though? HELL no. The main goal of this game is to survive and collect 11 tapes scattered around the randomized world because this game is a rogue-like. You will encounter 2 enemy types: turrets & flying drones that will piss you the hell off because they can't seem to die when you shoot them most of the time. You just have to shoot the body of a flying drone to disable them, which is easier when they haven't detected you. Here's an instruction video to deal with the turret. Ok actually you just need to shoot the camera on that thing, but this works too. I think I died 50+ times before I beat the game, mostly because of the flying drones. But when I do, MAN IT FEELS GOOD! Thankfully Receiver 2 looks to be a much bigger & better game, so I will probably have a better time with that, especially now that I've known how to use my guns like a boss in this game. Bring it on turrets & drones! 57) Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Platform: PS4 The PSN have a free giveaway for Journey & the Uncharted 1 - 3 remastered collection, so of course I got this great deal right away. I surprisingly haven't finished the first game in this series yet. The most I played of the first was at my local JB Hi Fi store when this game was playable & I got as far as escaping Eddy Raja, so this is as good time as any to do so with cleaner graphics & 60 fps while also having stuff that still makes it early PS3 ish. Man, it feels so good to play this game this way, and quite interesting to see how this first game is quite different than the sequels. For starters, Nate here doesn't have a close enough bond with Sully. In the first couple of minutes, Sully got shot by bad guys, and Nate just left him to die....... It's a good thing he's actually ok but whaaaaaat?? Also, Nate's first instinct when he's facing a bunch of goons is to find an escape boat & try to run the hell away, while Helena's the one who told him to actually soldier on and finish the damn adventure..... wow. Future Nate would NEVER act that way. It's also pretty weird to see how this game has a couple of QTE sequences when future games removed them, and that the combat is more of a beat em up with square triangle square as a strong combo. Good thing the future games made the combat simpler & more awesome while making Drake able to do this Still really fun to play & it has certainly aged really well for the first game in the series, unlike Gears of War which is unfortunately dated & doesn't improve on itself with the sequels much. BTW, I am..... a little bit annoyed by how the Indonesian speak in this game. Eddy is more like a Chinese guy trying to speak Indonesian, but his voice actor James Sie is Chinese so that explains it. He's quite polite while saying Indonesian too, like how he pretty much says to Drake "your shit!" (tai kamu, which is too polite, it should've been tai luh), also when ordering his men to open the door, you don't just say "buka pintu" (open door), you're supposed to say "oi luh, cepetan buka pintunya" (hey you, hurry and open the damn door). The nya is CRUCIAL! The one person in gaming that speaks actual proper Indonesian I heard so far, not counting Dreadout 1 & 2 which is most definitely Indonesian based so they, of course, have proper Indonesian language, is Citra from Farcry 3. Not Vaas because he never speaks any Indonesian language, even though he's actually Indonesian. Such a damn shame, but Vaas is still awesome so oh well, can't have everything. Which makes sense because her voice actress, who's half Chinese half Irish born in Australia, actually lived in Borneo, a part of Indonesia in her youth. Also fun fact, she also voiced Faith in that Mirror's Edge Catalyst reboot........ and Nico in DMC5. Now that's RANGE! 58) Wheels of Aurelia Platform: PC This game is a multi-branch road trip game where doing stuff & picking different dialogue options while you drive will lead to different endings. And apparently it's also a wikipedia endorsement because most of the time, your character, her friend & hitchhikers she picked up if you choose will talk about anything related to 1978 Europe events, and then you can check them out for yourself, which will cite Wikipedia pages for you. As for the story itself, it's just you & your friend doing a road trip on a whim & them talking about life. Depending on the dialogue options, the road trip can range to pretty normal, and then all of a sudden to racing a dude so you can take his car key if you win, to tailing the dude because it looks like he's part of a terrorist group, to have the game end all of a sudden because your friend sold you out to a paparazzi, with wikipedia info popups left and right. And that's just one of the ending of this game. It's pretty interesting, and it has cool songs, but unfortunately the gameplay is so basic that it ended up being mostly annoying diversions. Good thing I got this for free on Epic.
  15. Hope you guys have a happy easter today! It's not ideal since we're stuck in our homes, but there's games & foods to enjoy! 48) Sengoku 3 Platform: PC There's a GOG SNK games bundle that I got. This was a game that I saw a long time ago and wanted to play on PSN, but back then it was $13 so I skipped it. Good thing the GOG bundle gave me 5 games including this for $5! This is a modern day ninja arcade beat em up. I like how in this game, after you beat stage 3, you instantly unlock the previous 2 bosses as playable character, and then you can get to play as them. I have never seen an arcade game do that before so this was a nice surprise. The combos you can do is also pretty cool in that you can alternate between weapon & bare hand attacks to get maximum damage. It's unfortunate that doing the combos leaves you vulnerable to many bullshit attacks because the recovery time is so long, and I understand if this game actually took at least $20 from a person in the arcade, because it's pretty damn hard. The final boss is, man, typical SNK bullshit final boss. This guy just keeps spamming his super attacks non stop, and you can only damage him when he stopped doing it. And most of time time, he will immediately do another super attack! Come on SNK, this ain't one of your fighting games, give us the satisfying feeling of beating your final boss without needing to rip our hair out for once! Seeing this game makes me want to see SNK making different games besides fighting games though. Maybe one day they'll bring back Metal Slug, or a new series never been done before. That'll be nice! 49) A Short Hike Platform: PC Ahhh, a nice harmless little game that is actually a harmless little game. This is a cute game where you play as a kid girl bird named Claire. She arrives in this mountain place with her aunt & she wants to take a hike up the nearby mountain. So that's what you do pretty much, and you do it by collecting golden feathers to make you jump higher and higher so you can finally get to the top of the mountain. Along the way, you meet quirky animal people & do plenty of sidequests with them, which usually results in getting a new golden feather to make you jump even higher. Once you reach the top, a nice cute surprise awaits, and then you go back to your aunt & sleep after the nice little adventure. The End. I expected a short hike out of a game that's named a Short Hike, so good for you game! And I got this for free on Epic Games Store, so I'm happy. I want to see more adventures from this game dev after this! And meanwhile listening to the soothing songs in the game again. 50) DRAGON GEM Platform: PS4: Dreams game Another Dreams user made game. This time it's a cool take on Bejeweled. Instead of swapping gems to get 3 - 5 in a row, you press a colored gem & they'll all break depending on how many are bundled in one collection. The better you do, the cooler the stage & dragon becomes until you reach level 25. Afterwards you just aim as high as possible. I was planning to stop after I reach 100,000. I ended up playing till I reach 220,000. I will definitely get back & get better scores, when I feel like it. 51) PIP Gemwalker Platform: PS4: Dreams game Yet another cool Dreams made game. This time you play as a sloth that gains superspeed, as shown in the funny intro. It makes me laugh. It's funny how because he's a sloth, gaining super speed just means he's in regular speed now. 🤣 You explore the different stages, try and collect all the gems marked by X on walls, and get to the end. It's simple fun & it's for free to play on Dreams. And it's so pretty. Man these people never fail to make me happy playing their creations. Makes me sad to see how many early access games are now just hollow cash grabs compared to what these people made for free! 52) Steep Platform: PC It's that Ubisoft game that's kind of like the Crew, but with snow sports instead of vehicles. I got it for free from Epic, and thankfully this also comes with the dlcs for the other sports like base jumping, rocket wingsuit & speed riding aka skiing with parachutes included, so that's more fun! The game all around is a bunch of challenges based on whether you want to do ground sport or flying sports. Some of them are "mountain story" missions which can range from movie shot filming, to destroying evil snowmen (I'm not making this up) and following a skiier downhill a mountain while listening to whatever stories they have in store related to the mountain you're on. Expect to restart these events over and over and over again until you get the gold medal. Not quite crazy as SSX though because it's mostly realistic. It's definitely a lot of fun, but by the 40th challenge you have seen everything with only the need to level yourself up to drive you forward. Good thing I play it for free because I would be annoyed if I actually pay for this game. Besides, there exists another game that has wingsuit like this game, but you get to blow shit up. It's called Just Cause. And Just Cause 4 is gonna be free around Friday on Epic, so you bet your ass I'm gonna play that! 53) Tormentor X Punisher Platform: PC This will be quick: imagine Doom, but instead of Doomguy you play as a really loud sweary girl with purple hair, and she just kills demons Hotline Miami style. You only have a machine gun & a shotgun, and you reload the machine gun by firing your shotgun. You also die in 1 hit. All you do in this game is rack up the highest scores as you can, and kill demons. Simple, you will die so many times, but really fun. The intro pretty much sums it all up. 54) Close to the Sun Platform: PC This was that game that was exlusive to Epic Games Store when the thing launched. I got it for free so yay! This is pretty much Bioshock, except replace Andrew Ryan & Rapture with a MUCH more likeable guy that is Nikola Tesla & his giant ship the Helios, take away all the combat & make it like Outlast with all the gores & gameplay where you have to run all the time from enemies. And make moving so damn slow, even when you're running. And it's all over in around 4 HOURS! Good thing I play this for free because I would regret paying money playing this game. I like the world this game presents. It's what happens when Nikola Tesla becomes so successful & invent so many stuff that he makes big changes to the world. Your main character is called to the Helios ship because her sister wrote her a letter to come, but it's of course not as simple as that. It's unfortunate that this game have a lot of events that happens, but only half of them have clear answers. There's green Treyarch symbols scattered all over the place which comes from someone in the future. But you never get a clear answer to what this symbol actually means. And in the end of the game, it all ends on a sequel bait which possibly will lead to many of the background events that happens in this game. Urgh I hate it when it's this blatant. The big bummer though is that there's no combat in this game even when the game is perfect for it. There's health boxes scattered everywhere, but they're just for decorations. I would definitely be down if the game is an fps where you can use Tesla's electricity weaponry to fight enemies in this game, rather than running all the damn time from instant death encounters. But at least the ending song is pretty good.