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  1. 59) Guilty Gear XRD -REVELATOR- Platform: PC Finally, I returned to Guilty Gear after playing SIGN in 2015. This is the sequel, or more accurately an expansion pack to that game. It continues the story of that game & finally answers the big mystery of who That Man is, accompanied by many more beautifully animated cell shaded cutscenes in the story mode, which is pretty much a 4 hour anime film. And that's AWESOME! I bought this game specifically because I went to the big fighting game tournament in Melbourne last week called BAM11. I went there last year for Dragon Ball, and returned again this year with much better result which I'm happy with, but that's a story for another time. I saw one of my mates playing Guilty Gear Revelator, and I bought the game after the event. Now last time I played SIGN, I thought I knew everything about that game because I played the tutorial and go from there, but NO. I saw crazy shits happening with my friend that I have no idea WTF is going on. Actually the entire game mechanics of the game are not in tutorial mode, but actually in a menu called "mission mode" which contains ALL the real game mechanics you need to know to play the game. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT??? But after I learn the mechanics, the game becomes simpler & make more sense. 60) Nidhogg Platform: PC It's that really fast paced fencing game where the goal is to reach either the far left or the far right of the map in a particular stage while trying to get past the other player through either killing them or getting right past them. Still simple & very fun to play, except when you have to play a single match for more than 10 minutes because the other guy just keep getting back and forth with you. Which is what happened to me! During the BAM11 tournament, there's also a side PC gaming tournament to take part in, and the particular game they had was Nidhogg. So I entered it & played matches until I battle in the grand final. I can beat the first 3 opponents fine in 40 seconds because I slip past them, but the man in grand final? HEELLLLL NO. We had to do 5 matches that takes 7 freaking minutes each, stabbing each other & going back and forth over and over and over and over again until I finally get through the defense of that guy & won the tournament. THANK. GOD. Not even Dragonball Figher Z took that damn long! 61) RAGE 2 Platform: PC Why is this game rated so low on Steam? This game's pretty good! Remember the first RAGE game which has you going place to place in a post apocalypse shooting dudes, meeting NPCS for a moment and then move on to the next place and meeting even more NPCS until you beat the game and the game ends in such a bullshit cliffhanger? Thank God this sequel isn't like that. In fact this game is pretty much RAGE if the vehicle and open world travel section is like Mad Max the game from 2015, the shooting is as fast paced as DOOM minus the finisher & you actually have stuff like ground slam attacks, super dash, double jump and weapon upgrades. Oh, and the NPCs you meet are not just a meet them once and never see them for the rest of the game again like the first game. Quite simply, it's a GIGANTIC improvement over the first game. The trailer is kind of misleading though. You'd think that from the trailer this game is all jokes with no seriousness similar to Sunset Overdrive or Borderlands, but it's actually 1/3 jokes and 2/3 serious since the plot is all about taking down the villain from the first game after he brought destruction to your home, and other NPCs joining in to help you take him down which is, quite bizarre. The one thing in this game I don't like: extracting blue crystals from walls & meteors. These things are called feltrites and they are the key to upgrading your weapons & special abilities. To extract them, you have to aim at them and press the focus button, which is CTRL on the keyboard and L1 on PS4. This doesn't seem so bad if it's on building walls, but on meteorites? You have to aim at EACH crystals and extract them one by one, and each of these meteorites have 20 of them. WHY? Why can't you just hold down the focus button once & have them all be extracted in an instant? Why does it have to be manual labor??? I DON'T UNDERSTAND! 62) A Normal Lost Phone Platform: PC It's another one of those games where you find a handphone & find out what happens to the owner of the phone. This one though deals with someone who is quite normal, at least normal in comparison to other games like Sara is Missing or Simulacra where weird shit happens. I like it, though it's kind of obvious that the game is being cheeky with the point they want to get across. Like at the very end of the game once you uncovered everything about the game, all of a sudden you see an email sent by the owner of the phone to their friend & the friend is all like "don't worry that you lost your phone, because I'm sure the one who saw your phone will go to options and erase the data on your phone". It's the most obvious thing ever for a game to say "thank you for playing. Press erase NOW". Which makes me wonder: what if the person who saw the phone to begin with is their mom/dad/family member/friends? That'll be so damn awkward & they'll be so in deep deep shit!
  2. https://io9.gizmodo.com/robert-pattinson-is-your-new-batman-1834829741?IR=T Yes. This guy Is going to become Batman....... I.......... need a moment to process this. Wow. So this guy goes from acting as a vampire who sparkles, to acting as a playboy millionaire who defends Gotham in the night with a bat costume......... now that's what I call a complete opposite! Actually not quite because he's playing a bat so......... at least it's actually accurate to the time of day activity this time! Seriously though, if back in those Twilight abomination movies someone say "Edward is going to become Batman in the future", I will not believe a single word of it. But it happens now so........ Oh God it actually happens! Save thyselves!!! We'll see how this goes. Who knows, maybe he can pull it off & be a surprisingly good Batman! But for now, we'll just have to wait & see. The good thing is I don't think he'll be as bad as Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor so that's a relief.
  3. Well, they're of course really good soundtracks. And it's your list so good on you for sharing your favorite songs! In the end though making just a top 5 is a disservice to music in gaming. We can't just pinpoint 5 game soundtracks since thousands of games have amazing music created by wonderfully talented musicians that bring each game to life. A lot of the unknown small/obscure ones especially are in this specific thread which you can check out. But if you're curious about which soundtracks are my personal favorites, here are just 6 of hundreds that I can think off: Undertale. So much so that I actually made a mix with Through the Fire and Flames Nier Automata. Brilliant soundtrack for that one & every song tells their own story which accompanies the game so damn well Shadow of the Colossus. Battling gigantic monsters with epic orchestral songs makes climbing them so damn goooooodddd. Jotun. Perfect songs to accompany this Viking road to Valhalla Furi. What's cool is that this is a boss rush game & every single bosses have their own theme which gets even more intense each time you take out their health bars And Mighty Switch Force 2. Because it's so funky it's awesome! This doesn't mean that these 6 are a top 6 for me. Hell naw. If I have to make a personal favorite soundtrack list, that list will be a 100 list where every songs are in no particular order because there's so many amazing soundtracks! Rightyo, moving on to the next song I just discovered: There's a pretty damn slick "one hit you're dead" action game called Katana Zero that was released recently, and what's cool about this game is that before a mission, the main character actually puts on his music player & play these kickass songs while planning his assassinations. He has swag yo It's annoying that this game ends on such a big cliffhanger. ARRRGHH, I WANT MORE OF THIS GAME, MORE!!!
  4. 55) MK11 Platform: PC Urrrrghhhhh. I still haven't gotten Sonya's MK1 costume. One day, ONE DAY I WILL GET IT! 56) Burning Daylight Platform: PC A short free game that's apparently made by 12 students in VIA University College, which is based in Denmark. It's like INSIDE or Black the Fall in that it's about a guy that escapes from a dystopian setting, only in this game it's less about fighting governments but more about getting out of a world controlled by an AI of sorts. It's quite cool, except that this game has a lot of male dicks uncensored everywhere, and a couple of scenes where people XXX each other. I don't think this is a part of their university assignment. 57) Days Gone Platform: PS4 This game is another example of not believing reviewers, especially IGN & Gamespot who gave this game 6.5 & 5 which is just WAAAY too low. When I first saw this game in 2016's E3, I didn't think it's anything mindblowing. I like that this game is made by the creators of Syphon Filter and..... Bubsy 3D............. ahem............. Those hundreds of zombie swarms are cool but I don't think this game is gonna be a GOTY or something like that, so I had my expectation on a reasonable "this could be a fun game, so I'll just see what it is." Then I played this game, completing almost every quests the game had & getting all the PS4 trophies. This game, is pretty damn awesome! With performance issues of course which is well covered on youtube, but the issues has been reduced with patches that gets regularly released. You play as biker named Deacon St. John played by Starkiller himself Sam Witwer that had lived through a zombie, ahem I mean "Freakers" apocalypse that's been going on for 2 years. This is one poor bastard. I mean he sent his injured wife on a helicopter to escape the zombies, but the helicopter landed on a place that's having a zombie outbreak. So for 2 years this poor guy had been mourning her ever since while he help other survivors & his biker best friend Boozer. As the game progresses, you get to meet the people he knew, found out his really sweet relationship with his wife in the past, his bro moments with Boozer & him helping other survivors with their various issues, which in turn make him a better man. These are all made better with how damn good the acting are across the board for everyone. There's also a couple of good twists & turns which I can't say anything about because it's awesome, but I will say this: just when you think you have seen all the open world, MORE opens up. The game itself is pretty much what happens if you have Last of Us follow the open world gameplay of Ubisoft's open world game, that being filled with object collection, outpost takeover, hostage rescue & sneaking minigames, but with Dead Rising thrown in a bit with sidequests involving eliminating zombie hordes in different parts of the map, which are freaking scary as hell the first time you encounter these guys. You have outposts that belongs to NPCs each with their own weapon & motorcycle upgrades, and the more you do their quests, the higher their trust levels are & the more badass equipment you can buy for yourself which definitely will definitely help you with zombie horde huntings, especially once you unlock the LMGs & ammo upgrades. This is actually my favorite thing about this game: progression. There are National Emergency Response Organization (NERO) checkpoints + research stations you can go to which will give you intel on the zombies & an injector which you can use to level up either your health, stamina or your focus/gun slow mo ability meters, which makes collecting them anyway you can really rewarding. You can level yourself up till level 45 & each time you level up, you can invest points to Deacon's 3 skill trees: melee, guns & survivalist skills. These skills are really damn good & by the later parts of the games, you will transform your character into a maxed out Frank West with all the extremely useful skills at your disposal. I suggest getting the melee skill "repair weapons", the gun skill that lets you improve your gun aim + focus mode to slow time for better aim, and "get more meat + get more herb" survival skills, because these are early unlocks & will help you tons in the game. I was confused at first with Deacon because in this game, everytime you're alone or listen to radio chatters, Deacon will always say something witty about it, and sometimes the way he talks is like a person with PTSD because he sounds so angry & like he wants to kill people. And as it turns out through character interactions, before he became a biker, he was actually a US soldier in Afghanistan. That's pretty cool & explains why he sounds like he's in a warzone, because he probably had PTSD from all the shit he went through back then. Which makes him even more of a poor bastard to deal with all of this stuff. Oh yes, and you also learn the background of the zombies and how they're created which is awesome, because it looks like the one which causes it all is Syphon Filter. Yes, Syphon Filter. Which means this game is actually a Syphon Filter sequel/ elseworld story in disguise....... WHAT A TWIST! OK2, that's actually an Easter Egg & it probably isn't the cause of the zombie outbreak, but it's still possible! I can't wait for the sequel to find out more! 58) Sunset Overdrive Platform: PC What a weird feeling to play a game that was supposed to be one of Xbox One's exclusives on PC, and it basically is what happens if Jet Set Radio & Rachet and Clank had a baby and decided to make that baby be as fourth wall breaking & punk rock as possible. AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL! So good in fact that the maneuvering of this game is put into the PS4 Spiderman last year. This is basically a game where you can go fucking bananas & have fun fighting against zombies ahem I mean people who drank too many poisonous soft drink and becomes a monster afterwards. The only thing I don't like about this game is simply the annoying 80% of the soundtrack which are just these generic punk rock songs that plays over and over again. 20% of the songs are actually good and are story specific songs, but there's not enough of them! Luckily I solve this by muting the music & playing kickass songs from my own custom soundtrack so it's all good! Now that Imsomniac is done with Spiderman, I wonder if they will make a Sunset Overdrive 2, or they'll just make the next Marvel Game Universe continuation from Spiderman. Either way, I'm down for whatever they're making next!
  5. It's Mortal Kombat again! But instead of me being happy that this game plays beautifully or that the plot is awesome, I can't do so knowing that this game's rewards system uses one of the random loot drops from the mobile games. Urrgh. I was so looking forward to this game because of how awesome the trailers leading to this game are. The plot of the game is after MKX. Shinnok has been dethrowned, Raiden becomes Dark Raiden again, and the game starts with him leading an assault alongside Cassie + Sonya + Special forces to destroy Evil Revenant Liu Kang + his friends once and for all. Buuut a new villain named Kronika emerges & take control of time, so now past and present are combined for the sake of a "new and balanced timeline" as she said. So now the battle to stop her begins. Fun fact: there was a mysterious woman in Jade's MK9 ladder ending which everyone, including me, assumed was Kronika Until a recent tweet from the MKX's comic book writer that reveals the woman is actually Jade's mom and she's in Jade's ladder ending So there you go, it is what it is! Luckily her inclusion to the story is actually well done & it answers several questions of previous MK games, like were the arcade ladder endings of the previous games just non-canon, or did they indeed happen? Turns out Kronika is the one who allows those endings to be made to create a perfect timeline where the victor gets their endings realized. And then she resets time again so that everyone gets their endings. So she pretty much has been manipulating time for millions of years. Which is probably the most boring thing to experience. Eh, we get a great story out of it here though. Gameplay of MK11 is like MKX, but without the 3 special bars. Now you have 2 defense & 2 offense bars to do things like amplifying attacks or use one of those moves where you interact with the background. You can also no longer run so now you can only dash forward or backward. It definitely feels bizarre if you just played MKX again recently, but you can get used to the change pretty quickly. The game offers great tutorials about these changes & character specific challenges to get you ready to play your chosen favorites. Another thing that's different now is that you no longer have to pick 3 different variations, instead you can pick 3 or 2 different moves for your characters in the customization option. You can equip max of 3 moves for each character because only 3 skill slots are available to use. Some moves require 2 slots though. Mix and match moves however you want & create your own custom character for each of your favorite combatants is the name of the game here. Kind of like Injustice 2 in that you can equip your characters with gears that has their own modifier slots. Unfortunately, this is where the game's biggest flaw is. You see, to get costumes, accessories or even modification gems in this game requires you to do challenges in the "Tower of Time" which I'll get to later, do AI challenges where you can challenge other player's AIs like those mobile games player battles, or go to the Krypt and open chests. Now the Krypt itself is freaking awesome. It's like a simplified PS4 God of War where exploration is more prominent with the occasional puzzles to solve & deathtraps to avoid, and there's even a few enemies you can kill with your hammer, though they die in only 1 hit so don't expect to do combos. So many areas to see & you even get special items that allows you to go to places you can't enter before like the Krypt in MKX. This should have been awesome, but unfortunately, THE KRYPT CHESTS HAVE FUCKING RANDOM ITEMS! That's right, it's no longer like MKX or previous Krypts where you can go online to find the location for a specific costume/ unlocks that you want. 90% of the chests all have freaking random items & only 10% are not! Joe even made a video about how fucking ridiculous it all is! The thing with this though is that it's fucking bizarre how this game implements this random loot things. To get currency to open the boxes, you can't use microtransaction. All you can buy with microtransaction in this game are "time crystals" which gives you specific costumes/fatalities/brutalities in the game's main menu, so there's no such thing as buying currency to get all the boxes in Krypt faster than everyone else, which is awesome. BUT WHY DO YOU MAKE EVERYTHING FUCKING RANDOM AND HARD AS HELL TO GET MONEY TO OPEN THESE CHESTS?? The main way to get these currencies is to play matches, or go to the Towers of Time which is basically Injustice 2's Multiverse mode or MKX's Living Towes which has random challenges for you to complete. Too bad these Towers of Time are fucking ridiculously hard because there's always some bullshit modifiers that makes them harder than it actually is. Some towers can have assist characters showing up & hitting you, some towers have the enemy with 10x more health than you + laser deathtrap which reduces your health if you stand close to it, some towers have enemies that make the screen pitch black so you can't see anything, some towers have ALL of those combined! And oh, if you think you can use modifier gems on your characters to give them extra perks, tough luck because to unlock the gem slots, you have to play that particular character until the gear levels up. And you have to get lucky and get that specific gem for your character because the gems are character specific. The worst part is that even though you unlock gears, you don't get special attributes to help you during these Towers of Time. You don't get more health, you don't get more damage, maybe if you're extra lucky you can get gems that boost your health and damage, but most of the time you'll get something dumb like "get 8% more currency if you do a brutality". WHYY????? In fact it is so frustrating, that the only way to beat these towers easily is if you turn on the AI mode before you begin the fight so that the AI will fight for you. Essentially, the game plays itself. Which is thankfully an option but WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS SHIT??? I've probably spent 1 million coins to open chests in this game, and I STILL can't get the MK1 Sonya costume that I want. It's good that Netherealm Studios is currently increasing the number of rewards so you can get more currencies and they're giving free amount of currencies to compensate for it, but if the chests are all still freaking random, then there is just no point to it. Fuck. This. Shit. I give this game my rating of "play the game for the story & base gameplay, wait for patch 2000 to have all those currencies with you so you can maybe unlock all chests & get the costumes you want by luck". AKA, wait for sale, or if you have a local fighting game scene, just play this game there with all the other people there so you don't have to pay & get frustrated with the loots. Or buy the game now, but just enjoy it for the great fighting, beware of the loots & don't expect much from them. Such a damn shame that free mobile phone economy is what brings this game's potential so far down, and I'm so sure that Warner Brothers is the one that forces this into this game, same with their previous games Injustice 2 & fucking Shadow of War. Oh I dread the moment that future games will have even worse versions of these things!
  6. He didn't review that one, but he did review GOTG 2.
  7. I haven’t seen that film and it’s not that big a deal since that film is a prequel story. All you need to know is that she’s not in Endgame much & doesn’t affect the plot a lot, but when she comes in, it’s awesome.
  8. This is going to be the shortest review I have ever done It takes place after Infinity War & it's the REAL culmination of all the MCU films leading up to this point. Still funny, still have sad heartwrenching moments, and it has so many brilliant battles + epic moments that makes the fangirls in my theater squee so loudly every 5 minutes and it makes the battle in Infinity War looks so lame in comparison. Oh yeah, and Captain Marvel is actually not in the screen much as many had feared. Her role is perfect & she doesn't overstay her welcome. There is a Stan Lee cameo, but it's so well hidden that I didn't even realize it's him until the end of the film. It happened in the middle of the film that after the film was finished I was like "wait, was that guy in the middle of the film that one time him?? I thought he's nowhere in the film!" Also, don't bother waiting till the end credits because there is no end credits scene at all. None. Zero. Except for a sound of clanking at the end which could be anything really. Sounds like someone's hammering some metal. That's all I can say. I am NOT saying anything more because what happens in this film are not spoiled at all in the trailers and I will make it stay that way. The trailer only shows 5% of the entire film. All I can say about this film is simply: GO FUCKING WATCH IT NOW & EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC THAT WILL NEVER BE REPLICATED EVER AGAIN. I give this film my rating of "A once in a lifetime experience in cinema. So much so that you will watch this film over and over and over again" with a badass seal of approval. Wait actually, because this film is such an amazing time & nothing in the future will top this until maybe many2 years later, I'm giving this film 3 seals. It's that. Freaking. Brilliant. 20 OUT OF 10. SO GOOD THAT IT BROKE THE SCALES. When this film is available on my cable TV, I will sure as hell record it and watch this film over and over and over again!
  9. 50) It is Highnoon Platform: iPhone An old west arcade esque shooter game where in each stages you're given a wanted poster of characters for you to shoot. If you shoot the right person, you get score. Wrong person, you lose a life. It's pretty fun & reminds me of this old childhood game I played called Lethal Enforcers 2 Which now that I think about it, makes no sense. Why is the first Lethal Enforcers in modern time while the second is in the old west?? Why not just make it a completely different name like "Highnoon Rising" or something like that? 51) Kaiju Rush Platform: iPhone Interesting game where you play, hmmm, you know those games where it's like bowling because you set up the power & direction of a ball before you launch it, and then the goal of the game is to get the most distance as you can? That's this game. Only you control how far a Kaiju can go forward & can make them bounce on the ground to destroy buildings & get to bounce pads to get more distance. It's quite fun 52) Fight'N Rage Platform: PC A throwback to classic beat em ups, most specifically Streets of Rage & it even has a MR X lookalike final boss with a machine gun & throne room! Difference is in this game the plot is, surprisingly brutal. Basically a bunch of animal mutants take over the world & it's all Fist of the Northstar ish where you play as one of 3 characters to beat the shit out of everyone you can. And all of the characters in this game have moves straight out of Street Fighter. There's moves from Dudley, Adon, Ryu, Chun Li, Vega, Zangief, the list goes on. It's fun just guessing which character moves this game will have. The hitting for this game is just, muah, really butter smooth. Punching enemies feels really damn good & pulling off dozens of combos is immensely satisfying. You can even do a parry like in Street Fighter 3 to block attacks. Even more satisfying is the fact that you can do special moves with each character by pressing down up attack which varies upon characters. The best part about this game is the unlockables you can get. Sooo many unlockables, and a lot of ending variations depending on if you play with individual characters, mix of 2 or all 3, and paths you take so it's pretty much like that Streets of Rage remake game years ago. I wanna play this game again for sure & put on my custom Streets of Rage remake soundtrack! 53) Black the Fall Platform: PC Not to be confused with the robot game the Fall. This game is a platformer that plays a lot like Inside in that you're one out of hundreds of poor mind subjugated citizens in some country & you have to escape, but it takes place in a futuristic setting where Russia takes over the world & they have mechs + mind control devices. And along the way you can befriend a really damn durable mini robot dog to help you in your puzzle solving & platforming sections. You will definitely die a lot trying to figure out how to proceed in each levels because this game has a lot of instant death traps, which comes with the territory. Such a wasted opportunity with the ending though. Basically, you take control of a giant mech which looks like this. Sounds cool right? Only you don't fire its weapons. All you do with the thing is ram a damn wall, and then end credits. OH COME ON, why can't I use the weaponry & plough through other mechs + enemies as revenge for how many deaths I have to endure before?? Even Inside kind of make me go on a rampage at the end! 54) One Finger Death Punch 2 Platform: PC AT LAST. THE LEGENDARY GAME HAS RETURNED IN FULL FORCE!! Better, bigger, more skills to use, more mission varieties, and best of all, still played using the simple and perfect click left or right when the enemy gets close gameplay of the first game. 11 hours of me playing every single stage & completing everything with 5 stars, 11 hours of fun as hell time. And surprisingly, it ends on what I can say is one of the best ways of saying "thank you for playing" in a game. Well done dev, you have made me happy with the first game, and now you made me happy again!
  10. The previous trailers are pretty good, if a bit awkward with the song choices. But this? Best trailer of them all. That MK theme remix is Godlike. I want this game so badly! Shame that Cyrax & Sektor will be the same case as Rain Baraka in MKX in that they can't be played unless through a mod. But THIS TRAILER IS FUCKING HYPE!
  11. It's pretty damn sad when "it's a singleplayer game with no microtransaction" is actually the best thing that happened to EA. That's the bare minimum of singleplayer games since the dawn of time! XD
  12. ARRRRGHHH, WHY IS THIS TRAILER SO GOOD??? Stop toying with my feelings EA!! For some reason, I thought the Avengers theme will show up. Probably because of how epic this trailer is. XD But I will reserve my judgment for this game when the game is out & when I find out how the gameplay, open world side quests & length is. But considering that this game is made by Titanfall + Apex Legend's creator, the one shining beacon in EA's developer's pile, all signs points to it being at least good, and at most fucking awesome. Unless of course everything fucked up like Anthem. Oh please be awesome!
  13. 41) Division 2 Platform: PC SO much better than Division 1. More enemy variety, much better gears + abilities to use, a much more interesting story to uncover through the audiologs, better likeable characters to interact with, and an endgame content that actually unlocks new stuff for you to play with. And thank God the plot in this game isn't just a lame Resident Evil knockoff like the first one with the viruses but more about rebuilding civilization after the chaos that ensues. It's serviceable & get the gameplay going, which is good for a looter shooter like this one. And I can safely say that this game makes Anthem look like child's play, though to be fair most looter shooters are tons better than that shambling mess of a game. 42) What never was Platform: PC A very short "see this room & tinker with stuff until you beat the game" game which I think is a prologue to an upcoming game that this dev wants to make. It's pretty cute, just about a girl who visits her grandfather's study room after he died & discover mythical objects he plays around with. I would like to see a continuation of this story since the puzzle aspect & the backstory shows promise. We'll have to wait and find out if there's going to be a next game! 43) Retro Highway Platform: iPhone It's like Super Hang-On back in the old arcades, but an infinite runner. You have a bunch of challenges to complete. The more you complete, the more cash you get & more levels to unlock. The dev makes this game Sega as hell with the soundtrack 44) Cut The Rope Magic Platform: iPhone It's that game with the cute green thing that likes to eat candies. Only this time you can morph yourself to other animals through magic! 45) Newton Platform: iPhone A puzzle game where you make a white ball go to the destination while having to avoid spikes along the way. Some of these puzzles are quite intense since it requires you dropping the white ball down while avoiding walls of spikes, and as expected, requires a lot of luck to beat. 46) The Lion's Song Platform: PC This is a good one! It's a 4 episode game where each episode has you playing as different characters. Episode 1 has you playing as an upcoming composer, 2 as a painter who is able to see people's inner personalities as painting subjects but he's struggling to see the personality of himself, 3 as a woman mathematician who tries to make it big in a mathematician circle, but can't because the one who runs the circle is a sexist piece of shit so she has to disguise herself as a man, who surprisingly makes her look cuter while she's in the disguise. Just look at when she's normal And when she dresses like a guy And episode 4 has you playing as a guy who met people who knows the previous 3 characters in a train, while they're off to serve in World War 1................... yeah you can pretty much tell how the end of this game will turn out. My favorite episode is definitely episode 3 since it has a Phoenix Wright esque final battle with the sexist asshole who thinks he's the better mathematician. It's always great to see someone that unlikeable get his comeuppance. Best part about the game though is that your choices actually will be reflected in future episodes, and it's fun to see the little changes that'll come up after you made a decision. That and the titular Lion's Song, which is the song that the character in episode 1 eventually compose & will be heard throughout the rest of the episodes, and it changes depending on what choices you made. This particular one is the best possible version of the song, and it's pretty epic. Wonder why the design for each characters have them with that.... weird nose. It's like everyone's having a flu or some sort! 47) Dead Cell Platform: PC I played this game WWAAAAAAY back when it was only a really early alpha with just the first boss as the last obstacle. Now it has finally come full circle with the full release, and I died over and over again, but each time I get back stronger than ever before. Love that this game is a bit like Dark Souls in that you have an estus flask with you that you can upgrade with souls, and also you can invest souls for better equipment with better buffs which makes the Roguelike thing actually progressive and that you do get stronger after each step closer to the end. Unlike most roguelikes where getting to the end requires a lot of luck hoping that you get the absolute best gear before getting to the final boss or else you're screwed. I will totally play this game again and unlock more stuff and get the true ending. Hope I can get further abilities since I see places where I have to wall jump and unlock a more powerful ground and pound. 48) DUSK Platform: PC It's that gory game that's heavily inspired by Quake and having you destroy everything in your path with various weaponry. Like the cultsy vibe & that the game put military ops in so you don't just fight supernatural enemies the whole game. Also love how creative the level designs are, especially the one where you tilt gravity & the one that mostly takes place in a giant factory where in the end you fight an Arnold Swatzneger wannabee. This guy is pretty much what you get if you put an Arnold impersonator up to 11. Fuck these enemies though Especially at the end when there's 5 of these things in 1 large area. Their rocket attacks can instantly destroy your health if you're not moving around, and the best way to kill them is to use the riveter, aka rocket launcher of death. But good luck not getting hit by the explosion when you're in a cramped room! 49) Radiant One Platform: PC Wow. This... is shorter than I expected. Basically it's about a guy who has a lucid dream and has been sleeping peacefully while able to dream anything he wants. Then he has a nightmare with this black cloaked figure that can hurt him in real life. And then it basically becomes a game of exploring his past until the root of the problem was found, and then he wakes up fine. Well that was simple! This is definitely originally an iPhone game since the touch screen circle icon is still here. I like the graphics, colorful and pretty with a soothing feel to it. Great music as well. The thing that makes the game short is that the game only takes place in an apartment + his dreams. There are parts where he gets out to meet a doctor and work, but these are all just in a narration text crawl. Had these sections be in the game, the game would definitely be longer & more interesting. Ah well, maybe the dev's next game will have more stuff.
  14. It's those shit kids' fault. They're responsible for the Joker being created. Lesson here: be nice. If not, you will create a monster that unleashes his retribution to you & the world. Joe already made a reaction of this Can't wait to see this film. This trailer's tone is perfect for a Joker origin story before shit hits the fan. We get to see young Bruce & looks like Bruce's dad is going to be a corrupt businessman and who the Joker will ruin/ kill, causing Bruce to become Batman. Pretty interesting take on the lore there, but I want to see how this goes since looks like this will either be a new alternate universe unrelated to the DCU films before, or it's the same universe all along and Joaquin is the first incarnation of Joker before Jared Leto becomes his successor or something. Hope this film turns out to be awesome!
  15. Ever want to know why Anthem was such a fucking disaster till now? Now you know! Wow..... what a horrendous mismanaged game this is. So bad that EVERYONE is at fault from Bioware to EA. Good thing the truth is revealed and I don't have to guess what happened during the development of this game. Still, this is just freaking sad. This is actually the exact same situation that my company had before I was made redundant 2 weeks ago: no clear structure until it's too late. Whoever it was on the high management at EA has 5 freaking years to make Anthem as great as it can be, but they decided to do it after that 5 years is up and only 1 year to develop the game. WHY DO THESE IDIOTS THAT DOES ALL THIS GET PAID??? They should be kicked out & replaced with competent people! Good thing the great developers already left Bioware so now I don't feel bad about Anthem getting ripped apart. My best wishes to those people & hope they have a better job. I haven't bought any new EA games since Battlefield 1, and thankfully I will not buy another one anytime soon. Maybe if that upcoming Star Wars Fallen Order ended up exceeding expectations, but I highly doubt it considering how atrocious the situation is with Anthem.