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  1. So. After 29 hours of this game. I can certainly make this statement. Games this year so far that are worthy of a top 10 best games list: Nioh Gravity Rush 2 Yakuza 0 Resident Evil 7 Games this year so far that is worthy of game of the year: Nier Automata Holy fucking shit. This game is absolutely phenomenal. A gigantic improvement over the first Nier while still having the same thought provoking and depressing as fuck story and incredible soundtrack that makes Nier memorable. Just when you think ending A is all there is to this game, the game says "fuck that shit, we're not stopping now bitches, here's some more stuff to blow your fucking brains out" And it just keeps getting better. And better. And better. And better. This is the complete opposite of Phantom Pain where in that game after you complete the first half, afterwards it's just a rehash of the first half with stupid cut content. In this game, the first half is NOTHING compared to the second half. It is just a non stop roller coaster ride from beginning to the freaking end, and even the end credits for the absolute final part of this game is fucking amazing. THE END CREDITS FOR GOD'S SAKES! The only other end credits that I can think of that's also this amazing is Undertale, but that is nothing compared to this game. I'm going to update my first impression and upgrade it to full review, without spoiling anything of course. But bottom line, I don't know how Horizon Zero Dawn will top this game. It can try with its mechanical dinosaurs and tribes with fancy futuristic gadgets and...... oh...... so........ beautiful........graphics........ Ok I think Horizon will be a GOTY contender too. But Nier Automata set the bar first damn it! Aw come on, you watch it too. Even I ignored TNA. NNNNNEEEEEEEERRRRRRRDDDDDD!
  2. Well, played 8 hours of this game and........ here's my first impression. Any question about this game can be asked there. Don't worry, there is no spoiler. Well except how the gameplay works but no worry! I will not spoil this game at all.
  3. As I have promised, since I luckily got this game on PS4 because I have a singapore PSN account, I got Nier Automata's japanese version, which is in english anyway so thank God I got a japanese game that's in english compared to the Yakuza seriesessss that's not available in english yet. This game's story takes place MAAAAAAANNNNNYYYYY years after the first Nier. So there's aliens from outer space attacking earth with their robots. People on earth can't survive against them so they all have to evacuate to the moon, and they have to combat these aliens by dispatching these androids. Many of them regular androids who's just like normal people, but they are not enough to fight. So these more advanced androids named YoRHa androids are sent in to help the androids fight. This game stars one of these androids, her name is 2B and she's a combat android capable of kicking tons of robots asses. Together with a recon robot named 9S, they fight the machines in order to take back earth from the evil hands, or tentacles of the aliens. Then mind blowing and epic shit ensues, which doesn't. Freaking. Stop. So I played the entire 29 hours of this game, completing every single part of this game, well except the sidequests which I'm going to do after finishing the game, and getting every ending to the bitter well fought end. And......... well, here's the thing. Everytime the story progresses in this game, it always makes me go And in some cases And finally when the end happens, I do this This game.... is fucking phenomenal. I..... I can't even...... zzuh...... HOW?? HOW CAN THIS GAME JUST GET BETTER AND BETTER EACH TIME I PLAY IT AND END IN SUCH A SATISFYING AND EPIC FASHION??? If I can compare Platinum games with something in relation to this game, I think of this game as AJ Styles' career. So AJ Styles back when TNA doesn't fucking suck = Bayonetta + Madworld + Vanquish + Metal Gear Revengeance AJ Styles when TNA slowly decends to hell but still has couple of good moments = Legend of Korra + Transformers Devastation AJ Styles when TNA decided to suck hard = Mutants in Manhattan (because although Styles tries his best, TNA just hampers his potential) AJ Styles in NJPW and afterwards WWE to become one of the best WWE champion of all time = Nier Automata Platinum has returned in full fucking force. Or if I can compare Yoko Taro's previous games with something, I think of his game collections as Bray Wyatt's career. Bray when he starts his "family" back when he was a threat: Drakengard 1 Bray when he's lost his credibility afterwards: Drakengard 2 Bray when he beat Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble 2014: Nier Bray when he lost against Undertaker: Drakengard 3 Bray winning the WWE championship and becomes a threat: Nier Automata I just watched WWE so...... In short, I didn't expect Nier Automata to be this fucking amazing. Like, Platinum did a much2 better job in making the gameplay actually fun and fucking awesome compared to when Cavia made Nier and Drakengard 1 & 2. I feel bad for Cavia since they make with what they could back then, but Platinum just trounces them like an elephant stepping down a rat and splatter it's guts all over the floor. The gameplay is like what you have seen in the demo if you have played that. But overall, it doesn't feel like you're playing Bayonetta with Nier elements thrown in. It feels like you're playing the first Nier, but your character just so happens to move as smooth as Bayonetta.... if that makes any sense. And it's great. It's really jarring though that this game doesn't have any QTEs at all. Seriously. A Platinum game without this?? That's a first! The open world is, well, as you might expect from an apocalyptic wasteland, filled with ruins of civilization and other robots that are mostly harmless and don't attack you, except the ones that are fucking dicks. It's actually quite big and have many different areas, and you can explore these places either by running or taming animals with animal bait and then ride them to go fast as hell. No you don't get them by doing a quest like the first Nier where you have to beat an incredibly hard to kill boar that takes 10 minutes to kill, it's much easier in this game. Here's how you can ride them And when you progress through the game, it comes to the point that you don't even need to use bait anymore, you can just ride them whenever you like. Neat! There are these things scattered around the map that looks like vending machines, but they are actually save posts that you can use to enable saves. Yes, this game purposefully doesn't do autosaving so you have to manually save. Don't worry, it's actually really easy to do and really fast. Now in the first couple of hours playing this game, it can get annoying that this game doesn't have fast travel, especially when the place for the next quest is pretty far away. But after a few hours you'll unlock fast travel and you can travel to any of the vending machines you have found in the world map, so it's all good! Also this game is surprisingly influenced by Dark Souls a bit, because it has that "if you die you have to recover items from your dead body or else you will lose everything" stuff. HAHAHA, but if you have just saved your game before you die, you can pretty much just load your game easily and you don't have to recover your dead body in the first place. You can stumble into other dead player's bodies in this game, especially in boss fight areas because man, there's a lot of dead bodies there, and you can interact with these bodies in 2 ways: either take what they have which will heal your health as well, or have them fight alongside you, which is especially useful in boss fights. Well not really because their defenses are weaker than a wet paperbag, but they can help you in combat if you want. Upgrading your character is pretty interesting here. Upgrading weapons is like the first Nier, you go to a weapons specialist and then either buy weapons or upgrade weapons as long as you have the right parts. Upgrading yourself though requires these chips that you can assign to the slot as long as you have enough storage. You buy more storage from the shopkeeper, and there's a lot of chips with their stat boosts, like "increase health", "auto heal", "increased damage" etc. It's up to you to decide which chips you want to use. And yes just like in the demo, if you remove the OS chip, you're basically killing yourself and you'll get a false ending. Neat! In the first Nier, you get Grimoire Weiss to help you shoot magic bullets and special attacks. Here you get support pods which helps you attack, and you can get more than 1 pods as long as you found them in the open world, which comes with their own weapons. You got the one that fires a machine gun just like in the demo, and I found a pod that fires a missile launcher. Plus remember in previous Nier Grimoire Weiss have special attacks like firing lancers, summoning giant fists and other cool stuff? The pods here can do that as well. And as expected from Nier, there's areas in the game where the camera will switch from 3D to side scrolling 2D or even top down. But unlike the first Nier which is annoying and kind of clunky, here it's much smoother and better. Because Platinum knows their shit. And then there's other surprises thrown in that change the game completely, like the flying shooter segments, which are hmmmm, SWEET AS CANDY. It pretty much feels like playing Astebreed without the score multiplier, or bullet hell shooters There's more stuff this game has, but I can't spoil any of it. So you'll just have to trust me that they're in the game, and they're awesome. Not only is the gameplay a major improvement, everything else is great too! It's has everything that makes the first Nier great, this time even better, which surprises me because I don't think it's even possible to top the first game's story, but it did! The characters are all great. 2B, 9S, Adam, Eve, the pod companion 042, the pacifist robot Pascal who's the sweetest robot you will ever see in this game, hell, even the enemies later in the game have great characterization that you care about all of them, and you feel sorry when they are subjected to racism in the game. Yes, racism. By the androids. Even though they're both robots. Even robots can be racist to each other, who knew? The story is fucking phenomenal. How can a game that features androids fighting against robots that looks like this be phenomenal? I don't know but this game fucking did it. And nope, I will not spoil anything about this game's story because it is a tale filled with so many twists and turns that has to be experienced. Do you have to play the first Nier to understand the story? Well no actually! It's perfectly accessible even to newcomers. There are MANY references to the original Nier which will send nostalgia up your spine if you have played the first game, but overall this game tells its own tale and you don't have to play the first game to enjoy it. Playing the first game enriches this game, but not necessary, which is sweet! Lastly the music, OHOHOHO THE MUSIC. If you think the first Nier have great songs, this game just up the ante. These are some examples. I can't put more because the titles of the songs will spoil stuff. The only issue I have with this game is that at first, traveling can be a drag because the fast travel isn't unlocked yet. And then there's quite often framedrops happening in the city area of this game. It will fall from 60 to 30 ish, especially when there's dozens of enemies in the screen at once. Maybe by the time this game comes out in March 7 and 10 this won't be an issue. BUT those things are just minor inconveniences compared to the amazing stuff this game has. Unlike the first Nier where I actually hated playing the game but I keep onwards because I like the story, in this game I love everything about this game except for the issues above. In fact I like this game so much, that out of all the great games that has come out this year so far that deserve to be in the top 10 games list like Nioh, Gravity Rush 2, Resident Evil 7 and Yakuza 0, this is the first game that deserve to be GOTY. And I am dead. Fucking. Serious. Ah yes, and the game also lets you play any part of the game that you want through a chapter select! Which is so unlike the first Nier where the game makes sidequests incomplete if you missed them after a key moment so you have to play the game from the beginning and makes sure to complete those sidequests or else you won't be able to complete them, and makes you repeat the same parts just to get through the endings other than A. Of course you have to get through 29 hours for that to happen but it's awesome that it's there, especially for completionists that wants to complete every single sidequests but doesn't want to replay the entire game from the beginning all over again. And I think this is the first game I have ever seen that lets you unlock trophies, and later on Steam achievements by buying them. You read correctly. And all it takes is you to actually complete the entire game's story and a fuckload of in game money! Want to get that delicious platinum trophy but don't want to sink in 100+ hours to do every single trophy requirements? Just buy them. I won't do it though because I am not even close to finding every single thing this game has to offer, and I will get them with my own determination damn it! I give this game the rating of "so awesome that my mind is blown, I'm very happy, and I will play this game ALL over again! Well, before Horizon Zero Dawn comes out and I'll play the crap out of that game. But after playing that game, I'll return to Nier Automata to play the game all over again!" And of course this game gets the Badass seal of Approval! Too bad Joe won't review this game. Or will he??? Oh I feel sympathy for you people that have to wait till 7 or 10 March for this game. But you know, anxiously waiting for the game and then playing it only to be blown away by how awesome it is is more satisfying, I think. Be prepared to have buckets ready near you when you play this game, because your mind will be blown and fall into pieces, and you'll have to reassemble your fallen mind chunks piece by piece! Let's see if Horizon Zero Dawn is as great as the reviews said. Man, 2017 is probably the best gaming year since..... I don't know since when!
  4. Hm. Good point. The first hours of the game is pretty much the demo. Plus the Bullet Hell shoot em up segment. The game's not fully installed yet so this is as far as I can go for now. But if this is how the game starts, then the rest of the game may have even more surprises. I can't wait. Who knows, maybe this game may end up being 2017's hidden surprise and be even better than Horizon Zero Dawn. But I'll have to wait and see.
  5. Wow. That's quite the ripoff. In the singapore PSN, I pretty much pay an equivalent of $57 USD. Maybe you should create a singapore PSN instead and get the SGD from a website that sells them like I did. Or you know, watch the first few minutes of the game on youtube and wait, wait and envy the people that has gotten their hands on this game right now while thee have to wait until 7 March. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
  6. So let me get this straight. We have to fucking wait 1 week before Horizon Zero Dawn comes out, until 7 or 10 March before Nier Automata comes out, and yet in Japan this game is already out, in english, and the intro of the game is an extension of the demo where you also play a plane shoot em up segment similar to Strania And other classic shoot em up games which is one of my favorite genre ever.................... ffffffffffffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Oh wait. I have a singapore PSN account and I can buy this game right now. HAHAHAHAHA!! YESS!!! BLESS YOU SINGAPORE PSN ACCOUNT!! Still can't get Horizon Zero Dawn now though. Fuck you reviewers and your delicious 9 out of 10s, I, I DON'T EVEN CARE! To all the rest of ye that are still waiting for this game, my sincerest condolences. Fret not, I will make a first impression of this game to let you know if this game is worth it or not. Knowing Yoko Taro and Drakengard 1's shit he has pulled though.... I'm expecting weird fucking shit to go down. Weird, beautiful shit! Until then, I strongly advice you guys to watch the Drakengard + Nier analysis from this youtuber before the game's released to know about this series' lore before playing Nier Automata. He lays out the whole series pretty well. Whatever you do, don't play these games. They.... have aged poorly. I played Nier recently and I fucking hated how boring and annoying the game is, but good thing the game's soundtrack and story are fantastic, or else I would have given up on playing the game after the first 3 hours. The good thing is Nier Automata's demo whoops these games' asses and are infinitely better than all of those games combined, so if the demo is like that, I can't imagine how the entire game will be. Which I will find out soon.
  7. Beat them already. For Nobunaga, he's pretty easy to beat first as long as his sword isn't powered up by elemental attacks, just parry him and dodge his wife's attacks. Then afterwards the wife is easy picking. Muneshige Tadakatsu is tough at first, but they're no match for me once I separate them and parry parry PARRY BEYATCH! BTW the song for the battle is getting on my freaking nerves by now. Now that I have beaten every single side missions in the game, it's time for the New Game + challenge! And judging by how hard the first mission is of new game +, I can tell that this is going to be very. Very. Tough.
  8. 22) Shadow of the Beast Platform: PS4 This game is the remake of the waaaaay back Amiga game of the same name. It's even an unlockable in the bonus section, which is neat! But this remake is WAAAAAYYYYY better than that old dated game. The story remains the same. Your main character is formerly a human child named Aarbron. He's kidnapped by a powerful mage named Maletoth because he has untapped potential to be an unstoppable force of destruction, and is transformed into a Predator lookalike thing that kills whoever crosses his path. But one day during his killing spree, he killed his father by accident, and when he found out that he's done, he's fucking pissed at Maletoth. And so begins a journey of ass kicking, puzzle solving and a pretty cool 2D metroidvania esque game with a pretty damn solid combat that's kind of like if the Batman Arkham is 2d and isn't stiff like that game Blackgate. As demonstrated here. I got this game from a flash sale in the Singapore PSN store, and I'm damn glad that I played this game. It's a surprisingly good mix of old school 2D platforming and like I said, Batman Akrham esque combat where the more you perform your killing streak without getting interrupted by an enemy attack, the more points you will get to use for your character upgrades, and it's very smooth, albeit will get pretty difficult in later stages. There's 7 stages total to play, 6 of them with many secrets to uncover like secret enemy encounters, story exposition and unlockable amulets that will buff your combat abilities, and all very much fun to play more than once and get better at because each stages are ranked by how well you do encounters with enemies. And as I mentioned, there's also the classic Amiga original version of this game you can unlock, so you basically get 2 in 1. I haven't managed to beat that one yet because it's fucking hard as balls. But there's also a lot of stuff to unlock. Like upgrades for your combat ability, the ability to play the original Amiga soundtrack in game, and the ability to understand enemy chatters because at the start, everyone's speeches are blurred. So after you unlock all 5 languages, you'll be able to understand what they're saying and in some cases you'll get cool story expositions compared to when you understand nothing. Oh, and the soundtrack for this game, fucking amazing remixes. Can't wait for the sequel of this game. There's 3 games of this series the Amiga, so let's see what the next games have to offer. I wonder how it will play though because in each sequels, you lose the ability of the beast and become more human. We'll see what comes next. 23) Potatoman Seeks the Troof Platform: PC Got this game from Lord Wayne! It's a pretty hard platforming game where you have to dodge a lot of obstacles and instant death traps in your way without the ability to attack back. Only jump, and your goal as a Potatoman is to seek the Troof. Troof of what? Well...... since he's a potato, he's looking for the Troof that he's a potato. So duh. Because playing this game will make you think about potato, here's how to make mash potato! 24) The Technomancer Platform: PC From the creator of Mars War Logs and Bound by Flame, comes this sequel to Mars War Logs. Basically technomancers are people that can control electricity, and in Mars War Logs, these people are like mages that has it's own order and are protectors of Mars. This game has you playing as one of them named Zachariah as he helps the people of mars, got into a conspiracy with a corrupt government, and have to somehow make contact with Earth for reinforcement because water is running low in Mars. Which is bullshit because in the Matt Damon film the Martian, you can create water in Mars! But whatever, that's what this game's story wants. Now this game is pretty much the same as Bound by Flame for those of you that has played that game, only much faster and much more fluid. Combat lets you pick between 3 different styles: fight with a stick so you can do kung fu stuff with it, fight with a knife and gun, or fight with a shield and mace. These styles plays differently, and whichever style you want depends on your personal preference. And you can also use Technomancy, which gives you attacks and buffs based on electricity, like shield, powering up weapons or straight up just create an electricity explosion. Basically if you have played Bound by Flame and Mars War Logs before, you know what to expect from this game. Multiple party members that has their own ways of attacks to assist you during combat, going from places to places to complete quests, you know the drill. It's a bummer that there's 3 games in, and the dev still doesn't allow you to fast travel to different areas instantly, and instead making you have to run 10 minutes from point a to point b just to go to a quest giver and do quests. It becomes especially annoying at the final stretch where you pretty much have to go to a city, spend 10 minutes to go to a specific point, spend 10 minutes to get back into your jeep to enter the world map to enter another area, and spend another 10 minutes to get into a specific spot in that world map, and then go back to the same darn city that took 10 minutes to get in and out the first time, to complete the quest. Like..... ARGHHH. Although it is still a pretty good, if pretty hard game as you will die a lot if you're not careful at dodging enemy attacks. A shame that the final boss isn't as epic as Bound by Flame with this amazing soundtrack accompanying that fight But it is a different setting so I can forgive it. The next game in the series, whether it's a Bound by Flame sequel, sequel to this game or a new game entirely, better have fast travel or else I'll go bananas!
  9. Ho. So the reviewers already got their hands on this game and they already finished it, while we have to wait till 28 February. Life can be so unfair. PS. Must assassinate reviewers and retrieve game immediately. 2017 has the absolute best collection of games in January - February since...... I don't know since when. Yakuza 0, RE7, Nioh, Gravity Rush 2, ALL of them are in the top 10 best games of 2017. And now we have Horizon Zero Dawn. What is going on here?? If these awesome games are out this early, how will the rest of the year top this shit??
  10. I read all the bios for every character that I have unlocked. Interestingly Fuku who I thought is a made up character, is a historical character as well named Lady Kasuga. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Kasuga And she's apparently a wet nurse in those days. No, not Bloodborne's wet nurse A real wet nurse. As in, woman that give her milk to other babies. Man the past is quite colorful ain't it?? Nah, homunculus is the correct term because Kelley is grown in a lab by John Dee. He's not a clone because in this universe, there's no other person called Edward Kelley. But the other bastards in the lab are clones of the homunculus Kelley. Right now I'm completing the sidequests that I skipped before. It's nice to overpower everyone that used to be hard to kill before. Which means beating every single historical characters that I have fought. And fighting Nobunaga + Nouhime at the same time, which is...... unpleasant. Now I have to fight Tadakatsu and Muneshige at once. That's...... unfair.
  11. Oho sure, pay $60 for a game instead of just $42. It works, and the games are cheap as dirt. Well..... there is one time it gives me a stupid copy of Mafia 3 that only works in Europe, but thanks to me having buyers protection, the game is refunded to me right away when I made an enquiry for it. But that's just a very rare one time out of 50+ things that I buy from it. I rather buy from them than pay $80-$100 in my local video game stores or $90 on Steam for new games. Or Green Man Gaming. That's a good alternative. Wow, Bundlestar has yet another bundle. This time it's a "build your own bundle". Depending on how much you pay, you can get either 3, 5 or 10 games out of 29. https://www.bundlestars.com/en/promotions/kalypso-pick-mix-bundle One thing's for sure though, stay the fuck away from Dark. And the Tropico games from 1 till 3 since you can just get all of them as a trilogy pack, in the same bundle...... then why not just get rid of those individual games and just have the trilogy??
  12. Red Steel 2 did it well. And Overwatch with McCree, although he's pretty out of place in the futuristic world of Overwatch. Still badass. Call of Juarez can't do it justice because the people behind it have no talent to make it work. Any concept can work great with the right developers. Maybe Rockstar will make it like Westworld where the whole Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually a giant simulator of the wild west? But hahahaha, I was just kidding. If they do make it like that though, I will be pleasantly surprised.
  13. Bundlestars has a $10 bundle for the Batman Arkham series games, from the first Arkham Asylum to........ Batman Arkham Origins including the castlevania esque Origins Blackgate. All with their story and challenge DLCs included! No Arkham Knight in the bundle which is a shame. If anyone of you have not played Arkham Asylum & City, this is your time to do it. https://www.bundlestars.com/en/bundle/batman-complete-bundle?utm_source=Bundle Stars Newsletter&utm_campaign=19f57bc8fe-BundleFest_Batman_02_17_2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3437eaaeba-19f57bc8fe-424241025&mc_cid=19f57bc8fe&mc_eid=07c22bb4d3 But there is a separate bundle for Arkham Knight! 's season pass. Only $6 instead of the retarded $40 when it was in 2015. But G2A has the season pass for just $4.30, and the game is only $6.64 at G2A as well. So my suggestion if you want to get Arkham Knight: Just buy the game and season pass from G2A.
  14. The premise of this game is that one day, a giant earthquake happened that fucked up earth's resources. Only a few of them are left, and 3 factions, the Knights, Vikings, and Samurais are all fighting one another for that resources. They went to war with one another, ironically forgetting what they fought for the first time since thousands of years have passed and they seem to live long just fine. So they give up fighting and settle for peace. Until this badass woman of war Apollyon comes down to make them fight among each other once again. The intro sums it up perfectly. I can bet that most people know about this game already. It's a hybrid of hack and slash + fighting game with a multiplayer heavy gameplay. The matches in multiplayer are divided into 3 categories: Dominion which is basically "capture a teritory to accumulate points until 1 side gets the most points, in which case it becomes a sudden death of eliminating the opposition"; team deathmatch; and one on one duel. When you complete a match, you can get loots for your characters which gives them different stat boosts. And this game has 12 Each with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you're a beginner at this game, I suggest playing using Vanguard characters like Raider, Kensei and Warden because they all have simple to use combos and are pretty durable. But if you're used to the game, Orochi is my next recommendation. Because that class is perhaps the best class in the game if you know how to avoid getting attacked as it can decimate enemies in an instant with his flashy Ninja + nimble Kenshin Himura moves. All of multiplayer and singleplayer are played using the in game fighting mechanic. Which can either be one of the most awesome combat mechanic for a one on one sword fight, or the most difficult thing to master and therefore too hard to play, depending on which person play it of course. The way it works is you lock on to an enemy, and then there's 3 directions that you can align your attacks or defense on: up, left and right. If you want to block or attack from above, you align your cursor up, and for other directions as well. You can do a guard break attack which negate blocking by enemies and give you room to attack, or you can do a guard break and then guard break enemies into a cliff or a spiked wall or other hazards which can deal heavy damage or outright kill them instantly. It really is one of those things that you have to try yourself to figure out. I personally love this game's fighting mechanic. Duels with everyone, whether it is ai or other players feels great and intense, and the winner is determined purely by your own skill on mastering it just like mastering fighting games. I got so good at this game that I'm pretty much almost invincible in one on one duel matches with other players. Which makes this game one of the only multiplayer games that I'm really good at. HAHAHAHA! Sorry. I usually get my ass kicked in multiplayer. So I talked about multiplayer, but what about singleplayer? Well I can say that for most people singleplayer is alright. It has 18 missions, which has 6 missions for each of the 3 factions which lets you play as the Vanguard classes the most, like the Warden and the Raider, while having 1 stages for other 2 classes in between. With the exception of the Samurai which lets you play the majority of the campaign as the Orochi. It can take you around 6 - 8 hours to complete the singleplayer depending on how fast and good you are at the game's combat and whether you collect the collectibles in this game or not. Think of the singleplayer as a beat em up game similar to Streets of Rage or Final Fight where you fight normal enemies along the way until you get to the end level bosses, only with a much more complex combat mechanic. The purpose of the singleplayer is to prepare you for the multiplayer battles ahead, so if you play the singleplayer, you are ready for the multiplayer. Oho, but for me personally, I played the betas of this game's multiplayer before, and because I'm already pretty good at the game's combat against other players, singleplayer is where the real challenge lies. It has 4 difficulty settings. Easy, medium, hard and realistic which removes the indicators of where enemies will attack you, there is no checkpoint except very few missions so if you die you have to restart from the beginning of the stage, and the ai is generally much more aggressive and have much more varied moves. So you bet your ass that I play the singleplayer on Realistic difficulty, and FUCK ME, it is fucking hard. Like, it's so hard that if these ais are in multiplayer matches, they will whoop everyone's ass in an instant kind of hard. But at the same time it's also an intense and awesome way to play the game, especially when fighting the game's bosses which will kick your ass. The final boss for each factions are all really fun to fight. The last boss of the last faction is the absolute best of them all, and it gets even more fantastic once you put this song in for that fight. Trust me, it fits so damn well with the fight that you will feel incredible fighting the boss with this song. Only try the Realistic mode when you are truly ready, or if you find multiplayer to not be that challenging. One thing to note about the singleplayer is even though the story overall is alright and nothing special, the villain Apollyon is awesome. Sure she's pretty much a complete bitch who hates peace and wants the 3 factions to fight each other, but man can she back up her ego. She kicks ass at fighting, but she is also a cunning strategist as well that makes everyone her bitch in this game, and I want to see a villainous character like her in future games. A female villain who's both strong and smart as hell? That's pretty rare these days where female villains are either high school bitches, or women which manipulates things from the shadows but can't fight as well as the heroes. The negative of this game is pretty much depended on whether you like this game's combat mechanic or not. If you have played this game's beta before and you find the combat to be not to your liking, then you will not like this game. Simple as that. The soundtrack is also pretty lacking. Nothing epic even though the set pieces this game has is pretty damn awesome which lead me to put my own epic soundtrack that fits into the game. Oh and for some reason, 4 vs 4 matches that are not dominion doesn't work right now. Like, I tried many times and I still can't get a 4 vs 4 deathmatch. WTF?? Overall, this is a really fun game for me personally because I like the game's combat mechanic and am pretty good at it, and I find the singleplayer to be a really awesome challenge to play through. But because of how divisive this game is, if you people want to buy this game, I suggest getting it when it's much2 cheaper. Unless you saw how this game is played on youtube and want to play this game based on it which if that's the case, get the game now! Just be ready to master the combat first before entering the battlefield. I give this game my rating of "so awesome I will play it again and again".
  15. Well, aside from an improvement on melee combat which is the weakest thing in past Rockstar games besides the Warriors and Bully which has EXCELLENT melee combat which are so good it becomes the combat for Sleeping Dogs, I want the ultimate surprise. Like making us think that "oh this game will just take place in the wild west." and then in the middle of the game, it goes to modern times, with completely new modern vehicles thrown in and modern guns, but still having Dead Eye to use. Kind of like Driver Parallel Lines. Only better. Hm, but if it's in modern times it's just going to be GTA all over again. So how about Back to the Future's future with flying cars? Where traffic is a thing of the past. Who knows, maybe there's a Delorean you can use to travel back and forth in time after the game ends.