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  1. Bought lots of games from Steam sale, but only had time to play a few since I'm busy traveling with my parents. Now that they returned home, I FINALLY HAVE TIME TO FINISH THEM! AHAHAHAHA!!! 80) The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories Platform: PC Gaahhh, so annoyed that D4 will never have its season 2..... for now. But at least we got Swery's next game. And surprisingly, it's his most normal and ground to earth game so far, second being Spy Fiction. Finally got to play this game after waiting for the price to go down. This is...... quite an interesting game. I think it's one of the only few puzzle platformer games I have played where getting yourself heavily injured through cuts & bone dislocation actually is required to get through the next stage. And I like how down to earth this game is. Even though it has Swery's stuff like having another character named FK + WTF moments like the backward speeches & moose head doctor amongst other things, it all ends up making sense in the very end. And I like how after you beat the game, you get alternate costumes after the game's reveal & you can pretty much replay the entire game with all-new lines so it encourages replayability, though that's pretty much it unless you haven't collected all the donuts. I miss games that do these things. 81) Team Fortress 2 Platform: PC Played this game to get the points during that Steam store racing metagame, and then I realized that I actually still have 20000 points from playing other games which I can't use since I didn't buy too much stuff to get more maximum points so...... Regardless, man..... this game takes me back. Nowadays Overwatch does the team based battle WAY better since you got lots of characters that have their own unique things besides weapons that makes them really fun and different to play. TF2 does have them, but it's way more limiting since most characters only have different weapons without skills, though this game was the one that set the standard back then & it's still fun to play after all this time. That is of course if the server you're in doesn't crap out with lags, you're not getting headshot all the freaking time by Mick Mundy or getting Dell's turrets shooting at you over and over again. Yes, that's Sniper & Engineer's real name. I still watch the youtube shorts when I feel like watching em. Especially this one: Personally I like these better than Overwatch's shorts. It's a lot funnier & not with superhero cliches. The comics are so freaking hilarious. Can't wait for more! 82) Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death Platform: PC I had this game for a LONG time, but when I played this game again, all my save file was on my other computer, so I had to restart all over again. Hate it when that happens! This is pretty much a God of War (PS2) clone, with less budget, less QTE kills, more annoying hard to kill enemies & less fluid controls, but a lot more minigames which includes railshooters & plane 2D shoot em up segments. It's a fun ride that's for sure, and it's helped with the funny banters your Marlow Briggs has with Steve Blum along the way, even if some of the comments are repeated after you make combos. The weirdest thing about this game is the way a lot of the cutscenes play out. It's like if the cutscene plays out normally it would look less cool, so they decide to freeze frame everyone and change the poses everytime the camera pans on something. The song that accompanies it is pretty cool, but when this happens every time you beat a boss & when you acquire a weapon, it just makes you wish the scenes play out like normal. Shame that there's no sequel to this game since it ends on a sequel hook. I would love to see how this tale continues.
  2. 78) Bohemian Killing Platform: PC Now this is an interesting one. Basically you've killed someone, and you have to make an excuse to avoid getting the guilty verdict in court. The reverse Ace Attorney if you will. You're given the version of events that the people in court know, like "at 10:30 am the suspect is sighted in a hotel" or something similar like that. Then what you have to do is pretty much make stuff up to paint yourself as innocently as you can, while being consistent with witnesses testimony so you can make what they saw/ know a complete misunderstanding. The interesting thing is that while you're recounting your story, you will come across items like "a letter addressed to a friend of yours", or "letter from a company which supports your work" which will be included in the evidence bag. Instead of the evidence actually working against you and make you even more guilty, they surprisingly help making you look even more innocent in this whole thing. After collecting the evidence and making sure to testify according to the facts, I actually got the innocent verdict regardless of whether I actually killed the victim or deny it because as it turns out, the victim was actually working for someone else that planned to steal your invention blueprint which you plan to give to the government, and the victim attacked you first by smashing your head so badly that you bled, so in the end even if you testify to killing her, it's all in self-defence. Well....... that worked out well! That is of course unless you fucked up and tell complete bullshit that doesn't line up with the facts at all which of course will get you jailed immediately. The game had a glitch where when I pause the game while I am on an elevator, I fell through the world & had to jump in a specific spot to get back in, and there's also one where if I pause the game when someone is talking, that someone will repeat their sentence from the beginning, but good thing you can skip the dialogue. Quite a fun game with rough edges here and there. Can't wait to see the game dev make another game, whenever that will be. 79) Muse Dash Platform: PC I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! HOLY CRAP THIS IS AWESOME!! This was originally an iPhone game & it's pretty much a rhythm game with only 2 buttons. It's simple but hard to master & the music are fucking incredibly good. So much so that I played many of the songs over and over again until I can't get them out of my head. Then proceed to find if there's a full version of the songs & download them, and thankfully I found them! I highly recommend this game for lovers of rhythm games. You will play the crap out of this game & hum the tunes all day long!
  3. 74) My Friend Pedro (full PC version) Platform: PC At last, after this game's preview at E3 2018, and after playing the flash game, the circle of Pedro is now complete. Even the launch trailer is awesome As for the game itself, it's like the flash game on steroids with more platforming puzzles that makes you have to shoot switches to open up locked platforms. There's 40 levels in this game and each levels has rankings depending on how long your killing combos are. If you can kill everyone in sight without resetting the kill combo, you'll definitely get S rank easy, though it's impossible in some stages since you have to do platforming puzzles which resets the combo multiplier. Good thing is you can rack up the points if you play the game on the hardest difficulty which reduces your healthbar to just 1 and makes almost every enemy shots very deadly, if you like racking up points that is, otherwise you can just enjoy the game without care which will take around 3 - 4 hours to complete. Shame it's that short and the only replayability is just you trying to S rank every stage, but it's still a lot of fun regardless. 75) BirdGut Platform: PC This is a free Steam game where you play as a deformed insect that's thrown out of your home, and you're eaten by a bird. So your goal is to get out of that bird while traveling through its intestines. Interestingly this bird's intestine is pretty much a factory for insects, so you'll see each intestines having their own divisions & workers. It's like Bugs Life, only with modern tools! 76) Assault Spy Platform: PC This is quite an entertaining game. Basically, this game is what happens when you take Dante & turn his sword + Yamato loadout into a single character, and then make his fist gauntlet + Pandora's box + Ebony & Ivory loadout into another character. Then make it all anime as hell. The plot of the game is pretty much this: You're a spy working to steal info from a robot factory. Then you get inside the robot factory & turns out the factory is taken over. Then plot twists left and right ensues which I can't say because it's quite fun to go through. I hope there's a sequel to this game. The combat is quite fun even though it's pretty much and elseworld DMC & I would love to see more characters with their own special move lists added. 77) Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Platform: PC OHOHOHOHO MAN, the creator of Symphony of the Night has come back to make his own game universe with the same Metroidvania stuff he's known for, and it is beautiful! Freaking Snake is cast as one of the cast which was the main character of the 8 bit throwback game Curse of the Moon? Shovel Knight is also here? There's many unashamedly cheeky Castlevania esque enemies & areas put together? There's THIS? Alucard is also here, right down to having the same voice actor?? And there's even giant dogs & cats as enemies?? This game is freaking awesome. My nostalgia sense was tingling every step of the way I play this game from the beginning right down to the very end after I completed 99.80% of the entire map. IGA, well done. You made your kickstarter goal & created the game that everyone requested, and you added so many more awesome stuff in it, including free upcoming dlcs. This game is definitely one of the best of 2019 & I can't wait to play the upcoming dlcs!
  4. 71) Dead Space 2 Platform: PC Since RE2 Remake was damn good, I'm in the mood for RE4 - 6 esque shooter esque games of the past. One of them being Dead Space, 2 specifically because that's my personal favorite. Now that I replayed 2, it has aged really damn well & still really damn fun to play. It doesn't scare me one bit since there's too many obnoxious jump scares, all except that fucking eye needle section that I still am scared to play even now. Shudder. Still, all that matters is that it's still so much fun killing necromorphs by dismembering their limbs by any means necessary, and the natural futuristic HUD in this game is still very refreshing to see, though I do wish that you can skip cutscenes so that I can get through the talking parts that I already listened to before. 72) The Surge Platform: PC This is that game from the maker of Lords of the Fallen, that game which has a smooth fast paced combat with Dark Souls mechanics. This one still has Dark Souls mechanics, but the combat emphasizes more on aiming enemy limbs so you can perform fatalities on them and get separate gears & materials for each limbs. And it takes place in a futuristic setting where there's a lot of robots & people that went haywire and tries to kill everyone in their sight. I actually played this game last year, then I got really bored with it because the grinding in this game is so damn obnoxious that I had to kill 30+ enemies just to upgrade my gears, and no matter how much I upgrade, it seems that my character dies so quickly that I question if there's any need to upgrade at all. When I got back to playing this game, turns out there's actually implants that significantly upgrades your max HP, but I found it WAY LATE in the game which suddenly turns the game from way too hard and grindy to actually being a normal Souls esque game...... WHY CAN'T I ACQUIRE THE HEALTH UPGRADE MUCH EARLIER??? This game actually achieves one of the rarest things in gaming nowadays: it has a final level that destroys any good thing it had before. The game starts fun, then it becomes boring, then it becomes fun again towards the end, then the end section has to add a fuckload of mazes for you to navigate through which sucks the fun out of it. The entire games' level design have mazes in the form of maintenance tunnels that sometimes can lead you to a shortcut to your savepoint. It's all well and good, but the final level in this game went WAAAYYY too far with putting so many hard to kill enemies & making navigation a pain in the fucking ass because there's so many freaking maintenance tunnels that looks the same, so much so that I actually went in circles 5 times just trying to figure out a way out to my save point. By the time I beat the final boss, I immediately uninstall the game & don't want to play it anymore. THANK GOD that's over with! Oh please don't let Surge 2 have any more of those annoying mazes to deal with! 73) My Friend Pedro ( flash) Platform: PC To prepare myself for the upcoming insanity of a game that is My Friend Pedro, I decided to go back to a previous version of this game, which is a flash game that can be played here. https://www.crazygames.com/game/my-friend-pedro It's definitely way simpler than the upcoming game, but it's still fun. You can slow mo & shoot guys with style, though there's no score to rack up & you can't do the stylish stuff that the upcoming game has. The final boss though is quite crazy, that I can't wait to see if the Steam version will have a similar level. Only 1 week to go!
  5. I don't mean "I don't care about the lore" in THAT way. I mean I'll just enjoy the game for what it is because it's not going to affect the plot of the films anyway. I played all the great Star Wars game from the Super SNES games right down to my personal favorites Jedi Outcast + Jedi Academy, which I love so much because they nail the lightsaber part so damn right and they have good Star Wars story even though they're non canon. I actually quite enjoyed the newer films. Force Awakens more than the Last Jedi. They don't suck, they just have different story directions which, well, piss a lot of Star Wars lore enthusiasts. They're still fun films that did the lore better than the fucking prequels did, and I hope Rise of Skywalker will redeem this new trilogy in the end. Also, as mangled as the lore are, they're not as bad as how horrible Game of Thrones betrayed the fans with the fuck up that is the last season after years of loyalty to the series. Joe has a vid on the game impression. Well, he and I like the game preview. Looks like we just gotta see if the full game will be as good as it looks, or if EA will fuck it up. Wow, so here's something unexpected: after this conference, people get to see an extended session of this game + play the game for themselves. And their response is the same: they all love the game & apparently, the press conference gameplay was made easier because the real game is like Sekiro level difficulty. Maybe not THAT hard but it's certainly challenging. And that the game will be like Mass Effect 2 where you can explore different places & do main + sidequests, and that some areas require unlocking abilities to open them. Well, now I'm even more excited about this game! It'll certainly be 10 + hours long & make me able to do saber duels like Sekiro. I am expecting Darth Maul / previous Jedis to fight as bonus bosses since Cal has a flashback ability. I can totally see him having a flashback to fight those guys to unlock mind reading, or some other cool abilities like that. Can't wait!
  6. I will of course update this once every press conference has been done. But for now, here's the press conference that nailed this year's E3: Since Sony's not in this year's E3, the competition of best conference is certainly much more interesting since anything can happen. And Microsoft actually did it: they didn't fuck up. You got your expected stuff like Xbox streaming which copies PS Now, Gears 5 & Halo, also Battletoads with an art style that's pretty interesting + that George R Martin FromSoft game which is depressingly a Lord of the Rings clone, like come on! Dark Souls has infinitely more original & interesting lore than that! The winning part of their conference are definitely Phantasy Star Online 2 & This Like....... you can't beat John Wick/ Neo being an important character in your game! Also Devolver Digital's conference. They just keep getting sillier every year & I love it! And of course, Square Enix actually did what they should have done: show off FF7 remake & the Avengers game. They pretty much won E3 because of it You know, this gameplay is like if FF 12 has FF 15's combat instead of point & wait to attack. I dig it! Not so much that the game will be episodic, but still it's pretty sick! Wait a minute.... are you telling me that the reason the Avengers didn't help Spiderman deal with the villains in that game is because they're on a parade celebrating themselves, and they fucked up so badly that they destroyed San Francisco and got everyone to turn against them for 5 years? Wow..... what shitty luck. That means Spiderman is more popular than the Avengers in this new Marvel universe. Looks like luck is on Peter's side this time! XD Side note: it's so damn weird seeing the different actors playing the Avengers. They're so far away from the films & the past games that it's actually jarring, well except for Hulk which is Hulk. But oh well, I can get used to it. The absolute shitfest this year is undeniably, most definitely and depressingly: The Bethesda press conference...................... OH GOD THAT IS SO DEPRESSING TO WATCH. There are actually stuff that I love, like DOOM Eternal, Wolfenstein, that cool looking Deathloop game + Ghostwire Tokyo. BUT OH MY GOD, WE DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT FALLOUT 76 + ELDER SCROLLS BLADE! And this....... Oh.... Oh God...... what have they done to you Comander Keen........ my soul is ripped in half with this...... ABOMINATION. Ok actually at least the animators did a pretty good job on making it look good but COME ON, WHAT HAVE YOU TURNED COMMANDER KEEN INTO?? HE'S BJ BLAZKOWICZ'S GRANDSON!! SHOW THE KID MORE RESPECT!!! Those 3 things destroyed the entire conference. EA HAS A BETTER CONFERENCE THAN THIS!! I mean sure, the only good thing about EA's press conference is that Star Wars game, but the other stuff they have are ok & definitely will have people who like Sims 4, Fifa or Battlefield 5 interested. They don't have a massacre of a legendary game series like they did last year with Command & Conquer on mobile! I need to play a happy game after witnessing that Bethesda shitshow....... I can't believe they stoop this damn low.............. Outside of those conferences, the game that really sticks with me is Watch Dogs Legion. It's all because you can play as a 70+ year old and shoot people, and you can create a gang of killer grandparents. That...... is one funny ass shit. I can totally see this being the bridge between Watch Dogs & Assassin's Creed. These are the sort of people that embodies the ideals of the assassins. Can't wait to see them working together & fight Juno in the future.
  7. Well, lightsabers in these Star Wars games hasn't cut people after Jedi Knight. It's probably so that kids who play these games won't be traumatized for life. But it's still dumb! Lightsabers in the films cut people, why not the games??? Actually Fallen Order looks pretty good. Definitely the only thing worth a damn in EA's press conference. It's miles more interesting than Battlefront that's for sure, it has skill progressions + a bit of Uncharted, and the combat is gonna be actually challenging since you're fighting Inquisitor troopers that can put up a fight. I've just played Sekiro & I want more sword duels so this makes me happy. Respawn knows their shit with Titanfall & Apex Legend, so they can do this game justice. Please have the game be more than 10 hours long! As for the lore of the game, I don't even give a crap about these things since all I care about are that the gameplay is fun and in the end it's just backstory anyway, or will end up as not canon like Force Unleashed. But it seems that the game is gonna be canon, at least for now before it's non canon & take place before Rogue One since Saw Gerrera is in here. I never heard about Cal Kestis before this game so I'm just gonna say that he's gonna die in the end, go into another hiding, or become one of Luke's teachers after Star Wars 6. Whatever the case, it's just backstory & I'll just enjoy the game for what it is.
  8. 70) Rochard Platform: PC Steam Spring Cleaning does it again. This game is what happens if Shadow Complex removes its Metroidvania elements, replace the gun with a Half Life gravity gun which can fire bullets and grenades, have it be funnier & you have access to change gravity at will. It's a pretty sweet combination. You basically play as a miner named John Rochard who got screwed by his boss, so now you're kicking his ass. There's a lot of levels to explore each with their own little unique puzzles on how you can use gravity to platform your way across, and each levels also have hidden collectibles for you to hunt. I managed to collect 90% of them with the ones I missed being in the early levels. Unfortunately, the game ends on a cliffhanger, and there's no sequel since 2011. URRGHHH, I WANT TO SEE HOW THE STORY CONTINUES DAMN IT!
  9. Yerp Hmm, Monster Trucks. Now that I drive my own car, if I saw those things driving in the road, I will just run the other way around because there's no way in hell I want to get squashed by those! It's surprising that Rockstar of all people published that game, and only GTA San Andreas, GTA Advance + GTA V has those trucks. I thought these things would show up everywhere in GTA! Thanks to Steam Spring Cleanup, I managed to play some old ass games that's been hanging in my library. This game called Hover in particular has really funky music. The game reminds me of Jet Set Radio, minus the roller blades.
  10. SPOILER ALERT INCOMING: Unfortunately, it's unlikely. Just because both films are owned by Sony, doesn't mean it's the same universe. It has to be the same director, or producer who made both films to link the universe together, unless it's a DC or an MCU film. It makes more sense that Glass is the sequel to Split because M Night is the director so he can do what he wants. This film is pretty much one of those "what if Superman is evil instead of good" fan theory comes to life. In the end of the film, there's even a good Lex Luthor & evil Aquaman + Wonder Woman sequel bait. But who knows? Maybe it will turn out that Hancock is part of the same universe in the sequel after all. We'll just see if Sony will go through with it. Surprisingly though, there is actually another superhero film that's in the same universe as Brigthburn. This Because James Gunn the producer of this film made that film & in the sequel bait, the main character is in a photo. Hm, but I don't think he stands a chance against the villains since he doesn't have superpowers. Maybe he will through a freak accident? We'll have to wait and find out!
  11. FINALLY, COMBAT GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE & RELEASE DATE!! On a serious note, this trailer has Hideo Kojima written all over it like usual. Only a couple of gameplay footage, vague story, and so many things that makes you just question how the actual final game will be like. And that is AWESOME! Can't fucking wait to get my hands on this game!
  12. You already posted Steel Reign back in...... 2016?? Holy crap, time flies! Speaking of Tank games, here's another one from my childhood that's pretty dope called Mass Destruction. Cool songs as well This next one is Rive, a game that I haven't played in a while but finally got back to because of the Steam Spring Cleaning event, and I'm glad I did because this game is really fun, and with a great soundtrack!
  13. Steam is currently doing a Spring Cleaning event where I can get rewards for playing old games I owned, so I played some really old ass stuff I haven't played in a while. 63) Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory Platform: PC This looks like a harmless platformer starring a sugar cube. Basically each time you move, you will flip a tile. Some tiles have double items like a platform or a spike so you gotta be strategic in moving forward in a couple of these stages. It makes you think "ooh, what a cute little game about a sugar cube rescuing other sugar cubes! What a happy game." And then the ending happened and your main character died because he melts after taking a stroll on a rainy day. Because he's a sugar cube and sugar melts with water.......... WHAT THE FUCK???? THIS GAME IS EVIL I TELLS YA, EVIL!!! That is unless you gain all the secret collectibles in levels which there are secret collectibles. Then it ends happily. PHEW, don't scare me like that game! 64) Himno Platform: PC I guess this is a rougelike endless platformer where your goal is to just collect as many gold as possible and get as high as you can. Weird thing is your character has a giant sword on his back, but there's no enemies to fight. What's the point?? But then again this game's supposed to just be a relaxing stroll up a bunch of platforms so it's pretty relaxing. Hm... maybe this game is a prologue to an actual game starring this character? We shall wait and see. 65) Observation Platform: PC The intro of this game looks really promising with the unsettling song choice Basically you're on a space ship where you're playing as an AI named SAM while you assist a woman named Emma Fisher. Both of you are trying to figure out what happened on your space station, and then 2001 a Space Odyssey shit happens, aka MIND FUCK. This game is pretty much 2001 A Space Odyssey, except even more confusing. The first half of the game is pretty straightforward in that you navigate through the space ship solving puzzles to uncover what actually happens in the story, then the second half happens and well, logic is out of the damn space. Prepare to get really confused & don't question any of it. Just enjoy the madness unfolding while looking at how pretty space is! 66) Yakuza Kiwami 2 Platform: PC So this game was recently released on PC, and I just had to play this game again. This time with 60 FPS and in English! And I still have just as much fun as this game as before on PS4 where I can't understand 90% of what happened because it's a Chinese version I bought from the Singapore PSN. This time I actually understand the dialogue choices so I don't have to brute force my way through, and looking back on the PS4 version I played, I actually picked the absolute funniest and worst choices with that version. Like there's a sidequest involving a mock job interview, and I realized that in the Chinese version, I basically mock everyone of my colleague for how nerdy they are and how they can't work properly, IN FRONT OF THE INTERVIEWER. Oh God, what have I done! I played the everliving crap out of this game all over again, and this time I FINALLY unlocked the battles with the Amon clan & beat them. My reward: the essence of Skullfuck which is essentially Kiryu's ultimate heat move you get in Yakuza 0 from unlocking his original game fighting style. The one where you slam your fists to a guy's a head & drag his head to your knee. It's so damn worth it! 67) RIVE Platform: PC A very2 self aware space shooter game. You're a guy controlling a spider mech & you're stuck in a space station. And then you have to find a way to get the hell out of there while talking to the ship AI that puts you through gauntlets of enemies to fight. And it's a damn good game. Shooting is nice, a lot of variations in traversal where one moment you're just playing a regular side scroller, and then the next you're playing some space shooter R Type stuff. And of course, a lot of cheeky references to games both old and new. They even mock microtransactions at one point! This game has a surprisingly sad ending, which then turns to be a good ending. Oh come on, first Sugar Cube and now this?? I think Steam purposefully picked these 2 games for Spring Cleaning for a reason! 68) Assassin's Creed: Unity Platform: PC Got this for free after that Notre Dame cathedral fire tragedy giveaway. It's so cool that this game's recreation of the cathedral is used to reconstruct the damaged part of the building, even though the game is about assassinating people left and right & parts of the game have you kill a bunch of people INSIDE THE CATHEDRAL. But to be fair, the people in the game desecrate the building with their killings, so it's pretty much God's retribution. Even Jesus was angry and destroy stuff when a temple was used as a marketplace. As for the game itself, MY GOD. What a damn mess. It's certainly ambitious I give the game that. France is so damn big, that it's the single biggest map in the history of the series, and it has so many things to do. That is until the future Origins & Odyssey game takes the crown. Love the parts where you actually go to a time jump to see Paris in different time periods, like World War 2, the medieval time and the part with the statue of Liberty being still under construction. Those are freaking awesome. Too bad that the game is filled with SO MANY FREAKING GLITCHES. I see an execution with a guillotine, and then I see the guy getting beheaded running away HEADLESS. I see a cutscene with Napoleon becoming really awkward because instead of me and him talking alone like the game intended, citizens left and right all of a sudden just barge in and talk regular npc dialogues while me and Napoleon are talking. And I see so many times where I assassinate a guy, only to have the guy doing ragdoll break dancing because his weapons merge with him on the floor. And these And these are just some things that happen out of 20+ glitches I saw. Just..... wowwwwwww. I was laughing so much seeing these things. Also the game's combat itself is...... I don't understand why they made it like this. It certainly makes the game more challenging since now you're forced to do one on one battles & the fights are like proper swordfights, but it just makes combat less fun & very cumbersome, especially when the speed of your attacks are slower than the previous assassins in the series. And you're supposed to be one of the assassin in the series that actually use stealth to kill targets & be really quick on his feet, so why is the attack speed in this game so freaking slow?? It's a good thing that Assassin's Creed Syndicate immediately go back to making you able to kill a lot of dudes at once & up the combat speed. Lastly, it's such a missed opportunity to have Elise, one of the best girl in Assassin's Creed who actually is more badass than the main character, relegated to being just an npc. She should be a dual playable main character of this game! I like Arno & her being together because they're perfect for each other. I think that's why Syndicate had 2 main characters, as a way for Ubisoft to say "here's what Unity should have been like in the first place." Still, as messy and glitchy as this game is, it's actually quite a nice look back at Assassin's Creed before Origins change the entire series. At least this game is actually made with a goal in mind & that goal is accomplished, with glitches of course. Certainly much better than what EA & Konami did with their Anthem, Mass Effect Andromeda & that zombie game which is a fucking travesty. I'm curious to see what the next Assassin's Creed will be like & when it will FINALLY merge with Watch Dogs to finish Juno's storyline once and for all. 69) Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Platform: iPhone Fun fact: I played this game as a part of my work helping Comcast market it in Australia back in December. And surprisingly, it's a fun ass game. WAYYY better than the console games because this game actually has challenge & not just a game to make kids buy toys to get characters! If you have played one of those turn based iPhone games where you open loot boxes to get character shards to get tiered characters, then you're familiar with this game. The difference is unlike most of those games which are bullshit and forces you to pay real money, this game actually did it right & make it fair so that you can get the best characters as long as you keep playing & opening lootboxes. Like Sdorica, another excellent iPhone game which I played & finished. The plot of this game is, well, a pretty normal fantasy adventure where you play as a normal kid who got sucked into another dimension, and in this other dimension you can control various creatures named "Skylanders" and fight an evil bald guy named Kaos with his minions. You beat him & in the end you return to your family. The end! And that's pretty much the plot of a lot of the console Skylanders game. At least this one is better than all of them, even though the Spyro used in this game is pretty much the messed up Spyro and not the beloved one from the original & the reignited trilogy. XD
  14. 59) Guilty Gear XRD -REVELATOR- Platform: PC Finally, I returned to Guilty Gear after playing SIGN in 2015. This is the sequel, or more accurately an expansion pack to that game. It continues the story of that game & finally answers the big mystery of who That Man is, accompanied by many more beautifully animated cell shaded cutscenes in the story mode, which is pretty much a 4 hour anime film. And that's AWESOME! I bought this game specifically because I went to the big fighting game tournament in Melbourne last week called BAM11. I went there last year for Dragon Ball, and returned again this year with much better result which I'm happy with, but that's a story for another time. I saw one of my mates playing Guilty Gear Revelator, and I bought the game after the event. Now last time I played SIGN, I thought I knew everything about that game because I played the tutorial and go from there, but NO. I saw crazy shits happening with my friend that I have no idea WTF is going on. Actually the entire game mechanics of the game are not in tutorial mode, but actually in a menu called "mission mode" which contains ALL the real game mechanics you need to know to play the game. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT??? But after I learn the mechanics, the game becomes simpler & make more sense. 60) Nidhogg Platform: PC It's that really fast paced fencing game where the goal is to reach either the far left or the far right of the map in a particular stage while trying to get past the other player through either killing them or getting right past them. Still simple & very fun to play, except when you have to play a single match for more than 10 minutes because the other guy just keep getting back and forth with you. Which is what happened to me! During the BAM11 tournament, there's also a side PC gaming tournament to take part in, and the particular game they had was Nidhogg. So I entered it & played matches until I battle in the grand final. I can beat the first 3 opponents fine in 40 seconds because I slip past them, but the man in grand final? HEELLLLL NO. We had to do 5 matches that takes 7 freaking minutes each, stabbing each other & going back and forth over and over and over and over again until I finally get through the defense of that guy & won the tournament. THANK. GOD. Not even Dragonball Figher Z took that damn long! 61) RAGE 2 Platform: PC Why is this game rated so low on Steam? This game's pretty good! Remember the first RAGE game which has you going place to place in a post apocalypse shooting dudes, meeting NPCS for a moment and then move on to the next place and meeting even more NPCS until you beat the game and the game ends in such a bullshit cliffhanger? Thank God this sequel isn't like that. In fact this game is pretty much RAGE if the vehicle and open world travel section is like Mad Max the game from 2015, the shooting is as fast paced as DOOM minus the finisher & you actually have stuff like ground slam attacks, super dash, double jump and weapon upgrades. Oh, and the NPCs you meet are not just a meet them once and never see them for the rest of the game again like the first game. Quite simply, it's a GIGANTIC improvement over the first game. The trailer is kind of misleading though. You'd think that from the trailer this game is all jokes with no seriousness similar to Sunset Overdrive or Borderlands, but it's actually 1/3 jokes and 2/3 serious since the plot is all about taking down the villain from the first game after he brought destruction to your home, and other NPCs joining in to help you take him down which is, quite bizarre. The one thing in this game I don't like: extracting blue crystals from walls & meteors. These things are called feltrites and they are the key to upgrading your weapons & special abilities. To extract them, you have to aim at them and press the focus button, which is CTRL on the keyboard and L1 on PS4. This doesn't seem so bad if it's on building walls, but on meteorites? You have to aim at EACH crystals and extract them one by one, and each of these meteorites have 20 of them. WHY? Why can't you just hold down the focus button once & have them all be extracted in an instant? Why does it have to be manual labor??? I DON'T UNDERSTAND! 62) A Normal Lost Phone Platform: PC It's another one of those games where you find a handphone & find out what happens to the owner of the phone. This one though deals with someone who is quite normal, at least normal in comparison to other games like Sara is Missing or Simulacra where weird shit happens. I like it, though it's kind of obvious that the game is being cheeky with the point they want to get across. Like at the very end of the game once you uncovered everything about the game, all of a sudden you see an email sent by the owner of the phone to their friend & the friend is all like "don't worry that you lost your phone, because I'm sure the one who saw your phone will go to options and erase the data on your phone". It's the most obvious thing ever for a game to say "thank you for playing. Press erase NOW". Which makes me wonder: what if the person who saw the phone to begin with is their mom/dad/family member/friends? That'll be so damn awkward & they'll be so in deep deep shit!
  15. https://io9.gizmodo.com/robert-pattinson-is-your-new-batman-1834829741?IR=T Yes. This guy Is going to become Batman....... I.......... need a moment to process this. Wow. So this guy goes from acting as a vampire who sparkles, to acting as a playboy millionaire who defends Gotham in the night with a bat costume......... now that's what I call a complete opposite! Actually not quite because he's playing a bat so......... at least it's actually accurate to the time of day activity this time! Seriously though, if back in those Twilight abomination movies someone say "Edward is going to become Batman in the future", I will not believe a single word of it. But it happens now so........ Oh God it actually happens! Save thyselves!!! We'll see how this goes. Who knows, maybe he can pull it off & be a surprisingly good Batman! But for now, we'll just have to wait & see. The good thing is I don't think he'll be as bad as Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor so that's a relief.