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  1. I got it! It's a Power Rangers Morpher from the 2017 film. You can see Commander holding the belt in the Power Rangers game review.
  2. Just in case anyone asked why I even play this absolute betrayal to the MGS name: I was curious ok?? And since it's a beta, I don't give Kon...... those pricks any of my money. So all good! Well, except that I'm currently suffering from a sudden skin disease called shingles and have to drink medicines and stay at home for the next 1 week until my condition got better. On the plus side, that doesn't mean I have to spend all of that time playing Assassin's Creed Origins, with Zombies since I played for a few moment before I completely deleted it off my PS4. Like I had just mentioned before, this game takes the Phantom Pain game engine, and turns it into Assassin's Creed Origins. And that means you use new weapons aside from guns like bows and Melee weapons...... MELEE WEAPONS IN AN MGS GAME TO KILL ZOMBIES...... get crafting materials in order to build many weapons + equipment, Thankfully the game itself is not awful. Because it uses Phantom Pain's engine, movements + stealth in this game is solid. Well, as solid as avoiding braindead zombies can be anyway. And since this game plays like Assassin's Creed Origins, I was instantly collecting a bunch of items, killing a lot of zombies & craft a lot of items + weapons so that I can kill more zombies. So it's quite fun to play. It's unfortunate that Kona....... those pricks are dead to me & the MGS series is finished already after Kojima left. So after 2 hours of playing this game, I immediately got rid of the game from my PS4 and play something else entirely. So long suckers, you ain't gonna get more of my time! And you know what's the fucking worst part about this game? There's going to be a singleplayer story mode, and it takes place after Ground Zeroes. THEY PRETEND THAT THIS GAME HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH MGSV LIKE IT'S ALRIGHT??? FUCK. THAT. SHIT! Ah, and that the game is going to have microtransations................................................. Yeah, so in case you're not saying to yourself "I don't give a fuck anymore" because you have hope about this series, NOW IS THE TIME TO GTFO!
  3. So..... basically this is the next Wario Ware game, only instead of the minigames being played by the Wii U/ Wii controller, the games are instead played by building cardboard stuff that represents the minigames, eg: Piano, fishing rod, robotic stuff, driving game + so many others, and then putting the switch to that cardboard miniature? My brother in law will most likely buy this stuff for my nephew! Goddamn, that's really creative! This puts Xbox's Kinect & VR to absolute shame. lol
  4. PS4 is more than fine for PS VR. Never ever buy a PS4 Pro if you already have a normal PS4 since it's a waste of money and the PS4 Pro is just PS4 with 4k option & differences a bit in graphics which are barely noticeable.
  5. Aside from the EA games that has those free to play bullshits put into them which I don't play because they don't deserve my money, there really ain't much game this year that makes me go "fuck this game". But that doesn't mean there's no such games though. Ohoho no. There are those that pisses me off so much. And they're GOOD games! Like these: Oh..... how sad I was. The game itself is actually damn good. Singleplayer has a lot of cool battles which I made even better using the final battle song from the Raid 2, and the multiplayer is fun as well. That is until they fucked up the multiplayer so hard, that I gave up on the game entirely. Initially the multiplayer is fine. I can join in games fast with no problem. BUT FOR SOME REASON, 1 month after the game is released, the multiplayer becomes completely unplayable. I had to wait 10 minutes before I join in a solo duel, and whenever I joined a 2 vs 2 or dominion, forget about it. The game instantly says "connection error." and then I was kicked out. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. What a fuck up that was. Next is Tekken 7. This game is fucking great, with one of the best netcode ever that makes fighting people online feel like playing local multiplayer. I spent 250+ hours playing the crap out of the multiplayer. But it pisses me off so much for 1 simple reason: the singleplayer content, aside from the main story, is HOOOORRSSEEEEEEESHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! Where's the fun beat em up Tekken Force mode? Why are the story portion for the side characters so fucking lazy and horrible? Why do they smugly take the free Tekken Bowl from Tekken Tag and put is as dlc??? AND WHY IS THE SONG FOR THE INFINITE AZURE STAGE GO FROM AWESOME, TO FUCKING DOGSHIT IN THE SECOND HALF???? And finally: Absolver. It's an easier Dark Souls but with kung fu fighting. Should be awesome, and it is in core gameplay. How then, can this game only have 1/4 of the complexity of Dark Souls, be really2 unfinished with so many lacking content, a story that's so bare boned that even the Destiny has more story in it, and with the most broken multiplayer I had ever experienced that makes every single person I see do this? There is hope for this game. If the dev decided to inject more content to it that is. Otherwise, it's such a disappointment.
  6. Just 5?? There's a fuckton of games to get excited for this year! And here they are: 1) Dragonball FighterZ. We've seen the game & maybe played the beta, and it's one of the very best Dragonball game ever alongside Dragonball Budokai 3 + Tenkaichis. 2) Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. I like the first Ni no Kuni, so I'm looking forward to the second game. 3) Detroit Become Human. I like Heavy Rain + Beyond Two Souls & think there's potential in expanding these games to bigger levels of variables. I just hope that choices in this game actually matters & they don't fall to the "in the end nothing you did before actually impact anything" approach of the Telltale games, since Beyond Two Souls unfortunately got hit with that. 4) Red Dead Redemption 2. Because it's Red Dead Redemption 2. EVERYONE is excited for this game. 5) Last of Us 2. Because it's Last of Us 2. Yet another game that EVERYONE is excited for & can't wait to play. 6) Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord. The first Mount and Blade is a surprisingly epic open world army simulator game that got even better with the many mods that accompany it. And when Mount and Blade 2 comes out, I bet there's gonna be mod support up the ass that'll make the game even better. Can't wait! 7) Metro Exodus. Finally this series gets another sequel! I hope in this game you can finally receive a power of the Dark One and able to do psychic abilities. 8) Scorn. Ever want to find out what happens when H.R.Geiger makes a game where everything is freaking gross & machineries mixed together with living flesh? We'll find out how deep the rabbit hole goes when this game comes out. And looks like it'll be in 2 parts. 9) Code Vein. It's Dark Souls, but anime. What's not to like? 10) Spiderman for PS4. I'm expecting a Peter Parker + Miles Morales teamup in this game, and that's enough to make me excited! 11) State of Decay 2. The first game was an unexpected surprise. You can play as anyone you like & even the main character that you're using at the start can die & be replaced with another survivor you've rescued, which creates great tension when playing. I can't wait to see what this game will bring to the table. 12) Ace Combat 7. The return to form for Ace Combat after Assault Horizon which although I like VERY much, doesn't do so well as the numbered series because of the generic setting & story. Since Ace Combat 7 returns to the usual fantasy esque setting of the main game, I'm expecting a good story to come along with it. 13) A Way Out. The game that I'm very sure even EA will not fuck up. From the maker of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, comes a 2 player only game where you must guide 2 characters escape a prison, and do other things which will be revealed in the full game. And you can either play the game side by side with someone in local multiplayer, or online multiplayer. Too bad you can't play this game solo....... unless you play the game alone with 2 controllers. We'll see how this goes. 14) Soul Calibur 6. We all know what this game is all about: I just hope that the "story" mode for this game improves upon Tekken 7's story mode. Or just be an action adventure mode because I am sick of games trying to copy Netherealm's movie story modes & fall flat on their face due to the lacking content. 15) Kingdom Hearts 3. I mean have you seen the Toy Story trailer?? OMGOMGOMG, if the Toy Story world is this much fun, I can't imagine how the final battle of Sora vs Xehanort will be. I'm expecting full blown 1000 enemies in screen at once like Kingdom Hearts 2, but on steroids. 16) Hokuto Ga Gotoku. It'll be released in March, but only in Japan & Asian countries. Lucky for me, I actually have a Singapore PSN account & able to enjoy this game to its fullest. HEAHAHAHAHAHA! There's of course more like God of War, Crackdown 3 and Days Gone, but not to the extent of these 16 games that I'm looking forward to. 2018 is gonna be sweet. Let's just hope that these games won't be delayed to next year.
  7. Dayum. Open world wasteland driving like Mad Max combined with the open world town wackiness of the Yakuza series, many reference to the manga, brutal as fuck moves, and "atatatatatatatatatatatata WATAAAAA! You are already dead" left and right. Thank God I have a Singapore PSN account and will play this game when it comes out in March. OHOHOHO, I CAN'T WAIT!
  8. Thank God this latest WTF from Arc System Works doesn't involve Dragonball FighterZ which I'm looking forward to so badly. But it's still pretty bad. So those of you probably know about the crossover Blazblue fighting game that also involve Persona, Under Night & RWBY. Sounds good right? Welllllllllll http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/01/half_of_blazblue_cross_tag_battles_character_roster_is_dlc_fans_are_raging Apparently the base game will have 20 characters. Sounds ok right? But here's the kicker: 20 more characters are coming as DLC characters. Nono, not free update dlcs, but paid dlcs............................................... What happened to you Arc System Works?? The dev that brings the excellent & content filled Blazblue series, is now resorting to forcing people to buy a purposefully stripped game for extra money, even though the game is just a completely glorified MUGEN game with reused character sprites, that MUGEN right now have and you can play with them alongside other characters from MANY MANY other games. FOR FREE! Fuck the game & just play MUGEN instead. Oh please don't have Dragonball FighterZ have bullshit in it like the story mode true ending being locked behind a paywall or some shit like that. PLEASE LET THAT GAME BE UNTOUCHED!
  9. I'm glad that Gravity Rush 2 is in someone's top 10 game list besides mine. That game deserves more recognition for how much it improves upon the first game in so many ways. BTW now that I think about it, I find it ironic that the androids + other robots in Nier Automata are more like human beings than 80% of the humans in Horizon Zero Dawn who are just racist sexist tools that can't think for themselves. And come now. You're not the only one. Thou cannot betray thy true feeling: Nier Automata maybe number 4 on your list, but in thy heart, 2B is all thy can think about, more than Senua, Kat, Aloy and all the girls in Horizon Zero Dawn ever will since.... well..... their faces are as stiff as a board and uncanny valley as they come. THOU SHALL NOT FORGET ABOUT 2B FOREVER! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
  10. Finally got yourself a PS4 eh? Congrats! Now you can finally enjoy the fucking masterpieces of the Yakuza series & Persona 5 at last! Tis indeed a great game. My favorite part is when I unlocked the secret Kiryu + Majima styles that they will use in other games. And of course when Majima goes apeshit with one of the best music in the game accompanying the carnage. And when Kiryu gets a chicken. Yeah, this series is fucking awesome. Just a heads up about Kiwami & Yakuza 6 that's coming this year. Kiwami's pretty much a remake of Yakuza 1, but with Yakuza 0's combat mechanic. Still a good game though, and personally it brings me great PS2 nostalgia of when I played the hilariously swear heavy english dubbed version. And you may not like Yakuza 6 as much as 0. It has less content & you can't equip weapons to use. Not to say there's not that much stuff to do, there's still plenty of minigames and stuff to enjoy, just not to the extent of 0. Story's pretty good though. Yakuza Kiwami 2 on the other hand, is the game that improves upon Yakuza 6 in every single way possible. Which unfortunately will not be released in English until 2019 or whenever SEGA decided to localize that game. Look forward to that. Oh yes, back to the games. 11) Killer Queen Platform: PC Not to be confused with Queen's song. Or Yoshikage Kira's Stand ability. The game that started the "trapped in a place with other people & you have to find a way to get the hell out" VN trend, which 999 and Dangan Ronpa follows suit. A "kinetic novel" game where you don't actually have a choice to make, you just see the story unfolds. There's 2 routes to this game. Route 1 is pretty much an idealistic story about trying to get out of this horrible situation together with others. Route 2 on the other hand is MESSED RIGHT THE FUCK UP. But it has a surprisingly happy ending, which I'm not used to seeing. 12) PPKP Platform: iPhone A turn based beat em up game that's kind of like Valkyrie Profile in that you have a limited amount of attacks you can do to your opponent before your turn is over and your opponent will then attack you. Though you can upgrade yourself to increase the amount of attacks you can dish out before your turn is over. The game is played using 2 buttons, P and K. And you can buy moves that gives you better attacks using different P and K combinations. It's pretty fun, though I wish it's not a free to play game that makes you wait hours to play it again. I prefer this game to just let me beat the shit out of stuff up without restrictions! 13) Satellina Platform: iPhone A puzzle game where you have to guide a circle & eat up other circles in the correct order. It gets tougher later on.
  11. Is that the game that's like an unofficial sequel to STALKER, only without the radiation monsters and it's a "if you die, you lose all of your equipment" game? Oh hang on Well, there's a STALKER ish vibe I can see from it. Mainly the looting aspect. And the enemy AI which is reminds me of the many times they patrol an area & are quite tough to fight. I can't wait for the full version of this game.
  12. 8) Hollowed Platform: PC A free steam game where you use a controller to control 2 players in the game. Kind of like Brothers the Tale of Two Sons, only with a woman and a circle ghost thing that can transform to 4 forms that will help out during puzzle solving. Basically as this woman you're on a journey to revive her dead boyfriend, and you're accompanied by this ghost thing. Pretty neat game, and the endings are surprisingly depressing. 9) Dropchord Platform: iPhone A game from Double Fine. AKA the one that made Broken Age. This is a "put your 2 fingers to create a laser & avoid obstacles" kind of game, which is accompanied by great music. 10) Strike Force Heroes: Extraction Platform: iPhone You know those endless runner parkour games where you jump through rooftops after rooftops? Imagine that game, but you can shoot & do a Time Crisis esque shooting here and there. And unlike those endless runner games, this game actually have 30 missions to complete. It's a pretty fun game....... until the halfway point where the bullshit starts happening & destroyed any kind of fun this game have. How is it fun that you have to go through missions where the obstacles are completely random, enemies are right in front of you shooting your face & there's no regular pattern, so you either get killed in an instant, or go through the game like normal when the game decides to be nice and not drop as many enemies at you? By the end of the game, I actually got a headache + motion sickness from how fast the game becomes. That...... is not a good sign. There's weapons you can buy + stat buffs which makes the shooting easier, and multiple characters which makes the game harder. I'm not joking. Your main character is the best character in the game, because the other characters have debuffs that do stuff like "reduce your health", "running speed goes faster which will make the game harder", "you lose health slowly", "you get double damage if you fall off the roof" and "you can only see enemies clearly while obstacles are not that clear".......... WHAT KIND OF SADISTIC CHARACTER CHOICE IS THIS?? And you know what's disappointing about this game? It's made by Armor Games. AKA those guys that made those great flash games back when the internet was still slow as a sloth. Which is unfortunate because all they have to do to make the game better is drop the random bullshit and just have preset levels!
  13. Gonna be honest here: Remasters of old games from the 2011s and older? Really?? I already have these games on my PC + iPhone for World Ends With You so they don't interest me. What interest me though are the Kirby Star Allies, Mario Tennis & the SNK Heroines game, which I heard will be available for PS4 too. YAY, PC version will definitely come, AND THAT GAME WILL BE MINE!! But even that game sounds worrying since you play using only 1 button for attacks, and another button to unleash each character's supers. Fighting games ain't supposed to be that way dang it! And where's Metroid Prime 4 and the obviously going to come Super Smash Bros Switch edition? And No More Heroes? And Bayonetta 3?? Me want to see dose games so badly!
  14. Next up is..... this unexpectedly funky soundtrack from Dropchord. AKA the game that Double Fine made that's not Broken Age or remasterings of old 90s LucasArts point and click games.
  15. Well now! Good deal! If I was you though, the damage I would have done is not buy the game to begin with. Or playing the game for a bit, then immediately get a full refund. That way they won't get a single cent of my money. BTW calling Battlefront 2 a triple A game is putting that game in too high. That game doesn't deserve that title. It's just a fucking Free to Play game that EA charge full price for. AKA a complete scam.