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  1. You're welcome! This fan film is 10 times better than the entirety of that borefest called Assassin's Creed. UGH, I still can't forget how boring that film is........ If Sony actually does a Deadpool, the day this Uncharted film releases is the day gamers can finally rejoice. The journey getting there right now has thankfully gotten a lot smoother thanks to films like Tomb Raider, maybe Ready Player One, and this Papers Please short film. Please make this Uncharted movie proud!!
  2. Funny thing is Drake is definitely based on Nathan Fillion. So Nathan Fillion is actually just playing himself. The circle is now complete. Interesting choice for Sully though. I thought Tom Hanks will be PERFECT after that film that's also named Sully But probably budget can't take him, so the colonel from Avatar will do. Or the blind guy from Don't Breathe if you want to get obscure. I can totally see this film being part of Uncharted. This probably takes place between 2 & 3 since Nathan still has his ring. Love that there's a "third person shooter" style cam shot just like the game, and Nathan even fights using the moves in the game, like the enzuigiri! This director is totally a huge fan of the games! I want this to become either a Netflix or Youtube Red series. It's fucking perfect. Goes to show that fans of the games can make a good video game movie, instead of movie makers that keeps on ruining games with their films.
  3. 83) Portal 2 Platform: PC Can't believe I haven't finish this classic game until now. While it's surprisingly short excluding the multiplayer, the amount of story & twists make up for it. Glados is still her usual sarcastic self, until the mid section, Wheatley is hilarious as expected from Stephen Merchant, JK Simmons is great, and the puzzles are satisfying to solve. Love that the game takes place in the same universe as Half Life since Black Mesa is mentioned. Can't believe it's been 7 years since Portal 2. Time sure flies! 84) The Painscreek Killings Platform: PC As usual The last portion of this game still sticks with me. Great end to an intriguingly old school detective game where you have to find and solve things by yourself with minimal guide. 85) Monolith Platform: PC Great roguelite bullet hell game where you play as a combat ship and has to travel inside dungeons that feels like the first Zelda game. Unlike this other Bullet Hell game Enter the Gungeon, this game is a lot more fair in its difficulty because the bullet hell is not as overwhelming, which I appreciate. It's difficulty is just right. Great boss fights and music, and it has great replayability so you'll want to play the game all over again and try to beat the new harder enemy types while also unlocking new items to use during your adventure. I don't quite get the size differences between you and everyone though. Are you and the ship normal sized, or are the other enemies + npcs around you the ones who are normal sized and you're just a mini plane flying around shooting stuff left and right? The final boss in this game is so intense, that I beat him while I only have 1 health remaining. Because this is a bullet hell game, the bullets you face are all over the damn place. I have no idea how I managed to survive and beat the game with just 1 life! I definitely will play this game again to fight the other extra bosses. Sure I'll die a lot, but it's so much fun! 86) Forgotton Anne Platform: PC Wow... this was quite a downer of a game. Basically this game takes place in a world where objects that are forgotten in the real world live together to form a society. You know that toy you used to have in kindergarden that you throw away? That toy will live in this world basically. These "forgotlings" have social statuses. There's ones that are the government workers with a green stamp, normal citizens, and finally the rebels who fight the power. Anne is the main character in this game who is one of the unfortunate people that's forgotten by the rest of the world, alongside her caretaker named Bonku. Tha fuck kind of name is Bonku?? Anne is basically a police in this world. Her job is to suck the spirits away out of rebels with her. Initially she's quite a stone cold girl who's serious about her role and is mean to a lot of people, but of course, she becomes a better person as you progress the game. It's a classic "growing up" story with everyday objects. There's great music and a pretty artstyle that guides you from the beginning to the end of this platformer puzzle game. No combat to speak off, but there's a lot of jumping through platforms! While the art of this game is really pretty, this game suffers from what I like to call "hang on, why is it that the character features switch places when you face left and right??" syndrome. You know, like SF2's Sagat. Anne herself is a big offender to this. She has 1 glove in either her left or her right hand depending on which direction she faces. She should have 2 gloves to solve this problem. There's few characters in the game that has the same problem like a living fridge with the door handles magically switching places, or a mannequin where his sword flips places. But oh well, that's what happens usually with 2D sprite characters. At the end of the game, you're presented with 2 choices which determines the ending. None of these are happy, but one is more bittersweet than the other one which is basically a "WTF was that??" ending. A shame that you can't unlock a 100% completion ending since there's quite a few collectibles in this game. 87) Valkyria Chronicles Platform: PC Been a long2 time since I played this game, and it's now the perfect time to finish it at last. This is surprisingly like Xcom Enemy Unknown, only if Xcom plays like Hogs of War and you just follow the story along. It's awesome every time you land a headshot that turns enemies into ragdolls, especially when using a sniper. Great enjoyable story too even if it's a bit cliched here and there with twists that I can see coming. I can see why Selvaria is a fan favorite in this game. She's more of a hero material, but it's unfortunate that she has to be aligned with the wrong side. FUCK her last boss fight though. Why is it that she has a weapon that's like a long range sniper machine gun that can kill me in 1 shot, and she can only be killed when I trap her between 2 tanks and shoot her over and over again with my tank cannon?? Like Dayum man, tanks in this game aren't this tough! And then I turned into a fool when I saw this extremely quick way to beat her. If anyone wants to fight her, do this. Don't be like me and actually try to get to her and fight her close range with tanks which requires 10+ cannon shots. Just snipe her 3 times. What a weird game logic that tank rounds < sniper bullets to the face, but only to this woman. You can issue stat buffs to your soldiers, and I found out that the best one in this game is definitely the "Penetration" buff, which you get by leveling your sniper to level 15 in training. This ignores enemy armor and turn them into regular enemies. Mixed in with increased damage perks like an "increase infantry damage" perk and "Demolition" perk that increases a unit's damage against armored vehicles, and you got yourself a tank killing machine. So you can have such moments like having your machine gun trooper mow down a damn tank like it's made of butter when usually you need either tanks or your lancer/bazooka soldiers to do that. This makes battles, especially the final boss SOOO much easier. I beat the game without any of my soldiers getting killed, and that feels great since I can see what happens to them when the game is over. So many memorable soldiers in this game with unique characteristics that makes them memorable & their own hidden talents. One of them reminds me of Mikasa from Attack on Titan, and this game came before the manga. I finished this game because I saw that Valkyria Chronicles 4 is coming. Can't wait to see what Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be like! 88) Six Days of Snow A short visual novel about a married novelist who decided to take a holiday in a snowy inn on top of a mountain where he spends 6 days with the owner + her daugher. Mostly with her daughter in a rather....... messed up romance story. The main character is probably 50+ years old and he even have 2 kids who are around 20, and the girl is around 16........... ohhhh nooooo......... Surprisingly, it doesn't end horribly wrong, but rather happily. So..... horray for happy ending! And it looks like this is inspired by a novel with a similar premise so that's interesting. Still though...
  4. Warframe is still going strong, and it is STILL definitely better than Destiny, No Man's Air & Anthem, and it's for free. New thing for Warframe this time: Space Battles. With seamless ship combat - archwing - ground combat................. This game man.... it just keeps getting better every year.
  5. Steam Sales time, and I got this game to tinker around with for only $5. Wow, what an unexpectedly great game! In this game, you're playing as a journalist named Janet Kelly who is tasked with investigating the murder of woman named Vivian Roberts, the wife of the mayor of Painscreek who was found dead in front of her home. You just have to find out 3 simple things: 1) Who killed her 2) What's the murder weapon 3) Take a great photo for the article You have to explore the town of Painscreek for your answers. Luckily for you, the entire town is deserted completely because everyone moved away after the murder shook the entire town, so you're free to explore the town at your own leisure. You'll discover bits and pieces of what truly happened in this town until you finally reach the ultimate truth, and boy oh boy, what an awesome story this game has. The gameplay is actually very 90s adventure esque in that you will search every nook and cranny everywhere to find objects which contains a keycode to unlock a desk/padlock/box, tools to open something & keys to open doors to important people's houses. Unlike Walking Sims nowadays where you just walk all day, you actually have to release your inner detective and solve a lot of puzzles while also go around to different places once you found the necessary item needed to progress to the next step of your investigation. The game doesn't hold your hands, so you have to manually figure out codes to puzzles & where to put keys in their right spots. Ahhhh, the good old days of puzzle solving. You will definitely feel good once you unlock a door in this game as it will most likely lead you towards the next step of your investigation, which initially starts off quite tame, until you found notes belonging to a private detective named Steve Moss that really reveals a lot of cool stuff that turns a simple "find out who murdered this person" plot to "wtf is going on in this town???" Depending on how much of a puzzle lover you are, you can complete the game in 5 - 7 hours if you want to solve the mystery of this game. Or you can just get out of town by car/ walking if you want to end the game early, in which case you'll be fired, unless you took a blind guess & got the right answer by chance. But that ain't fun am I rite??? The coolest thing is that if you actually managed to find who the true culprit is, the game doesn't just end with "mission complete". Oh hell no. The final section of the game will send chill down your spine. I panicked so hard that I immediately pause the game and have to take a break. I calmed down afterwards but damn, I wasn't expecting that! The only negative I can say about this game other than once you beat the game you know the whole plot and may not want to play it again is that there's a lot of backtracking just to find different keys required to get new info & enter the next area. For example: I have to find a key to a glove compartment in a car. To get that key, I have to go to an inn and read a memo inside a room. But to get the key required to enter the room, I have to go to so many different places, enter a sewer to get to the location where the key is, find the key in a morgue, get inside the room which has a memo that tells me the code to the police station desk, which finally give me the key to the glove compartment. This happens surprisingly often with other stuff. I'm having fun doing it though because each progress I made rewards me with more info on the plot of the game. Get this game right now while it's $5 on Steam sale, if you're a fan of mystery games and don't mind a lot of backtracking that is. It's a great detective game that makes you do actual detective work, with a great plot to cap it all off & a satisfying end at the end of it all, even if it's quite depressing. I give this game my rating of "so damn good that it released the inner Sherlock Holmes within me."
  6. Remember Bombshell, that new 3D Realms game that looks cool but plays boring and buggy as all hell? Turns out there's a prequel named Ion Maiden. Tha fuck? How come I never heard of this game till now when my Steam Summer Sale queue brought me to this game? This is awesome!! Essentially it uses Duke Nukem's engine, but made a new and solid game out of it starring the lady in Bombshell before she lost her arm & you primarily use her sweet revolver. A great step in the right direction for 3D Realms! Fans of old Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior should check this game out.
  7. Well those 3 things are actually just my reasoning, not Joe’s. I’m not him so he thinks things differently. But for explanation's sake: 1) 1 KH game is around 20+ hours to play. I played 26 hours to finish KH 1 and 31 hours for KH2. Those games are awesome when you play at your own pace. Joe’s not gonna have time considering that there’s butloads of games coming which he will play. 2) Well, like I said, it’s easier to access by seeing analysis videos that’s only 30-40 minutes with all the info compressed into easier to understand format without needing to pay another $60 just to buy each KH remastered games and taking 20+ hours to see a lot of them for 1 game each. 3) Yeah, but does it have to be so..... cringe heavy?? I was 11 when I played the first Kingdom Hearts, and back then I just accepted things at face value because it’s fucking awesome to see my favorite childhood movie characters coming in with Final Fantasy characters, and it still is awesome just playing the games because the gameplay are superb as all hell. Now that I am grown up and I look back at the dialogues though.... shudder, forget about it. They tried so hard to make “hearts” a major theme, that everytime they talk about them it just sounds..... so so SO dumb that I basically just said “ok you know what, I’ll just have to roll with it. I don’t care that the dialogues are this bad, I still love this series damn it!” So I absolutely love this series because of the nostalgia, epic moments and superb gameplay that is so slick that it pretty much one of the best action rpg series ever. Fuck the cringe worthy “My Little Pony” dialogues though but I don’t let that thing hinder my love for this series. Fact remains, you can’t convince Joe to play through all the previous KH games before 3. I’ve been following him since 2012 and I’m just talking through past knowledge of what he would normally do in this situation. Just don’t worry, he’s not just a regular guy who goes into an established franchise blind, he’ll definitely do his research before playing KH3. And well, he actually did! He even mentioned the youtubers who summarized the series so other people who also never played the previous KH games can get on track without needing to play the previous games. So just relax and wait for KH3. I've been waiting for WAY too damn long for KH3, and I can't fucking wait to play it and finally end Xehanort once and for all. I know it'll be a fucking amazing game, I mean holy hell MONSTERS INC AND TOY STORY AND THE OTHER PIXAR GANGS ARE IN THE GAME OMGOMGOMGOMG yeah there's gonna be cringeworthy dialogues but I don't care, and if things goes right, Joe will definitely give the game 8 at the least and 9 at most. In the meantime, I'll just look at this guy getting excited for this game because it's just the best. In other words GIVE THIS GAME TO ME NOW GODDAMN IT!!! I WANT IT NOWWWWWW!!!!!
  8. I just read this & saw the responses...... Joe never play old games before starting a sequel in a series he’s never played before. Just like he never played ALL the Yakuza games from 1 till 5 before playing Yakuza 0, or never played Uncharted 1 - 3 before playing 4. But he will definitely do his research into the game’s lore to prepare himself so that’s good. I mean even I have a couple of games where I just played the latest games in the series, but I do my research on the past games first. Like right now while I’m preparing myself for Kingdom Hearts 3 all these years, I youtube all the games after Kingdom Hearts 2 because I only played 1 and 2, and I don’t play all the PSP 3DS mobile Remaster games because: 1) they’re too time consuming 2) they have WAYY too much side characters & plot to keep track of that’s easier to track by looking at an abridged explanation 3) FUCK the script filled with so many lame heart stuff like “I will never let you take her heart”, “his heart is inside my heart” and of course, So Sora, you can perform open heart surgery and throw your heart to Xehanort?HAHAHAHAHAHA my God these dialogues are CRINGEWORTHY! Love the awesome slick gameplays but damn, these dialogues are..... they’re something alright. Joe’s gonna have a field day researching this series. That is if he does indeed review the game and not skip it. So to that guy that sent the game to Joe, sorry but most likely Joe will not play the game. Best case scenario is he’ll give it to Delrith or OJ for them to play?? Ah yes, if anyone wants to prepare for KH3 but doesn’t want to play the games before it, I suggest looking at this channel for a good summary of the previous games, starting from KH1. He did great series analysis on the Drakengard & Nier games before Nier Automata, so we’re in good hands.
  9. Well, after YongYea & Joe saw the game in action, "It is my believe that Cyberpunk 2077 is better off being a first person game. I was a skeptic, and I was converted after seeing the full demo in action" "It was so mindblowing, that I didn't think it was real". Holy crap! That's pretty damn cool that everything in the game are in real time with integrated seamless menu, which is totally Dead Space esque but better because it's in first person view, and when you're upgrading yourself and getting an eye upgrade, your eye gets removed from your head and you see through that removed eye. Maybe when I get my hands on this game I will just drive cars in first person, but if it's better in third person I'll use that instead. Whatever the next Adam Jensen Deus Ex game will be just fucking lost the damn FPS RPG war. This is the absolute pinnacle of the games that Deus Ex are. Well, I give Deus Ex the edge since they have the badass social boss battle which I love really much, and the badass takedowns. ARRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I WANT TO FUCKING SEE THAT DEMO DAMN IT! GIVE ME THIS GAME TO ME RIGHT NOW!!!
  10. Ohoho, Legend of Dragoon. Love that game! I only got as far as this section in the game before I play other games. I find it's quite an odd design choice that the game does have voice acting, but only in FMV and not in game cutscenes. But still, I like the combat & story setting. I probably should finally finish this game after all this time.
  11. The good news though: Xbox One FINALLY has console exclusives to look forward to. Took them long enough to bring them out! And there will be new IPs coming. Bad news: a lot of those games shown are multiplatform & are going to be available for PC or PS4 anyway, so there really is no reason to get an Xbox One for ones who don't have it now, like myself. The exclusives are just sequels to previous games which people know will come. No new exclusive IP & PS4 still has the much better exclusives coming. And they ain't SMASH BROTHAS BIYATCH!! But I'm glad that Microsoft's E3 is surprisingly good, especially after that horsepoop EA conference that sucks ass.
  12. 79) OddPlanet Platform: iPhone/ PC A side scroller game that looks very much like Limbo if Limbo has colours other than black and white. You're a little girl who crash landed into a planet and has to find a way out of it. Surprisingly, the game is more like an adventure puzzle game where you have to get items to use at a point in the game to progress to the next level. It's pretty short, and it ends really really depressingly. I thought the story would continue at the end but nope! Grim depressing ending is what the game is going for. That's quite sad. 80) Assassin's Creed Origins Platform: PC This is what happens when Assassin's Creed throw away 80% of the template they use when they made their previous games and make the next Assassin's Creed a Witcher 3 copy, with Assassin's Creed's parkour and stealth sections intact. Which is actually the best move they have done. No longer are the combat boring and too easy, there's actual challenge to the game, with exciting boss fights & fucktons of great side quests to do that's not freaking boring. It comes in all sizes like helping someone that's drunk as hell back to his wife, finding out a thief only to see that they're little kids who are forced to steal, a funny quest where 4 people just want a ring and don't even care about other stuff, helping a sacred crocodile with its health issues, right down to just hanging around with kids and jumping off tall buildings to show them how cool you are. The main story of Cleopatra and Caesar are unfortunately very basic & ends predictably even though it'll be interesting if the circumstance leading to their deaths in real life are plotted by the Templars & not the Assassins. But this game is a step in the right direction, and Odyssey will turn even more into Witcher 3 with the dialogue choices and romancable characters, so I'm looking forward to that. Bravo Ubisoft, you've rescued Assassin's Creed! 81) Monster Prom Platform: PC A game where you can choose to play as one of 4 monster teenagers & with the main goal of dating 1 of 6 characters either male or female, but you can unlock other characters to date if you have the right requirement. Anyone's permitted, your character's gender be damned. Playing as a zombie guy chasing down a ghost girl, a snake woman gangster, a demon dude, a wolfman or a sea creature princess? Up to you. Interestingly this game can be played in a short session or a long session, and the long session is necessary to get special endings since in the short session it's just a straightforward "pick the right dialogue choices to raise your relationship with your dates". It's pretty quick to finish and it can be played in multiplayer with the goal being, well, to get dat date to prom. The one thing I didn't expect from this game is how tricky the dialogue you have to choose is. Since the dialogues all sounds like dialogues that a teenager who tries to act cool usually say, all the choices are quite tricky to figure out which one will lead to the person you want to date to like you. Mess up, and you won't get the date at the end of the game. Hell, I got a lot of choices right in my journey to date Vera the snake woman, and during the last day I fucked up a choice with her, and in the end when I asked her to be my date, SHE REJECTED ME! Aw come on woman, what about all those times I gave you ideas to make money that you like?? So I had to repeat the game all over again, make the right choice almost all of the time especially during the final day before prom, and FINALLY she's mine. HUAHAHAHAHA!! 82) Sdorica -sunset- Platform: iPhone Wow....... holy shit. I thought Fate Grand Order is the best free RPG game in the iPhone right now. Looks like that game has a competition! This is a turn based rpg game where combat plays like a color matching game. There's 3 classes to play as at the start of every game: support, attacker & tank, each with their own colors. You can just use 1, match 2 or match 4 colors to unleash each character's abilities. You can't mix different colors together, you have to mix the same colors together to release their skills. You can pick any of the character you have regardless of class as an assist character too, each with their own special passive or active buff that they can give to you. It's simple, fun & can get complex especially during missions further in the game. This is how you do free to play game with plot RIGHT. Fate Grand Order also did it right but this game did it better. No bullshit energy bar that you need to wait for to continue playing the game, no enemies that are way too strong to beat unless you pay actual money to get the "Super rare characters", everything about this game are actually gameplay that's fair, balanced and you can only proceed if you do the daily quest to get enough XPs & materials to level your characters up. Well to get characters you have to do a "use currency to get 10 random characters" stuff that other free to play games has, but the great thing about this game is that you can pretty much get the high ranked characters easily from the get go, and even if you only get low ranked characters, you can just acquire the materials to rank them up by playing the game, which are surprisingly easy because the game gives you daily missions to do which gives you these materials like candy. The game also have a pretty good story that revolves around a world where both humans and animal people live together, and it lets you play as a lot of characters in different chapters which will finally intersect one another in later parts of the game. One chapter you'll be playing as a princess of the game's kingdom that wants to help change it for the better, the other chapter you're playing as a tiger that's looking for a martial arts master for training, but their paths will inevitably cross with each other to fight a common enemy. There's also character specific quests that expands their backstories leading up to the current time of the game which are optional but are cool to discover, which surprisingly include the villains. And to top it all off, the music & graphics are really2 good. This game's intro is quite hype that it makes me excited to play the game. It shows many of the characters you can play in the game, with many more to see in the game itself. Rayark is the developer of this game well known for the rhythm game Cytus & this one solid action game named Implosion - Never Lose Hope. Looks like this is a new genre they're tackling, and they did a bang up job at it. I completed the game's story which ends with a to be continued message at the end with things that are yet to come teased. Good thing is this is not a stupid cliffhanger ending to wait for the sequel, but instead it just means I have to wait until future updates for the later parts to be released. It's like what Telltale usually do with their episodic games, but this is free & there's no need to buy season 2 for the continuation, you just need to wait for the updates. Can't wait to see what's next in the plot! In the meantime I'll keep on getting even more characters and level them up in preparation for the challenges that are yet to come.
  13. Love how the dev team themselves knows Joe hates zombie games and do that intro. lol I fucking love Dying Light and played the crap out of that game. Even Dying Light the Following, until that Godawful ending which makes me pronounce the first game as deader than dead. But Dying Light 2 is a completely different beast altogether since it's now designed with Chris Avellone on board. You probably know his previous works: Alpha Protocol (I know Joe gave it a 4, but I fucking love the depth of how I can screw with NPCs and affect the entire story of the game in many different ways. An underrated one of a kind game with a dialogue system that Telltale copied with Walking Dead onwards) Fallout New Vegas Star Wars KOTOR 2 Pillars of Eternity Prey With him on board, Dying Light 2 is now going to be 10 times more exciting than the first game. Not only are we gonna have an improved awesome FPS parkour combat, but we're gonna get choice making that will change the entire game depending on what you pick, and the choices you make will actually fucking matter. Can't wait to get my hands on this game.
  14. There will be acid rain in the game?? Damn. That has GOT to suck if you live in that world, especially with all the cybernetic implants that's going to get melted off your skin, alongside normal skin. Youch. lol at the 2918 title typo. That's a LOONG lightyears away. By that point we're either in our grave, using a robot body that needs regular maintenance, or become a vampire. Or an immortal. Or be a head in a jar like Futurama. Omg so even though this game is in first person, there's also melee combat system with blocking and parrying alongside FPS guns?? Wow, so it's kind of like Dishonored then......... The more I hear about this game, the CRAZIER I GET BEST GAME EVER GIVE THIS GAME TO ME NOW DAMN IT NOW!!!!!!!
  15. Got 2 CD keys for a rogue like FPS dungeon game & a pretty damn good robot shoot em up game. PM if you want these games 1) One More Dungeon (taken) 2) Good Robot