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  1. Aside from the GET OVER HERE not being voiced by Ed Boon & the.... questionable Reptile design which I really hope is not Reptile but a member of his race before he shows up for real, this is one damn good trailer. All they need to do is have the fights be choreographed by the guys who did the Raid & Night Comes For Us, and don't fucking have obnoxious dogshit shaky cams & you will have a great Mortal Kombat film & one of the best video game film ever. Oh pleasepleaseplease don't fuck this up like Assassin's Creed!
  2. ajsa

    3) Hitman 6 season 3 (or Hitman 3) Platform: PC The final part of the Hitman 6 season trilogy is finally here, and the great part is this game comes with the entirety of the previous Hitman seasons, just like what Hitman 2 did before but with just 55GB because yay the dev finally found a way to compress files! And just like the previous seasons, you get what you're expecting: more targets, more funny & awesome ways to kill your target, and the conclusion to the lingering story from the previous 2 seasons. One of my favorite mission is definitely mission 2 where you not only can do your usual assassination, but you also get to disguise yourself as a detective & solve a crime that occurred in the residence. Now this is freaking sweet, and you'll be rewarded handsomely by doing this. Solving a crime while committing another crime, how ironic. I gotta say, this season feels very James Bond esque, particularly in the first & final missions of the game. I guess it's IOI's way of preparing us for the upcoming 007 game they're making. I love it! A great conclusion to this chapter of 47 & now I'm hyped to see what the James Bond game is going to be. 4) Maneater Platform: PC Ahhh yes, this is the game that Gura played at her debut stream. Poor2 Gura never got the chance to finish it...... but I'm gonna finish it for her. This game is a really fun shark simulator game. Think Jaws Unleashed on PS2, but actually great. Movement is awesome because your playable shark is very fast & hits like a truck, eating other animals to level up is really fun, and fighting human coastguard enemies are really fun too cause you can wreck the shit out of them. All the while you do sidequests like collecting various nutrients for your shark, eating unfortunate people who polluted the sea, and finding landmarks in the area which are always silly & some even references films & other underwater related things, like a place which has 3 seashells from Demolition Man, the volleyball from Cast Away, Spongebob's home...... yeah they're really having fun with these. The story framed like a TV show where the episodes follow the adventure of this baby shark that's forcefully extracted from her mother by this shark hunter Scaly Pete, and it's about her eating other underwater sea creatures & evolving to become the ultimate Apex Predator and get her revenge YEAAAAAHHHH, while also showing Pete's POV where both you & he are just one-upping each other in trying to destroy each other's lives. Throughout the game, Scaly Pete himself got a LOT of damage done to him which actually becomes kind of like when that one persistent orc in Shadow of War/Mordor keeps on pestering you. And throughout the game's story there's 1 big question that's on my mind: why the fuck is this tv show legal? You're showing this shark killing people too on TV/ the internet! Someone please slap some sense to these people who aired this show! 5) Atoms Platform: iPhone This is a puzzle game where you have to play against other players/cpu. Basically you take turns in placing an atom dot of your color to a grid, and your goal is to spread your atom to the entire board, eliminating the other player's color. It's much easier to just show how it's done There's nothing more satisfying than to create a chain reaction that makes you spread your color atoms to the entire board like a well planned anime giga IQ move. 6) Sneak Ops Platform: iPhone A stealth puzzle game where you have to escape a facility while trying to evade enemy soldiers. Think old school Metal Gear for the MSX but simpler. The enemies have the classic cone of vision like MGS & you can punch them to knock em out, but you can't do it to the heavily armored enemies. With those guys you need a special gun which you can randomly get by getting a ? item which can give you anything from a speed shoe, a taser gun to, well, cardboard box. Cheeky. Interesting mechanic this game has though is how you can choose to create checkpoints for yourself, but a stage has a limited amount of it because it requires 20 floppy disks, and you collect them throughout the stages. You have 5 chances to make checkpoints when a level has 10 stages for example, so you gotta strategize on which part you want to do it on. Or ya know, you can just try and be suicidal by not placing any checkpoint & do an entire stage, up to you. Also the missions are randomized, and you get to play a new mission every 24 hours, but they all ended up being almost the same missions that you've played before only with a bit of variations. Good thing it's free so it's fun for what it is. 7) Yakuza 7/ Ryu Ga Gotoku 7. NOT Yakuza: Like a Dragon because wtf why do you put both english & Japanese title together like that for the 7th game in the series aosdnofgdogmogmdog Platform: PC It's freaking Yakuza through and through, and that's fucking awesome. Yes the combat this time is a turn based RPG with job classes, but this game manages to make it blend extremely well with the world of Ryu Ga Gotoku. I've played this game for 78 hours, mostly to grind my way up the leveling system so I can do the boss fights well, but it's all worth it. It always brings a smile to my face when that high leveled enemy mob that give you so much trouble in the early parts of the game immediately eat shit when you're higher level than them & you do this to ruin their entire day This is just 1 out of dozens of funny as hell abilities you can do. If you want to see more, you gotta catch em all The story of this game is also pretty damn good, I say one of the best story in the series besides 0, 2 & Judgment. Sure there's a couple of story points that could've been avoided if the characters are just upfront about somethings & not drag it out like a dumbass, but the parts where the game gets real hits you like a ton of bricks, especially the final parts of the game. The new main character Kasuga Ichiban is definitely a great change of pace from the usual Kiryu stoicness. The entire reason why the enemies in this game dress like nutjobs & like a Dragon Quest game is because Ichiban himself thinks of the world as an RPG game even though his other friends are like "what are you on about man" cause they're just seeing things normally, and it's funny as hell. I would love to see what other insane quests he'll do in the future games. Also fun fact: the voice actor of Wei Shen from Sleeping Dogs voices the main villain of this game, and he channeled his Wei Shen gruffness really well here. There are many past characters from the series returning, and for the dubbed version there's 2 nice returns for characters I will not spoil, sadly no Mark Hammil as Majima URGHHH WHHYYYYYY, but the rest of them did a great job with the English dub. If I played this in 2020, this game would definitely be in my top 5 best games that year. Play this game if you're a Yakuza fan, you'll have a great fun time. 8) Disaster Report 4 Platform: PC This is the latest game in a series where you as various characters have to escape a natural disaster, mostly earthquakes, and along the way you deal with other dramas like getting away from a crazy murderer, or uncovering a big government conspiracy, or even just a student trying to get out of a bad situation. I played the second game named Raw Danger & I had a fun ass time just escaping & finding out you can do plenty of ridiculous things, like shouting often for no reason, or just sniffing a body for..... no reason at all. This is a game that doesn't give a shit, and it's awesome. Even better when I found out that there's multiple ways to progress through the game & an action when you play as 1 character will carry over to the other characters which will lead to different endings. So when Disaster Report 4 was out, I didn't buy it straight away because it's so damn expensive, so I waited for the discount & was excited to play it. And...... well the PS4 version was reaaaaaalllllly bad with its framedrops, almost as bad as the Last Guardian. Thankfully the PC version actually plays consistently without framedrops. You play as a single character of your own creation & you start the game by travelling to a place, either for a job interview, business meeting or just coming for a stroll down a park. Then welp, earthquake happens & you have to try and get away from it all. At first the game looks like it's gonna give you a lot of different paths you can take depending on which choices you make since the game give you a LOT of them, but what I found out is that this game is surprisingly really linear, even though the game has a bunch of options you can pick. You can only progress through the many parts of this game by the way the game wants you to, so if you have to get through a part by rowing a boat to an apartment building that's completely flooded, travel to many of the rooms to find a bunch of parts required to create a makeshift grappling hook so then you can go to a roof & use that grappling hook to remove a huge sign, you have to freaking do it. And that.... makes no damn sense at all considering how much more straightforward & less full of bullshit the last games were. And this happens in every single new area you went to which hurts the replayability of this game, cause the choices you made are pretty much just there for shits & giggles, or just one of those "be a dick or be nice" choices without them mattering much in the grand plot. Which is a shame because the many ridiculous scenarios this game has is actually freaking hilarious & zany. At one point you actually became the leader of a white shirt cult that scams people, became a person with access to miracle water that cures ailments which I'm pretty sure is just a placebo but well it works until the people you help became dicks all of a sudden even though the water actually helped them out, and you even had to solve a crime of who was an arsonist in a town where there's 2 side of town that hated each other's guts. And that's just some of the crazy things that happened. They're definitely a fun time, but I do wish there's multiple ways to do & complete them without needing to force me to do specific things because you can't do anything else. 9) Furi Platform: PC I just wanted to replay Furi again & man it felt GOOOOOOODDDD playing this game again. Still a great boss rush game with great combat, and I'm still hoping that there will be a sequel. I found out though that the dev actually made another game recently called Haven that's an rpg about a couple which is very sweet, so I'm definitely gonna get that when the time is right. 10) Fractured Minds Platform: PC It's a very short game about dealing with depression. I feel like there's a bunch of games like this in the past, so it's nothing that special. Omori's a much more effective game about that so I recommend playing that game instead of this. 11) Cloud Climber Platform: PC Another short game, this time it's a walking simulator about a guy who's built a very tall tower with the goal of going to the clouds & hopefully getting water from them cause the world has a water crisis since there's no rain in hundreds of years. He's the last man alive so it's pretty sad actually that he had to do it without his companions. And then when you reach the cloud as it turns out it finally rains after hundreds of years, so....... yeah the entire tower building was completely pointless cause all they had to do was wait hundreds of years before it starts raining again. Welp 12) XIII Platform: PC Not to be confused with that dogshit remake recently. This was the original fps game based on the comic book of the same name, and aside from the sometimes frustrating as hell checkpoint system, this game is...... actually really damn fun. The weapons you get feels great to use, there's multiple variety of missions, the music is really damn nice, and the story is so intriguing that it actually made me want to find out what happens next in the comic which I did after playing the game. Well done Ubisoft, this is a damn great comic book game adaptation. Unfortunate that it had to be remade & that remake sucks balls.
  3. ajsa

    Well since he's most likely having a long2 vacation, might as well have another person open the gate for beating games in 2021! Would love to have you contribute as well. 1) Getting Over It with whoever that guy's name is, 50 times beaten Platform: PC Funny story with this game, after playing Cyberpunk 2077 & realizing there's no new games for a while, I thought to myself "I feel like torturing myself with this game". So I asked my mates that hopefully have this game as an extra CD key so they would give them to me while I give them a game as a fair trade, and so a deal was made. And after HOURS & HOURS of my hand being so sore moving the mouse back and forth because this game's physics engine is FUCKING BULLSHIT, and then realizing after the 3rd time of playing this game that using a PS4 controller actually makes the game WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY easier, I set a goal to myself to properly beat this game 50 times. And many2 hours later, I finally beat this game for the 50th time & I finally got over it. Here is my last 2 games before I finally put this damn game to rest. It feels SOOOO LIBERATING & WONDERFUL. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/881015681?filter=highlights&sort=time 2) OMORI Platform: PC This game made me had to take a break after beating it because the story is so damn heavy & messed up, but uplifting in the very end, even if it's still gone to a dark path. This game is definitely not a Christmas game, so it's more fitting that this is a 2021 game. Definitely one of the best games of 2021 & a great way to open the year. Here's to the rest of 2021!
  4. So this game was released on Steam during Christmas recently. After playing this game, I conclude that there is no fucking way this is a Christmas game. Well..... there is a Christmas event in the game, but that is just a smokescreen to the deep2 darkness that you will experience. This is more of a 2021 game, which I will treat this game as. Because this game is fucked up & depressing as hell, and it's also a GOTY candidate. The game's basic plot from the intro is this: you play as this boy named Omori. You live inside this place called "whitespace", aka the place where an obvious red flag is up signifying that this is the place where a child with SERIOUS depression issue lived in. Thankfully outside of this whitespace, Omori can go on an adventure with 3 of his faithful friends: Aubrey, Kel & Hero (yep, that's his name. It's actually just a nickname but the game never give him another name so eh) & explore the whimsical world where everything is so very colorful & happy! And then you realize that nothing is at it seems & this game is an RPG maker game that's heavily inspired by the Mother series and another wonderfully messed up depressing game that you might know: Yume Nikki. So you know that even though everything is hunky-dory, it will go down to hell. And MAN OH MAN it does. I mean just look at the 2 trailers this game has & you will know what's coming your way Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............................................ As I had mentioned before, this is an RPG maker game. Now the great thing though is that it doesn't feel like your typical RPG Maker with the basicness that most other RPG maker games had. The game had been in development since 2014, and the efforts put into the game is clear. The dev went out of their way to polish this game to a damn shine with great handrawn cutscenes + art, pack the game with many2 fun side stuff + quests, REALLY damn good soundtrack and also pace the story really well that it becomes an emotional roller coaster ride from beginning to the end. I will not spoil the story because it is the absolute best part about it, but be warned that there's some really fucked up moments in the game that's not for you guys that are the faint of heart. If you are brave enough though, you'll enjoy the hell out of this game like I did & come out of it bruised, but with hope for a better future. The combat for the game is your typical RPG maker combat: attack, gain powerful skills & items from completing sidequests, and try not to die. Buuut with a cool "emotion" system put in. Aside from neutral, there are 3 different emotions you can put yourself & your opponents in: happy, sad or angry. Sad beats happy, angry beats sad, happy beats angry. That's all you gotta keep in mind of, and the best part of the game is just the different sprites that everyone will have when they're a certain emotion. An enemy can go from smiling to going apeshit when you put them to angry, and then sobbing when you put them to sad. This emotion system also makes boss battles really damn fun to do because it's all a matter of switching to the right emotion so you can always be on the right advantage when fighting them. Aside from the emotion system, there's also these "tag" mechanic. You have this bar on top of your "fight" option At the start of every battle, you're given 3 bars. If a character in your party got hit by an enemy attack, the bar increases. The max bars you can get is 10. When you do a normal attack, you can extend that attack using different options that mostly cost 3 bars except for 1 skill that Omori has. For example: if you attack with Omori, you can choose to spend 3 bars to do another attack or do a sweeping attack that reduces the enemy attack. Or you can wait till you have 10 bars & unleash an all out attack that deals giant damage. With Kel, you can tag his ball attack to Omori which changes his mood to sad/ happy/ really happy depending on how far in the story you go, tag to Aubrey which lets her do massive damage, or Hero which makes the attack damage every single enemy on screen & lower their attacks. This Hero attack is my favorite cause I just make everyone eat shit. Hero's all about healing his party members & Aubrey's tag skill either give her extra hit, make her & Kel angry at each other or make her happy when she tags with Hero. Master this mechanic & combat will be a lot of fun, but I recommend doing Kel's tag with Hero cause that always works really well since most of the battles have multiple enemies. Another thing that's awesome: the freaking soundtrack. They are the boppers. The boss battles & normal battle themes kick ass. Here are just some examples I'm surprised that this game has around 130 songs, that's a lot of tunes! This game took me 35 hours to finally beat, and apparently, I was just doing the path that leads to the best ending. This game has an alternate route if you do a specific choice in the middle of the game that will take the game into an entirely different direction. I am not doing that though because that will lead to the depressing ass parts of the game & I am content with the path I took. It's like refusing to do the genocide run in Undertale: yes it's there, but I am not doing it cause what I got is the best I could hope for. Buuut in the end it is up to you guys whether you want to do it or not. This game is easily one of the best games of 2021, not 2020 cause it is so not the best time to release this game on Christmas considering how fucked up things get. I give this game my rating of "be prepared to be emotionally fucked up, but you will get through it a changed person & for the better. Hopefully." With a badass seal of approval. Not quite the ideal way to start off 2021, but it's an interesting experience nonetheless. If you are mentally strong, this game is definitely worth your time. Be happy, be sad, and have fun. Here's hoping that the rest of 2021 will be even better than 2020!
  5. Five Nights At Freddy's + Nicolas Cage. Genius.
  6. Yeah Joe tends to unfortunately sleep on these games & mostly favors the big names, which is unfortunate because lesser-known titles like these are a giant win for these devs who worked so damn hard on them & they deserve to be covered more. Which is why I tend to do reviews for them in the written reviews section. Well except 13 Sentinels since as much as I LOVE the story & how complicated things get, and the music is definitely one of the best soundtrack of 2020, so much so that I did a mix with Tekken 6's scenario mode music for the first stage's song which fun fact, was also made by the same composer which explains why it fits so well outside the 13 characters backstory exploration that makes up for 70% of the game, the actual game's mostly just doing real time tower defense from beginning till the end with a simplistic overview of the battlefield. That game definitely could do with some epic 2D hand drawn sequence of the mechs doing those stuff in combat instead of just in the description of the moves, considering the previous games these dev made has THESE. Here's another game in 2020 that should be more well known & actually will change the landscape for games to come And here's yet another really damn good 2019 game that got slept on, and my personal joint 2019 GOTY. Next to Judgment.
  7. Thankfully for me I'm used to glitches in games, so I pretty much had a great time with this game for 70+ hours, well that's of course because I waited till the patches that fixes a lot of the issues. Still buggy AF, but not as atrocious as it was on release, and if history with Witcher 1 & 2's enhanced editions are any indication, CD Projekt is definitely capable of improving the game significantly from meh to a game that's awesome. Just hope they'll add new content for this game for free & only use DLC to add a new playable city like Blood & Wine. I just had a thought. This, No Man's Sky, Sea of Thieves & Battlefront 2 should be revisited by Joe when Cyberpunk eventually becomes a game that's actually finished & possibly substantially better. These games have become infinitely better games that were nothing like the absolute barebone wasteland they were on release, so it'll be nice to see a "re-revisiting" of them & give them different grades.
  8. Nice that you're doing your own list! But don't put Ghost of Tsushima as number 2 if you haven't played it, that's a big no no, put it as "game that I really want to play but haven't" or something similar. It's ok if you don't have a top 10 since you don't play that many games, just put it as top 5 instead.
  9. Up to you man, just have fun with it. Extra nice if the games on your list are something I never heard before so I can try them out. No idea who that guy is cause I don't use trending until you just told me about him. Then I saw this vid. Huh. Sounds like a cunt. Well good thing he's going down for doing the things he did, yet another asshole who got his just dessert in 2020. The more people like this get exposed the better so actual good people can rise up & make fun stuff to enjoy.
  10. VTUBERS IS LIFE! ALL HAIL OUR 2D OVERLORDS!! Cough2. Ok in all seriousness, them being popular this year is the best thing about 2020. Youtube's been doing the same usual depressing youtube drama bullshits, people depressed about corona, top 10 lists fads with the same thing in them over and over again that I pretty much got sick and tired of them, so seeing these girls just fucking around & making people laugh to ease the insanity is a welcome change of pace. This is a regular thing I do each year. I encourage everyone to put their own top 10 list cause everyone got different tastes in games after all. Quite unfortunate that this year because of Corona this place doesn't get the usual members joining in, but it's good to have ya.
  11. Ahhh Empire At War. Used to play this game quite a few times before I moved on to the other PS2 games & Battle For Middle Earth 2, another awesome rts game that year. Best part is when Obi Wan fight Vader
  12. Happy new year everyone! We made it past 2020, and let's hope that 2021 will be an even better year! And always keep your health up & stay safe. Of course with every year, comes a bunch of games to enjoy. 2020 is unfortunately...... not a pretty good year for anticipated games, due to either controversy or just the games being glitchy AF due to the current world situation. However there does exist awesome games that fill the unfortunate year of 2020, alongside the surge of Vtubers that makes everything ok they're so funny & wholesome all hail cute anime girls & their infinite charm ALL HAIL VTUBERS Ahem.................. anyway here's my list of my favorite top 10 games of 2020, which is surprisingly not filled with the common big names, but indie games instead which makes me SO happy that Indie games are making themselves more known every year. Go & show them your power to the world devs! Honorable mentions: Final Fantasy 7 remake. I know it's a great game that a lot of people enjoyed, butI refuse to play it when it's only part 1 & rather wait for all the parts to come out because I don't want another new Star Wars trilogy/ Game of Thrones situation happening where they ruined the end & make you pissed about the previous games Last of Us Part 2 because even though it's a damn good game that I have so much fun with, the way to plot progresses just gets worse and worse the more you think about it after you finished the game, and of course because of the whole debacle with the director which just sours the entire game. I'm definitely still curious about the future of the game, but for now this game just barely made it past my top 10 list. Ryu Ga Gotoku 7/ Yakuza: Like A Dragon. I want to play this awesome game sooner, but I'm waiting for the price to go down. Thankfully it just got discounted recently & I'm gonna play it for many2 hours. Watch Dogs Legion. I had a really fun time with this game & I had my personal squads of 39 misfits which includes a badass 75 year old woman that does wrestling moves, an irish John Wick & a lot of cute girls, and then the game's save file decided to glitch up & fucks it ALL up which erases EVERYONE & replaces them with 1 character that's a dead person from the beginning of the game.......... good thing the story progression is still ok, but man it hurts. If it weren't for that, I would actually put this game into one of my top 10 spot! Nioh 2. Cause this game is 70% exactly like the first Nioh, that you might as well see this as an expansion pack with a fully customizable character & some new demon forms with parrying included in combat. Still a lot of fun, but it's like the Dynasty Warriors syndrome: you're playing the same game as before but with more stuff. Ultrakill, aka what happens when Quake has DMC style system. It is fucking awesome, but it's still in early access atm. Them's Fightin' Herds, a REALLY damn good fighting game that has a really damn funny story mode which is very Undertale esque, buuut it's lacking in character roster & the story mode currently is only 1 chapter with the rest of them coming, whenever they're coming. Not sure why this game isn't early access even though it's not complete yet but ah well. ScourgeBringer, a really damn good roguelike platformer with slick combat that got me on my toes most of the time, and by the end of the game I feel like a complete badass upgrading myself to the fullest & plowing through every enemy I see in my path. Shame that the story itself is pretty lacking, and there's another MUCH better roguelike in my top 10 that exceeds expectations. One Step From Eden, another really damn good roguelike, but this time it's a card building game where you move in grids & your success depends on the cards you've collected in your arsenal. Same reason as ScourgeBringer as why this game doesn't make it to my top 10 list. Half Life Alyx. When a teacher actually uses this game to teach his class math, it's gonna be awesome. Urrghhh I wish I can play this game damn you VR Cyberpunk 2077. Oh man oh man, when I made this list, I actually put this game as number 10 because even though it's so damn buggy, I still had a great time. BUUUUTTTTTT then thinking back on it, there's other glaring problems like the police system, lacking customization & the lack of chase scenes that could've made this game a lot better. And because there's another game that I put as honorable, but it got even better the more I think about it. For now though I'm just hoping that 2021 will absolutely improve on this game, and really hope this game will add a bunch more romance options. Judy's best girl & I want her romanceable with male V DAMN IT THEY'RE SO GOOD TOGETHER ASIFDSIGNFOSNWGDFBMGCIGUDFBFGD Now with that out of the way, on to my top 10 list! 10) Fall Guys Ah yes, this demonic entity. Now, most people will put Among Us, but I don't consider that a 2020 game since that game was from 2018. This game though is definitely from 2020, and although it causes many blood & tears being sucked out of you from the many2 tragedies that befall you from almost winning the last game to get that tasty delicious crown, the feeling of triumph that you get from getting it is, MUAH, absolutely worth it. Not to mention, season 2 & 3 adds even more obstacles to play, and they're quite a lot of more fun than the base obstacles, except the solo ring minigame from season 2 which can go fuck itself. 9) Streets of Rage 4 Classic beat em up at its finest. Still very annoyed that Shiva & Max's current game version can't be played yet, but they're gonna come through dlc, whenever that is, and when it comes I will play the shit out of this game once again! Hopefully the game will receive an update that makes everyone able to run cause man, it feels wrong walking when SOR Remake did it so much better. 8) Granblue Fantasy Versus Sadly one of the only few fighting games that come out this year which is awesome, the second being Them's Fightin' Herds that's in honorable mention. This game's story mode is something that I personally really like cause it's like playing the mobile game, but with actual fighting mechanic that's simple, but fun to do, aka it's a hack and slash. And it has really cool boss battles with loots that you equip to your characters which uses the same loot system as the mobile game, but you get SSR weapons like candy instead of the mobile game that give you crap loots. Where's Tekken Force/scenario mode in Tekken 7?? I want that mode back damn it URRRGHHHH OASNDOODFSFSFSFN 7) Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions OHOHOHO MANNN, this game is fucking amazing. THIS is how you do a damn great anime soccer game, while elevating the anime to the next level. It's basically like Dragonball Budokai Tenkaichi where you explore most of the scenes from the anime episodes per episodes which makes it like you're watching the anime & playing it at the same time. AND this game give you an even better bonus by having you play an original storyline mixed with the international arc from the anime where you create your own character & do 1 out of 3 starter schools, AND battle 1 out of 3 teams which changes the ending of the game. It is anime as hell, and it is fucking brilliant. I would so rate this game a lot higher, if it weren't for the fact that online mode is absolutely dogshit right now. The singleplayer is what this game is all about, especially for fans of the anime. Actually, anyone that wants a great and fun soccer game should play this game rather than another same Fifa game. 6) 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim. This is the game that got better in my mind the more I think about it & replaces Cyberpunk 2077. Coincidentally, this game was in development since 2013, 1 year after Cyberpunk 2077 was in its planning stages. 13 Sentinel got released in 2019 in Japan & 2020's the English version, AND the game actually comes out with its full potential unleashed with next to no glitches while Cyberpunk 2077 is in shambles with glitches, so that's a gigantic plus already. This is a very special game from the developers of Odin Sphere & Dragon's Crown. It's 70% visual novel of seeing backstory for the 13 playable characters in this game, and then 30% RTS mech combat that's like Front Mission, but faster. The music in this game is one of the best soundtrack of 2020 which I have added to my fighting game music track. Here's a sample of the kickass battle themes this game has While the story is super intriguing with a lot of genius twists and turns which wraps up really nicely in the end, most of the RTS gameplay is pretty basic cause you're essentially just doing tower defense with mechs over and over again until the very end of the game with increasing difficulty, and even though you can upgrade your mechs which gives them absolutely badass crowd clearing moves that should've looked awesome, there's no cool 2D closeup animation for the mechs except in the attack description when you're doing combat which is a shame because the art style is really damn good. This game also has the potential to have side scrolling 2D shoot em up sequences because there's a lot of shooting & fighting involved in them, but they're simplified to just you pressing a button to fire a gun. I actually would not mind at all if this game's RTS gameplay are replaced with mecha 2D side-scrolling combat, and it would be so awesome because Vanillaware is a master at it with Odin's Sphere & Dragon's Crown before, but it's nice that they branch out with RTS game cause they did another RTS game back in the day called GrimGrimoire. If this game has more gameplay variety, this game can definitely be in the top 5 for sure. 5) Genshin Impact Now THIS game is a gigantic surprise. I instantly know that this game will be something awesome the moment I played through the story mode, and then realizing that the awesome big boss battle with a dragon is only the DAMN PROLOGUE. Now I am aware that this is a free to play game, but actually unlike what Joe & other misinformed people that unfortunately just completely dismiss this game cause they're assuming this game is just like the other typical exploitative mobile game in the market like what EA usually put out, this game is not just another hollow mobile game, but an actual proper game that has a solid mechanic in it. Exploration is awesome, fighting enemies is awesome, leveling your characters up requires work but once you get through it, it's worth it. There's TONS of lore, a solid fantasy story, memorable characters & a great world to explore here that will get even better when the future updates roll around. There's 7 continents each with their own elemental powers that the main character can absorb to unleash his full potential, and so far the game is currently only having 2 continents finishing up with act 1, that in itself also have another amazing boss battle that made my damn jaw drop. We still got 5 future updates, and maybe even more depending on how the plot will progress. I cannot wait to see how epic the game will get. And best of all, it's all completely free updates! Unlike World of Warcraft or usual MMO Rpgs which has their pricey expansions alongside microtransactions, you don't have to pay a single cent with this game. And when you update the game, you're gonna be given free game currencies to help you save up with getting new characters through the shop. There is literally no excuse to skip playing this game other than close-mindedness & horribly wrong assumption that all free to play games must be the same things that force people to eventually pay money to win it. I spend 0 real life money on this game because I saved up all the premium currencies & only sparingly use them without using all of them up, and I ended up getting a lot of great characters. The way to get characters in this game is you must NOT spend the premium currency blindly like an idiot like these dumbasses on youtube did, have self-restraint because the game will give you free premium currency like candy with maintenance + thank you gifts. Right now I have 7,182 premium currency, and all of that was from collecting them in-game & getting free currency. Sure I spent perhaps around 7,000 so far, but that's not a lot, so I earned 14,000 of em for free and still have half of it saved up, and I will have even more of them saved up until I decided to spend them. Just remember people: you gotta budget yourself with playing free to play games and use the money you get through playing the game. Not all free to play games are good, and only a handful of them are genuinely awesome, which luckily Genshin is one of them. If you ended up using real money, it has to be because you fully support the game developer & do it to support them. Don't be a moron & spend real money because you blindly want to get this one new 5 star character which will most likely ruin your wallet. Be thankful with the characters that you do get because most of the time, that character will ended up being a really good character, which is why reading the tier list is very important. Here it is for you people that's planning to play this game. https://genshin.gg/tier-list I can't sing enough praise to this game. This game is a big step up for free to play game & a benchmark that will surely get even higher in the future. It's awesome when a game does things this well, and it's such a shame that Joe is so close-minded about this game in particular, cause if he actually spends proper time & strategy on this game, I am sure he would actually like the game a lot. But hey, good thing I'm here to say otherwise. 4) Hades The great roguelike that surprises everyone this year. And all it has to do is make you dying over and over a part of the overall plot, put EXCELLENT music, story, combat & characters for you to interact with, and a truckload of dialogues that makes you want to play this game over and over and over again. There are so many things to see in this game, and even though I finished this game so many times that I finally see the end credits, there's STILL more things to do. This is easily Supergiant Games' best game so far, and I actually don't mind if this game receive an expansion that adds more bosses & characters, cause with Greek mythology, there's plenty of things to explore. 3) The Wonderful 101: Remastered HAHA, bet you don't see this coming do ya?? I had been waiting for YEARS for Wonderful 101 to be released for PC, and it FINALLY happened this year. And it is magnificent. Everything about this game is fantastic, aside from the unfortunate rare glitch where I can't use my parry button for some reason until I restart the game, or sometimes the camera angle will get messy. The music, the art, the hilarious moments that made me laugh so damn hard whether it's from the QTE fails or how this game doesn't give a crap about the fourth wall, and of course the insane awesomeness that only Platinum Games can conjure, this game is an absolute joy to play from beginning to the end. I am so damn glad that it's finally mine to enjoy & happy that it's as great as I expected it to be. Here's to that Ultraman Project GG game looking forward to seeing how Viewtiful Joe & this connects to that game! It's tradition on my list at this point, so here's yet another 2 way tie for 2nd 2) Doom Eternal & Ori and the Will of the Wisps Man oh man, THESE 2 games are amazing. Doom Eternal is just balls to the walls awesomeness from beginning to the end that took the previous DOOM to the sky, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps is such a great improvement to the pretty as F first game, and it got even better the more I think about it even after I finished it. Both of these elevates the previous games, and they're well deserved to be this high on my list. However, 1 game this year stood tall above the others: 1) Ghost of Tsushima Now you might be thinking: why is this Assassin's Creed in Japan game number 1 even though it doesn't break new grounds in its gameplay? Well I'll tell you why: Cause it all fucking blends together perfectly & the execution for everything fits so damn well that it just becomes one strong excellent package. This game took the formula of Assassin's Creed & actually made the best Assassin's Creed game in existence that far outclasses every other Assassin's Creed games before by making combat always engaging with stances & stealth actually working well as it should be. Looting & crafting items for Jin is always really engaging & fun as you travel through the REALLY DAMN PRETTY island of Tsushima that it just makes you stand & do photo mode every 5 minutes. The music is absolutely amazing that it's a fucking crime that it's not even included for best soundtrack in the Game Awards, and the story is simple, but you are completely on board with Jin Sakai & his journey from the beginning till the very end, and potentially future installment that I am so looking forward to seeing. And not to mention the fact that the game has an updated multiplayer mode, and it's also freaking awesome! This game is the only game this year when after I finish the story, I got goosebumps from how overwhelmed & how amazing the final parts of this game were. I can't say the same as the other games I completed this year, and when a game gave me goosebumps, made me clap hard or made me cry, THAT'S how I know it's special, and this game definitely is. Congrats Ghost of Tsushima, you're the best Assassin's Creed game for now & I am looking forward to seeing more adventures of Jin Sakai & his companions in the next game, because ohoho the journey for him is definitely not done until he traveled through more of Japan & be the hero the land needs. Ohoho, ya think that's the end of it this year? No. This year also has 1 other very special game that showed itself, and this is a definite game changer for the future of games that I MUST mention. Here's an extra special entry to a very special game: Special wild card number 0: Dreams Hahahaha, you think this game will not be mentioned? HELL NO. This thing....... is a game changer. This is the new breed of game engine that is actually so damn powerful, that it singlehandedly make 80% of games on Early Access look like a complete joke. Dreams is a place where everyone can create whatever games/ short animation/ whatever they want, and it's all limited to their imaginations. Hell, you know it's a game changer when the official game that comes with it is just 10% of what this thing can do. Hmm, looking back, this is actually very similar to Cyberpunk 2077's Johnny band storyline, but less depressing. This game alone deserves to be a standalone game, but Dreams is about more than that. Every single month I always see something new being created by really damn creative PS4 players, and I got to play a lot of them. Most are short, but the ones that are actual full games that takes 1 + hours and even more to complete are the ones that stand out & the ones that will definitely be the highlight of how amazing this game engine is. You can go to youtube & search the recommended games, and there's gonna be a lot of users with their own personal picks like these ones Best of all: you don't have to pay them. All you pay for is Dreams itself. Once you get the game, the Pandora's box is open & thousands of creations are free to be experienced. So do what I did: get this game, search the top picks on youtube & spend an entire week playing them. And that's it for 2020! And unlike previous games of the previous year, most of the top picks have the potential to be even better in 2021. So here's to 2021 & hope it will be an even more awesome year for games. Hollow Knight Silksong & TSUKIHIME REMAKE, YOU WILL BE MINE!!!
  13. Oh CD Projekt...... you screwed up big time with this one Which is surprising considering this game's been in development for 8 years, so under normal circumstances, this game should've been spick & span when it's finally released or at least mostly not buggy, but instead it's surprisingly more buggy than Fallout New Vegas, Assassin's Creed Unity & Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and those games were in development for just around 1- 2 years! There is just no excusing with this one, this game should've been a really awesome game when proper management is done, but it's so damn obvious that it's not the case. Whoever was in charge of finalizing this game at this current state will get the worst embarrassment + punishment of their life, and it is well deserved. The dev team deserves more than being put in the same place as that jackass. Anyway enough of that, this will be a pretty straightforward review that hopefully shouldn't take a long time. Cause everyone knows the state of this game both on PC + PS5 + Xbox Series X and the abysmal state it's in on PS4 + Xbox One. Thankfully on PC it's not THAT horrible, BUT it's still really really really really buggy right now to the point where just when you think a cutscene/ firefight will be awesome, mr glitch will show up & ruin the immersion with delayed animation, 3 seconds of you standing in place until the next part of a cutscene plays out in which case the npcs will spasm into their right position, npcs floating above the ground, my character turning out completely bald when I look in the mirror & have a hat on for some reason, man I could list the amount of bugs I experienced & it will seem like I'm a madman for telling my story, if it weren't for the fact that everyone else experiences them, or experiences some other new glitch that others hasn't experienced. The plot of this game is pretty straightforward. At the start of the game after a pretty robust character customization menu where you can even customize your "package" & the style of the hair surrounding it, which wow, I didn't think it's possible to do so well done dev, you're given a choice of 3 starter lifepath for your main character V: start as a nomad, street kid or Corpo. I pretty much pick the Corpo lifepath cause I like some "falling from grace, only to climb your way back up again" plot in my game. What I found out is that after the initial introduction to your lifepath, the rest of the game will be mostly the same regardless of which path you choose: you meet Jackie, a job that you're supposed to do went bust, and then you & he have your own adventures in Night City for an unspecified time, which is such a shame you can't play because some of these adventures look like really fun missions. So after being pals with Jackie till you're both practically like family, you're both introduced to this one "fixer", basically a GTA mission giver named Dexter DeShawn where he proposed this one big heist against the Arasaka corporation, taking this one special chip from them. There's also Evelyn + Judy, 2 really good characters introduced who wants to be a part of this deal, and it's such a damn shame that only Judy has more roles in the overall plot. What happens next is pretty much already spoiled in this story trailer There are key differences in the game though. For once, that bald lady isn't your enemy, she's a good friend of yours that unfortunately got killed offscreen during the mission. Which is such a shame that you don't get to know her more cause she could've been a cool companion down the line. Then instead of Jackie giving the chip by hand to you, he inserted the chip directly into your head because the chip was heavily damaged & the only way to preserve it is to yeah, put it into your head. The rest of it plays like this trailer, and even more crazy cool stuff happens. Looking back on it, if Jackie didn't give the chip to you & let it stay with him longer, the entire game's even could've been avoided. I was SO hoping that this game has a Visual Novel esque "final route" where you can go back to this moment & have it play completely different, but eh, gotta eat what's already in the plate. After that, you actually have Johnny Silverhand, aka Keanu Reeves as your companion for the rest of the game, and because the chip is defective, the main quest is pretty much you trying to find a way to get him out safely before he kills you from the inside. At first I was afraid that Keanu will be like one of those annoying npcs that won't let you have space for thought. I mean sure he will butt in to comment on stuff & even give you talks before choosing an option for a quest, but the longer you talk with him, the better your relationship & the better you understand the guy. Sure he's a drunk ass that complains about life most of the time he decided to show up, but he also have good sides too & at the end of the game he's pretty much a good pal you can have. It's funny how in some dialogues, Keanu is just being the usual Keanu self of just being slightly annoyed even in the tensest of situations & he can't do a convincing scream to save his life, but that's a part of the charm of him. Now I actually did research on the tabletop game this game was based on, and it's awesome that the entire game has references to that tabletop. Johnny Silverhand, Saburo Arasaka + Adam Smasher had big roles in this game, but there's also references to other important characters like Morgan Blackhand & Rache Bartmoss. From what I read, Morgan was the main character in the tabletop game & he's supposed to be the John Wick of this universe. Ironic that Keanu ended up playing Silverhand instead. He's also supposed to be alive, but he's nowhere in sight yet, so I definitely can see him popping up in future dlc of this game when hopefully this game is much more stable. And I hope that there will be a major plot with him that makes the game even more awesome. Oh yeah, this whole sequence was just the intro. It took me 10 hours to get past it cause I was doing other side mission stuff. The entire game on my first playthrough took me 78 hours, and that's me traveling everywhere & doing a LOT of side missions. I haven't done everything like the side story missions with 2 important main characters so I am able to do them if I want, buuut I'll be saving it for when patches & new updates are released cause I wanna enjoy my time with this game some more when this game is FINALLY at a much better state. As for the gameplay, well, it's pretty much what I expected: this game is what happens if you mix Deus Ex Human Revolution with a bit of GTA, have the combat be like the 2012 Syndicate, make it so you're able to manipulate cameras & people like Watch Dogs, have a similar futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic weaponry like RAGE 2 & pretty much have fun quests like in Witcher 3. And it's AWESOME! When the game works & doesn't glitch out every 5 minutes. The main progression with this game plays like this: You can assign points to one of 5 attributes: Body for physical activities, Intelligence for doing cool Watch Dogs hacking stuff, Reflexes to make your gun aim + blade controls a lot better, Technical Ability to tinker with cameras + turrets while also giving you more choice for crafting weapons + other items, and cool which is for stealth & this "cold blooded" ability which is pretty much a killstreak buff if you kill a lot of enemies very quickly. I found that every skill are important & they all offer cool stuff for you to use. You can play this game anyway you want & you'll have a good time with it. Keep in mind though that you can level up skills, but they're capped to how many points you put. So for example: you can level your pistol & rifle skill by using them often, but you can't level them up beyond level 6 if you only put 6 points to reflexes, so you gotta level up & increase dem points. I pretty much put my stat at the beginning mostly to Cool, Intelligence & Reflex, and it helps me out really well cause there's a perk in the cool skill that makes you able to melee an enemy & choke them out immediately. Leveling up hacking & stealth are very easy cause you pretty much either just choke an enemy & hide them in many2 containers, or just use your hacking skill against an enemy & make them eat dirt after you make them blind or electrocute them to knock em out. Oh yeah, that's another thing I can mention: the cyberwares There's a LOT of things you can insert to yourself to buff your stats & make you a complete badass, but you can only use the more cool cyberwares if you have a lot of body & reflex espoints. The ones like "increase armor" or "increase health + carrying capacity" requires a lot of points on body, while the one that lets you do slow motion in combat requires reflexes. Here's a big tip from me: buy the legendary cyberdeck as soon as possible. Those things let you do hacking, and it's so damn useful, especially when you have 6 abilities that can do stuff like make an enemy blind, electrocute them, instantly knock em out, make them crippled, burn them, or have a grenade they have explode. Funnily enough, I haven't found the ability that makes them fight against their own friend which is totally in this game & totally the same as in Syndicate but I got other great abilities that I rather just be up close & personal. Also, if you want to get the cool arm weapons like mantis blade or wire, don't buy them yet at least until Act 2, rather just get them for free Oh yes, projectile launcher + tranq round: the absolute most broken weapon in the entire game. You can use this against any human enemies & they will instantly get knocked out in 1 shot, regardless of the projectile launcher quality. I had a good laugh using this, but I then decided to stop using it cause it's no fun doing that. What IS fun though is the glitch that lets you infinitely duplicate items & make yourself filthy rich doing it. Yes. This game is so glitched that you can pretty much do this very easily. It's especially hilarious when after you acquire this one expensive painting from this "Space Oddity" quest, you can pretty much duplicated this painting as many times as you want, sell them at any store for $4000 each painting, go out of the shop menu & buy the painting back for only $5 a piece. Because the shopkeepers in this city are so dumb that they are willing to sell an expensive painting at a $3995 loss. I pretty much ended up having 400+ of these paintings which I never ran out & got 790+ of the best healing inhaler from the duplication glitch. And no mods required. As for the game's story quests, I love a lot of them. One thing CD Projekt just nails are the quests that each Witcher games have, and this game thankfully continues that trend. There's one where you find this really cool smartgun named Skippy, which lets you choose either "all headshot" or "all leg shots" mode. Here's a tip: pick the all leg shots mode cause once you kill 50 people, this gun will immediately default to the other mode permanently, so you can outsmart him & make him your beyatch. There's also one where Jesse Cox had a cameo as a dude with, ahem, a broken wee wee problem. Even Glados showed up, and that's all I can say about the quest she's involved in cause I don't want to ruin the surprise. Then there's one where you think you're doing an assassination mission, but it turned into a story of redemption & sacrifice cause the assassination target turned out to be an escaped convict & found God, and he wants to atone for his various past fucked up wrongdoings by being nailed in the cross like Jesus & making a braindance, aka a "widespread simulation that people can be a part of if they choose to buy it" out of it. This quest was personally really touching and hard for me to do, not because I had to personally nail him on the cross myself, but because of how bad I felt for the guy. This former criminal really wants to atone for his sins, and he's up for dying to do so. Normally in other games, I would just not give a shit because criminals who did fucked up crimes deserve to die, but I actually prayed by his side during this quest which is awesome that the game gave me the choice to do multiple prayers, including catholic which I am YAY, and I was sad to see him go out, but I do understand that he's sincere in his atonement. I can see this happening somewhere in the world in the future, probably in 2077, so I hope if someone actually do this & are sincere about it, may God have mercy on you & you be judged fairly. But the best quests are definitely the companion quests. There's 4 major companion quests involving Panam, Judy, River & Kerry, each of them have their own style & all are really fun to do. River's a cop so it's all about detective work, which is always awesome, and his quest goes in such..... fucked up ways that I am glad I ended the quest in a good resolution. Kerry's about havin a good time with old Johnny Silverhand which makes for some fun partying quests that at one point involve this cool concert, and with accurate instrument playing from everyone involved. Panam's the most elaborate cause you get to fight a Militech army while bonding with her Nomad groups, and at one point you steal this really cool tank, and for some reason you have steamy hot WEWWWWW inside it, while Judy's is more low key & stealthy with infitlrating this Japanese Tiger Claw gang & helping prostitutes. It is SUCH a damn shame though that there's so few romance main quests. Apparently both male & female V can only have 2 romance: straight & not straight. So for male V he can only romance Panam & Kerry, while female V can only romance Judy & River. This makes no damn sense. Kerry's actually bi & he had his way with the ladies & have multiple kids, so why can't he romance a female V too?? I mean I get why he's into male V cause apparently back in the old days he was into Johnny, but Johnny can also be in female V so who the fuck cares? And WHY MUST JUDY BE ONLY ROMANCEABLE WITH FEMALE V?? SHE'S THE BEST GIRL DAMN IT AODNFOSGNEHTGOJGODJGDGJGF I ended up romancing Panam instead, which initially I was not a fan of because she's such a cranky girl that yells & be angry at everything, but the more you know her the more you get to know her kind side, and it's not so bad in the end. Still Judy's cuter though, and although you don't get to romance her, her end quest was pretty sweet, and also sad, but at least she ends up well. There's actually a couple of little romance on the side, like buying prostitutes or "joy toys" off the streets, Meredith Stout, one of Johnny's old girlfriend & Rogue, but Meredith is only for 1 optional one night WOO WOO & that's it, while the other 2 are just possible because you're playing as Johnny. So in total the game has 11 romance with AWOOOO scenes. Which is not so bad, but I do wish that there's more options for more deep romance bonding. 6 girls stands out to be possible romance option that could've been a lot more than what their roles were: Misty, Evelyn, Hanako Arasaka, Claire, Lizzy Wizzy & one of these cute girls with that nice bun bun hmmmmm. Cheeky youtuber this one Out of all of them, Misty, Evelyn & Claire were the biggest missed opportunities. Not only is Misty really cute, she's also one of your truest companions in the entire game that constantly helps you through tough times. I know she's Jackie's girlfriend, but there's always time to move on after he passed away. Evelyn should have SO much bigger role than what this game had for her which is unfortunate, and you actually bonded a lot with Claire which ends with you doing a very personal quest with her. It's a shame that there's so much potential and it's not followed up, but I can definitely see future dlc & updates fixing that. And now thinking back on it, aside from the plentyful bugs, there are definitely lacking moments in this game that should've been fixed with simple tweakings. For starters: your character customization options. For some reason, even though I tried to modify V's face, he never looked right unless it's the default male V face that's in the trailer. It's either the eye or nose looks wrong, and when I finished it, somehow my character looks even worse in motion than in the customization, especially when I look in the mirror. Why can't I get more than 3 pre-set faces? And weirdly, why is it that after I finished customization, I can't even go to a barbershop to get a new haircut/ facial hair/ hair "down there"? Even Fallout has those options! The police system is another thing. I don't really have an issue with it when I played the game cause I tend to just avoid cops, but when they just appear out of nowhere indoors right next to you, and when they chase you it turns out they're so dumb that they won't chase you anymore when you're at a specific spot, that's when stuff with them becomes a joke. The game also needs car chases outside of the race & scripted moments like Mad Max, cause driving has the potential to be more exciting than it is in this game with all the gangs & corpos hunting you down. Maybe future updates will probably up the ante. Also really weird that there's nobody riding a motorcycle in this city, even though there are biker gangs with bikes in the streets here and there. Well except for the scripted sequence & Jackie but that's about it. If it turns out that these bikers are going to be added through paid DLCs, I will be so pissed, but hopefully not cause CD Projeckt's not like Konami & they'll do the right thing. Eventually. Which is annoying that even though this game has been delayed over and over again it's still in this buggy ass state like I already said in the intro, but sometimes that's how it is in 2020. That's most of what I can say about this game right now though: the game is awesome when it works, but it's unfortunate that bugs ruin them. I give this game my rating of "well if you can get through the bugs, you'll have a good time". Definitely not a GOTY material at its current state, but it's still fun. This game reminds me of Fallout New Vegas & Alpha Protocol, an absolutely underrated game which to this day has one of the best story divergences in a game that you can do for a spy espionage game. Glitchy as hell, but underneath it all is an awesome game. There is definitely a lot of of fixes this game needs to go through, but I have faith that this game's state will be even better & even more stuff will be put in the future that makes the game all the sweeter.
  14. I would normally just edit my previous entry or wait until someone else did their entry first, but since it's almost the end of the year & it's a long time since my last entry, might as well put a new one. 122) Sekiro: Boss Gauntlet Platform: PC At last! The long awaited boss gauntlet for this awesome game is finally here! There were many trial & errors, but it's a damn good fun time regardless. Got a few costumes after beating the 3 gauntlets, though the Shura costume is the best one while the other 2 were, eh, pretty derpy on Sekiro. This is my whole attempts at the 3 boss rushes, and by the end, I was fully satisfied. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/786250948?filter=highlights&sort=time I could do the last gauntlet if I want which is to fight all the bosses, but there's no reward for it so there's no point. 123) Perfect Vermin Platform: PC A short game where you use a hammer to destroy aliens disguised as office objects like chairs, tables, fridge or other things. There's modifiers in later stages that changes things, but it's pretty straightforward. Then the game ends with the explanation that my main character's probably just having a mental breakdown from having cancer, but the game ends before a full conclusion was shown. Eh, still fun to wreck stuff up. 124) Touhou Luna Nights Platform: PC I've been looking forward to playing this game a long time, and as soon as I saw a great discount, I immediately grabbed it. And this game is freaking awesome. Even though it's pretty short for a Metroidvania game, around 6 hours for 100% completion, the bossfights & cool moves you get to use are amazing. I roughly know about Touhou so I know that the main character Sakuya's more like a maid ninja version of Dio from Jojo, and man it feels SO damn good to timestop & za warudo knifes all over my enemies. You can do it often, and it never gets old. The highlight of the entire game are absolutely the normal & true final bosses. The true final boss whoops my ass, but I love every second of it & was satisfied when I beat it. I am definitely up to playing a sequel to this if it's possible, and maybe have multiple characters to play as cause a couple of the bosses here are definitely great playable characters. And to be fair, a couple of em are main characters in other Touhou games. 125) The Textorcist Platform: PC Free Epic Games giveaway ftw. This game have you playing as a priest with a, less than stellar record which got him kicked out from the Vatican. But demons has corrupted the Vatican & he has to save the day. This game's more like a boss rush Typing of the Dead + Bullet Hell, with a little bit of exploration here and there. Every boss battle have you typing exorcism words to beat a boss, and you have to do this while dodging onslaught of bullets in every direction. As the levels progresses, it gets a lot harder, but everytime you finish your exorcism & cleanse your enemies in the name of God, MAN it feels damn good. It also surprisingly ends in a happy note, which I am afraid it won't considering the direction the story was taking at the last few hours. And I'm glad it did. 126) Watch Dogs Legion Platform: PC Now..... I am aware that Alex & Joe had a BAAAAADD time with this game because of the glitches that crashes the game a lot. Thankfully for me I didn't experience that, but that's mainly because I switch the graphics from DX 12 to just 11 so I don't have to experience it. Most of my time with this game was actually a lot of fun. I recruited a lot of characters, one of them this 75 year old former soldier that whoops people's ass like a pro wrestler which is SO much fun to do. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/787456235?filter=highlights&sort=time And then................... after 20+ hours of playing & recruting 39 characters............... the save file for some reason shat itself & this happened. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/807301937?filter=highlights&sort=time This is undeniably, the most cursed & buggy moment of 2020. NOTHING will beat this moment. Luckily my story progress was still ok & I managed to beat the game after recruiting 4 new characters, but man, it still freaking hurts my soul that 39 of my characters got wiped out & replaced like that. URGHHHHHHHH. I ain't playing Valhalla or Immortals after this thank you very much! 127) Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Platform: PC Yet another game that I had been eyeing this year that I got after a discount. I've been following Samurai Jack & knows how the series ends, so my main motivation of playing this game was because I found out that this game is the canon conclusion to the entire series instead of the depressing ass way the show ends. This game is developed by the people behind the Xbox Ninja Gaiden + the torture that was the second game. Thankfully not as frustrating as those two. The game is like a trip back into a couple of Jack's previous adventures throughout the show because it starts off during the final battle with Aku. Instead of going back in time & slicing up Aku to pieces like the series, Jack instead had to go to other points in time in the past & fight Aku's minions. So he went to places like that one time he entered the future & fight the Imakandi hunters that hunted him throughout the city just for a thrill of the hunt, and also that 2 bounty hunters on a train Also he had to travel back to the time he fought the flute robot that keeps on saying jazz beats Scaramouche, and fight daughters of Aku once again. Most of the time travel locations are definitely for Season 5, which is a shame that Jack didn't fight the really cool villains like X9 or have a rematch with the Guardian, but eh it's still cool. Also it's great to see the game ends in a good way this time unlike the cartoon which was depressing. Sure you had to collect all the hidden collectibles to get the best ending, but it's definitely worth it. And it's canon so that's extra plus! 128) Wonderful 101: Remastered Platform: PC OHOHOHOHOHOOHOHOH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. At last, this legendary Wii U game that I had been wanting to play for so long is finally mine. And while there's a couple of issues with the cameras & weird glitches which makes me unable to parry incoming attacks for some reason, this entire game is just amazeballs. From beginning till the end, I was laughing so damn hard at how funny, epic & how this game just doesn't give a crap about the fourth wall. It is a game that is very Nintendo, but with Platinum Games doing the action. I was smiling so much from playing this game & am so damn happy the whole way through. Aside from Nier Automata, this game is now one of my personal favorite Platinum Games. More people should definitely play this classic & I cannot wait to see the next game in this series, which is oddly that Ultraman looking thing. Let's see how this game connects to Viewtiful Joe & 101! 129) ScourgeBringer Platform: PC This & Hades from this year has shown 1 thing: roguelikes can be freaking awesome when it plays so damn well. While Hades is about making a roguelike with a nice story that links to Greek mythology, ScourgeBringer is about you as this badass ninja lady just flying all over the damn screen with slick controls killing everything in your path, while listening to Doom inspired hard rock music. While the gist of this game is similar to other roguelike games with exploring randomized maps & getting equipment + buffs to make your journey easier, while upgrading yourself permanently after you die to make things easier, the slick controls & movement you get to do is what makes this game so damn good to play. And once you beat the game 1 time, it ain't over. A new hell awaits you if you want to do it, so I wish you luck on your journey towards finishing this game. You're gonna need it. 130) DMC 5: Vergil time Platform: PC Vergil's just as awesome as he was in DMC4, and this time he's even more awesome with the new moves he gets to do. It is always a great time playing him & cutting monsters up with my sweet2 Yamato. Level 19 & 20 though, MUAH, byoutiful. Especially with Vergil's theme playing in the background. Urrghhh why do we have to wait 1 month while the PS5 got the special edition early with Turbo + Legendary Dark Knight modes while PC & PS4 Xbox One doesn't??? It's not fair damn it! 131) Ghostrunner Platform: PC Hotline Miami + samurai Mirror's Edge, with cyberpunk aesthetics thrown in. You get to be as swift as the wind, but you will die over and over again because you're dead if you get hit once. But it's all really fun in the end. I do wish that we get more story out of this game cause the backstory with Zoe & her resistance group in this game's settings sounds like it could have its own separate game, so hopefully we'll get that down the line. 132) Cyberpunk 2077 Platform: PC Wait till this game gets patched, then it'll be awesome.
  15. Wow, I assume this is a discord thing. I'm not in the discord, but sounds like a rough time if he got banned. Hope you had a good Christmas celebration over there btw.