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  1. 28) Granblue Fantasy Versus Platform: PS4 The next fighting game from Arc System Works based on a very popular mobile game in Japan. Really fun to play, despite its small roster size. Wonder if Fate will have their next fighting game one of these days after their PSP game years ago considering that Fate Grand Order is a huge thing now. Maybe a Melty Blood spiritual successor? 29) Carcassonne Platform: PC This is based on an existing board game of the same name, and the goal of this game is to be the king with the most property owned. You do this by placing randmized tiles & owning either a land, road or a field which will then be expanded upon if you choose. By the end of the game it'll look something like this This game is freaking hard, but I finally got the hang of it & won handily, but not before losing so many times because the CPU actually place their property on a field and that actually covers 60% of the entire land which fucked me over URGHHHHH 30) Ticket to Ride Platform: PC Another game based on an existing board game. This time it's about building the best railway track on a board filled with different trail lines, each with different colors. You'll have to get stacks of cards from a row of cards, 2 cards per person unless you pick a Joker rainbow cards but you'll be fine if you pick one of the randomized card deck. Also before the game starts, you're given a side objective to get a trainline from specific cities to connect to another. If you managed to make that train line, you'll get extra points in the end of the game. If not, points deducted. It's quite a fun game, and it feels awesome if you manage to make trainlines that goes all over the place from one city to the edge. Now, with the existence of the game creation tool Dreams on PS4, I got to play SO MANY THINGS. Mostly just short 2- 3 minutes tech demos. But some of the games are SO good & astonishingly complete, that these games deserve to be mentioned here. So next time I complete games from Dreams that I found to be really special & beyond what I expected, I will put them here on a special section in the Platform part so you guys can check them out. Best of all, you just have to have Dreams and everything is free! 31) Art's Dream Platform: PS4: Dreams made game (Officially made game by Media Molecule, the dev behind Dreams) This game is about a double bass player named Art who just left his band due to personal reasons, and the whole game is a multi-genre mashup of point & click, platforming adventure, music video viewing, and SO many more. It is a freaking thrill ride from beginning to the end, and with a bunch of awesome songs to listen as well. Here's just the first parts of this awesome game. 32) The Pilgrim Platform: PS4: Dreams made game (community-made, specifically by narvikgutten & Majoneskongen) This is the beginning of where I can see what the creative people using Dreams are capable of. This is a complete game you can play where you're a pilgrim going on an adventure to search for treasures + artifacts, while slaying monsters along the way. It's crazy how many variety this thing has. At first it's just platforming. Then you have a lighting bolt attack to defend yourself from monsters, and the next you're playing a top down shooter, it's awesome. And it has multiple endings too depending on which path you want to take at the end. Well done dudes! Can't wait to play the next games you came up with! 33) The Outer Depths Platform: PS4: Dreams made game (community-made, specifically by Greatscott2204) This game...... is freaking awesome. And I am shocked at how many contents this game is. It's a horror game inspired by Alien Isolation where you're a part of a mining crew on planet Titan, but then one day there's monsters attacking the whole base, and so you have to try and survive. This right here is the demo for this game. This game definitely takes inspiration from Alien Isolation, because most of the monsters in this game will kill you in 1 hit when they see you, and they react to how loud you are, and they can come out of nowhere without a clear pattern. Especially the tall one with just mouths on its head. There are cool things here like how you have to hack panels by using a hack tool, and later on you have to distract monsters in a security room to different parts of a base to let a friend pass through them, all the while staying silent because there's a monster right next to you. There's just so many stuff this guy made. At the moment this guy made chapter 1 till 5 of the game, each one getting more difficult & spookier, and you actually get a weapon on the later chapters + medkits. I spent 2+ hours playing this game until chapter 5, and there's going to be more chapters coming from this guy. He has made a much better horror game than most of those short games played by Markiplier on his channel. I can't wait for the next chapter & finish the journey!
  2. This..... is where gaming history will change. This game/ media creation tool has changed the game plan of game development & made 90% of unfinished generic Steam Early Access games to shame. I have been eyeing on this for a while now ever since I saw a couple of trailers & see so many stuff in them. Hell, look at this trailer just to see how insanely diverse this thing is: Dreams is the next thing made by the same people as Little Big Planet 1 & 2 + Tearaway. Now in Little Big Planet you are allowed to make stuff, but those are mostly limited to 2D games. This on the other hand is a full on creation tool where you can just get creative & make anything that you want. Want to make an fps, puzzle game, open world game, a short movie, a long 1 hour movie, remake an old PS1 game or walking simulators? Ohoho you bet your ass you can do those things at once here, and it's all only limited by your own imagination. It starts by letting you choose your avatar in the form of a cute Imp creature. And then from here on you can use the motion sensor on your PS4 controller to move it around & interact with things just as you see fit. It takes getting used to, but the tutorial makes things simple to understand. For moving the imp & basic stuff that is. For creating your own games + short animation though? OHOHOHO, now THAT's like school. You can if you want to. The other best part about this is that you can play user created stuff, and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I mean...... what do you get when you have a game creation tool that was already out for a while as a beta, and it's recently released? You get HUNDREDS of stuff to try out. To be expected, most are pretty simple but fun and more like tech demos for things to come should they decide to make their full games. Like this one for example which is a demonstration of the stuff created by this one guy which is going to get updated into an actual game. And this one which is also from the same guy which is a demo for an open world survival game similar to Rust. And this one which is just showing food, but it looks soooo goooood but some of them? HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. I spend 30 minutes, and even more than 1 hour from playing these individual games. These people are dedicated to the max that they practically just made a much more complete Steam Early Access game, a couple even have a complete game for that matter, and I don't have to pay extra cost to play them. It's all free stuff & I actually want to give these guys my cash after the cool shit that they made. I cannot imagine what their games would be like when they completed everything 100% and have the content be more than your usual 5+ hour games! And this is all thanks to youtubers that lets me know which games I should play like this guy. And the best part? MORE ARE COMING! These mad bastards will definitely release a lot of full games which are going to be better than 50% of games out right now, and I cannot freaking wait to let you people know about them! Which I will in the Games beaten by the AJSA section. But of course there's official games included in this made by the dev team because hey, they're a game dev so they have to show the world what kind of things are possible to make in this toolkit. They have couple of neat little minigames to showcase as a demonstration into how diverse this creation tool can be. But they also have a main game which I can definitely say is pretty freaking cool, and it's called Art's Dream This is about a guy named Art who is a double bass player who left his band for his own selfish reason, and the game is mostly about him regretting his selfish action in his head, and it's presented by him dreaming about his childhood toys coming to life & battling this giant crow demon named Thornbeak. It's a nice story of redemption & finding a way to be more positive about himself while reconciling with his band members, and it's a nice story to get through. Mainly because this game actually have several game genres put into 1. When you're playing in the real world, it's a point and click adventure mode where you investigate objects to find hidden secrets that you can use for your own creation in the creation tool later on while also having you pick up stuff & give to the right people to proceed to the next stage, while also listening to a musical from this blue skinned guy that keeps on changing jobs for some reason. In the dream world, you play a platformer game with Art's toys Frances + Foxy, and you can switch between the two of them to progress the game when it's required. And THEN there's robots to use later with their own abilities for platforming. Here's the playthrough of the first few minutes. It gets crazier. WAAAYYY crazier. And that's AWESOME! This game alone is but a glimpse of the absolutely amazing potential of what kind of games can be made with this game engine, and it succeeded with flying colors. I am also down for the next game that's going to be made if the story continues, and the best thing is if it indeed gets released, the dev will probably release it as a free update, or at least I hope so. I know what you guys are thinking though. You might be thinking "wow, so you can just play these many games if you own Dreams? Doesn't that mean I have to wait for the games to download which will take hours to wait?" IT'S ALL IN AN INSTANT! You can just play the games right away! The only download or storage needed is just to start Dreams, and then afterward? It's all ocean sailing bitch! And there you go. Dreams is like a giant ocean, and we the people are the fishermen. We can do anything we want with it, and it's limited to our own imagination. This is why I'm just going to not say my usual way of rating and just say "go get Dreams if you want to be a part of gaming history, and enjoy the endless possibilities that the community will create now & the future.". With 2 badass seals of approval. One for being an awesome place to play games, and the other for giving the opportunity to make magic happen. I cannot freaking wait to try even more stuff people put out. I am going to browse the shit out of everything I can find to infinity and beyond! And who knows? Like the past with Net Yaroze, the next game dev God will be born from this thing!
  3. AT LAST, the gaming drought is over, and I finally play a new game! This is the next game from Arc System Works, the same dev of Guilty Gear, Blazblue & Dragonball FighterZ, and it's a fighting game / action rpg based on the popular Japan mobile game Granblue Fantasy. I actually played the mobile game through the browser because you apparently can, which is pretty cool http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/#top So basically, the game starts with you, either a woman or a guy with a little red dragon companion, helping a blue haired girl that's chased by soldiers because she's a superpowered woman who can summon dangerous beasts. So you & a woman from the enemy army decided to go on an advernture afterwards, recruiting other adventurers & flying a ship through the game world which consists of sky islands. It's kind of like One Piece, but in the sky. And instead of the gum gum fruits, you have Final Fantasy esque summons that can assist you in battle which are called primals based on various mythologies, and there's a couple of races in play, and even angels. And a grand adventure awaits you. This fighting game takes place WAAAY deeper into the story of the mobile game after meeting many2 story characters which I haven't got that far yet. The story's a lot simpler: one of the main villains from the mobile game unleashes dark crystals upon the world that warped people to become hate filled, including many of your companions, and so you have to fix it & defeat the villain to save the world. Pretty basic stuff. It's serviceable & it introduces new players to the world's settings, but it definitely is made for the fans of this game because there are many references to the mobile game in each character's backstory & movesets. If I have to describe how this game is played, it's like if Street Fighter have the same fun gameplay as Under Night/ Guilty Gear, make the movelist simple to use & have them run on cooldown meter like the mobile game, and be very pretty. Cooldown for example means have you use a hadoken & wait until the cooldown is over, and then proceed to use it again when the meter is back to normal. Thinking that a hadoken or shoryuken move is too complicated? Don't worry because you can use R1 with a direction to release the moves that you want, which is so helpful when using characters that has a movelist like Zangief or charge characters like Guile. It deals less damage, but it's preferred to use the simple buttons to release combos. It takes getting used to, but it works. And it's a lot of fun when you can do combos like this The game has 2 main modes. The first is your typical arcade mode, and the other is the action rpg mode with various missions & chapters. Most of the missions are like playing a much more fighting game esque Odin Sphere, which is awesome! Most of the missions are pretty easy because the enemies are weak by design, just like playing the mobile game. Before the battle you can equip various weapons where the menu looks like this. This is actually how the mobile game's equipment menu is like as well. So the trick is to equip a main weapon that will determine your elemental damage, and then equip the rest of the slots will other weapons to further increase your HP and attack power. You gain these weapons by completing missions & getting weapons through the equipment raffles, aka the gachas which is how you gain new characters in the mobile game but it's simplified here, and just buying weapons from the store. How you decide what equipment suits you best is up to you. The game's action rpg mode is a lot of fun, albeit repetitive because well, it's just like playing the mobile game so you're expected to mow down weak enemies. You can recruit different characters by fighting them out of their brainwashed state because they're infected by the hate plague, and this plays mostly like fighting in the arcade mode, but the enemies have a larger healthbar & they have access to "overdrive" mode which temporarily powers them up. This mechanic btw is also in the mobile game, and it's implemented here pretty well. But the best part about this mode are the gigantic bosses you get to fight against, and these guys are a lot of fun to beat. Here's just an example of the early boss And it gets even better later on where the bosses are even more challenging, and with sweet songs playing in the background that gets more epic when you manage to get through their first phases. Kind of like Metal Gear Revengeance. After you beat the rpg mode, you unlock even harder difficulty which makes the enemies tougher, so you can play the mode all over again if you want to have more challenges. There are a couple of things that this game could've done better. The first one is the loading screen. For some reason, playing the rpg mode & going through different menus doesn't happen quickly. Instead everytime you want to customize your character or choose a mission, or even progress to the next part of a mission, the game always go to a loading screen for 15 seconds which will get annoying often. Which is why I found out that the best way to reduce these loading is to pick a mission you want to do, and then customize your character there instead because the menu will load up quickly. Why isn't it like that in the normal customization screen?? The other is the character roster. At the moment, there's 11. Seems pretty small, and then you realize that apparently most of your main character's companion in the mobile game's story are here as well, but they're just npcs, which makes no sense why they're not playable right now. The mobile game has HUNDREDS of characters to recruit & use why not have more at the start?? More are coming as dlcs, but there's only 5 characters planned. And none of those guys are the main companions which are still just npcs. Maybe they're saving them for the sequel or expansion, which is just dumb. Finally, the action rpg mode is fun yes, but it can get repetitive if you're not used to playing these typical mobile games with a similar battle plan. A couple more mission variety would help it out a lot. And thinking about it, the way your recruit new characters are the same with everyone: beat the crap out of them from their brainwashed states. Why can't a couple of them just straight up help you without needing to do that? It's only a matter of time before you think to yourself "oh look, another companion. Guess I have to beat you up to recruit you!" after the first few recruits. Despite that, this game is a lot of fun both as a fighting game and as an action rpg, and it makes me play the mobile game to get accustomed to the game's VAST lore, which is pretty awesome. And this is definitely a great beginning to a new series which I'm sure will have even more characters to play as with more mission variety that makes the game a lot more robust. I give this game the rating of "so good you can't wait to see what's next in the sequel". With a badass seal of approval! Great start to 2020 indeed. Can't wait to join my local tournament for this game & see what kind of crazy combos others came up with! Side note, one of the characters in this game is Lowain, a cat man with plenty of tools & other buddies to help him out, and his ultimate attack is to summon a primal Yggdrasil, easily the most daunting character to deal with when your health is close to death. Here's how you deal with her.
  4. We have to still be wary of them because hey, they're still EA so they can fuck things up, but right now they're better than Blizzard & Bethesda. Of course that's not saying much because they're still scum, but they haven't fall down hard to oblivion like Konami. It saddens me that those 2 companies has joined the dark side.
  5. Goddamn, this gaming drought makes me play these old ass obscure games I got from Humble Bundle & the Epic Games Store free giveaways, which is interesting to see what these guys came up with. 23) RiME Platform: PC This was that game with the pretty island & fox where you play as a boy exploring it. But as it turns out, it's not really about that. Exploring the island is just stage 1, there are other stages that takes place inside that big white tower which involves some cool ass mind bending puzzles & explorations. Surprisingly for a puzzle-filled game, there's a bit of combat....... sort of. It's more like "grab a light orb & scream to it to get rid of dark men pestering you" more than actual combat. From the looks of the game, I thought "ok, this looks like a fun harmless exploration game with relaxing orchestra music. This should be fun." And it is fun & relaxing. Then the end of the game happened....... and now I'm sad........ Which I kind of see coming because in the stage select, the stages are named after the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Still though, WTF IS THIS?? First Horace, and now this game?? I want to feel good playing a happy game, not get sad after seeing surprisingly depressing shit! X( 24) Rising Dusk Platform: PC Ahhhh, now this game is more like it. This is..... quite an interesting take on a platformer. Remember Default Dan? Weeeeellll, this game's kind of like that, BUT thankfully you don't die by getting coins! In this game, you can take coins scattered around a stage, but there's platforms that will disappear if you collected coins of the numbered platform. So if you see a number 1 platform, the platform will disintegrate if you touch it when you have 1 coin on you. The stages have hidden items, and sometimes you either have to not collect any coin to get those items, or you have to collect a certain amount to get past the platform blocking the hidden collectible. It's quite fun! And it's pretty cute too. The game is based on Japanese ghost tales, so you'll see Japanese monsters like Kappas, umbrella ghosts, one-eyed dudes & ghosts hanging around, but thankfully you don't die if you touch them, instead they just shove you away. Well except the bosses which you have to beat. 25) City Of Brass Platform: PC Got this for free from Epic Games Store a while ago, and actually a game I've been looking forward to playing for a long time because the dev made 2 neat iPhone Time Crisis esque shooter games called EPOCH 1 & 2. This is a first person hack n slash roguelike game taking place in a City Of Brass, which basically is like Aladdin's cave, but a city. And you're stuck inside this cursed city filled with many traps & enemies that wants to kill you. Hell in one part, there's even an enemy that's pretty much Dr Who's weeping angel, but thankfully you can kill them by throwing a bomb at their face. You're going to die over and over and over again in this game if you're not aware of your surroundings. It's always rewarding though with these roguelike games as you plow through a stage that gave you so many hard times. Funnily enough, this game has 5 bosses, but the first 2 bosses are the tougher ones to beat. The other 3 are much easier to beat. I beat 1 dude by throwing a bomb once & he died in an instant, while the next one I just whip him & slice him with my sword 2 times. The final bosses are actually simple because all you do is go to a spot & whip their weakpoint, then you beat the game. After dying so many damn times from all the traps & enemies that killed you, it was worth it. 26) The End Is Nigh Platform: PC The next game from the same sadist who created Binding of Isaac & Super Meat Boy, and this game is just as frustrating as Super Meat Boy, except this time this game is more like a much fairer I Wanna Be The Guy, without cool guest game cameos. I mean..... what's the point of a game where the controls are very slick & smooth, but the game is hair frustratingly precise with platforming that you will die 1000+ times, and there's no funny things like this to make you laugh? In this game, the world ended through some nuclear bomb or something, and you're a blob guy thing named Ash who is stuck in the apocalypse with nothing but his game, which is pretty much this game but with Nintendo Gameboy colors & 8 bit music. He's live streaming the game in the beginning, which is pretty impressive that there's online in the apocalypse but oh well, and if you managed to beat it, you'll get an ending instantly. Which I can't even fathom beating in 1 flawless run because LOOK AT THIS SHIT! If you die during this game (which you will), the game will brick itself & Ash has no choice but to go out of his apartment & for some reason, find 3 parts scattered in the deep2 stages so he can make a makeshift mannequin to become his friend........ that's the goal of this game & the reason you get killed 1000+ times over and over. Why not just pick one up from the damn rubles? Fortunately, even though this game pissed me the hell off, it doesn't make me hate everything about it like Super Meat Boy, primarily because as you die over and over again, the awesome soundtrack kept me going. The songs are remixes of classical tunes. My favorite being the Hungarian Rhapsody remixes that's made famous by Tom & Jerry in one of their cartoons. This song is the first half which plays in the later stages where you climb up this high mountain full of clouds and ghosts. And at the very end of the game, there is an escape sequence, and during it the second half of the Rhapsody plays which is just fucking awesome. Surprisingly, collecting hidden items, which in this game means collecting tumors for yourself (ewwww) in this game actually will benefit you in the final stages because those tumors acts as extra lives as you die over and over and over and over again. And typical of this guy's game, you will get other endings & secret areas if you explore the world & find secret items. I am not collecting them all because I am not a masochist thank you very much! 27) The Bridge Platform: PC A puzzle game where you shift gravity to make objects fall into the right places so you can pass through. It's a trippy game. I think your main character is supposed to be an inventor based on what little background information this game provides & the whole puzzles are about him discovering the next breakthrough. Then it's all just a dream he has before he wakes up........... that was quite anticlimactic. And after you beat the game, you can play the entire game again but mirrored so everything is the other way. I ain't doing that again!
  6. 21) Warriors Orochi 4 Platform: PS4 I used to play Dynasty Warriors + Samurai Warriors games on PS2 all the time. And then I just stopped since in the end the sequels are just the same game with more characters anyway, and because I found a much better alternative that is Sengoku Basara. Then last year I won Warriors Orochi 4 from a gaming tournament after I won at Dragonball Fighter Z, so this is as good time as any to jump back to this series and see how much more characters Koei added. And since Warriors Orochi is the Warriors' "Avengers" equivalent, it's safe to say that I'll be looking at a lot of character rosters. OH MY JEEZUS In case you people don't know what this Warriors Orochi thing is, let me give a brief summary of the plots of each game so far. Warriors Orochi is....... well this series is predictably whack. The first game is about the three Chinese kingdom + Sengoku era warriors brought together because Orochi aka the Japanese 8 head snake demon comes to life & want to take over the world, so it's up to them to stop him. They did, then Warriors Orochi 2 happen which is the same thing, but with more characters & tweaked story. Then Warriors Orochi 3 happened and surprisingly, it's not a game about Orochi, but about Hydra & the 9 tailed fox Tamamo. I mean Orochi's still in the game, but it's about them instead. And this time the story mode is much more straightforward and it has chapters 1 till the end, unlike the ones before which are seperated into Wei, Wu, Shu, the Samurais and the evil Orochi faction. 4 continues the straightforward chapters story progression, and this time Koei decided to bring Zeus, Ares and Athena to the mix. Yes, now the Greek Gods joined the party, as well as Odin & Loki surprisingly enough. WHAT IS THIS, God Of War PS2 PS3 PS4 IN 1 GAME??? Kratos is in the game, but he's a generic commander. And also a couple of characters that are in PS4 God of War, but they're also just generic commanders. Surprisingly enough, there's also horsemen of the apocalypse. Yes, there's Death & War from what I see, and yes, they're just generic commanders. I think Koei's saving the playable upgraded versions for the Warriors Orochi 4 Godlike edition or something like that. If you have ever played the latest Samurai Warriors & Dynasty Warriors except 9 which just sucks ass, then you have played Warriors Orochi. I mean seriously, the characters from those games are here & they play exactly the same as those games they're in. Warriors Orochi's gimmicks though is that you can have 3 characters in 1 go so you can switch them all on the fly, so if you've used the same moves as a character over and over again, you can switch and do the same thing with another character! Thankfully 4 added another cool mechanic which makes things so much better, and that's the Greek magic skills. Each character are assigned their own special Greek weaponries, so Zhou Tai has a magic sword that drops meteors, Tadakatsu Honda has Poseidon's trident that brings water etc, and even though there are repeat weapons with a lot of characters, every single one of the characters has special ultimate attacks with those weapons, so there's a LOT of new moves you can do in this game like so. There's also a "unity" attack, aka fill a bar & once it's full you can release a nuke that destroys enemies around you. Of course the problem that's in every other Warriors game is here too: it gets repetitive doing the same moves over and over and over again. I finished this game recently after many times of playing 3 missions in 1 day, only to get bored & play it much later when I don't feel bored. But at least in this game eventually I get energized & finally did a marathon finishing the story in 1 week instead of stop playing the game like other Dynasty/ Samurai Warriors games before because in those games every character + faction have their own story & to see everything you have to play every single character. With these games I tend to have a personal favorite character in each series. Zhou Tai, Zhang He, Zhao Yun, Shangxiang and Xu Shu are my Dynasty Warriors picks while Sanada Yukimura, Hanzo, Tadakatsu and Magoichi are my Samurai Warriors picks. That goes out the window after the Greek & Norse gods are unlocked. My God, Ares broke the damn game so damn hard. He has a move where he ride his weapon like a surfboard while the weapon sucks every enemy in front of it, and then spit every enemy out at once. It got so chaotic that most of the time the game freezes because there are too many enemies on screen at once after the weapon spits everyone out. Athena is also really damn good because she has laser attacks, and can petrify enemies while dealing insane damage. Then there's Odin. He stops time....... and his attacks clear crowds in an instant.......... he makes Lu Bu look like a kindergarten brat. You unlock them at the last chapter of the game after you play around 60+ characters in various missions, and it's safe to say that you will never return to those characters ever again once you unlock these guys. Man, this just makes me even more hyped for God of War 2 PS4! 22) Knights of Pen and Paper 2 Platform: PC This is a sequel to the first game that was on iPhone about a D&D session that you take part in. You choose your characters & classes, and instead of it being just a typical "pick human dwarf elves" or whatevs, you can also pick what kind of teenager you are, whether it's "jocks, cheerleaders, surfer dude" or just a hipster, each have their own special stats & abilities. The game's combat is turn based, and exploration is done by walking through locations on a world map, as shown in this trailer. There are a couple of dungeons you can enter, and most of the time you'll set off a trap, and you will get damaged once or twice because this game's way of dodging these traps is to have you roll a 20 number dice, and most of the time that dice number will not reach the safe number. Initiating combat can be from random encounters if you fail to roll your dice above the minimum "danger" number, or by going on an area & picking how many enemies you want to fight. This game is very self aware & silly, so expect a lot of characters just talking about geeky D&D stuff. It's quite fun overall.
  7. https://www.pcgamesn.com/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order/sales Wow. Just.... wow. EA finally learned from the errors of their ways with Jedi Fallen Order, and now because this game is making so much money for them, they now decide to do the right thing and make more single player games. All the while Bethesda & Blizzard are under hot water after they fucked up with Fallout 76 & Warcraft 3 Reforged, among other things....... Is this opposite day or something??? This is what EA needs right now, and what we need right now considering that Fallen Order & the Mandalorian are the few great things about this series at the moment after that Rise of Skywalker movie which is so average it's not worth anything. From rumors the next singleplayer Star Wars game will probably be about the New Republic, or a KOTOR remake. I just want the next Fallen Order stuff so I can slice my way Sekiro Jedi Knight style again, and if possible, have a Bounty Hunter game with Boba Fett style equipments to use, and as an extra, make you able to use lightsaber and the force too. Whatever it's going to be, if it's made with the same care as Fallen Order with many lightsaber duels, I AM ALL FOR IT!
  8. So Blizzard, after ALL that shit surrounding your pathetic Blizzcon & how much you kiss the Chinese government's butthole, instead of making things right, you decided to still ban those player & casters & fuck things up even further by releasing a 17 year old game as just an HD reskin, and stripping the features you promised will be in the game, AND being a complete shithead by announcing that "if you mod this game & make a new game out of it, that game belongs to us". In all my years of life, I've come across many MANY people. Lots of people are awesome, some have problems but overall they're ok, some people pretend to be nice to you while they stab you in the back, some people for some reason just don't give a shit about other people and just want to stroke their own ego, and some people just don't deserve to live. Blizzard, you're now in the stroking your own ego zone. Not as far gone as Konami, but on par with Bethesda. You know, I was originally looking forward a bit to Overwatch 2 & Diablo 4, but I am not looking forward to them anymore after this. This company needs to reprioritize itself to stop doing these stupid shits & get back on track with actually making awesome games.
  9. I wouldn't buy anything from the Ubisoft store cause they're more expensive than buying from other websites. I would rather get their games for free from Epic Games Store because the store gives out 1 free game each week, and I got For Honor, Steep & Rayman Legends, as well as other great games like the entire Batman Arkham Trilogy, Yooka Laylee the Impossible Lair + Mutant Year Zero. Who knows, in the future they probably will put a bunch of Assassin's Creed games for free too.
  10. Man, I remember playing Battlefield 1942 singleplayer & spent all day with it with that awesome themesong. And that's when back then my PC was ass and I don't know much about PC making, so I played the game with very low graphics setting otherwise the framerate will crap itself on higher setting. It was a fun time. It's sad that this once-beloved series has been fucked to the ground by EA. They did right with Battlefield 1, why did they have to ruin it with Battlefield 5?? Where's Bad Company 3?? I want that thing so much! I saw one vid that makes me laugh about how the theme for Battlefield got worse over time. Thank the Lord Battlefield 1's theme actually returns to orchestra epic. Now this next one is from a Streets of Rage clone called The TakeOver. This game changed a lot compared to back when it was in alpha early access, and now it's finally a complete game, with a lot of great tunes.
  11. 19) Horace Platform: PC When I got this game for the Epic Games Store as part of their free game thing and saw the trailer, I thought "ok, this looks fun from the crazy trailer. Lots of fun moments & looks like there's a lot of minigames as well as lots of platforming to do, I'm gonna have a good time!" The trailer lied to me. This game..... is freaking depressing. Ok not entirely depressing but still, you start out 1 hour into the game doing movement tutorials while your main character Horace narrates the cutscenes that sounds like it's from one of those robotic "text to word" thing you can do on Google, and everything seems fine because you got a house full of colorful characters, including your creator who's kind & teaches you what it means to be a human being. Some shenanigans happen, mostly very lighthearted stuff. Then you're tasked with climbing a platform that's too high to reach to get a teddy bear by the creator, and just as he's about to give you an upgrade that lets you get the bear, he passed away............. That makes me sad......... The whole game is like that. It will show you a funny cutscene, most that are a reference to either a film or a game. Reservoir Dogs, Mission Impossible, 2001 Space Odyssey, Terminator, if you can think of it, you bet that this game will have it. At one point you actually participated in a gaming tournament with other robots that are cameos like Robocop, Astro Boy & even the fraud Billy Mitchell, who actually cheated on the tournament by proclaiming "I have a higher score than him, which is shown in this VHS tape, so I win!". And then the next thing you know, a horrible thing happened and then you get all sad. Even the end of the game is freaking depressing, though in a bittersweet way. WHY YOU TOY ME LIKE THIS GAME?? But on the bright side, this game has LOTS of variety. This game is mainly a metroidvania esque thing mixed in with gravity-defying platforming & tough as nails traps to dodge like Celeste or Super Meat Boy, but much more forgiving because you get to have little robot helpers that acts as a life bar as you progress through the game. The platforming you do in this game pretty damn good, even if they're quite tough, but you get a lot of upgrades to use as you get deeper into the game which makes previously hair rippingly frustrating parts a cakewalk afterwards. Aside from platforming, you play SO MANY minigames, mainly because Horace himself is a HUGE gamer. There's a couple of arcades you can visit that has classic copycat versions of Outrun, After Burner & Space Invaders to name a few, as well as employment minigames you can play which gives you cash, and they're rhythm minigames that unfortunately, doesn't have quite a good tune to accompany them. It's an awesome idea, but not if the songs sound like generic garageband music. This brick song in particular makes me annoyed by how bland it is. Which is odd because most of the songs in this game are pretty decent, even the music minigame that parodies real life bands are alright. There's a lot more minigames this game has which I won't spoil, most of which are quite fun. Which explains why this game's size is 13GB. I think it's done that way to reduce the annoyance after dying over and over again from platforming challenges. Which then goes to depressing again after the game decides to show another sad story moment on your way. Don't play this game if you want a happy game........... 20) Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: Revised Platform: PC I recently saw James Rolfe made a youtube video about a fan made Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde sequel. This guy made a revised version of the first godawful game, which makes the cane ACTUALLY KNOCK PEOPLE OUT. So how can I not try a game like that out??? And so I played it after downloading it from this which also have a lot of other revised games: https://www.retrogamer3.com/ It's alright. Unfortunately Jekyll is still slow as a snail when he walks, and there's still a bunch of enemies that pester you when you're walking to your wedding, but you can fight back now! And the coins actually gives your health back. And you have a map which lets you know how far you are before the end of a level, and when you're Hyde, you don't get auto scrolled & you don't die beacuse you got D4C'ed by going in the same distance as Jekyll. This should've been the original game, instead of the torture that makes no sense that NES got. Now I actually WANT to play the sequel this guy made to continue Jekyll's hilariously messed up story.
  12. 12) Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Platform: PS4 This is the remake of the PS2 game, which also includes the original game so that means there's 2 games in 1. WHAT A DEAL! And this remake is SOOOOOO much better than the original that I played long time ago but only managed to finish the first chapter. It's from the same dev as Dragon's Crown, but this one is an altered version of Norse mythology, though surprisingly only a few characters actually have the usual names like Odin, while the rest of the characters are most definitely from the original myth, but with altered names. Like Gwendolyn who's supposed to be Brynhild & Oswald who's supposed to be Sigurd. No Thor or Loki in this one. This game is pretty much one giant love story for the 5 characters you get to play, and also with preventing Armageddon as the main plot, and it's pretty sweet overall, especially Velvet & Cornelius. Those 2 are perfect for each other & they deserve a happy end after all the shit they went through. I don't know why this game forces you to play characters in set orders rather than having you pick which of the 5 you want to start as because every character has their own story & their own timeline of event, and it should be better to jump between different characters in chronological order. I mean Resident Evil 6 lets you pick which characters you want & you can play in the order that fits the timeline. Ah well, it is what it is. The original game was SO janky because not only are you unable to do flashy combos like the remake, but every attack you do uses stamina. Yep, it's Dark Souls before Dark Souls made stamina for attacks popular. The remake completely changes the combat and now you can do 100+ combo chains like nothing with each characters, and all of them have their own special moves you can pull off that you can upgrade in their own skill tree. I collected every skill & got S ranks on every single battle. It's so much easier to do compared to the original because all you need to do is chain 100+ combos, and kill enemies as fast as you can. It makes the original FAR inferior in comparison which I found out after switching to the original mode in the game. That's AWESOME that a game lets you play both the remake & the original version and it's not just a cosmetic change! This game is surprisingly very damn long because you have to play the game with all 5 characters to get their complete story, and then at the end you need to play against 5 different bosses, but you're given the order on which characters fight which bosses. Obviously you have to pick the right characters to get the good ending, but depressingly you have to mix and match every possible combination of each bosses to get the true end because specific characters have their own interactions. The good thing is only the first 3 have multiple special bad ends while 4 & 5 have generic ones, so you can just do the first 3 without needing to do boss 4 & 5 again after you do them. BUT when you do them all, the true end is damn worth getting. 13) Crewsaders Platform: PC This is a fun local multiplayer game where you control this siege tower, uh, thingy and you along with 2 other people control it. Just look at this thing The key in this game is teamwork & not panic. If you control the sword, then stick with it because you have to move it as the other team move their shield to block it. If you go all over the place, you're fucked. It's damn satisfying once you kill the other team & make them bites the dust. Shame there's no story mode though, this is just a casual vs game match. Still fun! 14) The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game Platform: PC A very lighthearted point & click detective game where you're a frog detective & you have to investigate an island that's haunted by ghostly noises. I like how in the intro you & your boss talked to each other & he said something about Indonesia, and the frog actually say accurate Indonesian phrase. That makes me happy! It's a short & sweet game. All you do in this game is collect items, talk to different people, get items from them & give items to them until you get all the items you need & progress through the game. Short but sweet. There's a second game called Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard, and it looks more elaborate this time around. Can't wait to see what that game's about! 15) Paperbark Platform: PC This is another short & sweet game based in Australia where you control a wombat doing his thing in the forest. AWWW, LOOK AT THAT CUTE LITTLE, well actually this thing is surprisingly big because it's the size of an axe but AWW LOOK AT THAT CUTE THING! This is a bushfire awareness game, so the poor guy had to get through a bushfire as it happened, but in the end he's ok & it ends cutely. PHEW, good thing the dev are actually nice people and not sick bastards! 16) Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Platform: PC It's that game that was popular when it was out that looks like a sillier version of Total War. I don't know why, but the game starts on a rick roll. I think it's because this game's version I'm playing is still in an April fools mood. It's in a much more improved version now because you get to actually take control of one of your units & I played the campaign till the end, or at least till the end for now. I was forced to play as an Olympian vs the Vikings at the final level, and it was..... very one-sided on my part because I got Zeus & ballistas which just DESTROYS their units. Goes to show that when you have a God with fast as hell lighting strikes with you, you're guaranteed to win every fight. XD 17) Armello Platform: PC Finally got to play this game after the Humble Bundle deal. It's that game mentioned in this thread This is a GREAT start for a game genre, and much MUCH less time consuming than Civilization because you don't have to spend 10 hours for 1 match. And it's kind of what happens when Hand of Fate meets Civilization. The one bummer I have with this game is that the singleplayer mode doesn't let you manual save. Which is pretty freaking annoying because as with any game that has rolling dices as a game mechanic, sometimes the game can just screw you over. Oh you have 7 dices? Unfortunately you managed to only land 3 attacks with that dice with no defence, so the other opponent kills you anyway. Which actually happened to me....... But at least I can quit the game & the game loads back to before my turn or an opponents' turn. Phew! I use Thane because he's the most all rounded with his stats, and I won a match by having the most prestige And I won another by purifying the king because I have 4 spirit stones with me. But it's such a shame that all you get for the spirit stone victory is a little animation of the king fainting after he got attacked by 4 stones, and there's no special cool cutscene of him thanking you for saving him from the rot infestation this kingdom have. Ah well, I'm a hero regardless! 18) Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Platform: PC....... sort of. It's a Netflix game. There was a thing December 2018 where everyone talked about this thing called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which was a Netflix thing that when I looked at it back then about an indie game developer in the 1980s that's developing a game based on a game book of the same name Bandersnatch. Now I actually looked at it myself and found out: This is actually a choose your own adventure game, on Netflix. And it's awesome! Remember that PS4 game Erica that was released out of nowhere after it got a Gamescom trailer? This Bandersnatch is more of a game than that game, because you actually have multiple paths & not just an illusion of a multiple path like Erica had. There's cool shit that happened like if you picked the choices and hit a bad ending & choose to replay the previous choice, the characters in it will comment on the thing that happened before like "no no don't pick that option, it's the wrong choice". And there's even one ending where YOU can tell the main character that you're playing this game & tell him all about it which leads to a silly end. It even has a moment where you're putting a 5 digit number into the screen before the timer runs out, as well as many other fourth wall breaking crazy shit that happened. There's 6 endings you can get, and funnily enough the best ending happen when you finally release the game that you're developing and the game received a 2.5 out of 5 rating. If you pick the easiest option at the beginning, the game is a 0 out of 5, and if you pick the more...... fucked up shit, you get a 5 out of 5, but it's totally not worth it. Check this out if you have a Netflix, it's pretty cool! Hopefully there's more games like this on Netflix.
  13. Ouch, to have 2 guns nailed right to your hands & forced to play a battle royale game in real life while having your girlfriend kidnapped on top of it all? Harry Potter, what the hell did you get yourself into? XD This film looks really fun though, very much a videogame movie that I would love to see. We'll see how much bodycount Daniel Radcliffe will have in this movie.
  14. The funny thing about that particular song: I can't find it anywhere. I tried using Shazam in the background after I personally edited the song's parts to get rid of background music with no result, use music recognition software on my Chrome on that song part, checked every youtube comment on that video and found that NOBODY knows what the song is, even went back and listen to lots of songs by Callenish Circle because Joe used one of the band's song for his outro, but nothing matches that song. Maybe it's a royalty-free song since it's played in the background & it's not copyright claimed? Only Joe & the mods knows what the song is, so you probably should go to the discord channel & ask people there because that's where most active members are these days.
  15. Australia had been experiencing one of the worst bushfires we ever had. These 2 weeks alone for me personally in Melbourne, I had to deal with smoke fires all around my apartment because of other bushfires around the Melbourne suburbs + Sydney coming in to the city. It's definitely MUCH better now because of a recent rain 2 days ago, but the other parts of Australia are still in trouble from this disaster, so me & my friends here are doing what we can to support the people our own way, by doing a fighting game stream today & tomorrow on which we entered a tournament of our choosing & pay the entry fee which will go towards charity. We're gonna have a lot of fun these 2 days, and all for a good cause! I also found a damn great bundle from Humble Bundle as part of the bushfire relief which you guys should definitely check out & get. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/australia-fire-relief?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_1 Not only are you getting a GREAT deal out of it, Hollow Knight, Crawl & Hand of Fate 2 just to name a few, but you're going to help people here as well with your purchase. The deal is going for 5 days. It's a win win so go for it!