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  1. I have finally finished this LOOONG ass game. I know the reception this game gets is currently one of split decision, and I agree. You will either hate this game, or you're going to enjoy every minute of this game. I thankfully belong to the latter category. There is one thing that everyone can agree on though: this game is LOOOOOONG. The one thing that must be in everyone's mind when they saw the trailers for this game is definitely "WTF is this game even about?" Well I'll tell ya. So in this game's universe in 20xx, USA was once a country heavily dependant on ais & machines. Most work that requires manpower were replaced with robots, and everyone was happy. But whoops, one day a giant explosion happened in Manhattan, and that explosion ruined the internet for the entire USA, while leaving behind a giant crater & invisible ghosts from the other dimension to attack the living world, AKA Beach Things (BTs) cause in this world, everyone has an afterlife in the form of a beach, and these ghosts came from there. From then on, everything was fucked. Chaos ensues, people can't connect to the internet or use machinery & ais like they used to, only limited connection allowed, rains are shitty because they make ghosts appear while also deteriorating/aging objects + people who got hit with them, and people have to rely on the old fashioned Fed-Ex courier service to get things back on track, and Norman Reedus, or Sam Porter Bridges here, is one of those couriers. He's very well known across USA as "the man who delivers", basically a really damn good courier that everyone knows. Quite a step down from Solid Snake & Big Boss, but still pretty good. Like both of them, Sam doesn't care about politics, but for him it's mostly because he had a phobia since he's little called "aphenphosmphobia". Basically he doesn't like being touched, and if he's touched, he'll get a handprint mark on his body, which is why he had so much of it in the E3 trailer. Well....... what a sucky ass phobia. So what's the goal of this game? Well, the game starts while Sam is on one of his couriers run, and after he finished his work, he's given a big responsibility by the current president of USA, his mother Bridget Strand who's on her deathbed. Unfortunately, it's not a happy family reunion since both of them left on a sour note before So basically, she wants Sam to "make America whole". To do that, he has to go to every base across USA, use a necklace device that turns their internet back on so everyone can connect to each other again (yep you read that right, you're this game's equivalent of an internet technician), while of course, becoming the best Fed Ex courier ahem I mean "Bridges Porter" in USA. All while you babysit a cute little baby, and also while fighting ghosts, terrorists & Mads Mikkelsen. He was all "fuck this shit, I'm not doing this" until he found out that his sister Amelie is waiting for him at the end of the road, which then made him change his mind. Yep, that woman in red is his sister, not his wife. Who would have thought from the trailers? The overall story of the game is, wow, very much a story that can only be made by Hideo Kojima. Lots of cutscenes are to be expected, and this game teaches you an important life lesson: connecting with people is very important. Also, don't fuck with Sam's baby or he will destroy you. In this universe, these babies are also known as "Bridge Babies" (BBs), and their function is to detect the invisible ghosts. They are issued by the government after that explosion thing that destroyed the internet happened. If you can wrap your head around what I just mentioned, good! You're all set to play the game. To determine if you will like this game or not depends entirely on this fact: are you a fan of delivery games like Euro Truck Simulator, Pepsi Man Or even...... this game? If you are, then BOY HOWDY you're going to love this game! Though this game does have a system that makes things quite tricky at first: you have to manage how many items you carry for your delivery. At the start you're going to be quite limited in your weight limit & space, and in most of the game, using vehicles are the recommended solution. L2 & R2 makes you use your left & right arm, mostly to brace yourself so you don't fall, but also to hold packages using your hand. Each packages have a container which has durability, so you need to keep track of them if you want to get the highest grade for your deliveries. You will make deliveries to many outposts & bases, and each of them will give you items that will be very useful for your future deliveries. You'll get upgrades that increase your weight limit, a floating carrier that lets you put items which is much more useful than you think, run faster or climb mountains easier in the form of mechanical leg skeletons, and even fancier weaponries to bring with you in combat. My advice is to do deliveries for this guy called the "Engineer" & get him to have 4 stars so you can get the skeleton that dramatically increases your weight limit asap, which will make future deliveries FAAAARRR easier. It can be quite funny to see Norman Reedus struggling with his packages when you put too much on him though. Most of the game is quite simple: go to a base, make a delivery from point a to point b while maybe fighting ghosts or bandits that will steal your packages. You can do it anyway you want: by walking all the way to your destination, driving there, or as the game progresses, use these awesome ziplines. And man oh man, these things are going to be your best friend when you're making deliveries on a mountain. Unfortunately you won't be able to use these ziplines the first time you venture forth to making deliveries in a new area because the way the game works is that you have to go to a base and then activate their internet in order to build structures around that place. But what you can do is make sure to build these ziplines as often as you can, while also making sure that nothing blocks it so multiple ziplines can connect with each other. Let me tell ya though, the feeling you get when you successfully build these ziplines and then using it to make future deliveries even easier is, muah, very rewarding indeed. I built so many of these things, and I am heavily rewarded by my diligence. Not only for myself, but for other people online that uses them as well. Speaking of other people, this game is VERY heavy on its social interaction with other players. Everytime you turn on the internet for a base, you will be able to see other people's structures that they build, and together you will all help each other out in making future deliveries far easier. One of the best example is from highway. At first you'll be having problems travelling because the roads are full of ghosts & bandits. You see these highway pods that allows you to build a highway, but most of the time you'll have a difficulty just trying to get the materials to build these things. But then all of a sudden, thanks to everyone online contributing to the construction, you will see giant freeways that DRASTICALLY makes your trip much faster. I have never been so happy looking at a freeway before in a game, especially one that drastically shortens your trip that takes 20 minutes before down to just 4 minutes. Unity FTW! Other examples include building bridges, building safe houses which will replenish your health, bullet & stamina meter and acts as a fast travel spot once you unlock the ability in chapter 3, building the ziplines I mentioned before & having vehicles ready for you to use in the middle of a long trip. Ah, and you can also pee on a spot & make mushrooms grow. These mushrooms can actually help you out. If you make a GIANT pile of mushrooms, these small bug things called cryptobiote will pop out of it. You gather these things for yourself & they act as health items that increase your HP, or blood meter. Also, you can actually pee against the invisible ghosts that you have to deal with, and they'll be eliminated that way. So yep, peeing in this game is highly recommended. Now combat in this game is pretty simple. When you fight against people, it's kind of like Phantom Pain, only you can't use CQC. Here you use a 2 punch + kick combo, a shoulder tackle, a rope for close range sneaking tactics, firearms & your packages, though to do this requires you to hold down a package by hand by holding either L2 or R2 and then square to whack people with it. If you release the L2 R2 while you're swinging it, you can throw that thing at a distance instead. This is the most recommended way to dealing with bandits. Fighting ghosts on the other hand requires weapons that use Sam's blood. During the first few chapters of the game, you're pretty much defenceless against them & you have to use you BB to stealth your way out of their sight. When a rain drops, that's a sign that ghosts are nearby, and BB will help you detect them using the metal prongs on Sam's backpack that pinpoint their location. Careful though, cause doing this will make BB tire easily. The baby will also get its stamina depleted if you fell or trip on your ass, but you can make the baby calmer by moving your PS4 controller up & down. Fun fact: Yakuza 6 did this first. You'll unlock blood grenades that you can use to FINALLY fight the ghosts in Chapter 2, which is around 7 - 10 hours in the game, maybe even faster if you can rush your deliveries & skip cutscenes, but then after chapter 3, you'll unlock normal weaponry like assault rifles & pistols which uses Sam's blood as bullets, even a wrist knife that can stealth kill those ghosts, and this is when the game becomes more challenging, and might I say, more awesome, because that's when you first fight Mads Mikkelsen. Remember this trailer from TGA? This is the second time you fight against him. You'll first fight him in Chapter 4, and BOY OH BOY, that is when this game turns from good delivery simulator to "okay, now this is AWESOME". He is one of the best parts of this game. Everything about him is so damn cool like the TGA trailer, but also really touching, especially once you get into the final stretches of the game where you finally figure out who he really is. The bossfights in the game, aside from Mikkelsen, are pretty damn awesome to fight. I can't spoil what you'll fight against, but you bet your ass that it's a better collection of bosses than Phantom Pain. So much so that I want to fight some of these bosses all over again. Kojima just knows how to make fun boss fights. Weird thing is that the final boss in this game is actually NOT the true final boss fight. I guess you can say that it's more like a henchman than a proper boss. Still fun to fight against regardless. There are 2 things that I found annoying about this game. Even if you are one of the people who like this game, there's no escaping the fact that the sidequests in this game is lacking, because they're either collectible hunt or just making another delivery to the places you delivered to before so you can get higher connection level with settlements to get the best upgrades for you to use. You do get cool rewards, even a couple of celebrity cameos like Conan O Brien, Geoff Keighley, even freaking Sam Lake & lore expansions through emails, but man, such a shame that you don't get sidequests with good plot. All the story stuff happened during the main game. Hell, even Phantom Pain at least have a sidequest involving Paz and how depressing as hell it was even though the rest of the sidequest are just mission repeats to get the true ending. The one part of this game that should be in a sidequest is easily solved in one of the emails, and that's involving a guy in a junkyard & his girlfriend. So in the main story, I had to bring them together by delivering the girl to the guy. But then afterward, they both were having boyfriend girlfriend issue so they had a fight. Ok, that sounds depressing. But then afterward they sent me an email saying they're ok again. Why not have me help them out as a sidequest instead??? And another thing: even though you have a bunch of music that you can play in your saveroom, you can't play them during your deliveries anytime you want. They can only be played during specific story sections when you almost arrived on a base for delivery, or when you set it up on structures that you and other players build as a customization option. What's the point of these songs if I can't listen to them anytime I want during my trip?? I don't want to just listen to silence the majority of my trip! Please have a free update that lets me play these songs on the road. I really enjoyed my time with this game overall. Kojima's secretly making the best delivery simulator possible, and he succeeded. This definitely will not win GOTY, but it's still a really good game regardless & it makes delivering packages fun & shows that unity can make everything better. By the end of this game, I left really satisfied, though there are 2 things that I still couldn't figure out: who the hell are those giant ghosts flying in the sky, and what the hell happened to the other countries besides USA?? I guess we're gonna have to wait for the sequel to find out more! I give this game the rating of "so awesome that you never thought that a game where making deliveries can be this much fun, and you can't wait for the sequel, if there is any", with a badass seal of approval. Keep in mind, this is only for you people that enjoyed delivery simulator games. If you think those games are painful to play & boring, then you better skip this one. One thing's for sure though, whether you like it or not, people are still talking about this game. And that, in the end, is what Kojima intended: have people connect to each other about this game & making even more people know about it. I'm glad Kojima made a game that he really want to do without Konami to control him anymore. Whatever his next game/thing is, I will be on board. Can't wait to see what's next from him!
  2. Well said! 👍 Well, I played the game for 3 days straight already, and yep, this game is definitely not for everyone. It's one of those "transport cargos from a to b" game, but with a lot more emphasis on managing how much cargo you want strapped to your back, with ghosts + bandits to fight along the way. You spend the first 10 hours of the game walking because you don't have a vehicle, but it's not until chapter 3 when you can finally get a vehicle & see the magic of this game. I have never been so happy seeing a highway in a game before, and the great feeling when you build a zipline that makes you travel really fast from mountains to mountains. The multiplayer component is part of the experience, and it's so good to have other people's structures helping you travel across rough terrains. You won't meet other players, but you can use their buildings, and you yourself can build buildings that can help other players playing this game. Chapter 4 is the turning point of the game. That is when shit turns from good to "ok, this is is awesome".
  3. 123) The Uncertain: the Last Quiet Day Platform: PC It's like one of the Telltale episodic games, with actual puzzles. Not as complex as Sam and Max or Monkey Island, but it's there. It takes place during a time when robots ruled the world & humans are extinct. Pretty much what happens when Skynet ruled the world. But of course nothing is quite as simple as it seemed since in the beginning of the game, a ship crashed nearby your main character's house, and gasp, there's a human inside, and you find out that there's a resistance group that are helping the remaining humans on earth to safety. Naturally, you join them & help find more humans. Pretty self explanatory. Unfortunately this game is only part 1 out of 3 so it ended on a cliffhanger. But thankfully part 2 will come out in 2020. Let's see how the story continues, though personally I'm looking forward more to the sequel of the Fall 2. 124) Fifa 18 Platform: PS4 Well....... been a while since I played a soccer game. I got this game from my former co worker, and I finally played it to get it over with. Well, it's still the same Fifa as I remembered it when I played one of them, though generally these Fifa games are pretty much "choose players + formations, press square for long bass, X for short pass & circle to shoot. It think it was Fifa 13. Of course it's with much better graphics & probably a few new mechanics. But I'm glad that it's still fun to play. The thing that I didn't expect was the Alex Hunter story mode. This is apparently the second part of the story after Fifa 17 & it concludes in Fifa 19. And surprisingly, it's actually a good story mode! Now I understand why there's a lot of people that likes this game's trailer, it's genuinely the best part about this game. There's a lot of twists and turns about Alex's life & his family, your in game performance + attitude during different scenes change how a couple of scenes play out, and there are even cool sections where I play as someone other than Alex. Now I know why Mass Effect Andromeda & Anthem got such shit story: the writers who usually made good stories were transfered to make Fifa's 17 - 19's story mode. Which is good for this game, but not for those!
  4. One of my mates showed me this. I......... I can't believe this is an actual video posted online by this company & they think it's actually acceptable. This has got to be a sick prank by them to ruin other people's PC after they follow the STUPIDASS instructions it provided. The beginning itself is already clear that everything is going downhill from then onwards: How the hell that instead of a normal screwdriver, this person recommends a SWISS ARMY KNIFE THAT HOPEFULLY HAS A SCREWDRIVER IN IT?? 😠😠😠 The best part is the highly exaggerated Chinese guy, who as it turns out, is purposefully talking that way cause that's his joke character voice. Normally he speaks like normal for other videos in his channel. "That's a Livestrong bracelet. He not fighting static, he fighting cancer." OMG that made me laugh so hard. XD
  5. Luckily for this game, it's made in Australia so a couple of people here played it. This is a cool concept for a game since it's a "become king by any means necessary" game, and there's a lot of cool mindgames involved depending on which win condition you want to get. I'm happy to see this game is still updated regularly by the dev. Whatever these dev's next game will be, I'll be looking forward to it! BTW speaking of indie game not many plays but should, I recently found a surprisingly awesome game on Steam called MO: Astray. Made a review of it too. Get this game, it's freaking awesome.
  6. The thing is, NOBODY ELSE can make this kind of game but Kojima cause they will never think of a game where you're a courier traveling across USA while avoiding giant black ink monster things while you have a baby strapped on to you. I just want to play the game so I can see what kind of sceneries I can see & figure out what the hell the story of this game actually is.
  7. https://wccftech.com/early-death-stranding-reviews-confirm-kojimas-latest-is-arguably-the-most-divisive-game-in-years/ The reviews are in for Death Strading! And I have to say, this turns into another "Deadly Premonition", "Resident Evil/ Biohazard 5 & 6" or "Days Gone". You will either hate this game, or you're going to like this game. And I truly believe that this is what Kojima intended with this game. I mean come on, it's a game where you spend the majority of the game being a courier, transporting goods from point a to point b while trying to avoid demons & rough terrains! This game sounds like it's going to be a boring slog, but Kojima says "I'm going to make this game & see how it goes". Which takes major balls to do in this day and age where most games take the traditional route & refining concepts that are used in hundreds of different games before. And to that I say well done, you did it. You give the middle finger to those pricks that ruined Contra & Metal Gear. And the best part is that no matter if you hate or like this game, everyone becomes connected in the end, which is what this game is all about: rebuilding lost connections & strengthening existing ones. I'm intrigued by the fact that this game actually uses online mechanics where you do something & other players around the world can contribute to making your life easier. This game totally uses the concept from Nier Automata & put it into making courier work interesting. Now I can't wait to play this game & see how many structures are already built during launch. Who knows, maybe in the future the structures built in the game will be so big that instead of you being forced to walk on cliffs & rocks which people complained about, you can just use vehicles to get to your destination faster & the game will be a lot easier to deal with. All I care about though is the off to the walls bonkers story which thankfully hasn't been spoiled in any way, so I don't mind doing hard work here and there. I rather play this than play No Man's Sky launch version that sucked my soul dry & ended on a giant insult to everyone who played the game.
  8. At least until the sequels comes out, and then this will get replaced. This game has SO MUCH MORE to offer based on the lore & I can't wait to see what's next. 117) The Outer Worlds Platform: PC It's still surprising that this game have multiple planets to visit, but it took me 21+ hours to complete almost everything while I spent 100+ hours in Fallout 4. Still, good start from Obsidian & can't wait to see what's next. 118) Death's Gambit Platform: PC Before Blasphemous, this was another game that I am intrigued with, though this game has more Dark Souls compared to Blasphemous. A 2D hard as balls hack and slash game that requires good defence & parrying to pass through every obstacle in your path, though the parrying here is quite off since you can't parry an enemy attack just as they hit you, but instead you have to parry 1 second sooner before the attack hits you. It gets annoying when enemy attacks are slow so you got to be extra careful when fighting them. The coolest part of this game are the boss battles. All challenging & they all have their own rules, especially this one freaky boss named Thalamus that just throws everything out of the window & go balls to the wall crazy. The music during them are also really sweet & gets you pumped. This game has new game + & an extension to the ending, but to do this you need to activate PERMADEATH mode & don't die from beginning to the end. Considering that this game can be rather unforgiving & you will die many times either from fighting enemies or the many bottomless pits you will fall to, I say F THAT! 119) Guitar Hero Aerosmith Platform: PC I saw one of my FGC buddies playing Guitar Hero Smash Hits on his stream, so I ended up wanting to play Guitar Hero Aerosmith since I felt nostalgic from that game the most. What can I say? It's Guitar Hero, with Aerosmith, and it has so many damn good songs to play which I still listen to this day. Especially these classics Played on my PS3 controller because using the keyboard is HORRIBLE. 120) MO: Astray Platform: PC Did not expect this game to be really damn awesome. Definitely more than meets the eye & personally this game beats the crap out of Super Meat Boy for challenging 2D platformers. Cause this game doesn't torture you from frustrating level designs & it actually has lots of stuff to keep you interested in playing till the very end. Get this game. It deserves the love. These next 2 games....... URRGHH 121) Blast-off Platform: PC This game is one of those space ship kind of games where you can't move your ship like normal, but instead, you have to push yourself into a direction so that it slowly moves there unless you have a lot of momentum. Simply put: it's like Asteroids But you have full control of where you want to move without it requiring you to move forward all the time in a direction. Your goal is to get as many high scores as possible by thrusting yourself up into an infinite KM that you can get through. You do have a laser weapon to defend yourself against enemy space metal balls. There is one big problem with this game: ENEMIES FLY ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE. There is a challenge mission in this game where you fight against a boss or dodge lasers in the time limit given. The laser dodging is fine, but the boss battle? FUCK THAT SHIT. Not only do you have to keep your speed up all the time by shooting enemies right when you're face to face with them, but you have to dodge attacks by the boss, all the while having these balls attack you constantly. And you only have 1 life in this whole thing. By the time I beat the damn thing, I was so angry that I uninstall the damn game. That is the last time I will deal with robot balls. 122) ReCore: Definitive Edition Platform: PC Until this game shows up & I have to deal with even MORE metal balls. This was that game from Keiji Inafune with the girl on a desert with her robot dog as shown on E3 2015 Now we know Inafune as that fraud who made Mighty Number 9. Luckily this game is actually pretty decent, for the first few hours. It's an open world game where you travel through this desert planet fighting hostile robots with the help of 3 robot buddies, each with their own attacks. What's cool is that you can switch their bodies so that they all create different attack types. The first few hours of the game is pretty good with many platforming challenges & hidden secrets to uncover. But then something terribly wrong happened which makes me slowly get pissed at this game: these assholes showed up. Oh. My. God. These guys are HORRIBLE! They fly all over the place while spawning minions at you, if it turns red it will unleash a flame attack that can take you 1/2 of your health, and 2 of these enemies I encountered are bugged, so they all just fly off into a wall & I have to replay 4 times until they finally stay put in an area. Oh not only that, but after you fight this guy & you collected the 30 crystal ball collectibles you require to get to the final level, the game becomes unfairly hard. The final level consists of 5 floors, each with platforming challenges & at least 2 fighting arenas to do. Most of the fighting arenas puts in so many enemies at you, including the Alarum bastards, and all of them will bum rush you to no end. I died so many times because these assholes just spam attacks that takes out 1/3 of your health, and some of these arenas have poison gas that reduces your health slowly unless you do a finishing move to an enemy, which is easier said than done when all of them bum rush you at the same time! And to top it all off, the game ends on such a blatant sequel bait, and it's completely unsatisfying considering all the crap I had to deal with. We probably won't get ReCore 2, and that's for the best. But at least this game's not as shit as Mighty Number 9. 🤷‍♂️
  9. After I finished Outer Worlds & waiting until Death Stranding is out, I came across this little game with this trailer on Steam. This is actually the first PC game by Rayark, AKA the guys who made a bunch of great mobile games games like Cytus, Implosion & Sdorica. So naturally, I was intrigued & bought the game for myself to see what this game's deal is. Ladies and gentlemen, this is 2019's hidden gem that should be played ASAP. This game is fucking amazing! You play as this little blob thing who had a fragment of vague memories. After a brief tutorial on how to move & jump, you're soon greeted by a woman's voice that guides you through the rest of the game & who called you MO. The area you're at seems like a research facility that had been rotting for a very long time, and the path ahead is filled with a lot of zombies & other weird creatures. What happened to this place? Who are you & who is the woman speaking to you? And so begin your journey filled with a lot of puzzles to solve, zombies to fight and OHOHOHOHO, really fucking badass sequences & boss battles to partake in. When you think of great 2D hard as balls platformers in recent years, you'll probably think of something like Super Meat Boy, Celeste, End is Night or Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.............. ok that last one was just fucking torture. I would like to add this game to that list. The controls in this game is tricky because you don't jump like normal platformers. You have to aim using the right stick & jump into a platform you want. You can stick to walls because you're a blob thingy, but you can only move when you're sticking to a corner. Once you get used to it, the game will give you new abilities to use the further you get into the game. You'll be able to do double jump, a power dash which destroys cracked walls & kill enemies, possess zombies+other creatures while also being able to read into their mind, and a couple more stuff which I will not spoil. Rest assured, when you think the game gives you every tool you need, it goes on to put even more stuff that just gets better and better until the very end. The challenges in this game are what I can call tough but fair. You will definitely die a lot the first time you encounter the puzzles in the game since it relies on accurate movements from you, and some puzzles can seem intimidating with how many things you have to do from jumping into walls, possessing an enemy that can get through instant killing obstacles, make that enemy get sucked into a spiked wall until that wall breaks and so on. The best thing about these challenges though is that it never gets criminally insane in its difficulty like Super Meat Boy/ Celeste's last few missions which pisses you off so much that you had to do a single mission 100 times before you get it right. Also, there are boss fights in this game, and each one requires you to use every single tool at your disposal. These bosses are quite awesome to fight & even more awesome once you finally beat them, especially the last few bosses in this game which are, WHEW, freaking epic. What makes this game even more awesome on top of its gameplay is the story & setting. Every single zombie & monsters you see in the game can be mind read, and it is necessary so that you can get a clearer picture on what exactly is going on in the game. After completing stages, the game will show you comic books that you can read which explains the backstory of the game before everything went to hell. The game also has hidden collectibles for you to find which are actually mind fragments of your blobby main character. Collect 5 of these things & you'll increase your HP by 1, and if you collect them all, you'll get the best ending to the game right after an epic final battle. You can choose to not collect 1 more collectible to get the bad ending though, but hopefully you'll get that ending first, THEN you collect all of them for the final reward. Oh, almost forgot to talk about the FREAKING AWESOME MUSIC, especially the boss fight songs which makes fighting them even more epic. As for the negative I can find, it's that sometimes the puzzles + boss battles can get tough at the first few tries, but that's normal in these kinds of games. Also the fact that even after you completed the game, there are still a couple of loose ends that's probably going to be answered in the sequel. Which I don't mind one bit because if that happens, I can see the sequel being EVEN MORE AWESOME. I give this hidden gem the rating of "so awesome that you will play it again just to get everything 100%, and then wait for the sequel". With a badass seal of approval. Can't wait to see what's next from these guys. This is a great first step for them to make a mark on PC games, and it's gonna get better from here on out! 👍
  10. This game is pretty much Obsidian's "go fuck yourself" to Bethesda. And it's pretty good, especially this year considering Bethesda is currently just making things worse for themselves. The plot of the game is pretty cool. Humanity was flown to space & they're creating a colony for themselves which they name Halcyon. You were originally one of the hibernated passengers in a ship called the Hope that unfortunately got drifted in space and hadn't been able to settle in the new colony for decades. Lucky for you an eccentric wanted scientist named Phineas Wells decided to get you out of hibernation and then tells you that this colony is run by a bunch of greedy assholes called the Board, and it's your job to help him fight against them, as seen in this intro. What you do from then on will decide the fate of the colony, and it will be VERY familiar if you have played any Fallout games since Fallout 3. Want to be a space captain that helps everyone you meet, or become an employee of the greedy Board and kill people but becoming rich in doing so? It's all up to you. And it's all 99% bug free with no game breaking bugs to deal with! If you think to yourself that this game will be Fallout in space, then congratulations, you are correct. The same usual gameplay of Fallout since Fallout 3 is here: kill people + hostile creatures, loot so many objects & sell almost all of them, talk to people & make choices which can change the outcome in the game world, choose how you want to develop your character personal skills, it's just as you remembered it, though there are a few differences to make it not blatantly Fallout. For starters, VATS is changed into "Tactical Time Dilation", aka slow motion. You aim at an enemy & depending on which part of their body you aim, you can inflict different stat damages. So if you aim their head while in this mode, you make them dazed. You shoot their butt + groin, you make them, well, wince in pain. You shoot their leg, you make them walk slower. This also applies to creatures & robots, and overall it's self-explanatory enough. It still uses a meter for you to use, and when you get into high levels & unlock perks, that buffs it, this ability will be really damn OP. So good that the final boss can be crippled & made a mockery of in just 30 seconds. There are 6 companions you can recruit in this game & each one will have their own sidequests, except a robot named SAM. You get to bring 2 companions along with you in the game, and bringing them will actually give you stat buffs when you level yourself up & assign the appropriate perk. You can also use companion skills in combat by pressing their skill buttons, though only if your "leadership" stats is at the right minimum. Other than that though, the combat is good. Like Fallout, every weapon + armor can be modified if you have the right attachments. The guns are punchy and it feels good blasting enemies, and there are cool special science weapons you can use after you acquire them. There's a shrink ray, a gravity blob gun that makes enemies float to the air when it hits them and mind control gun. No nuke like Fatman though because that'll be too OP in this game. The melee is definitely a step down though because there's no cool finisher animations, so you just whack enemies, but you can make their heads explode when you hit their head at least. Some areas in the game are restricted, but you can disguise yourself by collecting IDs that's used for that area. It does have a meter to use & once it depletes and you're spotted, you'll be questioned by the npc, though if you're like me and have a bunch of points for persuasion, you can easily go through it. These areas are of course filled with hackable things & locked doors that you can pick open as per usual tradition, and thankfully there's no need to do some annoying word matching or lockpicking minigame, so if you have enough skills to hack & pick lock, you're good to go! You can kill everyone in that restricted zone if you wish. Then there's how the game doesn't just take place in one huge open world. Since you're in space, you can actually use your spaceship & travel into other planets & space ships. It's like travelling to different worlds in Kingdom Hearts. Surprisingly even though you travel to these different planets, the things you get to do are far fewer than Fallout New Vegas & 4. I played New Vegas for 48 hours and somehow I haven't finished the game, and I played Fallout 4 for 111 hours total. Outer Worlds? Only around 21+ hours, and this is me completing every single sidequests, companion quests & main quests I can find. If there's any that I miss, there probably are only 1 or 2. They're definitely going to put more in future dlcs though because I saw some planets in the game that can't be explored yet. I like parts in the game where it doesn't take itself seriously. There's a lot of funny banters between your companions when they speak to each other & some quests are pretty silly. Especially with your crew Parvati. Her quest is so damn cute I can't help but smile when I finished it. For some reason though, even though the earlier parts of the game have quite a few funny moments, halfway through the game it all becomes 90% dead serious with the humor being toned WAAAYY the hell down. Like this one sidequest I did with a fashionista that wants to make me a suit. It starts silly because you have to pose for her & get ingredients for the outfit, then you have to do deal with silly stuff in this post office because "oh you're gonna talk to person b next door cause I can't help you with this", but then in the end the fashionista ended up getting killed because what she's doing is breaking the law, so you got the outfit eventually but you feel really bad afterward. WHAT THE HELL???? You ain't Nier Automata game! Although the game is pretty good and is a good fresh start for Obsidian, there are a couple of things that doesn't make this game an "OMG THIS GAME IS FREAKING AWESOME" game. This is what I call a "safe" game. It works well overall with everything working like they're supposed to, but everything this game did had been done already. There's no epic plot turning moments or unexpected twists like Fallout 4 with the big twist regarding the Institute which turns the entire game on its head & makes you have to do some hard choices. There are definitely hard choices you have to make in the game like the first planet you are in where in the end you had to choose which one of 2 settlement would you support more & turns out you can actually make an option that benefits both settlements if you pick the right options, and the same thing happens on this planet called Monarch with 2 factions there, but that's about it. The overall main quest boils down to "do you want to be a savior of the world and fight back against the greedy Board, or do you want to screw everyone over and be a part of the Board" with no unexpected twist. Why not have a secret third party that flips everything around?? I mentioned before how the game takes me 21+ hours long to beat including the sidequests. This is actually a good length, but for Obsidian, I actually expected a lot more considering that they did KOTOR 2, Fallout New Vegas & Pillars of Eternity with TONS more stuff to do. Hell, they even make a linear game like Alpha Protocol freaking awesome because you can tinker with character relationships and choices in that game that makes for multiple playthroughs, aside from the unfortunate bugs in that game. Waiting to see how the DLC will expand things. I also don't like how this game dialogue is like Fallout 3/ Elder Scrolls stiff where npcs talk to you with awkward poses. There are a couple of parts with some arm movement to make it not robotic, but it's too few of it. Fallout 4 have more natural body language than this game. Why isn't there more moments like in the opening with funny body language? Also the fact that there's NO ROMANCE. That's right, it ain't here! And from what I read, there was supposed to be a romance sidequest between you & your crewmates, but it was cut for time. URRGHH, the one part of this game that I want, and it ain't here! And the bummer is that the crewmates have great interactions with you which CAN lead to romance if it's allowed, but the game doesn't let you and it's all about "being friends & looking out for each other" instead like Firefly, which this game is heavily inspired by. So all that crew sidequest I did for the characters, how I pretty much went all of my way to help them find peace with their past & help them with their personal issues, even going as far as to pay 3000 currency for stuff that they want, and all it ever amounts to is "thanks Captain, you're a good person"??? BULLSHIT! I WANT ROMANCE DAMN IT! Then the biggest downer of them all: it ends on a sequel bait, but it ends conclusively so there's no point to it. There's a mystery at the very end of the game regarding the earth, but the main plot is resolved & there's an epilogue detailing what happens to you & the people you helped along the way in typical Fallout style that just completely disregard the mystery about earth. So what's the point of doing it??? Can't it just be saved for the opening to Outer Worlds 2??? So overall, this is a pretty good safe game. It's definitely WAAYYY better than Fallout 76 and a good start for a new series. I give this game the rating of "so good you can't wait for the sequel, or in this game's case the dlcs to see how the story expands". This is a good game to fill the time before Death Stranding. 2 WEEKS TO GO!
  11. Hahaha, this isn't the first time I heard people not liking Last of Us. I freaking love the game & can't wait for 2. I suggest not getting the game if that's the case since you're still not going to like the game in the end. Like me personally, I don't like Borderlands, and when I tried playing the second game, I just don't like it too. Not that the games are bad, NO, the games are awesome, but it's not for my taste since it has too much Diablo style looting & I can't keep a gun that I really like because it'll get underpowered so I have to swap to a shitty gun that has a higher level. Also the humor is just not getting to me. So I skipped the rest of the games they release & I'm not playing 3 cause I don't want to spend money on something I don't like. Saves me money for other games that way.
  12. https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/24/20930526/last-of-us-2-delayed-release-date-may-2020-polish-naughty-dog-sony-playstation https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/24/20930546/ubisoft-delays-watch-dogs-legion-gods-and-monsters-rainbow-six-quarantine I don't mind these delays. Last of Us 2 is going to be fantastic, so this is just a temporary setback. Watch Dogs Legion was pretty rough when I saw it at a gaming event I went to called MEO last month, so it's good that they decided to polish it up some more first. Besides, I'll probably be playing the everlasting shit out of Cyberpunk 2077 before Last of Us 2!
  13. I don't know what drugs Bethesda was taking. Their reputation is currently in shambles, so why not do something that will please the people instead of THIS bullshit? Are they fucking stupid??? What about showing preview of that Ghostwire Tokyo, or showing what Doom Eternal is going to be like? Why THIS???
  14. This game came out of nowhere recently to a surprising amount of great reviews talking about it. Now that I played it, I can see why. This game has...... quite an interesting way to start out its story. The game starts with you waking up from the worst hangover you had ever experienced. And by that I mean it's so bad that when you woke up, you have complete amnesia, so you don't know who you are at all other than the fact that you are a detective with a shit-eating grin & there's a dead body hanging right outside the hotel you stayed in. Luckily you can rediscover who you are throughout the game by playing through the game bit by bit. With detective Kim Kitsuragi accompanying you, it is up to you to solve the murder case & help out the inhabitants of this little village in any way you possibly can Holmes and Watson style. If detective Holmes is an amnesiac fat guy with a voice so deep that he actually sounded even worse than Rorschach from Watchmen, and his entire body eg. his thoughts, nervous system & personality talks to him inside his head. Yep, he's one of those people. Fun fact: the only time you hear your character ACTUALLY speaking to other NPCs is when he sang karaoke in one sidequest. The other times you just talk through dialogue boxes, and most of the main character's actual voice is heard during dream sequences where his brain & limb talk to him about how much of a loser he is. What a fun conversation to have with yourself. XD If you have played games like old school Fallout 1 + 2, Shadowrun Returns or Planetscape Torment and love them, then you're going to have a good time with this game because it plays pretty much like those games. You know the drill with these games: pick from a preset skill list in the beginning of the game/ create your character yourself, walk around the world and completing various quests + sidequests to level yourself up while also getting items to equip to increase your in game stats. Oh, and of course, a lot of manual save just to prepare yourself for an upcoming challenge. Now the interesting thing with the game is that there's no traditional combat. So what's the challenge of the game is like? Well, most of the challenge in the game lies with you having to overcome "skill checks" that are all over the place. You know like when you're playing Fallout and you talk to someone you have something like "70% success to use your Speech skill to get more information" or something similar to that? This IS the game's form of combat if that makes any sense because this game has a lot of those things, but they are all separated into different skills which looks like this I customize my character so he has a 3 base stats in everything because I like being an all-rounder, and that suits me well in this game. So you can pretty much encounter a situation like when you're talking to someone and he/she is withholding information from you. If you have enough points to the "SUGGESTION" skill, you can make them open up to you. Or when you're blocked by a man who's guarding a button you have to get to in order to proceed to the next part of the game, you can knock him out if you have enough "PHYSICAL INSTRUMENT" points. Otherwise you can get through him by listening to his crazy "race" ideology, going through this THOUGHT menu, research the ideology & wait until you unlock it so you can talk to the guy again and be friends with him. These thoughts take in game time to complete & when it's done, it stays with you unless you use your level up skill point to remove it. Some thought you can research are really good because they give you skill buffs, while others can actually give minus points to some of your skills, so I suggest having a save file right before a thought is 100% complete so you can decide to cancel it and research another thought. In fact, save-scumming in this game is highly encouraged because most of the game consists of these percentage-based skill challenges, and the typical bullshittery that happens with these percentage based challenges are inevitable. You think you're ok just because a particular skill challenge has a 78/90% success rate? HAH, being naive is the enemy here friends. Unless you want to spend 1+ hour to upgrade a skill or reload a previous 3 hour save file because you messed up and can't solve a quest after you fail an 86% success rate challenge, you better spam the shit out of that save button before you do that skill challenge! There are quite a few ways to finish your quests, and it is all up to you. I finished the game by being a skilled detective who can visualize a crime scene & easily talk through a tough situation to avoid confrontations, while also being a nice guy that always listen to what characters want without upsetting them. Well, as nice as a fat alcoholic who has his internal organs talk to him anyway. I can talk more about the game's plot outside of the opening, but I can't do it because figuring it out for yourself is the fun of this game. It's a detective game after all & this game has a lot of mysteries to uncover. But I can say that the setting of this game world is freaking awesome. It's not like our world & looks like it takes place in what I can describe as a hybrid of the 70s where disco is a thing and modern times with tweaks, so the techs uses radio waves & the cds are these "crystalline cubes". It also has a lot of politics involved, and you can decide for yourself which side you are on. There are 2 things that I don't like about this game. First is that there's no fast travel, which gets quite annoying when you have to backtrack twice just to finish a quest and it'll take 3 - 5 real time minutes just to get from point a to point b. That's probably because the whole game just take place in this one village so this is their way of lengthening the game time. I played for 17+ hours despite this and I love most of my time though so I can deal with that, but what I am really annoyed with though is that the game ends JUST when things are escalating. The main quest is pretty much just about you figuring out who killed the man that's hanging in front of your hotel room, and the game ends when you solve this case completely. Which is good, but while figuring out this case, I came across factions, characters & conflicts that are part of this game's larger universe that I really want to find more about, but the game ends with even more questions and ends on a sequel bait. It's like playing Dark Souls and the game ends after you reach Anor Londo & beaten Ornstein and Smough, but you can't fight the Bearers of the Lord Souls yet and you have to wait until Dark Souls 2 to fight them! I WANT TO SEE MORE DAMN IT, MORE!!! But overall, I really like this game. It's old school RPG at its best, and without any form of traditional combat mechanic. I just wish the game doesn't end right when it did because I barely see what this game's universe has to offer. I give this game the rating of "so good that you can't wait for the possibly inevitable sequel". I was considering putting a badass seal of approval, but that sequel bait changed my mind the more I think about it. I have to say though, $US 40/ $AU 56??? Damn that's a lot! If the game goes on far longer that would be a good price. I would personally lower the price to $US 30/ $AU 43 because of that sequel bait. Still, this is a really good game that will satisfy old school RPG fans. Not quite as awesome as AI Somnium Files, but still a really good game nonetheless.
  15. 113) I Peel Good Platform: iPhone Ever want to play a game where you peel fruits & vegetables because you don't want to do it IRL since it makes your hands wet & smelly & sticky? Now you can with this game! Which for some reason also includes ice cream, snack bar, and a durian. Yes, it has THIS Logic is obviously out of the window here. You can't peel this shit with a skin peeler! It's actually just as much fun as you thought it will be, and it's a good zen game to play. Unfortunately you can't eat the fruits, which is a shame because they look really good after you peel them........ yummy 114) We Happy Few Platform: PC After I played this game when it was early access & haven't touched it since, I finally get back to finishing it. Thank God for that because this game is WAAYYY too long, and not in a good way. It plays like if Dying Light has a food mechanic, no firearms, strip down the parkour so you can only do minimal platforming climbing, have it take place in a city where everyone is drugged on antidepressant pills, and have the game be stretched out so much that by the end you just want the game to end already. The game has 3 characters to play as which is quite ambitious, but it's not fun at all to do when the majority of the game is spent doing identical things to each other: sneak past enemies, beat them up, get food + drink to fill your hunger & thirst meter up, and go backtracking a lot just to complete your quests. Initially it's fun, but by the 50th time you pretty much just want the game to get over it already. And it just keeps going, and going, and going. I really thought that after 20 hours of playing and finishing Arthur's story I was done, BUT NOPE, you got 2 other characters to play as. Worst part is when you transition to a new character, ALL YOUR ITEMS & SKILLS YOU ACCUMULATED ARE RESET. So you have no choice but to complete quests to level the character over and over again! Thankfully the 2 characters after the first get more skillpoints for completing quests so you can get the best ability really quick, and the 3 have different playstyles with different skill trees, but oh man, it's very annoying to deal with. Now the stories of the 3 characters are definitely the reason to play through to the end because they all have intriguing backstories & their plot are resolved in a satisfying way, but all their story could just be resolved if you pretty much just have your first main character Arthur help the other 2 with their stories. There should be a branching path which will let you choose which one of the 2 characters you want to help. What boggles my mind about the game is there is an option to get a different ending, but that's only at the very2 end of the game where you complete all 3 stories, and all it was is a scene of whether you take a pill or not. Why??? Why the sudden choice after slogging through 20 - 29 + hours of grindy bullshit?? I thought for sure that the game will end with Arthur & Sally getting out together and overcoming their troubles as a couple because that's what the game was heading for, but they ended up getting out on their separate way because Arthur is a complete moron who can't let go of what happened to Sally in the past and so just leaves without her, made even worse because when you play as Sally, he came off as even more selfish and leaves her to fend for herself. It just makes Arthur look like a piece of shit, even though the moral of this game by the end is to let the past go & move on to a brighter tomorrow. WHY?? Just have these two be together! 115) Sword with Sauce Platform: PC Just a simple "kill every enemy you see" game since it's pretty much a game with the goal of eliminating everyone in different maps. Think Super Hot, but you can't slow down time, your weapon can be reloaded + it has iron sight, everyone's black instead of red, there's a bit of a stealth if you decide to do it like a ninja, and you can use Captain America's shield to kill people. I don't think that's what the shield is intended for but meh. 116) Disco Elysium Platform: PC Why does this game have to end on a sequel bait?? I want to see MORE!!