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  1. Now I know the reaction will be "omg Doomguy & Masterchief will be in the same game together", but remember how Microsoft fucked up with Rareware. Also Bethesda's currently having a shit track record with their games except Doom, Dishonored, Evil Within & Prey which hasn't been bastardised yet. Only time will tell if things will change this time. I personally just want to see them doing more new games instead of bringing up existing ones over and over again like what Microsoft did with Gears, Forza & Halo. More of this pls
  2. Personally, PS5 wins the war. I don't give a crap about what the specs are cause in the end both Xbox & PS will have the same graphics anyway. PS5 has the games exclusives while Xbox unfortunately still hasn't learned that exclusives are the reasons to buy a console. I mean yeah they have good specs & games, but who cares about that when most of those games are gonna be on PC anyway? And about the pre orders, it's a damn mess. Sony should definitely announce it better. I ain't buying it until it's $300. Because JEEZUS, this is the price here in Australia PS5 PlayStation 5 Console (Pre-Order Deposit Only) (Launch Price $749) Yes this is for the one with the disk tray. The digital version is $599. But still, ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?? Well at least it's better than PS3 which was $829 when it was new but COME ON. I want to trade my game when I finished them because most of them will probably be a "play it once and you're done" kind of games with only a few I actually want to keep with me forever. So without the disk tray function, I had to buy the game on the PS store which are full price & not discounted like when I buy the game on JB Hi Fi. Hell no to that! Hm, actually I'm pretty interested in this. Since there's a physical copy option for PS5 games, does that mean if you have a digital PS5, you can still use it but it'll be like on PC where you just put on the CD Key in the physical copy box? If that's the case, then surely that CD Key is usable for multiple consoles cause how else would pre-owned copy works? Oh please God don't let it be like Steam where it makes pre-owned copy completely worthless
  3. Well, I don't need a chair cause I'm using my gaming laptop on my bed. And my apartment already have dining chairs. Getting a gaming chair is nice, if you get it for free from winning a gaming raffle at a gaming convention, or win a contest for it, or if you're a sponsored videogame player that got it for free. $300 for a chair is...... questionable. Save that money for the next gaming consoles. You might as well get a much2 cheaper chair but actually comfortable for deskwork & not be that expensive.
  4. This is my message to those of you that are looking forward to the Avengers game coming in 2 days: I had played the beta on PS4 for 8+ hours, and here’s what I can say about that experience: At first I thought it’ll be like that Rise of the Imperfects game back on PS2 with the many characters having their own movesets, but with gear mechanics that's in Destiny or some other looter games. But it’s more deeper than that thankfully. Each characters have their own playstyle so it’s pretty cool to try them out one by one. At first your movesets are really basic, but you get to unlock air moves, combos & new abilities that you can mix up at your own pace. I think I like Black Widow & Iron Man the most because of how fast she is that she's like Bayonetta if Bayonetta has a third-person shooting mode aside from her martial arts, and how Iron Man's playstyle is so damn versatile once you unlock his heavy weapons. And because of this The problem though is whether or not their playstyle’s gonna carry the entire game because I pretty much know what to expect for the rest of the game. You have 2 kinds of missions: campaign missions that progresses the story, and what I can describe as "do the same thing over and over and over again" missions for leveling your characters up & getting better gears. Even though the story missions might look fun, they get really repetitive really quick because all you do is beat people up, move to the next location while trying to open up locked doors by hitting orange thingies / stepping on platforms, beat even more enemies up, and do it all over again until you beat that mission's boss. If it weren't for the variety of moves each characters can do, you'll get bored so damn easily that it makes the vanilla Destiny 1 look like Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. The original one with the awesome setpieces that is. The most annoying thing about the whole thing is that you have to use a certain character for a mission to get the high level gear for them to use. So if you play a mission as Black Widow, only she gets gears. No gears for Iron Man or Hulk. So you pretty much are expected to play a mission over and over again if you want your certain Avengers up on the level of the other guys & girls, which will inevitably get boring when you do the same missions for the 6th time. They need to make it that you can get gears for other characters when you’re doing a mission as another character. Just by playing the beta, I already had my fill for the game that I don't have to play the full game. it alone lets me know what to expect for the full game. It'll probably be an ok action rpg looter game if it goes right at best, or a repetitive grindfest at worst. And well, thankfully I don't need to wait till the game comes out to get my answer because youtubers have already put a full playthrough of the whole game I have seen the entire story mode of this game which takes around 10 hours, and I can say with 1000% certainty this: STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT While the intro of the game is pretty damn cool & the whole game's a nice origin story for Kamala Khan, aka the new Ms Marvel, the rest of the game is filled with such......... cliched superhero plot that is so damn predictable & generic that you can pretty much guess what's going to happen from the beginning of the game until the end & you'll be completely right about it. And get this: you get to only use Thor & Captain America in the story IN THE LAST 2 HOURS OF THE DAMN STORY MODE. So if you're looking forward to playing as them, well unfortunately you'll have to play 6 hours beforehand of the various story missions which are 80% the exact same stuff over and over and over again. Oh but don't worry though, after the story missions are complete, you're finally free to do what Avengers are supposed to do: do the same bunch of missions over and over again for 10+ hours with mostly the same mission structures + buildings because apparently this game has become a "life service" game. Or as I like to call it "generic mobile game". If you want to unlock their cool character abilities, you're gonna have to play through the boring grindfest missions just to level them up. OH COME ON, if you want to learn from mobile games, learn from the ones that are actually really good & actually do it with great care & variety! Learn from Fate Grand Order, Sdorica, Epic Seven, the mobile games that Korea & Japan actually made which has surprisingly great depth & variety, not Raid Shadow Legends or one of your grindfest Marvel mobile games that's the same shit over and over again! ARRAAFIUHADIFUSDFSDJFPASJFASEOFASOFJASFJSOFJF I have not doubt in my mind that this game is going to be like Destiny 1 & 2. It will receive many2 story dlcs that will make the game actually complete. Hell, there's already a dataminer that shows exactly the many more heroes that are going to be playable! https://www.thegamer.com/15-new-characters-marvels-avengers/ As it stands now, this game is just as I feared: an OK game at best with a lot of grinding, and with a plot that's pretty cliched that you can see how it progresses as if you're a fortune teller, and you'll be right in guessing it. Oh, and the base game without DLC will probably become a free to play game down the line, or at least be so damn cheap that you can get it for $3. You know it's not good when Fortnite is actually more interesting than this game. If you want to get the game, wait till all the contents are released with, hopefully, more mission varieties & epic boss battles and set pieces and wait till you can get all of them in the "actually complete edition" for $5. It'll probably take a long wait, but it's for the best. You can save that money to get an actually awesome game coming in September: the Mafia 1 remake, which I am sure as hell am definitely gonna get because I love the original game & this remake is even better than that.
  5. I shared this on one of my Discord channels on Saturday. RIP King T'Challa, may his family stay strong during this time. It's surprising that he's actually 43, I thought he's much2 younger. He had a good gene on him.
  6. Welcome to the angry army! Most of the members are on Discord nowadays, but there's some who hang around here like me. Hope you enjoy your time here, or on Discord.
  7. 106) Huntdown Platform: PC Ahhhhh, this is a trip back to the SNES & Sega Genesis memory lane. This is as simple as a fun game gets: a 2D shooting game with a cover mechanic like Blackthorne which is full of 80s references John Sawyer's my main character in this game & I conquered every stage, collected every collectibles & try my best to complete every optional objectives. The only one I didn't do is the final level because I found out that you don't get anything unlocked for completing everything 100%, which is such a damn shame because this game is perfect for those unlockables. I would've loved Robocop, or Predator, or hell, new characters to play as like in Broforce so I can play this game some more! Maybe they'll add them as dlc later. 107) Lorelai Platform: PC The next & final game from the developer of the Cat Lady. This game takes place in the same universe & it's about a poor2 girl named Lorelai, or Laura Wood dealing with how shitty her homelife is. Things start from bad where she returned home from her nursing home job with her depressed mother, her baby sister being neglected & this piece of shit scumbag stepfather of hers at the same house, to absolutely rock bottom. I won't say what happens because it's too good, but I can say that you will meet the Cat Lady's Queen of Maggots once again, and when you manage to get the best ending in the end, you will feel DAMN good. Also Jim Sterling & YongYea voiced a character in this game, though YongYea had the most significant role. Awesome job man! 108) Ghost of Tsushima Platform: PS4 Currently one of my picks for GOTY besides Doom Eternal. I freaking love this game. All this time playing & I still want to play more. And good thing that there's an upcoming co op mode for this game so I can play it once more. 109) Fall Guys Platform: PC Yes it's currently the next battle royale game that everyone's been playing nowadays, BUT IT'S SO MUCH FUN DAMN IT. Even though I had to endure the pain of making it to the end of Fall Mountain & fell off the damn crown after 1 hour of being so close to victory https://www.twitch.tv/agent17805/clip/ImpossibleHeadstrongDovePMSTwin I finally won through the most fair game of them all: Hex A Gone. It felt so damn good. https://www.twitch.tv/agent17805/clip/GoodAnnoyingMochaDuDudu And from then on Fall Mountain was next, and now I'm just teaming up with my pals to give them the win, with mixed success. But that's ok as long as we're all having fun! 110) Mortal Shell Platform: PC This was that soulslike game that has you using a body harden ability to block yourself. From first glance this game looks like another souls clone, but this game actually have a lot of cool stuff that makes it separate from the Souls games. For once, you don't use a shield to block. You have to use your harden ability to block attacks, and you have a cooldown with this thing so you can only use it once when it counts. Healing is also different. You do have traditional healing items, but those doesn't replenish itself once you rest at a bonfire, or in this game's case talk to a woman with a mask at specific locations & drink tar to upgrade yourself. The primary method of healing is by parrying an attack & counterattack your enemies. You can't just parry anytime though because you have to fill a "resolve bar", and you can use this bar to either parry which takes out 1 bar, or use your weapon ability which takes out 2 bars. Using them at the right situation is the key to victory in your battles. Aside from 4 weapons you can collect, you also have 4 "shells" in this game. They're bodies that you possess and each of them have their own strength & weaknesses. The starter character is balanced, while the other ones either have a lot of stamina but poor health, while the other have really good health but ok stamina. Whichever one you pick for the battles ahead depends on you. And to level them up, not only do you have to collect souls, but you also have to use that particular shell a lot to collect "glimpses" points after killing enemies. You are able to just collect items that give you glimpses & just use them when you're possessing a particular shell though. My favorite shell is Eredrim, the Venerable. He's the one with the most health out of everyone, and his character specific ability is really good. He can make himself stronger & more durable which makes fighting bosses & enemies SO much easier. This game is pretty damn good for what it is, but there's 1 particular place where the game, for whatever reason, just decided to say "f this" and had crazy shit happen. This is the place where I acquire Eredrim, and for some reason, 3 of his skill descriptions have typos in them. Damge? Damange?? Occsionally??? Oh and that's not counting this crazy glitch I found after I got attacked which makes my character just slide through the floor when I try and walk backwards. Thankfully the next day there's a patch that fix all of these issues, but man. That was a crazy time. Surprisingly this game is quite short. I got through the entire game, collecting every collectible I can find in just around 10 hours. I still don't know what this game's story is about other than you just collecting souls to become God after you collected them all. But you do have multiple playthroughs that you can do & abilities to unlock when you upgrade your shells a lot. And for $45 AUD, that's a pretty good deal. So overall, I'm happy with this game. 111 & 112) Rayman Legends + Rayman Origins Platform: PC I had been holding off Rayman Legends even though I had this game for many years, and now it's finally time to complete it. I think this is one of the very few games aside from Hitman Season 2 & Chronicles of Riddick that actually have the previous game as well but with new improvements that makes them more awesome to play again. Long story short, this game........ is probably one of the best platformer ever. Everything about the game just hits the right note. The controls are great, the artstyle is awesome, the stage variety is great, the bosses are fun even though they kick my ass here and there, and the music is so damn good that there's a bunch of missions where the game becomes a rhythm game with kickass covers. My favorite is definitely the Eye of the Tiger cover. This game makes Mario & Donkey Kong look lame in comparison. Why isn't there a sequel to this game yet?? I want more damn it, MORE!!
  8. I have a feeling that Joe will make a reaction video, or most likely a news video later. Well deserved cause this game looks awesome. Sure enough, he made a vid about it. The latest Wukong game we got was this Definitely a step up compared to this.
  9. Well now. Apple & Epic has been going at it at the moment https://www.ign.com/articles/apple-removes-fortnite-from-ios-app-store This is Apple pretty much saying to Epic this And in retaliation, Epic made a pretty ballsy & sick response video which is very similar to the commercial Apple did back in 1984 As Darth Saddam Hussein said: the circle is complete.
  10. Man I love Ghost of Tsushima. And for some reason, whenever I play this game, the old intro music from Soul Edge/ Blade keeps on playing in my head. So I thought "ok, I'll just mix them together and see how it'll go", so here ya go. Gotta say, it fits really well. Hope you guys enjoy this & maybe you'll get a nostalgia tingle if you play Soul Edge/Blade before.
  11. youtube

    Nickleback vid. Reminds me of this. XD
  12. This is probably one of Joe's positive reviews that made me laugh quite a lot. XD I love this game so much. This is definitely one of my top games of 2020, and a contender for my GOTY besides Doom Eternal. And this is one of the only games I've played where I don't even want to complete it 100% because I want to keep on playing as long as I can. Hope the sequel will be even more awesome because as it stands, this game is already so damn good that by the ending of the game I was having goosebumps & teared up. Definitely better than Last of Us Part 2 that's for damn sure!
  13. Oh. My. God. I don't think I have ever used a photo mode more than a dozen times in a game before. And that's just one of the many awesome things that this game made me do. When you make me want to take screenshots every 30 minutes, you know it's gonna be a damn good time. This is it. Possibly the last PS4 exclusive game. The game from the people behind Sly Cooper & Infamous that's been lingering for many years since E3 2018 & expected to be Japanese Assassin's Creed has finally arrived. And man, it's SO much more awesome than what I thought. The story of the game takes place in 1274 Japan, specifically an island named Tsushima. Which exists in real life too, but the real life location is much2 bigger than what's in this game. You play as a young samurai named Jin Sakai, and the game starts with the Mongols invading the island. This was years after Genghis Khan died & his many2 descendants try to conquer the world. Accompanied by his uncle + samurai lord of the island Shimura, they defended the island from Khotun Khan, a fictional character but grandson to Genghis Khan & cousin to Kublai Khan, the Khan that led the first Mongol invasion of Japan. Right at the opening, Shimura sent one of his high ranking samurai Harunobu Adachi to do duel with one of the Khan generals because, um, that's how they try to do battle in war honorably back in those days, and Khotun responded by, well ............... what the hell does Shimura expect when he sent his officer in the middle of a Mongol army who doesn't give a crap about traditions & just want to kill & burn villages? IDIOTA. So as you might expect, the defense failed, Shimura is captured & Jin is left for dead, but not before being rescued by a thief Yuna who becomes one of his closest allies in the entire game. You might think that this is the point where Jin regroup & find allies to help him rescue his uncle right? Well actually, Jin storms Khotun's stronghold immediately after he recovered to rescue his uncle. And as you might expect, he got his ass whooped. Again...... Man suicidal overconfidence must run with this family. Finally after that, Jin decided "ok, bad idea. Time to actually use my brain, find allies & get rid of these Mongol bastards once and for all." And so the game finally begins on a really damn cool title card. And from then on, a tale of friendship, betrayal, heroism, epic samurai shit x 9000 & sadness ensues. There's more to this game than just Jin changing his way of thinking from just being a straight up suicidal samurai to a more versatile way of the Ninja ahem I mean "thief". And DAMN. It's a simple story, but it is executed BRILLIANTLY. THIS is how you make a damn good story. It is so good, that I actually believe it utterly trounces what Last of Us part 2 was trying to do. By the end of this game's story, I actually teared up & believed every single moment of what happened in the story was necessary, well-paced & ultimately a great journey of Jin Sakai from beginning to the end and beyond from when he was a naive young Samurai to the legendary protector of his island Tsushima. Bravo game, BRAVO! Before I get into what I think of this game, I just wanna say: go get this game & play it. Whether it's by PSN, online or from going out to a game store which hopefully you guys will use masks & hand sanitizers to protect yourself during this season. GO GET THIS GAME NOW DAMN IT! And now here are the reasons why. Actually before that, I will say the very minor things that I encountered in the game. First is this weird glitch where after I killed an enemy, for whatever reason, every character I touched afterward will act as if they're stabbed by a sword. This happened only 3 times in my 40 + hours of gametime randomly, including the very end of the game which makes the cutscene that happened hilariously just having Jin standing in place when it's supposed to be a dramatic moment. Reloading a checkpoint fixes this. The Japanese dub is awesome, but it's a shame there's no proper lip-synching in cutscenes, even though it's in moments where you speak with normal npcs. Hopefully a patch will add them in later because I would love to hear Date Masamune's VA be badass & have his mouth move properly. In a couple of "eliminate enemy encampment" missions, the end have you blow up this cart full of explosive barrels. For some reason, even though I have a flaming arrow & an explosive arrow, I can't blow it up with them. You can only do it by going near it & light the fuse........... why??? And also 1 time in this game where I cut a mongol general's head, and then his body crawls without his head. Apparently other people encountered this too. They're the real ghosts of Tsushima. XD Now with that out of the way, let's start with the one thing that's very apparent from this game: Not only are the graphics for the characters look as good as expected, the sceneries in this game are pretty AF. Just LOOK AT THIS These are just 5% of what this Tsushima island is. This island's sceneries are so damn good, that this place should be a holiday destination. It pretty much is as pretty as New Zealand's south island, and THAT. THAT place is what I call heaven on earth. Not even the real-life Tsushima looks this great! I really like how this game has a bunch of histories that are based on the situation in 1274, while also having a bit of much more advanced things that are definitely not around during that time, like the matching katana + short sword set that Jin uses which wasn't supposed to be around until 400 years later, or the Mongolian rocket launchers 200 years after this game's setting. Also the haikus which didn't exist until 400 years later. This game shows that back in those days in Japan before the famous history of Nobunaga Oda, Tokugawa Ieyasu & Shingen Takeda that Samurai Warriors & Sengoku Basara made really popular, Japan was a much more simple & unfortunately very close-minded time that really forces their Bushido teachings on all the people, while also oppresses the ordinary people with class structures. If you're a samurai, you have to live & die by the code, and if you disobey by doing stealth tactics or even poisoning enemies, you will be shunned by the Shogun. Which explains why in the intro of this game the army are just straight-up idiotic compared to the smart Mongols: they have no other choice. It's a good thing years later they finally learned their lesson & deploys actual tactics in their attacks, and good thing Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin showed how the class system is finally abolished by Sakamoto Ryoma. By going directly to the Shogun of that time & telling him straight up to get rid of the system. Now that takes balls. In real life he did much more than that, but this is still pretty cool. XD I also learned a lot about the Mongol army & how fucked up they are in conquering other lands. Goddamn, if you think Hitler's horrible, get a load of this. Villages getting burned, villagers captured as slaves, anyone who dared oppose the Mongols are killed on the spot or be burned on a stake, and samurais that got captured are imprisoned, tortured, and used as target practice. Even though the Mongols have great technology for their time where they use a lot of gunpowder weapons, a reliable nationwide communication system with their eagles + other devices & a pretty solid religious belief, they instead decide to use all of that on being as barbaric as humanly possible. Damn the past was fucked up. And to think I only know of Genghis Khan before this, and how he was pretty damn ambitious back when he was alive as if he's playing military domination in Civilization all the damn time, had TONS of children, and he has plenty of descendants today because he was such a horny dude. Also from Bill & Tedd. Hope the third film will be good....... On with the gameplay, which I love SO very much. This game is pretty much the Japanese Assassin's Creed that people has been waiting for so long, but 1000 times a lot better and awesome. It's like what happens when you use the quest structures of Witcher 3, made them a lot more Japanese flavored, have the assassinations of Assassin's Creed but even better with a bit of Batman Arkham Knight's multiple takedowns + gadgets, have the combat be awesome & actually challenging with the best Samurai sword master efficiency put to them, AND put amazing boss battles on top of another amazing boss battles on top of amazing boss battles. Put them together, and you have an open world game that makes you actually never want the game to end & play the game forever. It is that freaking awesome. The quests are simple but effective. The main quests are of course where the big set pieces & battles are, and there's a lot of great stuff that I can't spoil. The sidequests have 3 varieties: companion quests, villagers quests & mythic quests. You get to learn more about your companion from the companion quest, my personal favorite being the quest with Jin's old caretaker which made me tear up in the end, and Ishikawa, Jin's archery teacher. At first I thought the voice actor for Adam Jensen from Deus Ex Human Revolution voiced him, but it's actually Dr Raymond from Xcom Enemy Unknown Damn, he's channeling Adam Jensen really well. Must have drink a lot of booze to get that deep raspy voice. His quest is the most interesting for me because it involves chasing down a student of his named Tomoe, who's a master archer & is definitely a take on Tomoe Gozen the war lady who was active 90+ years before this game's setting that rips people's head with her bare hands. The quest also ends in a pretty interesting direction which will probably leads to something else, maybe as dlc or sequel. Can't wait to see what happens next! The villager's quest are pretty simple: help out villagers or find out what happened to an npc, and then see how messed up the Mongols are. The mythic quest though, OHOHOHO, now THESE are definitely the best parts of the game. These quests involves hearing a legendary story & trying to obtain something, be it a new sword skill, a new armor, or a new bow. Not only do you get to explore pretty as hell places, but you get to duel a lot of bosses, and these guys are all awesome to fight & give you real challenges when you fight them. 3 of them will give you new special sword attack abilities that will definitely make things easier against other enemies, but I personally was just happy that I got to fight them because it all feels so damn awesome. I love them so much that I actually had save files before their fight so that I can load them & fight them over and over again. It's like what I did with Sekiro & Dark Souls when I wanted to fight Nameless King or Sekiro's final boss over and over again. Hopefully there's dlcs that put more of these because I would LOVE even more bosses to fight. Progression in this game is really damn nice because of how many cool stuff you can get. Aside from the usual collectibles like "go here to upgrade max health", climb this shrine to get a special charm that buff your stats, follow foxes to get upgrades for your charms & increase charm slots, bamboo cutting to increase your special move "resolve" bar that lets you heal yourself or use different sword skills, doing quests will grant you many armor that gives different stat changes, like how a samurai armor give more health or how a ninja + light armor give you stealth advantage. I always use the traveler's armor because this thing will give a vibration to any collectibles nearby. And when you die it black, it looks like a perfect ninja outfit, like so There's also haiku writing, and these things will give you new headbands. Basically you just sit, and enjoy the pretty as f sceneries, while choosing what words you want to put from the scenery you see. I always look forward to these haiku segments & they always give me a good calm. THIS is how you do collectible quests, not just go to point b & pick an item like so many open world games did. Looking at you rocks of Rage 2 URGH why the hell did I have to look at the crystals one by one to get them instead of getting them all at once?? DX I can't praise the combat in this game enough. Even after 40+ hours of playing, I never got tired of slicing enemies off with my katana, unlike Assassin's Creed's combat before the Syndicate game onwards which get boring because the enemies are so easy to kill & you mow down hundreds of them which make them more like a one man Arnold Swatzneger than an assassin. When you start the game, your moveset is very limited, but still pretty decent. Square is your normal attack while triangle is your Stone stance specific attack which works well against swordsmen, but not the other enemy types like shield wearer or spear wielder. As you progress through the game by assassinating & spying on enemy generals, you'll build meters & then acquire the other 3 stances: water which works against shield wielders, wind which works against spear wielders, and moon which works against big bulky enemies. You can swap these stances by holding R2 and then pressing the square X circle triangle button. What's pretty sweet is how the stance picture is related to the buttons, so the Stone stance is X because the picture are 2 swords clashing, the circle is the shield you know what I mean. And when you level all of these abilities up to max, you will feel like a complete badass. And the great thing is even when you maxed them out, the enemies are still able to kick your ass if you're not careful, so there's still a lot of challenges in fighting them. It's basically what happens when you put For Honor's combat into a game but reduce the 3 way direction system and make it so you have to dodge unblockable attacks at the right time, while also parrying the blockable moves for openings, which makes the fights freaking awesome. AND I LOVE IT! BUT there's also the other cool as hell combat mechanic that this game has: the standoff. AKA: the epic samurai version of an old west mexican standoff. Ohohohoho maaaan, I never get tired of this move. The assassinations are also evolving as you play through the game. Initially, Jin wasn't such a good assassin because his stealth kills took long & the tools like the kunai & bombs are not that strong. But then he learned how to use poison darts, the assassination becomes a lot faster, he moves like a proper ninja, and WAAAYY much later in the game, he will gain a super mode that allows him to kill 3 enemies in an instant, but only if you have a 7 kill hit streak without getting hit or killed an enemy general through a stealth kill. And what I like about this part is that you'd think he'll be like Ellie from Last of Us part 2 in that he becomes more like a force of nature that just kills and got into conflict with his allies because of it. But NO. All throughout the game he is still a really cool dude who helps civilians + his friends with their problems, and he only goes full ninja assassin against the Mongols because they absolutely deserved to die & if he didn't, more civilians & his allies would get killed by them. Hell, he actually did what I would've done against the enemies if I was put in his shoes. And by the end of the game, he's become a full hero that protects his people. Like Doomguy in Doom Eternal, only a lot friendlier. Now THAT's a guy I can get behind. The music, OH THE MUSIC, it is an absolute treat to the ears. The boss battles & battle songs are always heart pumping, and the songs during the final parts of the game? That gave me goosebumps. I'm definitely gonna download the songs & use them for my custom in-game soundtrack. This soundtrack should definitely win best soundtrack in the game awards later this year. Also, after the end of the game & having completed a lot of sidequests, I actually don't want to complete it 100 % because I don't want this game to end. I much rather replay the entire game again from scratch so that I can do it all over again. That rarely happened when I play an open world game. Only Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Asylum + City, Shadow of War until the grinding gets too much, Mad Max & Watch Dogs 1 + 2 gave me the same feeling. My rating for this game is definitely "so awesome you will play this game over and over again, writing haikus, facing awesome bossfights & be a samurai + ninja to your liking", with a badass seal of approval. And it's definitely a GOTY contender, aside from Doom Eternal. Now I actually don't want an official Japanese Assassin's Creed because they will somehow put microtransactions in them, or make it a reskin of Origins/ Odyssey with Japanese things put in. It'll be awesome hopefully, but I bet with the assassin + Juno stuff they'll make the story actually less engaging than this game. I want to see a sequel to this game though because Jin's story is FAR from over after this game. Maybe it'll be as dlc, or it will take place in a different island other than Tsushima? We shall wait & see! And I'm also awaiting Cyberpunk 2077 & Watch Dogs Legion. Cyberpunk will of course be freakingtastic, but I hope Watch Dogs Legion give me that same "I want to play this game all over again" feeling with my army of grandmothers. Also fun side stuff with this game, there's a Kurosawa black and white mode that makes the game plays in black and white like Akira Kurosawa's various samurai films. It'll make things harder though because the enemies have red unblockable & blue blockable attack types, and you can't tell which is which in the mode unless you memorized the enemy movements.Also I'm surprised that just like Infamous, this game doesn't have rag dolls. Sucker Punch still makes awesome falling from height animations though so good to see them doing something different with regular physics.
  14. The fifth big PS4 exclusive game that comes this year, other four being Last of Us 2 that is not as universally liked but still liked by those who does, Nioh 2 which is pretty much mostly the same as the first Nioh except you have a demon form parry system + character customization, the waifu upgrades giver that is Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Dreams. Which still to this day I keep on coming back to and LOVING what creative stuff people came up with. And these things are pretty much the new way to check out new quick games that pretty much made most early access games obsolete. I had always been hyped for this game ever since this game was announced since it's the Japanese Assassin's Creed that I have been looking forward to with a lot of Samurai film influences, and now the review embargo has finally been lifted & the people have spoken. I am mostly on board with these 2 guys in terms of game reviews, and Joe is even a fan of YongYea. He loves it, which makes me very excited, and now I can't wait to play it! 3 more freaking days until I finally play another great Japanese samurai ninja game again. I LOVE that there's going to be proper 1 vs 1 boss fights here. Having a samurai duel is always gonna be freaking hype, which is what Sekiro did for me. Keep these things coming pls, I am always looking forward to samurai + ninja goodness! On another note, I am still waiting one day for a game similar to Rising Zan & Red Steel 2 to show up & mix both Red Dead + Samurai/Ninja combat. This song is fucking awesome. Cyberpunk 2077 will most likely be that game judging from the katana I see in V's room the game presentation a while back. Looks like 2020 is gonna be a good gaming year after all!
  15. Well, these guys play a lot of their games before posting vids about them, so they're definitely playing hard. XD Stay safe out there. And also play good games + watch as many good shows now that we're all in lockdown. Here's a recommendation of mine when I want to get some good lols, and also to learn about silly events that happened. Learning history & having fun at the same time from these.