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  1. https://screenrant.com/cyberpunk-2077-release-date-announced-soon/ Good news is we'll definitely hear from this game in E3. Bad news is there's still no gameplay footage yet and we all must wait for E3. UUURGHHHH!! The wait is killing me!!! GIVE THIS GAME TO ME NOW DAMN IT, NOWWWWWW!!!
  2. 52) God of War 4 Platform: PS4 As usual Still pissed that this game doesn't have new game +.... or alternate costume...... BUT it's an amazing game nonetheless. And this is only the beginning. I can't wait to see the escalation of the next game! 53) cut Platform: iPhone A strange puzzle game where you're presented with pictures of various things made up of white lines, and you have to cut that picture into lines of equal length, whether it's in 3, 4 or more parts depending on the stages. The more equal in length all of the lines are, the better the score you get. It's hard to explain but it'll make sense once the game is seen. 54) Timberman Platform: iPhone This is what I call a "cut em tree boyzzzz" game because it's an arcade esque game where you have to chop pieces of a VEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRYYYYYY large tree. As you play more and get higher scores, you'll unlock different character skins, but the core game is still the same: chop something big over and over again.
  3. At last. I got my hands on this game after all this dead time for games. The God of War series is back, and it's back with a fucking vengeance. This game takes place MANY2 years after God Of War 3. After Kratos destroys Greek Gods and titans, except Athena who's a ghost now, Kratos stabbed himself, and then go off to get away from the shit he just did to the land of the Norse Gods. He settled down with a woman named Faye, and he has a son named Atreus. Life goes on as normal for him, until his wife died. The goal of the game: to reach the top of the mountain in Midgard and scatter her ashes. But of course, it's not going to be easy since there's a lot of draugrs, aka dead Norse zombie warriors blocking his path. With his wife's axe and his son's bow and dagger, the adventure begins. And what an adventure it is! This game is this year's designated GOTY where every reviewers rate it 10 out of 10s everywhere. Of course there's a risk to the game being overhyped in certain people's eyes since no game is perfect. like last year's Zelda BOTW. And now that I played it, the scores are very well justified. HOLY CRAP THIS GAME IS SO GOOD!!!! Here's how the game is step by step: 1) At its core, this game is like Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice in base style in that it's a 1 continuous uninterrupted motion game from beginning to the end that doesn't stop, except if you pause the game or die of course, it takes place in Norse mythology, and that it's a third person action game with exploration like Hellblade. And with an expected great plot that drives it. But this game is like if Hellblade's combat is modified with the more complex God Of War combat, and add an open world that just keeps on evolving so the environment will keep changing with new stuff to do every time you reach certain points in the story. 2) Kratos isn't an unlikeable cunt anymore that he was in previous God Of War games, which thank God the change was made. Now he's a much more calmer guy, though not at the start. Initially during the earlier parts of the game, he's still a dick that only cares about himself even though he's trying to be a father, to the point where his own son got sick and tired of him. But as the game progresses and he realizes what a piece of crap he's being, he got a lot nicer & bond with his son in cute little dialogues here and there where he awkwardly tries to tell his son stories during boat trips to fill the time. Still a dick to side quest ghosts and npcs here and there but it's like he's being a bit of a tsundere, which I found pretty funny. "It's not like I killed that beast to save you, I just want to kill that thing." lol. And surprisingly during the story, his own son did end up being a dick as well due to, you know, being his son and being young with the expected attitude problem, and when this happened Kratos is the one being nice and tell the boy "don't be mean to people son". Wow......... Kratos, previously a ginormous prick that doesn't give a crap about other people, telling his son not to be mean to people...... is it raining pigs today?? 3) The game's combat initially takes some time to get used to. At the start, your movesets are pretty limited, and it can throw you off guard since you have both axe moveset & hand to hand movesets. The axe is really cool since it's like Thor's hammer in the MCU movies where you can throw it and then bring it back to your hand in an instant, and it's imbued with the spirits of ice trolls so it has ice elements. However once you upgrade your movelists for both you and Atreus with his very2 useful bow abilities that you can manually trigger by pressing square, the combat will flow nicely & it'll be a normal occurrence for you to just rip enemies to shreds while you dodge and block the usual God of War style. Though this time enemies will not have the QTE prompt if you just slice them up. You need to fill their "stun bar" which usually is done through using your son's bow ability and hand to hand combat for the usual QTE red prompt to show up above their heads and then you proceed to whoop their asses. You can use your axe to fill the stun bar, but hand to hand fills it faster. One of the QTE kill is so brutal, that I cringe in pain everytime it happened. It's when you fight a werewolf, and Kratos proceeds to RIP ITS LOWER JAW FROM THE TOP RIGHT DOWN TO THE POOR BASTARD'S STOMACH! OWWWWWWCHHHHHHHHH 4) The upgrade menu does remind me of Shadow of War in the armor upgrade and skills leveling part....... ugh....... but thankfully there's no stupid microtransactions so everything can be obtained by playing the game and getting materials fairly. Horray for back to basic gameplay without corporate greed to fuck it up! And speaking of getting materials, if you have played God of War before, it's pretty much the same thing. Explore an area for those pesky little hidden boxes & loot that shiet. The usual "collect 3 items from a chest to increase your health & rage meter permanently" is here, this time in the form of chests that has to be unlocked by finding 3 runes nearby, like this one for example There's other ones of this variation, so one chest requires you to ring 3 bells with a rune symbol on them quickly before the timer runs out, another chest requires you to match the correct symbol from a selection of symbols. A bit of nice brain teasers to spice things up basically. The red orbs, blue orbs and green orbs are not here though. This time you get money and materials from chests or dead bodies, and you get green and rage pickups from the environment and dead bodies. Once you get enough money and materials, you can go to one of 2 dwarven blacksmiths who will craft armor & upgrade weapons for you. These guys are hilarious. One is a potty mouth with a blue skin named Brok, no not Brock Lesnar, just Brok. Speaking of that guy, Man I still love seeing these 2 brawl....... And the other one is a clean freak named Sindri who's such a goof, that he either talks awkwardly to you or just being "ew, does that thing have blood on it? ARGH GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!", buuut they still give you upgrades so it's all good. 5) The boss battles, as expected from this series, are so damn good, that not even reviewers are saying anything about them to avoid spoilers. Even I can't spoil them because it'll ruin the impact of fighting them yourselves. But just as a sneak preview: the second boss battle in the game is so chaotic, that the earth broke down from the utter carnage & wrestling moves involves. Literally. Unfortunately there's no boss fight that's like Chronos from God Of War 3, but what are here are only a sneak peek into what's to come in future games. And boy, if the sneak peek is already this packed, then we'll possibly have a boss fight in the future that's at least as big as Wyzen from Asura's Wrath! Which is pretty unlikely but we'll see. There's no way the bosses in God Of War will ever match the size of what Asura's Wrath has, but it's still going to be really damn big. 6) The open world in this game is filled to the brim with stuff to do. A lot of them are things that you will backtrack later since it's one of those "you see a door with a weird symbol on it, but you don't have the right ability/key to open it yet" sort of things. Don't worry when at first you think "this is just a small open world with pretty manageable locations" because once you meet the witch in the forest and she gives you a compass, the open world will truly open up & the world will be your playground. I spent hours just using my boat to travel to different boat points all over the map for the sidequests, only to find out that whoops, the area is still flooded at the moment, I have to wait until the right story moment where the water level decreases so you can access it. There are blue gates scattered around the world where you can fast travel, but it's restricted to just allowing you to fast travel to 1 spot in the map. That is until the midpoint of the game where you finally can use it to fast travel everywhere. And the sidequests does give you really great equipments that'll make battles easier, so they're really worth your time. 7) The story is damn good, with a lot of twists and turns that I cannot even spoil. Well...... I guess I can say 1 thing: Remember how in the Thor MCU films they use the Bifrost to travel to different realms? Well, since this is Norse mythology, that thing is here too. And it's a sight to behold. As for the rest, find out for yourself! If there is any negative I can say about the game, it's simply that this game is only part 1 of a new journey, so it isn't as big in scale as the previous God Of War games. But an epic 30+ hours for a 15 hour main quest + 15 more from side quests for only a part 1 of an expected part 2 or part 3 is a really good sign, because that means we've only seen a fraction of what's to come, which will be even more amazing! And there's no new game +, and no alternate skins to unlock................... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Are you fucking kidding me?? Are you telling me that even though I collected all these epic as hell gears and skill upgrades, I can't replay the game with all of these things unlocked so I can be OP and replay the epic boss fights all over again?? And I can't get beardless Kratos?? Or the great return of the Cod of War fish skin from 2??? THIS IS BLASPHEMY!! 0 OUT OF 10!!! I'm kidding of course but COME ON! Why take out a series tradition?? Even the Yakuza series now still have alternate costumes & new game +, why not this?? Joking aside, I fucking highly recommend this game. This is a great start to a new chapter of Kratos' life alongside his son, and I can't wait for the sequel. Which is appropriate because my rating for this game will be "so awesome that will play this game again while waiting for the inevitable sequel". With a badass seal of approval! This is my GOTY contender by default. Will Kingdom Hearts 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2 take the throne? We'll have to wait and find out! In the meantime, play this game, go out there and kill Norse creatures, while having a bonding session with your son!
  4. I did mention when I reviewed this game that if people like the Godfather game made by EA in 2006, then they'll like this game. Looking back on it, it still rings true, only I think Godfather is a much more better game since that one has more variation in the missions. And that it doesn't force you to complete every single district takeover. The lack of fast travel for both games makes the games suffer though. I don't get why they don't put it in. Also now that I think about it, yes, father James is an asshole. I want Clay to tell him "oh what, so you think it's better to let the KKK run the street, killing our fellow black men and women left and right, and let Sal Marcano's criminal empire grows and make our city worse? God wouldn't let this thing happen to his fellow men and women. If I have to get my hands dirty to clean the streets, then by God I will do it. What the hell have you been doing all this time while they suffer?" so he'll shut the fuck up. Though this only applies if Clay is played like a Spiderman esque vigilante who spares people and not just some thug killing anyone left and right.
  5. 50) Marie's Room Platform: PC FINALLY, a 1 hour walking simulator that's actually free with a bit of investigative gameplay element. Short, sweet & leaves you happy for playing it. THIS is how walking simulator that's shorter than 1 hour is done, not charging price for it! Ahem. So this game is about a girl named Kelsey visiting her friend Marie's house to pick up her journal. As you enter her room, you're sent back to the past back when both of them are still teenagers. Plot and twists ensues. The beauty of this game is from discovering what happened, so I won't spoil it. All I can say is that it's so nice to see a well written teenage drama plot that's not pretentious, and seeing how events unfold as you slowly search the room for clues is satisfying. 51) Assassin's Creed 3 Platform: PC I actually had this game for PS3 back in 2012. Then I got bored playing it. But now it's time to finally end this game once and for all! Gotta say, looking back on it, this game is actually pretty damn ambitious. The gameplay foundation is rock solid. So much so that they are refined in Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag as a pirate life simulator. Not to mention how the present day segments are pretty lengthy with decent levels all around as well, and the plot is probably one of the best story in the entire series as it paints the Templar as sympathetic figures, and it gives hope that perhaps both Templars and Assassins are able to break their endless war and finally work together if they are allowed to do so. It's too bad that the game is plagued with SOOOOOOO many bugs and glitches, especially the one where NPCs clip through walls, NPCs pop in with ugly as hell unfinished low res faces and NPCs appearing out of thin air, and dumb plot moments that happen because both sides are so stubborn and stupid, that they can't just say "ok ok, we both misunderstand each other. Let's talk it out, explain what happened, and then get the clear picture". Especially in Connor and Lee's part. Connor is a naive dumbass, and Lee, for whatever reason, goes from being an idealistic man in the beginning of the game to a complete shithead which gives Connor the completely wrong impression that leads to most of what happens in the game. I want to see an Assassin's Creed game where both Templars and Assassins FINALLY work together and settle their differences, and then lay the smackdown on Juno's candy ass. We'll just have to wait for that to finally happen.
  6. Oh. My. God........... Tiger Electronic games. Good thing AVGN isn't involved with Channel Godawful, or else I wouldn't show this vid anymore. I remember these overhyped plastic "portable consoles". I even have a game watch at one point. I have a question: WHY IS SORA HAPPY PLAYING IT?? That's bullshit man! These things are only fun for 10 minutes, and then they got stale really quick! He should be throwing that console up in the air, and then air juggle it with his keyblade!
  7. Either he stepped down, or he's facing the music and decided to end it all. His thought right now is probably........ well, to quote Bejo (that guy with the glasses, ) from the fucking awesome Raid 2 end scene where after his entire organization crumbles to dust and his throat is so badly damaged from a shotgun blast that he couldn't speak anymore, right before he got shot in the head: Auurrghhh.......... Gah........... Cough.......... gahh........... (BOOM HEADSHOT) Ladies and gentlemen, we just witnessed the fall of the once mighty empire in 1 fell swoop.
  8. Wow..... that's surprisingly insightful of you Corporate. Must have spoken from experience amirite?? Oh wait that's just a line from the Dark Knight..... nevermind! I think that sentence needs more variations, like: You either live as a villain and then decided that it's better to be a hero so you die as a hero instead, or you live as a hero, decided "I'll be a villain cause being a hero's boring", then decided "well.... actually being a hero is nice. I'll be a hero again" cause life is full of unexpected change! Well if Channel Awesome still decides to play the victim and post another stupid response, that'll accelerate the losses. That or posting a youtube video that still doesn't address the issues, which will go viral and get dislikes up the millions.
  9. Oh dear God...... I just researched a bit into this meltdown, and it has been revealed through that awful, AWFUL response from Channel Awful that the person referenced in the Google document under Anonymous 1 who sexually abused her was.......... well I'll just let this link speak for itself. https://www.reddit.com/r/ChannelAwesome/comments/8bqrhw/whats_all_this_about_jewwario_now/ Wow. This is....... ultra terrible. To think that the 2 women, and possibly others was abused, tried to speak years ago and was called a liar back then, having to see the culprit roam free, well at least until the 2014 event happened, then finally able to open up now when the truth was finally revealed. That was most definitely one of the worst abuse that they had to endure. I hope they can finally find peace now and move on, and never experience something as horrible as what they had experienced back then ever again.
  10. When I saw the trailer and the synopsis of the film, I immediately think of one thing: Is this a Death Stranding tie in prequel movie in disguise? Interestingly, this movie was planned to be a Cloverfield spinoff, which ties with the recent Cloverfield Paradox. But ultimately it becomes an alien invasion movie.
  11. You know those times where you're a fan of someone, and then you find out what a fucking cunt they are behind the scenes who did things so unforgivable, that you immediately want them all to pay for their sins? That's what I'm thinking of right now. What's sad is that this can happen to anyone, so we'll just have to expect the worst when it happens, and if we don't want to support them anymore because of it, then so be it. BTW here's a video from former Obscurus Lupa that explains what happens with her & why the google doc was made. Poor girl, I wish her all the best for the future! It's pretty ironic that this Channel Awesome thing happened at first because of youtube and their copyright nonsense, and that this is supposed to be an alternative to that for people to do videos for fun & business. Well, years later, better alternatives like Patreon and Twitch are used and youtube's still being used by everyone that wants to do videos, and whatever sites Channel Awesome use to put their videos in hope that it will replace youtube has become an archive room filled with dirt. And then the meltdown happened with a lot of people leaving. It's a matter of time before this place crumbles. When I was in University back in 2008 - 2011, I watched a lot of Nostalgia Critic + Angry Joe + Linkara + Spoony, alongside AVGN and movie clips of course, and I thought it's pretty cool that they colab with each other from time to time. I am thankful for these videos because they entertain me a lot & make me laugh. Those videos from that time are still videos that I watch today from time to time because they're hilarious and tickle my funny bone. But here's the thing, I like the contributors. I don't even give a flying fuck about Channel Awesome, which is good considering the contributors are the ones that are the reason why Channel Awesome was a thing in the first place. I think it's a great thing that a lot of the contributors actually leave Channel Awesome. They deserves better & deserves to speak up about their time in the channel so the world knows the truth. I hope more and more people will speak up & add more to that google document so we all get a clearer picture. I wish them all luck. It's a good thing I stopped watching Nostalgia Critic since 1 year ago so now I don't feel bad about completely ignoring it. Also, fuck that pathetic excuse of a man named Mike Michaud. He thinks he can just get away with all that shit he did? He can't do that anymore. The bully will get what's coming to him.
  12. Anyone still playing Ghost Recon Wildlands? Yeah me neither. Recently though there's a dlc for the game that brings back Sam Fisher, with Michael Ironside voicing him once again!! And in the end of the mission, there's a cutscene that sneakily references the end of MGS Snake, and a possible Splinter Cell game! Splinter Cell Blacklist was a damn great game. I can't wait to see what's next for Sam! BTW Gabe refers to Gabriel Logan from Syphon Filter. Been a while since the last Syphon Filter game. Right now the dev team for that is making Days Gone, so could the series make a comeback soon??? I can't wait!
  13. Yep, it's happenin. Like Zelda BOTW, this is the designated GOTY for 2018. Will the game be as great as expected?? Well we're gonna have to play the game ourselves and find out! I mean Zelda BOTW was many people's choice for GOTY last year and got 10s after 10s, but many people, including me, think that although the game is great, it's definitely overhyped. Nier Automata and Horizon Zero Dawn are the second pick for that spot, Nier Automata for me personally. And Uncharted 4 from 2016 does live up to the GOTY place, so it could go either way. What I figured out from this game's gameplays are these: 1) It's as if this game is Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice in base style in that it's a 1 continuous uninterrupted motion from beginning to the end that doesn't stop, it takes place in Norse mythology, and that it's a third person action game with exploration like Hellblade. And with an expected great plot that drives it. But unlike Hellblade, this game will have open world elements and fast travel, as well as optional dungeons you can go to which has hard as hell boss fights which can't be beaten unless you're upgraded. So that's already a great sign! 2) Kratos isn't an unlikeable cunt anymore that he was in previous God Of War games, which thank God the change was made. I mean he HAVE to at least be nicer after getting his revenge and killing all the Greek Gods. Now he's dealing with Norse mythology, meaning he will meet those guys in the MCU Thor films. My money is that Hela and Loki will be one of the main bad guys in the game. 3) The game's combat will be pretty damn brutal and varied with combos & weapon tricks that you can gain through leveling up, unlike Hellblade which is just the same hack and slash battle from beginning to the end. The upgrade menu does remind me of Shadow of War in the armor upgrade and skills leveling part....... ugh....... but thankfully no stupid microtransactions so everything can be obtained by playing the game and getting materials fairly! And this time you have a son which you can command to help you in battle, and you can upgrade him as well with a lot of useful abilities to help you in combat. It's the perfect parenthood game as reviewers jokingly say. 4) The boss battles, as expected from this series, will be so damn good, that not even the reviewers are saying anything about them to avoid spoilers. Now I can't wait to beat the crap out of them all! Sure the bosses will not be as gigantic as the bosses from Asura's Wrath, I'll be impressed if one of the bosses will be as big as Wyzen the first boss of that game, But it'll be awesome. 5) The game will be pretty long, 20+ hours long most likely. I hope there will be new game + to let me be one OP motha fucka! We'll see how the game actually is once it's released. Until then, be wary of people who will spoil the game.
  14. Not saying his age is the reason, like I said, he got that "I'm former UFC champion" thing as an excuse to do whatever he wants. He could do those moves he used to do, like the powerbomb, military press, spear or any of those moves other than suplexes, but he choose not to. It’s pretty well known that he’s just doing whatever he wants which leads to backstage heat a couple of times. Lol, spoiler tag? The match fucking sucks! Regardless of last minute changes, which I can totally see could be real, that match was such a letdown, that it deserves to be the middle or the first match on the card. I can’t believe AJ Styles vs Shinsuke is not the main event instead. That don’t need spoiler tags. Ohohoh, so the real story behind his win has been revealed. He's gonna fight Lashley eh? Brock vs formerly known as Black Lesnar. Both MMA fighters, although Lashley's much better at it since he has an excellent 15 wins 2 losses record. This could be interesting. NXT Takeover New Orleans though, THAT deserves a spoiler tag. Fantastic PPV that I’m still watching now, alongside Rousey Angle VS Steph Triple H and Charlotte VS Asuka. Go watch it, it’s amazing.
  15. That I think is the right move for Taker and Cena. Considering how depressing it was seeing him last year when the match went too long and he got overexposed, it's the best to have a squash match that keeps him strong. Don't forget though, when Brock was young, he has way more moves. Now he's like "I'm a former UFC champ, so I don't give a shit if I only have 3 moves" and he got paid lots either way. Then again, he's still capable of having great matches, like the one with CM Punk, Undertaker and AJ Styles. Too bad this time it's against Reigns...... well actually he did have a good match against him in Wrestlemania 31. Now it's just a rehash of that match so the value has completely diminished.