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  1. When I woke up, I saw this Wow. This is a match made in heaven. So instead of playing as 47 killing targets with well-put disguises, now you're playing as the OG spy ladykiller himself. And from what I heard, this will be an origin story & details James Bond's rise from a normal agent to 007. I can see this game's gameplay be like Hitman Absolution with the many ways to progress through a level, while also having 007 be more durable & he'll be getting into straight firefights more often. OOOHH I CAN'T WAIT!! On a more serious, buuut also good news ish note, while it was unfortunate that Capcom got a giant security breach, we do get a bunch of upcoming games they're going to develop Resident Evil Outbreak - Q4 FY21 Dragon’s Dogma 2 - Q2 FY22 Street Fighter 6 - Q3 FY22 Rockman [Mega Man in North America] Match - Q3 FY22 Resident Evil 4 Remake - Q4 FY22 Monster Hunter 6 - Q2 FY23 Biohazard Apocalypse - Q3 FY23 “SSF6” - Q4 FY23 Final Fight Remake - Q2 FY24 Power Stone Remake - Q3 FY24 Ultra SF6 - Q4 FY24 Resident Evil Hank [likely, “Hunk”] - Q4 FY24 RE OUTBREAK! DRAGON'S DOGMA 2!! REMAKES OF FINAL FIGHT + POWER STONE HOLY SHIET!!! ................ Hang on. Biohazard Apocalypse........ Well I do hope that one's just going to be a spinoff because if that's gonna be 9, then 8 won't end well & Apocalypse will be a pretty silly game. I'm already happy with 6's awesome gameplay which I'm still playing to this day whenever there's no new games, so I'm not looking forward to that. The Hank game though, if it's gonna be all about Hunk's adventure, I'm pretty intrigued. Just as long as it's not an abomination like Operation Racoon City + Umbrella Corps which should burn in hell.
  2. Goddamn, been a while since I updated this. And I played so many damn games that I forgot about them until I look back on it. XD 113) Stories: the Path of Destinies Platform: PC This is a pretty cool "choose your own adventure" game. So you play as Reynardo the fox guy war vet in the middle of a war between other bipedal animals. You stumbled upon this book after you failed to safe a friend from being killed, which I guess gives you time travel power, and then what you do from here onwards is up to you. The combat is pretty simple in that it's a simplified Batman Arkham game where you hack and slash and dodge enemy attacks, with each enemy getting progressively stronger & annoying. You have a skill tree that grants you more complex abilities the further the game goes, but the main part of this game is the explorations & the multiple paths you can take. This game has 25 different endings. JEEZUS. But don't be scared, you're only required to do 4 endings, but it has to be the endings with a different outcome than the others. Some endings are just variants of the other ending you picked. So for example: you can get an ending where you try to win the heart of a girl you like, and she will either get turned to the darkside & kills you, or turn to the darkside a different way & kills her father and then you. Something like that. I like how the entire game is voiced by one guy, and he did a good job of narrating & voicing, even the only girl in the story is voiced by him. Each time you beat the game, you can retain all the upgrades you get from the previous playthrough. And the goal of the game is to see the possible outcome, and then use the knowledge to get a new option which will bring you to the best ending. So there's 24 bad endings, and 1 best ending. Be prepared to see a lot of the same areas visited over and over again during your multiple playthroughs, but the best ending is worth fighting for. After this, there's a spiritual successor game the dev made named Omensight, which from what I see is an improved version of this game with more features put in & it takes place in the same universe. Oh, and they actually have different voice actors for different characters. Can't wait to try that out one of these days! 114) Rogue Legacy 2 Early Access Platform: PC It's been a LOOOOONG time since the first game whooped my ass & killed generations upon generations of knights, and now the cursed tale begins again. Since this is early access the game is still only giving you the first part of the castle to explore + an unfinished part of the next area, but it's still the same difficult game as the first. This time though you got new classes & abilities to help your journey just a tiny bit easier. And even new traits like making everything seem like an old gameboy game, making everything upside down, make a spotlight shine only on you so you have limited visibility you get the idea. The plus side is some of these gives you MASSIVE gold bonuses so you get rewarded more if you made it through the game with these handicaps. Wonder what the full game will be like. 115) Alternate Jake Hunter: DAEDALUS The Awakening of Golden Jazz Platform: PC That is one of the longest game titles I've ever seen. Which is why I got this game to begin with. ;p As the name suggests, this game is part of the "Jake Hunter" series of detective games. I kind of saw the previous games in the series a bit, and this game is a prequel to many of the games. Also even though usually the character's name is Jake Hunter in the english version, they decided to put his original Japanese name Saburo Jinguji here instead. It makes sense since this game takes place when he visits USA to avenge the death of his grandfather years before he becomes a full adult chainsmoking detective, so better make it not confusing. Aside from the title, the game's artstyle also draws me in to play it. Look at how cool it looks! Yep, it uses that real life google map view mixed in with 2d sprites. It's pretty cool. The gameplay of this game is like playing the investigation portions of Ace Attorney games. Go to this location to trigger cutscenes, then go to the next spot in the map to trigger the next cutscene. Many trial and error random picking is required until you get to the next parts of the game. Rinse and repeat. Unfortunate that it doesn't have an epic courtroom scene, but in its place are the "I will solve the case" confrontation with witnesses. The first case in this game is the most annoying of them all because there's so many back and forth to the same place that you have to do, but it ends in a cool way so it makes up for it. Later in the final acts though is when things gets intense & cool. And the whole game even have specific moments where you have to pick the right option to solve the final mystery of the game: who killed your grandfather. If you pick wrong, you get the ending where the true culprit gets away, so there's a bit of a replayability present. You should definitely see the walkthrough of this game after finishing the game once to have an easy time getting the options right. There's also a second multiple choice option that give you the cute romance resolution, but you can easily do it in the first case of the game. Now that I've played this game, I'm interested in seeing how the other game in the series plays like. Probably the same way with completely changed names for the characters. Ahhhhh the good old localization shenanigans. Only Phoenix Wright can do it right. 116) ULTRAKILL Early Access Platform: PC It's Quake/ Doom 2016 + DMC with a biblical motif. That is an instant win right there. You're a robot that has to get through various onslaught of enemies pestering you, racking up skill points along the way while collecting well hidden secrets. You get different weapons with infinite ammo starting with the pistol to a super sick railgun & a nail machine gun with the same tracking ability as a ZF 1 which makes it instantly my favorite weapon in the game. Each weapon have an alternate config that you can buy. Currently since the game is early access, you only get 1 alternate variant with most weapons. Rest assured though, when the full game is out, CHAOS WILL REIGN SUPREME! 117) Mafia: Definitive Edition Platform: PC The remake of the first game in the Mafia trilogy. I have been waiting for this game ever since it was announced, which was surprisingly recent. And well, it's the remake of the first game, the one with the best story in the trilogy by far. And it doesn't disappoint. Mostly. The story is more or less the same as the original game with the same missions. The biggest difference though are the character personality. Tommy is no longer the nice guy that got put in a bad situation like in the original. Here he's more or less Vito with the same hot head & he's much more fitting to be a mafia. Paulie's less of a Joe Pesci looking guy & more like that friend you have that drinks & unsuccessfully try to hit on ladies, Sam's less stoic & more expressive, Salieri's more prone to being angry, Sarah actually have more roles in this game than she ever did have in the original which was just 1 mission, and Frank gives you this very good life advice. The game gives you more reason to believe the story progression than the original game did, which is cool. The end of the game still gets you, but at least this time you don't have to cry & get depressed too much. Gameplay uses the same engine as Mafia 3, but Tommy is less deadly in his execution than Lincoln. Still the gunplay is fun even if the weapons lack their great punches & it's perfect for the many action sequences you get to play. Unfortunately the same can't be said to the music department. Aside from the always great main theme that's only used TWICE in the entire game, this game decides to have an original soundtrack. This new soundtrack........ is ok, but the game insists on having most of the same 3 songs over and over and over in the story cutscene & the action cutscene. The original game still to this day has a superior list of songs. Hell, I even put the original song for one of the main mission, and it actually makes the part even better than when it uses this game's song! Ah well, if you mute the soundtrack & play the original Mafia 1 music, it's perfect so there's that. Still a great time I had revising the story, and even though the free roam section of this game is pretty much bare boned, I would've liked for the mode to have action sequences rather than just collecting collectables, the main story missions are fun & I think this game is the best balanced out of the Mafia trilogy. 118) Batman Arkham Origins Platform: PC AT LAST. I have finally completed this long time coming Arkham prequel!! Back in 2013 I was about to finish the game, but unfortunately the final boss section bugged the fuck out, so I ended up getting stuck down in the floor, falling endlessly into a black screen & can't continue the game. The only choice I had back then was to replay the entire game over again..... FUCK THAT. Good thing years later they patched it, so when I reloaded my save file, the part was fixed & I finally beat the damn game. PHEW. But I did go back to the first few missions of the game because I wanted to fight Deathstroke again. He is still after all this years such a damn good boss fight, I love it! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/737839760?filter=highlights&sort=time 119 & 120) Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions & Hades Platform: PC 2 unexpectedly awesome games that are my personal top 10 best games of 2020. I suspect Watch Dogs Legion & definitely Cyberpunk 2077 to be on that list. Hieheehehehehehahahahahahaha 121) Streets of Kamurocho Platform: PC Oooohhh man, what a fucking letdown this was. When the game had it's trailer & it shows Kiryu & Majima having the same movelist as Axel, I was already disappointed that they don't have special moves of their own. But I was still looking forward to play the game because I want to see the many stages of Streets of Rage 2 be Yakuza themed. THEN I found out that this game is just the first SOR 2 game reskinned and you play it over and over and over again. When you get enough points, you get Ichiban from Yakuza 7. YAY. But HE'S ALSO JUST FUCKING AXEL ALL OVER AGAIN. FUCK. THIS. SHIT!! It was so depressing that I immediately play Yakuza Kiwami 2 to wash the bad taste off my mouth. Good thing my pal accompanied me when I played the games so I didn't lose my sanity! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/776964061?filter=highlights&sort=time
  3. 2020. The year when the flu season never ends, Dreams on PS4 becoming a new creative outlet for ridiculously talented people who can make awesome fucking stuff using their PS4 controller, surprisingly unexpected great games like Captain Tsubasa, Hades, Genshin Impact, Ultrakill & 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim emerged from the shadows, Ghost of Tsushima ended up actually being awesome while Naughty Dog & Last of Us part 2 & just got worse and worse and worse with every passing day because the director's a moronic prick until now it has actually fallen to obscurity & from my mind little by little, which is for the absolute best, And Vtubers dominate the world with the power of cute anime girls. Due to me just splorin everything on youtube these days & since my FGC friends recommended some vtubers to me, and...... they're actually pretty entertaining in their own way. And also cute. Because anime girls have that as their power which will attract humanity & make everything ok during these dark times. One of them I saw is...... this Then there's another one playing Dark Souls 3, and actually really damn good at it THEN there's another one which as Gigguk said in his vid, the lovechild of Filthy Frank & How to Basic. But it's an anime girl instead of degenerate dudes And she had the same experience as I did when I played Fall Guys in Fall Mountain where I was the one who should get the crown because I'm right in front of it but I pressed dive & fell flat on the ground instead. I feel her pain, I FEEL HER PAIN And THEN, there's a recently just surging english Vtubers that just got started last month, one of which is actually a really damn good rapper. To summarize, Vtubers are ruling the world. And I for one, do not mind it. Rather have this as entertainment than yet another youtube vids of people complaining that life sucks, some politic bullshit, or stupid fucking youtuber + videogame industry dramas left and right these days. JOIN THE REVOLUTION. BECOME ONE WITH ANIME GIRLS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. Haha, you're welcome man. I'm just glad that I put your lingering questions to rest. How much are you willing to pay? I like getting a game if you don't mind & there's a couple on my Steam wishlist atm. Let me know of your budget so you don't go overboard.
  5. You have come to the right place. The one where it's muted because of copyright with the OOOOoooohhh is this Which is also in a film Another Cinderella Story And then the second one that's not muted is this I'm actually gonna download these 2 songs right now cause they're good beats. XD
  6. The candidate for presidency only need to do 1 thing: don't be a pathetic moron like the current president. By the end of the election his career is finished. And him getting the corona recently is a karma long time coming. 7.26 million infected already. Man it's like World War Z over there. Still in first place, India's second with 6.2 million, Brazil's 3rd with 4.8 million & Russia's 4th place with 1.17 million. And I thought USA's the only one that will pass 1 million.
  7. Joe, I know you never see the messages here anymore, but ya should've seen the post I made warning everyone about this game so you don't have to endure the torture. XD
  8. I already did a 2 games in 1 review which was Nioh 2 & Doom Eternal because those 2 games took many hours from me. Now it's these 2 game's turn. Only this time not only did I play these games for many hours, these 2 are also one of my top games of 2020 by far. First up, Captain Tsubasa I am a fan of the anime. I watched the old school animes back when I was in school, and to see that there was another new anime & this game makes me happy. Of course I was skeptical when I saw the trailer because I was afraid that the game would be an ok anime game that's only good for 1 playthrough. Oh boy how glad I was that I was wrong. Because this game, OH BOY this game is FUCKING AWESOME! It's less of a Fifa/ Pro Evolution Soccer style soccer simulator game that plays similarly to one another, and more of what you expect from a game based on a hype as fuck soccer anime with fancy soccer moves: a soccer game where rules doesn't matter, and the goal of the game, no pun intended, is to make goals in the flashiest way possible. And what you get is a game where every single match you can do is anime as FUCK. Just look at this shit Now at first glance the controls of this game may look very similar to Fifa. Square to shoot, circle to long pass, x to short pass and R1 to sprint. But that's where the similarity ends. The name of this game is actually the super dribbles, which is done by pressing R2 to immediately get past an enemy player. You can't do R2 dribbles against defenders that are on their way to do their tackling moves, so with those guys you just need to hold down R1 or avoid them completely, or else you'll get tackled & lose your ball. If you do 2 successful dribbles in a row, you will receive a speed & stamina boost, and ideally this is where you do your ball shot. But no, it's not your typical boring ball shot. In this game you have to hold down the square button to fill up a bar for shooting special shots. The goalkeeper unlike the ones in your typical soccer game are not those exploitable goalkeepers that are easily exploited. These goalkeepers are brick walls with their own healthbars, and each teams have their own keepers which ranges from weak ass a straw to a spiked iron wall that needs multiple shots to break through their defenses. Most of the keepers have generic ball saving moves, but certain keepers, especially those that are from the manga/anime with their own special moves have special moves when blocking shots, which are freaking cool as hell. Each shots you do deplete their healthbar, and you pretty much have to keep on kicking that ball until the keeper had enough. The shots that the main characters from the animes tends to break their healthbar the easiest. And the super special moves are especially damaging, and cool as fuck. This game has a meter that fills up with every successful dribble & defense tackles, and when you fill them up, you can activate a V skill, aka super mode that regenerates your player's stamina fast, and you'll be able to do these super special moves much2 easier. Alternatively you can use up that entire bar to prevent a ball from breaking through your keeper, but these should be used when your keeper barely have health left because it's a really good offense tool. Master these mechanic & you'll score goals like candy, and it will feel REALLY damn good. What's great about this game aside from the anime as hell gameplay is the really damn good story mode. You have 2 parts: first part which follows Tsubasa when he's doing a tournament in middle school. This is a really nice refresher for the anime watchers because it pretty much has every epic moment from the anime put into this one story mode. That part where Tsubasa had to play against a team which has the Tachibana twins with their acrobatic soccer? That part where Tsubasa has to play against the duo Jito & Sano with his patented Drive Shot? That part where he had to play against his eternal rival Hyuga? It's all in this mode. And you take parts in those matches with every moments faithfully recreated in the game. Now that's what I call epic fanservice! And for you that wonders if there are events that happen during primary school, don't worry, the game got it covered too. When you play through this mode, you will get new cutscenes that tells you the story of the characters when they're in primary school. Including the swag as hell keeper Wakabayashi which, I'm not kidding you, is so OP that he actually challenged multiple sportspeople to throw their various balls at his goal post. Including tennis, football, and FUCKING BASEBALL. And he won. Because fuck logic. Then there's the second part which is the international tournament arc. This is where you can create your own character, start from 3 schools which belongs to 3 of Tsubasa's biggest rivals, do a tournament where you eventually play against Tsubasa's team, and then afterwards go to USA to do a Junior Youth World Tournament with all the other players from Japan to face off against the world. And this is peak anime goodness. It's an alternate version of the same plot from the anime, but with a create a character included. And this is so damn hype as it's the journey that Tsubasa & his team had to make from becoming fodders in their first casual match against the other teams to destroying their asses when the tournament actually start. And man, you will want them to succeed & destroy those smug ass bitches who are full of their own crap before your match with them starts. The goal in this mode is to max out your characters by performing really well in each matches, and maxing out your friendship meters with various players so that you can get their abilities & use it in matches. I love how you can learn from your enemy team and then use their own abilities against them. And I especially love how there's 3 routes that can happen where you can either fight against Germany, Brazil, or USA in the tournament finals. After each playthrough, your custom character will become an official member of your "create your team" roster which you can then use offline or online against strangers & friends in both ranked or casual matches, where even more hype as fuck anime matches will happen. Unfortunately at the moment online is...... a fucking mess right now. There are so many glitches that happen online that me & my friend were so damn confused by what we just saw. https://www.twitch.tv/agent17805/clip/VictoriousInexpensiveKoupreyDxAbomb?filter=clips&range=30d&sort=time Though sometimes entertaining shit can happen. They will have a patch in the middle of October to fix this though. I am glad to say that I am really damn happy that this game is not only really faithful to the anime, but it's also a really damn hype as hell soccer game with anime insanity that represents the anime really damn well. I give this game my rating of "so awesome that it makes Fifa & Pro Evolution Soccer look lame", with a badass seal of approval. Now onto the next game: Hades This is the next game from Supergiant games, the same dev that did Bastion, Transistor & Pyre. They did straightforward action rpg with Bastion, action strategy with Transistor, fantasy basketball with Pyre, and now they've gone full circle with action rpg again with Hades, only roguelite this time. The story is..... well I'll just say the simple version. You play as Hades' son Zagreus. His dad treats him like a brat & he hates him, so he decided to leave the underworld to get out to the surface above. And the game begins with you attempting to escape it while having an old man narrator talking all the time to describe his situation, a usual Supergiant game staple at this point, getting help from various Gods of Olympus, fighting various enemies & tough as nails bosses in the meantime. Whether you succeed or not is up to your skill alone, so good luck & have fun dying over and over again until you finally conquered it all! Actually there's more to the story than that, but it's a spoiler that I will not say anything about because it's well worth it when you finally figured the story for yourself. And this is actually a game where it's much better that you don't know the myth behind the characters, because if you google right now about who Zagreus is, you'll spoil the surprise. It's like in Spiderman PS4 where there's a character that helps Peter in the beginning of the game & if you're a comic book reader, you'll know what's coming. So I recommend playing the game until you beat the game once, then you can research the myths. The gameplay of this game is pretty much like Bastion: isometric action rpg with dodges, various abilities that you can unlock which helps you out on your journey & a lot of challenging enemies, and of course the usual "modifier that makes the game more difficult but you get more rewards". Except instead of getting a bunch of weapons which makes you a walking armory, you pick 1 out of 6 weapons everytime you start from the beginning. Initially at the start you'll be using your default sword. But the longer you play, more weapons will be unlocked which ranges from a bow, shield, fist gauntlet, spear, and a FREAKING MACHINE GUN WITH A MORTAR ATTACHMENT. Though you get that last one WAAAAAYY into the game after you inevitably die over and over and over again. Speaking of dying over and over again, don't worry about it. The game works like this: you have 4 main floors starting from Tartarus from the bottom, and then you progress to the top with increasing difficulty. During your runs in these areas you have to clear rooms, and you can see what kind of items you're going to get if you decided to enter the next room. You can either get items that will raise your max HP by 25 like this Centaur Heart Darkness crystal that lets you level up in your main house mirror Keys that lets you unlock new weapons or ability upgrades in your main house mirror Gemstones which will upgrade your underworld house & upgrade dungeons so it'll give you more benefits for each run or various Olympius Gods which will give you different benefits depending on which God you got. So if you got Zeus, you'll get benefits related to lightning strikes. Poseidon, water attacks. Athena, protection. Part of the fun is to see what crazy stuff you can get, and by the time you reach the later floors, you will have so many benefits that you will be OP as hell & the enemies will bow down before you. Not during the first playthroughs though because you'll be underprepared, but you'll power up eventually, and when you do, especially against that fucking bosses in the third area of the game after you're having such hard times against them, HOHOHO you will feel glorious! Even though you will die so many times in this game, death in this game is actually a good thing. Since you're the son of Hades, you can't die permanently. Each time you die, you'll return to your house in the Underworld which is....... surprisingly cozy, and in here you will meet Hades & so many characters which are taken from Greek mythology that are not the Olympian Gods. Oh don't worry you'll see familiar people like Zeus, Poseidon, Athena & Ares, but you meet them during your adventure getting out of hell. Inside the house, you'll meet characters like Achilles, Megaera, Hypnos, Nyx, Orpheus, and a little medusa head named Dusa. Don't know who these people are aside from Achilles or Dusa? Don't worry, the game will let you know them. And it'll give you the incentive to search for these guys online and see how faithful to the myths they are. And from what I read, their backstory are pretty much accurate, which I like. Even Hades had a much more accurate backstory to his actual myth than what Disney & God of War actually put up. You will want to give every single character Nectars on your first few hours of the game This game is part roguelite & part dating simulator. When you give 1 of these to each npcs including the Gods of Olympus during your run, you'll gain an item from each of them, each with their own benefits. I heavily recommend giving the nectars to Hypons, Dusa & Skelly first. The items you get from these guys are very useful because Hypnos gave you an item which gives you starter currency for buying items during your runs, Dusa's give you an item that lets you get healing items when breaking vases, and Skelly gives you basically an extra life. This game has 4 main floors with their own areas, and you can switch the items you can use from these guys once you've beaten a boss in an area, so it's good to switch to different items once you beaten an area & have Skelly's item at the last 2 floors. You're gonna need that thing. Outside of getting items, the best part of the game are the interactions between you & the npcs. When you give the npcs you want enough nectars, they'll open up to you about their backstories, and in some cases, you'll be doing sidequests for them that will give you a cool reward in the end. Such a shame though that you can't give 1 npc multiple nectars in one go, and with some npcs, you can't even meet them that often because the dungeon is randomized, so you'll want to keep that nectar for that special someone that you're aiming for. I give most of my nectars to Meg because she's cute, and even though she's one of the first boss I fought, she's just doing her job so there are no hard feelings, and I can meet her again in the house anyway. I like how these guys treat killing each other like a day in the office. XD Each time you die, you get to upgrade your stats even more which will help you out immensely on your journey. The darkness gems you collected can be used when you return to your house and use them in your room. This is what it will look like after you fully unlocked every ability with the keys, which will take a lot of playthroughs. The ones that you MUST upgrade though are Death Defiance: gives you extra lives Shadow Presence: gives you extra damage when you backstab enemies Chthonic Vitality: heals up to 3 health after you complete a room and Greater Reflex: give you 1 extra dodge These abilities are the livesavers that you will need to progress many journeys. You can get Thick Skin much2 later which increases your max HP, but you'll get Centaur Hearts during your playthrough so you don't have to worry much about that. The best part about the game though is when you think the game is over, it is not over. There's actually MORE that you have to do in order to reach the true end of the game. After you complete the game once, there will be difficulty modifiers which will make your future runs much harder & more varied, and the game recommends you to increasingly raise it to give more upgrade materials after you kill bosses. You will beat the game many2 times after this, but in the end, it is so damn worth it. I spent 27 hours so far with the game where I finally reached the ending, and even then, THERE'S STILL more stuff to do. I have a feeling that there's gonna be a future update or DLC that will add more to the game, and I can't wait for that to happen. Oh yeah, and the music in this game is fantastic. It ranges from mellow To AWW YEAAAHH THIS KICKS ASS The one downside I have with this game right now is that each of the bosses in the 4 floors are the same for now. It's not like Enter the Gungeon where the bosses are switched. Well, only the boss for the first floor will be different because it's one of 3 sisters of fates including Meg your potential girlfriend, but the other ones are the same. You can make them have different variations if you adjust the difficulty modifier though so that's something, and it's pretty cool to see the changes. All in all, this is a great roguelite & Supergiant did it again. I give this game my rating of "you die, you learn, you conquer your way out of the Underworld again and again and again, and you'll feel great about it". With a badass seal of approval. Get these 2 games. They're freaking awesome!
  9. Now I know the reaction will be "omg Doomguy & Masterchief will be in the same game together", but remember how Microsoft fucked up with Rareware. Also Bethesda's currently having a shit track record with their games except Doom, Dishonored, Evil Within & Prey which hasn't been bastardised yet. Only time will tell if things will change this time. I personally just want to see them doing more new games instead of bringing up existing ones over and over again like what Microsoft did with Gears, Forza & Halo. More of this pls Also this Goes to show that there's just overflowing demand for both Xbox & PS5. You can't blame it on Microsoft & Sony when there's just too many people requesting both consoles all at once, especially during this Corona season when production for the consoles are gonna be heavily affected. The smartest way to do this: just don't fucking buy it yet. Wait till both consoles have all the great games out so it doesn't sit there for months waiting for the next new game, and the prices will be lower than $750. Why buy it when it's that fucking expensive when you can wait & get it when it's $300 or lower later?
  10. Personally, PS5 wins the war. I don't give a crap about what the specs are cause in the end both Xbox & PS will have the same graphics anyway. PS5 has the games exclusives while Xbox unfortunately still hasn't learned that exclusives are the reasons to buy a console. I mean yeah they have good specs & games, but who cares about that when most of those games are gonna be on PC anyway? And about the pre orders, it's a damn mess. Sony should definitely announce it better. I ain't buying it until it's $300. Because JEEZUS, this is the price here in Australia PS5 PlayStation 5 Console (Pre-Order Deposit Only) (Launch Price $749) Yes this is for the one with the disk tray. The digital version is $599. But still, ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?? Well at least it's better than PS3 which was $829 when it was new but COME ON. I want to trade my game when I finished them because most of them will probably be a "play it once and you're done" kind of games with only a few I actually want to keep with me forever. So without the disk tray function, I had to buy the game on the PS store which are full price & not discounted like when I buy the game on JB Hi Fi. Hell no to that! Hm, actually I'm pretty interested in this. Since there's a physical copy option for PS5 games, does that mean if you have a digital PS5, you can still use it but it'll be like on PC where you just put on the CD Key in the physical copy box? If that's the case, then surely that CD Key is usable for multiple consoles cause how else would pre-owned copy works? Oh please God don't let it be like Steam where it makes pre-owned copy completely worthless
  11. Well, I don't need a chair cause I'm using my gaming laptop on my bed. And my apartment already have dining chairs. Getting a gaming chair is nice, if you get it for free from winning a gaming raffle at a gaming convention, or win a contest for it, or if you're a sponsored videogame player that got it for free. $300 for a chair is...... questionable. Save that money for the next gaming consoles. You might as well get a much2 cheaper chair but actually comfortable for deskwork & not be that expensive.
  12. This is my message to those of you that are looking forward to the Avengers game coming in 2 days: I had played the beta on PS4 for 8+ hours, and here’s what I can say about that experience: At first I thought it’ll be like that Rise of the Imperfects game back on PS2 with the many characters having their own movesets, but with gear mechanics that's in Destiny or some other looter games. But it’s more deeper than that thankfully. Each characters have their own playstyle so it’s pretty cool to try them out one by one. At first your movesets are really basic, but you get to unlock air moves, combos & new abilities that you can mix up at your own pace. I think I like Black Widow & Iron Man the most because of how fast she is that she's like Bayonetta if Bayonetta has a third-person shooting mode aside from her martial arts, and how Iron Man's playstyle is so damn versatile once you unlock his heavy weapons. And because of this The problem though is whether or not their playstyle’s gonna carry the entire game because I pretty much know what to expect for the rest of the game. You have 2 kinds of missions: campaign missions that progresses the story, and what I can describe as "do the same thing over and over and over again" missions for leveling your characters up & getting better gears. Even though the story missions might look fun, they get really repetitive really quick because all you do is beat people up, move to the next location while trying to open up locked doors by hitting orange thingies / stepping on platforms, beat even more enemies up, and do it all over again until you beat that mission's boss. If it weren't for the variety of moves each characters can do, you'll get bored so damn easily that it makes the vanilla Destiny 1 look like Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. The original one with the awesome setpieces that is. The most annoying thing about the whole thing is that you have to use a certain character for a mission to get the high level gear for them to use. So if you play a mission as Black Widow, only she gets gears. No gears for Iron Man or Hulk. So you pretty much are expected to play a mission over and over again if you want your certain Avengers up on the level of the other guys & girls, which will inevitably get boring when you do the same missions for the 6th time. They need to make it that you can get gears for other characters when you’re doing a mission as another character. Just by playing the beta, I already had my fill for the game that I don't have to play the full game. it alone lets me know what to expect for the full game. It'll probably be an ok action rpg looter game if it goes right at best, or a repetitive grindfest at worst. And well, thankfully I don't need to wait till the game comes out to get my answer because youtubers have already put a full playthrough of the whole game I have seen the entire story mode of this game which takes around 10 hours, and I can say with 1000% certainty this: STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT While the intro of the game is pretty damn cool & the whole game's a nice origin story for Kamala Khan, aka the new Ms Marvel, the rest of the game is filled with such......... cliched superhero plot that is so damn predictable & generic that you can pretty much guess what's going to happen from the beginning of the game until the end & you'll be completely right about it. And get this: you get to only use Thor & Captain America in the story IN THE LAST 2 HOURS OF THE DAMN STORY MODE. So if you're looking forward to playing as them, well unfortunately you'll have to play 6 hours beforehand of the various story missions which are 80% the exact same stuff over and over and over again. Oh but don't worry though, after the story missions are complete, you're finally free to do what Avengers are supposed to do: do the same bunch of missions over and over again for 10+ hours with mostly the same mission structures + buildings because apparently this game has become a "life service" game. Or as I like to call it "generic mobile game". If you want to unlock their cool character abilities, you're gonna have to play through the boring grindfest missions just to level them up. OH COME ON, if you want to learn from mobile games, learn from the ones that are actually really good & actually do it with great care & variety! Learn from Fate Grand Order, Sdorica, Epic Seven, the mobile games that Korea & Japan actually made which has surprisingly great depth & variety, not Raid Shadow Legends or one of your grindfest Marvel mobile games that's the same shit over and over again! ARRAAFIUHADIFUSDFSDJFPASJFASEOFASOFJASFJSOFJF I have not doubt in my mind that this game is going to be like Destiny 1 & 2. It will receive many2 story dlcs that will make the game actually complete. Hell, there's already a dataminer that shows exactly the many more heroes that are going to be playable! https://www.thegamer.com/15-new-characters-marvels-avengers/ As it stands now, this game is just as I feared: an OK game at best with a lot of grinding, and with a plot that's pretty cliched that you can see how it progresses as if you're a fortune teller, and you'll be right in guessing it. Oh, and the base game without DLC will probably become a free to play game down the line, or at least be so damn cheap that you can get it for $3. You know it's not good when Fortnite is actually more interesting than this game. If you want to get the game, wait till all the contents are released with, hopefully, more mission varieties & epic boss battles and set pieces and wait till you can get all of them in the "actually complete edition" for $5. It'll probably take a long wait, but it's for the best. You can save that money to get an actually awesome game coming in September: the Mafia 1 remake, which I am sure as hell am definitely gonna get because I love the original game & this remake is even better than that.
  13. I shared this on one of my Discord channels on Saturday. RIP King T'Challa, may his family stay strong during this time. It's surprising that he's actually 43, I thought he's much2 younger. He had a good gene on him.
  14. Welcome to the angry army! Most of the members are on Discord nowadays, but there's some who hang around here like me. Hope you enjoy your time here, or on Discord.
  15. 106) Huntdown Platform: PC Ahhhhh, this is a trip back to the SNES & Sega Genesis memory lane. This is as simple as a fun game gets: a 2D shooting game with a cover mechanic like Blackthorne which is full of 80s references John Sawyer's my main character in this game & I conquered every stage, collected every collectibles & try my best to complete every optional objectives. The only one I didn't do is the final level because I found out that you don't get anything unlocked for completing everything 100%, which is such a damn shame because this game is perfect for those unlockables. I would've loved Robocop, or Predator, or hell, new characters to play as like in Broforce so I can play this game some more! Maybe they'll add them as dlc later. 107) Lorelai Platform: PC The next & final game from the developer of the Cat Lady. This game takes place in the same universe & it's about a poor2 girl named Lorelai, or Laura Wood dealing with how shitty her homelife is. Things start from bad where she returned home from her nursing home job with her depressed mother, her baby sister being neglected & this piece of shit scumbag stepfather of hers at the same house, to absolutely rock bottom. I won't say what happens because it's too good, but I can say that you will meet the Cat Lady's Queen of Maggots once again, and when you manage to get the best ending in the end, you will feel DAMN good. Also Jim Sterling & YongYea voiced a character in this game, though YongYea had the most significant role. Awesome job man! 108) Ghost of Tsushima Platform: PS4 Currently one of my picks for GOTY besides Doom Eternal. I freaking love this game. All this time playing & I still want to play more. And good thing that there's an upcoming co op mode for this game so I can play it once more. 109) Fall Guys Platform: PC Yes it's currently the next battle royale game that everyone's been playing nowadays, BUT IT'S SO MUCH FUN DAMN IT. Even though I had to endure the pain of making it to the end of Fall Mountain & fell off the damn crown after 1 hour of being so close to victory https://www.twitch.tv/agent17805/clip/ImpossibleHeadstrongDovePMSTwin I finally won through the most fair game of them all: Hex A Gone. It felt so damn good. https://www.twitch.tv/agent17805/clip/GoodAnnoyingMochaDuDudu And from then on Fall Mountain was next, and now I'm just teaming up with my pals to give them the win, with mixed success. But that's ok as long as we're all having fun! 110) Mortal Shell Platform: PC This was that soulslike game that has you using a body harden ability to block yourself. From first glance this game looks like another souls clone, but this game actually have a lot of cool stuff that makes it separate from the Souls games. For once, you don't use a shield to block. You have to use your harden ability to block attacks, and you have a cooldown with this thing so you can only use it once when it counts. Healing is also different. You do have traditional healing items, but those doesn't replenish itself once you rest at a bonfire, or in this game's case talk to a woman with a mask at specific locations & drink tar to upgrade yourself. The primary method of healing is by parrying an attack & counterattack your enemies. You can't just parry anytime though because you have to fill a "resolve bar", and you can use this bar to either parry which takes out 1 bar, or use your weapon ability which takes out 2 bars. Using them at the right situation is the key to victory in your battles. Aside from 4 weapons you can collect, you also have 4 "shells" in this game. They're bodies that you possess and each of them have their own strength & weaknesses. The starter character is balanced, while the other ones either have a lot of stamina but poor health, while the other have really good health but ok stamina. Whichever one you pick for the battles ahead depends on you. And to level them up, not only do you have to collect souls, but you also have to use that particular shell a lot to collect "glimpses" points after killing enemies. You are able to just collect items that give you glimpses & just use them when you're possessing a particular shell though. My favorite shell is Eredrim, the Venerable. He's the one with the most health out of everyone, and his character specific ability is really good. He can make himself stronger & more durable which makes fighting bosses & enemies SO much easier. This game is pretty damn good for what it is, but there's 1 particular place where the game, for whatever reason, just decided to say "f this" and had crazy shit happen. This is the place where I acquire Eredrim, and for some reason, 3 of his skill descriptions have typos in them. Damge? Damange?? Occsionally??? Oh and that's not counting this crazy glitch I found after I got attacked which makes my character just slide through the floor when I try and walk backwards. Thankfully the next day there's a patch that fix all of these issues, but man. That was a crazy time. Surprisingly this game is quite short. I got through the entire game, collecting every collectible I can find in just around 10 hours. I still don't know what this game's story is about other than you just collecting souls to become God after you collected them all. But you do have multiple playthroughs that you can do & abilities to unlock when you upgrade your shells a lot. And for $45 AUD, that's a pretty good deal. So overall, I'm happy with this game. 111 & 112) Rayman Legends + Rayman Origins Platform: PC I had been holding off Rayman Legends even though I had this game for many years, and now it's finally time to complete it. I think this is one of the very few games aside from Hitman Season 2 & Chronicles of Riddick that actually have the previous game as well but with new improvements that makes them more awesome to play again. Long story short, this game........ is probably one of the best platformer ever. Everything about the game just hits the right note. The controls are great, the artstyle is awesome, the stage variety is great, the bosses are fun even though they kick my ass here and there, and the music is so damn good that there's a bunch of missions where the game becomes a rhythm game with kickass covers. My favorite is definitely the Eye of the Tiger cover. This game makes Mario & Donkey Kong look lame in comparison. Why isn't there a sequel to this game yet?? I want more damn it, MORE!!