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  1. You mean that observatory before Michael gets put into a morgue? Looks fun. There's supposed to be a giant telescope there Thanks for the recommendation! It'll actually take 30 minutes by car to get there from my hotel, so maybe I'll go there, or the La Brea Tar Pits.
  2. Finally, the wait for the trailer is over. I'm surprised that Grand High Witch from Witches herself is here. Looking forward to this film, even though it looks like the film is going to get sillier. I mean..... Wick on a horse? Wick on a desert?? Gotta have to see what those are about in the full film!
  3. Although there's no gameplay of the beat em up adventure mode, iz fine. Game looks freaking slick. I want this game NOWWWWWWW
  4. So I'm going to LA in the 25 January, 1 week from now for my next Dragonball FighterZ competition. I plan on staying til 29, and I definitely want to go to Disney Land to celebrate the coming of Kingdom Hearts 3. I know GTAV is based on LA so I can probably go to the spots that interest me, like the Hollywood walk of fame and the Chinese Theatre etc. But are there any interesting hidden spots that I can go to, maybe gaming related places? Let me know so I can enjoy my stay even more.
  5. There's so many games that made me cry that I don't think I can get sad anymore, so I'm curious on how depressing this will be. I heard many things about this game & I know that there's actually other games set in the same universe like Trails of Cold Steel. One day I'll try this game and the sequels. This next one is from a VR puzzle game called GNOG that I just stumbled upon. Quite a relaxing soundtrack And this is from a rhythm platformer called 140. There's only 2 song, the stage song and the boss song, but there's loads of variations which makes the song different for each stages.
  6. So I'm currently working as a video game marketing analyst, and one of my tasks is to search for potential Australian youtubers for our client's game promotions. After searching 5000 + channels, I actually found this gaming channel that covers really obscure games. This channel is quite frankly, beyond words. While there are games that I actually played before like Witcher, Ghoul Panic and Crypt Killer, I have never, NEVER seen anything like what 90% of this channel have. Everytime I look at these games, I am amazed. Because WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE??? I.... I can't..... UUUURRGHHHHHHH!!!!! Now I want to actually play these things!! See this channel at your own risk. It will make you question "what drugs were these devs on???"
  7. 7) Kathy Rain Platform: PC This is a pretty cool point and click adventure game. Old school, but not as frustrating as most Lucasarts point and click games where you pretty much have to trial and error a lot of your path out to get to the next part. Here it's pretty simple to follow the next step of the game & solve puzzles to progress. The story's also pretty good, with Kathy herself being a good character that has a tragic backstory that you get to know in the game. She's also constantly sarcastic with funny lines here and there, my favorite being the part where she has to go in a hospital and have to ask a hobo to distract a grumpy nurse. That whole part is funny. By the end of the game I want to see what's next for this game. No sequel yet, but the dev's next game is going to be Whispers of a Machine. Can't wait for this! 8) Fractal: Make Blooms Not War Platform: PC A puzzle game where the objective is to create blooms, by making large hexagons by manipulating little hexagon pieces to form the large you know what just watch this gameplay The more the combo, the higher the score. And you pretty much have to make as many tiny hexagons explode in few moves. It's pretty satisfying when you have just 1 move left, and then you miraculously create the last explosion necessary to beat the level, which is accompanied by slow motions. 9) Fly in the House Platform: PC This is pretty much a "break as many stuff as possible" game, but with a "kill the fly" objective. As long as the fly is still alive, you can break as many shit as you want. It's quite a fun game. The story is complete nonsense. Your character basically reminisce about his past, and then a fly comes in, and then you try and kill the fly. Markiplier played this game before 10) 140 Platform: PC A funky platformer/ rhythm game hybrid where obstacles change depending on the rhythm of the background music. Even though the game only has 2 songs, one for the normal stage and the other for the bosses, they're played in different variations, making it different for each of the 4 stages you play. Hell, the soundtracks on youtube are actually made by a guy that edits the different variations of the stages. What's cool is the boss battles at the end of the levels, all completely different. The first and fourth boss are like a shooter where you have to aim a triangle to a circle and have it fire during a particular rhythm in the song. The second boss is an "avoid the incoming obstacle" game, and the third boss is a ddr esque thing where you have to position your DDR movement arrow at the right place to shoot at an incoming projectile. The third boss is supposed to be the last boss, the fourth one is just a free add on to the game. There's also a harder version of the 4 levels which are the same stages but in reverse, and no checkpoints, so one death and you're back to the start. Fuck that shit! 11) Mountain Platform: PC Ummmmm......... is this even a game??? All you do is make a song that corresponds to a cheat code to make stuff happen, and that's it. It is a relaxing game I mean thing, but.... why???
  8. Phew, that's good then. I saw the trailers has a lot of deaths, so I want to make sure if the game has instant death traps left and right like this: Thank the Lord it's not like that.
  9. Ah, that’s why. Play it till the end, it’s a fucking amazing game. But be warned, it will make you cry as well. Both Majima & Kiryu’s story that is.
  10. The MISSING is one of the games that I definitely am interested in. Such a shame that Swery will never make a season 2 to D4, but this is the next best thing. One question before I get this game eventually: is it a hard game?
  11. Good game choices! Weird that you put Yakuza Kiwami 2 as honorable mention while 6 is in 6, seeing how Kiwami 2 is a far superior game than 6 in every way. Then again, it's what I think and you can make your own list. Both are great games so good on you for putting it in. Now I know what 3DS games I should keep an eye on to add to my collection. My GOTY list is filled with PS4 + PC games with 1 iPhone game, so for 2019, I want a 3DS/ Switch game to be in it. Phoenix Wright sequel, plesss come sooneth! Also, welcome back man.
  12. I can't believe Bethesda actually make this game worse over time. I thought this game will be like Elder Scrolls Online, or the other MMO games with a barebone content at first and then gets more stuff & get even better. I still believe they can turn things around in the future, but COME ON! You're not even trying with this Bethesda! On the plus side, I'm now looking forward to RAGE 2 and Doom Eternal because those 2 are not going to suck......... fingers crossed anyway. As long as it's not online with game breaking bugs, I welcome it!
  13. My favorite part in the whole Hitman series is this: But of 2 specifically, it's when I have to disguise 47 as a real estate agent, and he gives no fuck about it. 6) DMC Devil May Cry Platform: PC To prepare myself for DMC 5, I might as well finish this game that I haven't finished for so long. I played this game on PS3 before, and now I'm playing the PC version which is FAR better. I don't have a problem with this remake. It's its own thing, Dante's more punk rockish but at least he has a good character development moment with Kat that I like. The combat is slick and smooth, especially because now you have an angelic weapon and a devil weapon to use which makes for cool combo potentials. What a bummer that there's definitely not going to be a sequel for this game, even though it sets it up at the end. But fortunately we got DMC 5 instead, so all good!
  14. 4) The Return of Obra Dinn Platform: PC I heard so many good things about this game, so I might as well try it myself to see what the fuss is about. And I find out why after. This game is made by the same guy who made the surprisingly good game Papers, Please, which was made into a short movie The Return of Obra Dinn is a completely different beast. While Papers Please is about being an immigration officer, this game is about you being an insurance investigator who is tasked with finding out what happened to a ship that went out on a voyage years ago that returned with no crewman at all. You pretty much have to find out what happened to the 60 people that was on board this ship by going through the entire ship and use a time travel pocket watch to go back to the past and relive specific moments. Which requires you to track dead bodies first to see their last few moments before their deaths. I love this game's "follow the breadcrumb" storytelling. It makes you discover secrets bit by bit until everything is revealed to you. The first few deaths you investigate are quite simple, but when you get to the 5th death, that's when shit hits the fan and the game opens itself up. To complete this game, you basically have to go through every dead bodies you can find, somehow find out who those dead people are from observations, and find out their cause of death, or in the case of people that are still alive, find out where they go after. You have to use this picture When you enter a dead person's last moment, you can zoom in on the characters in that moment and you can determine who they are in the sketch. Each time you correctly figure out the identities of 3 people, the game will let you know through a catchy jingle. See this vid for the instruction on how to play this game Some identities are definitely harder to spot than the others, espeically the ones that are marked with 3 arrows above their picture which I mostly just brute force until I got it right. But you'll get used to the process of elimination, and you'll figure out 60 people in no time. You don't actually have to complete the entire deduction to beat the game. You can just leave halfway after you find every dead body. Leaving without deducing everyone's identities and fates will led to the bad ending though, which basically boils down to "you suck so hard at investigating, that the person who gave you this assignment died with regret. The End." XD But if you do deduce everyone's fate, you're greeted with the final part of the game which answers the remaining question about a couple of people that you can't find before. And then the game ends happily. Nice! If you love investigation games like Phoenix Wright, Dangan Ronpa, one of the 999 games or the most recent The Painscreek Killings, this is for you. You'll be satisfied each time you solve 3 identites in this game, and the music will never leave you. EVER! 5) Super Seducer Why.................... Fun fact: I heard so many people bashing this game, while some says that this is the worst game of 2018. But it can't be THAT bad! The Quiet Man, Atlas and Fallout 76 are more fitting ones. This is just a game where some guy tells you how to hit on girls. How can it be awful?? And you know what, this game is actually.............. pretty insightful. It's obvious that the guy who made this game is doing it for fun because he puts in these dumb as hell choices, and then if you actually pick those choices you can see him making a fool of himself. The right choices are actually pretty basic "be nice and don't say anything stupid" ones, but there's also interesting insightful ones that plays on psychology, which is pretty cool. Except the Strawberry farm experiment....... that one's just dumb. Basically you ask a girl what she would do in a strawberry farm and ask how much strawberry does she want to eat. Then at the end it's all just a sex gauge and more strawberry eaten means more xxx........... WHAT??? I would get KILLED if I actually ask THAT! There's also other..... questionable answers that I think actually are bad... but then he gave a pretty good reason for them so who am I to judge? You know what's fascinating about this game though? The guy who made this game is actually a legit pro love guru! Hell, he's been doing this since 2009 So he's pretty much Hitch This is apparently his next project venture aside from giving love advice in real life, which is pretty interesting. There's actually sequel already in September, and from what I heard, his wife is in that game as well & this time there's a women's perspective included, and also more silly dialogue choices. Good on you man, good on you for making this game, AND having your wife working on it with you. Must be really fun doing this stuff together.
  15. 2) Rad Rodgers: World One Platform: PC This is 3D realm's next new game besides Bombshell. This time they go back to the days of 2D platformers with a kid hero shooting stuff. Only in this game, the kid's name is Rad Rodgers and he's accompanied by this.... robot videogame console thing named Dusty. The both got stuck in an SNES cardtridge and have to complete the levels to get back to the real world. And together the two embark on a platformer game, with lots of CRINGE worthy lines. Gotta say, this is a pretty decent platformer game. You have a gun with plenty of powerups for it, lots of secrets to uncover in all the levels, and a pretty good soundtrack to accompany it. Unfortunately the game also comes with a lot of bad jokes, sometimes off platforming and a bunch of enemies that requires WAAYY too many bullets to kill, so you'll just stay in one spot and press the fire button like crazy. You can hold the fire button down if you want, but tapping it is better because the gun will fire much faster. My hand got sore just doing this over and over. Ah yes, and you can beat this game in just 2 hours. Because this whole game as the title said is just World One, and World Two is shown in the ending........ WHAT?! The weird thing is there's a second version of this game which is titled just Rad Rodgers, but it's just the same game with a few new stuff, with even more technical issues like performance drops + braindead enemy ai, AND THE SAME ENDING. SO WHAT'S THE POINT OF THIS SECOND VERSION??? IT MAKES NO SENSE!! D: Good news is 3Drealms released a damn good Duke Nukem throwback early access game called Ion Maiden, the prequel to Bombshell which I played and I'm loving it. Can't wait for that game to go full version so everyone can enjoy it! Rather than Rad Rodgers world two....... 3) Superflight Platform: PC Ahhh this game. Saw Markiplier played this a while back. It's a freefall skydiving obstacle dodging game. The narrower you fly through, the better your score. It's a fun relaxing game. The only thing that will make this game even better is if you add a shoulder gun and then this game will turn into the best Iron Man esque game, next to Just Cause 3.