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  1. Hm, so apparently this dlc is about Toyotomi Hideyori, and his mom, who is Toyotomi Hideyoshi's adopted daughter, who later becomes his concubine and second wife....... DA FUCK??? You know, I gotta be honest with Nioh...... I love this game. Hell, I played the game for a week straight when it was released from beginning to the end because I love it so much. These DLCs for the game are also good, in the boss battles and gameplay department that is. But character and plotwise? It's disappointingly hollow. And considering that this game is about one of the most famous Japanese historical event that has a lot of recognizable and even obscure historical characters, I find it weird that they're all just completely shallow, but awesome boss fights, with very few times of character development moments, and I don't give a rat's ass about many of them. The most you get is after you fight them many times during their optional boss fights or main game fights, you get lores that explains who they are. Which is such a real shame. Compare it to when they're potrayed in Samurai Warriors & Sengoku Basara, which gives them a lot more complex character traits & even character motivation + exposition which makes you either root for them or understand who they are. Just to give the most glaring example: Okatsu. She's a great character, if she's actually further explored in the game. Her interaction with William is pretty cute, but there's only very few times where they interact with one another. Like when they first met, the side missions, after her boss fight, and the end of the game where she helps William a bit in the final mission, and afterwards when she's all tsundere thinking about him. I want more from her damn it! Also, such a complete waste of interaction between her and her father Ieyasu. The extent of their relationship is Ieyasu just telling Okatsu when she's taken hostage "I don't care about you" and then Okatsu saying "Oh, so I'm not worth a thing to you eh??" And then she fell with William to the water bellow. And this moment isn't expanded upon at all afterwards, even in the dlc........ WAT?? Like, I get that Okatsu didn't tell Ieyasu that she's actually his daughter, but where's the next part of this story?? Where's the part where Okatsu tells Ieyasu straight to his face that she's his daughter, William telling Ieyasu that he's a piece of crap of a father and the ensuing "I've been a shitty father...... I must atone for it!" moment?? This isn't the first time Team Ninja can't do story right though, which I find really weird. I mean look at their past games: The Dead or Alive series Ninja Gaiden series And of course, Metroid Other M The only one that has a decent plot is the Ninja Gaiden series, because they're really simple to follow. DOA? You can't even keep up with how many times the plot just jump all over the place. Other M? Forget about it. Why is it that Team Ninja sucks at making a story good? They're really good at making a game either fucking hard as hell, or making a game really damn good to play. I do hope that in the future they can finally make a game that has a great story.
  2. I'm going to plop these 2 in 1 since they're pretty much Ryu Ga Gotoku games. Here's the gameplay footage for the remake of Yakuza 2 And since I played Yakuza 6 already, it's really strange to see a remake that actually has a better combat mechanic than the latest game in the series. In Yakuza 6, for some reason, the weapon system is heavily dumbed down. You can't buy a weapon and keep them in your inventory like usual, instead every weapon you pick only have 3 uses in them before they broke down. In this game? Back to the previous weapon system of being able to select the slot for your weapons. And in Yakuza 6, the game's heat gauge is very overpowered. It uses a light orb system, and if you fill the orbs, that's your heat system, which can lead to insane moments of you beating the unholy hell out of a boss when you have 6 orbs filled and you just heat the boss' life to extinction. Whereas in this, it's back to the meter from the previous game. And you can play as Majima again! That's always a plus. Here's the gameplay for Hokuto Ga Gotoku I like this better than Ken's Rage already! Though I'm not sure about how Heat is used here. There doesn't seem to be a gauge for a heat mode, just that star gauge for his super mode. Looks like Kenshiro can just bust out one of his Hokuto no Ken skills when the circle button shows up, and one move= instant death. Maybe this is for the demo? Though it makes sense since, well, he's fucking Kenshiro. I'm excited for these 2 games. I have a singapore PSN so I can buy and play them when these games are released. Can't wait!
  3. Welcome to my world at work. Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Here's the games that I played, which I will categorize. I personally love them and they're good, even some of them surprisingly good, plus they're not soulless time wasters like most games on the iPhone so you don't have to worry about them sucking Free: Counter of Death Jetpack Joyride PPKP Strike Force Heroes: Extraction One Finger Death Punch Evil Factory Sky Force Reloaded Looty Dungeon Paid: The entire Sorcery! series from 1 - 4 Severed Joe Dever's Lone Wolf The Phoenix Wright games, unless you have them on Nintendo 3DS or DS already Thomas Was Alone A Dark Room Downwell Beat Da Beat Hopefully these games will help thee out filling those many hours of nothingness.
  4. Meh. What's there to say about Destiny 2 that hasn't been said already? It's pretty much an expansion pack than a sequel. It'll take the GOTY edition with every updates and new game features provided to make the game worthwhile. We might not need Destiny 3 to actually fight the Darkness or see who is inside the Traveler if that thing is actually a giant alien ship! But knowing Bungie and their Halos...... we'll have to finish the fight in the third game. Well, fingers crossed and let's hope for the best. But no amount of updates and expansion packs for Destiny can beat Warframe. It's truly a game that keeps on growing and giving, and the sky is pretty much the limit.
  5. A lot of the game's update is the greatest in the game's history when they came out. I remember when the Archwing update was released and I was like "OH SHIET, YOU CAN FLY IN SPACE AND DO DOGFIGHTS??" And when the Second Dream update was released and I was like "HOLY SHIET!!! WHAT A FREAKING TWIST!!!" The only way for the next update to top this is to have a seamless planet to space travel like No Man's Sky, and maybe have an epic space dogfight, or even a space battle with giant battleships, all seamless with no loading required. OH MAN I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE!
  6. Well, we'll have to wait and find out! When I look at the game, it's pretty much a third person shooter Diablo loot game, well, with Mass Effect combat that is. It might work well so fingers crossed it'll be good. Buuuuuuuuut, with all this talk about Destiny and Anthem, aren't we forgetting a little game that's done what those 2 games did, but with no paid dlcs and expansion packs, it has improved ginormouosly since its launch with EXTREME regular content uploads which has an excellent lore & twists in the story, something that Destiny can't even do right, and it's free to play with optional microtransaction? There ya go. Not to mention, the newest update is coming soon, and it'll be glorious. I'm gonna wreck shit up in this world with my Archwing + Ash and Volt combo beyatch!!
  7. I never had Fruity Pebbles before....... maybe I should get one. Well, history has repeat itself. Luckily for me, I can wait for the PC version AND for the GOTY with all dlcs included for this game. Or wait for the game to turn Trial free mode. I just played Destiny for free last week, so I can wait a year or two.
  8. This is the next trailer that's recently released. And may I remind you audience....... this is a true story. That's not Wiseau purposefully doing the scenes in the film as a joke, that's him trying to make the movie seriously....... what planet is this guy from exactly?
  9. The bills man, THE BILLS! They recommended me, my mom, my 2 sisters and their boyfriends full 3 course meal: entree, main and desert. I only pick entree and main because we don't want the overpriced $50 cakes. Then we look at the bills for all of us.............. So a meal for 6 with only entree and main course = $600. You can buy 2 PS4s with that. And the portions are so small, that we took free complementary butter bread sticks twice. And afterwards we are still not full, so we got ourselves McDonalds. FUCK YOU OVERPRICED MEAL!!
  10. Kitchen Nightmares was a show I usually watched. Part of the fun is seeing the atrocious incompetence the restaurants Gordon visited, and how he lays the smackdown on the pricks that make the restaurant suck in the first place. The F Word is also pretty sweet, which if the episode actually have chefs that can cook, is a nice change of pace seeing Ramsay be nice and not yell at people. That and of course, Hell's Kitchen. I even went to the restaurant he opened in Melbourne once. I AIN'T DOING THAT AGAIN!
  11. Ok. Coincidentally, someone else took the game already.
  12. The Final Station's pretty cool. Clustertruck's also surprisingly good. And Unbox is what happens if Yooka-Laylee's boring parts are trimmed and is more fun. This is surprisingly one of the best game collections I have ever played that's indie related. Usually when I got a bundle there's only 1 or 2 that's good, but I didn't expect a lot of them to be this damn good. As for Goat Simulator, if you want I can give it to you.
  13. So usually when talking about worst games people have played, we mostly got things like worst third person shooter = Ride to Hell worst first person shooter = so many of them worst rts game = Stalin vs Martians But worst Metroidvania game? That's not a thing that's mentioned often. I mean I'm sure it exists, but most of the Metroidvania games I played are awesome at best, and ok at worst, so I'm curious whether or not there is one that is actually so horrible, that it's comparable to the worst of the worst. So then, what is the worst Metroidvania game you have ever played? Like I said, at worst the Metroidvania games I played are ok, and there's 1 game that sticks to my mind that passes as the lowest of "ok" A toned down Batman Arkham game as a metroidvania game. Combat is alright, graphics is actually alright, and the story is alright. I like how the game has a bunch of collectible armor that gives different stat boosts. By the end I actually got the ultimate armor that makes Batman completely unkillable, which I love. But I don't like how there's no fast travel in the game, which makes navigating to 1 spot in the map a complete chore that takes 15 minutes.
  14. 100) Destiny Platform: PS4 Funny story with this game: I originally saw that this game had a trial version a month ago, so I decided "meh, Destiny 2's coming, so I'll try this out". But then I saw the game is 50GB so I said "F it". Then yesterday I gave in and installed this game, and just now finished the game. Fun fact: the trial version actually means "play the full game that's been patched to make it better compared to the Godawful launch, but you still have to buy the expansion packs". So...... WOHOO! FREE GAME!! And it's a good thing I finally played this game now when it had been patched and improved upon. Well, the story mode is still pretty much the same lacking story mode that Joe complains about..... But thankfully Nolan North is the voice of the Ghost now which adds a lot of comedic relief to the game, the inventory and looting mechanic has been improved significantly which gives me a lot of great stuff to use, compared to Delrith and Joe during launch Man this review still makes me laugh. And I actually researched what the hell the game's backstory was about so I'm not completely in the dark. Turns out the gist of Destiny is actually pretty simple: That Traveler thing is pretty much a sentient Citadel that wants to help civilizations grow. But too bad the Darkness always comes in and destroy the civilization it creates, so the Traveler has to run away over and over and over again, until it says "fuck it", stay in earth and build an army to combat the Darkness. Oh yeah and a lot of the expansion pack stories are pretty good too which adds much2 needed characters and plot to the game's lore. While the base game is still lacking in plot, the game's core gameplay and mechanic are rock solid, which is pretty much what you get when you put Halo's gameplay into Diablo. This is actually one of the VERY few Diablo esque "level up and keep on changing your weapons and armor since the previous ones are always obsolete" games that doesn't bore me to tears, and I definitely like this game so much more than Borderlands, but that's just me! I know a lot of people like Borderlands more than this and that's great. I dunno, maybe it's because I like that every weapon I get in this game have a lot of kick which makes them devastating to use and that I can use a weapon that although is 6 levels bellow the later weapons, it's still has better power and abilities than those later weapons. Ah, and I can't forget that the music that accompanies the combat are fantastic which pumps my blood. Especially the final boss' song which is fucking awesome as hell And by the end, I'm level 18 and I can't wait to carry over my character to Destiny 2 and play it on PC! Which is coming next month...... darn it! 101) Clustertruck Platform: PC A surprisingly epic parkour game where you can only walk on trucks. You can't touch the ground or walls, but you can Spiderman your way around trucks. You are able to buy abilities with enough accumulated points to make further playing easier, but the game is still hard and requires great reflex to beat every single level. There's different worlds that gives different challenges, and they're all intense as hell. The final stage even takes place in hell, with raining trucks! It also has a metal devil as the final boss and to beat him, you have to parkour around his body and then hit a green button on his head. Funny enough, I actually beat him in my 2nd try and got the achievements for it, but I got a mission failed because I hit a surface as I jump on the boss' weakpoint. I ain't giving up until I truly beat him damn it! So I spent the next 20 tries beating him again, and there ya go.
  15. So, Travis returns. And he's trapped inside the next gen version of Let It Die's game console with the father of Bad Girl from the first game, and both of them must get out by beating 6 games inside the console, and with Stranger Things font as the title. This has Suda51 written all over it. AND I LOVE IT! You lucky Switch owners! I want to play this game too!