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  1. I checked your youtube channel. 4K subscribers in 6 months is a great milestone, congrats! And it's good that there's a modern channel talking about the Bible while also being relatable to the current times. We need more positive stuff like this in youtube, not nonsense dramas! I think it's a cool idea to have Joe cover this game with you, but unfortunately, he most likely won't see this post. He's not here a lot. He's busy with his own stuff & most people in the community go to discord to discuss stuff. And I'm not really sure that Joe wants to cover a religious game with seriousness cause he likes to play games for fun. Maybe you can cover it on your own channel? That'll be pretty neat. That is if the game ended up being a harmless game where you play as Jesus throughout his historical recording & not a bait and switch game which turns the game into some monstrously distasteful game. I saw a game called the Priest Simulator recently, and that game just...... it sucks ass because it's just WRONG.
  2. The lesson in all this story is pretty much this: before releasing the video, make sure to check if you're doing things right, or else you're just gonna look like a joke.
  3. Love that Corporate Commander talks to EA like he's talking to a girlfriend that left him after a shitty date. XD To quote myself in my comment on my own review with a member, The review's out & he gives it an 8. Time to buy this game if you haven't!
  4. We got 2 upcoming superspy movies who attracts the opposite sex, and both come out 1 month apart from each other. This is going to be.... interesting. Well, this film is WAAYYY too late now, but it still looks fun. I wonder what characters here besides Taskmaster will show up in future MCU films. Wow. 3 girls. Actually 4 counting Moneypenny. The question is, will Bond stay to his girl Swann, or will things change & he moves on to one of the other girls? I would love him to just stay with 1 girl for once. Makes it much more interesting to see rather than the usual routine of new girl every new movie. Seeing how this is Daniel Craig's last movie as Bond, anything is possible.
  5. Hell no. There hasn't been a violent games ban since 2013 after they decided to put a new R18+ rating for games since GTA5. Well, Hatred is banned, but that's a good thing because that game ended up sucking hard anyway. The game has been improved over the years compared to the initial release, so that's not surprising to hear. Now total conversion mod that makes the game a lot better? That sounds great! Modders make everything awesome. I believe it's this mod you're talking about. https://www.moddb.com/mods/templargfxs-acm-overhaul
  6. 134) Last of Us Remastered Platform: PS4 Gotta love PSN's sudden discount. Really good deals from it, like getting Last of Us Remastered for just $13 SGD. Still really freaking good after all these years, and it's actually so much better to play the remastered version since it's in 60 fps. THIS is how you do a remaster right, which now that I think about it, is pretty much like the Yakuza games with their recent remasters of 3 - 5, and probably Ishin, 0 & Kiwami too since those 3 are available for PS3 & PS4. Now I'm just even more excited for Part 2. 2020, I'm ready for you! 135) Kyle is Famous Platform: PC Love this game. It's a choose your adventure game where you're a famous interviewer named Kyle & you have to prepare for an upcoming interview with a guest. What you do before then is up to you. Do you want to prepare for the interview like you're supposed to & get the interview without a problem? Do you want to entirely forget to prepare the interview & do stupid things? Do you want to just enjoy your time in your apartment & not wear any clothes when you're doing your interview? Up to you! Best of all, it's a free game.
  7. Vampyr's pretty awesome. I went through the whole game without sucking any NPCs blood, though I had to kill some of them because of a decision I made that changed an entire district for the worst........... but I still get the best ending anyway! Can't wait for Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines 2, even if the youtube gameplay of this game looks really rough. 132) Red Dead Redemption 2 Platform: PC Since I already played the crap out of the PS4 version & traded that game, I go to the PC version because Black Friday sale for this game is pretty sweet. I pretty much skipped the entire chapter 1 - 6 & go straight to the epilogue thanks to a modder's save file, and best part is he didn't do any sidequests, so I can actually start the REAL game without having to worry about a camp that's going to fall apart in the end. I also can finally play the online mode without needing to buy PS+, and it's.......... such a grind heavy multiplayer. The story missions are fun, but they're too few of them that by the time I get to the last story mission, I thought there's even more story to play, but turns out to get 100% story mission progression, there's a high honor mission set & low honor mission set you have to play. Seeing how I don't want to be an evil player & turning the allignment cost 3 GOLD BARS, I'll pass this one. Hopefully a future update gives more story missions which I am excited to do. I spent days online just to get the 15 gold bar necessary to unlock one of the 3 special jobs, and I choose the bounty hunter profession because that's always fun to do. Why the hell are all the weapons in this game SO DAMN EXPENSIVE?? Also I can't fish unless I reach rank 14, and I can't dual wield pistols unless I reach rank 25, so I had to hunt animals, do free roaming events & do the same stranger quests over and over again until I reach that point. What kind of bullshit is that??? Still, it's the same fun Red Dead 2 so I still have a lot of fun. I like fishing the best because fishes give you the most money after you catch them, especially the big ones. 133) Ice Lakes Platform: PC Speaking of fishing, here's a more traditional fishing game, but in the north pole, or somewhere with a snowy lake that you have to drill. So all you do is prepare your fishing equipments, and then choose a map + mode of play. And then you go to where you want to fish, drill a hole on that frozen lake & fish. Then you just move your fishing rod back and forth until a fish bites, then catch that fish. Simple & it works. Man, fishing in these 2 games reminds me of this one PS1 fishing game I played. I caught that fish a long time ago in the game & I couldn't believe how gigantic it was. That thing could be fried & feed to 10 people!
  8. Yep, I was shocked that 428's songs are THAT damn good. The songs still sticks to my mind even now! Well, time usually does that to previously too expensive gaming consoles. They all get cheaper & everyone will be able to play them eventually. XD These next songs are from a previously only for iPhone rhythm game called Muse Dash, now available for PC & Switch. The songs are so damn catchy Also this next song is from a criminally unknown game called MO: Astray on PC. This game is an awesome platformer with many cool moments & I would love more people to play it.
  9. Actually you don't need a thermal paste applicator to apply a thermal paste. All you gotta do is put just enough in the center of a CPU because it will spread itself evenly to the rest of the CPU after you press a cooler on top of it. Worst part is he didn't even use that applicator ice cream plastic spoon thingy, he just mentioned that thing out of his ass. What that guy did with his thermal paste in the video is...... fucking terrible. That will make the CPU overheat very quickly & that liquid will spread everywhere. That PC will be dead after just a short while, compounded by everything else wrong he did. Also that video I showed was just a funny compilation of some of the youtubers who reacted. If you see their individual videos, they actually go into more detail on what's wrong, like this guy for example. They are mostly PC building youtube channels, so they know what they're talking about. There's a ton more reactions out there, even newbie PC owners think that video is just a troll job. Everyone who knows the basic of PC building agrees that this guy is a dumbass. Worst part is the Verge, aka the one who posted the original video without the reaction, not only removed the video out of shame, but they also issued copyright strikes to the youtubers https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/02/the-verge-briefly-censored-youtubers-who-mocked-its-bad-pc-building-advice/ Yeah, these guys are that petty.
  10. Get this game ASAP. Joe will probably review it, and if he does I am sure he will give this game around 8 - 9. Well, Jedi Academy lets you make custom characters. This game isn't like that though since it's about Cal, and I like his story a lot. Maybe in the future when KOTOR 3 comes, or something close to that.
  11. Unfortunately Bioware died when they made Anthem, especially after a couple of the key people left. I am NOT looking forward to anything they will make onwards, but if EA actually sees the error of their ways after how awesome Fallen Order is & let Bioware be who they were when they are good, then hope is still alive for this dev. Let's just hope for the best, but for now let's be cautious.
  12. Fun fact: there was a game while back by Capcom called Dark Void. That game is essentially Anthem, but surprisingly much2 better. Also if you don't mind, can I.......... maybe have Colonial Marines? I have never played the game, but I want to see how bad it is. XD Here's my personal suggestion though. If you want a much sweeter revenge, I suggest giving him this game: This was made by the same people who made the Rambo rail shooter, and believe it or not, Rambo is actually a much better game than this borefest. Also the latest Terminator game they did is.... actually ok!
  13. 129) Jedi Fallen Order Platform: PC Beating this game just make me want to see how the sequel will be. So much potential for more greatness, and for Star Wars games right now, this is what this series needed! Especially after I'm hearing things that the upcoming Star Wars movie had people from its screening walk away from the film because it was bad........ Let's just hope the actual film will be good & the one the test screening saw was just a misdirection. 130) Shenmue 3 Platform: PC 18 years people waited for the next game of this series, and we got........ a complete waste of time filler episode of a tv series....... URRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Now I understand that this game is intentionally made as a direct continuation of 2 & it plays like it's a Dreamcast game, because this game is pretty much like the old Shenmue in its exploration, npcs interaction & intentional bland voice acting. But what I don't understand is WHY, OH WHY does this game have to make things so painfully annoying to play???? First off, Ryo is still a dumbass when talking to people. His way of talking to people still consist of awkward sentences that no normal human should ever utter. Here's an example of 1 out of 1000+ npc interaction: Ryo: Hi there sir/madam Citizen: Oh hi there sonny, have a seat & order your food/ play lucky hit, it's the best game in town! Ryo: I'm looking for someone. (show photo of someone). Have you seen this person? Citizen: Who on earth is this person? Ryo: Anything you can tell me about this person? Citizen: I haven't the slightest clue who this person is Ryo: I see. Ok, the person already have no idea who the guy in the picture is, SO WHY DO YOU ASK THEM AGAIN??? Not only are you going to see this dialogue for 80% of the game, but the worst part is that you can't fast forward the dialogue. You have to sit through it every single time & the ones that you can skip are only if you have spoken to the npcs the first time. Which makes the game longer than it has any right to be. Next up is the combat. Oh boy oh boy, what have they done with it. Gone is the fun Virtua Fighter combat & in are this.... awkward as hell grindfest button pressing. Here's how the moves work: you have these scrolls that you collect with you throughout the game which have individual moves. You have 5 moves that you can input into your move slot so you can use it during battle, or so you can use it in sparring & press that move over and over and over again like in this video until you fully level up the move & replace it with other scrolls. Why do you need to do this? Because that's how you can level your attack power up, and you HAVE to do this to progress through the game or else you're screwed. Now imagine doing this thing 100+ times. It will get on your nerve at somepoint. As long as you have the scrolls, you can do the moves by putting the right button input, but it's such a damn shame that it's no longer like the old Virtual Fighter combat with the movelist that you do by doing different directions & even mixing them to do throws. Instead here you pretty much have to do press stuff like "press X SQUARE SQUARE" to make the moves come out. And another thing, THERE ARE NO THROWS! But Ryo had been learning those moves in 1 & 2! WHERE ARE THEY??? Other than sparring, you also have to do 3 training to level your HP. One is by doing one inch punch, then this thing And then a rooster strafe training once you get far into the game & unlock it. If you think doing these things 100+ times to level yourself up so you can progress through this game's combat sounds fun, which it can be when you maxed everything out, then congratulations! You at least have fun! Until you go numb & just do it on instinct. The actual battle in the game is actually really easy if you manage to continuously grind yourself. The enemies you face will whoop your ass if you're under-leveled, but they will all become a cakewalk once you level up. It's really too bad that combat in the game is really freaking awkward to play due to how stiff it is. When you get your moves from the scrolls, some of the moves you do have a STUPIDLY long cooldown that makes you freeze for 2 seconds, and the enemies WILL whoop your ass during this time if you're not careful, and especially when you are underleveled. So the best strategy in the game to get through combat is to simply just do those training until you overpowered everyone in the game, WHICH ISN'T FUN AT ALL! How about the side activities you may ask? They're mostly unfortunately not that much fun. Gone are the Sega arcade games because well, this game isn't published by Sega anymore, although oddly enough there's Sega placements all over the place. They are instead replaced with minigames that are pretty basic, like whack a mole, a driving game & a parody of Virtua Fighter They're not as much fun as After Burner & Space Harrier....... Those lucky hit games are all over the place though, and they are STILL annoying as hell to play because the damn ball just does whatever it wants, but they're the best way to win you easy money in the game so you have to do it if you don't want to spend 5 hours doing wood chopping part time jobs or fishing. Here's my trick to doing this game. Just save your game before you start, and pick the one board with the highest multiplier like this one. After you win big, save it again, and then load if you lose too much. And then do it over and over again until you get as much credit as you want. Then you go to the prize exchange store & exchange them with gems, and there you go. Easy money. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE FUN? BECAUSE IT'S MAKING ME CRAZY! THOSE BALLS HAVE MINDS OF THEIR OWN! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! To top it ALL off, the game's plot. OH MY GOD, IT IS SOOOOO BAAAAAADDDD. I have never seen a game that just answers so little, and then leaving you with more questions. The first 10+ hours or so, you mostly spend it looking for Shenhua's father & figuring out why stonemasons in this little village got attacked. Then you find these 3 punks that attacked the stonemasons, and you have to fight them 3 times. All because even though you actually beat 3 of these guys twice, the game makes you lose anyway. Because apparently, Ryo doesn't know how to beat the biggest guy in the group after he does a WWE style clothesline on him. This move basically So after 2 times of getting his ass kicked with this move, he FINALLY learned the move that will beat it after paying for a 2000 yuan alcohol & catching chickens for 3 in game days from a town drunk, which thankfully I can get much of those money after playing lucky hit over and over. It's this move .................... are you freaking kidding me? So ALL those cool martial arts moves you learn from Shenmue 1 & 2 are completely forgotten??? What about this??? Or this??? The stupidest thing is this elbow move is actually one of your moves in the game, SO WHY DOESN'T RYO USE IT AGAINST THE THUG?? IT MAKES NO SENSE!!! ARRRGHHHHHH!! Then after you FINALLY beat that big guy thug, you move on to the next city. Now there are pretty cool stuff here that you do like calling old friends through a phone in the hotel you stay in after you buy the international phone cards. Man I remember buying these things before Whatsup was a thing. Funny enough, these phone conversations are one of the only time Ryo actually speaks like a normal human in this entire game. This city is also where you do the usual long Shenmue QTE sequences you usually do which are fun, albeit annoying because the prompts come out too fast. Then for whatever reason, the same thing that happened with the 3 thugs before happened again in this city. You find a gang, beat them up, but the game still whoops your ass twice because you haven't learned ANOTHER BODY CHECK WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT??? Ren joins you in the second fight and he got his ass whooped, so what's the point of him helping you??? Then to top it all off, after 30+ hours of grinding & talking to npcs without being able to skip dialogues the first time, the game ends ON ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER!! TO BE CONTINUED IN SHENMUE 4!! This new villain comes out of nowhere to take the series over for some reason, AND WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHY THE HELL ARE THE MIRRORS SO IMPORTANT IN THE FIRST PLACE!! ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME??? AFTER ALL OF THAT BULLSHIT??? Alright, so after some closer inspection, the new villain had been foreshadowed since after Shenmue 2 in promotional materials. It's still out of left field by how completely out of nowhere this villain just shows up, and it not until the next game where we find out more. Bottom line, if you want to see how this series continues, wait until when the series is finally over. Skip this game COMPLETELY. It is by far the weakest of the 3 Shenmue games & it's all just completely unimportant filler episode, or one of those movies that long running animes always do to capitalize on their success. Wow, what a freaking letdown. But at least I have a couple of fun, unlike the initial No Man's Sky that sucks my soul dry after playing it. 131) Audiosurf 2 Platform: PC The first game was simple, fun and have infinite replayability. This second game tries to add more modes, but the rough graphics & awkward new mechanics somehow made this less fun to play. Better to play the first game all over again & play other different infinite possibility music game than buy this, unless you never played the first Audiosurf before.
  14. That is perhaps one of the best intro of the entire show. XD
  15. Yep, I saw the tweet about this game on Tuesday. Joe even gets in on the reaction. This is as close as we can get to 3 atm. And the good thing is we get to play as Alyx in singleplayer, even though I don't have a VR so I'm not going to play this game...... Is it just me, or does G Man look something out of Team Fortress 2's short film? Then again, they're using the improved Source 2 engine for this game so that's to be expected.