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  1. Really? I am your father? I know it's supposed to be like religious fanatical way of saying "I am God, and you shall worship me", but all that's in my mind is this Interesting. Yet another sequel to Farcry that has abso fucking lutely nothing to do with the previous game. We go from escaping a tropical island filled with killer mercenaries and mutant, to fighting African druglords, to Vaas, to Pagan Min, and now to fighting Outlast esque religious fanatical cultists. I'm looking forward to this game. As long as the story is as good as Farcry 3, and the gameplay be an overhawl of Farcry 3's combat system but equally as good, this game will be pretty sweet. But we'll have to wait and see how this game plays out.
  2. 57) Dishonored 2 Platform: PC Finally. After this game is now patched to all hell making the freezes and fps drops no longer an issue, I beat this game at last. As Emily. MUCH2 better than the first Dishonored in every way, well except the glitchy and crap performance on PC when it's released. No longer is non-lethal playthrough boring as shit, now there's more ways to knock enemies out cold. Which means air ko moves are now possible! Frontal combat is still annoying since you don't have the option for non lethal attacks except parry+chokehold, or parry+throw the enemy+kick them on the ground which makes fighting against a group of 3 enemies at once tricky, like how about a normal punch or a karate kick that knocks enemies out cold? But at least you have more options this time. My favorite part is definitely "a crack in the slab". Amazing level design this is. Never have I seen time travel changes things this seamlessly. Being able to just knock an important person out cold, only to return to the present and then seeing every single thing has changed in the matter of 2 seconds is a great feeling. 58) Manual Samuel Platform: PC Funny as hell game where you control a guy that's recently killed only to be resurrected, but having to do everyday life completely manually limb to limb. Everything from walking, eating food, peeing, driving, even talking by having to spell out every single word one by one makes me laugh by how stupid it all looks in action. It's like Octodad, but much simpler. And it's nice to have Hell depicted as not that bad of a place to live. Even the devils here are polite and give you cupcakes! 59) Fight Night Champions Platform: PS3 This is the latest Fight Night boxing game that EA made, in 2011. Which is odd because this boxing series is awesome and should spawn more sequels. Cool thing is this game has a Rocky esque story mode where you play as Andre Bishop, and you follow his journey from prison to eventually becoming the HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! It's surprisingly good and straightforward. I mean it's a boxing story, which means most of the time, always based on Rocky. I actually stopped playing this game back in 2012 because the final boss is fucking impossible. Then I just recently found out that what I was supposed to do is survive 7 rounds, THEN I can finally beat the boss. Once I found that out, it's still a tough boss to beat because of his infinite health and ridiculous damage this guy give out which means if you're unlucky, he can beat you down in just 3 punches. 60) Hand of Fate Platform: PC A great game that mixes Dungeons and Dragons, a bit of Arkham series combat, roguelike and card based game where encounters, your weapon and armor are determined by the card collections that you have. And your goal is to beat several stages with specific bosses to beat, until you eventually beat the final boss. And that means you have to beat every single bosses you have beaten while fighting the final boss. Hate it when games do that, like, why not have the final boss be an actual final boss where he fights you one on one with great skills that makes him great to fight? Oh well, maybe Hand of Fate 2 will make that a reality. 61) The Little Acre Platform: PC Love this game's artstyle. So fluid and rotoscope ey. And it's one of the more easy point and click adventure I have played. And that's a good thing because I rather play a point and click puzzle game with quick progression and simple to crack puzzles than the ones that takes 10 trial and errors and bullshit complicated solutions. It has a simple story and likeable characters, with 2 different worlds to visit which changes the appearance of the characters depending on where they are. So in one world the characters will look like this and in the other they will look like this. There's 2 characters you play as: the yellow haired guy Aidan, and his daughter Lily who may look a bit like a boy at first glance, but she's a girl. The story flows really fast and doesn't drag on. Like when you finish one puzzle and move on to the next area, you immediately change character, and it alternates between two of them until the end. I like this. Unfortunately the game is only 2 hours long, but I don't mind it. Everything in this game is so cute! Especially this adorable creature. Look at this! Aww, who's a cute giant bug? You are! Yes you are!
  3. https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/22/15677382/red-dead-redemption-2-delayed-spring-2018-rockstar-games ffffffffffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF You know what? This kind of thing happens so often in the past that I don't give a crap anymore. Witcher 3, Persona 5, FFXV, it happens. Looks like Red Dead 2 won't be a GOTY candidate for 2017 after all. But at least new Red Dead screenshots are out! I love this one look at dem revolvers. Solid, masterfully crafted revolvers. And those gold rings.
  4. https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/05/the-witcher-is-getting-a-netflix-series/ And interestingly, it will be made by the people who made the CGI trailer cutscenes for Witcher 3. These ones. No mention on whether this will be CGI heavy or live action though. I wish it's full CGI and be as epic as the trailer cutscenes, but we shall see what happens! Either way, I want the girls that plays Yennefer, Triss and Ciri to be perfect castings. And of course the entire Lodge of Sorceresses. Since this will be based on the novel and not the games, that means the story will take place before the games. So we can treat the series as the prequel to the games. I'm interested to see where this is heading. One question remain about this series though: will it have SEX???
  5. https://www.polygon.com/2017/5/15/15644362/phantom-dust-xbox-one-pc-launch-date-free I heard SO much about this game from this forum a couple of times before, and I even searched about this game on youtube to see what it's all about. There was even supposed to be a reboot to this game before it was cancelled. but I never get the chance to actually play it. Until now. Coming tomorrow, a game that's a hybrid of action rpg + card collecting where your abilities are determined by the cards you currently have. As demonstrated by this vid. Can't wait to play it! Finally a new game to play for my Windows 10 store collection!
  6. This is a randomly generated roguelike game at its core, aka "start from the beginning and go through till the final stage without getting killed. If you die, you go back to the beginning" But it's not as frustratingly unfair as you think compared to Rogue Legacy, or Enter the Gungeon. This game is more like a roguelike mixed with a side scroller hack and slash where there's separate stages to go through, and each time you beat a stage, you can rest at checkpoints and invest your currency for upgrades. Since it's still in early access, the story of the game is still incomplete, but you play as this blob, thing, that possesses a dead body. From then on, you just go from stages to stages and kill enemies. Prepare to die. Combat of this game is slick. It's a fast paced hack and slash combat and you can equip 2 main weapons for your left and right hand, and 2 side weapons like grenades or turrets. You can dodge roll to avoid enemy attacks, and also do a jumping ground and pound by first jumping and then pressing jump + down which will deal quite a lot of damage. This game is a bit influenced by the Souls series in that you're given a health flask to recover health, and it has that Bloodborne health thingie where if you get hit, you have a couple of seconds to attack the enemy to recover a bit of your health. But other than that, this game is more like a hardcore old school Castlevania game. And just like a Castlevania game, it has secret walls that you can break. If you see a wall that has a mangled P like this, Smash that thing. It will most likely contain either gold, or food which is really required to survive in this game. You are able to get permanent upgrades for items that you can loot by going to the shopkeeper and invest in upgrading different items as long as you have orbs, or in this game's case blue circle cells you collected from dead enemies. Once you upgrade the one you want, these items will be permanently upgraded for the rest of the game which will make your playthroughs much2 easier. So invest as much as you can. There's also another permanent upgrade that's outside of the shop, and these can be obtained by searching the dungeon and finding these giant glowing red stones. You'll have to defeat a tough as nails enemy, but after you beat it, you'll get a permanent ability that will give you access to previously unreachable places Which are full of gold and neat items. And of course more enemies. There is one door in this game that I can't reach yet, simply because I don't want to rush in exploring the game's area. But this door seems to be timed, and you have to get to it as soon as you can. It's quite tough to find considering that everytime you play, the door's location is randomly generated. The best part about this game though is if you quit in the middle of the game, you don't have to go back to the beginning of the game when you decide to resume the game. You jump right back to the last location you are in. Which thank the dev that this is a thing that is possible. No more worrying about rushing to the next checkpoint to cash in all my money before I quit the game! Right now the game is still in early access, but for an early access, this game is superb. I can't imagine how better it will be once it goes full release. Keep an eye out on this game, especially roguelike fans.
  7. Ah yes, that dumb audiolog bug. Happened with me 2 times. The way to fix it is to stop the recording from the audio archive menu, and then go back. It'll stop repeating itself afterwards. Luckily for me, I finished the game and haven't experienced a game breaking bug at all. Only that audio bug and 2 times where I transition from 0 gravity to normal gravity and it went apeshit, even one time I fell through the walls doing it. That happens in the cargo hold.
  8. Got 3 extra CD keys here for these games: Gods will be watching No Time to Explain Remastered Party Hard (taken) PM me if you want these.
  9. 54) Prey Platform: PC A great spiritual successor to System Shock. The ending of this game is ripped straight out of Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere, but it's still a pretty cool ending and a great game. Shame that it has no relation to System Shock plotwise. 55) Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Platform: PS3 I'm preparing myself for Tekken 7 next month, so what better way to do that than to play this. Fuck me, this is a bad time to play online. Since it's out for so long, all the other players are fucking psychic masters that can block every attack you throw and attack faster than you can block. I hope Tekken 7 will reset the skillbase so everyone will be more balanced. Offline though is still sweet. My favorite arcade ending is tied between Dragunov and Wang. The only thing that will make this ending better is if Deadpool shows up. 56) Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Platform: PS3 This is a re-release of the loathed original Ninja Gaiden 3. Good thing is this game is like Ninja Gaiden 2, but much better and the enemy ai are not supernaturally precise that can just instantly grab you and suicide bomb whenever they want. Bad news is like Ninja Gaiden 2, the bosses are all still a pain in the ass. Especially the final boss, more specifically the cheap as hell first phase of the final boss that's filled with infinite respawning enemies, projectiles everywhere and heavy damage attacks. It's the equivalent of trying to avoid rain in a thunderstorm with nothing but a book on your head. Fuck the final boss. I am not joking when I say that all of the bosses from Nioh and Dark Souls 1 - 3 are easier than that frustrating, hair rippingly unfair final boss. Took me 50 deaths, a reset and a final run with only 3/100 of my health left to beat it. Why can't Team Ninja just make a fair boss for Ninja Gaiden for once in their life???
  10. review

    I've been wondering. Mario Kart has been DOMINATING the arcade racing kart genre for the last..... 20+ years. Almost nothing else comes close to beating this game. Sonic tried with Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, but it just ain't the same. When the hell is Crash Team Racing coming back?? Curse you Naughty Dog! You and your..... delicious Last of Us and Uncharted 4. WE WANT CRASH TEAM RACING DAMN IT!!!
  11. I played this game since April 4, and I'm still playing this game right now in new game + with 100+ hours invested. That should tell you what I think about this game. Do I really need to actually explain how fantastic this game is? Especially to you that's played Persona 4 before? It's just like DOOM: REVIEW UNNECESSARY! GO GET THIS GAME NOW!!! Oh fine you.... you...... viewers. So as you can tell, Persona 5 is the 5th game in the Persona series. After the fantastic Persona 4 and the plethora of expansion games for that which includes a fighting game and even a rhythm game, it's finally time for a new Persona game to be unleashed upon the world. This time you play as a guy, official manga name Akira Kurusu, who got falsely accused of assault by a bald asshole, which forces him to transfer from his village school to the city of Tokyo as part of his probation. And then he get his PERSONA! while he's in this shadow realm which is like the Midnight Channel from Persona 4 but now it's more like a castle, and your usual Persona 3 & 4 gameplay and story progression ensues, which is basically like this: 1) Start the game by meeting Igor which will explain to you how the game and Persona fusion works 2) Starting the game with a few party member which will increase as the story progresses 3) Fight in the shadow realm, both main plot related and the side dungeons which gets deeper and deeper as time passes 4) Upgrade your social stats by doing miscellaneous things in the open world of this game to become God among men 5) Socialize with many characters to get great side stories and get great boost for your Persona fusions 6) Be the ultimate chick magnet and DATE ALL OF DEM GIRLS!!!!! If you have played Persona 3 & 4, you know what I'm talking about. Unlike Persona 3 which plot is basically "kill shadows to protect the world" and Persona 4 which is "beat the crap out of people's negative emotions and save them while catching a serial killer", Persona 5's story is "find a piece of shit and then beat the crap out of his shadows to make him/her regret their wrongs". Pretty much what every super heroes have to do to make all their villains change ways. Especially Batman and Superman. Tired of the Joker and Lex Luthor making your life a living hell with their increasingly dangerous schemes? Just go to the shadow world, beat the crap out of their shadows and make them turn 180 into regretful people that want to repent for their sins! The dungeon gameplay in this game is even better than ever before. Unlike Persona 3 & 4 where the dungeons are mostly just the same kind of "explore the map, stab shadow blobs from behind to get an ambush benefit", in this game it's more like a stealth game where there's a lot of platforming around dungeons while making sure not to get detected by enemy shadows, which instead of looking like this Are now security guards that has different forms depending on who the area boss is. So you'll see knights, security guards and even security robots, all which contain the usual bunch of enemies you normally fight in previous Shin Megami Tensei games like Jack Frost, Pyro Jack, Nekomata, Pixies and...........Mara. Shin Megami Tensei isn't complete without Mara. URGH. If you get detected, the alert bar will fill up, and if it's filled to 100%, it's game over. Fortunately sneaking in this game is quite simple and if you sneak attack enemies, the alert bar will get depleted, so unless you intentionally want to get detected all the time, avoiding a game over is pretty easy. The combat is still the usual combat like previous Shin Megami games. You know the drill by now: find out what element an enemy is weak against, then attack them with that elemental attack to knock them down. And avoid hitting enemies which repels your attack, or else you're screwed. You get a different attack type in this game: projectile attacks. Your projectile attacks are not like normal attacks which only targets 1 enemy. As long as you have ammo in your clip, you can just shoot whichever enemy you want in any order. And even sweeter if that enemy turns out to have a weakness against projectile attacks. But once you knock them down, not only can you ambush them like usual, but now you can actually talk to them. Like Shin Megami Tensei 3 and 4! And this is one of your primary ways to get personas, the other through the usual fusion in the velvet room. So it's not like previous games where to get a persona it's always through these cards at the end of the battle if you're lucky. Socializing with other npcs is also just as fun as previous games which will take up 50% of your time playing this game. But unlike previous games, once you reached high enough social link with an npc, you then have to help them out by completing their request, most of the time involving making people that harasses them regret being a dick. And man, these people deserves it. Either that or going to prison because these people.... are such fucking assholes. If Atlus' purpose of making this game is to compile every single unlikeable people in real life into this game so you can have stress relief by beating the shit out of them, then Atlus has succeeded in flying colors doing it. Speaking of socializing, you know what that means in this game: Ah yes, the usual "hm, which stats should I increase this time?" dilemma that we all have to go through while playing Persona 3 & 4 is back. And as expected, it ain't easy trying to get them the first time. Most likely you won't be able to max them all, and considering how insane the requirement for certain social links are in this game, you won't be able to get all of the social links maxed out in your first playthrough, which yes, sadly means you won't be able to get all the girls to date you. On the other hand though, if you actually try to date all of the girls in this game at once, they'll beat the crap out of you come Valentine's day. So...... I guess it's a good thing to have less death coming towards you. How's the game's music you ask? Thankfully it's not as annoying as Persona 3, and overall it's pretty good while still having the same catchy lyrics that you can't get out of your head. The only song that I personally don't like is the major boss battle theme. The first time you hear it is pretty cool. But the 3rd time? It gets bland. But thankfully it's just a minor complaint I have in this otherwise marvelous game, and I can easily just mute the song and play my own personal soundtrack that fits better. Like the classic Nocturne battle theme Or Nier's song Or this I give this game my rating of "so awesome you will play this game again and again and again, and conquer all of the girls to become the ultimate God of romance all over again!" Definitely one of the top GOTY contenders of the year, and of course this game earns the badass seal of approval. Persona fans, you know what to do. Play this game and go get those girls!! My personal fave is Makoto. And Tae. And Futaba. And Hifumi I CAN'T CHOOSE GODDAMN IT!!
  12. Haha, of course! I made the edit. Well we can say that Prey is definitely not a sequel to System Shock 2 because Prey takes place in 2035, while System Shock 1 takes place in 2072 and System Shock 2 is in 2114.
  13. Now for those that are worried about the PC port, fear not. I'm playing the game on PC, and it's a great port. 60 fps, no framedrop and no texture problem like Dishonored 2. This is like Phantom Pain good. Hallelujah! Interesting history about this Prey. Originally this game was supposed to be Prey 2, which looks like this A Star Wars Bounty Hunter esque game but instead of playing as Jango Fett, you're playing as, well, someone not Jango Fett. Prey 2 was supposed to be a sequel to Prey (2006), a straightforward fps game where you play as a native american fighting against alien invasion, with unique things like portals that transport you to interesting locations in sometimes different sizes, a cool gravity floor mechanic that allows your to walk on walls and ceilings, how if you die you have to kill ghosts in a spirit realm to go back to life, and weapons that look fucking gross Prey (2017) has nothing to do whatsoever with Prey (2006) and it is much more like an unofficial successor to System Shock 2, or the old school Deus Ex. This game takes place in an alternate future where John F Kennedy survived his assassination, and a space colony is a reality. You're either a male or female Morgan Yu, and the game starts with you waking up and going to work with your brother Alex Yu. On the way there you're greeted with a helicopter and this funky ass music. What happens afterwards? Well, if you played the PS4 demo before, you know what happens next. But for those that haven't, let's just say shit hits the fan real quick. Playing this game is like a trip back to System Shock 2 because there's a lot of similarities between the two. For starters, unlike Bioshock where you don't have to worry about inventory, inventory management here is the key to survival. You have to get every single healing item, bullets and weapons that you can get, or else you're screwed since enemies can easily kill you fast if you're not careful, and the game doesn't do regenerating health. Well it does if it's bellow 20 HP but you get the idea. The way missions are played in this game is also like System Shock 2, in that there's a lot of backtracking involved and you'll always get new missions along the way. Everytime you walk into a new area and search emails, audiologs or just walking around, there will always be new objectives both main and side missions that will keep you wanting to complete them. This game has a lot of areas to visit, and they're all varied. You can even travel into outer space and fly in 0 gravity which makes for cool exploration moments! And the cool thing about the side missions is that unlike Bioshock and System Shock where there's no other npcs other than the main story npcs because the side story npcs are already dead, there's actually a couple of survivors that you can help in this game, and helping them will give you sweet2 rewards and lore expansions, so it's encouraged that you go out of your way to save as many people as you can. There's also these things called operators scattered around the game which are extremely helpful. There's 3 types: medical, engineering and science operator. Medical will heal you, engineering will repair your armor and science operator will give you mana, or psy energy for your psychic ability. All of them free of charge as long as you just go to an operator creator on the map and hack the machines. These things reminds me of the surgical unit in System Shock 2 which will heal you as long as you have the key that allows you to use it. Ah, this takes me back.... Of course like those old school games, how you want to build your character skills in this game is completely up to you. Want to be a tank that can soak damage and dish out a lot of hurt? Want to be a hacker instead that can hack into any computer, safe box or doors? Or want to be a psychic that can do jedi force push or other cool magic attacks? Or do you want to do all of those things? Everything is up to you! As long as you have the upgrade kits, or in this game's case Neuromods. My current character build is as shown bellow I have enough Neuromods to unlock a lot of em. In the word of Pokemon The enemies that you'll be facing in this game are, whew, they're quite tough let me tell ya. They called Typhons and they look like Venom's symbiote, but they come in many form. There's mimics that can disguise themselves as any object which will lead to a lot of jump scares, phantoms that possessed people and can have different superpowers like lightning fire or poison, there's these giant ones that deals a lot of damage called nightmares, which if you managed to kill them, insert Bloodborne reference right here And the worst of them all are these things called Telepaths. These bastards are a pain in the ass. They spam hadokens out of their ass like candy, and each of their attacks deals a lot of damage. Worst of all, they can possess humans and turn them into kamikaze bombers that runs towards you. But the cool thing is you can actually save these people from death. All you gotta do is kill the telepaths and avoid getting near the possessed people. But how can you do that? Well you use the gloo cannon on the people to stick them in the ground, and then proceed to kill the telepaths. Better have a lot of ammo with you! The weapons in this game are quite varied. Everything except the wrench can be upgraded. You got the usual like handgun, shotgun and grenades, and then you have these stun guns which are useful to disable robotic enemies, laser gun that can turn enemies into mush, and the Gloo cannon This weapon is actually quite versatile and useful. The basic thing you can do is shoot it at enemies to freeze them in place. But it's also a great platformer maker. So if you see a high up place that you want to climb, just shoot the gloo cannon on walls to create a platform. The game actually encourages you to do this because more often than not, there's bound to be collectibles and useful items on those high places. And this game is also heavy on recycling. Yes, recycling, as in "let's use garbage and turn them into something useful", and it's actually really freaking useful as it gives out materials that can be used to build other items. So this game is designed to unleash the kleptomaniac within you. Banana peels? Cigarette buds? Lemon skins? Thrown away paper? Enemy corpse substances? PICK DAT SHIET! And when you pick all the trashes, go to these recyclers to create materials Once you do, you can just create new objects that you want using the fabricator, as long as you have the blueprints for them. Which means as long as you have the materials needed, you can just create a fuckton of Neuromods. Oh yeah! There's quite a few tough to make decisions in this game that makes me question what's the right thing to do. Like in one sidequest, there's a ship filled with civilians that's about to land into a save place, but there's a possibility that the ship is infected with aliens, and I'm given the option either to let the ship land and risk it infecting the new location, or destroy the ship. There's also another one where I'm helping a girl find out an information about her father. Once I found it and see what's actually in the information, I have to decide whether to actually give it to the girl, or delete it entirely. On one hand, the right thing may seem like giving the info to the girl because she deserves to know the truth, but what's in the info is so heartbreaking, that I can't possibly break her heart. OH THE DILEMMA! This game is quite long actually. My playthrough of this game, considering that I completed almost every single sidequest given to me and go through the main story, is around 30 hours long. And that is me playing how I want to play it: always save people that I encountered, with the exception of 1 piece of crap pretending to be a chef, having none of the alien upgrades and all human enhancement Neuromods, and even in the end giving a chance for every single person I saved to escape from the station that my character is currently in. if I want to play the complete opposite where I kill everyone and be full alien, I can do that too. My only gripe with this game is the couple of glitches it has. Luckily for me I only experienced a few, I heard other people are experiencing game breaking glitches and a patch was recently released which may thankfully fix those issues. But the glitches that I experienced are these annoying times where I hear an audio log and it keep on repeating You can fix this by going to the audio log menu and stopping the recording which will stop the loop. The other is that sometimes when I exit zero gravity, the game will for some reason go apeshit and just place me upside down, or just straight up make me go through a wall. This only happens in the Cargo Bay for some reason. That and the ending........ how can I say this.......... it has a pretty cool twist, but they totally took the plot twist from Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere. No, not that Godawful western version, I mean the original Japanese version masterpiece that's only available in Japan. Looks like someone's a big fan of that game too. WHY ISN'T THIS GAME REMASTERED YET??? I really enjoyed this game, and I will definitely replay this game all over again with different choices to see what kind of endings I will get, and maybe this time I will actually upgrade myself with alien powers to play with the ability. I give this game the rating of "so awesome you will play this game all over again". With a badass seal of approval. This might be GOTY, if it weren't for the fact that Persona 5 and Nier Automata are much better GOTY contenders. Still, this is an excellent game. If you're a fan of games like System Shock, Bioshock, Deus Ex Human Revolution or similar games of those kinds, then this game is perfect for you. Oh, unfortunately, judging by the ending of this game, I'm afraid that this game has nothing to do with the story of System Shock. It's like when everyone says that Jake Gyllenhaal film Life this year is a prequel to the Marvel Venom movie, but turns out it is a completely unrelated film. Aw man, I wanna see SHODAN!
  14. I'm playing this game on PC. Thank God it's actually a great port. Like Phantom Pain great port with no sudden fps drop or low textures like Dishonored 2 had. Main reason is because Prey uses the Cryengine, not that "Void" engine or whatever Dishonored 2 had which runs like crap before the patches fixed it.
  15. The game is already out since 14 hours ago, and because it was 1 am when the game was installed, I played for a few minutes before going to bed. Now I'm awake! It's pretty much like the demo since the demo is just this game's first 2 hours, so I haven't got the alien ability yet. It's pretty cool that now that I have played the demo, I can see the real deal behind the first few hours of the game. I can see suspicious skidmarks on the floor when I use the elevator and it's the same one in each floor. lol. And of course now I know the number of that safe box in the beginning of the game, 5150, so I opened it and take the exotic material, chipset and psy hypo with me. Now I always whack everything I see to give mimics a hard time. That suspicious looking chair? Mimic. That crumpled paper? Mimic. That coffee cup? Oh you bet your ass that's a mimic! The songs are changed for the better now. In the demo, whenever the mimic shows up, it'll always have these loud music. Now it's a more subtle "horror" type song that keeps you guessing and on the edge the whole time. And as you might expect, playing on PC is a lot better than on PS4. Now hitting those annoying mimics is easier and the game runs on 60 fps smoothly, just like MGS V Phantom Pain's port: byoutiful. Update: now I've played past the point in the demo. New enemy types that annoys the shit out of me are there, like the infected machines that fires flamethrower at you, and you can go outside the space station so it's all 0 gravity. And you can go everywhere you want to, but currently since enemies around are tough as hell, it's not recommended until you get better and more badass weapons to use. And even though I have been given the option to upgrade myself to allow me using the aliens' abilities, I refuse to do so. I have a feeling that this game will have a different ending depending on the amount of alien skills I'm using, and I bet if I use the alien ability, I'll get screwed. So I'm gonna remain normal thank you very much.