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  1. And pay for that they will. Thank the decisions of the right minded people in the world for this! EA needs to shut the hell up and just face the facts already.
  2. 105) Dead Rising 3 Platform: PC I actually made a review of this game WAAAAY back in 2013 But that was just based on my observation of the game by youtubing the Xbox One version. And surprisingly, it's still what I think of this game after I played it. Love watching the game in action and love playing it as well. Played the crap out of this game, levelled up to max while playing the DLC because those things doesn't have the time limit restrictions of the normal mode, and killed so many zombies. I have an interesting history with this game. I first played this game on my lame Lenovo laptop with like 2011 graphics Radeon card back in 2014 where the framerate for this game is 15fps and I actually endured it all. Then 1 year later I bought myself an Alienware laptop with 770m graphics card and played this game pretty far until I stopped playing it again, and now I bought a FAR superior Alienware laptop with Nvidia 1060 GTX graphics card after I got a 25% off voucher from my tournament at MEO early September. Surprisingly out of the 38 hours I spent with this game, I spend more hours playing this game on my crappy Lenovo laptop than with my Alienwares. Goes to show how I am willing to endure 15 fps as long as I can play a game. Like I always say: "endure hell now, reap the sweet heavenly rewards later".
  3. They will be back to haunt our dreams again............... which is awesome, but ooohhhh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Can't wait to see how fucked up this will be!
  4. Been a while since Corporate got his ass kicked. That makes me happy. BTW Spider PS4 Joe is funny. I haven't laugh this hard since the Godzilla review. Well done Joe! Both of ya!
  5. Why do they keep shooting themselves in the foot these days?? First Battlefront 2, then they fucked up Battlefield 5, then they absolutely ruined Command & Conquer, and now this. Which is hopefully the start of the domino effect that will kill EA, or change them for the better, which..... is highly likely that they will go back to their old ways after they temporarily change like all the other times they did...... URGHHH. They are beyond redemption at this point. I want the third party devs to just GTFO and go to Sony or Microsoft already! They went to war with the law, and they hopefully will pay very very dearly for that shit.
  6. TGS just started, and aside from Gungrave Gore, which I did not expect one bit and am looking forward to playing as Brandon Heat all over again, The other highlight of the show is this new game: This is a spinoff of the Yakuza series, featuring a defence attourney turned detective trying to solve a murder mistery. And of course this will not be a complete Yakuza/ Ryu Ga Gotoku game if the main character isn't a total badass that can wreck shit up in style. Damn. This is like if Phoenix Wright can actually kick ass. This guy knows kung fu, which just makes me want to play him even more! And not only are we getting the usual Yakuza combat, but we also got ourselves detective gameplay of tailing, disguising, profiling, and investigation. And down the line, I'm really sure that we are going to get an Ace Attorney esque courtroom section which I am so very much looking forward to. I also can't wait to see who from Ryu Ga Gotoku will make a cameo in this game. Kiryu? Akiyama? Majima? OMG THE POSSIBILITIES! I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!
  7. Our next game this year that qualifies for GOTY bait is Spiderman for PS4, made by Insomniac. Is it as great as everyone says? Find out here! The lore for this Spiderman game is completely different from the ones that we are used to. For starters, this game takes place 8 years after Peter Parker became Spiderman. He took down his usual nemesis already like Vulture, Scorpion, Rhyno, Electro, and the game starts as he's in the process of taking down Wilson Fisk. If you're wondering why he has the new outfit with the white spider logo from the E3 demo, it's because he repaired it after his fight with Fisk. He wore his classic Spider suit during the beginning of the game. The one with the red fat spider on his back. Then the story really opens up after the first mission. Since Fisk is no longer the head crime lord, a new villain rises to take over the city. And if you've seen the E3 demo, you'll know that it's Mr Negative. Epic stuff, funny Spiderman comments, surprisingly a lot of depressing and messed up stuff, and moments so sad it will make you tear up ensues. This game's story is really damn good. It changes everything you knew about Spiderman and flipped it on its head to create a lore that is very intriguing and makes for some really cool future sequels potentials. I mean you got Norman Osborn here as the city mayor, Miles Morales as a big Spiderman fan even though in the usual lore he's a Peter replacement, and Peter himself is no longer a Daily Bugel reporter. I can't spoil his real work because that will spoil the big surprise, but you'll find out in the early parts of the game, and realize that things will inevitably go to hell down the line..... Now on with the gameplay. Spiderman has been really fortunate to have games that are mostly awesome to play. Well except the ones that really suck ass like Spiderman 3 for PS2...... that is the WORST!!! OH GOD!! THE HORROR! IT'S COMING BACK TO ME ARRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!! Ahem, moving on, Now from the positive 9s and 9.5s accros the board, you'll definitely think that this game is the best in the entire Spiderman game lineups. Well, as it turns out, this game is mostly similar to the first Amazing Spiderman movie tie in game, which in itself is a pretty good Spiderman game. Of course this game improves upon what makes that game awesome. The web swinging is similar in that you either swing around the city, or go to "slow motion aim" mode to pick which surface you want to attach yourself to. This time though you are able to press both R2 and L2 button to land on top of platforms, and then afterwards you can jump to propell yourself into the air, which makes travelling faster and a lot of fun. And it's especially more fun once you unlock Spiderman's abilities that lets you travel faster. Yes, this game has a leveling up system that unlocks new abilities for Spidey to use. There are a lot of activities you can do in this game. There's the "help citizens" sidequest, ''eco friendly'' sidequests where you visit Harry Osborn's lab accros the city and do eco friendly stuff like cleaning the streets, getting rid of garbage wastes etc which I did not expect to even do in this game ?_?, "dismantling enemy stronghold" sidequests, "Taskmaster challenge" sidequests where Taskmaster gives you challenges and then you will fight him later down the line while he copies your every move like what he always do, "Black Cat chase" where you have different spots around the city which has Black Cat's toy cat that you have to photograph which after completing them all will reward you a slick black costume, and my personal favorite, "photographing landmarks" sidequests, because this is where you get to see various locations of other heroes like the Avengers, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, even freaking Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil. Unfortunately they're not in the game AT ALL, not even as cameos! Which is such an annoying missed opportunity. We know that those guys are in this universe, and the shit that is in this game's story mode escalates so much to the point of becoming a national crisis. Are you telling me that these guys are so lazy, that they don't even lend Spiderman a hand in dealing with the problems the city has??? BULLLLSHIIIIIIITTTT!!!!!!! Why isn't Daredevil helping Spiderman out in the beginning of the game when Spiderman fights Kingpin?? That's his arch enemy too!! IT MAKES NO SENSE!! Urgh, I guess we'll have to wait for the sequel for them to show up. Combat and stealth in this game is also similar to Amazing Spiderman, but with a lot more dodging all over the place. Stealth is pretty much almost the same in both games, but combat is where it's different. In Amazing Spiderman it's a much more straightforward Arkham esque combat where the enemies are so polite, that they just mostly wait for you to beat up their friends before coming for you But in here, the combat is a lot more free flowing, and this game can be unforgiving to beginners. If you don't dodge all over the place and avoid enemy attacks, you'll die either by getting punched, getting shot at, or getting blown up by rockets, all in the span of 10 seconds. Enemies here takes a lot of your health, so you have to really move all over the place to survive and dominate your enemies. This game's actual combat moves uses the move list system that's in old Spiderman games, like Web of Shadows and 2. The web shooter here has a couple of cool functions. If you web shoot your foe and immobilize them, you can do any sort of attack that makes them fly and if you manage to make them hit a wall, that guy will be instantly out of battle. Same thing applies if you web shoot enemies that are lying on the ground to stick them there. You can also knock enemies from high buildings, though they will all of a sudden get webbed into a building wall on their way down bellow. I guess this is Insomniac's way of showing Spiderman don't kill. This is better than the Arkham Knight's explanation of the Bat Mobile just knocking people out, even though you clearly shot them in their face with a freaking cannon! Aside from beating people up with your fist and web, you can also use different gadgets which varies depending on what you use. There's the web grenade, mini spiderlings that shoot lasers, trip mines, and even electricity webs. These can be used in both combat and stealth sections. But even with the gadgets to mix things up, the combat move list here, even if you have unlocked everything from leveling up, is pretty basic. Compare this game to Web of Shadows and Spiderman 2, and those games have WAAAYY more moves to pull off. Especially Web of Shadows which still has the best move lists in the entire game series and especially Spiderman 2 that lets you piledrive a guy's head to the pavement from a skyscraper. or this ......... pffttt ok I'm just joking with that last one. There's no DMC kinds of combos where you can create one of those "press a button, wait, and then press the button again" combos. The most complex the combo can get is if you attack 3 times, then hold the attack button to bring the enemy in the air, and then whack them in the air, and then end the combo with a web ground and pound. But even then the combo can feel unsatisfying to pull off because you'll get shot at by enemies as you're doing the combo, forcing you to drop the combo and dodge the attack. It's as if Insomniac think "ok, let's mix the Arkham games combat with the old Spiderman game's combat", but then they forgot that you can't do that because what makes the Arkham style combat so great and free flowing is that it doesn't have a preset combat move to restrict you! Thankfully even though the combat is simple and not as varied as Web of Shadows or 2, it doesn't get boring as beating up enemies are still satisfying, and you are still able to pull off cool moves here and there. And the boss fights in this game...... WOOOHOOOOWIEEEE, the boss fights are fucking epic as hell. So many set pieces of awesome stuff happening that I can't spoil here, but I assure you that every single boss fight in this game are complex, fun as hell, and are so good that you will want to fight them over and over again. Especially the fight against Mr Negative in the subway and the final boss. These bosses are so awesome, that this game is instantly better than Batman Arkham Knight. It is that fucking good. well then again Arkham Knight doesn't have great boss fights and the boss fights are mostly just fights with the bat mobile so.......... Aside from Spiderman gameplay, there's also the occasional stealth gameplay where you play as either MJ or Miles Morales as they sneak past enemies and distract them once in a while. I like these sections since not only is it a nice change of pace, but it also has a couple of little puzzle exploration mini games that lets you really explore your surroundings for clues to complete them. You might be thinking "can you do a stealth takedown as them?", and the answer to that is "only for MJ" because in some levels she can call Peter to help take out enemies, and she even gains a stun gun for stealth takedowns IN THE VERY LAST MISSION WHERE YOU PLAY AS HER. Why not have that since the beginning??? Miles pretty much has to dodge everything while hacking different stuff to distract enemies. The coolest thing about this game though is the unlockable costumes you can get as you're playing the game. You can get so many costumes, each one has their own skills that you can use in combat which encourages experimentation. I mean hell, you even get the Spiderman Homecoming & Iron Spider outfit from the recent movies, and the best part is that you can mix both your costume and abilities, so you can equip the Ghost Spider outfit which is surprisingly here And have the Iron Spider perk which releases his iron spider tentacles to help with combat. It's damn fun. The one major negative I can find aside from the few geeky nitpicks I had before with the combat and the missed cameo opportunities though is simply this: MJ is such a whinny self centered bitch. So she and Peter recently broke up before the start of the game. Why? It's because she is tired of Peter saving her life all the time....... WHAT?? Who was it again that risk their life and almost got themselves killed by criminals over and over again? And she does this over and over and over again until near the end where she finally realizes what a selfish bitch she has been the whole time. Why do they make her this much of a bitch in the first place??? But overall, I really enjoyed my time with this game from the beginning to the end. I even teared up at the game's end because of how sad it is. The game as expected, ends on an optimistic "sequel bait" end where many more things are still unexplored, with a damn good end twist to back the suspense up. So of course my rating for this game is going to be "so damn good that you can't wait for the sequel". With a badass seal of approval! I can't wait to see the other heroes finally lending their hand, just like Web of Shadows. And I hope the combat move list will get even crazier, like Web of Shadows! Ah dang it, now I want to play Web of Shadows again!
  8. 99) Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late Platform: PC After playing Blazblue Cross Tag & playing Under Night in one of my regular casual fighting game hangouts in the city, I decided to buy Under Night and played the crap out of it. Holy crap, this is a pretty awesome and mechanically excellent fighting game. I mean it's to be expected from the same dev team as Melty Blood. I wonder why this game is not the sequel to Melty Blood because it's perfect for it! Instead it's like an "alternate universe" thing with a lot of characters that are suspiciously similar to Tsukihime characters. I should have waited till the latest version of this game is released on Steam, but I got this from a discount website for only $10 so... meh, it's still a great deal. 100) Guacamelee! 2 Platform: PC The first Guacamelee was fucking awesome. It's metroidvania, with wrestling! And a bunch of meme jokes. And goats. And chickens. This second game is pretty much the first game X 3. More chickens, more Lucha, more memes, and more goats. What's not to love?? Oh yeah and this time you can do lots of cool stuff while in chicken form instead of just jumping and pecking. The challenges to get the key parts can go fuck itself though. Some are fun, but a lot of them are a pain in the ass to complete, especially this one 30+ TRIES to complete this section. Curse you lava!! 101) MemoPoly Platform: iPhone This is an initially fun puzzle game. The goal is to guess a sequence of colors in the right order based on objects you see to your right. So you just have to guess which colors go in which sequence. Each stages have 20 levels of color guessing. But there's one problem with this game that ruins the fun of playing the later stages: The sequences you have to do are all fucking random. So let's say you completed a stage and you have a lot of incorrect guesses, so you get a low completion rank. Naturally you will write the patterns of the mini levels down so you can complete the level with a high rank. But writing down notes of the color orders is useless when everything is completely random. So you pretty much just have to brute force your way through the whole game hoping that you guess right for every single level in this game! And it's so much worse in the later stages when you have to deal with 8 colors. Like this shit Yes, you pretty much have 8 colors, 20 guessing levels, and a buttload of guessing just to finish this stage. What kind of a sadistic game is this??? 102) Spiderman PS4 Platform: Well it's obvious from the name isn't it? Like usual In short: surprisingly depressing story, really damn good boss fights, and I can't wait for the sequel. I hope the combat option for the sequel will bring the complexity like Web of Shadows in full force. 103) Transference: The Walter Test Case Platform: PS4 This is the prologue to that game that Frodo makes. What is the game about? Well it's just about you entering the mind of a guy with PTSD. A walking simulator with a few "find this object and place it in the right spot" moment. I have to say, it's pretty spooky and well done. This guy's mind is all sorts of fucked up, and it shows in how out of control it is. And it definitely makes me interested in what the final game will be. If this prologue is just 1 part, I can't imagine how insane the full game will be. I just hope that the full game doesn't end up being just 1 hour long. 104) The Signal From Tolva Platform: PC This FPS game could have been so much better. The plot is that you're a robot that's part of a large military op, and you're in a planet called Tolva. There's a signal you received in that planet, and you have to find out what it is. Along the way, you have to do a bunch of missions like capturing outposts, finding artifacts to scan, shooting enemy robots & walking. Lots and lots and lots of walking, with no vehicle to use to speed things up, making this game BORING AS HELL! When you're fighting against other robots, it's fun, especially when you have a recruiter pistol equipped that allows you to recruit friendly robots to fight for you. There's even parts where you enter a derelict building, and it's a complicated maze inside that sends you into different hallways if you went to the wrong corridor, which is cool! But 70 % of this game is just spent walking to different spots for 5 minutes, which as you can tell, gets on my nerves after hours of doing it over and over again. Why can't they have vehicles in the game?? That'll make things a lot better! The game has 2 endings, and they're so unsatisfying: one ending have you finding the source of the misterious signal, and then you ended up getting sucked into a giant EMP distributor which kills everyone. The other has you destroying the planet, which is the good ending. Or at least that's what I think because this game's plot is so unimportant that it doesn't matter at all what happens in the end. I don't want to see this game ever again!
  9. Thanks! Means a lot man. I'll give a cliff note of my experience: - Played Spiderman Ps4, preordered that game and can't wait to play it - Starting min 52, I somehow fought the best DBFZ player in Australia and won, in an impossible comeback that I can't fucking believe I actually did https://www.twitch.tv/videos/304390387#%23 - Zed my man beat him as well, and he's gonna go to a world tour to possibly fight GO1 and SonicFox. I am rooting so much for that guy to represent Australia!!
  10. Oho yeah, it is awesome indeed! I didn't manage to play RaptR in the tournament, but we did go a few rounds together for practice. That match with Baxter though...... I still can't believe I even did what I did! And the funniest thing is after I beat Baxter, everyone went nuts. Since Baxter's the number 1 player in Australia and he's from a different state in Australia, just the fact that me, a guy from Melbourne, who usually the Australian online community doesn't take a note off of, beats him, makes everyone lose their minds. My mate even said after the match to the camera "GIVE THIS MAN A SPONSORSHIP DEAL RIGHT NOW!" I even got a short interview after I beat Baxter from one of the cameraman. He told me "Congrats man! That was awesome!" then I said "Oh wait2 it's not Grand Finals yet!" then he said "But you just beat Baxter! It doesn't matter anymore!"
  11. So I've been playing a lot of Dragonball FighterZ till now. After my last major tournament BAM10 which I put here I've been going to small monthly tournaments in Melbourne which goes every third Saturday of the month. I've placed 3rd, 5th & 2nd in the last 3 monthly tournaments, and it's not until I used Discord that I finally realized that I am actually a meme. Everyone in the Australian DBFZ FGC called me either "Agent Numbers", "Agent Chaos" or "Agent Salt" because my play style makes people throw off their game plan and salty afterwards. Apparently from what I heard, I "play this game so dumb, but somehow I keep on winning." LOL, man, that's the most interesting description I have ever heard. And I assure everyone in Discord that the salt was unintentional so I apologized for those that got salty. And just yesterday, I entered the next big fighting game tournament in Melbourne named Melbourne Esports Open. Lots of people actually came to this place to play Fortnite. When I tried to enter the arena to get to my Dragonball FighterZ tournament, everyone's like "hey, where's the Fornite arena?" Damn, that game took off like crazy! PUBG is left in the dust now! I was unable to enter the tournament arena until 11 am, and I was in the place from 9 am, so I went "Game On" section of the building where I get to play and see upcoming games. Like the Ori sequel Spiderman PS4 which I instantly pre ordered because it's $10 off normal price if I buy it there, and the game is as I expected, pretty much an even better Amazing Spiderman Starlink which has Fox as a playable character, which makes this game better than the Star Fox Wii U Ace Combat 7 which is a trip back to the past because it plays very much like the old Ace Combat games And Soul Calibur 6 with the full roster revealed. Which has Raphael and Cervantes that doesn't have their own character trailer yet. So yay! I get to know it first! After playing around with these games, I finally entered my Dragonball FighterZ tournament, while hanging out with my mates that I know from BAM10 & the monthly tournaments. Like I said in BAM10, these are nice guys. But I'm especially surprised by one of the participants named RaptR who's also there. RaptR is actually a really famous Dragonball youtuber who uses Hit I played a lot of matches with him online with my battle name "Determinationftw", until I beat him often that he dodged me. Then I went to his Twitch Stream and say sorry for making him mad at me, and he's like "oh sorry man, it's my fault for being salty." And we're all good. Until I beat him in his stream and he went salty again. He had no idea that I am actually Determinationftw, so when I met him in person I just play with him like normal without saying who I am. When he was about to leave the event though, I finally told him who I am online, and he's like "WHAT?? HOLY SHIT!!" then we're all good. It was the funniest thing. So my first couple of matches went pretty swimmingly. I beat 2 other players, one who actually beat me in one of the monthly tournaments. Then I realized that the next opponent that I have to go up against is Baxter. AKA the number 1 Dragonball FighterZ player in Australia & the BAM10 champion. You bet your ass I am scared for my life when I found that out. How did the match go? Well......... there's no youtube video of it yet, but there is a twitch stream you can watch. My match starts at min 54 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/304390387## I have no idea how I even pulled that off. Like....... that match forced me to just go fucking nuts. WITH TEEN GOHAN, AKA one of the WORST character to do a solo! It was so intense that everyone went crazy, from the Twitch stream chat, to the commentators and to the other players watching our match! Especially Sketch, the guy that beat me at BAM10 and eliminated me from the tournament. Holy shit what a match. Then after that, I finished 3rd place! Not bad. First at BAM10 I somehow finished rank 13th, now at this event I moved up. All in all, what an amazing time I had. Now I'm more motivated to do better at the next monthly tournaments! And I guess Baxter has experienced the Agent Salt meme. My hat is off the the 1st place winner though. His name is Zed, also from Melbourne and we went to the same monthly hangouts. He also beat Baxter, and it is a well deserved victory! Not only that, but before this, he won a ticket to any of the Dragonball FighterZ worldwide tournament from fighting other Australian players online on PS4 last Tuesday, which means you'll definitely see him soon in the other tournaments, and maybe see him beat GO1 and SonicFox. He is a force to be reckoned with I tell ya, watch out for him!
  12. At last. The fabled Cyberpunk 2077 demo that I heard so much about has finally been revealed to the public! And...... huh..... it's pretty much Syndicate + Watch Dogs + RAGE + Witcher 3 + Deus Ex......... WHICH IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!! I mean you got the excellent wicked weapons + gunplay of Syndicate, not the old game but the 2012 remake like so: mixed in with the remote hacking of Watch Dogs, RAGE's esque enemy designs + dilapidated rooms + driving except that drive by which is rail shooter esque, Witcher 3's excellent open world + dialogue choices which I definitely believe will open up SOOOO many possibilities for multiple playthroughs, and Deus Ex's cyberpunk setting + RPG mechanics. This game is the mix of everything good in games before mixed into one. Good to see that the first person view is this immersive and there's actually cutscene moments of you being able to see your playable character just doing his/her thing, which makes the complaint I heard that there's no third person mode = hesitation gone in an instant. Now my need to get this game RIGHT NOW is finally settled since I know what I'm going to expect, and I can't wait for the official release date of this game so I can do...... ohohoho do SO many things in this game!
  13. Well well, another nonsense spreaded by another youtuber that just say stuff to make a name for himself. Well Joe in this case got careless and just say SJW and politic stuff which I know is just joking, but you know the internet nowadays are full of conspiracy theorists that just spins stuff like they have nothing else to do with their time. So Joe, just be careful next time not to fuel their need for spreading nonsense. Also, this is why I block youtube comments in the first place. So that I keep myself sane from not feeding into morons.
  14. Goddamn! Looks like Ninja Theory's third person style gameplay has seeped its way to our good old regular DMC, and it just make the game even better than before. But you know what changes this entire game from "pretty good" to "I WANT THIS GAME NOW!!!" territory? Motorcycle dual chainsaw. That....... wow. GIVE THIS GAME TO ME NOW!!!!!!!! And about Sekiro, or Shadows Die Twice It's fucking Tenchu. TENCHU IS BACK MOTHA FUCKAS!! Well more like if Tenchu is mixed with Souls combat but IT'S TENCHU! Finally, after all this time, I can finally use grappling hooks on rooftops, jump to unlucky bastards bellow and stealth kill their asses! The only thing this game need is this:
  15. What's better than Doomguy in DOOM? How about a faster, more loaded and bloodier Doomguy, fighting more demons on places other than Mars. Holy shiet take a look at this guy's new tricks: wrist blade, auto shotgun, rocket launcher, shoulder weapon, grappling hook, the classic plasma gun, apparently he learned how to do air dashes, and that sword thing from DOOM's ending can finally be used. OMG THIS GAME IS GONNA BE FUCKING AWESOME GIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAME Oh yeah and Rage 2 also has a gameplay trailer BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THIS AFTER SEEING DOOM KICKING SO MUCH ASS??? GIVE DOOM TO ME NOW!!!!