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  1. hahaha, well considering that Avengers Infinity War is a 2 parter, this is appropriate. I could call it Avengers 4, but that'll be too common.
  2. So I got an invite to play Anthem's closed alpha. I installed 37.6 GB of it, and then play it for a bit. It was fun. This is like a solo Mass Effect Andromeda with the jumping jetpack, but surprisingly no covering involved. You can fly with the jetpack as well, which is pretty cool, which Just Cause 3 and Dark Void already did Difference is that in this game, you can use your jetpack underwater, and your jetpack can overheat, so you can reduce the heat by stopping using it, or flythrough water sources, like a waterfall or a water vortex. Which is weird because doesn't it usually breaks electronic equipment if you put water on it?? Apparently from what I read, the game takes place in a world that's abandoned by the Gods before it could even be fully created. The walls of Fort Tarsis keep humanity safe, and the only people who leave it regularly are Freelancers, mercenaries with massive suits of powered armor called Javelins. So.... it's attack on Titan but with advanced weaponries, lots of anomalies which creates cool stuff like messed up waterfall that's upside down, and a lot of hostile wildlifes. Oh yeah, and psychics called "cyphers" assist you in recon work. The game starts right in the middle of a huge battle where these giant monsters show up and you try to stop a cataclismic event from spreading further, but unfortunately the Titans, ahem I mean big rock golems overrun you + your teammates and you have to retreat. Then this brief text appears saying what happens after that, and then you're in a different place accompanied by a fun guy named Owen. You can see the whole missions right here, before it eventually gets removed There's a lot of "secure this outpost" moments in the alpha as you can see. After that happened, I customize who I look like, then level up one of my 3 atributes which either increases health, ammo drop or jetpack usage, explore my base of operation in first person mode, talking to Owen and the other people who are looking for work, which was offered by this one corporation lady and her goods. Unfortunately I had to go to church for choir practice, so that's as far as I go, and unfortunately by the time I got back, I can't play the game anymore unless it's at a specific time. I'll have to wait until that time window to continue the game. Though I assume it'll be like this And after finally being able to continue my game, I was right. Open world exploration, and a mission to follow through. Just like Destiny. Even though it's such a shame that Bioware has been forced to generalize their game into this third person shooter with Jetpack and lootings and strip away the choices you can make, I don't want this game to fail since if it fails, then from what I heard EA will change Bioware, whatever that means, which is a bad2 thing. I mean sure it's unfortunate that this game will end up being Mass Effect Andromeda but with Destiny lootings, but it's still going to be fun with other people to play, and there's potentially going to be giant monsters to take down which I am interested in. I won't buy the game most likely, but time will tell. Maybe the game will end up surprising me and be more than meets the eye. I mean imagine if there's space battles in this game! Which well, Warframe already did actually so..... ah well we'll see how this game goes.
  3. Endgame. That is the best title for this film. I can't fucking wait to see how this story ends! Kind of weird seeing Hawkeye being like..... that. But he'll be back to his bow and arrow self. Looking at how Antman is there, he's definitely going to play a big role in bringing everyone back considering the last Antman movie. How will the Quantum Realm play a part in this whole thing I wonder? I'll have to watch the film and find out!
  4. When I followed the Game Awards and noticed that 4 of the awards was won by Red Dead Redemption 2, I was fucking pissed off. We got a few neat reveals like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for Switch only which caught me off guard, the Crash Team Racing remaster, Far Cry New Dawn which thankfully continues Farcry 5 after that horrible true ending, that new game by the creator of Bastion and recently Pyre, that Outer Worlds game which is definitely a giant fuck you to Fallout 76, and that Shadow of the Colossus esque archery game made by the same people behind Abzu and Journey, which makes me happy because FINALLY they're making a game with actual combat gameplay. Other than that, I was annoyed and I thought this whole show will just be a giant Red Dead Redemption 2 showoff. Then Ed Boon comes out, only for me to groan because he's nominating the best Sports/ Racing game. AND THEN SCORPION'S SPEAR CRASHES THE NOMINATION, THUNDER SHOWS UP AND MORTAL KOMBAT FUCKING 11 BITCHES!!!! AND THEN PSYCHONAUTS 2!!! AND THEN WE FINALLY GET TO SEE GAMEPLAY FROM V IN DMC5!!!! AAARRRRRRGHHHHHHH THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! And after that point, when it looks like Red Dead Redemption 2 will win another award, it thankfully doesn't, then my main character from Persona 5 is coming to Smash, and GOTY goes to God of War. Fucking well done Game Awards, you actually managed to turn me from being pissed, to being happy in an instant. My applause goes to thee!
  5. It finally happened. CS GO is free to play. Next thing you know it's Overwatch's turn, but that'll probably not happen for another 4 years. At least I have a Prime account for free!
  6. 119) Domino Drop Platform: iPhone It's like Tetris, but with dominoes. So you drop dominoes down & the more same number string you make the better. It's fun. Funny coincidence that Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of dominoes and I play that minigame a lot too. 120) Soul Calibur 6 Platform: PC Ahhhh Soul Calibur 6. How awesome it is that this game is finally out! It's the same as Soul Calibur before, but with Soul Charge & Critical Edge which adds more depth to combat. And great solo story modes to play as well! Unlike that abomination that was Tekken 7's character story modes...... shudder..... I don't know why initially there's a lot of create a character Voldo clones with giant dicks on them.... like, WAAYYY too much of those guys I fought. Luckily there's a ban warning imposed to the people who does that so now everyone's normal! 121) OwlsandVowels Platform: PC The beauty of working in a videogame marketing agency: you get to know different obscure games. Like this! It's a word matching game. So it's scribble + bejewelled. The better the words you create, the higher the points. Different stages has different rules to them, so in on you have to get the high score, in the other you have to use specific letters in the alphabet, and create 4+ letter words as examples. It's surprisingly fun, and really engaging. Best part is there's unlimited lives, not like Candy Crush with their stupid "wait 1 hour for your next live if you fail a game" horseshit. I even learn new words that I never thought existed, like picosecond, triennium and biennial! 122) Nightgate Platform: iPhone Quite a relaxing game where you're a dot and you guide your dot to your destination, while avoiding red obstacles along the way. There's a story about networking and stuff, but I just like the many different pretty shapes this game had which is zen like. Gives me calmness when I see them.
  7. Aside from the fact that Harada lied by saying that returning characters will not be paid DLCS but free, I got a lot of things to say here. Well, Marduk STILL doesn't have an Australian accent even though he's Australian. Armor King is pretty much the best thing about this since his moves are now WAY more awesome. And...... why is Julia a completely different character now?? I don't mind because she's become a lot cuter and I like it this way..... but isn't she supposed to be a serious nature lover instead of this.... youtube extreme sports streamer girl?? What happened here??? That's like if all of a sudden Nina suddenly acts like Anna. IT MAKES NO SENSE! Maybe she's just doing that as a cover for her mission, or something. We'll see if there's a plot reason for it. And that Negan reveal..... wow....... that is the most tryhard thing I have ever seen. Are you telling me that Negan, this regular baseball bat loving psychopath, is tougher than the entire Tekken 7 characters combined who are mostly expert martial artists + demons that was known to be so tough as nails that they can take on huge armies by themselves and can easily whoop him + his entire groups' ass in an instant? This is it. The Walking Dead tv show is slowly crumbling apart.
  8. Predator’s my personal best MK character. Besides Kuai Liang aka Sub Zero 2. It’ll be great if every guest character will show up in MK XI. But we’ll have to wait and see if that will happen. My guess is there will be new guest characters as dlcs, like Pinhead, the nun from Conjuring, Ash from Evil Dead (PERFECT), Hannibal Lecter, Candyman or Michael Myers.
  9. Oh my God, there will be an adventure mode this time with CO OP ACTION?? You can get loots?? Customizable character in this adventure mode??? YESSS!! YESSSS!!! YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! FINALLY, the mode that I want for so long is now back! This is the Armageddon / Shaolin Monks sequel that I've been waiting for! Oooooh I'm so gonna play the shit out of this mode!! I REALLY hope this leak is true & they will show this mode in the game awards. Like have it play without any of the MK characters at first, and then in the middle of the gameplay, FINISH HIM appear and then you can do different combinations of buttons to do multiple fatalities like Shaolin Monks. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS! XD XD XD
  10. No, GOTY for 2018 is not God of War, Spiderman PS4 or Red Dead Redemption 2. THIS IS: The spinoff of the Yakuza series is looking magnificent. These are 80% new heat action for this game, and only 20% from previous Yakuza. And that's not counting potential new heat moves, duo heat moves and the fuckload of minigames + detective investigations to do! Coming December 13 in Asian countries, and I will pre order this game. It'll be in chinese and I won't understand a thing BUT I DON'T CARE! I can actually get the first chapter of this game now, but I have to buy PS Plus for that which I don't want to do. I WANT THE FULL GAME NOW!!!!
  11. Good thing I don't bother with this game cause I know it's just online Fallout 4. But I didn't expect this game to be worse than Elder Scrolls Online and Sea of Thieves. Holy shit what a FUCKING DISASTER! These many bugs?? This lazy of a content?? This is pretty much No Man's Piece of Crap, or Metal Gear Boring Zombie Fest, only it's by Bethesda. That's like if the MCU actually made Fantastic Four 2015 instead of Fox! On the bright side, I laugh hard at this review. And Doom Eternal + Rage 2 will be even better than this crap. Maybe the teams are busy making those games and decided to give Fallout 76 to interns. Which is just fucking sad but it's the most logical explanation for this whole shit. People definitely should get a refund for this game, which unfortunately Bethesda didn't approve of. Dick move there.
  12. Actually there's a global event coming up in December 15 - 16 called Couch Warriors Crossup. https://www.couchwarriors.org/category/couchwarriors-crossup/ It's a big worldwide Dragonball FighterZ tournament which I will take part in, which also has other fighting game tournaments to join in. Buut since it's coming soon, I'm guessing you don't have the time for it, and it's probably not your kind of event if you don't play fighting games. Australia always waits for newcomers, so feel free to come any time you want.
  13. I usually just go to these websites http://www.offgamers.com/buy/steamwalletcard-sea.html https://www.pcgamesupply.com/ After you buy from them, they'll give you the code for the steam wallet that you can redeem on Steam. Thankfully Steam giftcards are usually universal so you don't have to pick specific steam cards from a specific country, but check just to be save.
  14. 117) Red Dead Redemption 2 Platform: PS4 Joe reviewed this. I reviewed this. It's Red Dead Redemption 2. Go get this game & experience wild west once again, and be depressed because eventually Red Dead Redemption 1 will happen and everything goes downhill. But at least you can enjoy the many wacky adventures that this game provides! 118) Hitman 2 Platform: PC AKA the season 2 of 2016's marvelous Hitman. The best part is the entire first season is also included in this game, and you can get it for free if you own the first game, so more contents to play around with! More missions, more funny ways to kill people, and more pretty sceneries to look at. But for some reason, I encountered this glitch in the first mission. Though seeing how that spooky picture is there, maybe this is intentional? ?_? I love how 47 in this game has the wittiest remark while in disguise. He does not give a fuck about anything and just bluntly say whatever's on his mind. Like how if you dress like a house agent in the fifth mission, he'll describe a house he's selling to the target in the driest tone imaginable, saying things like "this is the kitchen. It's the most dangerous room in the house", saying the attic is "small, tends to be prone to a leaky roof and likely houses various types of molds", and there's even a room where the previous owner of the house died in, which 47 gave a detailed forensic investigation report. It's so funny it hurts! I don't get why the cutscenes in this season is all done in those frozen in place style cutscenes. You know the ones where people talk and you only see the person standing still in a single pose without the mouth opening, especially in comic book esque games like Injustice's arcade endings? I guess it's a design choice that the dev goes with. I prefer the cool cutscenes of the first season but ah well, still alright. The game ends on a sequel bait which annoys me because we're just getting to the really good stuff, but I look forward to the next season to finally finish what has been started. In the meantime, I'll definitely replay the entire game and do different assassination methods, because that's the beauty of this series!
  15. No, except that Joe mentioned there’s a section in Cuba, but that’s not that big.