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    Awesome games, good scenery locations, having fun, good music

About Me

Wow, I just realized that there's an about me page.  :mellow:


Ahem, my name is Ray Nova Usanto. I'm just a normal average guy living a normal average life as an accountant for an insurance company. I like great games of any kind, whether it has great gameplay mechanics, great story, great characters, or even better, all of them! I don't care if a game series changes genres. As long as the gameplay is great, I'll like it. And I don't care much about the graphics because there are games that has great graphics but the gameplay is just not good. As they say, "don't judge a book by it's cover". Unless it's this.



You got the whole experience right there. (JONTRON'S AWESOME. Shame that he doesn't put out as much videos as before but HE'S STILL AWESOME!!)


I also like other things besides games. Movies, music, books, mangas, animes, tv shows, ballet, breakdancing, rap, cooking especially cooking shows, stand ups, you name it! I like them if they're well made and are perfectly enjoyable no matter the form. After all, someone did their best to make them, so their hard work should be recognized.


Ah yeah, one thing you have to know about me: I apologize very easily. I normally don't say mean stuff that I'm serious about and am always joking..... 90 % of the time. So if I say something that sounds really harsh like "HAHAHA, WTF is this shiet?? Whoever make this deserves death!!!" I mean it in a joking tone, not maliciously. If someone get offended by things I said, then I am very sorry. :( Well,,,, except if that someone is being a dick, in that case all bets are off.


Here's an example: I once had a fight with one of the member of this forum named Raspharus. One time, he kept on being rude and keep on saying something that I like is complete garbage, to the point where I tell him right to his face that I am going to unfriend him immediately because of how inconsiderate and rude he is. So I did! While apologizing for what just happened but I did unfriend him because he went too far.


Then I add him as a friend right back 1 hour later. And we're all good afterwards! Shame that he got banned for fighting one of the mods here.......


What personally pisses me off are people who just don't know when to shut up and give up on something. Like say if there's a topic about...... let's say a film that has 1 specific scene which has a minor mistake in it. So alright, that's a minor mistake and I address that it is a minor mistake, so I say let's move on to a different thing. But then one other person just won't stop talking about it to death like "Oh no, that mistake ruined the entire film! You should care more about this stuff!" Ok, then I will say "alright, I get the point. Can we move on from this and talk about something else?" I will gladly move on from it if the other person just stops mentioning it or wants the debate to end, but if he keeps on going "No, you don't get it! This is very important!" Like 10 times after wards, that's where I draw the line.


Ohoho there has been a lot of instances when this happens before in this forum, and I VERY rarely add people to my ignore list. But when I do, that means you have pushed my button way too many times. Don't take it personally though, when I do it, it will be the best for everyone, because rather than having to deal with pointless debate everytime we talk about something which will create unnecessary mod interference that usually ends with someone getting suspended or given a warning point, it's much better that it doesn't happen and no one gets hurt.


Oh yeah, also I don't like games, movies or anything that's made with little effort, very offensive for the sake of shock value, OR games and films which has the worst endings imaginable that's basically just a fuck you to whoever played or watched it. I'm looking at you House of 1,000 doors, Rogue Warrior, Operation Raccoon City, Mirror's Edge Catalyst and No Man's Sky aka completely wasted potential on every single level. When you make something, you better make it with everything you got and you BETTER not have a stupidly insulting ending to cap it all off.


It's alright if a game ends up being bad if it's made with effort, because these games are probably made by people that unfortunately doesn't have the budget to make a better game or because these people has no talent. But games that's lazily made when it's obvious that whoever made it can do a much better job if they tried??? OHOHOHO, that will piss me off. Because nothing is worse than after playing a game, you're greeted with an ending that says "thanks for your money, we don't want you to have a satisfying experience or ending, so we'll just make a really shallow and bland game with a cliffhanger ending because we don't want to try unless we have $$$ for sequels. Deal with it."



That.... will make me be like Donald Duck when he's angry.

You don't want me to get angry. 


That's me in a nutshell. I hope we can all have a good time in the forum, and have fun talking about games, movies or whatever! :)