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Everything posted by Kaz32

  1. Man I love Ghost of Tsushima. And for some reason, whenever I play this game, the old intro music from Soul Edge/ Blade keeps on playing in my head. So I thought "ok, I'll just mix them together and see how it'll go", so here ya go. Gotta say, it fits really well. Hope you guys enjoy this & maybe you'll get a nostalgia tingle if you play Soul Edge/Blade before.
  2. youtube

    Nickleback vid. Reminds me of this. XD
  3. This is probably one of Joe's positive reviews that made me laugh quite a lot. XD I love this game so much. This is definitely one of my top games of 2020, and a contender for my GOTY besides Doom Eternal. And this is one of the only games I've played where I don't even want to complete it 100% because I want to keep on playing as long as I can. Hope the sequel will be even more awesome because as it stands, this game is already so damn good that by the ending of the game I was having goosebumps & teared up. Definitely better than Last of Us Part 2 that's for damn sure!
  4. This is literally Sony buying prisoners from the clutches of an evil empire. While I think MGS is over & there's no need to do any more of it, Castlevania & Silent Hill deserves a new game by people who actually can make good games & not bastardize them like what they did with Contra. If this deal really is true, OH PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE, PS5 is gonna have big guns when the game's released. And best of all, they don't have to be caged to just pachinkos anymore! The only good thing now currently is Castlevania on Netflix, with this we can expect more to look forward to. Keep moving forward!
  5. https://www.pcgamer.com/modern-warfare-system-requirements/ I thought Bethesda was pretty bad with their games requiring 50GB+ storage, but THIS??? This is too far. This ain’t Red Dead Redemption 2!! What were you thinking you storage taking bastards???
  6. Oh. My. God. I don't think I have ever used a photo mode more than a dozen times in a game before. And that's just one of the many awesome things that this game made me do. When you make me want to take screenshots every 30 minutes, you know it's gonna be a damn good time. This is it. Possibly the last PS4 exclusive game. The game from the people behind Sly Cooper & Infamous that's been lingering for many years since E3 2018 & expected to be Japanese Assassin's Creed has finally arrived. And man, it's SO much more awesome than what I thought. The story of the game takes place in 1274 Japan, specifically an island named Tsushima. Which exists in real life too, but the real life location is much2 bigger than what's in this game. You play as a young samurai named Jin Sakai, and the game starts with the Mongols invading the island. This was years after Genghis Khan died & his many2 descendants try to conquer the world. Accompanied by his uncle + samurai lord of the island Shimura, they defended the island from Khotun Khan, a fictional character but grandson to Genghis Khan & cousin to Kublai Khan, the Khan that led the first Mongol invasion of Japan. Right at the opening, Shimura sent one of his high ranking samurai Harunobu Adachi to do duel with one of the Khan generals because, um, that's how they try to do battle in war honorably back in those days, and Khotun responded by, well ............... what the hell does Shimura expect when he sent his officer in the middle of a Mongol army who doesn't give a crap about traditions & just want to kill & burn villages? IDIOTA. So as you might expect, the defense failed, Shimura is captured & Jin is left for dead, but not before being rescued by a thief Yuna who becomes one of his closest allies in the entire game. You might think that this is the point where Jin regroup & find allies to help him rescue his uncle right? Well actually, Jin storms Khotun's stronghold immediately after he recovered to rescue his uncle. And as you might expect, he got his ass whooped. Again...... Man suicidal overconfidence must run with this family. Finally after that, Jin decided "ok, bad idea. Time to actually use my brain, find allies & get rid of these Mongol bastards once and for all." And so the game finally begins on a really damn cool title card. And from then on, a tale of friendship, betrayal, heroism, epic samurai shit x 9000 & sadness ensues. There's more to this game than just Jin changing his way of thinking from just being a straight up suicidal samurai to a more versatile way of the Ninja ahem I mean "thief". And DAMN. It's a simple story, but it is executed BRILLIANTLY. THIS is how you make a damn good story. It is so good, that I actually believe it utterly trounces what Last of Us part 2 was trying to do. By the end of this game's story, I actually teared up & believed every single moment of what happened in the story was necessary, well-paced & ultimately a great journey of Jin Sakai from beginning to the end and beyond from when he was a naive young Samurai to the legendary protector of his island Tsushima. Bravo game, BRAVO! Before I get into what I think of this game, I just wanna say: go get this game & play it. Whether it's by PSN, online or from going out to a game store which hopefully you guys will use masks & hand sanitizers to protect yourself during this season. GO GET THIS GAME NOW DAMN IT! And now here are the reasons why. Actually before that, I will say the very minor things that I encountered in the game. First is this weird glitch where after I killed an enemy, for whatever reason, every character I touched afterward will act as if they're stabbed by a sword. This happened only 3 times in my 40 + hours of gametime randomly, including the very end of the game which makes the cutscene that happened hilariously just having Jin standing in place when it's supposed to be a dramatic moment. Reloading a checkpoint fixes this. The Japanese dub is awesome, but it's a shame there's no proper lip-synching in cutscenes, even though it's in moments where you speak with normal npcs. Hopefully a patch will add them in later because I would love to hear Date Masamune's VA be badass & have his mouth move properly. In a couple of "eliminate enemy encampment" missions, the end have you blow up this cart full of explosive barrels. For some reason, even though I have a flaming arrow & an explosive arrow, I can't blow it up with them. You can only do it by going near it & light the fuse........... why??? And also 1 time in this game where I cut a mongol general's head, and then his body crawls without his head. Apparently other people encountered this too. They're the real ghosts of Tsushima. XD Now with that out of the way, let's start with the one thing that's very apparent from this game: Not only are the graphics for the characters look as good as expected, the sceneries in this game are pretty AF. Just LOOK AT THIS These are just 5% of what this Tsushima island is. This island's sceneries are so damn good, that this place should be a holiday destination. It pretty much is as pretty as New Zealand's south island, and THAT. THAT place is what I call heaven on earth. Not even the real-life Tsushima looks this great! I really like how this game has a bunch of histories that are based on the situation in 1274, while also having a bit of much more advanced things that are definitely not around during that time, like the matching katana + short sword set that Jin uses which wasn't supposed to be around until 400 years later, or the Mongolian rocket launchers 200 years after this game's setting. Also the haikus which didn't exist until 400 years later. This game shows that back in those days in Japan before the famous history of Nobunaga Oda, Tokugawa Ieyasu & Shingen Takeda that Samurai Warriors & Sengoku Basara made really popular, Japan was a much more simple & unfortunately very close-minded time that really forces their Bushido teachings on all the people, while also oppresses the ordinary people with class structures. If you're a samurai, you have to live & die by the code, and if you disobey by doing stealth tactics or even poisoning enemies, you will be shunned by the Shogun. Which explains why in the intro of this game the army are just straight-up idiotic compared to the smart Mongols: they have no other choice. It's a good thing years later they finally learned their lesson & deploys actual tactics in their attacks, and good thing Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin showed how the class system is finally abolished by Sakamoto Ryoma. By going directly to the Shogun of that time & telling him straight up to get rid of the system. Now that takes balls. In real life he did much more than that, but this is still pretty cool. XD I also learned a lot about the Mongol army & how fucked up they are in conquering other lands. Goddamn, if you think Hitler's horrible, get a load of this. Villages getting burned, villagers captured as slaves, anyone who dared oppose the Mongols are killed on the spot or be burned on a stake, and samurais that got captured are imprisoned, tortured, and used as target practice. Even though the Mongols have great technology for their time where they use a lot of gunpowder weapons, a reliable nationwide communication system with their eagles + other devices & a pretty solid religious belief, they instead decide to use all of that on being as barbaric as humanly possible. Damn the past was fucked up. And to think I only know of Genghis Khan before this, and how he was pretty damn ambitious back when he was alive as if he's playing military domination in Civilization all the damn time, had TONS of children, and he has plenty of descendants today because he was such a horny dude. Also from Bill & Tedd. Hope the third film will be good....... On with the gameplay, which I love SO very much. This game is pretty much the Japanese Assassin's Creed that people has been waiting for so long, but 1000 times a lot better and awesome. It's like what happens when you use the quest structures of Witcher 3, made them a lot more Japanese flavored, have the assassinations of Assassin's Creed but even better with a bit of Batman Arkham Knight's multiple takedowns + gadgets, have the combat be awesome & actually challenging with the best Samurai sword master efficiency put to them, AND put amazing boss battles on top of another amazing boss battles on top of amazing boss battles. Put them together, and you have an open world game that makes you actually never want the game to end & play the game forever. It is that freaking awesome. The quests are simple but effective. The main quests are of course where the big set pieces & battles are, and there's a lot of great stuff that I can't spoil. The sidequests have 3 varieties: companion quests, villagers quests & mythic quests. You get to learn more about your companion from the companion quest, my personal favorite being the quest with Jin's old caretaker which made me tear up in the end, and Ishikawa, Jin's archery teacher. At first I thought the voice actor for Adam Jensen from Deus Ex Human Revolution voiced him, but it's actually Dr Raymond from Xcom Enemy Unknown Damn, he's channeling Adam Jensen really well. Must have drink a lot of booze to get that deep raspy voice. His quest is the most interesting for me because it involves chasing down a student of his named Tomoe, who's a master archer & is definitely a take on Tomoe Gozen the war lady who was active 90+ years before this game's setting that rips people's head with her bare hands. The quest also ends in a pretty interesting direction which will probably leads to something else, maybe as dlc or sequel. Can't wait to see what happens next! The villager's quest are pretty simple: help out villagers or find out what happened to an npc, and then see how messed up the Mongols are. The mythic quest though, OHOHOHO, now THESE are definitely the best parts of the game. These quests involves hearing a legendary story & trying to obtain something, be it a new sword skill, a new armor, or a new bow. Not only do you get to explore pretty as hell places, but you get to duel a lot of bosses, and these guys are all awesome to fight & give you real challenges when you fight them. 3 of them will give you new special sword attack abilities that will definitely make things easier against other enemies, but I personally was just happy that I got to fight them because it all feels so damn awesome. I love them so much that I actually had save files before their fight so that I can load them & fight them over and over again. It's like what I did with Sekiro & Dark Souls when I wanted to fight Nameless King or Sekiro's final boss over and over again. Hopefully there's dlcs that put more of these because I would LOVE even more bosses to fight. Progression in this game is really damn nice because of how many cool stuff you can get. Aside from the usual collectibles like "go here to upgrade max health", climb this shrine to get a special charm that buff your stats, follow foxes to get upgrades for your charms & increase charm slots, bamboo cutting to increase your special move "resolve" bar that lets you heal yourself or use different sword skills, doing quests will grant you many armor that gives different stat changes, like how a samurai armor give more health or how a ninja + light armor give you stealth advantage. I always use the traveler's armor because this thing will give a vibration to any collectibles nearby. And when you die it black, it looks like a perfect ninja outfit, like so There's also haiku writing, and these things will give you new headbands. Basically you just sit, and enjoy the pretty as f sceneries, while choosing what words you want to put from the scenery you see. I always look forward to these haiku segments & they always give me a good calm. THIS is how you do collectible quests, not just go to point b & pick an item like so many open world games did. Looking at you rocks of Rage 2 URGH why the hell did I have to look at the crystals one by one to get them instead of getting them all at once?? DX I can't praise the combat in this game enough. Even after 40+ hours of playing, I never got tired of slicing enemies off with my katana, unlike Assassin's Creed's combat before the Syndicate game onwards which get boring because the enemies are so easy to kill & you mow down hundreds of them which make them more like a one man Arnold Swatzneger than an assassin. When you start the game, your moveset is very limited, but still pretty decent. Square is your normal attack while triangle is your Stone stance specific attack which works well against swordsmen, but not the other enemy types like shield wearer or spear wielder. As you progress through the game by assassinating & spying on enemy generals, you'll build meters & then acquire the other 3 stances: water which works against shield wielders, wind which works against spear wielders, and moon which works against big bulky enemies. You can swap these stances by holding R2 and then pressing the square X circle triangle button. What's pretty sweet is how the stance picture is related to the buttons, so the Stone stance is X because the picture are 2 swords clashing, the circle is the shield you know what I mean. And when you level all of these abilities up to max, you will feel like a complete badass. And the great thing is even when you maxed them out, the enemies are still able to kick your ass if you're not careful, so there's still a lot of challenges in fighting them. It's basically what happens when you put For Honor's combat into a game but reduce the 3 way direction system and make it so you have to dodge unblockable attacks at the right time, while also parrying the blockable moves for openings, which makes the fights freaking awesome. AND I LOVE IT! BUT there's also the other cool as hell combat mechanic that this game has: the standoff. AKA: the epic samurai version of an old west mexican standoff. Ohohohoho maaaan, I never get tired of this move. The assassinations are also evolving as you play through the game. Initially, Jin wasn't such a good assassin because his stealth kills took long & the tools like the kunai & bombs are not that strong. But then he learned how to use poison darts, the assassination becomes a lot faster, he moves like a proper ninja, and WAAAYY much later in the game, he will gain a super mode that allows him to kill 3 enemies in an instant, but only if you have a 7 kill hit streak without getting hit or killed an enemy general through a stealth kill. And what I like about this part is that you'd think he'll be like Ellie from Last of Us part 2 in that he becomes more like a force of nature that just kills and got into conflict with his allies because of it. But NO. All throughout the game he is still a really cool dude who helps civilians + his friends with their problems, and he only goes full ninja assassin against the Mongols because they absolutely deserved to die & if he didn't, more civilians & his allies would get killed by them. Hell, he actually did what I would've done against the enemies if I was put in his shoes. And by the end of the game, he's become a full hero that protects his people. Like Doomguy in Doom Eternal, only a lot friendlier. Now THAT's a guy I can get behind. The music, OH THE MUSIC, it is an absolute treat to the ears. The boss battles & battle songs are always heart pumping, and the songs during the final parts of the game? That gave me goosebumps. I'm definitely gonna download the songs & use them for my custom in-game soundtrack. This soundtrack should definitely win best soundtrack in the game awards later this year. Also, after the end of the game & having completed a lot of sidequests, I actually don't want to complete it 100 % because I don't want this game to end. I much rather replay the entire game again from scratch so that I can do it all over again. That rarely happened when I play an open world game. Only Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Asylum + City, Shadow of War until the grinding gets too much, Mad Max & Watch Dogs 1 + 2 gave me the same feeling. My rating for this game is definitely "so awesome you will play this game over and over again, writing haikus, facing awesome bossfights & be a samurai + ninja to your liking", with a badass seal of approval. And it's definitely a GOTY contender, aside from Doom Eternal. Now I actually don't want an official Japanese Assassin's Creed because they will somehow put microtransactions in them, or make it a reskin of Origins/ Odyssey with Japanese things put in. It'll be awesome hopefully, but I bet with the assassin + Juno stuff they'll make the story actually less engaging than this game. I want to see a sequel to this game though because Jin's story is FAR from over after this game. Maybe it'll be as dlc, or it will take place in a different island other than Tsushima? We shall wait & see! And I'm also awaiting Cyberpunk 2077 & Watch Dogs Legion. Cyberpunk will of course be freakingtastic, but I hope Watch Dogs Legion give me that same "I want to play this game all over again" feeling with my army of grandmothers. Also fun side stuff with this game, there's a Kurosawa black and white mode that makes the game plays in black and white like Akira Kurosawa's various samurai films. It'll make things harder though because the enemies have red unblockable & blue blockable attack types, and you can't tell which is which in the mode unless you memorized the enemy movements.Also I'm surprised that just like Infamous, this game doesn't have rag dolls. Sucker Punch still makes awesome falling from height animations though so good to see them doing something different with regular physics.
  7. The fifth big PS4 exclusive game that comes this year, other four being Last of Us 2 that is not as universally liked but still liked by those who does, Nioh 2 which is pretty much mostly the same as the first Nioh except you have a demon form parry system + character customization, the waifu upgrades giver that is Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Dreams. Which still to this day I keep on coming back to and LOVING what creative stuff people came up with. And these things are pretty much the new way to check out new quick games that pretty much made most early access games obsolete. I had always been hyped for this game ever since this game was announced since it's the Japanese Assassin's Creed that I have been looking forward to with a lot of Samurai film influences, and now the review embargo has finally been lifted & the people have spoken. I am mostly on board with these 2 guys in terms of game reviews, and Joe is even a fan of YongYea. He loves it, which makes me very excited, and now I can't wait to play it! 3 more freaking days until I finally play another great Japanese samurai ninja game again. I LOVE that there's going to be proper 1 vs 1 boss fights here. Having a samurai duel is always gonna be freaking hype, which is what Sekiro did for me. Keep these things coming pls, I am always looking forward to samurai + ninja goodness! On another note, I am still waiting one day for a game similar to Rising Zan & Red Steel 2 to show up & mix both Red Dead + Samurai/Ninja combat. This song is fucking awesome. Cyberpunk 2077 will most likely be that game judging from the katana I see in V's room the game presentation a while back. Looks like 2020 is gonna be a good gaming year after all!
  8. I don't post stuff like this because these kinds of things usually are not that important, but this time of year in this situation? It is an entirely different story. Coronavirus has been a gigantic problem right now. Ever since this flu-like virus started in China, the rest of the world has been affected. This is seriously like that board game Pandemic where the world is facing a crisis because of a deadly disease that's slowly spreading to the world. Because of this disease, Italy is in full lockdown, Germany prepares for the worst case scenario, USA has gotten so bad that events like WWE, E3, and even the NBA are affected. I watched the last match of Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks, and that game went from fun to absolutely depressing as hell because out of nowhere the show was told to shut future matches down after that. I am scared for my family back in Indonesia because that place is a sickzone right now, and here in Australia people are already affected by the thing that my church choir had to be cancelled because the church is closing till 31 March, and even Tom Hanks got affected by it in Goldcoast. It's a complete mess. I am here to tell you guys to stay as healthy as possible. I don't want you people to get affected by this terrible disease, and in times like this, the last thing you want is to get hit by this thing & had to stay in the hospital for God knows how many days & unable to enjoy playing games or watch your favorite movies or whatever you guys do on your spare time. Here's a pointer about this disease & how to protect yourself. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/12/can-a-face-mask-stop-coronavirus-covid-19-facts-checked https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/02/how-to-protect-yourself-coronavirus Pre-emptive measure is very important. Stockpile your house with supplies, because it is highly likely that things will be so bad that you can't even go out of your house. Take care of yourself guys, and may we get through this tough time with good health until it's over.
  9. Well, these guys play a lot of their games before posting vids about them, so they're definitely playing hard. XD Stay safe out there. And also play good games + watch as many good shows now that we're all in lockdown. Here's a recommendation of mine when I want to get some good lols, and also to learn about silly events that happened. Learning history & having fun at the same time from these.
  10. Eh, that's a matter of personal taste though. For a person, sometimes a story can make or break something even though everything else is good. Hell, I had a similar line of thought with God of War 3 with the story. I can't stand how much of a cunt Kratos was in that game & I don't give a shit about the improved combat or badass things he did if in the end, he's just a self-centered piece of shit that doesn't care about innocent people, and so after I finished the game I don't want to touch it anymore and was hoping he would just die. If I want to see a main character doing badass Godly things, and be completely on board with the character, I rather play Asura's Wrath, which has an infinitely more likeable main character than Kratos ever will be in that original trilogy. Good thing the PS4 God of War actually made him a much better person & now I am on board with him for his battle will the Norse Gods. Last of Us 2 is definitely a people splitter. Some like it, some don't. Joe's just one of those that don't like it as soon as the first 2 hour of the game happened, and I even made my own review of it & telling people to see the first 2 hours of the game first before getting the game because it'll determine whether they will like the game or not from then on, and even tell people to not buy the game if they don't like it. In the end, it's just a review from someone who doesn't like it. Joe said a couple of times that it's perfectly fine for people to enjoy the game and he's glad that people enjoyed it. There are other people who like the game, me & my friends included, and we don't pay the negative reviews any mind at all & enjoy the game to the fullest. I recently got all the game's trophies for the game & then traded it for store credits, but that's because I have already seen everything the game has to offer after playing the game for the last 2 weeks & am curious to see what the sequel or dlc will be like. And that's another thing, there definitely will be a sequel. And Abby is definitely redeemable. Aside from the thing she did in the beginning of the game which definitely should've been done better than what it was, she's a complex character and actually not that bad of a person, and when the sequel gives her more moments to be more likeable, as well as make her regret the things she did in the past, I'm sure she'll not be as hated. Just hope the writers will know what they're doing and gave Ellie a chance to earn happiness & be at peace as well. Then again, the ending of 2 is pretty ambiguous & I definitely think it's not as bad as people make it out to be. Both of these girls has a chance to be even better after what happens in this game, and the sequel will be a good place to make it happen. Too bad that the internet is not so open minded & had to just blow things out of proportions with their death threats to Laura Bailey & whatever stupid shit is on right now. She's just doing her job people, don't be a mindless prick about it. And well, even Joe himself got flack from people because of the review. This is just a pointless waste of time that's not making the situation any better, especially during this corona time. How about moving on & actually be excited about the next games coming? Like Ghost of Tsushima. Can't freaking wait to play this! 5 more days!!!
  11. Yep, that's the number I expected. This is definitely a game where spoilers need to be said because it'll really determine whether you enjoy the game or not. To borrow a quote I did on the games beaten post just recently: Well, the Coffin gang is there so good thing there's a music gag in the end. Fun fact: this is the origin of where the coffin dance comes from. Yes, it's a thing that started to make funerals more upbeat. Unfortunate they can't do it now because of Corona, but they have the meme vids though! And here's the spoiler discussion Now that I replayed the game again on new game + with all the upgrades & the enhanced listening mode that highlights the items, it's definitely a much more fun time since there's more challenge in the fights. I also see more behind the game's ending now, and it definitely is not as bad as it looks because of many things:
  12. I made a review of this game when it was released. It certainly is an interesting way to make a gameplay out of googling. I like having to play something different like this once in a while. 98) Enemy Front Platform: PC This was a game made by the people behind Sniper Ghost Warrior, or Lords of the Fallen. City Interactive, aka an ok game dev that once just made fps shooter games that uses the same game engine for FEAR with just under 2 hours of length for each games. They also once did a pretty interesting point & click mystery game series named Art of Murder. Unfortunately the recent games in that series abandoned the point & click and goes to the most atrocious & soul suckingly dull game genre of them all: HIDDEN ITEM CLICKING GAMES. IHIHIHIEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! FUCK YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT!! Ahem. Anyway, Enemy Front. This is what I can see as City Interactive combining all their experience making fps games & put them into one game. It certainly is a fun time, even though it's a pretty generic WW2 story about you a journalist somehow managing to destroy the German military. At first he's only in it so that he can make a good story, but then he found out war's fucked up & decided to help out various people in Europe. This game reminded me of really old school Medal of Honor games on PS1. Specifically Underground. The only Medal of Honor game with a female protagonist. And it's one of the best games in the series. Oh how Medal of Honor has fallen since then. You are able to select 1 out of 2 options during various missions which varies your gameplay a little, but not much because in the end you just need a gun to kill every nazis in sight. The game strangely has a stealth gameplay put in, but you will probably never do any stealth in this game because you can just go guns blazing & the game would play just fine. Maybe they're just copy pasted mechanics from Sniper Ghost Warrior. I like a couple of the music in this game, specifically the loading screen before each missions & the song during the mission in France, though the other songs are just ok afterwards. All in all, it's 6 hours of a surprisingly fun time. It's one of the better City Interactive game that's for sure, not saying much since most of their other games are too short or pretty damn glitchy. But it's still a good time. 99) One Way Heroics Platform: PC A pretty refreshing idea for an action rpg. It starts like any normal rpg with you selecting your characters. But what's different here is that you can select what map you want to be in. After that, the game starts & you have to move to the right of the map constantly because the area to your left will kill you if you're too slow. After that it's just about you leveling up your characters, dying over and over again until you finally kill the demon lord. Time moves when you make a move, so you can safely just stand still to think of your next move, which is what I did a couple of times. You also have the ability to stop time to get more breathing room, but also character ability depending on which class you picked in the beginning of the game. When you die, you'll get points that you can use to either unlock new perks, characters, or increase inventory for your "dimensional chest", which is like those boxes in Resident Evil/ Biohazard games, only when you put the items in, you can use it for your next playthrough after death. It's a surprisingly really fun time, and really fast paced so you can beat it under an hour, but expect to die over and over again due to sometimes random super strong enemies that will kill you, or because you had to swim/ climb a mountain but the fog of death catches up with you. Thankfully you can save your game if you enter an inn with a save progress lady, or if you use a save crystal, and you can continue from then on when you load the game. The songs are awesome, and a good way to prepare you for the many deaths ahead. Best part is there's a lot of characters & perks to unlock, so you can definitely replay the game all over again 100) Rose and Camellia: the Rose Bride of Legend Platform: iPhone, and an old PC game before this I stumbled upon this game by chance from a gameranx video, and man, am I glad I did. This is like Punch Out, only with girls slapping the shit out of each other. I mean......... that's a damn good and simple concept that I'm surprised I haven't seen it until now! You fight increasingly more ridiculous women in a battle to become the head of the family that your recently deceased husband belongs to. 5 of them in fact. And the best part is in this game you can do a hundred slap combo if you managed to not get hit by the other fighter I mean other bitches I mean other slappers. Yes, you can do this to them. And when you beat them this way, the women will be flown so hard back that their face got stuck to a wall. XD The iPhone version I played is an updated version of the original game, and the original game is on PC since 2011. Which is made by the same people who made the Indiana Jones esque dungeon crawler La Mulana. Yes, this game Apparently there are actually sequels to this game, and I want to play them. Let's see how crazy things will get. 101) HopBound Platform: iPhone Man....... this game's dark. At first this game looks like another typical endless runner parkour game. But then as soon as you play the game for 2 minutes, things get fucking dark. Holy shit does it get messed up. I will not spoil it, but it's kind of like Pony Island where you find WAYYY more than what you're getting. And I love it! Definitely an underrated hidden gem for the iPhone, even if the controls are quite slippery & you will die many2 times. 102) Devolverland Expo Platform: PC After seeing the Devolver Digital press conference & they showed this, I just had to play it. And it's essentially a pretty cool multi advert showcase for upcoming games. The story's that you stumbled upon the Devolver Digital E3 convention center or something, and the whole place is completely abandoned because of well, corona. So you are free to check out the many game trailers the place has! But watch out for the robots & alarm lasers. Good thing you're equiped with a Devolver nerf cannon thing that you get at the start of the game to disable robots & even unlock securities. The bummer is there's so many games, and there's a bunch of consoles that has the games, BUT YOU CAN'T PLAY THEM. There's even a Serious Sam 4 & Shadow Warrior 3 booths with weapons obviously on display, some are even spinning, SPINNING I TELL YA, but you can't use any of them. URGHHHHH, WHY YOU TEASE ME LIKE THIS GAME?? During the game, you can find collectibles for 3 games that are unannounced, and when you collect them all, you'll get a new screen at the end of the game that gives you screenshots of those 3 games. Not much, but it's still cool that you get to see what's next. 103) Remnant: From the Ashes Platform: PC I had been eyeing this game for a while ever since people call this Dark Souls but third person shooter. So finally I got this game. They lied. THIS IS NOT DARK SOULS THIRD PERSON SHOOTER. It is in fact a dungeon crawler roguelike shooter that's more akin to Warframe with a bit of Darksiders. And it's quite appropriate because the dev actually made Darksiders 3, and that's what you call a Dark Souls esque game. To be a Soulslike game, you gotta have the same death mechanics, the same souls for leveling up + buying items & retrieve your lost souls mechanic. So games like Ashen, the Surge, Lords of the Fallen, Code Vein, Mortal Shell, THOSE are what you call a damn Soulslike. This game has none of those things, which makes me annoyed that the one who actually started calling this game a Soulslike is IGN. The only thing that this game has that's similar to a Souls game is the rechargeable healing item, the fog walls before fighting bosses & crystals that's a fast travel spot which respawns all enemies when you rest there, but even that bonfire system is not really a Souls game because it existed with hundreds of other games before. And in here it's actually done interestingly because there's crystals that you can fast travel to, but there's also dungeon crystals that give you temporary resting places, so you can't fast travel to those places. You can only go back to the main world hub, and then return to that spot after you get the necessary upgrades before continuing your adventure. This game's actually pretty damn awesome when you get past that inaccuracy though. It's a pretty solid looter third person shooter where every weapons feels nice to use. The melee weapons don't use stamina thank God, you only use stamina to run & dodge roll. The name of the game here is to kill enemies, loot scraps which acts as in game currencies & materials off them. Exploring areas & opening treasure chests are also a great way to get scraps + materials, but another way to get good scraps is to destroy breakable objects. Tired of not getting anything from destroying boxes, vases & glass items in other rpgs? Now you can actually get rewards from them! You get a couple of weapons to discover around the world, and I found out that the best weapons in the game are the laser beam you get from the second world + the flamethrower machine gun you get from the first world's boss. How the world works in this game is quite interesting. The areas and the main boss areas are the same, so in the first, you'll visit earth, second is a post-apocalyptic Mad Max esque planet, third's a swamp and fourth is a jungle. The cool thing though is that many of the layouts are completely randomized, which makes your playthrough different from the walkthroughs on youtube. In these areas, you'll also stumble upon dungeons which are randomized as well, and they have different mini bosses you get to fight, which are pretty much just upgraded elite enemies you will fight throughout your journey. Beating the bosses will give you crafting items which you can then use to create either weapon ability or a special boss weapon, though I only use the "heal yourself for 30 seconds" ability for the entire game because that thing is such a good Godsend. Since these thing acts on cooldowns which is recharged by damaging other enemies, you can use these things infinitely. And that is so damn helpful in this game since your estus equivalent is very limited, though you can buy a lot of "drink a potion and it will restore health every second" drink. You may be asking "wait, so how on earth can I get all the boss items? Do I have to replay the game in new game plus? And since it's randomized, I can get pretty unlucky and won't ever get the boss item I'm looking for!" And the good thing is you don't have to go to new game plus. There's 2 modes you can do: campaign & adventure mode. Adventure mode is the "free roam without needing to reset story progress" mode, so you can go to an area that you want & do those dungeons until you fight all the bosses in that particular area. Best of all, you can adjust the difficulty if you so please. And if you feel the harder difficulties are too much, you can create a new adventure immediately. It's a pretty sweet mode, especially after you beat the campaign mode but don't want to reroll the entire campaign. This is a damn good game & I can't wait to see what's next from the dev, aside from Darksiders 4 that is. Funny thing with this game's final boss, it has 2 phases. The first phase is like fighting Doc Oc from Spiderman, and the second phase is like fighting Medea from Fate when she does this. In the second phase, you're teleported to this dark area with a lot of enemies swarming towards you. I thought I had to beat them all to get out of the area to return to the boss, then after 5+ times of dying, finally beating the boss inside this area, only to get confused because the fights keep on repeating itself, turns out I can actually get out of this place at any time by going to a portal. You only need to kill enemies to refill your ammo......................... URHAFAINHFIAUDFBAPDFJAQDAEHFSOJFVOSHFSADFOSJF But once I found THAT out, the boss becomes really easy & I beat the game. Damn me and my inability to just get out of harms way. DX Also fun fact, as it turns out, the final boss is actually the main character of an Oculus game named Chronos, made by the same people. This game is a surprise sequel to that game after that game's ending. That's a pretty cool connection! 104) Time Crisis: Razing Storm Platform: PS3 Ahhhhhh, I love me some good rail gun games. This is that one that's about destroying giant robots & plays like Crisis Zone which I mentioned on Gal Gun. And it's a damn good satisfying game to play. This also comes with it's own PS3 story mode, just like what Time Crisis 4 did. It finally continues the plot of what happened after the arcade game's ending, and it's pretty simple fun. The thing that surprises me the most is how this mode plays out. It's a weird hybrid of fps & Time Crisis, so there's spots around the game where you can take cover & shoot by moving your own PS3 controller down & up, or you can just play the game like a regular fps game. Only difference is that you don't aim down your iron sight, but instead use the directional button to control your cursor to wherever the enemies are on screen. Some weapons with a scope can be zoomed in by pressing X. I tend to use the hiding spots a lot, which makes me wonder why there are no more games like this. I'm down for this kind of way to play a game. Maybe in Time Crisis 5 when it's out. Also now that I noticed it, the final boss likes to do evil laugh a lot, and he REALLY sounded like Joaquin Phoenix's Joker when he's laughing. Did he got his way of laughing from this game? ?_? 105) Deadstorm Pirates Platform: PS3 This game...... THIS FUCKING GAME. It's that game in the arcade that has a steering wheel. I was initially excited that I finally got to play this game. The cast of characters are pretty funny in that aside from the main characters, the other people in the ship crew are just ripoff from Pirates of the Carribean. Then I found out that this game is not meant to be played using a regular PS3 controller, because there's so many times where the game goes to "shoot the enemy weakpoint" minigames, and I can't hit them because the bosses move all the damn time, so I had to die over and over and over again until I got a game over, the game gives more credits because that's how you can get more credits here & do the whole thing over again now with more knowledge on proper cursor placement. Which doesn't help at all when the bosses move like they're the Flash. Worst enemies in this game: fucking crabs. One of the mission have you use a boat & fight seafood monsters. Including these damn crabs Not only are there swarms of these things, but they can't be killed unless they move their claws away. And some of them instantly appear out of nowhere and damage you in an instant! I was actually able to get to the final boss when I have 6 credits. I used up 5 credits before, and the boss have a lot of cheap attacks that forced me to use the last credit. The boss was on his last healthbar, and then he killed me because he had one of those annoying weakspots that moves really damn fast. So you know what that means: I HAD TO REPLAY THE ENTIRE GAME ALL OVER AGAIN. ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Thankfully I finally beat him after that. TAKE THAT YOU BASTARD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  13. Well, at first this is just going to be a Devolver Direct thing. But then yesterday Ubisoft did their own digital event, and mixed with the PS5 reveal weeks ago, it's pretty much this year's version of E3. So what the hell? Here's for the digital events that just happened. "Konami do 2 full hours on 4 new Metal Gear games during which they had a surprise break in event to announce the cancellation of 3 of them. DURING THE SAME LIVE STREAM". Best line. Also that sounds like something those assholes would do. They don't give a shit anymore & it makes me sad. This Digital conference though, MUAH, byoutiful. Can't wait for Shadow Warrior 3. And that Sonic Fox game, though that's probably just a joke. But hey! We can play the Devolverland Expo game for free on Steam! It's actually a pretty nice marketing thing they did cause you get inside this what if version of a Devolver Digital E3 looking thing & you get to see the upcoming game trailers + gameplay previews while dodging enemies & even fighting a boss at the end. The only downside is you can't play any of the games, even though they have playable booths. URGHHHH WHY YOU TEASE ME LIKE THIS GAME Gotta say, now I'm even more excited for Watch Dogs Legion. Not only will I plan to build my army of old people, but I'll have John Wick too because hey, Keanu's 55 so he's almost a senior. XD HyperScape's pretty much Ready Player One but Battle Royale. Hope the game has a nice story mode and not just another battle royale. Glad to see Valhalla actually looking pretty nice unlike the leaked footage. That one I blame on the person playing the game since whoever that was did a pretty basic gameplay with none of the cool stuff that's shown in this conference. Also, Gus Fring in Farcry 6. He already did fantastic work in Breaking Bad, and this is just his next chance to show some more charisma. I want him to surpass Vaas, so I hope he will have a lot of screentime unlike Pagan Min who isn't really a villain in that game, or Joseph Seed who also isn't really a villain since in the end he was just a misguided guy trying to save the world. All in all, it's a pretty nice conference. Shame there's no Beyond Good and Evil 2 but there's other stuff to make it fun.
  14. Some of you may be aware of the game Mortal Shell, a new Soulslike game announced months ago that has ragdoll flying physics. For some reason. The game was in closed beta starting 2 days ago, but because so many people registered for the closed beta, the game dev decided "fuck it, it's now open beta. Have fun everyone!" And there you go. You can play the game's beta right now like what I'm going to do after this. All you need is to download it right here through Epic Game Store. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/mortal-shell/beta Enjoy, and prepare to die. HUAHAHAHAHAHA
  15. ............................... Actually no. I like the game, but I am aware that this is not a game that will make everyone happy. There's a lot of people that hated it, and also those that like it. But we definitely think this is not a perfect 10 out of 10 game that media outlets touted it to be because of the various problems the story has. Joe's simply telling what he thinks about the game after he completed it and thought over the entire game's story, and I completely understand it because many people also share his thoughts on it. If you just want to put typical stock troll youtube commenter copypasta, then just go back to youtube.
  16. Kholat is just a shameless exploitation of a real-life Dyatlov Pass Incident with complete nonsense thrown in + Sean Bean. The recent Blair Witch game is better than that game, and that game's not that good to begin with. Want a horror game? Cry of Fear's the best bet. And that game's free.
  17. Last of Us part 2, after many years of sparse trailers, after the unfortunate timing that is the Coronavirus, and after the leaks which cause all hell to break loose, it's finally here. And well, the director & writer Neil Druckmann himself already warned us in advance that this game's going to be divisive, and he kept his word. I can say this: before thinking of buying the game, youtube the first 2 hours of the game up until Ellie enters Seattle. If you don't like where it's going, definitely don't buy the game because it's going to make you angry, and there's another review up by Paz which reflects that, which are full of spoilers so watch out for that if you read this first. And possibly Joe's review which will be up later, and I understand completely if he's angry with it. But if you like where it's going and are on board with it, then this is the game for you. I'm actually the later half that knows what I'm in for before I get this game, and I've played similarly messed up games like Nier & Nier Automata which are infinitely more depressing, so thankfully I completed the 30 hour long journey ending satisfied, but not without a few gripes of course. The game takes place around 5 years after the first game. Spoilers for the first game here: You definitely will remember that in the first game's ending, Joel killed a bunch of Fireflies & saved Ellie from being killed because her brain's going to be dissected by the doctor in order to create a vaccine for the fungus virus, which may or may not even work so it's definitely a really messed up situation. Just by this event alone, I already know that what Joel did will come and bite him big time eventually, and this game's one of the answers to that. Personally I pretty much tried to choke everyone in the building & shoot the doctor guy in the leg which made him drop down like a ragdoll unlike what the game's recreation of the event showed but ah well. Anyway, it's 5 years later and Ellie + Joel are living their new life in Jackson Wyoming and well, things are actually pretty cozy in this place. And you get to meet a couple of the supporting casts: Joel's brother Tommy, Dina who's Ellie's girlfriend which picked up Ellie's hobby of making BAAAAD puns, mostly horse puns, and Jessie who is Dina's ex boyfriend. I don't know about you, but he totally likes Ellie too by the way he's checking her out. Hell, if Ellie swings both ways, this dude's a good match for her by how they're interacting throughout the game. XD So the proper game begins as Ellie & Dina are doing their patrol runs around the town. There's a couple of things that actually happen in the intro which I will not mention, but like I said before, check out the first 2 hours on youtube for it & see if you're on board with it. But for a rough idea of what happened, here's the release date trailer. Here's a side note: a couple of the scenes here are different than what's in the proper game. Like, WAAYYYY different so watch out for that. And so begins Ellie's quest for blood as she travel to Seattle, and this game's roughly around 30 + hours, filled with plenty of action, fungus zombies, brutally awesome kills & nice flashbacks here and there to mellow out the relentless pacing. Most of it are pretty sweet, and some are like "ok.... why is that there?" Now even though I'm one of the people who like the game's story for what they're going for, I'm going to mention the parts of this game that I don't like first: I definitely think the event that leads to Ellie going to Seattle can be done a lot better. I expected it, but the way it's done makes one party look like a complete prick, even though there's a well-justified reason for it through their perspective because by the end of it all, both parties aren't completely bad people and are in the grey area instead of black and white. And that's what I'm gonna say about it without spoilers for that part. One character in this game is named Lev. He's the 13 year old boy in this teaser trailer with the bow and arrow. For some baffling reason, this character's a transgender, all because she cut her entire hair short and decided to change her name from Lily to Lev. And it's just completely unnecessary because only 2 very short dialogues that don't even last more than 1 minute mentioned it, and it doesn't have any impact on the story whatsoever other than it just being there because the game for some reason wants to have it. You could just get rid of that dialogue and nothing in the story would change. The maximum bullets you get to store here are surprisingly fewer than in the first game. You can't get more than 8 for your shotgun, 9 for your rifle, 12 for your revolver & 16 for your standard handgun. I thought you had to upgrade your skill tree to get more max bullets but nope! This is it for the entire game. The weirdest thing is even when you increase the clip capacity for your weapons, the max bullets remain the same, which makes no sense. In many parts of the story, the game tried to make the enemy you fight sympathetic. Like "oh no, that guy you killed turned out to be a pretty cool guy", or "oh no, that person's actually just an awkward kid in a bad situation" because you get to see a couple of their backstory later on in the game. But to be completely honest, I don't feel sorry about killing any of them in this game. You know why? Because they're being complete pricks to Ellie, even though Ellie time and time again gave them the chance to just give her the info that she needs and she'll let them go. Especially Nora, Mel & Owen who were supposed to just be normal people put in a bad situation, but when they interacted with Ellie they immediately tried to kill her. Like seriously, if you want to make them sympathetic, make them actually nice & not be complete dicks to Ellie. Simple as that & none of the problems that happen in this game would happen in the first place! And this next part is for WAYYYY later in the game after around 20 hours in which I won't spoil but OH GOD, there's a sex scene there. And it is..... SO AWKWARD and dumb that it makes Ride to Hell & Heavy Rain's sex scenes look Oscar worthy. I can't believe it's actually possible, BUT IT IS. Other than that, on with the good. The graphics are obviously one of the best looking game on PS4 so no arguing there. Though surprisingly if you compare this game's cutscenes to the first Last of Us, especially for scenes with young Joel & Ellie, not that much has changed, which speaks volumes about how awesome the first game's cutscene quality is & how well it just transitions to PS4. Not during the gameplay of course because this game obviously has a much better quality. Despite how messed up & depressing the story gets, the best part of the game are the flashbacks before the event of the game. One of them taking place in a museum which is so cute & adorable it make my heart grew big sizes, and the other one which is pretty damn sad but necessary for Ellie. Hell, you can pretty much make Last of Us 2 about these flashbacks and continue from there instead of what we get, and the game would INFINITELY be less divisive than it is currently. The gameplay mechanics in this game is really solid & a major improvement compared to the first game. For starters, exploration in this game is WAAY more fun and big, and the game is like a mixture of the first Last of Us with that partial open world exploration segment that's in Uncharted 4 & Lost Legacy, though that exploration part is most prominent during the first time you are in Seattle. You get to explore parts of the city in this section of the game with your horse, and you get to use a map to search every nook and cranny this place has. The game's puzzles are not as awkward as those plank sections in the first game, which the game even takes a nod of during one cute section. Now the puzzles are more about putting ropes at the correct spots so you can swing to a hidden place filled with stashes, figuring out either to break a window or crawl a hole to open a locked door on the other side, jumping a lot kind of like Uncharted but less all over the place, and opening safe boxes with hints that makes you search around for clues, one of them involving putting a number that's a date for when a DOG gets employee of the month....... Maybe the dog's a very good mascot? ?_? I don't get how a couple of reviewers say that the jump button is useless in this game. I don't know about them, but I jump all the damn time in this game to get to next areas, platforms, and hidden locations. Useless is when you don't even use the button, but you use it all the time in this game. Maybe they mean useless in combat? But who the hell would jump during a firefight in this game anyway? You're supposed to use cover & hide, not be Mario. Not even Drake from Uncharted jumps during combat unless it's one of those hanging on ledges sections. One of my favorites collectible you get is when you explore a bank which turns out was robbed during the fungus outbreak, and you get to see this easter egg Apparently Uncharted is just a game in this universe because there's Uncharted 1 & 2 in many of the PS3 consoles you can see scattered around the game, so why is Drake's ring there? I think it's just a prop from one of the Naughty Dog employees that just put it there. SO many collectibles to see in this game. You get your usual journals that expand on the lore of the game and see many people's stories, like in one part you get to see the tragic story of a bowman who was betrayed by his friends that sided with an enemy faction that killed his daughter, so he gets to trap them in a garage to get infected, and then later on you have to kill his infected corpse & obtain his bow. A couple of them also involve characters who are probably still alive, and I wouldn't mind meeting them so they can share their survival stories with you. Unfortunately Ish from the first game's many old journals is not mentioned in the game, but maybe we'll finally see him later in a sequel, or dlc. Second are these superhero cards that are all over the place. There are so many of these things, and all of them have cool backstories. I would not be surprised at all if there's a future game of some sort that has these characters because I am down to try out their abilities. Especially the space whale & giant squid that are so big that it's pretty much like a Kaiju fight if they battle each other. When I saw the trophies in this game, I was confused as to why I can't collect quarters yet. Don't worry, you get to collect them when the game reaches a certain point. I've been looking forward to the game because of the combat mechanic I saw in the trailers, and man it doesn't disappoint. They made combat much more free-flowing & brutal here. The prone mechanic & bush hiding mechanic definitely makes this game a lot more like MGS, and I even nicknamed this game Last of Us 2 Phantom Pain: Venom Snake Ellie's vengeance. Which if you think about it, actually fits because both games share a common theme. You can crawl through trucks, tables, beds, anything with a hole on the bottom pretty much now, and that feeling you get when you shoot the face of an enemy that tries to search under them is OOOH, SO GOOD. Stealth is really fun since you have a lot more mobility and hiding spots, so you can get spotted & immediately run to go into hiding a lot quicker than in the first game. The enemies will have dogs that track your scents which makes it harder for stealth when these guys are around, but you can get through these guys pretty easily if you keep your distance, and you can simply headshot them. The other nice touch is how the enemies actually mentioned the names of their fallen friends after you stealth kill them. It makes you want to play a collection game to take note of the unique names for each enemy. You can be a stealth master in this game & it'll always be intense and fast-paced as seen here. You can craft silencers using a water bottle attached to it, but only for your pistol. At first I thought "why can't you craft a silencer for your sniper rifle?" cause I've seen it used during that Mark Wahlberg obscure movie Shooter a while back Until I found out that apparently it doesn't work in real life cause it'll just be ruined after a single shot. Well.... glad the game does its research. Hand to hand combat is also a lot better now because you can finally dodge enemy attacks, which does wonders compared to the first game's weird exclusion of it. Couple of times slugging enemies till they just bite the dust are so nice that it definitely reminded me of a battle from the Raid film. And for those that don't know that fantastic film, here's a taste of what you can expect here. Yep, Ellie uses that knife of hers a lot more this time. Wish she would use martial arts moves too but ah well, 1 out of 2 ain't bad. Melee weapons are the same as usual, but you are able to fix a weapon once now. Some, like the plank of wood, actually get upgraded into a mostly one-hit-kill weapon after you do this, but resources are limited so it's best to do that when you're sure that there's no other melee weapon you can pick up first. Speaking of upgrades, wow they ramp up the upgrade for your weapons & skills here. You get WAY better skill upgrades this time around other than more max health & steadier aim, two of them being a "last chance" ability that lets you shrug a lethal kill, and much faster stealth kill. Get these upgrades as soon as possible, it'll make things so much easier. Weapon upgrades are also really nice. It's simpler now in that there's no tier upgrades & gear level to worry about. What you see is what you get. And the best part about these are the animations for before and after you put on the gun upgrades. They're so slick & nice. Love the enemy types you face in this game. There's 4 groups of enemies: the Washington Liberation Front (WLF), the Seraphites, the infected fungus zombies, and the last one at the last parts of the game which I will not spoil, but it's a cool change of pace when you get to it. All of them use different weapons & tactics against you, and it's pretty cool to see how they contact each other during combat. The Seraphites use whistles to tell your locations & keep track of each other for example. Well except the fungus zombies cause they don't give a shit about tactics. Speaking of the fungus zombies, your usual types are back. The normal infected, the stalkers that sneaks & attack you silently, the annoying clickers & the big bloaters who comes back with a vengeance with a lot more health than usual are here. But there's also a new enemy type the Shamblers which are faster bloaters, but with more acid in them. And one more which is pretty much a boss fight that's straight out of Evil Within or Resident Evil, and it's awesome to fight. Unfortunately these 2 are the only new enemy types in the zombie fungus collection, but it's a nice taste of things to come for the sequel of this game, which I really hope will put the fungus zombie apocalypse more to the forefront. The music are a step up from the first game too. Ellie can play guitars in different places, and her actress Ashley Johnson's a DAMN good singer. It's unfortunate that you only get to hear 3 songs from her in the entire game even though she's supposed to write a lot of original songs. One's the song that Joel sang for her in the beginning of the game, second's a cover of Take on Me ............... I can't resist putting this in. 0P No she doesn't sing that really high note, she lowers the note. Still, good song. Third one's a song in the very end credits of the game that's a duet. All of these songs are awesome, but where's this song from this trailer? I'm so looking forward to hearing this song in the game! Maybe they'll put this song in the dlc. Oh, this one's divisive for sure, but I actually like most of what the gameplay after the 20 hour mark is like after the aquarium section. Not all of them as I mentioned before with the Lev character & that HORRIBLE sex scene that happened during this part, but it's full of unrelenting set pieces that's like a mixture of the first Last of Us, Resident Evil & Red Dead Redemption 2 which I am pumped for. Hell, even the last battle was morbidly fun because I get to die over and over again which makes me imagine an alternate ending to this game where it ends right there and there, which I am pretty sure everyone did during that part. XD Also while the ending of the game can be seen as depressing, I actually think it's more hopeful than what it looks like. I mean it's not completely the end because we don't see the whole picture of what happens with everyone in the story next after that part, and it's definitely open to the next chapter of the game where things get better for the people involved with time. Unlike Hotline Miami 2 which ends on such a downer note that there's not a chance in hell that anything positive can happen after that. And there you have it. Despite all the stuff that happens in this game with the leaks & the things that happen during the game itself, I had a great time playing it that right now I'm doing new game + to fully complete my upgrade in the game & collect all the collectibles. My rating for this game is "even though you'll feel down after the whole thing, it's still a fun ride to the end that makes you want to see what happens next". It's definitely NOT a GOTY material or 10 out of 10 like those review websites said because of the many issues it has, though if you ignore the story & play the game for the gameplay only, you'll have a damn good time shooting enemies & stealth killing them in gloriously brutal ways. I can definitely see this game getting a "don't ever want to touch this game ever again" or "burn in Hell for eternity" for those that are not going to enjoy this game, and that's perfectly fine. It's definitely a divisive game that definitely not everyone will enjoy, though calling this game like the "last season of Game of Thrones" is inaccurate because what happens in this game is pretty much just a logical possible route the story takes, not a completely out of left field garbage that last season was. For those guys, like I said, check the first 2 hours of the game on youtube first, and if that's not to your liking, then keep your money for other games. I am curious though about the next step. Despite all the mess, there's a plan already to do part 3. There's still a few loose ends after the end of the game that have great potential to be explored in the sequel. Will there be dlcs that expands on what happens after the ending of this game that leads to the next part? Will there be dlcs that put more Ellie songs in the game maybe through a flashback section? I'm quite curious to find out. Until then, stay safe during this corona season, play Doom Eternal for this year's GOTY contender at the moment if you want a GOTY game right now, wait for Ghost of Tsushima & Cyberpunk 2077.................. WHY DOES THIS GAME GET DELAYED AGAIN??? DX DX DX DX
  18. Those 3 are good choices. Shadow of War, that's an unfortunate game that got ruined by microtransactions. I love that game even if the end part was too much of a grind. No, do not play Hello Neighbour. Everything in that game is so fucking cryptic, that it's intentionally designed to make you go insane. I am dead serious when I say I rather play Ride to Hell all over again than play that crap again because Ride to Hell is intentionally made to be so bad that it's entertaining, NOT so bad it makes you question your sanity & want to throw your PC to the streets! This is a game that needs a guide to progress through the game because there is no way in horatio coppernickle bum bum's ass that you will get through the game in 1 sitting blind. Also while I'm on it, do not play Shenmue 3. That & Hello Neighbour are in the same league as games that make you go insane, but Shenmue 3 was a much more colossal disappointment because it took everything annoying that should've stayed in Shenmue 1 & 2, make them even more annoying, got rid of the fun Sega games while having them be replaced by shallow minigames that's not fun at all & by the 20th hour of doing the same horse stance & wing chun punch just to level up your power bar because apparently Ryo forgot almost all that training he learned from the previous games, everything you did in the entire game is utterly pointless because it's all just a damn filler episode anyway that is going to continue in Shenmue 4. FUCK. THIS. GAME.
  19. 90) Uncharted 4 Platform: PS4 It's Uncharted 4, and as awesome as it was before. After playing all 3 remaster back to back, this game shines even brighter when it shows just how much improved the gameplay & graphics are. The E3 chase sequence is still freaking awesome to do, and even though the first time I played this game I'm not that much of a fan with Sam especially because of the thing that happened in the middle of the game, in the end he's just trying to honor his mom's last unfinished business. Still think the whole game could've been avoided if Nathan just tells Elena the truth about Sam since the beginning of the game & it'll end with less drama. Favorite part in the entire game is definitely the part where you play the original PS1 Crash Bandicoot. I retried the level so many times just to beat Elena's high score, but it's just not possible. Not until the second time you play it in the game's epilogue that is. And wouldn't you know it, Crash 4 is coming soon. Damn what a perfect timing to play this game right at the announcement! 91) Last of Us Part 2 Platform: PS4 Despite this game not worthy of getting the 10 out of 10s because of the story based problems it has, especially that one sex scene 20 hours into the game that still haunts me, I really like this game, but I suspect Joe will make a very2 angry review in these coming days & probably give this game either a 6 or 7 just like he did with Destiny or Rome Total War 2. If that's the case, it's too bad there's not going to be a music skit similar to the Fox song on Rome Total War 2 because of music copyright. That gag makes me laugh so hard. Eh, that's how it is sometimes. 🤷‍♂️ 92) Mosquito Must Die Platform: iPhone It's a game where you hit as many mosquitos as you can before you miss a couple of times. As you kill a bunch of them, you'll unlock new backgrounds, like having the background be egypt themed, or bar themed, or wild west themed. The difference between these are the game over scenes which are ok, but I was hoping for more crazy stuff. Eh, at least the game's free. 93) Faeria Platform: PC Aha, now THIS is a pretty cool game. It's like Heartstone (oh how far Blizzard has fallen) but instead of the game being played by just placing units & abilities based on your cards and have them attack the other team, this game is much more territory-based. In this game you have to create platforms first which will lead you to the enemy player. And you place your units on the platform that you have created & have them move to kill the enemy hero. This game is more about blocking the opponent's way to your hero while having your own unit spawn near the enemy location, and it's WAYYY more fun than it was in Heartstone. Not because it's more territorial based, but because the units are balanced & no such bullshit like "have a unit that will annihilate every other unit on screen" like Heartstone had with their bullshit cards. Some unit can only be spawned on the right field. Water pond for water based units, forest platform for nature units or desert platform for earth based units. You can experiment on your own & pick the right units that suits your playstyle, and watch them destroy the enemy units with ease. Check this game out if you want an alternative to Heartstone or any similar card-based game. 94) Tomorrow Never Dies Platform: PS1 Ahhhhh, the childhood memories. This was my first 007 game when I had the PS1. The intro still hype me up for the stuff up ahead in the game. Playing it back now though, wooooooowwwwwwwwww. This game is fucking jank as hell. I played the game on recruit back then, but at the end the game gives me a "now try the game on 00 agent difficulty to get the ending". So now I go up to 00 agent difficulty. And holy crap, the game not only gets a lot harder, but it's harder in an unforgiving bullshit way. Enemies shoot you WAYYY too fast. Strafing doesn't work because they'll just immediately fire at you while you keep on missing shots, even though the game is on autoaim against the enemies. You have the option to manual aim which turns the game first person, but it's SO. GODDAMN. SLOW. So slow that by the time you aim at an enemy, they will kill you first. So the best way to play the game and survive is to play the long range game. But most of the stages takes place in a lot of tight corridors where enemies will come out of whatever secret door they're hiding in and end you. A couple of stages even have enemies that infinitely respawn so you're definitely on shit's creek when it happens. Fighting the bosses are pretty simple though, except the helicopter. All you do to win is to immediately aim for their head in first person and shoot them over and over and over again. Watch as their health bar go from 100 down to 0 and laugh as they keep on having seizures. While hearing the kickass 007 remix. The game thankfully breaks up the shooting with minigames. Skying, destroying stuff with a fighter jet, destroying cars with your pimped BMW, and at one point deciphering a passcode by pressing random square x circle triangle button until you get the right combination. It's definitely has shown it's age. This is also probably the only 007 game where you actually play as someone other than James Bond for the main mission. In the second to last mission, you get to play as Michelle Yeoh's character Wai Lin. Unfortunately the only difference with her in gameplay is her stealth attack, which you will probably never use anyway unless you're lucky and an enemy is not looking straight towards you, which is a bummer. And she has to fight the most annoying boss in the game: HELICOPTER. And you can beat this thing by keeping your distance and shooting at the sky when the helicopter's not in full view because the draw distance of this game is ASS. If it's in full view, the thing will blow your ass away. What do you get for beating this game on 00 agent difficulty? Just a short recap of all the previous missions in the game with mission complete & a song at the end. As seen here. Yes, the game is only 1 hour 30 minutes long if you managed to get through it without dying too much & restarting a mission......... holy crap, I remember this game took me forever to beat when I played this game for the first time. And that's because I keep on dying a lot, and one time I got completely stuck in mission 4. You're supposed to open this painting's secret safe, but the game doesn't tell you what to do. Do you shoot the painting completely with bullets? Do you move the painting? NO. You have to know to go to an office cabinet that's in a specific spot & push that thing to open it.............. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT? In short, this game made me realize that Syphon Filter is an infinitely better game with similar controls because it has WAY more variety & missions to do. Might need to go back to that classic game. 95) Feather - Social Zen Bird Flight Platform: PC Wow.......ok so............... I'm pretty sure you guys know Joe's reaction when a game has a short length. That time Joe mentioned that when he immediately turned on the game, he beat the game? IT FINALLY HAPPENED. I immediately beat this game I just played as soon as I hit play. I am not joking. I immediately get the only achievement in the game for just starting to play the game & it says thank you for playing............................... THEY DID IT! THEY BROKE THE DAMN RECORD FOR SHORTEST GAME OF ALL TIME!! IT'S TIME TO DANCE AND CELEBRATE!! So what's next after that? What does the game actually offer? Well, it's a game where you play as a bird and explore a small island, but the more correct way to describe the game is that it's an interactive music player. As you explore this island, you can travel through some spheres to change your bird species, or travel to other spheres to change the game's background music while you look around at the various architectures, mountains & plants. You can play the game with other players and make bird noises with them, but that's about it. It's pretty relaxing and the songs are really nice though. I knew about this game last year when I went to this comicon convention in my city for one of the Dragonball FighterZ tournament. One of the booths there have this game on demonstration and the dev team was there for me to chat with. Turns out they made another game I played called Screencheat, a game where you kill other players by literally screen cheating I asked them about whether or not the game has a story, and they said "there is, but you have to play the game and find out"....... Good thing I got this game as part of a cheap game bundle, or else I will have wasted $14.50. Though I would immediately ask for a refund if I did buy it. Thanks Steam refund! 96) Dark Souls 3: complete edition Platform: PC Since Demon Souls is going to get a remake on PS5, I felt like celebrating the occasion by replaying this gem. Unfortunately since this game doesn't support cloud saving & I switched my gaming laptop, I have to replay the entire game from scratch........ but that's fine because this game's fucking awesome & I would love to replay the game all over again anyway! It's quite a different feeling playing this game again after playing Sekiro all this time. I had to forget about jumping & stealth killing all the time and just go ham against enemies and go back and forth with attacking them. And oh yes, had to get used to being invaded by other players because souls be like that. Other than that, once it all settles in, it's back to boss slaying Souls work once again. The Ringed City final boss is still so damn good to fight that I just prolong my fight with him as long as I can before I defeat him. Thankfully this time I made sure to have a backup save file for all the boss fights that I really like so that I can fight them over and over again. HAH, take THAT no cloud save! 97) Bloodroots Platform: PC This game is another one of those Hotline Miami "kill everyone while you avoid being killed since you die in one hit" kind of game. This time you play as a very angry bearded man with a wolf hat that got left for dead by his own crewmen and is on to get his payback. Love the music & artstyle. Most weapons have 3 uses to them and the fun of the game is to switch weapons constantly to rack up the style points & get a high rank in each missions. Shame there's no character skills or upgrades to unlock, but it's still fun. That is until the end of the game happen and get this: Good thing I used my Epic Games coupon to get this game for only $5 or else I would be even more pissed at the end. WHY YOU DO THIS GAME???
  20. Next time put a spoiler tag cause there's people that haven't played the game. Like so: In the end this game is split down the middle. There's people that like it, and people who hate it, and that's how it is. But good thing that it's a matter of personal preference as the cause of why it's hated and not because the game plays like ass. Unlike Hello Neighbour that I played recently which is so UNBEARABLY AWFUL that by the end of that game I actually am glad that I beat it & will never play it again. And I got it for free from Epic Games Store. Very positive steam score? LIES I TELLS YA, LIESSSS!!! I rather play Ride to Hell & Past Cure, and I actually like those 2 games because they're so bad they're entertaining. Not so bad that it's horribly painful to play
  21. It's not really a "forgiving" thing, I just like this story direction since it's a personal taste thing. Different people like different things after all in the end. Actually you know what? This game made me remember Days Gone from last year. That game that's also a zombie apocalypse game but open world by the same people behind Syphon Filter & turns out the game is actually a whaf if sequel story to Syphon Filter, which is pretty cool. Despite how I like the gameplay of Last of Us 2 a lot more, and Days Gone was a much less refined game due to the rough edges here and there, I think I like that game better. Probably because that game is a much more straightforward zombie apocalypse story with surprisingly good pacing with clever twists that actually addresses what causes the zombie outbreak & has a much more exciting path towards setting up a sequel than this game. Get that game if you people haven't, it's much better than it was when it was out with less glitches & a story that's not as depressing.
  22. Yep, I expected this game to split people's thoughts. And since I have just completed this 30 hour game, I definitely feel like talking about the game's story. And this is a good place as any to do it. I assume this is a full spoiler talk place, so I'll talk about my thoughts on the entire game, but I'll hide it for those that want to read it if they want to. Man that is a long one. XD After finishing the game, there's new game +. I'm gonna replay my favorite battle parts & upgrade my weapons & stats to max!
  23. 88) Shuyan Saga Platform: PC This game was all around one of the game bundle stores I frequently buy games from. It's a typical story of a princess of an old Chinese kingdom which is under attack, she had to learn kung fu & beat the crap out of the bad guy, while gaining new companions along the way. Simple, but well done, and I like the comic book cutscenes which sometimes gives you branching dialogue options, though except for 1 part they don't change the story at all, just change the sass of your main character. Plus points because the actress who played the main character is Kristin Kreuk, aka Lana Lang from Smallville. Aka that good Superman high school story show. I remember that show before all the DC films years later make Superman less popular. That was fun. For some reason, the girl eats rice straight up raw after cleaning it with water. As expected it's not edible so she just vomit right after...... how can she not know how to cook rice? ?_? The game's definitely an smartphone game ported to PC because of the touchpad control scheme, and I don't mind it because it's pretty fun to play. Clunky at times, especially because sometimes your character will move to an invisible wall, but it's easy to control & responsive in a good way. The best part about the game is that it has 2 fighting modes. The you vs groups mode & 1 on 1 vs mode. Sometimes in the group mode it'll transition straight to the 1 vs 1 mode where you just need to deal massive damage to your enemy. Once you progress through the story & you unlock the dodge parry, the fights becomes a lot more fun because you can wipe the floor off enemies. Especially the final boss after all the crap he did throughout the game. I am down to see a sequel to this game because it definitely sets up a new journey at the end. And after you beat the game, you get to play 2 extra modes. One's an arena mode where you beat the crap of many bosses, the other's a dungeon exploration game where you play as one of the secondary characters and explore a dungeon while avoiding deathtraps. Both are fun extras. 89) Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Platform: PC After a year of not playing MK11 because of the bullshit tower of time & currency system, I finally returned to this game after seeing my fgc mate Waz playing Fujin & Sheeva. And also this This comes to mind. Since Aftermath has a continuation of the story from the base game, I might as well buy Aftermath + the season pass that I skipped. Thankfully I got both of them cheap at $AUD 42. Yay discount! Man oh man, what a nice way to end the plot. Shang Tsung is definitely the MVP of this story mode, and especially awesome because he's not MK9 Tsung, but Hiroyuki Tagawa. The best Shang Tsung in the series bar none, just like how Raul Julia is undeniably the best M Bison in Street Fighter. As much as I would LOVE to see Raul being in one of the Street Fighter games except the movie tie in, he definitely wouldn't fit well with the Street Fighter Capcom aesthetic. If they do, it'll be awkward like the DmC remake, so the movie will have to suffice. Hiroyuki though, Byoutiful. I can never get tired of seeing this. XD The one thing that's quite a shame about Aftermath though, as well as the base story mode: there's still no trace of the song from the launch trailer. Urgh, WHY?? That MK theme remix should be in the base game as the final battle song! The weirdest thing is that trailer song is officially available, but it's just the same version as the trailer with the same awkward cuts. Which is why I pretty much made my own version of that song and then play this song during the final battle as a great "circle is complete" moment linking it back to the Mortal Kombat film. They're definitely planning something new with MK based on the ending, and I would love for it to be the next Shaolin Monks game. Or a much better open world exploration game version of the Krypt mode mixed with Deception's konquest mode, so it'll be like God of War PS4, but with kung fu & more fatalities. Can't wait to see what they'll do next!
  24. 82) Whiteboyz Wit Attitude: The Pursuit of Money Platform: PS4 Have you ever wanted to see a caucasian person being so african american, and then he does it so hard that he looped around to being white again? And you want 2 of them? You're in luck because that's what happened with these guys. This is a free PS4 game that's made to promote their album. There's 2 games here. First one's a motion control rhythm game thing where you move your PS4 controller in the direction the game wants. And the second one is a driving game where you jump and avoid animals while you shoot boxes & enemy cars. Both are a fun distraction, if cringy as hell. There's also 2 extra music videos by these guys which are..... pretty decent. They definitely can rhyme, though some of the songs can be pretentious because they claim to have "true hip hop" than most songs nowadays which....... is subjective. 83) Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remaster Platform: PS4 Finally it has come full circle with the third game in the Uncharted series, and this game was the first Uncharted game I have completed back when I first bought my PS3. Back then I love it, and now, I still do. They definitely planted seeds of mystery about Nathan that will be answered in Uncharted 4, but I wonder why they didn't mention the fact that Nathan has an older brother. The villains here are so powerful they basically are like the Illuminati, and yet they didn't mention anything about Sam, even though they mentioned everything else, and he's supposed to be written as dead in the Panama prison. Retcon is definitely at work here, but eh, at least it's not as bad as Arthur's sudden existence in Red Dead Redemption 2. Fun trivia about this game now that I revisited it: this game has a couple of 007 moments. The fight in the toilet is from Casino Royale the Daniel Craig film, not the parody, then much later on the section where Drake enters a plane, have a fight in and then later on meets up with Salim is totally straight out of 007 the Living Daylights, only in reverse order & even more awesome. This guy even knows it's from that film. XD 84) Hello Neighbour Platform: PC Hooooo man, this fucking torture...... Since I got this for free on Epic Games, and this game was kind of like what happens if a guy becomes like the Xenomorph from Alien Isolation from what I've seen in the trailer, I thought "why not, this could be a fun time!" IT IS NOT. What in the name of horatio coppernickle's ASS was THAT bullshit? This game is FUCKING TORTURE! The neighbor, the bad guy in the game who's supposed to be persistent in hunting you down? He can get stuck on a door and wall for no reason. I thought the game would be one of those "find an item to get to the next part while the neighbor is hunting you down" kind of game where you can approach the game however you like, but NO. This game is all about doing specific cryptic horseshit that defies logic. In the second act of the game, I have to turn a water pipe. And it's not just 1 water pipe, but 8 of them that's scattered throughout this asshole's house, and most of these pipes requires you to get a valve wheel that you get by turning 4 specific water pipes. THEN NOT ONLY THAT, but most of these water pipes are located in specific spots, and are very high up, so you have to stack fucking boxes to get there. All to drain a flood in this asshole's attic so you don't get bitten by a toy shark, and then find a key to get out of this guy's property because he barricaded everything for some reason like a dick. OH OH OH, THEN act 3 starts. And it is the most unfair of them all because you have to do MANY specific things to progress to the next part which makes no fucking sense that I actually lost my mind. So the goal of this part is to enter this guy's basement and then do a bunch of stuff inside. Why? Because it's all in the main character's dream and fuck you deal with it. So many parts makes no goddamn sense, including the part where you need to get a crowbar to pry the woods to the door leading to the basement. You find the crowbar inside this electric box that's in the upper floor of the guy's house. Why? Because Anthony Doolittle said so that's why! Who's that guy? I made him up because THIS GAME DROVE ME INSANE. So you think you can just pick the crowbar up right? NOPE, you can't pick the crowbar because it's really hot. So what you're supposed to do is get a magnet device thing from a very specific part of the neighbor's house. Then you can use the magnet to drag the crowbar to a shower so that it's actually usable. HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS??? Not to mention how this guy's house looks like this in this section So NOTHING makes any sense. OH, OHOHOOHO But the pain doesn't end there. You then need to pick up a keycard that's in this guy's fridge, but you can't yet since it's encased in ice. So naturally you have to turn off the power supply. But do you do it by: 1) unplugging the power cord of the fridge 2) shutting down power by going outside to the power box and shut it down 3) get captured by the neighbour so it becomes night to have a specific door open, then lodge a chair to it, then get captured by the neighbour again so it becomes morning, go to that door again because now it's open & the door behind it opens as well because it's open during the day, THEN pick up a guitar, THEN matching a room so it looks like a picture, and then turn off the power generator that's outside the room's window?? If you pick 1 & 2, congratulations! You are a human being with common sense. BUT TOO BAD 3 IS THE RIGHT ANSWER WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK FUASOHDANSJFBNAONFFSDGNADMPSDKJGAODHSPIGJPRFGS After THAT bullshit, you get the keycard and FINALLY you're able to enter the basement. Then you die over and over again because you got caught by a dark monster figure. Why? Oh that's because what you're supposed to do is find 3 colored keys, and then open 3 specific doors to play minigames that will unlock the ability to finally get through that section..................................................... a\ASASDADASN348UQW0ER9U3210-312-039O4YH4-2IK FJW JTFLASFCPAFGS But the good thing is I passed that bullshit, and then after some mercifully straightforward sections that's not like that mindfuck, I beat the game. And then it ends by the main character waking up from his sleep, and then moving stuff to his house........................... Why is this game made like this? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?? I rather play Ride to Hell than play this game ever again. THAT'S how bad this game is. And the worst part is it shouldn't be this bad if the game is more straightforward & you're left with an Alien Isolation esque game but with a guy as the xenomorph. Play this game at the cost of your thine sanity. 85) Ronin Platform: PC After playing Helltaker & getting the chocolate pancake recipe, yummy, I decided to play the game that's animated by the dev of that game. And this game is pretty cool. It's a turn based assassination action game. Think Mark of the Ninja, but you die in 1 hit, you do combat by jumping all over the place avoiding gunfires while using your various abilities, and you kill a lot of dudes. Each movement takes 1 turn, and you can see which direction the enemy will shoot at if you do a move, so ideally you want to jump away from their firing range, best place will be above an enemy because other enemies will aim at that direction & you get a free kill. It feels great to kill 7 guys in a room while you jump all over the place like the efficient killing machine that you are. The final mission though is really damn sadistic because you have to get through the level without getting hit at all if you want the good ending. You can get hit, and the game is generous at this part since you can get hit more than 4 times as long as you kill enemies and fill the death timer, but you'll get the bad ending. I pretty much do it both ways, and man, I restarted this mission so many times until I got through this part with surprising ease just by jumping through enemies that don't need to be killed & just going through to the boss as fast as I can. Unfortunately the bad and good ending are just a screen of the same picture you had before each mission starts, only in the bad ending, it's ripped, while in the good ending, the final boss' face is crossed out as mission complete. Why can't the game just show your main character's face in the end to tie things up? I know the character's in the picture since there's a prequel comic that tells you the backstory before the game! 86) Gal Gun Double Peace Platform: PC Yes, to those that are aware, this game is that game where you shoot at girls that are suddenly in love with you with pheromone shots to knock them out, while they make a lot of...... questionable faces & noises.......................................................... I got this game super cheap at Green Man Gaming for $6.80. This game's surprisingly good. If you ignore how this is pretty much a very2 awkward as hell to play game that makes the Witcher 3 look like softcore, which is surprising because this game has no H scenes with S E X at all, this is actually a damn good on rails shooter with SO many variety & stuff to look into. For starters, you have 3 main methods of attacking. The most common is to shoot a girl in specific parts, and each girls have their own weak points which you can one shot. You can charge up your shot to stun the girls, and when you fill up a meter, you can do a super shot that lets you eliminate all enemies at once, right after you do something first which I will not describe here because it's SO DAMN WRONG. The enemies in this game are mostly the people that's inside this particular high school from class 1 - 3 and even to staff members like the teachers & school nurse. All of them girls because you're the only guy in this school for some reason. The stages are full of hidden stuff to collect, ranging from items that's required for sidequests, bios of girls, pink angel thingy that gives you extra points, and hidden girls that doesn't attack you but you can shoot for extra points. One of them which is a main character from the original PS3 Xbox 360 game that's an angel, but got demoted to a human because of the event of that game. A couple of them even have a side quest involving a hidden ghost girl you can find & shoot, and each stages have side objectives that lets you find hidden items by zooming in areas or a specific girl's boo I mean a girl's stomach, and multiple paths to take too. This makes the stages full of replayability & makes you want to do replay it. Not only that, but the game have multiple routes you can take because your goal is to confess your love to a girl before the day ends, or else you will be hated by everyone forever, and it's surprisingly very cute. Each route has a section where the main girl is stuck in an, ahem, naughty situation and you just have to deal with it. Like saving one of your love interest from getting her hands & feet stuck on a floor, or pulling another girl out of a window because she got stuck in the middle of it. You know, your typical ecchi manga girl situation that only chick magnets in anime land has to deal with! And by the end of the route, you either get the bad end, true end or the good ending which is more comedic. And there's 5 routes, the last route which is basically a free for all that lets you pick one out of 60+ FREAKING GIRLS. HOLY SHIET THAT'S A LOT OF GIRLS TO CONQUER! And yes, that includes the teachers, the school nurse, and the ghost girl. If it's there, you can get them! I am surprised that this game is as full of content as it is. Even though this game is very2 ecchi, I can't deny that the dev went out of their way to make a fun game with tons of stuff in it. This makes me want to see rail shooters return & have as good a content as this game, not just as a 2 hour game with nothing else to them. Like imagine if House of the Dead has a new game with multiple paths, side contents, multiple story paths with different bosses & enemies to fight in each & have like 7 different endings. That'll be the best House of the Dead game that I would play over and over again! Only House of the Dead 2 on PC was kind of like that since it has a mode that lets you modify you weapons, but that's just peanuts compared to what Gal Gun had. The closest a rail shooter had to having that much stuff is when PS3 had Razing Storm + Time Crisis 4 + Deadstorm Pirates in one game. Which I think I will play again one of these days. Wonder how different Gal Gun 2 is compared to the first. Only one way to find out! 87) Power Rangers Battle for the Grid Platform: PC A great Power Rangers fighting game. Wow, been a LOOOOONG time since we had a good Power Rangers game! And this game's made by the people who made the mobile free to play game, but now it's an actual fighting game which is similar to MVC3, but a lot simpler because you do the special moves by pressing X & doing different directions. It's really damn fun just being able to do long strings of combos & deal massive damage with each characters. The story mode is pretty basic, but quite entertaining for what it is. The plot is based on a comic book named Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid. Think of it like an Avengers MCU movie esque event where multiple power rangers have to group together and fight the main villain, which in this game's case is Lord Drakkon the evil Tommy Oliver. What you see is what you get. Personally I watched only the very early power rangers show up until the part where there's a new Ninja power rangers, Ninja Storm I think it was. I even watched one of the Sentai Japanese show, especially remember one part where one of the ranger alongside a little girl has both their face completely blank because they got their face stolen by this guy The girl's happy because she gets to paint her blank face (I know it's weird) while the other ranger was moping on the floor. Fuck that was creepy....... Though the episode itself is pretty funny, until the girl cries. I mostly know of these guys from the Sega Genesis fighting game & movie beat em up game that was pretty damn good. Quite a shame that this game only uses the megazords as a comeback mechanic rather than have its own section where you control them & beat monsters up. Speaking of monsters, why is Goldar the only one in the main story? Rita definitely don't fight so she doesn't need to be playable unless it's the latest movie Rita, but what about Darkonda & Ecliptor from Power Rangers in Space? Or master Xander? Or Nimrod and the 2 assistants AC and...... DC................. wow I just realized that.............. And especially Lord Zedd? He's the one bad guy I always think about when I think power rangers main bad guy! It's good that he's finally available later as dlc, but come on! Have more villains for the base game! Ah well, it's a good thing Vergil's in it after lord Zedd. I mean that's a win right there. It's a good thing they slowly added more villains with each dlcs. Lord Zedd & Dai Shi are in, and Scorpina is going to be in the next dlc. Let's see more monsters in the next dlcs.
  25. That's my thought before he released the review too. It's most definitely at least an 8. It's a fucking awesome game.