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  1. This is going to be the shortest review I have ever done It takes place after Infinity War & it's the REAL culmination of all the MCU films leading up to this point. Still funny, still have sad heartwrenching moments, and it has so many brilliant battles + epic moments that makes the fangirls in my theater squee so loudly every 5 minutes and it makes the battle in Infinity War looks so lame in comparison. Oh yeah, and Captain Marvel is actually not in the screen much as many had feared. Her role is perfect & she doesn't overstay her welcome. There is a Stan Lee cameo, but it's so well hidden that I didn't even realize it's him until the end of the film. It happened in the middle of the film that after the film was finished I was like "wait, was that guy in the middle of the film that one time him?? I thought he's nowhere in the film!" Also, don't bother waiting till the end credits because there is no end credits scene at all. None. Zero. Except for a sound of clanking at the end which could be anything really. Sounds like someone's hammering some metal. That's all I can say. I am NOT saying anything more because what happens in this film are not spoiled at all in the trailers and I will make it stay that way. The trailer only shows 5% of the entire film. All I can say about this film is simply: GO FUCKING WATCH IT NOW & EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC THAT WILL NEVER BE REPLICATED EVER AGAIN. I give this film my rating of "A once in a lifetime experience in cinema. So much so that you will watch this film over and over and over again" with a badass seal of approval. Wait actually, because this film is such an amazing time & nothing in the future will top this until maybe many2 years later, I'm giving this film 3 seals. It's that. Freaking. Brilliant. 20 OUT OF 10. SO GOOD THAT IT BROKE THE SCALES. When this film is available on my cable TV, I will sure as hell record it and watch this film over and over and over again!
  2. 50) It is Highnoon Platform: iPhone An old west arcade esque shooter game where in each stages you're given a wanted poster of characters for you to shoot. If you shoot the right person, you get score. Wrong person, you lose a life. It's pretty fun & reminds me of this old childhood game I played called Lethal Enforcers 2 Which now that I think about it, makes no sense. Why is the first Lethal Enforcers in modern time while the second is in the old west?? Why not just make it a completely different name like "Highnoon Rising" or something like that? 51) Kaiju Rush Platform: iPhone Interesting game where you play, hmmm, you know those games where it's like bowling because you set up the power & direction of a ball before you launch it, and then the goal of the game is to get the most distance as you can? That's this game. Only you control how far a Kaiju can go forward & can make them bounce on the ground to destroy buildings & get to bounce pads to get more distance. It's quite fun 52) Fight'N Rage Platform: PC A throwback to classic beat em ups, most specifically Streets of Rage & it even has a MR X lookalike final boss with a machine gun & throne room! Difference is in this game the plot is, surprisingly brutal. Basically a bunch of animal mutants take over the world & it's all Fist of the Northstar ish where you play as one of 3 characters to beat the shit out of everyone you can. And all of the characters in this game have moves straight out of Street Fighter. There's moves from Dudley, Adon, Ryu, Chun Li, Vega, Zangief, the list goes on. It's fun just guessing which character moves this game will have. The hitting for this game is just, muah, really butter smooth. Punching enemies feels really damn good & pulling off dozens of combos is immensely satisfying. You can even do a parry like in Street Fighter 3 to block attacks. Even more satisfying is the fact that you can do special moves with each character by pressing down up attack which varies upon characters. The best part about this game is the unlockables you can get. Sooo many unlockables, and a lot of ending variations depending on if you play with individual characters, mix of 2 or all 3, and paths you take so it's pretty much like that Streets of Rage remake game years ago. I wanna play this game again for sure & put on my custom Streets of Rage remake soundtrack! 53) Black the Fall Platform: PC Not to be confused with the robot game the Fall. This game is a platformer that plays a lot like Inside in that you're one out of hundreds of poor mind subjugated citizens in some country & you have to escape, but it takes place in a futuristic setting where Russia takes over the world & they have mechs + mind control devices. And along the way you can befriend a really damn durable mini robot dog to help you in your puzzle solving & platforming sections. You will definitely die a lot trying to figure out how to proceed in each levels because this game has a lot of instant death traps, which comes with the territory. Such a wasted opportunity with the ending though. Basically, you take control of a giant mech which looks like this. Sounds cool right? Only you don't fire its weapons. All you do with the thing is ram a damn wall, and then end credits. OH COME ON, why can't I use the weaponry & plough through other mechs + enemies as revenge for how many deaths I have to endure before?? Even Inside kind of make me go on a rampage at the end! 54) One Finger Death Punch 2 Platform: PC AT LAST. THE LEGENDARY GAME HAS RETURNED IN FULL FORCE!! Better, bigger, more skills to use, more mission varieties, and best of all, still played using the simple and perfect click left or right when the enemy gets close gameplay of the first game. 11 hours of me playing every single stage & completing everything with 5 stars, 11 hours of fun as hell time. And surprisingly, it ends on what I can say is one of the best ways of saying "thank you for playing" in a game. Well done dev, you have made me happy with the first game, and now you made me happy again!
  3. The previous trailers are pretty good, if a bit awkward with the song choices. But this? Best trailer of them all. That MK theme remix is Godlike. I want this game so badly! Shame that Cyrax & Sektor will be the same case as Rain Baraka in MKX in that they can't be played unless through a mod. But THIS TRAILER IS FUCKING HYPE!
  4. It's those shit kids' fault. They're responsible for the Joker being created. Lesson here: be nice. If not, you will create a monster that unleashes his retribution to you & the world. Joe already made a reaction of this Can't wait to see this film. This trailer's tone is perfect for a Joker origin story before shit hits the fan. We get to see young Bruce & looks like Bruce's dad is going to be a corrupt businessman and who the Joker will ruin/ kill, causing Bruce to become Batman. Pretty interesting take on the lore there, but I want to see how this goes since looks like this will either be a new alternate universe unrelated to the DCU films before, or it's the same universe all along and Joaquin is the first incarnation of Joker before Jared Leto becomes his successor or something. Hope this film turns out to be awesome!
  5. It's pretty damn sad when "it's a singleplayer game with no microtransaction" is actually the best thing that happened to EA. That's the bare minimum of singleplayer games since the dawn of time! XD
  6. ARRRRGHHH, WHY IS THIS TRAILER SO GOOD??? Stop toying with my feelings EA!! For some reason, I thought the Avengers theme will show up. Probably because of how epic this trailer is. XD But I will reserve my judgment for this game when the game is out & when I find out how the gameplay, open world side quests & length is. But considering that this game is made by Titanfall + Apex Legend's creator, the one shining beacon in EA's developer's pile, all signs points to it being at least good, and at most fucking awesome. Unless of course everything fucked up like Anthem. Oh please be awesome!
  7. 41) Division 2 Platform: PC SO much better than Division 1. More enemy variety, much better gears + abilities to use, a much more interesting story to uncover through the audiologs, better likeable characters to interact with, and an endgame content that actually unlocks new stuff for you to play with. And thank God the plot in this game isn't just a lame Resident Evil knockoff like the first one with the viruses but more about rebuilding civilization after the chaos that ensues. It's serviceable & get the gameplay going, which is good for a looter shooter like this one. And I can safely say that this game makes Anthem look like child's play, though to be fair most looter shooters are tons better than that shambling mess of a game. 42) What never was Platform: PC A very short "see this room & tinker with stuff until you beat the game" game which I think is a prologue to an upcoming game that this dev wants to make. It's pretty cute, just about a girl who visits her grandfather's study room after he died & discover mythical objects he plays around with. I would like to see a continuation of this story since the puzzle aspect & the backstory shows promise. We'll have to wait and find out if there's going to be a next game! 43) Retro Highway Platform: iPhone It's like Super Hang-On back in the old arcades, but an infinite runner. You have a bunch of challenges to complete. The more you complete, the more cash you get & more levels to unlock. The dev makes this game Sega as hell with the soundtrack 44) Cut The Rope Magic Platform: iPhone It's that game with the cute green thing that likes to eat candies. Only this time you can morph yourself to other animals through magic! 45) Newton Platform: iPhone A puzzle game where you make a white ball go to the destination while having to avoid spikes along the way. Some of these puzzles are quite intense since it requires you dropping the white ball down while avoiding walls of spikes, and as expected, requires a lot of luck to beat. 46) The Lion's Song Platform: PC This is a good one! It's a 4 episode game where each episode has you playing as different characters. Episode 1 has you playing as an upcoming composer, 2 as a painter who is able to see people's inner personalities as painting subjects but he's struggling to see the personality of himself, 3 as a woman mathematician who tries to make it big in a mathematician circle, but can't because the one who runs the circle is a sexist piece of shit so she has to disguise herself as a man, who surprisingly makes her look cuter while she's in the disguise. Just look at when she's normal And when she dresses like a guy And episode 4 has you playing as a guy who met people who knows the previous 3 characters in a train, while they're off to serve in World War 1................... yeah you can pretty much tell how the end of this game will turn out. My favorite episode is definitely episode 3 since it has a Phoenix Wright esque final battle with the sexist asshole who thinks he's the better mathematician. It's always great to see someone that unlikeable get his comeuppance. Best part about the game though is that your choices actually will be reflected in future episodes, and it's fun to see the little changes that'll come up after you made a decision. That and the titular Lion's Song, which is the song that the character in episode 1 eventually compose & will be heard throughout the rest of the episodes, and it changes depending on what choices you made. This particular one is the best possible version of the song, and it's pretty epic. Wonder why the design for each characters have them with that.... weird nose. It's like everyone's having a flu or some sort! 47) Dead Cell Platform: PC I played this game WWAAAAAAY back when it was only a really early alpha with just the first boss as the last obstacle. Now it has finally come full circle with the full release, and I died over and over again, but each time I get back stronger than ever before. Love that this game is a bit like Dark Souls in that you have an estus flask with you that you can upgrade with souls, and also you can invest souls for better equipment with better buffs which makes the Roguelike thing actually progressive and that you do get stronger after each step closer to the end. Unlike most roguelikes where getting to the end requires a lot of luck hoping that you get the absolute best gear before getting to the final boss or else you're screwed. I will totally play this game again and unlock more stuff and get the true ending. Hope I can get further abilities since I see places where I have to wall jump and unlock a more powerful ground and pound. 48) DUSK Platform: PC It's that gory game that's heavily inspired by Quake and having you destroy everything in your path with various weaponry. Like the cultsy vibe & that the game put military ops in so you don't just fight supernatural enemies the whole game. Also love how creative the level designs are, especially the one where you tilt gravity & the one that mostly takes place in a giant factory where in the end you fight an Arnold Swatzneger wannabee. This guy is pretty much what you get if you put an Arnold impersonator up to 11. Fuck these enemies though Especially at the end when there's 5 of these things in 1 large area. Their rocket attacks can instantly destroy your health if you're not moving around, and the best way to kill them is to use the riveter, aka rocket launcher of death. But good luck not getting hit by the explosion when you're in a cramped room! 49) Radiant One Platform: PC Wow. This... is shorter than I expected. Basically it's about a guy who has a lucid dream and has been sleeping peacefully while able to dream anything he wants. Then he has a nightmare with this black cloaked figure that can hurt him in real life. And then it basically becomes a game of exploring his past until the root of the problem was found, and then he wakes up fine. Well that was simple! This is definitely originally an iPhone game since the touch screen circle icon is still here. I like the graphics, colorful and pretty with a soothing feel to it. Great music as well. The thing that makes the game short is that the game only takes place in an apartment + his dreams. There are parts where he gets out to meet a doctor and work, but these are all just in a narration text crawl. Had these sections be in the game, the game would definitely be longer & more interesting. Ah well, maybe the dev's next game will have more stuff.
  8. So I just recently read this manga Attack on Titan from beginning till the latest chapter, and there's a lot of things revealed in this manga that's ripe for disscussions. So the plot of the story for those that don't know is that humans used to live like normal. Then one day they were attacked by these giant human-like creatures with no genitals called "titans" that killed many of the humans, so the humans decided to build a city comprises of circular walls after walls that protects the people. This city hasn't been breached for 100 years until one day a titan managed to destroy the outer walls which drove the citizens into the inner part of the city. The manga stars Eren Yeager, one of the soldier of the city that wants to eradicate every titans in existence after what one of them did to his mother back when he was young. He's accompanied by his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman that's the typical quiet but really strong character and Armin Arlert, their childhood friend that's weak but pretty smart. And so they embark on battles after battles to eradicate the titans once and for all. There's a lot of story elements and it involves a lot of characters, politics and badassery that you people have to check out for yourself. I'm going to put spoiler tags discussing about one of the things revealed in the manga, so if you haven't read till the latest chapter, you won't need to worry about being spoiled.
  9. Time to carry over this thread from the previous forum! I just had a thought, we all know catchy and memorable video game musics over the years, like the Guile theme, the MGS theme, Final Fantasy Sephiroth's theme, you know, the classics that most gamers seems to know. But what about the obscure ones that's so awesome that it must be heard but unfortunately aren't because they're not that well known? That's why this thread is for those songs, to spread the awesomeness to the world that's been surrounded by terrible Boy Bands, Justin Bieber and Glee songs. And of course to see how many of you like a game for it's soundtrack as well as it's gameplay, as well as show you guys these obscure games as well. Just to remind you, this is for not so popular game only, so Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Guilty Gear and Mass Effect are all out. I'll start. Got a whole lot to uncover here. If you can, name the game and just post the song link bellow the game's name. Chain Dive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axiIfslE6Z8 The second version of this song, which is more complete If you want to download these songs without needing to buy them through itunes, you can do it by copying the links of the song, and go to this website. http://www.youtube-mp3.org After that, just paste the link, download the song and its all yours. Have fun!
  10. Ever want to know why Anthem was such a fucking disaster till now? Now you know! Wow..... what a horrendous mismanaged game this is. So bad that EVERYONE is at fault from Bioware to EA. Good thing the truth is revealed and I don't have to guess what happened during the development of this game. Still, this is just freaking sad. This is actually the exact same situation that my company had before I was made redundant 2 weeks ago: no clear structure until it's too late. Whoever it was on the high management at EA has 5 freaking years to make Anthem as great as it can be, but they decided to do it after that 5 years is up and only 1 year to develop the game. WHY DO THESE IDIOTS THAT DOES ALL THIS GET PAID??? They should be kicked out & replaced with competent people! Good thing the great developers already left Bioware so now I don't feel bad about Anthem getting ripped apart. My best wishes to those people & hope they have a better job. I haven't bought any new EA games since Battlefield 1, and thankfully I will not buy another one anytime soon. Maybe if that upcoming Star Wars Fallen Order ended up exceeding expectations, but I highly doubt it considering how atrocious the situation is with Anthem.
  11. 36) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Platform: PC I will prolong completing this game 100% because I want to keep playing this game. Beat this game 3 times already and I'm going for more! 37) Unheard Platform: PC Ahhh, me love some good detective game. This is basically like the Invisible Hours, but instead of following people as a ghost, you just use a map on an iPad and listen to people talking in different rooms until you find out who the characters are & answer the questions in each of the 5 missions. So in 1 part you're supposed to figure out where a bomb came from + who detonated it by following character's voices, while in another part you're supposed to find out who killed an actress playing the Wizard of Oz play. It feels so nice to solve a case after paying really close attention to the tiny details. Weird ending though. There's 4 endings, and the game makes it ambiguous on which of the ending is the real thing and which one is false except for 1 obvious "bad ending". I think the 3 other endings are actually true but it's up to you to decide which path you want for your character. Play the game to see what I mean These next ones are from the arcade I went to recently, and quite a few new stuff to try out. 38) Point Blank X Platform: Arcade IT'S BACK! POINT BLANK IS BACK BABY! This is more like an HD Point Blank collection instead of a true sequel though because a lot of the missions are pretty much the same missions from the old Point Blank games, with a few new ones. BUT I STILL LOVE IT! Except for how my gun's aim doesn't match the screen so I tend to miss my targets, especially those annoying "shoot this thing with only 1 bullet" challenges which are IMPOSSIBLE! ARRRGHHHHH! 39) Speed of Light Platform: Arcade Apparently someone saw one of those "press these lights as fast as you can" eye-hand coordination things from a science museum and made a game out of it. This guy must have played this game more than 10 times to get that fast. I tried it and even though I was as fast as I possibly can with pressing those blue buttons, I can never get the score to multiply that often. Could be that the version I had is not responsive, but still fun. 40) Rampage Platform: Arcade No, not the Rampage arcade game from Midway with the clay animations, but THIS It's a lot simpler than the previous arcade game in the 90s, which I prefer more since there's a lot more variety. Hm, I may go back to playing this game on my PS1.
  12. Here's my review of this game Just imagine this game being an infinitely faster Tenchu, but with Dark Souls combat + more emphasis on well timed blocking. I just fought the last boss of this game for the 3rd time & spent 59 hours total playing this game. It's that fucking awesome. And since I found a trick that lets me backup my save file, I purposefully made a copy of the file where I can fight the final boss over and over again. And even better when you add Tenchu music to this game. They all fit so well, like this for the bosses: And this for the overworld: I pretty much put the entire Tenchu soundtrack to different parts of the game that fits the songs, and it feels so damn good.
  13. Finished with DMC5, and can't wait to play Sekiro. I played this game at PAX Australia last year, and I fucking love it. It's so much like Tenchu + Dark Souls combat that it makes my nostalgic bones tingle with excitement. Just look at how well both gameplay mix together: Only 1 week + couple of days left. When the game is out, I will totally put my Tenchu soundtrack in the background and let the nostalgia guide me while I assassinate people in the shadows, like this one!
  14. After a buttload of fantastic games, we now come to the last game to complete the first quarter of 2019, aka the best early months for gaming year of all time with the Tenchu spiritual successor, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. And my God, what an absolutely perfect game to have the honor of completing such a magnificent first quarter! From Software has left the Dark Souls universe, and they now have returned to their past: with Tenchu. Or at least it was supposed to be a Tenchu game but it's now a spiritual successor instead. Which is why the plot of this game is completely new & it's its own thing. Basically, it takes place in 16th century Japan, where war is everywhere and there exists a disease that can turn people undead, and also completely batshit insane. No popular names like in Sengoku Basara/ Samurai Warriors/ Nioh though, the characters here are all fictional. You play as Sekiro, the One Armed Wolf. He's the adopted son of this big old guy named the Owl, whose real name is Usuyu Ukonzaemon as you find later in the game. His task is simple: protect his young lord named Kuro. Unfortunately it won't be that easy since he's also called the Divine Heir, and his blood is so sacred that it can grant people immortality. As you can tell, he's pretty much a living target by everyone around him, including this one lord named Genichiro Ashina. You fight him in the intro of the game, and regardless if you beat him on your first try or not, you'll still get your ass kicked + get your arm cut off. But thankfully you ended up getting a prosthetic arm that can do a lot of crazy awesome stuff, given to you by a sculptor who lost an arm as well. And so, your adventure to rescue your lord begins. And what a freaking adventure it is! Straight up, the story of this game is not cryptic like previous Dark Souls games, It's actually pretty straightforward and easy to follow with your goals laid out already. There are the usual sidequests for side characters you can do which expands on the backstory of this game, and you can get extra lore info from item descriptions though. Not only that, but your main character actually speak in dialogues, and who better to voice him than Giorno Giovana + Walter Velvet/ Lord El-Melloi II from the Fate Series?........... Actually that's a pretty unexpected casting choice, but still, he makes Sekiro sound like a total badass with his deep voice. I also notice how much better this game's approach to story is compared to Nioh. Even though this game's story takes place in one big open world where you walk to different places, the plot is still flowing naturally & it gives each of the nps their time to develop & give you motivation to help them & learn more about them. Compare this to Nioh which has the plot going all over the place, putting famous historical figures left and right, and pretty much giving zero fucks about giving them proper time to develop as characters aside from 1 or 2 people. It really shows how much care FromSoftware has in making characters memorable. As expected, since you're playing as Sekiro, you can't customize him like previous Souls games. No leveling up strength, health, faith and those sorts of things in this game. Instead you level up your skill tree, and you get more skill trees as you progress through the game. I highly recommend leveling up the shinobi skill tree & quickly get the skill Breath of Life: Light, because this skill lets you heal yourself everytime you do a stealth kill/ finishing blow, which is SO SO SO useful in this game. Oh yeah, also get the "Mikiri counter" as soon as you can because this thing will save your life in combat. Enemies will sometimes do red moves, and there's 3 kinds: a leg sweep, a grab or a thrust like the one in the video. When you see them going for a thrust, just sprint & you'll automatically do that cool mikiri counter & end their life in an instant, unless it's against enemies with high guard meter in which case you deplete a lot of their bar. For a leg sweep, just jump, and for a grab, either jump or dodge far away from them. You can also get "combat arts", which are special moves that you can do by pressing the attack & block button together. My favorite are the Ashina Cross and Praying Strikes - Exorcism. Ashina Cross since, well, it's the famous Iaijutsu technique of the samurais which always look badass, and Praying Strikes because it's really fast & if can break enemy guards really easily. And if you're wondering "how am I going to increase my health & damage", the answer is simple: beat bosses & get prayer beads from them + from scavenging environments. There are 2 types of bosses in this game: mini bosses & main bosses. Mini bosses will drop prayer beads & if you collect 4 of these things, you can increase your health. Also of note, since most of these mini bosses have 2 full health bars, you can get the advantage early by sneaking up on them & do a stealth kill to deplete 1 health bar so you'll have a much easier time facing them. Main bosses lets you increase your attack power. All you need to do then is to go to shrines in the open world & increase your health + attack power from there. And yes, the shrines are like bonfires in the Souls games. It even has its own version of the Fire Keeper, though in this game she's just a normal woman named Emma and she's a doctor. Like the Fire Keeper, she can increase the usage of your estus fla, ahem I mean Healing Gourd All you have to do is collect "Gourd Seeds" by scavenging them in the open world. Business as usual! Death in this game is, well, a regular occurrence. But the difference from previous Souls games is that you can resurrect yourself & instantly continue your fight because Sekiro is linked with his master which grant him immortality, which if you die over and over again and has to go back from the previous checkpoint, makes the whole immortality thing questionable. I mean, if you're immortal, aren't you supposed to have infinite lives and not worry about dying in the middle of a battle?? ?_? Be careful with this though. If you die again after being resurrected, or if you're unlucky and die by falling off to a bottomless pit/ high places, you will go back to your previous shrine & lose half your XP + Money. You don't get the chance to get them back like previous Souls games. Sometimes you won't lose them because of this "unseen aid" percentage. If you die & get sent back to the shrine too many times, then you will receive an item called Rot Essence. And you don't want these items with you because these will make NPCs sick & you can't do their sidequest unless they're healed. Luckily you can get rid of them by using "dragon tears" in shrines, and you can get these dragon tears by buying them through vendors or talking to Emma after the Rot Essence first show up. The entire game takes place in one big open world with a lot of paths that leads to different locations with RADICALLY different sceneries. There's a castle, then an icy valley filled with people with giant guns, a giant temple filled with crazy monks, cave filled with undead, and even a valley full of killer monkeys. You read that right, KILLER MONKEYS. And I haven't even mentioned the other places which I can't spoil. Basically, you're traveling around the main villain's castle to get to your lord, and you start out in an abandoned temple, like the Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls. Funnily enough, once you progress through the game, you find out that the castle is RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR TEMPLE and you can just go to it through a secret wall, but you can't access it this whole time because it's locked. If that thing isn't locked, you can pretty much cut 10 hours of your journey, but it's so much fun to go through the normal route that you rather do it normally anyway. If you've played Tenchu, then this game's movement mechanic will feel right at home. Since you're a ninja, you can now jump all over the place & use your grappling hook to go to great heights, and of course no ninja game is complete without the stealth + stealth kills! You can hide in bushes to avoid being seen & go behind or right above enemies to land a stealth kill, which is so damn satisfying each time you do it. It's a shame that you can only do stealth kills from above, from peeking while hiding behind a wall, while hiding from a ledge, or from behind enemies. I miss the old Tenchu games where you can pretty much stealth kill from every side as long as you're not seen. But meh, that's still plenty of ways to kill stealthily so I'm still happy. Better yet, as you progress through the game, you'll gain 3 ninjutsu skills: a red mist ability that stuns enemies after you do a stealth kill, a sword extend ability to increase your attack range, or a possession skill that turns enemies into your personal minion. Yes, you can even possess mini bosses after you deal with them, and it is beautiful. A shame that you can only see the beauty of your miniboss minion wrecking people up for a short while before they die. You also have your prosthetic arm to use in combat, and this thing lets you do many cool stuff. At first you only get a shuriken, but later on as you collect materials, your arm can change into a spear, an axe, an umbrella shield, fireworks which works great against animal + animal bosses, a whistle that makes animals go crazy, and even a flame thrower. You can pretty much use these tools anyway you like & experiment on them to see which one suits your playstyle best. Using these things requires "Spirit emblem" and you're limited to 15 at the start, but you can buy skills and increase this number. The combat in this game is, simply put, fucking brilliant. It's pretty much what you get if Bloodborne is even more fast paced & you don't have to worry about stamina but instead worry about your guard meter. Instead of gun riposte to break an enemy's guard, you pretty much have to break an enemy's guard until they get opened & go in for the finishing blow. Everyone in this game has their "guard meter/posture", and all you have to do is to deplete that gauge either by attacking the crap out of them with normal attacks + combat arts, or blocking at the exact moment of their attack. If you simply hold down the block button, you'll just block & risk your guard meter getting depleted, so it's not really recommended unless you're facing enemies with really fast attacks. Once you break down their guard meter, you can pretty much instant kill most enemies in brutal and awesome fashion. Speaking of enemies, HOLY CRAP, FromSoft goes all the way out for this one. Not in terms of creativity since it's not a western fantasy setting like the Souls games, so you won't see stuff as messed up as the Gaping Dragon or that gross tree.... thing with ballsacks in Dark Souls 3. Well, there is one enemy that is messed up called Headless, and it's a headless big guy whose ultimate move is............ to shove his hand to your ass, take the poop inside your ass and shove it in his own ass. Like, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??? Funny enough, you can use this song in the background when fighting him. It fits so perfectly. Anyway, you fight what you expect from a Japanese setting: lots of samurais, ninjas, and occasionally mythical creatures which are still freaking badass & cool designwise. But what makes these enemies great is how they fight you, because they have so many movesets that fighting every enemy in this game is like fighting a Soul Calibur fighter with the difficulty set to Hard: challenging all the way & freaking awesome every single time. Oh yeah, remember how in the demos for this game you have to fight a boss named the Corrupted Monk? As it turns out, she's one of the endgame bosses..... NO WONDER SHE'S SO FREAKING HARD! When I played against her at PAX last year, she pretty much destroyed many people. I beat her, but only after 8 deaths & a lot of controllers passed. Now that I fought her in this game properly with my health almost maxed out & attack power cranked up to almost max, she's a lot easier to beat. Cheeky FromSoftware, putting the endgame boss to the demo so people will think she's an early boss. I am not joking when I say that the collection of bosses here are the best boss collection compared to previous Souls + Bloodborne games. They're that damn good. So damn good in fact that I actually am happy if I fight them all over again, which I will definitely do in New Game +. Oh yeah, as expected from a From Software game, this game also have multiple endings. 4 of them in fact, although 3 of them are variations of the same ending which changes depending on which item you use at the end. As expected, the final bosses are indeed epic & will test your skills. Surprisingly, the bad ending has you fight the Fire Keeper ahem I mean Emma the Doctor, and she can kick your ass. That's a first from FromSoftware. Wonder how the Fire Keepers from the previous games will be like if they're actual bosses you have to fight? I purposefully beat the game with the normal straightforward ending because I want to play it again & get the best ending later. As for negatives I find about this game, well, aside from the fact that it's a FromSoftware game & the early parts of the game is freaking hard because you need to figure out how to play properly so you can proceed onwards to the next parts, nothing really. It's what you expect from this game dev, and once you master it, you pretty much will love this game a lot and play it all over again once you're done, which is why these games by them are so damn good: they're challenging, but will leave you satisfied after you overcome these challenges. You know what, actually there is one tiny thing: why is it that you have to get rewards from fallen enemies by holding down the use button/ E? Why can't you just get them in an instant? I got used to it & now I get rewards like candy, but still, quite an odd choice for a game mechanic. Then again, you pretty much have to manually get items from dead bodies all the time in Souls games so....... Ok now it makes sense. And that is why my rating for this game is "so awesome you will play it again and again to get those sweet multiple endings". With a badass seal of approval This and DMC 5 is currently tied as my GOTY. Holy freaking shiet, what a great 3 months this has been. Now I'm definitely going to play this game all over again to fight all the bosses again & get those other endings. Wonder if there will be DLCs that adds even more bosses? Only time will tell & I'm looking forward to it. In the meantime, gonna change the music of this game to those old Tenchu soundtrack because muah, they're PERFECT!
  15. Wow.... that is one beefed up PC. You can pretty much play ANY game on max graphics settings with that! You’ll be fine playing games with that beast for many2 years.
  16. 35) Metro Exodus Platform: PC My God. This game..... is so good. The dev team really outdone themselves this time. Not only are there multiple stages, 2 of which are awesome linear sections that's a nostalgia trip of previous Metro games, but there's 3 small open world that doesn't get boring, mainly because of the excellent crafting + item management mechanic which makes you want to explore and find stuff for you to use. There's so much varied stuff to do & different locations with their own themes. One area you're playing in a swamp filled with mutant crabs which reminds me of STALKER, the other you're in the desert which definitely reminds me of Mad Max, there's just so many cool shit! As expected from the former developers of STALKER, they make sure to put together all the game knowledge they've learned into one beautiful package. I'm also surprised at how relatable the characters are & how this truly is a band of best friends that come together for each other. Since they all ride a train together out of Moscow to find a new place to settle in, we get to follow their adventure & see how loyal they are, which in this day and age is rare to find in a game. The family episodes of Artyom and his wife + father in law is also really good, especially in the final stretch of the game when shit really gets down & they act like true family. It makes me tear up with happiness, and also sadness. That ending got me man. Still annoyed that Artyom doesn't speak to people when you play as him even though he totally can speak but only in the loading screen + self-narration. He has a voice that voices him, so just let him speak like normal! But I get that it's pretty much a series tradition at this point so, meh. Also, where are the Dark Ones?? I'm surprised that they're nowhere in sight even though you travel throughout Russia. Maybe they found a way to fly & travel overseas somewhere in a remote island. Good for them.
  17. SHODAN's back! And I'm gonna put her down again when this game's released. Aw yeaaaaahhhhh! Funny how this game pretty much kills my desire to get the System Shock remake, though considering how messed up the development for that game is, this is a much better outcome. Can't wait to see this game in action!
  18. 32) Zombie Kill of the Week: Reborn Platform: PC This title sounds more like a youtube compilation video than an actual game. XD It's one of those "kill zombies & survive as long as you can" games. Think old school Zombie mode from World at War but 2D. You kill zombies, buy weapons, move on to the next rooms & kill as many as you can before you go down. Simple stuff. 33) Deadly Moves Platform: Sega Genesis Ahhh this game. I played this game when I was a kid, and I don't know HOW I actually beat this game back then. Now playing it back again, I can definitely say one thing: THIS GAME IS SO BAD. Just look at this! It's supposed to be a fighting game, but it's so dumb. Imagine Street Fighter, but you don't have low attacks, you use special moves by pressing both A and B while doing a Sonic Boom motion or pressing forward, see that Hadoken stuff? That's the Sonic Boom motion move I just said, movements are as stiff as concrete, and make every enemy AI hyperaggressive so they spam special moves over and over and over again. And the final boss is just a straight up Rugal clone. Back when I was young, I thought he's a cool boss so I play the game again to beat him again. WHY DID I DO THAT?? He sucks ass! What kind of a final boss name is Ranker??? 34) Unsung Warriors - Prologue Platform: PC A short game which is just a taste of what the upcoming game will be like. It's a combat-heavy platformer with various gears for you to equip. You can push enemies into pits, spiked pits, those rock traps that smush you to meat paste, and use magic spells to destroy them. Liking how it plays, can't wait to see what the full game will be like.
  19. Although there's no gameplay of the beat em up adventure mode, iz fine. Game looks freaking slick. I want this game NOWWWWWWW
  20. Wow. That is damn good. This is perfect for Mount and Blade 2, which I'm still waiting for right now. Can't wait for that game to finally be out! This next song is from a horribly sad game Devotion. It was out on Steam, but it's not for sale anymore because the game got bombed with negative reviews, over a poster in the background that makes fun of the Chinese president. That and many other political anti Chinese stuff the dev was accused of promoting which I don't give a shit about. Anyway, this song is played at the end of the game, which is surprisingly awesome. Made me cry though after all the things that happen in the game. This game is too sad....
  21. I can tell Joe doesn't play the old games often since he's not used to the lock on. Unfortunate that he actually showed the Faust hat scene since that part is so much better if you see it when you're playing the game, buuut it's not that big a deal, cause he plays with Sweet Surrender. Wait..... where does he put that thing? I mean that is intended for massaging Kyrie's back..... right? X_X
  22. 28) DMC 5 Platform: PC I finished this game twice on PC. Now I'm playing the game on PS4 after I got the free copy from a contest I won. THIS GAME IS FUCKING AMAZING! 29) Loading Screen Simulator Platform: PC Even a loading screen has a simulator. Thankfully it's free! 30) When the Darkness comes Platform: PC It's one of those free experimental walking simulator game. This time it emulates what it feels to be depressed. I don't get affected by this game since I live my life to the fullest and experience everything that I can without regrets, so phew! Good thing it ends well since I choose the good option instead of the messed up ones. 31) Dead or Alive 6 Platform: PS4 Got this game for free after winning a challenge in my local video game bar. I won 3 sets of DOA6 matches, so I got this game + Atelier Lydie + $25 voucher to get anything in the bar, which I use to buy a PUBG chicken dinner parmigiana. Yum! DOA6 is pretty much DOA5, but with a super meter that lets you do sidestep attack, super attack or super parry. In other words, still a lot of damn fun. The story mode is, well, typical DOA nonsense with a lot of sporadic 10 seconds long cutscenes everywhere, and then change to a more straightforward plot once Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa joins in. Team Ninja is pretty much known to not do story well, BUT, as sporadic and messy the story mode in this game is, it's still 100 times more fun and better than that abomination that is Tekken 7's side story mode. At least here, all the plotline ends up making sense and follow a straight path, and it make sure to include every character in the plot. Plus it has a pretty good twist by the end of it. Now I don't know what's next for Team Ninja, but if they make Ninja Gaiden 4, I hope it's a sequel to DOA6 where Ryu go in DOATEC and destroy shit, and you get to finally play as Hayate this time. That'll be really damn cool, but we'll see.
  23. Holy mother of God, I thank this year for so many amazing games to play! Let's see the summary of recently released games this year that are really freaking awesome: Resident Evil/ Biohazard 2 Remake Kingdom Hearts 3 Ace Combat 7 Metro Exodus Apex Legends We can add DMC 5 to that list, and this is a potential GOTY contender. Before we start, let's get the obvious thing out of the way: the microtransaction. You can pay money to get red orbs, but it's just fucking nonsense really, same as DMC 4 Special Edition which I don't even pay attention to and that stupid thing from MK X with buying coins and "easy fatality". Just pretend they don't exist and you can enjoy this game without worry! DMC has never been a series with an award-winning plot. Across all games, 3 has the best story as it's the most straightforward, with a couple of strong character development moments for both Dante and Lady. Ironcially the DMC remake has one of the best story because of good believable drama thrown in that the other games lack, even though everyone wants to forget about that game. 4 is complicated and it's too safe because Dante is on top of everything, 1 is dumb fun, and 2, well, nobody cares about 2. Including the dev since there's a recap of the plot before DMC 5 in this game, and 2 has the shortest recap of them all as if the dev were saying "yeah 2 sucks ass, we know so let's just forget about it eh?" 5's story is pretty much one of the best in the series. No scratch that, it has the best story in the series for now, even more than 3. On the surface it seems like the usual plot of "bad guy shows up, now it's up to Dante & Nero to destroy him", but then the game throw in a few twists and turns which makes the plot freaking awesome right to the very end. There's a new character named V that shows up to recruit Dante in dealing with a new villain named Urizen. He is, without a doubt, one stylish individual. He quotes William Blake poetry all the time while kicking demon asses, and his gameplay style is really damn cool which I will get into later. And once you know who he really is, you'll be like "oohhh, so that's why he's so awesome". A couple of Dante's friends shows up in this game, including the usual Lady + Trish, and even a grown-up Patty + Morrison from the anime! Though sadly Patty's only a voice cameo, and it's....... interesting that they change Morisson to an African American even though he's white in the anime. Don't know where Lucia is still, even though this game takes place after 2 & 4. Maybe she's still helping her mother rebuilding her clan. Pretty much what you can expect from a DMC game is in this game's story. A couple of surprisingly touching moments are sprinkled in to make the game not too silly, but other than that, it's all business as usual: There's a lot of cool moments of Dante and Nero and V kicking ass, funny shit with Nico the crazy driver weaponsmith which just gets sillier and sillier the more the game goes on who believe it or not, is the daughter of Agnus from 4, and, oh man, the Faust swanky hat which has the BEST weapon showcase cutscene in the entire series. Holy shit, that scene makes me laugh so hard, and you pretty much have to play the game to see it for yourself. I thought it'll be as silly as the Lucifer scene from 4 with the Mexican guitar thrown in but no. Oh my God no. It's way, way better. You can youtube the scene, but trust me, seeing it by playing the game is so much more worth it. The gameplay of this game is quite simply, fucking smooth as a tasty cake icing spread across a giant cake fit for 50 people. More specifically, it's like if DMC 4 has new weapons for you to play with + V + other sweet surprises - usable items except for the gold star. You read that right, you can't use items in this game anymore, so no devil star or vitality star. Weird I know, but considering how I don't even use those items in the other games anyway and using them give you a penalty for the mission scores, I think it's about time that they do this. Nero plays the same as before with his Red Queen sword and cool revolver, but with a twist. Since Nero lost his Devil Bringer arm at the start of the game, he now has to make due with a bunch of crazy robotic arms that Nico made for him. It ranges from being able to discharge electricity, a rocket arm that you can surf on, a laser arm that lets you shoot out a giant beam and many others, including one that acts the same as the Devil Bringer, and the Mega Buster. You can hold down the circle button, or the button you use to usually use your Devil Bringer in 4 to charge up your robot arms and unleash even more damage, but in doing so you will break the robot arm. The arms will also get destroyed if you get attacked in the middle of attacking. You can also use L1 to destroy your robot arm to get out of a tricky situation. He has a loadout that you can customize with different arms, but the only way to switch to other arm is if you destroy it. You can't manually switch it which is unfortunate, but you'll get the hang of it. And don't worry, he'll be back to his old self from 4, but only after the final level. Dante plays like, well Dante. Still the same old crazy broadsword swinging Ebony and Ivory shooter we all know and love, and with the same 4 styles like in DMC 4. Of course this time he has new weapons to play with My personal favorite ranged weapon is the DOUBLE Kalina Ann. Yes, Dante has 2 of that sweet rocket launcher this time, and the Gunslinger ultimate for this thing is so fucking sick. Melee though, whoof, that's tricky. Balrog aka this game's punching + kicking gauntlet is really fun as hell since now you have 2 stances that you can switch up: the boxing and the kicking mode. If you hold down the attack during the kick mode or punch an enemy more than 10 times, the gauntlet will heat up, and you can unleash even more damaging attacks in the Swordmaster style. Cerberus has 3 forms to use this time which makes for sick looking combos, and Dante's sword has 3 different variations, the last one which is so damn good because it pretty much changes how you use the sword. You don't have to switch to Swordmaster to do the usual 4 slash midair combo for instance because the Swordmaster button does something else, which is a spoiler so I will just say, it's freaking awesome. V, on the other hand, is a completely different beast altogether. He fights by using 3 creatures alongside him. You use the shoot button to control Griffon the electric discharging bird, the melee button to control Shadow the shape-changing panther, and activate the devil trigger to drop in Nightmare. Yes, those 3 have the same name as the guys from the first DMC game, but these guys are not related to them. The way you play as V is to just avoid contact with enemies and let the 3 creatures fight for you. You still do combos as you do with Dante and Nero, only with the creatures you summon. And once the enemy health drops, they'll get stunned & you have to press the circle button to teleport to the enemies and finish them off. Shadow and Griffon do have their own health bar & they can get knocked out when they get hit too many times, so you have to wait for them to heal up before using them again which is faster if you are close to them, but you can pretty much heal them in an instant if you have enough Devil Trigger and just activate it. You'll find that it's a lot easier to rack up stylish points using V if you master him properly, especially when you summon Nightmare at the right time & reduce every enemy health in an instant, which is so damn satisfying to do. Now you may ask yourself "cool, V and Nero have sick new moves, what's the new thing that Dante has besides new weapons? Does he have new tricks up his sleeve?" The answer to that is quite simple: play mission 12 to find out. It's so damn good that I can't say anything about it. The music for this game is also freaking awesome. Nero and V has their own sick ass theme, and the best part is that depending on the style rank you have in battle, the songs will change as well. Too bad Dante's theme is not as good as theirs. Although they change the singer which makes the song a lot better than the Godawful original version The way the song is played in battle lacks OOMPH. There's a couple of parts of the full song which has these sick ass instruments But during the game, you hear the whimpier intro version of the song instead which reduces the coolness. Thankfully for me, I got through this issue by muting the music and play kickass songs on my iTunes when I play as Dante, and once you finish the game, you can actually customize what kind of song you want as a battle theme, which lets you swap Dante's theme with other better ones, so no big deal! The only thing that I can consider a negative in this game is that I have to wait for the Special Edition to play Trish, Lady, Vergil and Sparda skin for Dante and Vergil again like 4 before it. URRRGHH, I HATE WAITING! But hopefully they'll be added into the game as DLC instead. Ohohoho, dataminers have found out that there's going to be a "Ladies night" DLC and Vergil will be playable in the "Bloody Palace" DLC?? FUCK YES!! Also the fact that I have to buy DLC to have the previous game's battle songs included in the game, which I don't have to do since I can just mute the song and play the previous game's songs on my iTunes. HAH, take that DLC! I can say with absolute certainty that DMC 5 is currently the best DMC game in the series. Better than 3. So many times of me going all out and go ballistic on monsters and wrecking shit up to increase my rank to SSS. So many stylish looking combos. So many skills I bought, and best of all, SOOO many times I play certain levels over and over again because they're so much damn fun. Oh yeah, and that final boss in the final 2 stages? FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Story moment, music, and the badassery in that final fight is all mixed together into one epic moment. Hands down the best final boss in the history of this series, and the music that accompanies it is PERFECT. I actually bought this game on PC, and I won a PS4 copy from a high score challenge I took part in. And I actually play this game on PS4 again after I finish this game on PC because this game is that fucking awesome. Which is perfect because I give this game my rating of "so damn awesome you will play this game again and again on 1 console, and then play it on another console again and again" with a badass seal of approval. At this moment, this game is my GOTY for 2019. Well done Capcom, RE 2 Remake and this have put you on top again! And this is just March for God's sakes! We haven't even gotten to the middle of the year yet with more amazing games coming, including Sekiro this month, MK 11 and who knows what games are coming when they're announced on E3 this year. HOLY SHIT I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT'S NEXT!
  24. Remember this? Me neither. And that game was released on November last year. How??? How can such a game fall to obscurity so damn hard so quick??? Well, other than the fact that it's a blatant attempt by Valve to compete with Hearthstone in the card game genre, they actually do it worse by making the RNG mechanic annoying to deal with, and they make you have to pay to play the game. And the problems mentioned in the Steam User section. Even though Hearthstone and dozens of other games are free to play with less problems. This game is doomed from the start. Valve needs to bounce back from this hard. Release a new series for one, or Half Life 3, if they decided to do it for real, which is very freaking unlikely.