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Everything posted by Kaz32

  1. 24) The Invisible Hours Platform: PC Oh My God THIS GAME IS FUCKING BRILLIANT!!! How come I haven't heard of this game before??? This is originally a game made for VR only where you move using the "point here to teleport" thing. Until PC decided to remove the VR requirement and make you able to move with the keyboard + mouse. They should have done that at release. This game is kind of like Return of the Obra Dinn, only with actual movement instead of the "see a dead body, travel back in a frozen time before the person's death" kind of thing. The entire game is played as if it's a movie/play you observe, and you're pretty much like a ghost that can't interact with any of the characters, but you can click on an object + documents to get clues on the full story of the game and see what characters are doing when you follow them. You first start on a harbor following a detective named Gustaf Gustav who comes into an island owned by the master of electricity himself, Nikola Tesla. On the island, you also have 6 other people, each with their own characteristics & dark backstories that you pretty much have to discover yourself by observing them, which the game really encourages and I will not spoil because it's half the fun of this game. The game has 4 "acts" + a final one after you do a specific thing, and in these acts, all of the characters do different things, and it's your job to see what they all do to get the full picture of the game's story. The theme of this game as a whole is complete misunderstandings because ALL of the bad things that happen in this game can be linked to misinformation that causes everything to tumble down, and it's glorious to see how it all unfolds. You can see people accusing one another, people making bad assumptions which lead to shit going down, it's good stuff. By the end of the game, something awesome happened, and the true end is unlocked. It's unfortunate that while it's awesome, you don't get to see the full extent of the true ending. You basically do 1 thing and then end credits. A shame because I want to see what happens afterward. This game is a hidden gem of 2017, it's 1 year before Obra Dinn and dare I say, SO much better than that game. Just as expected from the creators of Sexy Brutale. Get this game from this bundle right here https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/undercover-bundle
  2. So...... I'm subscribed to Austin Creed, aka New Day's Xavier Woods, and he just showed this. OHHHHHHHH!!! Finally, someone out there did a PSNow, but for PC!!! And you can use your smartphone/ tablets to play PC games too. So people with low end PCs who are thinking about buying expensive graphic cards/ CPU/ PC now has an alternative option! Sweet!! After doing some research, I found out that France actually started this thing last year. And the pricing for this thing is pretty reasonable too. For USA, that box thing can either be purchased outright for $139.95 or rented at $9.95 per month, and the whole subscription is either $49.95 for 1 month, $39.95 per month if you choose a 3 month subscription, or $34.95 per month if you choose a full year subscription. That's pretty damn good! Of course this thing is apparently currently available in Europe only, and the rest of the world will have to wait. And the downside to this thing is that your internet has to be pretty damn good in order to use it, and if you want to install a game, you definitely can't use a physical CD for it. But nowadays Steam and downloads are all people use to install games so...... Oh, there's also the possibility of the origin PC for this thing to malfunction due to unforeseen circumstances, and privacy stuff, but I'm pretty sure the PCs used for this service are housed in a super secret secure area with a lot of cooling to keep it cold and running. Probably like those things in Watch Dogs. Sure they'll know the websites you have browsed if you decide to use it for that stuff, but hey! Privacy is overrated amirite?? Though there is a risk of if you browse risky websites the PC over there will get viruses....... meh I'm sure they have great antivirus software to keep it secure. Either way, this thing is sweet! I want to see if it can do a manual backup to a Hard Drive/ USB if you stick it to the shadow box thing. Can't wait to see it arrive in Australia & finally see what it's capable of!
  3. I played almost all the Ace Combat except 1, 4, Zero and the handheld games. 6 is pretty good, but I like 7 SO much more. I like it more than you do because this game has ties to 5 + 3, my personal favorites, so seeing the story links is like nostalgia bomb goodness, plus it has missions 12 + 13 + 19, my personal top favorite best missions in the history of the series. If you think this game has too many tutorial missions, then you definitely haven't played the old games where there's way more of those. It's a series tradition thing. 21) Furious Angels Platform: PC One of those endless twin stick shooter games with the goal of destroying shit until you get destroyed. Got this for $1 in Steam Sale, and it's a lot of fun. 22) NanoGolf: Hole In One Platform: iPhone Endless golf game of making hole in one shots amids different randomly generated obstacles. Cool thing is after gaining enough coins, you can unlock different aesthetics that changes the ball to candy, tumbleweed, and even a bee, with music and background color changes so you want to unlock even more stuff to see the changes. Pretty fun. 23) Hang Line Platform: iPhone This is awesome. It's a physics based grappling hook game where you rescue people on snowy mountains & get to the top, or in some cases climb as high as you can. The control is smooth & lots of crazy physics stuff can happen in your travels.
  4. If you guys don't know, there's this promising game a while back called Atomic Heart which looks like Prey meets Bioshock meets Terminator meets Fallout meets Wolfenstein New whateves. And there's a gameplay video of it recently It's in alpha so it's pretty rough around the edges, but I am looking forward to this game. Until I saw this Keep in mind that this is an unconfirmed claim, but if it is indeed what's happening to this game then...... oooooohhhhh noooooooooooo It's pretty impressive that they actually did heavy editing to make the trailer THAT good while in reality it's worryingly bad. Now those rough spots in the gameplay video looks even more worrying. I have so many doubts for this game now that I wouldn't be surprised if this game ended up sucking badly. I can remain positive and say that this game will fix these issues and end well, but I am really worried for this game & will not get my hopes up.
  5. Man, RE2, Kingdom Hearts 3, and now Ace Combat 7. And later in the year, Crash Team Racing and Shenmue 3, with FF7 remake. What is up with 2019 and long time franchises coming back from the dead? That's not a bad thing though because it's FUCKING AWESOME! The plot of this game takes place 5 years after Ace Combat 6, and it involves the nation of Osea and the kingdom of Erusea. For those that don't know, Osea is the setting of Ace Combat 5, and the stage for the absolutely epic final mission with one of the best song to ever grace Ace Combat. while Erusea is the enemy nation of Ace Combat 4, also known as the place with the badass railgun you had to destroy Basically after the event of 5, the president of Osea Harling, who's in Ace Combat 5, decided to build a space elevator on Erusea's teritory, because it's a symbol of peace and also based on every single Civilization game ever, the point where a country of your choosing won the science war and go to space. Problem is Erusea was all "you wanna build this thing on OUR soil and win through science domination? GTFO bitch", and the game is spend on you fighting a war against Erusea. Fun fact: Ace Combat 7 is where drones & ai pilots are introduced prominently, which will lead to the event of Ace Combat 3. Not the garbage US version, but the superior Japanese version. OOOOHHH I can sense a remake of that game coming, I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! I like the story of this game quite a lot, because the narrative is told through the personal stories of 3 people that got caught up in this war: a girl mechanic Avril Mead, the kind and misunderstood princess of Erusea Rosa, and this scientist Schroeder, just like how Ace Combat 6 did it before. Weird that the cutscenes uses a lot of real life static images in the background mixed with the animated characters, like a real life dog image that just stand in place..... that was weird. As the stages progresses, not only are you following their story, but you're also following your main character pilot's journey from a rookie to the usual unstopabble pilot that this series is known for. Just like the other main characters except Assault Horizon, your character doesn't talk on screen which everyone makes fun of, but his plane skills is all he needs. And the plots all ties up in a great way in the very end. Gameplay of this game is back to basics Ace Combat. If you have ever played any of the old numbered games, it's pretty much the same thing. Just aim at a plane/ ground enemies & either fire your machine gun or release your missiles on them, but make sure they’re in a stable position or else your missile will miss. The plane control is still as smooth and tight as before with freedom of movements. If you play using the expert control scheme that is which I reccomend using, not the dumbass normal control scheme. I miss the epic dogfighting mechanic of Assault Horizon, but back to basics Ace Combat is great so I ain't complaining. The new thing that this game have though is that weather will affect your flight. So if you go into a storm cloud or a thunderstorm, your plane movement will be heavily affected and disoriented, so it's best to just be in the clouds for a short time. That and the Aircraft Tree which lets you unlock planes & plane modifiers before combat, which is from the free to play PS3 game Ace Combat Infinity. It's so much fun playing through missions and unlocking new aircrafts + upgrades to use, especially the ones further down which has amazingly good plane stats. There are 20 missions total for this game, and as with every Ace Combat games, there are of course ones that are so epic it makes me want to cheer & go ham. My favorites are definitely mission 12, because you get to go back to stonehenge and partake in an epic defence mission, mission 13 because of these 2 amazing songs And mission 19. That mission is just........ so damn good. The bossfight, the hectic dodging of relentless enemies, and of course, this Godlike song These missions are so good, that I will play them all again. The only part of this game that I don't like is that some missions are "annihiliation" missions, which pretty much means you have to destroy as many enemies as you can and reach the high score before the time limit runs out. These are definitely fun, but the problem with most these missions is simply this: THERE'S NO CHECKPOINT. So imagine playing one of these missions which can take up to 12 minutes. And when you're 30 seconds into the end, you got shot down/ hit the pavement. You have to do the mission all over again! GAAHH, curse you mission 6!! Other than that, this game is awesome. A welcome return to another dogfight plane game from my childhood with an entirely brilliant OST for me to listen to. I give this game the rating of "so awesome you will dogfight and destroy so many things with your newly acquired combat planes over and over and over again." With a badass seal of approval. I know it seems I'm really generous with my reviews this January, alongside RE2 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3, BUT THESE GAMES ARE JUST THAT DAMN GOOD! GO GET THESE GAMES!
  6. Currently playing Ace Combat 7. My lord, this game's soundtrack is still as amazing as the other Ace Combat games. Mission 13 has these kickass songs with a great guitar solo And this song is just....... fucking brilliant!
  7. 17 + 18) Resident Evil 2 Remake + Kingdom Hearts 3 Platform: PC & PS4 Reviews like usual 2 GOTY candidates, and they're both January games. This year starts with a bang! 19) The Dark Room Platform: PC Ohohoho man this game. I actually found this game at PAX last year in the indie section, where the guy who created the game was actually there to promote it, and mock everyone who played it because the game has so many deathtraps. This is a joke take on the old text only adventure games where you type in words and hope it does something. The guy told me that he just wants to make a really2 hard game, and he succeeded! The game is still in early access, so there's more to come. I beat stage 1 and the game said stage 2 is under construction, so meh, better wait for the full version! 20) Ace Combat 7 Platform: PC Another Ace Combat, another epic soundtrack for me to download. And another step closer to reaching Ace Combat 3's story timeline. Remake that game pls!
  8. So, after 13 long years since the last Kingdom Hearts numbered game 2, and a plethora of actually important games for handhelds, we FINALLY got Kingdom Hearts 3. And it is........ magnificent. For those of you that don't know the plot of the previous games, I suggest watching a youtube video of the entire lore's plot summary, because you pretty much have to know what happens in all the previous games to finally make sense of this game's plot. Just like having to watch the previous MCU films before going into Avengers Infinity War! But basically for those that has played the previous games, you just need to know this: It's the game where everyone, and I mean EVERYONE from Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and even the freaking mobile phone game Union χ finally come together to close their stories, and it is also the long awaited game where you finally kick old man Xehanort's smug candy ass all over the damn place. While also exploring the newest Disney film universe, and even reliving some of them in a surprisingly well detailed shot by shot recreation that took me by complete surprise. If you come for these things, then this game is your dream come true! The gameplay of this game is, MUAH, purrrfecto. It's the culmination of every Kingdom Hearts games before, but made 10 times better by having the combat mechanic SOOO fluid & SOOO much more free flowing than ever before. Take most of the great combat from Kingdom Hearts 2, add the Shotclock mechanic from Birth By Sleep, make every single keyblade in this game able to transform into different weapons with their own specific finishing blows, and add in Disney Park rides. You pretty much get a combat that's literally a kid's playground of destruction, and it is BEAUTIFUL. And that's not counting the always awesome set piece boss fights for you to fight, which this game has SOOO many of. My favorite is definitely the entire damn part in the final area of the game, because oh..... oh my....... They're fucking amazing man. So many bosses, so many epic shit, especially the part with Union X..... wow...... now THAT is Nier Automata level of epic shit. Go play the game to find out because I want to play those boss fights again! The movie worlds you get to travel this time are pretty much these: Hercules part 3 Tangled Toy Story 2.5 Monster's Inc 2 Frozen Winnie the Pooh Pirates of the Carribean 3 Big Hero 6 Thankfully the dialogue scripts for this game reduced the cheesy and cringy as hell dialogue of the previous KH games, so now everyone speaks like normal people and not talk about hearts all the damn time, especially the Pixar worlds & Big Hero 6 which I freaking love since the dialogue are so natural & funny. Well...... actually they still do talk about hearts here and there, but they're significantly way less so that's awesome! Hercules, Tangled, Frozen and Pirates are pretty much recreations of the movie's events, similar to previous KH games. Only this time I was so completely surprised by how close to the films the recreations for Tangled and Frozen are, to the point where I couldn't tell the difference between the film and the game's cutscenes until I see the youtube video comparison. Like this sequence from Tangled. THAT'S HOW GOOD THE WHOLE THING IS. Which unfortunately also means that Elsa has to sing that damn accursed song that's sung a billionth time already. You know the one AAAARRRHGHHHH, NOW I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD AGAIN!! Good thing the graphics is so damn good but WHY DO I HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS DAMN SONG AGAIN??? DX DX DX Toy Story, Monsters Inc and Big Hero 6 on the other hand takes place after their films, though Toy Story is apparently set between 2 & 3. And yes, Kingdom Hearts 3's event is actually freaking canon to Toy Story. Don't know if it's the same with Monsters Inc and Big Hero 6, but after playing the stories, I WANT them to be canon. Because it is such a perfect continuation to the films. Ah, and of course you can't be Kingdom Hearts without the addicting as hell minigames thrown in! And there's so. So. SOOOOO many of them to play. Aside from the surprisingly WAAY more awesome than before Gummi ship parts, which also surprisingly includes a boss from Einhander, a really damn good PS1 shooter btw, Fun fact: the developer of the Gummi ship segment also works on Einhander Some other minigame highlights: Tangled has a fun dancing together minigame, Frozen has extreme Goofy bobsled, Twilight Town has you cooking with Remy from Ratatouille controlling you And the "classic kingdom" games collection, which is pretty much one of those Tiger Handheld games back in the 90s Though the best one out of all is definitely Pirates of the Carribean, because you pretty much play a smaller version of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag where you explore islands for treasures and shoot at enemies with your ship cannons. But even better because your ship can do SO many cool shit with magic. OMG this part is SO GOOD! So good in fact that it puts Ubisoft's upcoming Skull & Bones and Sea of Thieves to freaking shame. Although this game is, MUAH, a byoutiful game, there's just some part that I can nitpick. Like how in the Tangled world, even though I am the one who actually play a lot with Rapunzel and show her many fun stuff in the jungle that make her smile and happy, she still fall in love with Flynn. IT MAKES NO DAMN SENSE! He does jack shit, and he still gets the girl because the movie said so. That's like if in Persona 5 if I spend my entire time maximizing my romance stat with Makoto, but in the end she falls in love with Ryuji even though they barely interract with one another. Like.... what in the actual fuck???? Why can't Sora get love from the ladies besides Kairi?? Give this poor kid some love damn it! Second nitpick is what I already mentioned before: that song from Frozen is here and I have to listen to it all over again! Oh yeah, the Frozen area is also my least favorite area in the whole game, because it's full of snow and mazes that look the same because of the snow. Also the fact that in the Frozen story, you pretty much just watch the film's events without any direct involvement, well outside of some parts where you talk to the characters, but the movie's events still happen. Isn't it better if you can actually be Elsa's hero instead of having her deal with the traumatic events like in the film? Because Sora is so much the perfect hero that can totally help her out and change the film's event for the better if the dev let it so. Lastly, why is Kairi not allowed to show more of her badass skill? She's a keyblade master, and the most badass thing she did is kill a heartless in 1 cutscene. The rest? She's still the damsell in distress Kairi that needs to be rescued. Even freaking Aqua gets to do more awesome stuff in this game! ARRRGHHH, WHY???? Outside of those 3, this game is pretty much the game that I have been waiting for so long. It's a fucking amazing game, and I give this game the rating of "so awesome that you will play this game over and over and over again, playing all the minigames and playing the boss fights over and over again", with a badass seal of approval! And also, an easy GOTY 2019 candidate. Goddamn, RE2 remake, Ace Combat 7 and this?? This January is fucking awesome! Ah yeah, almost forgot. If you think this game is the end of Kingdom Hearts, HEEELLLLL naw. I mean it is for Xehanort, but not for the whole series, because this game sets up a new sequel at the end of the game, as well as even more unanswered questions that I am so looking forward to seeing solved in the future. We still don't get the answer for Kingdom Hearts X, like who the hell is the Master of Masters, what is in that black box Luxu had, what's the faces of the rest of the Foretellers look like, and WHAT IN THE HOLY MOTHER OF HELL IS THAT SECRET ENDING ALL ABOUT?? I WANT TO KNOW MORE DAMN IT, MORE!!!!
  9. Words cannot describe how fucking amazing this game is. Anyone of you who is alive in the 1990s definitely would know RE2. This is the remake of said game, and an absolutely FUCKING BRILLIANT one. It still follows Claire and Leon as they visit Raccoon City that's in the middle of a zombie outbreak, and how they have to get the hell out of this place. The best part about the game? Not only are the dialogues in this game WAAAY more fitting and realistic which is what anyone in a zombie apocalypse would definitely say, you still get Leon A/B and Claire A/B scenarios, as well as segments where you play as Sherry and Ada. What do you know, the rumor of those not in the game are false after all! So that's 4 content packed in 1, and that's not even counting the extra 4th Survivor and Tofu mode! The gameplay of this game is the perfect blend of old school RE exploration with RE Revelations 2's controls. Move and shoot, or at least try to shoot since the enemies in this game can avoid your bullets like a baws, strategically managing your inventory, running the hell away from enemies that you don't want to encounter, backtracking to solve puzzles, and of course the usual conserve your ammo for your powerful weapons so that you can use them against the bosses. What's different here is that this game has the gunpowder mix mechanic from RE3 and the "defence item" mechanic that's in the RE 1 remake in that you equip either a knife or a grenade, and when an enemy grab you whether it's a zombie or a licker or whatever, you can use these items to push them away, or possibly blow their damn heads off if you use a grenade. Speaking of zombies, I applaude this game's potrayal of them. Back when the original RE 2 & 3 were out, I don't get how the police have such trouble fighting these guys, as seen by this intro Look at them, they didn't even shoot them in the head. Haven't these guys seen any zombie movies?? They even go down fast when you fight against them in the game. But in this game? The zombies are FAAAAAAR more durable and because of how realistic everyone act, I totally understand them getting their asses kicked. These zombies are a fucking menace. You shoot them in their damn head 4 times, you'll be lucky if the shot is a critical and blows their head right off, because most of the time, even if you shred their head skins off, they'll still come for you. Shotgun to their head is the number 1 way to end them, or a lucky critical shot which is oh so so satisfying to pull off. You know who else is a menace? MR X. AKA Sergei Vladimir's most swanky Tyrant. (he's the creator of the Tyrants btw. And that is probably the most Russian name ever) In the original RE2, he's quite easy to beat. You just pump him full of magnum/ acid rounds and he'll go down. Here? Just do what I do and RUN. You don't want to waste your ammo against this guy. The one thing that's such a shame about the gameplay though is there's no melee attacks. It's been in the series since RE4 and not having it feels..... incomplete. You know what I mean, these moves: I get it, RE2 is supposed to make you feel like you're an inexperienced rookie trying to fight zombies, but what about when you play as Ada and Hunk who are secret agents that kills people on a regular basis? Why can't they have the badass melee?? I mean Chris and Joe Baker in 7 has them when you play as them, make me feel badass when I play as these 2! Outside of that, this game is awesome. 2019 starts with a bang already, and it's for a REMAKE! Damn, first Yakuza Kiwami 2 and then this? I wonder what other awesome remakes there are going to be in the future! I give this game my rating of "welcome to Raccoon City again, 10 times better and even more scary to play than the first time! And it's so awesome you'll play it over and over again" with a badass seal of approval Candidate for GOTY 2019. Get this game NOW!
  10. Oh, that show that Matthew Mercer hosts! Nah, too nerdy for me. Love the voice actors, but I'll let them do their business. I'm not so much a super fan that I would go ask for their autograph. Besides, meeting all the famous FGC players in my Dragonball tournament + Disney Land is already a great adventure.
  11. So I'm going to LA in the 25 January, 1 week from now for my next Dragonball FighterZ competition. I plan on staying til 29, and I definitely want to go to Disney Land to celebrate the coming of Kingdom Hearts 3. I know GTAV is based on LA so I can probably go to the spots that interest me, like the Hollywood walk of fame and the Chinese Theatre etc. But are there any interesting hidden spots that I can go to, maybe gaming related places? Let me know so I can enjoy my stay even more.
  12. 12) Unbox Platform: PC Love this game! It's a platformer where you play as a box, interacting with other boxes. Apparently the boxes in this world are made sentient by an alien technology by people, but for whatever reason, no human is in this game. Just boxes. Gameplay is really good in that you as a box can fly high by unboxing yourself up to 6 times which makes for really cool platforming opportunities. There's a lot of collectibles & challenges to do & it reminds me of the old Banjo Kazooie game. So much fun collecting stuff & travelling to the 4 different open world areas to collect stuff which grants you cosmetic awards. Can't wait for the sequel to take this game to even more absurd levels! Now these 2 next games are pretty much just "stay alive as long as you can" dual stick shooter games 13) Pulstar Platform: PC In space 14) It came from space, and ate our brains Platform: PC On earth where you fight aliens attacking you. This game is better than Pulstar since you get to upgrade yourself. 15) Orwell: Ignorance is Strength Platform: PC The sequel, or more accurately the side by side game for the first Orwell that takes place in a different setting, but at the same time as the first game, so decisions you made in the first game can actually affect how this game's story pan out. It's still the same stalking game as the first one, only this time there's actually voice acting for the phone call eavesdropings, and in the third chapter you're given a powerful tool to use that spreads propaganda, but it still functions the same as the "choose between these 2 conflicting information" system like the first game. I managed to get the good ending for this game after getting the normal ending first, and surprisingly, I feel much better getting the good ending to this game compared to the good ending for the first game. Probably because the good ending for the first game involves letting people I don't like get away with their crimes while in this one no such predicament happens. A shame that there's only 3 episodes this time around, but the twists and turns are still good so I don't mind it. Wonder how the sequel of this game will be. 16) You Don’t Know Jack Platform: PC It's the nonsense party game that I saw a lot of youtube! Just played this with my mates. I laughed so much playing with them. My favourite answer from them is “what would you name a clothing item for an overweight leprechaun”. One of their answer: Pot of Greed I can’t compete with that!
  13. It's great to have the rematch from MK X back then, and seeing how far Mortal Kombat has become. And of course how both Joe and Jeremy just doesn't seem to age one bit since last time. Here's to another milestone of Mortal Kombat & can't wait for the next match for Mortal Kombat 12! But in the meantime, I hope there's none of those dumb "easy fatalities" microtransactions anymore & it'll be purely cosmetics like Injustice 2. That easy fatality system was..... like what the fuck were they thinking with that shit??
  14. Always nice to see a cat and a dog living together peacefully .
  15. You mean that observatory before Michael gets put into a morgue? Looks fun. There's supposed to be a giant telescope there Thanks for the recommendation! It'll actually take 30 minutes by car to get there from my hotel, so maybe I'll go there, or the La Brea Tar Pits.
  16. Finally, the wait for the trailer is over. I'm surprised that Grand High Witch from Witches herself is here. Looking forward to this film, even though it looks like the film is going to get sillier. I mean..... Wick on a horse? Wick on a desert?? Gotta have to see what those are about in the full film!
  17. Although there's no gameplay of the beat em up adventure mode, iz fine. Game looks freaking slick. I want this game NOWWWWWWW
  18. There's so many games that made me cry that I don't think I can get sad anymore, so I'm curious on how depressing this will be. I heard many things about this game & I know that there's actually other games set in the same universe like Trails of Cold Steel. One day I'll try this game and the sequels. This next one is from a VR puzzle game called GNOG that I just stumbled upon. Quite a relaxing soundtrack And this is from a rhythm platformer called 140. There's only 2 song, the stage song and the boss song, but there's loads of variations which makes the song different for each stages.
  19. Time to carry over this thread from the previous forum! I just had a thought, we all know catchy and memorable video game musics over the years, like the Guile theme, the MGS theme, Final Fantasy Sephiroth's theme, you know, the classics that most gamers seems to know. But what about the obscure ones that's so awesome that it must be heard but unfortunately aren't because they're not that well known? That's why this thread is for those songs, to spread the awesomeness to the world that's been surrounded by terrible Boy Bands, Justin Bieber and Glee songs. And of course to see how many of you like a game for it's soundtrack as well as it's gameplay, as well as show you guys these obscure games as well. Just to remind you, this is for not so popular game only, so Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Guilty Gear and Mass Effect are all out. I'll start. Got a whole lot to uncover here. If you can, name the game and just post the song link bellow the game's name. Chain Dive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axiIfslE6Z8 The second version of this song, which is more complete If you want to download these songs without needing to buy them through itunes, you can do it by copying the links of the song, and go to this website. http://www.youtube-mp3.org After that, just paste the link, download the song and its all yours. Have fun!
  20. So I'm currently working as a video game marketing analyst, and one of my tasks is to search for potential Australian youtubers for our client's game promotions. After searching 5000 + channels, I actually found this gaming channel that covers really obscure games. This channel is quite frankly, beyond words. While there are games that I actually played before like Witcher, Ghoul Panic and Crypt Killer, I have never, NEVER seen anything like what 90% of this channel have. Everytime I look at these games, I am amazed. Because WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE??? I.... I can't..... UUUURRGHHHHHHH!!!!! Now I want to actually play these things!! See this channel at your own risk. It will make you question "what drugs were these devs on???"
  21. 7) Kathy Rain Platform: PC This is a pretty cool point and click adventure game. Old school, but not as frustrating as most Lucasarts point and click games where you pretty much have to trial and error a lot of your path out to get to the next part. Here it's pretty simple to follow the next step of the game & solve puzzles to progress. The story's also pretty good, with Kathy herself being a good character that has a tragic backstory that you get to know in the game. She's also constantly sarcastic with funny lines here and there, my favorite being the part where she has to go in a hospital and have to ask a hobo to distract a grumpy nurse. That whole part is funny. By the end of the game I want to see what's next for this game. No sequel yet, but the dev's next game is going to be Whispers of a Machine. Can't wait for this! 8) Fractal: Make Blooms Not War Platform: PC A puzzle game where the objective is to create blooms, by making large hexagons by manipulating little hexagon pieces to form the large you know what just watch this gameplay The more the combo, the higher the score. And you pretty much have to make as many tiny hexagons explode in few moves. It's pretty satisfying when you have just 1 move left, and then you miraculously create the last explosion necessary to beat the level, which is accompanied by slow motions. 9) Fly in the House Platform: PC This is pretty much a "break as many stuff as possible" game, but with a "kill the fly" objective. As long as the fly is still alive, you can break as many shit as you want. It's quite a fun game. The story is complete nonsense. Your character basically reminisce about his past, and then a fly comes in, and then you try and kill the fly. Markiplier played this game before 10) 140 Platform: PC A funky platformer/ rhythm game hybrid where obstacles change depending on the rhythm of the background music. Even though the game only has 2 songs, one for the normal stage and the other for the bosses, they're played in different variations, making it different for each of the 4 stages you play. Hell, the soundtracks on youtube are actually made by a guy that edits the different variations of the stages. What's cool is the boss battles at the end of the levels, all completely different. The first and fourth boss are like a shooter where you have to aim a triangle to a circle and have it fire during a particular rhythm in the song. The second boss is an "avoid the incoming obstacle" game, and the third boss is a ddr esque thing where you have to position your DDR movement arrow at the right place to shoot at an incoming projectile. The third boss is supposed to be the last boss, the fourth one is just a free add on to the game. There's also a harder version of the 4 levels which are the same stages but in reverse, and no checkpoints, so one death and you're back to the start. Fuck that shit! 11) Mountain Platform: PC Ummmmm......... is this even a game??? All you do is make a song that corresponds to a cheat code to make stuff happen, and that's it. It is a relaxing game I mean thing, but.... why???
  22. Phew, that's good then. I saw the trailers has a lot of deaths, so I want to make sure if the game has instant death traps left and right like this: Thank the Lord it's not like that.
  23. Ah, that’s why. Play it till the end, it’s a fucking amazing game. But be warned, it will make you cry as well. Both Majima & Kiryu’s story that is.
  24. The MISSING is one of the games that I definitely am interested in. Such a shame that Swery will never make a season 2 to D4, but this is the next best thing. One question before I get this game eventually: is it a hard game?
  25. Good game choices! Weird that you put Yakuza Kiwami 2 as honorable mention while 6 is in 6, seeing how Kiwami 2 is a far superior game than 6 in every way. Then again, it's what I think and you can make your own list. Both are great games so good on you for putting it in. Now I know what 3DS games I should keep an eye on to add to my collection. My GOTY list is filled with PS4 + PC games with 1 iPhone game, so for 2019, I want a 3DS/ Switch game to be in it. Phoenix Wright sequel, plesss come sooneth! Also, welcome back man.