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  1. Kinda more intrested in the private server for it now. Archerage. I hated what trion did to it. The bots they let through and pretty much run things back when the guild was active really made the game unplayable. The private server doesn't have a bot problem, everyone gets premium status for free and it's a lot more chill. Unchained promises alot but I expect it to be the same dumpster fire that was archage when it first launched.
  2. So who all is ready for Ghost Recon Breakpoint?
  3. So pretty much it's on the smaller leaders to really rally the guild because the main ones are focused on their own stuff methinks.
  4. Our MMO presence was stronger a few years ago, but everyone that would put up the clan tag then have now gone and done their own things. There just isn't any emphasis anymore and more established guilds got bigger and bigger. It happens. Even I just kinda pop into the forums to see how everyone is doing. I got ESO like 2 years ago back around before the Summerset isle expansion. Loving it so far, only MMO I'll sub to.
  5. Holy hell, It's been forever since I've been here. I was a former officer in the AJSA and helped with the Archeage guild we had there. We had a lot of good times back on it untill Trion royaly screwed the pooch. Well it's been a long time and a new Archeage has come out. No, not that unchained BS but Archrage! Archerage is a private server run by the fans and supported through donations through a very much downgraded cash shop. The sever from what I've seen doesn't have a bot issue, no more getting our land sniped from us and no more over the top prices due to inflation. The labor Mechanics have been changed, we generate labor at a much faster rate and it's uncapped all the way so running out shouldn't be a issue in most cases. The cash shop is a whole lot less then what it used to be but everything that is purchased goes to the server. Mirage Island is well stocked. Everyone has patron status, so we all have increased drops, more labor regen when offline, bonuses, amongst other things. Enemies have been buffed so they aren't paper dolls like how they used to be. And the biggest plus of all, Trion and now Aeria can't get their greedy game killing paws on it.
  6. I don't even know why people keep comparing it to Destiny. It really does discredit the game immensely. From what I've heard of Destiny it's nothing like The Division. I think just because it's a shooter MMO with instanced and Open world stuff people lump it together with destiny. Just because it's has guns and is quasi MMO it's a Destiny clone? Comon. For one Division, although small, is open world while Destiny you fly to different planets but it's essentially like going from level to level on Halo, but you can choose which levels to go to and can do them over again with loot drops. It has hubs where you can see other players and group up, that's like the Division for PvE areas. But Darkzone is all open world where you can see and run into everyone there that is in your level bracket. Division has a story while Destiny has a guy that says there is a story but doesn't have time to tell you it. I think if Joe hadn't been comparing it to Destiny the whole time, the score would have been different.
  7. I've been enjoying it thus far. I'm with Joe on the fact that the game should have started with you being part of the first wave or even one of the ones that was activated asap and was only monitoring at the hospitals and clinics. All the really cool shit does go down well before you actually get the call. If you want the whole story of what's going on, you have to get at least 75 percent of the collectables that tell what happened during the firs days and the first wave. And knowing how Joe plays, he probably did rush on through and not read most of it, he does read story stuff, he has no problem but I've never seen him delve into collections and that's where most of it is. I have yet to finish the game, I'm on the LMB now, so got a little spoiler when he showed the final boss, wasn't happy they pulled a Commercial for season pass at the end though. I fucking hate when you beat a game, instead of going right on in, they throw a advertisement message from the devs. But leave it to Ubisoft to do that shit. I left a comment on the video talking about the things I loved thus far about the game. It's enjoyable and fun to play and a great game for friends. I'm still bummed about all the things they promised and showed off and honestly I feel they lied to Joe during interviews to basically use him a hype man. Cause man was he hyped after the interviews and supposed gameplay footage. I honestly don't know if they were going for more then they could chew in the end, or they outright lie to get preorder sales. Again, with Ubisoft it's most likely the latter. Also I like how they did the PvP. If your going to be a bad guy, and that's what going rogue is, then you should get hit hard for being a bad guy. But not that hard, I heard you loose a dark zone level but loosing several is a bit excessive. Maybe make the amount dependent on how many agents you kill rather then hitting you with a mack truck. And yeah, I was there for beta. I know how much bullshit asshats did during the beta, so there is plenty of reason why they did what they did. From assholes forcing other players rogue, to outright blockading entrances and killing people coming and going. It was utter bullshit and griefing was rampant. So from the extreme griefing in beta to the over reacting at launch, honestly it's to early for them to find the sweet spot for PvP.
  8. I know. It takes barely any resources and doesn't konk out on you as often as skype. That and you can be in several servers at a time for text chat at least. So I can keep tabs on both AJSA stuff and the other games I run with friends. Lookin forward to seeing more people using it.
  9. Yeah, Ranking has to be done manually from what I gather. Also how were you able to get a perm link for the channel? So far we have had to send invites in real time to people to get into it.
  10. We have a Discord channel? More active then the TS? Also I'm on Iksanun. Maining a warlock right now cause I want the free stuff at 45, also it's not a bad class. I'm enjoying it and my Assasin. But you'll see me on my Warlock Eliza Hex
  11. I have it for PC. I know there was talk of a good number of us playing. But with how it is, I don't see it being a supported game because there is no clan/guild feature and the fact that there are many of us doing a either or kind of thing. With a good number going console and a good number going PC. PC is not a port but is being developed separate from the console version.
  12. He's asking about the sub forum. If it's no longer a supported game, the subforum gets removed.
  13. If you wana play with the Panda. I'm on Iksanun. Have a character on both factions. Also check the Hongmoon store in game guys for a free character slot. From what I've gathered it's more of a word of mouth thing cause I haven't seen a official post anywhere yet about it.
  14. It's not a WoW clone. Joe said it best. It's a Destiny clone.
  15. This isn't what they promised at E3 at all what so ever. I get having to cut some things out because of time constraints or they aimed to high. But it feels like they aimed the entire game to high, marketed it at what they wished to make and then are giving us a good enough game. Things gone from what they told Joe and other Press. Guild system, Melee system, MMO (It's 4 player co-op with a free for all loot cave area. They promised to see guild mates in the guild base of operations where we can get together and group up and head out. They also promised raids and dungeons) several buildings that can be liberated to become base of operations, the trade mark graphics promises and let downs. I bet the port to PC is gona be shit like all the others and they are gona ammass DLC story stuff. I mean through the whole thing Joe just sounds so defeated when asking questions to see if what he was told was still there and it wasn't. You can kinda hear his heart break. Can't way for a Angry review of the game and joe to tell them they fucked up. I had such high hopes for the game too but it seems they want to make their own version of destiny to compete with destiny even though the consensus is that destiny sucks.