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    ArcheAge Officer
  • Birthday 12/06/1986

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    Gaming, Anime, Manga, D&D, Shadowrun, World of Darkness games, LARP, Alchohol, having the shit scared out of me playing horror games even though I know they give me anxiety attacks (It's the same with creepypasta, so I guess I'm a masochist in this regard maybe?) Having a good time, Conventions, Furries, Stuff, Things, Places, Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Earth, Sky, Rambling, Pirates, No wait Ninjas, Ninja Pirates, the AJSA.

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About Me

About me? Well I've been a nerd since I popped out my momma. Came with the glasses and pale skin even. My course was set at birth. I've been gaming since the NES but never really became a gamer till the SNES and realized my love for gaming. I've been gaming ever since and haven't looked back. I'm very opinionated about gaming and the industry as well, so if you wana debate, come at me bro. I have many hopes and dreams and wish to see them come to fruition one day. I eagerly await the days till something like the PS9 comes and feel we would get there if companies stopped dicking around trying to bleed us out for profit. And for those that have forgotten the dream that we all once shared and the dream that even the companies shared with us during our earlier years, let me remind you.

But that's neither here nor there. Point is, I take my gaming seriously and love every bit of it. As for the other aspects of geek and nerd culture. I play role playing games from the table top to actually moving my fat ass around in LARP and one of these days I'll even work up the nerve to even try wacking people with sticks in suits of armor in the SCA, this would happen if the nearest group met closer to me, I also hear they have some of the most amazing feasts one can have. Here here for mutton and big ass turkey legs. I'm a furry, I'll put that out there here and now to get it out of the way and again I say, come at me bro. I'm a writer, not a very good one but I do try my best to be, maybe one day you'll see one of my books. Hmmm what else...O I love anime and manga and swear it has been just as influential on me as gaming, anime has brought me out of some really tough times. NHK has even actually given me hope during the most bleak of times, if you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it. Other then that, I drink, I smoke, I party and I try to have fun and live a somewhat healthy life. I eat my carrot and vegetable. (there is a joke there, I'll leave you to see it.) Do you wish to know more? (Another joke for those that remember)