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    SWTOR Sergeant
  • Birthday 08/12/1984

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    Midwest, USA
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    Music, (I have horrid musical-ADD; one playlist on my PC can literally have rock, pop, rap, country, metal, steampunk, and Gregorian chant,) history, theology, games, reading, writing, general dorkery. Oh, and food. I like food.
  1. When are you usually on? (Please include time zone.) We can only invite people when inviter and invitee are on at the same time.
  2. You can add as many characters to the AJSA as you want; you just can't have one character in multiple guilds. You also have to be on at the same time as someone who can invite.
  3. And yet that game was why GW2 had to get a different composer for the expansion. Blech.
  4. And because of a limitation in SWTOR, I have to be online at the same time as the person I'm inviting. I'm usually home after 6PM Central Time So we can coordinate a time that works for both of us.
  5. As has been mentioned, it's free, so you have nothing to lose except your time. The F2P restrictions are about on par with SWTOR, FWIW, though messaging is less-restricted, at least with your friends, and I don't think they penalize free accounts on XP the way other games, (SWTOR, Wildstar, Blade & Soul,) do. Another unique thing about GW2, at least at its original release in 2012, 2013, whenever, was that they had a way to buy gold, licitly, in-game, and other MMOs weren't doing that at the time. Warning, though, if you do buy it: Heart of Thorns started a REALLY hardcore elitist faction within the game that I really didn't feel existed prior. Avoid those guys at all costs. Life's too short for gear checks. GW2 has 2 modes of PvP, small teams like SWTOR or Blade & Soul, and huge server-vs-server battles, more like ESO. If you're interested in the latter and want to run with the Angry Army and you're willing to play on a North American server, we're on Northern Shiverpeaks. I don't remember what server the EU guild is on; you'd have to check their subforum.
  6. Unfortunately, the AJSA is on the Jedi Covenant server. However, if you brought even a level 1 character created on Harbinger to JC, your entire legacy would transfer with it.
  7. Given that the other faction is almost always full anyway, it'll be easier for folks to join right away this way.
  8. Blade & Soul, maybe? I know there's a thread about this in the PC/RPG forum, but if Wildstar made sense as an EF game, B&S probably could, too.
  9. There's a SWTOR subforum under PC > RPGs, should anyone be interested.
  10. SWTOR has the same policy, but I've never in my time playing seen the servers get so full that it's an issue. Also, GW2 even got swamped when it went F2P, but since anet has the megaserver thing, they don't need queuing. ArcheAge also had login queues, and that game I did walk away from partially because of that, but I didn't like that game enough to endure the queues. And yeah, as Demonbane says, you pay to keep the lights on = you get to login sooner.
  11. I'm in the other faction, so And the cut scenes are fine for me o.o On what hardware are you running it? o.o
  12. I watched someone on Twitch play both games on her PSTV and wanted to play it on PC sooooo badly!!!
  13. This past Tuesday. Shadow and I are on Master Hong, as well, and I think Treeps might be creating an alt on there. I'm blue order, AFAIK Shadow still is, too.
  14. And for your birthday, Bakka won't harvest your kidneys for doing so