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  1. Muzical liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in (Updated) PlayStation Meeting September 2016   
    Update: PlayStation Blog has put out a rather short article clarifying what times the PlayStation Meeting will take place for the livestream viewers (everyone else that isn't press). Below is the link to the original Blog post, as well as the time the livestream takes place.
    PlayStation Blog Article source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/09/06/playstation-meeting-watch-live-tomorrow/
    Livestream Start Times
    Universal Time Coordinated
    7:00 pm UTC North America
    3:00 pm ET 2:00 pm CT 1:00 pm MT 12:00 pm PT United Kingdom/Ireland
    8:00 pm GMT  
    PlayStation Meeting is taking place in 1 week (September 7th, this thread was originally made August 31st) and will be showcasing PlayStation's future going forward as a tech company. While PlayStation has not confirm or deny any of these following discussion points it's very likely that we'll see these things:
    PlayStation Neo - The next PlayStation 4 with a power boost. Better everything. Original thread: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/33857-playstation-45/ PlayStation 4 "Slim" - PlayStation base model getting a smaller model, nothing improved (at this time of information). Original thread: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/36181-playstation-4-slim/  PlayStation VR - We've seen VR with them but only in small chunks and with it only a month away from it's release I am sure we'll see it on stage. Possibly being complemented by PlayStation Neo. Original thread: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/33813-playstation-vr-general-information/#comment-340404 Games? - If they are gonna be showcasing this new console it's most likely we'll see some kind of games there. Whether they are new unannounced titles is up in the air. Only thing we know games wise is that Rockstar (creators of GTA series) will be there. Whether they will be on stage is not confirmed. Could just be there to watch. PlayStation Trinity - Mostly the least likely to be seen at this meeting. Only information we got is it's code name "Trinity" and that it's some kind of portable device. Many think it's a PS Vita 2 or a PSP 2, but unlike it's brothers (the PlayStation Neo and PlayStation 4 "Slim") no tech specs have been leaked, no designs have been leaked, and no price has been leaked. Basically just the codename which could mean anything. What do you guys think we'll be seeing at PlayStation's Meeting next week? Think Neo will finally be revealed? Think Trinity is just nothing? Excited at the possibility of a new game being announced?
    Finally this thread will be treated as the one-stop-shop for PlayStation Meeting. All threads created will be redirected to here, keep the conversation focused and try not to carry off. Be respectful and keep the conversation mature, just because you may not like something doesn't mean everyone feels the same.
  2. Treeps liked a post in a topic by Muzical in should i buy it?   
    As has been mentioned, it's free, so you have nothing to lose except your time.  The F2P restrictions are about on par with SWTOR, FWIW, though messaging is less-restricted, at least with your friends, and I don't think they penalize free accounts on XP the way other games, (SWTOR, Wildstar, Blade & Soul,) do.  Another unique thing about GW2, at least at its original release in 2012, 2013, whenever, was that they had a way to buy gold, licitly, in-game, and other MMOs weren't doing that at the time.
    Warning, though, if you do buy it: Heart of Thorns started a REALLY hardcore elitist faction within the game that I really didn't feel existed prior.  Avoid those guys at all costs.  Life's too short for gear checks.
    GW2 has 2 modes of PvP, small teams like SWTOR or Blade & Soul, and huge server-vs-server battles, more like ESO.  If you're interested in the latter and want to run with the Angry Army and you're willing to play on a North American server, we're on Northern Shiverpeaks.  I don't remember what server the EU guild is on; you'd have to check their subforum.
  3. Muzical liked a post in a topic by shadow21986 in Blade and Soul, Faction and Server Type   
    Hello every one. clan leader from Blade and Soul with a bit of an update in regards to details about the game and the ANGRY ARMY CLAN.
    The clan is still very new and there are at this time just a few members, so I'm looking for more support as far new members is concern and I'm willing to promote the first 10 new members to 2nd in command (veteran) so that we can stench our voices throughout the game to recruit even more members.
    Note: CLAN LEADER NAME: "shadow Tail"  SERVER: MASTER HONG  FACTION: 'cerulean order" (You or only able to join the clan if you in that faction) You can find me often in the AJSA team speak along with anther clan member (JEB) for more information or email me at shadowboy21986@yahoo.com for question.
    Second is in game support as far as loot and other assistance. because of weapon upgrading system and other inventory needs crafting is a very important and necessary part of the game, unfortunately not only is it very time consuming but a single character and only have 2 main crafting skill and 2 sub skills that support the other. which is why with our new members (namely my 2nd in command) i would ask to acquire some of these crafting skill to help make upgrades and stuff easier.
    The fallowing are the crafting guilds and who has already contracted with them
    Fish Network - N/A Soul Shield Artism - Shadow Tail (myself) Earth Keeper Rep - N/A Stone Cutter Rep- N/A Prospectors Union - N/A Acquired Taste Rep - N/A Green Thumb - Shadow Tail (MySelf) Herbside Service- Shadow Tail (Myself) Silver Cauldron - N/A Tree Faller - Shadow Tail (myself) merry potters - Shadow Tail (Myself) If you not familiar with the game and you want to know how it is you can see game play footage on my twitch channel www.twitch.tv/shadow21986
    I look forward to meeting any new members and do my best to support them in any way I can.
  4. Muzical liked a post in a topic by shadow21986 in Blade and Soul, Faction and Server Type   
  5. Muzical liked a post in a topic by shadow21986 in Blade and Soul, Faction and Server Type   
    well here is the deal i finally made and angry army clan in Blade and soul. its under the the "Master Hong" server and if your looking for me the name is "Shadow Tail"
  6. Muzical liked a post in a topic by shadow21986 in Blade and Soul, Faction and Server Type   
    as a side note most of the members are Cerulean empire. not sure just yet it that will mean anything. but I'll be sure to look more into it if it effect the clan in any way
  7. Muzical liked a post in a topic by shadow21986 in Blade and Soul, Faction and Server Type   
    Hey. Just putting this out there cause I know were looking but I wanted to start and AA clan here. Looking to take the lead on such a roll along with musical and jebb since we all play togeather.
  8. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Demonbane775 in Jade Empire On the House in Origin.   

    For those of you that don't know, Origin offers a free game every month. Usually the free game sucks complete balls, but occasionally the guys at EA fuck up and put up a game that's actually okay. I got Dead Space 1 for free at one point (I'm sure someone got fired for that) and another bout of firings is sure to come up soon, because this month's game is pretty damned good. 

    If you don't know Jade Empire, don't worry. I didn't either until this month. It's an older Bioware RPG, Pre-Mass Effect and pre-Dragon Age, that's set in a original world based heavily off ancient china. Not spoiling the plot too much, you play as a martial artist in this world fighting to bring down a corrupt government and set the spirit world at ease. Speaking as someone who doesn't USUALLY enjoy eastern settings, this game is pretty damn awesome. The controls are pretty simplistic, but the kung-fu action is very well choreographed, as this was Bioware's first game to use actual motion capture technology. It's flashy and pretty fun with a good story behind it, though not too extremely challenging.
    I'd recommend grabbing it before EA wises up to this oopsie and takes it off On the House.
  9. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Demonbane775 in Blade and Soul   
    They're not going to increase server cap, I'd wager, because they know that outside the initial surge because 'Oh hey new MMO" they're not gonna have a huge fanbase in the US of A outside of people who eat up eastern culture stuff like candy. That's my guess. 
    Outside that, it's just a case of shrugging and going "Well what can ya do". NCsoft isn't the greatest company, but there's other companies much more deserving of hatred. 
  10. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Demonbane775 in Blade and Soul   
    Um... This isn't a new concept. This is also a new MMO. In this part of the world, anyway. 
    There's queues in every MMO that has servers. This is not new. It's also not new for premium members in any MMO to get priority in the queues. Because they paid for that privilege. If you're playing the game for free, you pay your price by having to wait longer in queues, having to deal with freemium bullshit, ect. Nothing is truly free. 
    As to the long queues? There's lots of people playing, because it's new and it's novel. The same thing happened with Wildstar when it went free-to-play. It'll die down over time, especially since Blade and Soul is pretty painfully mediocre. I don't expect the queues will stay long for very long, if you'll pardon that double use of the word. 
    You're either very new to playing MMO's or you get angry easily. No offense, but this is all pretty run-of-the mill stuff for an MMO on launch week/month, especially if it's F2P. I'd personally be more upset over the lack of a coherent story and the lackluster gameplay. 
  11. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Demonbane775 in Blade and Soul, Faction and Server Type   
    I did a thing. 
  12. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Demonbane775 in Blade and Soul, Faction and Server Type   
    Master Hong it is, then, downloading now. 
    EDIT- Is it just me, or is the animation and texture quality in cutscenes REALLY bad? 
    Also, I wanna join the Crimson Legion but it's full. Sad day. 
  13. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Dangan Ronpa 1: Trigger Happy Havoc is coming for PC. This February. FUUCKKKK YESEESSSSSSSS!!!!!   
    I fucking did not see this coming at all. One of my favorite PSP and detective genre game ever is coming next month for PC! Ohoho, I will definitely buy this game and play it all over again!!
    For those that have no idea what this game is, it's...... Extremely hard to describe what this game is. But in short, it's about a group of 15 students that are all in a school for their special talents. There's students that has extremely good luck, a baseball superstar, super model, super gambler, and even super japanese biker gang leader. Unfortunately for them, they are trapped their first day in their new school by a psycho who uses a robot called Monokuma to interact with them, and forces them to kill each other if they want to get out of the school. Awesomeness and sadness ensues from here on.
    Kind of like this.

    Be warned. This game is not for everyone. It's for those who loves mistery, Ace Attorney, Persona 4 and weird japanese quirkiness. But if you love all that shit, then check this game out. Most likely you will not stop playing this game until you beat it.
    Gotta say, February is awesome.
  14. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in The AJSA Teamspeak (Video Tutorial & Instructions)   
    Hey guys so im going to show you how to Find our Teamspeak and Setup your Correct Permissions so that you can participate in events, play games with us and interact with other AJSA members over our Voice Server!
    Video Tutorial:

    Text Tutorial:
    1. Become a Recruit! - You MUST have been Approved as a Recruit or Member on the these Boards FIRST! You should be able to tell whether or not you have been approve by logging into the forums - if you can post to the various public locations then you have been approved. You can also look at what your Member Group in your profile.
    2. Go to our Teamspeak Server - Our Teamspeak 3 Server address is ts3.ajsagaming.com with no password required.
    3. Wait for Angry Bot! - Within 5 minutes in the chat our friendly neighborhood "Angry Bot" will start a text conversation tab with you. Follow his instructions. Click the link he issues you.
    4. Relog & Wait for New Permissions - After you follow "Angry Bot's" instructions Log out of the Server and Log back in. Angry Bot should then automatically change your permissions and assign you to the correct group within a few minutes. This group is usually the basic group, "Recruit" unless you are being promoted.
    5. Manual Method (If Automatic Method Fails) - If Angry Bot is busy or not responding. Try adding your permissions manually. In order to do this, log onto the forums, Click your name in the top Right hand corner of the site -> My Profile -> Edit My Profile.
    On this screen you should see a tab called "Teamspeak Integration", click it. 
    On this screen should be displayed "Link Privilege Key". To use this key, click on it and connect to the teamspeak server using the link. To manually apply it instead, open the Teamspeak "Permissions" dropdown menu on the Teamspeak client itself and select "Use Privilege Key". Wait a few moments for your permissions to change. Relog if they havent changed within 5 minutes.
    If you still have not been correctly assigned your group & icon, please contact an Officer, Commander or Teamspeak Admin.

    We have a steam group, If you would like to follow up on events or any announcements about Joe and the community please follow it.
    You can always follow us on the steam group through the steam page link
    or just find us on through the steam client.
  15. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Hashirama Senju in NEW GW2 CO-LEADER   
    Actually, that's a good idea. Jeb, Shadow, Demonbane. We should celebrate Jeb's Hnoorary Arua status by stealing Muzical's guild prom dress.
  16. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Hashirama Senju in Who do I talk to if I want to join the AA Guild?   
    May we see you in Tyria, son. But first. READ THE ANGRY ARMY CREDO.
    And start getting insane.
  17. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Treeps in Who do I talk to if I want to join the AA Guild?   
    If your account is in NA servers, apply to this thread:
    If your account is in EU servers, apply to this one:
    Don't forget to read the first post and follow the instructions.  
  18. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Demonbane775 in NEW GW2 CO-LEADER   
    Jesus next thing you know I'll have to start being useful and... God forbid... Dressing in nothing but men's clothing! 
  19. Treeps liked a post in a topic by Muzical in NEW GW2 CO-LEADER   
    Treeps wins
  20. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Hashirama Senju in NEW GW2 CO-LEADER   
    Since you're copying and pasting as well...
    I can't believe that you too are taking responsibility when you don't want it! XD
    But what a wise person once said may be true. The best people in the leadership role would be the ones who doesn't want it the most, but finds they fit the role well.
    Congratulations on the promotion Goodnuff. If anything fails well. Blame Jeb.
    PS : meaning I have to shoulder responsibility in a more serious light
  21. Treeps liked a post in a topic by Muzical in NEW GW2 CO-LEADER   
    Treeps wins
  22. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Treeps in NEW GW2 CO-LEADER   
    Well, since you are copying and pasting speeches...
    " It's so weird to see you taking more responsabilities, but I'm happy to see the guild will have another co-leader we can trust. And don't worry: you know you can count on us. If things don't go as planned we can always blame Jeb.
    Congratulations on your promotion!  "
  23. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Goodnuff in NEW GW2 CO-LEADER   
    Hello there o/. My name is Tyler Goodnuff (though you'll see me as vinhtyler.4613 Goodnuff.8392 or Eva Lumina Goodnuffthegreat/HarktheHeraldnuff on my main). *shakes hand*. I am replacing Toriko as the Co-Leader of the Angry Army along with Tyler. That said, not much will change really, business will be usual. More guild leader introductory stuff Jeb wants me to type, stuff stuff stuff, power, stuff stuff stuff, responsibility, stuff stuff stuff, respect, stuff stuff stuff. I hope to see you all out there.
  24. Muzical liked a post in a topic by PlasticFrogCG in Haha, yeah! Finished my first campaign! (Shadowrun)   
    Just felt like bragging a little. Whew, what a thrill ride. I definitely learned a lot about being a GM, how needlessly complicated many aspects of Shadowrun are (but I love the world)...and how truly terrible some of my best friends are, LOL!
  25. Muzical liked a post in a topic by Vinhtyler in Wintersday AA Guild Hall JP   
    Hello o/
    Tyler here with a small event for those who will be here for Wintersday (December 25). I have made a JP in our Guild Hall with the excess of snowflakes everyone has. It's still a work in progress but on Wintersday at 9PM Server (so guild misson time), anyone who is interested can join in the Guild Hall and we'll have a race to see who can finish it the fastest. The prize is an Enchanted Snowball Box which gives an Enchanted Snowball. I hope to see you all there o/