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  1. HeroEightyTwo liked a post in a topic by Whrathgar in *SPOILER* Delrith's Official Destiny Review - READ BEFORE BUY   
    ^^^ This. I love playing this game with my AJSA PS4 clanmates. I really enjoy the shooting mechanics and the light RPG mechanics. The worlds are actually pretty big if you try to explore them. But Bungie did a horrible job of storytelling in this game. I go on missions/strikes and have no idea why I'm killing stuff or how it fits in the bigger picture. I see Cabal and Vex fighting and I don't know why they fight each other or if it is important that they are doing so. **SPOILERS** I see Fallen guarding an Awoken and have no answer as to how that happened. **SPOILERS** I pick up some piece of a dead ghost and return it to the Speaker (Peter Dinklage told me it was important to do so), the speaker doesn't say a word, just asks me which loot I want as a reward. There are countless times where narrative elements could have been put in and made sense, but they didn't put them in. I'd give gameplay an 8/10, enjoyable almost addictive for me; and I'd give the story a 4/10 and it only gets the 4 because there are obvious elements of a really cool universe that they could elaborate on but they simply chose not to. So maybe in the end a 6/10 makes sense. Huh... I didn't think I'd come to that conclusion when I started writing this paragraph...
  2. DapperWood liked a post in a topic by Whrathgar in PlayStation 4 PSN ID List   
    Still looking for and accepting friend requests. Playing Reaper of Souls, Watch_Dogs, Trials Fusion, Fez, Injustice Gods Among Us, and The Last of Us on PS4.