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    Fuhai mitsuki
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    North Carolina
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    Gaming, cooking, mythological and occult studies, poetry.
    Favorite music genres : Goth rock, dark wave, cyber goth, industrial , and rock.
  1. Are you still taking members? Friend got me the ps4 version the other day , only got it working today though, so still trying to figure things out. edit : derp found the recruitment poster post. sorry, imam derp.
  2. Ah, well didn't mean to open this on the wrong subforum then. My apologies. One of my friends got me the game the other day so didn't actually research if it had crossplay or not.
  3. kay,good to know but um, are the servers crossplay? like are ps4 peeps on with the pc players?
  4. So I just got Final fantasy XIV a realm reborn on the ps4. Was wondering if we had a guild up on any of the servers or if any server had a decent number of AJSA members on it to play with. Right now my first char is on faerie but low level so swapping servers isn't a major loss in investment
  5. I loved the "quiet" sketch from the Metal gear review.
  6. Wasn't sure which sub-forum to put this in but it semi related to the show so i'll post it here. Apologies if this is the wrong spot though. Was curious if anyone else had trouble getting the coupon code that was at the end of the "worst of 2015" vid for the shirts to work? Ended up buying the shirt regardless cause I love the community and want to show my support but was just curious if I was the only one to have that problem.
  7. Nope, that didn't work either. However what did was my gf basically hard powering down (holding the button down) the system, unplugging it, and turning it back on. Whiich essentially clears the Xbone's cache and then it worked.
  8. Is anyone else running into ivisable enemies and mission critical npcs that aren't there? I don't mean they've been killed either I mean the option to talk to them is there but it doesn't work either. how do I fix this? is there a reload ui option? Already tried logging in and out but that didn't do anything.
  9. Thanks! got muh invite! may make another char in a vbit just to taste another class, but that's if the server is willing.
  10. ok, anyway. I finally got into updated. GamerTag:SagasRedemption Character: Somber
  11. Oh for fuck's sake I put the disk in 3-4 hours ago and it's still installing. wtf. I remember when I used to be able to just put the disk in a console and play the damn game. yes I get it's an mmo but this is ridiculous.
  12. Thank you. still waiting for the patch to finish.. at 83 % now but it's taking forevvvverrr. I miss console games being pop disk in, play the game.
  13. going through the hour long game install now. does this have separate servers or just one big one?
  14. SagasRedemption
  15. Duke nukem forever, resident evil 6, and destiny. just the games as a whole were such major disappointments.