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Everything posted by Somber-chan

  1. Are you still taking members? Friend got me the ps4 version the other day , only got it working today though, so still trying to figure things out. edit : derp found the recruitment poster post. sorry, imam derp.
  2. Ah, well didn't mean to open this on the wrong subforum then. My apologies. One of my friends got me the game the other day so didn't actually research if it had crossplay or not.
  3. So I just got Final fantasy XIV a realm reborn on the ps4. Was wondering if we had a guild up on any of the servers or if any server had a decent number of AJSA members on it to play with. Right now my first char is on faerie but low level so swapping servers isn't a major loss in investment
  4. kay,good to know but um, are the servers crossplay? like are ps4 peeps on with the pc players?
  5. I loved the "quiet" sketch from the Metal gear review.
  6. Wasn't sure which sub-forum to put this in but it semi related to the show so i'll post it here. Apologies if this is the wrong spot though. Was curious if anyone else had trouble getting the coupon code that was at the end of the "worst of 2015" vid for the shirts to work? Ended up buying the shirt regardless cause I love the community and want to show my support but was just curious if I was the only one to have that problem.
  7. I hate to hate on the second game I've ever bought for my near empty wii-u library but splatoon has been kind of...disappointing. The single player is ok, the game is fun and colorful over all but it's got only one multiplayer mode. It's also IMPOSSIBLE to join a friends game. It does the early bf4 style of joining where you have to HOPE AND PRAY a slot is open. Every time I've tried it put me in a lobby waiting for an empty slot to open up and every time I the friends slot when they left. Also multiplayer is literally just the one game mode. Albeit, it's done well but it get's real boring, real quick. it would be infitinly more fun if I could join any of the friends that have the game, but newp. Nother thing that bugs me is that if you aren't using the paint roller, you might has well set the controller down and do something else while you get steam rolled. it touches the enemy, they insta-die, the get hit by the tiniest of splashes from it, they die. I get Nintendo is about them unbalanced wins but geez. Was just wondering if anyone else felt the same, or if it was just me.
  8. Is anyone else running into ivisable enemies and mission critical npcs that aren't there? I don't mean they've been killed either I mean the option to talk to them is there but it doesn't work either. how do I fix this? is there a reload ui option? Already tried logging in and out but that didn't do anything.
  9. Nope, that didn't work either. However what did was my gf basically hard powering down (holding the button down) the system, unplugging it, and turning it back on. Whiich essentially clears the Xbone's cache and then it worked.
  10. Thanks! got muh invite! may make another char in a vbit just to taste another class, but that's if the server is willing.
  11. ok, anyway. I finally got into updated. GamerTag:SagasRedemption Character: Somber
  12. Oh for fuck's sake I put the disk in 3-4 hours ago and it's still installing. wtf. I remember when I used to be able to just put the disk in a console and play the damn game. yes I get it's an mmo but this is ridiculous.
  13. Thank you. still waiting for the patch to finish.. at 83 % now but it's taking forevvvverrr. I miss console games being pop disk in, play the game.
  14. going through the hour long game install now. does this have separate servers or just one big one?
  15. So, I avoided getting it on the pc after I saw joe's review. Been putting off getting it on pc till maybe I heard they've changed/fixed things. but was wondering if anyone was getting the xbox one version of elder scrolls online and if enough of the ajsa was going to go for this or maybe the ps4 version, that I might go console instead. So, thoughts? is it ok on pc now? or should I get it when it comes on console, or avoid all together?
  16. SagasRedemption
  17. Duke nukem forever, resident evil 6, and destiny. just the games as a whole were such major disappointments.
  18. Honestly, unless they add something soon, I'm already done with the game. Beat single, and the novelty of the 1 mode multiplayer has worn off. I mean if I were allowed to play with my friends, which is impossible to do right now, it would be a different story.
  19. I "reserved" the xbone version today. That way I have a couple days till it releases, and if feel I want to change my mind, welp I can cancel and buy the pc version. course I need to hop onto neverwinter a bit more. been meaning to but issues with meds have been preventing me from doing much of anything lately.
  20. I know, it's just that part of my brain going "No! No! this is established continuity darn it". that's hard to filter out. the costume itself does look interesting and close to what deadshot looks like in some of his iterations, , and I have no issues against will smith, I mean I loved him in independence day and fresh prince. Just..trying to keep the "but, but he's like this in the comic" fangirl part of me from overwhelming me and nitpicking things to death.
  21. wow, pardon my being geeky here but why is Deadshot played will smith? The character (fylod Layton) is not black. Are they going with the "you wanted a black character, so, um, here, have deadshot, he's black now. will you stop bothering us, ok?" route? how ..lazy. Unless it's not going to be Floyd, then it's excusable since then there wouldn't be established continuity. Seriously I hate when movies or comics suddenly do that. it's a missed opportunity to either have an established black character or a new one with new motivations. Not meaning to sound racist btw. it's just a personal irk, I'd be just as annoyed if they turned falcon white, or luke cage Mexican, etc. I'm just a smidge Ocd about established continuity being warped in such a drastic way. Also it's a missed opportunity. edit: to use a semi off topic example. take captian America, to make steve Rodgers just black for the sake of giving people a black character is lazy, and would be an excuse to retread the same old stories just different skin color. However I loved the idea of the falcon becoming the new Cap. Brings new background and motivations and possible stories to the character. Personally I was annoyed when Quicksilver and Wanda in the new avengers movies turned out not to be mutants.
  22. I may have taken the "yeah, thanks I needed an observers point of view" as being sarcastic. I apologize if that wasn't your intent. In what you have linked to He hasn't shown anything xenophobic in the links you have posted. Most of what he posts is Reactionary to something you have said or done. Most of which it seems, has been insulating him or the dev in a seemingly paranoid way. In the threads you have linked to "you" are actively threatening people with basless legal action. You are taking things out of context or applying one that isn't there. That is what some of them, and we have tried to tell you. yeah there is the possibility that they "might" be doing something odd, but you are the one that is being rude to the dev/admin and then acting shocked when they ban you for it and don't want to talk to you. Sharkster posted the conversation in defense of your actions and comments towards him. the extent of his rudeness has basically been the comment about not banning you out of personal amusement over your acting childish. I'm not meaning to be rude or argumentative, I'm just trying to get you to understand you are a part of the equation too, your actions, just as his, are a part of this issue, and this might not be an appropriate place to discuss what seems to be "dirty laundry" between you and an admin elsewhere.
  23. First, you literally asked for our thoughts/opinions, so you don't need to be rude when someone gives you an opinion based on the information you provided. Pretty much everything you have linked to has pretty much shown their side and how you have repeated insulted sharkster. heck I even went into the steam forums, and saw plenty of threads that allowed negative feed back the lack of players and missed updates. I also saw yours which was locked compared to theirs which wasn't. There is not a single thing in context that has been given of what has been linked have you have been harassed. or to word a bit better, I'm not saying Dev's are incapable of being selfish spoiled man-children. I watch Jim sterling on a regular basis even. I've seen total biscuit had Dev issued copyright bs pulled on him. This isn't one of those situations. Yeah there seems to be concern about the lack of players in EA but the only person I've seen banned for voicing it was the one that has actively insulted The dev, an Admin on the dev's forums, and other players/community members that voiced disagreement. Also Conversations get shared, that happens in life online and off. Unless you forced a DNA on them there is nothing biding to stop them from doing so. Infact probably the reason you haven't gotten a reply from the other mod's/admin is that Sharkster has probably already communicated to them the the issue between you and he along with your conversations and links to your posts as an admin will often do if there is an issue with a member. And with all do respect I feel this thread is a rather inappropriate airing of dirty laundry given the known context of the dispute between yourself and the dev. it's one thing if the dev was really and for truly acting shady, it's another for someone with a personal dispute with an admin on another site to call that admin/dev out here based on hearsay and conjecture.
  24. Kk. Just debating which version to get then. Pc or xbox.
  25. Sharkster does seem to have a bit of an attitude, but that's about it. Course when a mod is told to give someone their "parent's contact info because they don't educate idiots for free", can't totally blame him for it. Also when I've modded for a couple forums, if I banned someone based on insults and harassment via private conversation I did have to show proof/screenshot etc thus sharing private conversation with other mods/admin. Sometime, when it was decided that the ban had to be explained to the community as a whole, we did have to provide that information as well. I don't know how common a practice that is, but I've seen it used in multiple forums. Also The guy critiqued a video he disagreed with, so what? He wasn't going out of the way to harass you. He even explicitly said and I quote "This is NOT a witch hunt. Please do not harass him or anything" Yeah he mentions an inability to count which, Ok, so yeah, that last part might sting someone's egos a bit, but it's opinion, nothing more. You go on about their inability to take criticism but it looks more like you are the one on a rampage with a bruised ego. I mean absolutely no offense btw, I'm just saying what it "look's like" from the view of an observer.