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  1. undeadslayer4 liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Top 3 Funniest Angry Joe Moments   
    I loved the "quiet" sketch from the Metal gear review.
  2. Gundam619 liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Guild Invite Thread (ESO)   
    Oh for fuck's sake I put the disk in 3-4 hours ago and it's still installing. wtf. I remember when I used to be able to just put the disk in a console and play the damn game. yes I get it's an mmo but this is ridiculous.
  3. JHCRANE 14 liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Sunset Overdrive: Chaos Squad   
    hey hey.  anyone need a teammate for the ever so awesome SunSet Overdrives Chaos squad?  Love the game and specially love the chaos squad multiplayer mode and would love to get a ajsa group going for it.
  4. RuneX liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Gamertag Listing - Xbox One AJSA Battlefield 4   
  5. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Reakktor - shady developer   
    Sharkster does seem to have a bit of an attitude, but that's about it. Course when a mod is told to give someone their "parent's contact info because they don't educate idiots for free", can't totally blame him for it. Also when I've modded for a couple forums, if I banned someone based on insults and harassment via private conversation I did have to show proof/screenshot etc thus sharing private conversation with other mods/admin. Sometime, when it was decided that the ban had to be explained to the community as a whole, we did have to provide that information as well. I don't know how common a practice that is, but I've seen it used in multiple forums.

    Also The guy critiqued a video he disagreed with, so what?  He wasn't going out of the way to harass you. He even explicitly said and I quote
    "This is NOT a witch hunt. Please do not harass him or anything" Yeah he mentions an inability to count which, Ok, so yeah, that last part might sting someone's egos a bit, but it's opinion, nothing more. You go on about their inability to take criticism but it looks more like you are the one on a rampage with a bruised ego.
    I mean absolutely no offense btw, I'm just saying what it "look's like" from the view of an observer.

  6. razzy liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Smite closed beta code   
    I'd post this in the smite subsection but it  keeps taking me to a pc subsection and the beta is for xbone sooo, yeah.

    I have a spare closed beta key, wondering if anyone wants it.
  7. NativeShnit liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Favorite Retro Fighting Game?   
    I'm primarily a fan of the street fighter series, along with the Art of fighting games and the original viruta fighter, however I have a soft spot for the old pc shareware fighters like Xenophage and one must fall 2097.

    Edit: and just remembered this is the console section of the forums, so it's a tad silly to mention pc based shareware games ><
  8. ProfessorOaked liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Destiny Bug reveals future content and expansions   
    sooo, this is essentially on disc dlc? Great, and basically I've bought a car with the keys sold separate....again.
    Really starting to become resentful of my main hobby's industry.
  9. mouseno4 liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Opinions on Destiny.   
    Got my third legendary today, Managed to get a weapon last night but today my reward was...2 motes of light.
    Said it before, if Diablo pulled this kind of crap with it's drop system no one would play it. It sucks the fun right out of a game to be sucker punched like this.  Seriously why would I want to  play a game that does not reward me for my efforts. I'm not asking for any hand holding but all I was want my time and effort to be worth it.

  10. mouseno4 liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Opinions on Destiny.   
    Also getting sick of blues giving me greens.
    I need to make a comparison here so people can understand the rage.

    In diablo, a unidentified legendary is ALWAYS STILL A LEGENDARY when identified, It might be a sucky legendary, but it stays a legendary. Same goes for every tier of loot in diablo. you identify a rare, it stays a fragging rare.

    In destiny , rares can turn into uncommons, crafting materials, random coins, MAYBE a legendary (extremely lucky if it does),
    same with legendary, and it fragging sucks.

    I just had 8 rare level turn give 4 uncommon  one rare, and a strange coin. This is also after , as I said, having a legendary give me an uncommon when identified,
    Did bungie not play test this, or are they just so in denial of how terrible their "dream project's loot system is that they just completely ignored something this horrid within their game? 

    I mean who made the decision that unencrypted gear can change into a lower tier when decrypted.  Was there a meeting about it, was it an idea that was kicked back and forth, how was the person who came up with the bs not fired on the spot? Gah! I need some tea and incense to help calm me down.
  11. mouseno4 liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Opinions on Destiny.   
    Ok, I just had all what little fun I was having with the game sucked out of me and will be trading this in, possible towards aliens isolation.
    I got a purple today...my very first purple, giddle with excitement and wonder I go to have it decrypted hopefully for my new chest piece, and this onrush of sudden joy was rewarded....WITH A FRAGGING USELESS TO ME GREEN.  I could have understood if maybe it gave me a blue instead, but a GREEN?!

    I wasn't even farming. it just dropped during the daily story mission. Seriously bungie why should I continue to invest time and effort not to be rewarded.
    I mean not only do I have to be lucky enough to beat the roll to find/get as reward/enemy drop the item, I have to beat a roll just to keep it as a purple when getting it identified? There is no risk vs reward system, it's hopeless inane, "oh oh look at the shiny player look at the shiny, ha ha, just kidding it's something you had already
    and not close to the quality of the color coded item drop you picked up"

    This is not fun. It's a constant kick to the nethers.

  12. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    I've been eagerly anticipating PS2 on the ps4 as my laptop has major trouble running it .  I just watched joes review for it today, and can't wait for the epic battles.

    Edit: Even if it's not officially supported it doesn't mean the angry army can't exist as an outfit on the ps4 version of the game. 
    It just means we, the console gamers, will have to take the initiative and put the effort and work in. It just means it's "unofficial", but that really shouldn't stop us from banding together to kick Vanu and new corporate arse.

     My pc is having major issues running ps2 as such, until I can totally rebuild my currently dead gaming desktop, I will be supporting the war effort on the ps4 version of the game when it launches.

  13. Conor liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Killzone Multiplayer   
    For me it's fun only in short bursts. Partly due to the fact that some levels are one big "meat grinder" and I get stuck playing the only support that will revive people.
    However it does allow for customization of the matches. So it could be fun to make some challenging rule sets and share them within the AJSA community.
  14. Somber-chan liked a post in a topic by vFadeToBlackv in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    I completely agree with Acerbus and Somber-chan, we should just form independently and rally behind the idea of Angry Army support (assuming there isn't an official presence in whatever game lacks the support).  If we are successful enough and there is a large enough presence I'm sure they would welcome the additional members and exposure to the gaming environment.  Who knows maybe if a successful leader ran an unofficial PS2 clan, for example, leadership here might legitimize it and make them an officer for the game on PS4.  I'm of course just guessing here but I don't see why it couldn't happen.  Assuming that the codes of conduct and all other rules were being followed of course.