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Everything posted by Ixnatifual

  1. MKX. The gameplay is probably the best I've seen in a fighting game so I was really excited to play it onlne after completing the single player. Unfortunately the online is so frustrating between the broken features, the crap matchmaking system and unusually high latency that just finding an enjoyable match is an excercise in frustration. It is such a shame to see such awesome gameplay so callously and utterly wasted. PC version of course. I hear it works fine on the consoles.
  2. Looks terrible, but might be worth another look in a year or two to see how it's progressed. Looks like your standard ealy access Alpha survival game of the dinosaur type.
  3. Yep, I had t both on consle and PC. Although it seemed a lot smoother to play on PC, IIRC. The framerate was lower on the console, but not a huge deal in a turn-based game.Also... Procedurally generated levels?! Yaaaah!
  4. Oh yeah.
  5. It's amazifiable.
  6. I typically have a small number of games I like to play in a given period. I switch back and forth between those as I feel like. Sometimes if I have an exceptional game I'll play that to completion before bothering with other games, but it's usually not the case.
  7. Looking forward to its release in the live game.
  8. Project Cars is quite nice, though. Dirt Rally looks very cool, but it's early access so I'll look at it again when it's closer to retail, which should be by the end of the year.
  9. I think Fallout 4 is more likely. But I would rather have ES VI.
  10. Doom 4 and Elder Scrolls VI.
  11. I was never really into Fallout 3, so I hope for an Elder Scrolls title rather than a Fallout one. Although I can see the logic from a developer point of view to alternate the franchises. I do hope the new Doom will be good, but I'm not getting too excited until I know more.
  12. From this article: http://wccftech.com/slightly-mad-studios-issues-official-statement-project-cars-amd-graphics-cards/#ixzz3aWPywW4g
  13. I liked the game until I was buried beneath a mountain of crafting reagents
  14. According to the developer the exact opposite is true, and AMD have confirmed they are working together to improve performance in the game: http://www.dsogaming.com/news/slightly-mad-studios-boss-nvidia-have-not-paid-us-a-penny-amd-working-to-fix-performance-issues/
  15. Elite: Dangerous for now, no contest. Star Citizen is too early in development to be worthwhile. That being said, Elite doesn't feel complete either, just a lot further along.
  16. Some find it enjoyable enough now, but if I were you I'd wait atleast for the power play update. But I have a feeling it will still seem content bare to a lot of folks even after that patch.
  17. Really enjoying PCars much more than I anticipated. Haven't really played a racing game since the 90s, so it's been a while
  18. Impressions from anyone who played both? I realise DR is still in early acces for half a year or so.
  19. When I play WoW I sometimes open and close my bags very rapidly for a period. I didn't even realise until a friend watched me play and pointed it out.
  20. For pure combat Viper is better than Eagle. Then Vulture. You can get lots of mileage out of each ship by upgrading it.
  21. I picked up Project Cars. I think Dirt Rally is more my style, but I decided to wait until it's finished so I can assess it better before buying.
  22. First off, I think Mortal Kombat X looks very cool and is probably a quality game. But let's talk about the DLC. So we have the base game at $50, which has 25 (I think?) fully playable characters. Let's be kind and say that 75% of the game's worth of content is its characters, and that Story Mode, Tower, Krypt etc. are only 25% of the game's value. Also let's pretend the Kombat Pack DLC offers full access to the characters and that they aren't already partially playable already within certain games modes. This means the value of a Mortal Kombat character is $1.5. The Kombat Pack contains 4 characters. Following above logic, the value of the pack DLC at around $6. Let's say we want to earn a bit extra money, that there's some skins included in the pack, that $10 is a cooler number and a couple of equally good excuses of your choice. Okay, $10 may sound a little expensive for the provided content, but still worth it if you're really into those special characters and are a fan of Mortal Kombat. The Kombat Pack DLC's current price is $30. You can get quality full games for less.
  23. I'd call the game a polished Alpha in its current state. Combat is loads of fun, and trading can also be enjoyable for a while. Many parts of it feel very placeholder or unfinished, though. Looking foward to the next patch.
  24. I was actually very happy with the game until I tried the online. Good thing I dodged the patch. If they get the online working properly I can see myself playing it quite a lot. Fortunately I have Pillars of Eternity to entertain me for now.
  25. The Arkham Knight solution: http://www.cdkeys.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=arkhma+knight Not sure how they can sell it so cheap. But the site seems legit based on some googling.