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Everything posted by Ixnatifual

  1. Really looking forward to hopefully spending lots of time with this 4X/grand strategy space game. It's similar to Master of Orion, but seems like it will have considerably more depth to it. You may have seen Joe's preview. If not, it's below.
  2. The original is the best point and click adventure I've ever played.
  3. I do the same. For example my current neighbour has several systems with planets I want very close to my border. If that isn't extremely insulting, I don't know what is!
  4. The graphics look very inviting. Art styles have varied from Civ to Civ anyway, so I don't see why it's suddenly a problem. The game sounds very promising based on the preview here: http://www.polygon.com/features/2016/5/11/11653620/civilization-6-release-date-preview
  5. I'm glad I kept exploring in the far reaches of the galaxy. Found a big Gaia world near some very nice systems. The Gaia world apparently has a 100% habitability for any species, so I quickly colonized it.
  6. I'm liking it so far, but I got kind of owned, so I'm starting a new game. An aggressive alien civilization had just a bit more fleet power than me, because I got greedy and focused too much on resource gathering over fleet strength. They managed to cripple me by being able to roam my space and take out all of my mining operations not protected by a space port. So I fell further and further behind in the fleet race.
  7. I've played it. It's rather barebones but the combat and ships is well done, and it looks great. I can imagine Rift being great with it. Hopefully the upcoming additions will improve the game.
  8. Definitely. It had quite a lot of atmosphere for a game set in space. I really miss that in Elite.
  9. Hognuts.
  10. Loved Freelancer. As for Star Citizen I don't really care until it's finished and I can look at the reviews. I hope it will be good, but hype and money alone won't cut it.
  11. HotS has superior design without losing any of the depth. It also looks a lot better. But so far it does not look like it will surpass LoL in terms of players. The super grind of LoL is also a strong incentive to stay there. People don't want to lose their hard-earned stuff. Plus LoL has lower system requirements. Not everyone playing LoL has the hardware to play HotS smoothly. LoL is a great game sans the toxicity of its community, but I wish more would move to HotS. That being said, HotS is still doing quite well. LoL is just insanely popular. It's like the WoW of MOBAS, except Riot didn't make it shit with expansions.
  12. After seeing TB play the multiplayer beta I can understand the massive criticism it is receiving. I think he could have pointed out some other important flaws, but he probably haven't played those types of games enough to see them.
  13. The original Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Diablo 2, World of WarCraft (back when it was a good game) and the Left 4 Dead games.
  14. How disappointing AAA developers can't get their act together. I have nothing on the gameplay itself, but the technical issues, especially in the performance department, really ruins the game. It's like Arkham Knight all over again. The one saving grace is that the game is turn-based, so the framerate drops and stuttering are only annoying rather than game-breaking. Stay away from this game unless they fix it. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is on sale, though, so get that instead if you have not played it. Graphics are not much worse and it runs super smooth. And this is coming from someone who is above the recommended requirements in every aspect. I'd hate to think how it runs on machines equal or lower to the recommended specs. People on Titan GPUs are also having issues.
  15. It's a very good game.
  16. Stellaris could also turn out quite interesting. Will hopefully be available this year. GalCiv3 I've been looking at a few times but reception seems somewhat mixed, so I never picked it up.
  17. Interesting cast, but to be honest not at all a factor for me. I enjoyed playing MOO2 back in the day a lot, so I hope the new game will be great. Newer space 4x games haven't really managed to catch my attention like MOO2 did. Will definitely not get the Early Access version, though.
  18. I don't agree with the way they put the same early grunts in and just double their HP and damage. Not only does it not make sense, but as you say makes the power creep feel unsatisfactory. Cool, I can do 4 more damage, so now the same enemies just have 4 more HP. I think they should have done like in the 1995 version, where they start carrying better weapons. It makes sense that a basic trooper will do more damage if he is using a plasma rifle that you can actually see him carry. He will also still be a threat despite his low HP. I would rather just meet more of the beefier aliens than see artificially buffed ADVENT troopers mid to late game.
  19. Two mods I think most will find very nice: - Shut Up Bradford - Stop Wasting My Time The first stops the annoying Bradford guy from shouting obvious things at you constantly. The second one removes the strange long pauses that happen sometimes during gameplay.
  20. I haven't look much yet, but I downloaded the one that removes turn timers from some of the missions. I might myself try to make a mod that replaces the turn timer autoloss with alien reinforcements, as I think that's a better way to put on the pressure.
  21. Anyone else excited for this game? It's releasing very shortly, and I'm quite hyped still after seeing that early gameplay footage from so long ago. Finally it's here! The main difference from the Early Access version in terms of content, as far as I can tell, is the inclusion of a new, final dungeon you must beat to complete the game. Which is called Darkest Dungeon and as such the game's title makes sense. So even the playtesters should have something new to look forward to.
  22. Good news, Firaxis say they are looking into the performance issues: As for bugs I've had a few, and some of the bugs from XCOM: EU/EW are still there. Nothing game-breaking, though, mostly just oddities. I'm running NVIDIA though (GTX 780). I wouldn't consider 30 FPS smooth - in fact my base feels like it's stuttering as Hell all the time as my framerate drops to around 30 there. I'm at 60 during a mission if I'm sitting still, but when things happen or I pan around the framerate sometimes goes all over the place.
  23. This video explains the issues well and gives some workarounds that alleviate the issues somewhat: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_cI4GgGtkeU
  24. I am sorry for being blunt, but you either made this story up or you judge others by your own faults, ie. not doing your "research?" Either way seems dishonest.I don't think the comparison to Arkham Knight is too harsh. There is no doubt a good game behind the technical issues. The difference is that in a game where you are in control real-time and must make fast decisions like in Arkham Knight, performance issues can be rather game-breaking as you lose control of your character/vehicle. In a turn-based game it is not game-breaking, just very annoying.
  25. I have not heard of these mysterious game-breaking drivers specifically designed to screw over one game, nor have I received any. The performance issues were also known and mentioned in advance of release as well. TotalBiscuit was even noticing it on his monster machine. Yet Firaxis decided to release the game in that sate anyway. Why would you resort to dishonesty to defend the developer in this matter?