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  1. I'm curious how much subscription will cost in europe.
  2. 1. Syphon filter 4 2. Destroy all humans 4 3. New oddworld please
  3. Ugh i can't wait to get mine, it feel's like im getting teared apart. :S
  4. Kojima Productions' upcoming prologue to Metal gear solid 5: The Phantom pain -- called Ground Zeroes -- will have exclusive content on PlayStation. An image was provided by Hideo Kojima calls out that in Spring's 2014 release date and "exclusive content on PlayStation platforms." most likely more Main op's mission's and addictional mission's only for Playstation user's. Glad to hear Kojima support's it's initial platform still, and we'll get exclusive stuffies.
  5. It definately can, but if you decide to play Battlefield 4 on RemotePlay, then forget about R2 and L2 no one need's grenades anyway's.
  6. I'd agree with you SimplyMonkey, i like to play specific game's on my Laptop, but i love also to sit on my couch and play on a wide 3d screen, and enjoy the stuff i can see there, it's simply wonderful to play on pc sometime's and go to console sometime's, i just love em both.
  7. I'm not sure if the VR become's a real thing, both Console's and PC's are going to grave who need's a plaything when you can participate in it yourself? I'm not praising the VR but it indeed sound's more powerful than PC or a Console. It's obvious it will be somewhat like Assassin's creed Animus where you can get in, and do everything you want in it.
  8. I personally use Console over PC, because i like playing gamepad and there are specific games that got me into it and because it was cheaper in my country. And well online store's for console's are easy accessible thing too. You do know that in some countries consoles are way more cheaper than average build PC's in my country for example buying a console i'd spend 400$ less money converted to the U.S money. For example PS4 on launch day will cost 340 lats here converted to USD 680$ and if i want a PC that is able to run BF3 Medium/High somewhat 500-600 lats converted to USD 1000-1200$ i'd say that's a huge diff. It's not that i can't buy a PC nor it's expensive. I'm just economic i want an easy accesible platform. Speaking of games stacked up in the ceiling. You'd be a fan let's say "Mass Effect" as a loyal fan you'd buy collectors edition's and stuff like that. It would be nice to have those small things i personally love having those. It's small things that make's me love a box rather than a digital object, i love to buy PC game's in cases, i dont want digital's. Because i can sell them later on if i dont want to play ever or anymore (Steam can't do that sadly). I'd love to have a gaming rig average one, but i play most genre's on Consoles, i love playing strategy, mmorpg, simulator, VR'games on PC. It's just my preference i love the way it is. I want to own all platform's i love. I work each summer to collect my money for a console, or gathering small bit's to create my own computer. Time will tell, there's no need to force a person play on a specific platform. I'll join the PC community when i'm ended with Console's. Also, yes Playstation said their console's will last 2 more gen's they'll stop on PS6 don't ask where i got the info, but they confirmed they'll stop after 2 gens, as i said 15-25 year's then the PC will be leading platform then PC die's out and the leading platform is VR technologies with A.I super computer's.
  9. Well as much as i personally sum up, i think consoles will be around 15-25 year's most likely, and then you know that pc's will take over the market. This is not a hate against console post, im posting this out of my personal curiosity. And this question is: Why PC user's want console's to die out faster? :/ don't they know that PC's will outlive console anyway's? For example: Many gaming site's like: Kotaku, IGN, Reddit's gaming section most of the PC user as much i see, on those places 90% of them are the people who want's consoles gone for no apparent reason. My answer: Why, and what for? Is it to use Console is somekind of crime? PC's are african american's whilst and Console's Hispanic and other races? It sound's like racism and unnecesary hate. It's like who speak's more and more about it join's it up too. Is this the age of graphic and modification whoring? I simply don't understand where the f*ck did the preference of playing went? It feel's like a shame to claim myself as a console gamer knowing ill be shat by most of the PC user's i see on the internet and them either saying: 1.) Switch to PC. 2.) Pc everything is better on it and bla bla bla (I don't disagree with it, but i like my device where you only play and dont use other function's). 3.) And PC user's saying that graphics are better and you can mod stuff (Since when the fuck better graphic's is a game core feature or is it the reason for you to get a game? I'd understand if it would add more feature's and gameplay option's to it only. :/ But speaking of mod's yes it's a benefit). I personally dont care about the graphics, i care about the game's story and gameplay (because those are the thing's that should really matter). Also if you are an JTAG user xbox 360 or kmeaw's on PS3, you do realise you can add mod's to the game's on console's too, not just PC only. I hope console gaming community won't collapse in these year's, i really hope, either way PC will outlive, but PC will die out aswell at 2050-2060 or earlier when VR gaming machine's will be available to public. I just wish we could all play game's, not just talk about shitty ass benefit's that doesn't quite matter to the most of people. I thought gaming was for people playing games, sharing, and have a good time, not just a war who's better, who's superior or stuff like that. Thank you for reading this, i know i made you read quite a while, please share your thought's about console's lifespan and PC community unnecesary aggresion. I wrote this purely from curiosity and from phylosophical view. Thank's for hearing me out.
  10. I loved The Last of Us, Deadpool (Not a joke i really did) and gonna enjoy the expansion to X-COM Enemy unknown
  11. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroe's and Phantom Pain. Also for MMO titles im hyped for Destiny and The Division.
  12. I love pc gamer's as much as any console gamer, i really wish PC gamer's would be loved as much as console user's by the industry, and wouldn't be afraid to release games for them. I know PC is technically better, but i think dev's focus on platform's where you only play and do nothing else (like consoles we have atm). Much love to PC gamer's as much as PS gamer's we all are gamer's, we all deserve game's but let's hope there will be a company releasing good stuff for PC (sadly valve wont do it), but let's wait for more.
  13. Syphon Filter 4 and Destroy all Humans 4 please :C
  14. I'd agree with all point's you have there. PC gaming in my country is quite expensive converted to USD i'll have a rig for 1100$ dollars which can run BF3 on high atleast the parts cost insane amount. So i stick to the console gaming and i enjoy it as much as i do with my laptop PS4 this year xbox one, well if my country will be supported of course, i'd love both.
  15. I'm with the glorious all gaming platform's race