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  1. well especially considering how many of the ships have turrets with wide firing arcs. Now the question is on these ships if you are aiming on one side more accurately will the other side open fire as well? I think of this as like using "gunner mode" in a bomber in war thunder. i would think it would work similarly. All guns that are unable to aim with your mouse will auto aim and fire at the closest target in their view. That way you can engage multiple targets at once but, you are concentrating on a particular one.
  2. i feel like this is a minimum thing he should give, alot of people would buy this.
  3. I enjoyed the first 2 and if its done right it could be amazing again!
  4. i fly them all except maybe the Italian planes in the German tier they are just awful. I enjoy being able to fly planes for their strengths to take advantage of other players. Arcade seems to be everyone trying to turn fight in planes that aren't designed for it and yes i know that the flight characteristics are drastically different in arcade.
  5. not saying that there weren't really good pilots that can still shoot down better machines than their own.... but honestly outdated tech vs newer tech will loose more often than not. kill ratios are important, the pilot skill makes a HUGE part of how well you can do, however aircraft capabilities enhance that.
  6. well i think it could be abused and also allow the bigger companies to limit or completely screw over smaller upstarts that have an innovative idea. They already get bought out by many of these larger companies but who's to say if a company refuses to be bought out that they use this. and i understand that the consumer will eventually decide the market, i just have an interest in corporate politics and how they can teach business "ethics" yet you rarely see it within the industry's. prolly because you dont watch it on your smart phone (it was Verizon that was holding Netflix bandwidth hostage) and also it isnt there anymore because Netflix stuck a deal with verizon and paid them off. Eventually this will effect rates i think, Especially if one of the cable providers does the same thing.
  7. ive never even heard of planet explorers, i looked it up but is it like an MMO or what?
  8. I don't think I'm trying to make conspiracy here. After reading this article ive kind of changed my opinion though. especially when you label the internet as a UTILITY which would put the providers in the same class as general electric and the natural gas companies. Look here its a long read but brushing over the major points will give you the idea. http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/25/5431382/the-internet-is-fucked And yes this is specifically for those of us residing in the U.S.
  9. No it has in this case. if you use the Netflix app with Verizon, Verizon has specifically slowed down the data usage just for Netflix, now Verizon is the first to do this but who is to say Comcast wont next? especially after they buy Time Warner.
  10. Im def in on this group look me up im the only mulebob
  11. Hellcat all the way
  12. Im not sure if anyone has seen this but its a pretty big fight going on after the court repeal of the federal net neutrality law. http://money.cnn.com/2014/02/21/technology/verizon-netflix/index.html?iid=EL if you don't want to read the article here are the cliff notes, basically it was illegal before to limit internet usage to specific companies a lawsuit got this removed last month, and just like everyone said companies were going to jump at this. currently Verizon is limiting the amount of bandwidth net flicks users can draw from its entire bandwidth in order to try and get the company to pay extra due to the fact that they take up such a large portion of internet usage. so basically they are trying to toll net flicks for using their internet and in turn tolling the consumers using net flicks. Now this seems like a dick move from Verizon because it effects the user directly because you take forever to download your new house of cards episode, but honestly i think its the other way around. Net flicks is kinda the dick in my opinion. OK Hold with me here because it may take a bit to wrap your head around it. why do you think Netflix is only 8 bucks a month for unlimited movies? its because they have almost no overhead, other than having to pay for the rights for the movies that they post and whatever minor employee payroll they have to keep for their customer service. However because Netflix is so large and popular that it takes up around 30-40% of the entire national bandwidth during prime time hours which is a gargantuan amount of streaming data flowing through companies like Comcast and time Warner that neither of those companies see any profit for. So what happens is because the internet flow gets so high with all the streaming these providers are having to create more infrastructure to be able to keep their advertised bandwidth for their customers. So what they want is a Toll for larger companies like this which are taking up most of the internet because essentially Netflix is making the providers pay for their overheads. Now im not fully rooting for the providers on this because they are bacically monopolies especally after the fact that Comcast is looking to buy Time Warner and become a nationwide super-carrier that will become a huge ass pain for all of us because they will become a straight up monopoly. but either way sorry for the long post but what does everyone else think of all this?
  13. This was bound to happen eventually, game stop is the blockbuster of the video game world, i give them maybe 5 years.