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  1. I completely agree with Acerbus and Somber-chan, we should just form independently and rally behind the idea of Angry Army support (assuming there isn't an official presence in whatever game lacks the support). If we are successful enough and there is a large enough presence I'm sure they would welcome the additional members and exposure to the gaming environment. Who knows maybe if a successful leader ran an unofficial PS2 clan, for example, leadership here might legitimize it and make them an officer for the game on PS4. I'm of course just guessing here but I don't see why it couldn't happen. Assuming that the codes of conduct and all other rules were being followed of course.
  2. Thanks for the welcome guys! My favorite genre of games are RPGs but I often find myself playing shooters, especially when I play with other people. On the RPG side I love the Elder Scrolls series, Fallout, Mass Effect, the first Dragon Age, and many more mostly multiplatform RPGs. As far as multiplayer shooters go I played and loved Halo 2 and 3, dabbled in Black Ops a little but didn't care for it, and invested a lot of time in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. I was impressed by Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, and SW:TOR but I just don't feel comfortable with keyboard and mouse. I think I'll always prefer a controller and couch to keyboard and mouse, even though I don't deny the supremacy of the master race lol. The only game I am currently playing that could qualify is Warframe for PS4, I just picked up the system last week and the game is a surprise hit for me, it reminds me very much of an expanded and more Free To Play ME3 multiplayer. I saw a thread over on the Warframe page where people are asking if there is or will be a clan for Warframe/PS4 and that is exactly what I originally hoped to find here. But I am really here because I have always wanted to find a group/clan/guild that I felt like I could fit in with, now or in the future. All of the games I've played have always been played by myself or with one friend of mine and I always wanted to have that strength in organized numbers feeling instead of that lone wolf try to carry the team feeling lol. Games I plan on playing in the future and I think could qualify include PS2 (when it releases on PS4, I feel I have said PS4 a lot more times than I thought I would lol) and Destiny. The Elder Scrolls Online, the Division, and hell maybe even Heroes of the Storm are also possible options but haven't decided yet. TL;DR I like RPGs and Shooters but almost always prefer to play with a controller and am hoping to help and join clans/guilds for PS4 games. Oh and currently my favorite show is Sons of Anarchy, my favorite movie would probably be Black Hawk Down, and favorite band is definitely Metallica!
  3. I'm new here but I just wanted to put my 2 cents in and add that I would also really like a Warframe clan for PS4. In fact it's what motivated me to come here and join today. Not that I plan on leaving if we don't get one, mind you. It's just that Warframe is the only multiplayer game I currently have interest in. I am also hoping to see a clan for Destiny, ESO, PS2, and maybe The Division in the future. Just wanted to show my support for the idea.
  4. Greetings! I am new here and thought I should do an introductory post. I heard about the Angry Army, like most people I would assume, from Angry Joe's youtube channel and liked what I had heard about it but I wasn't sure what platforms AJSA wanted to have a presence on. I am primarily a console guy, Xbox 360 and now PS4, but am increasingly expanding to PC as well now but I digress. So, I finally got around to checking out the site today and as I looked through the pages on the site I got the feeling this might be the place for me. I really like how a combination of fun and professionalism is the goal and I would love to help a community like that succeed. I don't want to make a huge wall of text here so I think that will be it for me now but I'm an open book if anyone ever wants to know anything. Have a good one and thanks for reading!