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  1. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic by Acerbus in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    I really don't want this thread to become a nag towards the community and its leaders, I love what this community and what it is shaping out to be.
    I can understand that the leaders can't stand behind every platform and every game, that's ok, because I can see that there are people outside the "official" leadership who are willing to take matters into their own hands and help the community grow in size and quality .
    JoelVakarian, you're doing alright and I'm confident that when the game comes out there's going to be lots of AJSA members playing
  2. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic by JoelVakarian in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    I guess I was confused. The whole "ANGRY ARMY IS PC" thing sounded very PC elitist. Also, there is a difference between Angry Joe himself supporting games and the Angry Army supporting games. Joe is a busy man and can't spend all of his time playing games on every system. I just found your post very counter-productive and unnecessary, especially since I clearly stated I would be making an unofficial outfit, which effectively negated everything you said because it requires no extra work from the hierarchy of AJSA. Maybe it was just the way you delivered it, but try and be more positive and encouraging with future posts.
  3. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic by JoelVakarian in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    Vonleo I have 3 things to say in response to your comment on the "why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4. 1) If you had of actually read the post it clearly states that I will personally be making an UNOFFICIAL AJSA outfit in the game. 2) If you are so worried about getting the PC AJSA organized, why don't you go be productive over there instead of shutting down what people say in the PS4 forums. 3) Angry Joe has not once mentioned that AJSA is for PC gamers only and has said multiple times that it is open and friendly to all gamers, and I think he would be ashamed that people like you are doing nothing but being a detriment to the community. There is absolutely zero reason why you should come try and shut down what we are trying to accomplish based on insufficient "facts".
  4. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    That right there is why I don't feel us console gamers are even part of this whole army thing as no leaders (or even Angry Joe) seem to play with their console members or plan to even with PS2 on PS4. Seems more like the console divisions exist to unite console gamers who have things in common and promote this social army network, but that's really all they do. We're like the East Brotherhood of Steel and the PC ones are the West Brotherhood of Steel; we have the same name and aspirations, but are completely separated and disillusioned from our counterparts. We'll just steal their ideas of organization and tactics, and form our own heirarchy that suits our needs.
    Be it as it may, I would still love to play with fellow members on PS2 when it releases. 
  5. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic by chuckwagon253 in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    I thought this game was available at launch. I was really bummed that it wasn't. When it's up I'll be playing it for sure.
  6. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic by Explosiveb0b in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    im game...for this game
  7. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic by xJasper-R3D75 in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    I'll be waiting for this game,look cool to play it with friends,so yes I will support the game for the PS4.
  8. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic by JoelVakarian in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    First off, if you are unfamiliar with Planetside 2 I would suggest you back out of this forum and go check out my "Basics of Planetside 2" thread were you can gain a little more knowledge about the game. Now, Why should AJSA support the PS4 version of Planetside 2. Simply put, It provides a situation were EVERY Angry Soldier can play with his comrades in a team focused setting FOR FREE. Planetside 2 is literally the perfect game for the Angry Army as it is Free to Play and is capable of handling such large groups of people at any given point. Please let me know if you would like AJSA to support this game officially or if you will be playing it when it releases later this year. I sincerely wish to see all of you support this game as it is so perfect and suitable for the Angry Army.
    UPDATE: I will be creating an AJSA outfit in Planetside 2 about one month after launch. If you are interested in how this outfit will be organized go check out my "Planetside 2 AJSA Outfit (early ideas)" thread in the PS4 forum. I appreciate any and all feedback.
  9. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic by Somber-chan in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    I've been eagerly anticipating PS2 on the ps4 as my laptop has major trouble running it .  I just watched joes review for it today, and can't wait for the epic battles.

    Edit: Even if it's not officially supported it doesn't mean the angry army can't exist as an outfit on the ps4 version of the game. 
    It just means we, the console gamers, will have to take the initiative and put the effort and work in. It just means it's "unofficial", but that really shouldn't stop us from banding together to kick Vanu and new corporate arse.

     My pc is having major issues running ps2 as such, until I can totally rebuild my currently dead gaming desktop, I will be supporting the war effort on the ps4 version of the game when it launches.

  10. vFadeToBlackv liked a post in a topic by Acerbus in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    Well, I will play this game when it comes out, and I hope other AJSA members will join, so we can have a good time.
    As far as the AJSA leaders only supporting PC gaming issue is concerned I am a bit disappointed that they feel this way. But on the other hand I'm keeping my hopes up that we, the AJSA members, will be able to organize ourselves without their assistance .
  11. Somber-chan liked a post in a topic by vFadeToBlackv in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    I completely agree with Acerbus and Somber-chan, we should just form independently and rally behind the idea of Angry Army support (assuming there isn't an official presence in whatever game lacks the support).  If we are successful enough and there is a large enough presence I'm sure they would welcome the additional members and exposure to the gaming environment.  Who knows maybe if a successful leader ran an unofficial PS2 clan, for example, leadership here might legitimize it and make them an officer for the game on PS4.  I'm of course just guessing here but I don't see why it couldn't happen.  Assuming that the codes of conduct and all other rules were being followed of course.