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    gamertag: bigdave9903 Timezone: Central US Games: Assassins Creed (360 backwards compatibility), Crimson Skies (OX backwards compatibility), Rare Replay, Gears 1 remastered
  2. PSN ID: afbratt PS4, PS3, Vita Games currently playing: Injusttice 2 Madden 17 NHL 17 Mass Effect Andromeda MLB the Show 16 NBA playgrounds Telltale games Guardians of the Galaxy I'm willing to join both
  3. If anyone is interested I have an extra copy of Star Wars KOTOR 1 and Empire at War (from the latest HB) if anyone is interested in either let me know. If you are willing to trade for one or both I am looking for the following games: Guild wars 1 starcraft anthology Sin of a solar empire trinity Sentinals of the Multiverse
  4. Yea, I've been playing this since it was released in beta and so far I've been happy with how things have progressed, then again I'm pretty much just doing the online Co-Op missions at the moment
  5. I'm afbratt on psn if anyone want to add me
  6. yea, mine is afbratt if anyone wants to add me, just let me know that you are AJSA. At the moment I mostly play Tekken Revolution and DCUO
  7. yea, I would be down for this for the PS3 version
  8. can I get Burnout if you still have it
  9. well, mine is fairly simple. I grew up in the USAF
  10. I could definately get into this. I play mostly Warcraft and C & C
  11. For me it was a SNES
  12. yea, I'd definitely join in the Angry Army if this is approved as I play STO on a fairly good basis
  13. I would probably jump in from time to time on this. Just something to consider with this game though, there is supposed to be a new version coming out I believe early next year
  14. Hey, I'm afbratt. My main games that I can play are Hearthstone and STO