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  1. Ah don't worry about it, I'm sure no-one will mind that your having to delay it for as long as you need as real life does really need to come first.
  2. This is hilarious, it truly is. You'd think they would realise that either: A) they might be wrong and the games they do publish are terrible, rushed, etc. Or that it's not worth fighting against even if they think they are right as legal claims they've already made have turned out false (wasn't it something about using the statement 'an absolute failure') But anyway I'm in full support of Jim and hope he can get it sorted out without it having a too big impact on his life and/or work.
  3. No one I'm guessing, it's not like the video has to be made, it's unfortunate yes, but it just means we don't get one this year, let's just hope we get it next time.
  4. That sort of defeats the whole point of doing it in a vlog format as I'm guessing all the editing is the main time consumer. I wouldn't get your hopes up though as we're now into mid March and Joe probably has quite a number of other things he needs to do (such as the division review I think he's working on currently.) Also he doesn't really 'need' to do anything with it, ultimately it's his video whether he decides to do it or not and he can do what he wants with it, I'm guessing you didn't mean to sound like that but it just made you seem a little demanding at least in my opinion anyway, no offence or anything.
  5. wait what? He made the best, worst and disappointing list for 2015, just check the channel. the only reason he hasn't done the controversies is because he was busy I think (unsure but I'm pretty sure time was an issue.) I think he said if he would make it it would have to be in a vlog form due to the amount of time it would take to edit normally.
  6. I would love the competition to come down to a PvP in guns of Icarus but I can understand the problems this may cause for a portion of those who want to participate as it would mean they need the game and a computer good enough to run it (let alone whether they actually want the game in the first place.). But that is just my personal preference because I prefer to have more control over my chances and would like to feel that I've earned it a bit more if I progress so take it as you will...
  7. The end is nigh! Looking forward to seeing who wins the finals (routing for kaz a bit more though as I want to be avenged for losing to Tamaskanlem in the second round.)
  8. I haven't heard anything, I just assume that they've been busy or it's just taking a while and they haven't had the time to count everything or sort it out, the suspense though...
  9. https://youtu.be/3FICPSY6pfk (I jest of course) I watched the video though and it was fairly close, I think my team relied a tad too much on Vegetas final explosion to tip the odds (so he proceeded to not do it unlike the first round where he did it in both matches.) Also hoped Tien could pull something out of the bag with the tri-blasts but unfortunately not.
  10. well I lost... probably getting rekt as much as I possibly could along the way. Good luck to everyone else though, interested to see who'll win . ​I'm not salty, I swear xD
  11. Could I get a roster change for round two please to: Ultimate Gohan, Piccolo (End), Majin Vegeta, Tien, Gogeta I have a feeling round 2 is going to go horribly but I might have a chance... Emphasis on might
  12. Oh my, did I actually make it to the second round... I was expecting to get annihilated straight off the bat so I'm looking forward to seeing the video. Now comes the wait for the second round...
  13. And thus we see 5 years of pent up rage about a single game released within about a minute and we are left to question whether Angry Joe will ever be sane again (the answer is and always has been no xD)
  14. I would love a sequel to republic commando but it would probably need to stop the (in my opinion) unfair difficulty levels such as the one where you had to escape that base before it exploded as I always died at the last room due to the near Zerg rush of high health enemies whilst trying to hack something (I'm probably just terrible at the game to be honest xD)