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  1. Well since they've moved everything over to D2, everyone is starting from scratch from the looks of it, so I'll just keep a lookout or wait for an announcement on here/discord/PS4 group, cheers!
  2. Yep yep! I've been watching but not watching -too- closely, yanno? Wanna keep the surprises to a minimum. Feel free to throw me a friend request. I started Destiny at year 3, so I got my moneys worth. :3
  3. With the game on the horizon, whom among us is gonna be playing it? I'm in the PS4 group but I hadn't seen a whole lot of talk about it. Searching the forums came up rather cold, aside from the Xbawx peeps being semi-active in it.
  4. PsN ID: Tabby83_02 Currently bouncing between BF1 and KF2, my playtimes are wonky. Didn't have a PS4 until recently when some buddies finally pressured me into trying Destiny, lol
  5. Now now, sub fees can be a good thing as long as the game is put out proper(hence why WoW is still on the market). In this case, being a loooong time Elder Scrolls player I stuck with it from the get-go. With the sub model being dropped in the coming weeks, I'm actually looking forward to seeing the guild come back to life. The devs and game makers need to get income somehow, yanno. =P
  6. Guild Halls confirmed for the expansion! Whee! https://heartofthorns.guildwars2.com/en/?_ga=1.253041933.545534733.1414395625
  7. I'm still playing! On a regular basis at that! I knew most people would end up jumping ship after the first month wore off, heck I have yet to see more than 12 people on at any given time, and before there were HUNDREDS. MMO's are always, always bumpy in the first six months of release. After a few more major updates, I betcha people will slowly trickle back on in.
  8. It levels to 50, just like we do. Then it's capped. If you wanted to try out a different build, you would have to level up another horse. :3
  9. It's about 41 gig's, or at least according to Steam. I would assume approx 4-5 DVD's. Now if it was CD's, then prolly double that =P
  10. Aside from my random-ass work schedule interfering with enjoying the game at my own leisure, I am indeed still playing, and have dropped 6 months onto the game. Everyone has their own quirks, as for me, I'm loving the hell out of it. People tend to forget that -all- mmo's have a rocky start. 6 months tends to be the turning point as they iron out some of the more frequent bugs.
  11. Toasted bread > Sliced bread
  12. Wait, DC seriously jumped ship because some competition finally sprang out of the woodwork? That's rather bogus :/ I've been busting my butt leveling so I could actually be worth a damn for this next round of events. XD
  13. "Rome wasn't built in a day" - Same goes for the AJSA. Once we get people up and going, we'll be a force to be reckoned with, those that are speed leveling are just hurting themselves overall, since there's soooooo much to explore.
  14. ESOHead/ESOhead markers(For resource nodes and skyshards) FTC Wykkyds Framework I'm sure there will be more later on, fun part is keeping everything up to date. XD