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  1. 10 less. Imperial and the other store horse are 15/10/0. whereas expensive ones start from a) 15/10/10 15/20/0 c) 25/10/0 (maybe not in this order)
  2. Can someone post status report about the campaigns proposed here? I only see Skull crusher, which is sad: EP: +399; 138k, all fortresses, towers, buildings and scrolls. AD: +0; 9k, zero DC: +0; 8k, zero
  3. Can anyone tell me which vendor sells bows for PVP currency? someone in interwebs tried to buy 2H weapon packs with no luck... ( link )
  4. Also do not forget that summer time starts at 30th March (5 day early access day) in many countries.
  5. Luckily you are wrong. http://youtu.be/jLM3f2pSjXw?t=3m13s at 50V3 he gets 525 fire resistance with 1/3 skill, 1050 with 2/3, 1575 with 3/3 skill. Also we find out, that total resistance (spell resistance + fire resistance + whatever) is capped at 50%. You can't get more resistance than that. So basically if you have massive spell resistance, then the dark elf racial resistance becomes less useful or even completely useless as the mitigation is already maxed. Also from his table there we see, that fire resistance works EXACTLY like spell resistance just for fire effect. And it's added plain and simple to spell resist as additinal spell resist. According to his numbers we can calculate, that cap is at 2500 resistance, from which you can get 1575 from racial if you are dark elf. So in the end if you are vampire with no spell and fire resistance you will get 150% damage; and when you have max spell resistance, you will get 75% (150% * 50%) of the original damage; Being no vampire with 0 resist would make you take 100% damage ... So in the end being vampire is not half that bad if you go prepared.
  6. aaaand here we go... Khajiit already got first nerf according to this. Racial Removed the critical damage bonus from the Khajiit passive Carnage, and doubled its critical strike chance bonus. made some calculations: so if you have basically any other crit chance coming in from gear or skills, you are now doing less damage. But as a true damage dealer ... you will be in medium armor and thus get 3%*7pieces => 21% crit from full medim armor passive already. The nerf is actually bigger because there are skills that raise crit chance to 100% for few seconds / next hit. On this case the racial bonus gives 0%
  7. GOOD NEWS! And I gladly join... but am not really leader material though.
  8. so basically whenever it's possible to turn physical damage to poison or fire or whatever with morph, it's really worth it? ... especially in hope that your victim is either werewolf or vampire for extra damage? good to know. Poison Arrow (and morphs) are already poison Volley (physical) => Scorched Earth (fire) Arrow Spray (physical) => Acid spray (poison) Snipe (physical) => Lethal Arrow (poison) etc.
  9. found myself best answer (source): Each horse has a level cap of 50, which would make it impossible to max all three attributes. So basically what that means, is that the more expensive horses are 10 stats better than common/imperial horse, also when maxed out.
  10. do all the different horses in game have same maximum stats and the more expensive ones are just 10 days pre-fed normal horses OR those more expensive horses have actually higher maximum stats?
  11. So at lvl 50, you have what... 1500 fire resist as dark elf? I get hit by 1000 fire damage - 1500 resist => 0 damage through ... and then I take 0 * 150% = 0 damage as vampire... I don't see problem here... Another situation with damage shield ... which will first calculate, shield or vampire weakness? Would I get: 1000 fire damage - 800 shield => 200 * 150% = 300 damage as vampire 1000 fire damage * 150% => 1500 damage - 800 shield = 700 damage as vampire How exactly does resists work in this game? Another related question. Does poison/fire/magic damage ignore armor value entirely or is still affected? Will it be useful to morph bow skills to deal poison damage instead of physical for making more damage vs everyone, or will it just change the damage type, not numbers? Except vs werewolves, who would get more damage from poison.
  12. anyone tried how much would dark elf racial fire resist help with the vampire fire vulnerability issue? Will they kinda cancel eachother out or still quite vulnerable?
  13. So ... poison arrow all the way? few questions though: 1. can someone turn me vampire or werewolf against my will at some random spot? 2. where can I turn to vampire or werewolf? 3. how can I cure myself from either of those conditions? 4. how long will you stay in werewolf form? 5. will you be poison vulnerable when you are in werewolf form or also in humanoid form? 6. can you use Pounce and Roar in humanid form? 6.1. if not, will you get 3rd action bar (with werewolf skills) when you turn into werewolf? 7. if you are running dungeon or questing will you be able to stay in werewolf form like all the time or only half time? 8. how often does the vampire need to feed? 9. are you vampire all the time or on some conditions, like after feeding or only during nighttime? 10. do you still swing with your weapon when you are in werewolf form or you just bite? 11. does weapon damage/abilities affect your damage in werewolf form? as much as I understand so far (please correct me if I'm entirely wrong about something): Werewolf seems to have some mediocre passives and only ON if you are in werewolf form; Vulnerable to poison; Furry? (it would be plus I guess); sounds more like a cosplay form than real threat; works better in packs (passives boost other werewolves etc.) Vampire seems to have premium passives that are always ON, but you are fire vulnerable also all the time (sucks for PVP). Best for glasscannons. Better for solo adventurers.
  14. Such a silly question... I see in various ESO guild recruiting forums some guilds advertise themselves as US & EU. What is this? Can one guild exist between both servers at once or they just make 2 guilds, one for US and one for EU and then pretend to be one guild?