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  1. just watched an xbox weekly with major nelson on my xb1.. turns out 343 industries heared the fans complains that some wants phys copy.. so they are gonna make a phys copy one without any additional charge..
  2. oh crap..i thought i was at xbox one subforum.. my apologies.. i see.. thank you very much for answering my question.
  3. Hi guys.. im new to smite.. got a code from a very generous AJSA member CaptainfoxButt.. and i got a question.. is it because im new? is the matchmaking ever gonna be better? all the time.. i played 10 matches straight.. i only won once.. all of the teammates i get.. are a bunch of leavers, afkers.. high kills dont get you anywhere if you are alone... at the very least noobs would be a good decoy.. but.. afkers and leavers kinda destroys the game.. i have not left any match.. and i always get highest kills .. and yet.. i always get afkers, and leavers teammates.. and havent yet to encounter an afker/leaver on an enemy team.. the rewards are also too low.. would it get high? or do i have to opt for gem? thank you for your wise and kind answers..
  4. First of all (it is outrageous) THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!! SELLING A COLLECTOR A DIGITAL COPY?? WTf are they thinking LOL.. secondly, (it is kinda a scam) It is not stated anywhere that it is a digital copy on microsoftstore, ebgames/gamestop (which kinda makes it a scam) why? because of the steelbook.. which should contain a phys copy.. well at least most of the games i know have disc.. third, (it is most-likely a scam) the collectors edition states (on microsoftstore and ebgames) if that is so.. THAT SHOULD MEAN.. that it includes the cd that the limited edition has.. Note: on the side note, i am kinda confused so please correct me if i am wrong.. as amazon is stating that the limited edition is a digital content as well.. BUT why are they posting a picture containing a cd on the limited edition copy ?? BUT AINT THAT A SCAM/ quite deceiving? a game news also states that the limited edition will contain a phys copy also i do agree the price value of digital and physical are way way different.. and phys is more valuable.. also here are my sources: Microsoft store and ebgames stating that collectors include all that the limited edition has Amazon stating its digital copy on limited edition and yet shows a picture with disc A game news that states limited edition includes phys game copy and states that collectors edition contains digital
  5. double post.. cant delete..
  6. you have a gaming PC.. and a PS4.. i suggest just used the money you will get on other stuff... or ps4/pc games/pc upgrades.. no need to spend more money on more than one console.. but if youve got xbox 360 (as theres gonna be backwards compat) like the xbox exlusives well thats fine.. HALO series(looks great) Gears of War 4 (looks great) Tomb raider (looks great) Quantum Break (excited) FABLE (excited) RECORE (excited) Fall out 4 mods ( i guess) Phantom dust (it died.. but it seems they are still remaking it under a new studio) as for 1tb or 500gb + external.. 1tb(or more is a must) specially if you have a gold membership.. ive got tons of games.. free and bought... i am relying on external drive... its not that hard to copy.. but its more beautiful if they stay on one drive.. but it all goes down to preferences.. theres no harm playing games on an external hdd/ssd.. or copying an unused game on it.. i dont see the difference with both.. but some say that its faster to load on externals.. and its also kinda cheap to buy external hdd/ssd so to conclude, benefits of internal: you can see your games in one driveno need to transfer games(only till it gets full anyway) to external no need to reinsert external to play old gamesbenefits of external: faster loading times by a few secyou can install directly to externalyou can play directly from externalcheaper to buy the bigger the sizejust plug and play.. if you have other xbox1s or going to another place with xb1..
  7. you can also just.. hard reset no need to unplug.. just press the power button on your xbox one for like 10sec.. and then wait 30 sec.. and then open..
  8. comrade.. try hard reset on your xbox one.. I have many times before made my xbox one mic headset not working.. by using it for skype call but since the controller keeps dying i have to reopen the controller every 15mins.. which broke the mic.. but i think it was a software issue.. i have tried diff controllers and it does not work.. but i have tried hard reset.. and it did work... its been working everytime i broke it.. till now it works.. btw.. if it is indeed broken.. you can contact microsoft.. and they send you a new one for free.. i have contacted Microsoft the day it was broken.. i even received the RMA email.. but i cancelled it because i had accidentally fixed it when i hard reset. hope this helps.. good luck comrade..
  9. TY comrade! i was tempted to buy it even though i never played it on pc.. BTW i used the 3rd to last code as the last two codes are used.. i dunno about the other codes.. but just to save someonetime if they are looking for unused ones.. THE LAST 3 CODES ARE ALREADY USED.. (i used 3rd to the last)
  10. your humble servant awaiting an invitation from your exquisite xbox one preview program.. thank you very much..
  11. i love assassins creed games. AC Unity, despite the issues, its still good. I dont like COD, but i have MW2 from 360, i cant say much but while COD wont keep you interested after 2-3 hours you might still want to play it a month after whereas AC i dont think so. (well thats at least what i feel about fps games ex. titanfall and blacklight retribution). You said you want AC Unity. Buy it. its good but we warned of the issues.. err they can be ignored but yea. there are sometimes fps issues, glitch that will make you keep falling all of the sudden(can be fixed by teleporting on map), companion app doesnt connect well but can be ignored. Dont force yourself to buy COD if you dont like it. because it wont last long and youll just keep lying to yourself trying to like it if you are still not sure then wait till the review of DA:I but it prolly already is good never much been a GTA fan cept for San Andreas but its a long game so GTAV might be good as well in the end. i still think you should buy the thing you want. which is AC Unity.
  12. IM worst. im so frustrated and upset. I called earlier this morning because i still havent recieved my tracking number only to find out that I am getting the game late because they had issues with the stock. hence i gotta wait for an email in 24-48 hours and prolly only then theyll send me the game. STUPID microsoftstore(com). im so annoyed. good thing i cancelled ac unity and halo from them. this is the first and the last time im gonna order from them.
  13. Thx guys! I BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!! note: i have an extra case lol (because the cd wasnt on the frame case)
  14. Im dying for a REAL BIG RPG GAME for xb1 and this is it. though DA2 is quite a disappointment, ive loved DAO/A so much that i worship this game. Looking at the gameplays, it had the combination mechanics of DAO/A and DA2 + new things which is awesome. The characters from the old one are coming back as well, HELL YEA!! next stop WITCHER 3. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu taking forever..
  15. thx so much guys for taking the time. and not calling me a troll. lol.. already preordered it.. good luck to my hard drive.. oh snap. AC unity + DA:I alone is big.. let alone halo MCC.. and i only have 90gb in my system.. (panic alert) guess ill have to buy an hdd as well.. wanted to buy the HALO MCC mjolnir edition cuz its the best looking steel book/case i have ever seen in my life. but its uk exclusive, sold out already and way overpriced lolz.. they knew die hard fans would get it.. shame.