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  1. MuddledMuppet liked a post in a topic by Daknar in n00b questions   
    First you are prompted with the server, you will of course select the EU one.
    If you do not have the pre-order edition, the class will select the faction (pre-order lets you mix & match).
    Daggerfall Covenant: Breton, Orc, Redguard
    Aldmeri Dominion:      High Elf, Wood Elf, Khajiit
    Ebonheart Pact:         Argonian, Dark Elf, Nord
    So your best bet is to look at the faction the EU group is using, and select a race in that faction or you won't be able to play with them.
  2. emeraldeye liked a post in a topic by Daknar in Is E S O Worth it? -Cartman   
    Most of this depends on your play style, and that's the only honest answer. You should have tried out one of the many beta keys if you were on the fence.
    That being said, If you are looking for a game to gank low level people, this isn't the game for you as the opportunities are in one area. If you hate quests where other people can be there to interfere...pass this one by. If you want an easy game without much thinking in regards to leveling up, the incredible amount of options is going to scare the heck out of you. And if you want a taskbar with every single ability you can have easily displayed, you will be frustrated.
    But if you want everything available for your character without limitations as you progress; if you love the idea of crafting and don't know when to stop, if OCD is something you need to suppliment with an MMO, and if you are in the AJ army and like to help or receive help from your guild mates...this is definitely your game. It's wide open on what you do and where you go. You can spend hours searching for materials or questing - whichever you want to work on. The PvE is limited only by your funds and determination (and given my few times of playing, if you enjoy being overrun and squished). There are people in the guild over level 30, you should ask them what they think, but I think you could easily get a months worth of quality play time out of this game if not more.
  3. JTSJ liked a post in a topic by Daknar in The Elder Scrolls Online: Monthly Subscription for a Full-priced Game   
    A very accurate statement. I've been buying Collectors Editions for over 7 years now (some real waste of money investments too, truth be told), with combinations of in game and out of game content. Complaining about it is really a statement of "I want the extra stuf for free", or "I want to deprive other people from having things I don't want to buy". Neither case is a valid argument because people are trying to impose their values and desires onto other people. If those things didn't sell, they wouldn't exist.
    Most collector games seem to have the same big 4 items they give away: minor boost items that usually are thrown away by mid-way to max level. Mounts or some other type of quick move ability, and Pets...another absolutely useless item that gives nothing to the game...except for a visual laugh.  Classes I've seen added in the past 2 years: Neverwinter had dark elf race & panther pet you couldn't get without a $200 collectors edition and that was a f2p game. Star Wars the old Republic  didn't start as a f2p, but it's collector edition had a mount/pet/items in it and that game appeared 4 years ago. Now that it is f2p, you have to buy races, so there you have it. The point being - complaining about a collectors edition isn't going to change anything. At most, the items will be available for sale for a price later...maybe. So if they really seem that important, spend the $20 now instead of later.
  4. Daknar liked a post in a topic by Arreyanne in The Elder Scrolls Online: Monthly Subscription for a Full-priced Game   
    Im going to address this part of the post simply because, well you say you like subscriptions and then say you pay through the nose to play without it?
    First off I'd rather have a store that sells all those vanity items. Grinding for a pet, mount, costume whatever, is something I prefer not to do, thanks but no thanks.
    I can buy the outfits I want presto chango and a) dont have to look for a group that may or may not be jerks, I get what I was looking for and don't have to repeat the same sick content three thousand times to get the entire set.
    And yes I pay the sub to SWTOR along with two to Tera which is F2P without any restrictions except 2 character per server. So I ain't against paying a sub fee.
    And sir if you sub in SWTOR you don't have to spend a damn dime in the cash store if you choose not to. There is nothing in the cash store but vanity items skins, costumes, XP bonuses, which btw you get for free completing quest, so you wouldn't have to buy those either if you choose not to. SWTOR also awards you with cartel coins for completing achievements, sure not a lot like 20-50 depending on the achievement, so if a smart person saved those you could actually purchase something from the store without spending any additional cash, just your subscription.
    Using the paywalling of a race behind 20 dollars extra for the collectors edition and then unlocking the factions with a preorder. I'll bet a dollar to a donut that the cash store has the imperial race withing 60 days of release and the ability to unlock factions within that same time