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  1. Depending on the amount of players we may wind up going into multiple parties and or a server with higher player capacity.
  2. Ill be around.
  3. digsgambit
  4. If theyre using the combat knife it still is.
  5. Qwik the issue with that is our level spread you cant bring people below level 5 into a private match.
  6. I would say Wildstar its hitting f2p this 29th and the AJSA guild is going to be trying to get off the ground so we might beable to get help from them.
  7. Awe the PvE server? Guess ill roll on there.
  8. Ive enjoyed my time in the beta the Specialists add something to the game and the movement feels good.
  9. My list goes. 1 Munchkin 2 King of New York 3 Pandemic 4 Castle Panic 5 Betrayl at House on the Hill.
  10. Im down for any arma action.
  11. GT= DislexicDigs Class= Titan Level= 26
  12. Ive got some keys as well! *Update* Im out
  13. I would support this game whole heartedly and the combat could perhaps help hone melee for Elder Scrolls Online.