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  • Birthday 02/11/1985

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    Currently Playing: D2, BF3, GW2, RIFT, POE
  1. Anyone interested in playing Star Wars Galaxies? Jump To LIghtspeed is working on this EMU and they zombies on Dathomir! My Zabrak Bounty Hunter has been slaughtering the undead! https://forums.stellabellum.net/
  2. I would be happy to play path of exile with you, whats your steam user name?
  3. I was thinking about starting a character on Everquest 2 anyone care to play with me? Any suggestions on what server to play on?
  4. Ill play this game with you. I have a lvl 23 Cleric I started last night.
  5. I hope we can make a good community for PS4. Let me know how I can help.
  6. Will you be playing destiny? Only game I play right now is Warface as I wait for Bungies new release. My gamer tag is GodsofGravy I would be happy to join ya.
  7. Rift has a necro mage class I would be happy to start a new toon with you. If you wana play.
  8. Anyone still playing it? New to the forums and am looking for some people to play with.
  9. I was told the guild for Destiny for next gen console only? is this not true?
  10. what platform?
  11. What server and faction are y'all playing on? Id be happy to join!
  12. I will be playing on xbox 360. I hope to see an unofficial guild come up.
  13. I played on Xbox since Release and was in the PC alpha and beta testing. Its a pretty fun little game but its nothing unique or special...its pretty much the exact same thing as rift with a different model and texture package in terms of gameplay. It has a unique skill tree you can practically make anything. I made a Medic/Heavy Gunner Tank. The questing is very linear nothing special. The dungeons are pretty fun when it comes to the boss fights but no real challenging mechanics. I am downloading it right now actually for PC. So if you wana play with me let me know.
  14. Appreciate the heads up I am planning on getting the Destiny bundle on ps4 myself.