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  1. The simple answers above are misleading. What type of tank? Dragon Knight tank? Templar Tank, or Sorcerer tank? or the off chance dark horse choice of the Night blade tank... All of these tank types are very viable. These tanks will all allow for different races, in fact there is no One best race. Do you want to be a PVP tank? the Orc speed bonus is nice for closing the distance in smaller fights or running down enemies... The soft cap on regeneration rates are low enough that you can reach them with any of the races. You will not be gimping yourself or your guild by choosing any of the races. Will there be one that is a % or two higher in one area or another? Yes but gear choice, skill choice is far more important in the long run. Templar tanks will benefit from a race that has more mana... Keep an open mind. The first stat from all the races is a bonus to exp and that SHOULD be ignored. It is a bonus that you will finish long before you get to level 50... Ignore that, look at the benefits and your play style and then choose a race. Remember too that you should substitute the word melee for the word physical on the races. The bonuses to crit and damage for khajiit and the healing gained by doing damage for imperials will benifite bow users as well. ps, the text in this message is showing up very very small for me unless I select the largest size. Please let me know if this is huge or close to normal size. thanks.
  2. Just to update this: In regards to bow damage and choosing Bosmer or Khajiit the salient text from it is here: Khajiit – Somewhat surprisingly, the Khajiit are a far superior choice to the Bosmer. Their critical bonus applies equally to bow as a “physical” weapon (even though it is not melee), and therefore the racial bonuses of the Khajiit are considerably superior than those of the bosmer. and here: This may deceive some folks who look at the Passive for the first time, so they’ll automatically assume that the Critical bonus applies only to Melee (close-range) attacks. However, as Atropos has said…it would seem the Critical bonus applies for ranged attacks (of course with Bows) as well. As you may also notice, the Bosmer does not have this kind of bonus (not counting the Stealth bonus, as it only applies as long as you’re undetected, not during combat). Even with the “Accuracy” Passive of the Bow Skill-line (which increases Critical-hit chance), it would seem the Khajiit start out with greater damage-potential. Hope this helps.
  3. I have been reading the forums on many boards, looking into the racial bonuses and the distinction between melee and bow. The overwhelming consensus is that for Racial bonuses, the critical bonus added for melee would actually work for bows. The argument goes that the critical bonus was listed as physical and melee and that Bows do physical. Its a long convoluted logical argument that has been made and the general consensus reached by the internet folks is that khajiit racial works with bows... I am looking down the road and seeing the same "melee" distinction on the Imperial race... It has me concerned that there is in fact a distinction and that the "world" is wrong... Melee is Melee and bow is bow... I hope that there is a way to know, definitively, what is what before launch. ps if melee is bow I am going Imperial Night blade archer. http://tamrielfoundry.com/2014/02/racial-comparison/ is the discussion and conclusion that khajiit is the best archer race...
  4. Welcome bud. Will be good to game with you again.
  5. Is there any news or hints as to what Imperial racial bonuses will be?
  6. I tend to ignore in game chat in favor of teamspeak.
  7. I really liked the game. I will be playing. I don't mind spending a little, or in some cases a lot (world of tanks) on a game. This looks like it will hold my attention for a while.
  8. Hello and thank you for your recruitment. About me: I am a carpenter from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. My Hobbies are SCUBA diving, fishing, golf and gaming and am in a weekly pen and paper rpg gaming group with friends. The winter is long, cold and windy which allows for lots and lots of gaming. Some of my personal favorite games were Dark Age of Camelot, Eve, Warhammer Online, Darkfall, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and GW2. PVP is what really gets me into gaming and I did it to the exclusion of all else at times. (eve, wow, warhammer online) Joining the army: I was inspired by Angry Joe and the idea of belonging to a solid and growing guild. I am looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online. I look forward to gaming with you all. This is going to be a lot of fun. Gunner