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    Diablo 3, PS4, Elder Scrolls Online, and anything gaming in general.
  1. @@sent @spyrina think i got skipped over =/.
  2. Thank You. I was unsure what I had also
  3. Sorry if this has been posted else ware, but today the revealed the Starting Cyrodiil Campaigns for ESO. For those who don't know the PvP takes place in Cyrodiil, and there are multiple instances of it with players limits.Have Joe, SgtRoss or any leadership determined which is going to be the Angry Army's Campaign yet? Here is a link to the official post. http://elderscrollsonline.com/en/news/post/2014/03/27/cyrodiil-campaign-names The Names for the Current Starting Campaigns are Bloodthorn Scourge Chrysamere Auriel's Bow Wabbajack Volendrung Skull Crusher Dawnbreaker Goldbrand Hopesfire
  4. Gonna be on for early access the second it goes live. FOR QUEEN AND PROVINCE! AJSA All the Way!
  5. The game developer's intended for the UI to be clean. The game is perfectly playable without any addons. It just adds more info for those who want it, I.e. pvpers like me who want to know when debuffs are expiring and how much damage we're doing
  6. For those who have beta tested as I did, you may notice a lack of some things. Scrolling combat text, better life and stamina meters etc. There is an addon called Foundry Tactical Combat out there that basically gives you more information to your User Interface, as permantent and moveable Damage meters, scrolling combat text (so you can actually see how much damage your doing) and health/stamina/magicka of not only yourself, but of your targets, friend or foe. For PvP, this is essential in my opinion. The addon is still being updated, and one feature that is not in as of this post is showing your horse's stamina bar when riding it. Although an easy workaround is hitting 'alt' when riding fast and it'll flash the games natural horse stamina bar so you can see how long you can sprint for. Hope this helps people for launch day! http://tamrielfoundry.com/2014/02/foundry-tactical-combat/ edit: This is a Addon that is developed by Atropos of the website Tamriel Foundry (http://tamrielfoundry.com). All credit for its development and continued support goes to him. I'm just linking it to help people get ready to get the most out of ESO's limited interface for those who want more.
  7. I also have no intention on stalking or following Joe.I plan on leveling my Archer and helping the Angry Army Dominate Cyrodiil For Queen and Province! The privledge of being in the Angry Army is enough, if I run into Joe it'll be cool tho