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  1. I would probably give COD 4 a 7/10 cause it was good at the time, but the newer ones are just painfully average, maybe i'd rate treyarchs COD a little higher for innovation, but that's about it
  2. Dark Souls, Warframe and Risk of Rain are the ones I come back to
  3. PC, dont need anything else really
  4. I personally have a problem with it...
  5. its sad really, i still have the game on steam...and its just sitting there...all alone
  6. Cant reply, No word Cap, Link posting enabled, Tons of spam, Virus links, Jumpscare links, Top comment abuse with all of the above No more Youtube Inbox... I Could go on....Bottom line, it sucks
  7. "Which is the best? Xbox One, PS4 or PC?" The answer is always PC if we are talking about the best tech out there...which one do you prefer would probably be a better question...i prefer PC personally
  8. Halo 3 for me, it was a really fun experience, but i also liked the customization of game types and firefight in Halo reach as well as the better forge mode. Halo 4....nope, i didn't like it, it just felt a bit stale for me, I could literally go on all day about why I didnt like it, but i'll shorten the list and just say...it was underwhelming, at least for me
  9. Halo 4, (possibly Halo 5) COD Ghosts Beyond Two Souls My Personal List
  10. My fists...Chuck Noris Style
  11. Commander Shepard for me
  12. On a serious Note...
  13. my character description would be too long, so here ^^ http://dominatorxtr1.deviantart.com/art/Seth-Dark-Warriors-Original-Series-348953840
  14. Animal (male)