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  1. Dark Souls had a ton of great characters.. It was ingeniously done as most of the characters personalities come out through the story itself (If you're willing to look into it... Or watch dark souls lore videos.) through their actions and the way they handled themselves.. And hell their dialogue was a huge indicator to their personality as well. Siegmeyer of Katarina was a baws.. Artorias was a baws. Big Hat Logan was great, though he met a hilarious end. So many memorable characters with a ton of depth to them. For me who hasn't played it, hence has an biased opinion on it.. I think that Lords of the fallen was a rushed mess in terms of its port. And the game itself doesn't have much point to their environments and world. The world simply doesn't look to be a consistent story where the environments and characters/enemies are placed for a reason. But like I said it's my biased opinion after watching a playthrough of it on twitch.
  2. I'm going to be honest.. All of those guidelines seem extremely stupid.. Those aren't rules, they're simply a way of them recommending how devs should use early access. They don't actually say anything. It's great that Valve is offering refunds for shitty games that shouldn't have gotten onto steam in the first place after 1-2 years of the game stinking in their shop. Now the question is if the dev has to pay for that shit or not because that's a large amount of money that they had to refund, and I'm pretty sure that the "devs" of those shitty games don't have too much money on their hands.
  3. I do wonder if they really work like that? I mean Magnetic force in play here indeed, but I don't think that they would think of making something as impractical as that (I don't think that their whole room had a magnetic floor for example (I think it's highly unlikely.).. I think that there might be two magnets ON the hover board, and if you can get the repelling force to go towards the floor (I'm thinking that maybe each side of the hoverboard has a extremely strong magnet that repels the other one and if you can force the repelling force to go downward I'd think that it COULD hover (I think there's a video of a levitating magnetic spintop that levitates above a wooden plank I think, I THINK it might be similar to how the hoverboard works? The spin top was put a spin and raised to a certain height and the spin top remained at that height..). P.S as much as I know magnets pull towards iron, not repel from it. For the magnet to levitate it needs to be against a magnet of similar type. Iron would simply cling onto the magnet. Which is why I don't think that's how it works, I think there's a repelling mechanism inside the hoverboard itself so its self sufficient and it wouldn't be limited to rooms with magnetic floors.
  4. As a person who grew up while watching Back to the Future and other such things this is a dream come true.. This is godly.. Sonic free riders is has been the greatest hover board simulator until this time.. NOW we have the REAL DEAL! Toss away your copy of sonic free riders, throw down the 10k (Random estimate.) and you will have your hands on this DREAM! *drool*
  5. Even Child of Light was a bad launch as a lot of people reported huge game ending bugs and had game saves randomly disappearing on them.
  6. I'm 99% sure that this case is more cause of horrible optimization then anything else. Looking at the poor situation of the game on both PC and consoles and I'm pretty sure that the consoles CAN show that kind of graphics (The game isn't anything special in terms of graphics.).. But Ubisoft just generally porked up the whole game.
  7. In all honesty.. I now expect Ubisoft to come out and say that "We said that 90% of the PC gamers are pirates only because we wanted our working environment to be more cinematic!"
  8. Exactly what I expected from Ubisoft. No surprise here. I've always said that a good game will sell no matter what, and even the people who pirate it, will eventually buy it when they have the money. Funny thing is that games like this WON'T sell to those pirates who usually buy games after playing them.. And hell with this amount of negative press I'd hope that only the initial sales numbers are high for unity and that it will plummet to 0 after the word gets out.. Because that's what this game AND company deserves. In comparison I'd like to think that EA isn't similar to Yves and that they actually are cool with the PC.. At least from what they have done (Or exactly what they haven't done in terms of horrible ports, etc.) I can't feel any malice from them.. So EA is cool with me.. Ubisoft can go and choke on a console for all I care.. :/
  9. What a tasty controversial topic.. Mind if I jump in? It's frankly a misconception that PC's are "Impractical". There's a variety of different case sizes and Steam box is simply a Mitx case PC + In the future I have no question that gaming computers and casual computers will be about the same size. You can use any accessory that the consoles have on your PC. The phrase that "Without consoles there would be nothing to hold us back" is both true.. And false. The only games that aim for the highest and greatest are triple A titles, and as they aim for the biggest demographic they WOULDN'T make games that only work on the best PC's, because the market they aim for has to be wide as the widest of seas.. PC has proven that there's a HUGE market for games that don't necessarily look the best, but have a interesting style. The only thing that WOULD change is that there would be MORE games like Crysis 1 was that challenged the hardware to its limits back in the day. A large amount of PC gamers don't give a shit as long as the game is 60 fps with 1080p options. And that won't change until 4k becomes the new standard. Which won't be too soon because it's pretty much uncharted territory in the moment, even without the help of consoles. Running games on 4k on the PC isn't viable if you want a smooth gameplay experience for newer titles.. So in summary - I don't think what you says would happen. The newest and greatest GPU's and CPU's have been supported on the PC for a long ass time even during the console era, and catering to the masses would be the most common practice, console or no console. Only reason why I think consoles are any good is because it's easier for families to control what their kids do (As there are family friendly restrictions that parents can put on their kids.) and that the form factor is good with a small amount of power as well (Though the real stats are on the level of a low-mid end PC.).
  10. In all honesty I haven't played the game so take this with a grain of salt...But in all honesty I personally think it looks like a great game. It's like previous CoD games with MORE skill and simply better game design. I have seen some high level AW matches and it's far better as even if you get flanked you have a chance to dodge and kill the enemy. But it requires for there to be no lags (Which isn't always the case cause of P2P.) and well it also requires you to not get hit with a headshot.
  11. No there's nothing wrong with you.. The point was that the sequel simply had MORE impact and looked far better in terms of action. Origin's combat wasn't bad per-say but it was more tactical and slower-paced., and neither of those are bad things. It's simply different.
  12. Mp3 files do have a low quality compared to less compressed files like flac, so mp3s don't only get rid of the sound that's outside our hearing frequency, but more then that. But as the only place I got information from has been devs and logic. So I just stupidly assumed this.. But I guess it would be stupid for games to uncompress audio out of a format that's already decent. Though like a large flac song is higher quality the less compressed it is then I'd still think that uncompressed audio sounds good for their size. Though how practical it is, is questionable, cause there's formats like you said that are compressed and are still extremely close to the original for less than half the size. But in all honesty I don't really mind the game sizes and even if it's just lazy optimization of game size (As in no compression what so ever.), as I do remember the olden times and I do have a quick internet download speed. What I do care about is fps and graphical fidelity (Or rather graphical quality that isn't lied about and is represented fairly in trailers/gameplay footage..). HDD size concerns just aren't there for me. D: .. Though it's good that you put sense into my head cause I had this stupid idea in my head that games uncompress the audio during gameplay. Not sure what I was thinking.
  13. There's one copy of insurgency left in this link : https://www.humblebundle.com/?gift=BX3z7MVsdFareSYF Early bird catches the worm!
  14. How big are audio files today and how big were audio files back then? The fact is that uncompressing files requires CPU to work extra is a fact. Just think about it logically. The files don't uncompress themselves. And at more CPU heavy games it will make a difference.And I do think that uncompressing files on the CPU does make it do quite a bit of extra work (As In I think that people win like 5-10fps if their CPU is the bottleneck in the game and it's uncompressed..) There's also a old news article that talked about Titanfall's uncompressed size (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/132922-Titanfall-Dev-Explains-The-Games-35-GB-of-Uncompressed-Audio). Titanfall itself doesn't require too much CPU power, but for consoles that don't have that much, it's necessary. And even on the PC the uncompressed files help computers run games that otherwise couldn't run the game (There're also low end gamers if you don't remember them.). Giving an option for that does make sense. Like an option to download compressed files or not.. But they will need to do extra work to make it work out well. They will need to do extra rounds of testing to see if the compressed files work and if there's any bugs in the game.
  15. But there are people who announce the events don't they? So wouldn't it be easy for the game section leaders to lead the groups? The current AJSA group has 13 group officers and it would simply mean that they make different groups for games that they lead and essentially I don't think it would be too different (Like there would be a Planetside 2 group, all officers who lead the in-game guild are officers in the Planetside 2 group and only send notifications through that.)? And people who play multiple games can easily be part of 2 groups for example and get notifications from both of them (Someone plays Planetside 2 and Dota 2, but doesn't play Smite or Guild Wars 2, so they will get notifications for stuff they're interested in.) I don't think it would be anything more complicated then the game officers making separate groups and telling people in-game to join those groups. Just think it would be a sensible thing to do tbh as I've already lost some Warcraft 3 matches cause at a crucial moment the AJSA notification minimized my game D:. Though it's good to hear that it's only until next week (Though I do think it's a good idea in general, even after this onslaught of events.)