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  1. Aquapazza is one of the best 2d fighting game that I have played.
  2. I'm new so I don't know where to put this topic could you help where to put it
  3. If there was a sonic videogame that had it where you could play as any Sonic archie character who would you play as.
  4. Why is it in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 you could play as the giant mobile suits and each character had a story seperate from each other. But in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 they took it all out and just like make a single story why is that and then I find out that the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 4 thats coming out has it where you can play as the giant mobile suit again and each character has a serperate story. So it's like the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 ever exist so why did they make it when they was just going to follow the line back from Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and not 3 so why did they ever make the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 when they were just going to follow the line from Dynasty Warriors 2 to make Dynasty Warriors Gunadm 4 so can anyone answer me this why did they make the Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 when they were going to make the Dynasty Warriors 4 follow 2 and not 3 could anyone answer me this.