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  1. yes actually, and now with this dlc even more so are!
  2. Simply go to the origin store and the Titanfall season pass is free! Great move by the devs and even EA to unify the community and a reason to get back into the game. Even if you dont own the game I recommend you check it out. Its cheap and now all DLC is free! I hope to see you all on the TS soon
  3. Damn this sucks. I've been pretty absent recently can someone fill me in on some of the specifics of why the game is being discontinued here?
  4. booooooo im a salty panthers fan boooo haha yea that was a very retarded call
  5. wo they are so dumb, what if i buy something 4 a family member outside those regions? dumb butts
  6. omg doge ur bak
  7. I haven't been to active these past months due to school but lets all enjoy the upcoming break many of us are going to get this holiday season! I want to wish everyone a very game filled holiday as well as safe travels! I want to see you on TeamSpeak as well when your up for it Just thought I should drop a post for you kind people. P.S. AngryJoe is buying me a WiiU for Christmas as he delivers presents to kids all over the world haha jk but I am getting one and boy am I excited ;D
  8. + It's motherfuckin' FRIDAY bitches - I spilt Hi-C all over my counter and now its sticky.
  9. really? oh well they were fun to watch. Like I said I dont really pay attention to any of these "award shows" my bad.
  10. I use code sites like g2a, g2play ect. for these companies. Why bother paying full price for a potential crapfest? But of course NEVER preorder games. You are only encouraging this behavior from Ubi and EA. But EA is nearly as bad anymore, and alot of shame is undeserved.
  11. Tears Initiated
  12. Yea ubi is screwing the PC community. All we can do is vote with our wallet. Which we obviously are not doing.
  13. haha you've made a mistake buddy.
  14. I really dont focus on any award show. Whos to say "oh THIS games the best" when others will say "NO THIS GAMES THE BEST" I just take into consideration the overall feedback of the community and try them out myself. But yes screw the VGX awards. I always kinda liked the SPIKE awards myself over any other major award ceremony thing for games, but still don't take it too seriously.
  15. Man you guys take things to fucking seriously, well a select few. Anyways just wave it off its a game your not going to change the developers choice and you should know by now that Activision is basically embracing the whole montage parodie deal and have been for years. And yes TB's review is wonderful so check that out. We as a gaming community (not just AJSA) need to cut the elitist crap "Ohh I play X game and he play Y game so I'm so much smarter and have such a better taste in everything" If you really want me or anyone else to not like a game then jack me off for it. Again not really for anyone in this thread but more as a PSA.