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Everything posted by The_Magnificent

  1. Good job with the review Del. Maybe you can do review videos on his channel in the future? I mean, why not. 6/10 seems a little bit high for what I just read
  2. From what I have seen, Joe seems to have no idea what to do in this game and how to play it. In his latest Stream he somehow managed to have a Companion with him (finally!) and his combat skills improved and he didn't act like he is pissed all the time for no reason. So, overall improved but still bad . Normally, after the starter island you choose a faction which you want to join. The Demon Hunters on Calador for example, you do the Factions Quests, join them and after that you can summon allies, cast Spells, new dodge animation (teleportation), new armor/weapons and then you go for the other quests (huge amount on every island) or stay on Calador and keep bashing the shadows there and free the island first (don’t know if possible right after joining). I don't see him anywhere near joining a faction so far. You may want to learn smithing, I did that and was able to craft a new shiny sword. No idea where I got the instructions from but it is blue, can't be bad xD. And for god sake, when you are on a ship, talk to a companion and pick the "come with me" line. Bones can heal you, makes it easier. Combat needs some patching, it annoys the shit out of me sometimes but it is manageable. Let’s see the next stream…. uff Maybe this will help a little.
  3. I am glad someone made the effort to produce these videos. Very good job with them. Shame that the most will not bother watching them. Thanks for sharing, @ Crazycrab Joe is a competent player? You watching the same stream? lmao ! :-D He is a funny guy and allright, but a casual player at best. Not sure what Devil May Cry has to do with this game, the next person is going to post Mortal Combat or something?^^ Risen 3 is not a combat game, it is an open world RPG ^^. You may keep that in mind for your next comparison. You can't judge a open world rpg on the combat alone, Skyrim combat is boring as fuck but everything else is great. Anyway.... I mainly created this thread to offer some help and not to transfer the fighting from the Youtube video to this forum.
  4. First of all, I can't do anything with a statement like "crap". Now I write, Risen 1 and 3 are not "crap". What now? Whoever writes the most “crap” wins? C'mon man, comments like that are giving me a headache. I played every Gothic as well and maaaaany times with each faction and I hope they continue making games.
  5. It improved a lot but the combat is still crappy. Awesome Gothic feeling if you join the Demon Hunters. A loooot of talking, that might not be for everyone especially since the english voice actors sound akward. But yeah .... they could have done better. It is wort a shot as a Risen fan since it goes more into the direction of the first one. At least it is not a Gothic 3 desaster, that game was unplayable at the start! Little clumsy, the combat is easier later on, inventory is like the one in Kingodms of Amalur (that is not good). But the huge amount of content makes up for it. Great game for explorers and open world fans. Wait for a price drop and you may be happy if you like these types of games. But people need to relax, the YouTube comments under the rant video are aweful. Review is coming for sure... lets see how that turns out. At the end, everyone has to decide for themself. I would give the game 72% xD
  6. It is a good game as a whole, but you shouldn't bother if you don't know anything about it . Joe is good in strategy games. EvE online, that torture is another story xD. But thanks for your.... well thought comment, it was a nice addition ähm. Beginners can get lost in Risen 3, that is why I wrote down a red line.
  7. You better prepare yopurself, he might come after you!
  8. Well, it is hard to catch Bots who are running around below the ground with speed hack or flying (thats new). There must be at least 6 different Bot "types" by now. Keep your eyes open . Maybe you catch a low level Bot in coldharbour killing lvl 50 npcs.
  9. Well, people can enjoy all kind of different experiences, but it doesn't mean in particular that the content is good or well designed. And that veteran system is far away from both. But i'm glad to hear some folks enjoy it. I would like to create a character in another faction but ,oh wait, I already played all the quests to death because that is what they call endgame. The bright side is, it can only get better! . Didn't even mention the Bots yet, oh dear, the Bots xD.
  10. From what I can tell by now is that a lot of people are leaving because of the "end game" if u can call it that. The veteran levels, doing all the quests again and the ones from the other factions ruins the fun and it's like Occupational therapy. People telling it's the greatest game ever are still in the low levels and enoying the solo content, but once they reach the veteran content it 's all down hill from there.
  11. Never heard of online sales tax and shouldn't that already be included in the 14.99$ and not charged on top of that. At least that is how the VAT system works here. If I see a price tag with 14.99 € i pay 14.99 € . But you are in America, maybe u can sue them if they didn't write it on the game box .
  12. Well, it is in the Steam Subscriber Agreement that you are not allowed to sell your account: "You may not sell or charge others for the right to use your Account, or otherwise transfer your Account, nor may you sell, charge others for the right to use, or transfer any Subscriptions other than if and as expressly permitted by this Agreement (including any Subscription Terms or Rules of Use)." That's why the consumer protection here sued them for the second time. Nevertheless, you can still sell the account, just don't use Ebay for example or otherwise they ban your account if cought. But it's not illegal. The censorship is very bad, first time i saw it was in Counter Strike. You shot a person and he sat down instead of falling behind with a blood splat. Changing Steam to the english version was a solution back then. You can buy the games in Austria or England.... uncut patches are always there, had to use one for Left for Dead 2. You can get around it but it sill sucks though. http://store.steampowered.com/subscriber_agreement/english/
  13. Autsch, that sucks man ..... Zenimax Europe is in England and the VAT there are 20% like the one guy wrote on reddit. It must be something on your side of the ocean. Besides of that, it wouldn't make sense at all ^^.
  14. I recently played GW2 again, first on the Northern Shiverpeaks Server and it felt kinda empty from a social point of view. Still lots of players but you won't read anything from them in the world chat besides asking where the Zerg is. That Zerg is grinding Bosses 24/7 it seems and u better not ask something else or prepare you butthole for some nice responds . Switched back to the german servers because of the time zone, didn't thought of that, people starting to make dinner at 2 o'clock in the morning (my time). Even less conversations on my current server. But I play it here and there because it costs no subscription fee and that's great. Rift is still my favourite though. You sure have fun playing GW2, for the first time it is a blast because of so many refreshing ideas and features.
  15. Oh god... i saw IGN and stopped immediately ... best was the top comment "You can tell that IGN was paid for this review.... i could hear the narrator trying to shout "DON'T BUY THIS SHIT!"" and the discussion beneath it lol. I agree with many points of Aj's review this game is just not good at all and if you played mmorpgs way back in the day and state that this game is awesome makes it even worse. I started with Ultima Online too and produced crazy bills with my 56k modem, that is why i can tell that this game is mediocre to the bones. But i don't give so much about angry joes score since he lost a crap load of reputaion regarding to mmos with his 10/10 Guild Wars 2 review. That is by the way the first you read sharing his ESO video... "is this the same guy who gave GW2 10/10?". Take his opinion and the ones from others and decide if u want to spend a crazy amount of money to see it for yourself ^^. I may check it out in half a year or later.
  16. Of course the starting areas are crowded as hell the game just came out. I checked the backside of the DvD box and it says... massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. Do you know... how to reeeeeeaaaaaaad? Other than that, everything else like the phasing etc was known from the start so you should have thought twice before buying it ^^.
  17. For me, it is just a matter of the game beeing worth the money at all rather than how high the price is. So far people have mixed feelings about the game, so I wait until most of the bugs are fixed etc.. Btw it is possible to get the game for far less money, you do not need to buy it in a mom and pop store or how you call it. I saw it for around 35 Euro so that would be 20 for the game since it includes one month of playtime ^^. That is a good deal even if you stop playing it after the first month.
  18. True words in the video but it won't change a bit i am afraid. I just read a interview with Lionel Raynaud from Ubisoft and he said “We are able to offer people a new Assassin’s Creed every year because they want Assassin’s Creed every year”. Soooo, yeah.... people buying it every year encourage the developers too put less effort into the games because they sell anyway. Innovative titles always had a hard time on the market and since minor upgraded versions of the same game sell very good every year, why not. I would do the same, it is all about money . Quote Source: http://www.edge-online.com/news/ubisoft-will-continue-to-support-old-gen-consoles-for-years-to-come/
  19. I am using a Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset ..... very good cost-performance ratio ( +- 28€ ) and i own it since 5 years or longer and it is still in excellent condition.
  20. Hilarious video how do they even have the balls to release such a game on PC... i don't get it.
  21. It is very concerning to see how easy gamers throw their money away these days. The whole Kickstarter and Early Access crap is even worse. I never pre-order games because i never know the state they come out... especially nowadays with all those buggy messes like BF4, Rome 2 Total War or the game sucks like Aliens: Colonial Marines. But why should they care, they already got their money from the pre-order gamers. Always wait for a review, demo or test. Ofc it is completely different with collector editions, they buy it for the stuff inside, even though the collector editions back in the days had better quality... if they enjoy their art book, or soundtrack CD... go ahead, if the game sucks you have at least something to look at in your shelf . The Titanfall collector edition costs 300 Euro here in Germany by the way, that's insane .
  22. Playing mainly at the moment: The Secret World Battlefield : Bad Company 2 World of Tanks but i am on the hunt for something new and fresh too....^^
  23. Hey guys, i am playing Rift too ... damn awesome game. I bought it some time ago and the Addon after it came out. But apparently i can not join the american Shards, only the european ones. So in case someone here is there too... hit me up. I'm currently on the Server "Brutwacht" name Serenius.
  24. I am very aware of the fact that these days brought some crappy games too and i did not deny that. I just meant that it was more viable during the old days to produce innovative titles with crazy settings and still sell a good amount. Skyrim felt lifeless, most people play it only with a crap load of mods and that can not be the point of a game to rely on the mod community to fix/improve it. I'm not grumpy ... just disappointed. 2013 was one hell of a crappy gaming year, one buggy mess after another. MOBAS can be fun for a certain amount of time but nothing goes over a good classic base building RTS . But yeah, because of SC2 the other RTS games disappear very quick due to a lack of player base. With exceptions, Company of Heroes 2 still living i think .
  25. The problem is that most of the great and innovative developers are pretty much gone besides some indie.... Shiny for example, they did some awesome stuff back in the days (Sacrifice, Messiah, Earthworm Jim) or LucasArts and so on. The remaining ones got devoured by big companies like EA and are forced to produce the same recipe over and over again since most customers seem to enjoy it anyway and buy the stuff like Lemmings (that was awesome too ). I find it hard for myself these days to find any motivation finishing a game because i get bored sooo fast. Most recently Skyrim for example, that game bored the hell outta me after a few hours. I have no idea where AngryJoe takes his enthusiasm from . Ofc every now and then is a game with great innovation but it is soooo rare these days. Maybe if people would stop buying CoD X or BF X or Sims 20 with 100 Addons and especially stop pre-ordering games (really guys, stop it... just stop xD ) game developers would wake up.